The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 8
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PACK EIGHT BLYTHEV1LLE (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1948 U.S. Planes Use Base in Libya Traffic is Heavy* Into Middle East, Air Force Discloses By Edward V. Roberts (United Press Staff Corrcspomlenll LONDON. Jan. 15. (UP)— The United states Army Air Force disclosed yesterday that !l wns reopening Its long 'abandoned wnrllme sir base.near Trinoll, Libyn, on the North African Coast' across the Mediterranean from Greece nnd i Italy. European headquarters at Wiesbaden anvtovmcod tVmt the Tvlpoll \ base was being re-oslabllshed to service planes heading lor the mid- l die East. It was closed n venr ago when the Air Transport Command cut down Its fli"h(.s to Karachi "by way of North Africa. Lt- Gen. Curtis I/'inay, <v/- rnander of U. S. Air Forces ID Europe, (lew his own B-17 to North Africa two days ago to inspect the Tripoli field. wlesl)?den disclosed. He also was scheduled to pay a courtesy call on French Air Force officials in Morocco. The Army said the base \vould Mipplv fuel' and overntcht service j for planes from the United States en route to such American missions as those at Athens nnd Dahran. Wllli the U. S- program for nld- Ing Greece expandinc steadily, air traffic to that zone from the United States has reached an unprecedented scale. Scores of U. S. army officers are arriving in Greece in small lots to serve as advisers to the Greek Army In the camnalun against the communist BlJerrillas. A foreign office spokesman, speaking after the Wiesbaden announcement, said the Untied States had asked and Britain bad granted permission for the reopening of the base. AFL Union Organizes House Buyers in Low-Cost Project By 1'airlrla Clary (tJnltrd I'rrss Staff Correspondent) LOS ANGKLB9, Jim. 16. (UI'I — \ privntc builder and R union first cooperative venture In low- cost housing. They said "collective buying" of new homes would save from 10 to j it until'at least 50 other members ROCK a performance bond guaranteeing quality of the house and a "delivery" date. DeSilva, who said It was the first AFL union venture ol Us kind In the country, hoped to sign up the 1,000 starters after a rally meeting tonight sixmsored by ills union. Crlz Indicated a couple of other local unions were considering Joining In. "It wouldn't surprise me to see Petrillo Wins Acquittal In Test of Federal Law CHICAGO, Jan. 14. (UP)—James Caesar Petrillo won his battle against the LEA Act today when a federal Judge found him Innocent of violating the law Congress passed In 1946 to curb his power as boss of the musicians' union. union makes il passible for the builder to cut prices by contract- Ing tor labor and materials In big i/iianlilles, he explained. Anybody can join, he said, un-1 Ion member or not. Yon can buy I l)ousln g programs become a na-! Pclrlllo was louiut Innocent of any lot for your home but the tlonal u "" m tre " d '" P* 5 ""* mW -1 violating Ihc LEA Act in a slvike company won't start working on j A butterfly's wing.s may be made up of more tlmn a million tiny scales, arranged like the shingles 30 per cent and assure good mnter- have lots In the area. Thai's to ials anil quick delivery. mv<1 ilmc and money In building. Albert Crl/. of the American. ''We're hoping eventually to have Housing Co. nnd .Joe neSllvn, sec- . projects ringing the whole Los An- retary of Local 770 of the API. Re- I Holes area," DeSilva snld. 'tt'lien tall Clerks Union, said they would I union members can choose the start digging the foundations as'home sites closest to their jobs." soon as 1,000 people slRn up. I Twelve designs arc available. Prl- "Thc union Is going Into lunsiiiK ces for the finished homes will ns nn ( o[ buyers because ; range from about $5,200 lo $10,000. the government and industry have', 'Ilie homes will be finamfcd failed." Di-Sllva snld. | through the usual PHA, GI or pri- Thc organizing of buyers by the • vale channels, witli every contract on a roof. against Chicago Radio Station WAAP In May, 1948. it was the second time that U. S. District i Judge Walter J. Labuy had ruled In favor of Petrillo on the charge. Man's Death Ends 30-Year-Old Tale Of Futile Romance MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. Jan. 15. (UP) —Time rnn out today on ft romance of once-\ipon-n-Unifr which stirred the nation a score ol yenrs • so. Finis WIXR \vrltlcn to an old love Rtory with the death Wednesday of 48-ycnr-old Hush W. Mnnlcy »t Oakvllle Memorial Sanatorium. But 30 yenrs ago Manlcy and Miss Sarah Ktnsey of Jnckson. Tenn., bccamp an engaged couple whose vain efforts to marry tug- Red at the heartstrings ot the country. With wedding plans complete, Miss Kinsey suddenly fell strangely ill on the eve of the ceremony. The malady' at first baffled doctors and scientists, but finally turned out to be sleeping sickness. She slept, and Manlcy waited for 10 years. The nation watched In silent sympathy. Her parents took her to medlca experts all over the country, anc often, young Hush Mnnlcy went along to watch, iris hope was that someone could awaken her, but it was vain. Then she died, and they played the wedding mnrch at her funeral. The toll or waiting told on Hugh Manley and, a short time later, he fell 111 of tuberculosis, and had been a virtual invalid ever since. Six months ago he became critical. Wednesday he riled. Manley wns born In Martin, Tenn., and wns educated at Jnck- son. Tenn. Before his Illness, he was a newspaper travellnR representative and an advertising salesman. Shirley Moriell sports • new hair-do ol Mijjiiu licacn. 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The conference was re quested by the Arkansas Free En terprise Association. Laney. who has actively oppose the PEPC, saw he will assist th free enterprise association by writing or wiring other Bovornors urging their active participation in the light. The Arkansas chief executive said he did not believe a meeting was . possible because most governors aic loo busy to attend. If Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Robs You of Sleep Here'i How You May Help, 'Whether You Eat 500 Pound* or 2000 Pounds of Food In a Year Xou emn't feel cheerful, be happy *nti •le«P well. It your stomach l» alwnyn tip- Bet. As age ftdvKncu the "old Rtomach" ne*d» more help. The reason Ls this; Everytim* food enters the stomach * Tltal gutrtc Jutce must tlocr normally to break-up certain food p».rttcle«; else th« food ran? ferment, Bo\ir food, acid indl- g wtlon »nd gas frequently cause A mor- ld, touchy, fretful. peevtRh, nervous condition, loMOf »pp«Ut*, underweight^ restlew sle«p. we*lcne*«, To get real relief you must Increta* the now of this viv*l putrlc juice. Medt- c»l authorities. In Independent Uboi*- toty t«U on hum*a Klomachs, have by positive proof shown that 8S3 Tonic In mm*3;lnplr tffectlva In Increwlng this flow when It !• too little or scanty dim to •> non-organic stomach disturbance. Thl» la due to the BS3 Tonic formula which contains very tpeclal and, potent • lnRr«ll*nt«. Also. SS3 Tonic helpi build-up non- organic, veafc, valery blood In nutritional anemia—to with a good flow of this gastric digestive Juice, plus rich red- Mood you should eat better, sleep better, feel bolter, work better, pUy better. 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