The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, HM7 Hughes' Charge Attorney, Presenv A> Conference Says No 'Daal' Proposed of Pakistan It/* •••""•^« NEW YORK. /.iic. -i. fUP>—Ed vard.,1. Heffion, a forme!' Washing on attorney now livins i» New , : snid tixluy that he was thf Jvlr. Heffron" v.'lio nceoinunn 1 ' ffowml Hughes when the million-, ftlie plaiiu mnnufactiirer eunlerred t kith Sen Owen ISivwsler, 1"!.. Mj.. la-it 1-tSnnary. Hcff.c.. :aiu -,ie nlso apliearcd with Hiighes before a secret session of the Senate War InveslisattiX! atibconimlttee nt about the same itinie. |. Referring lo the meetiix; with j [•[„., (; ; ,, 1;; ,. VI i Brewster at wliit-h only HuiMi:'.s and | | lr ,i V ' k ,i (i.,. , ; ],I:JL .himself were prescnl, lleirron said : ] 1: - ;]l ,!., : ,| A!i .1:::n; that lie definitely did not hcai-j |,(. t]1 ., ; ,| ,,f n, . ,,.. Urewsler make any offer to HiiKliiv;j i'i;,] ; ,.;!:,,, Ti.. : ; to forego Iiivestiuatiirti of Iltmhi's'i ( ',,,,'. u ., i;.-,.!,-!, i 'plane contracts with the liovernincnl ! (i j^ " (i) |. . 1 'i' l '. ( , ; ,i.,[ : if the manufacturer would ai;ree j,,'[,.([••,' iv •.rm^ ;to morise Ills trans-v.-oild nirlinvsj ''['^ J|'[. .,,,. iivitli Pan American Airways. i i Heffron said (he ineciin;: of Hrew- ; _ s.stcr. Hughes and himself took plan- in Bix'wsler's ptivulc office. '" ,, '. , V , The graying, well dressed attiir- 1 ";'"' .' ""'' . ' J ney. who appears lo be about 451 '',',''.',," "'"',,• ,' M years "id, talked to a United l'r.- s s' '•'•""'- • •'; ' er a' the Hole! Hn-slin. wiier.- .,."'' '"'"•'' '" - .i, iiv:.i B here. i ] ^ ,,•;.;';>;'';!, •, "As I rerall it." he said, "the pri-' '".'.j „,,,,", ' ' [ivate ineeUng witli Sen. Hrew:,ler' riiw .. j,'.' ,.' ll( ; took place on cither Feb. 9 or Feb. ]v,,,'. ; ^ m -.. ;10. 1947.' I had not met Mr. llimhe.-, /'.^ ,,,,,, before, and bud not bsen employed „,.;..][- '' iiby any of his companier; previously. j-,. ni ., ., >.. , I'believR an employe of bis nanu-d ! ,.,„„„,,,,,•,,.;! f Dietrich .siiggested that he >n |. ; ,„,,,,,,;,,. t ,. ?m \}&& £{'•*..'•'. ^^&p¥^ mfe luardsmen to Parade At Stoic Encampment CAMP .JOSEI':! T. KOUINKON, Ark.. AIIB. 7. <UPi -.- infnmry "ml uixiliavv Ii'nry.i; of Arkansas' rJi- lcnal tiuaril v.-ill Inlil tlicir firrt >:u'a<lo of the ),.f:-i]]t cw.uritiinml :UT<" tiiihOM-otv afternoon. Tin 1 jn- rmle will be dlreelcd by Col. I.u- cten Abiahain (if Hutesvllle. IKIrd Infaiut-y coimnaiHk-r. ' \vill fil'll. Ilebcr L, .MrAliste! If Cuinay, and l^eacliville, he said. A board member pointed out Hint hi this rase. I he merger wr:ukl have iltDc effe:t on tliis. Mr. Threlkclfl than t! thai ibc M:i]iila schools were Consolidation Conllinied from I'age 1. thai will be engendered, K. n. Tlnv kcld. a membei- of the Board nt Directors ot the Drown Dl.ilrlel, loUl Uie roiinty Ijoat'd, lie painted out that an added ex/,er.::e would he incurred by par- . mis h/ .sending their children 10. |)ed ><> M h..- inter additions to ) 1 : 1'ov.drd. I'tililtims Clu-i-ki'.l In dc'.erminiMK jiiri.sdiotion of tlie rouri.y hoard in the merger isnit , it \ - as .shown thai th'-ve uteri 1 1,7 <inalifieil rlei'lors oi) the pull listings, this number •'•a:i np- Manila Hitfh School. "Most of the signers oi the petition enn '.veil afford to send Iliou children lo Manila but Lhey are Inking an upper ham] and not eon.sidei'hiH the. ]>o»rrr class," tin* id An ,11-.' Ili-U. I.M-hool direetr;r dec-lured. Nolary Public | children of Drown District KO l.MV, i :f.h Ma.son , (l) j,;^, iV ] 1()(J ] Jt) i )o th Manila district, Inal request. A third |>Bllllt;:i. r.iib- | milted by .du.;;e Ho: u ' ' their ei-iginul stand f , .. lhat Iv.'o ol lia <lrev;vied to i.atinn to a tolal of $:•! 1,557. Br.wn 'i-xer. j District's enumeration of 11)1 will The nsse»-ed valuation of the I the board notice tlum nil ni)i)cal filed la!:iiiK the i(i-:!sls:i lit C:n.l. iiiKl. .'i'.ii/v-eil • llrown Ulstriit is S1M.3G1 and will i would Iji- fav(jr::;>; I he increase UK' Manila Uistriel':; va.- to Circuii Tlio fh:a! iiiiniber left ".i t'-ie majority ol liic f:) i;i '.he ;:i:aUa-es. .Judge V. Ci. Ili-IUnd, y lor tilt petitioners .sa-d. •c;>inU>r-iJeLitioi"i sii-mnMed by W. I .eon -Smith, attorney HJ;- the lOiiioi'-Arain-, .^hc'.vcd I bat It per- T'.vo rcir.-nstraiK-r.', iile:l by Mr. Ttaiith contained ^1S and ',W M-ni:- tmi-.s. MOSL of the 23 v.vix' pev- .son>, who liud inaclYerl" ( nlly .ni L . ;ed Buying pti.i taxcr; in tim • ..i ce included en ll:.- certified l:-t of voters, Mr. Smith s:'.id. C. K Childless. ..comity branl boost : the number of .studeti-; in iber ot (lie Manila ^strict' 10 1.SJ3. jsi!>l>i C' No Increase in Tuxes j i he c The 18-mill levy voted :it tlie last :i lie lir< Consolida'.icn of the at'd Manila Districts reduced the liinii- c:o. districts in MissK- school election wi 1 acl ( | 53,4ffi.r,j to f: tilt tax rcL-eii:-*.s of the enlarL.-d Manila District i^nd result in a ne-,v of Slo,0!8.2! availabli 1 ;:nni:.i!ly for 'hat district. M.lltiln l):slricl. No. 1ft '::•.'.; (tll- lariial '.nst moiuli when the first nier.i!!K of tlic );javd .Inly '"d n'- in approval oi nisti-icl No ,t- exen.'cd from siilir>»; on llv ij >.:rd | qiivstinK annexaliOM yc,sLt'io!iiy-hei-ull:ie of the i-uiif 1 .-;^ jif.tun k o] llv. issuj. 'K:;. 1 !.'.:; granted hi.s re^ursi. ir; t tl nlidii'Jnn plans calls fm Dis'.nci 10 :i",i\iii ihc- h .six grades i.i ll:o licre [Kxl send junior and lull school sludenls t.> Mart! nictilljei.s C. I' 1 . Tcmpkins of Hui-di't'.o, clvj-.ri'.iaii; F. A. llagfrs oi C!eai O. 13. oi Csaola. ami c;. J. Ix.'Xiance of Driver lendi'ivl Ibe decision. (Jcuiity S'.i]:'.'ivi>or of S:-l,ools Pllilii) J. Deer e::-offi'.-j:> iboartl. K:'crclury . ^fazefrv^f^fai*^ fs,: For BoiHrt« FAT BACK Ib23c |: me to attend the meeting wiili Se.n. Brewster with him. Ilir Semite I did not know whe'.hcr he would !::• asked in ap- j pear l;:-i(irr il. i'an hour, and il v:as mostly of a ] ( , ( , ..., tl ,, v ,.,,, ,„,,, „„. ., ti|n)> .. technical nature. 1 dicln t. undi-i-1 „,.,.,,„-, , , i(1 hf w ., s h.^.j,,,. u t stand n lot of it. I u , _,,,, ,,,,. v.'a:liim;ion by I rain. "They talked abuuf Huuhef. b,t ; , Ui( ,,... vj ,, ,,._,, |ll|(||ill ;, w)]:il . flyim: boat, and I remember th-ill r ., (M , n ||i( ;rt]] (!l ,. | ]n ,, h ,,,- J11V1 ..._ Hughes defended it as offerinn P<i'--1 ,j' t , ,,!,,„ Kible valuable information to the [ ".']„, i, ( j, ., ,-,,, in, ini- f, ir ni .. t industry. He said for e:;-. ..,..,'..',.1,,,-,., • j ' i(1 ' I ample, that It might Klvc delinlle ' ' '" __'_" I information as to how large an air- I I plane could be built and flown pvue- ;;O1 ;^-[,-; tieiilly." | •:•.-!..• 1.1 bneln I'lvjn Hint Die Heffron said Hughes also told' uii:i.-i U'.ii'-d .'.ill 'wnbm tin- lime Brewster that the big plane—which',fix, d I,. I:,-;. ::)>|i'.v 10 th<- e.t'rmn:- has not yet llown—'.vould provide, .,i; :n( ,. n r I'.cvemiea of tin- fit.i'--- o valuable iniormalion l(j aircraft ilc-I AIkiin:-,:s u.r a pmm t.i '.ell lieei signers regarding the proper ratio! nt :•' •'' !i '\Vc \ Main !."t. nf vvimrspreed tc tuseU'e.e lene.tli j irAllu^-ilU'. ^."i :^ .-^ ;>i County. in airplane building. i The mid-::! in .1 ^ate:; ih it lit He said lie did not listen closely to i , :i W noi'j iW? >llfcs%. ; Dole's No. 2 Con Sliced or Diced No. 2Yi Can Hunt's Royal Anne or Dark Sweet No. 2'/2 Can all tiie cutivrrsation, t.iut. that h(-j,ai'i':l had "no recollection" that Pati|(r l: Amevican was mcnlion'.'d in air; lotli-. i 1 way, and "no recnilection' of hear- 'pUi'.di in;; Brewster make any offer of any , by i: kind to Hm;hes. i '•< i: ( | Heffron said he later v.-ent with '' : ' c: : Htiglies before two secret s.-snion; yer Vi of ilie Senate subcommittee, which ^ :r ' vr he believed took pbiee on ei;iifi- '''•"Feb. 10 and 11, or Feb. 11 rn.l ]'.'. inhoh 1047. in one of the .Senate dun- ••','.::•. thai he ha:: n>'V:, v .'n.:r(i o! n felony i,r •; moral [rn- i :j i hi i iv.'- to .sell beer '':: .;jii-d I::::: bec:i ]'e•i five yr-.ns; | -•! !:e '.iiidii 1 ! i^ned ht 1 .:-: n- Fl ENNEf (i Cans r?slfi^0f ; i MllN'l":- 1 . IMOKI.KD NO 2Vi CAN DICi, AlONTK. M <)/ CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE AUAiXIS Ki ()'/ CAN ORAN6E JUICE *( 1)0DOS -HI (>'/. CAN i! L!l ? I IKK',"/ STKAIN1 A1J. POl'iM.Alf BRANDS HOX Il'i-; CltKAM ftUX II) O/ JAIt *v v? 51 ay P7i fl rft^ ?<E t lElllJW - fj |;(>!,1"S NC,. I CAN \VI11T1'', C'KK.VM—2 I.I.'S. 2:{r— 5 l.HS- !fu: „,,.,„ S10ACOIJ) I()','» O/ CAN Cri.K .MAID III 07. CAN .H'MKO ..., 11H11 ., rriii: intAi'i.. u o/. TT.MIM.KK 111 P V l£BaS<iV!«l , H I.i: BA(. i \VliOI.K KICItNKI, 'IK ION 11C WMKN'IKS Fresh PIG HAMS !b69c Fresh Piq Shoulder ^f Chocolate ice Cream Itrvtitl rvtitlfnsl : l 'J, IV 17 >.of[cn gcl.-itin in watt-r. Mij: [o£;eilier sngnr, _cocoa and mlt. Slir in ddulc-d mill.. Stir and cool: over '_>oi!in£ u-nu-r 5 rninuic^. Stir ill -ofu-ni?d j-'c!:Hm lic.novc from lic.ii; adj vniiill.-,'. Cliiii mud syiu])y. slirriiij; ccciisian.illy. Whip chilk-d milk v.-uh cold toinrV beater mini slili. l-'ald into gclniin im:-:tr.rc. l-'rce/o, u'iclion. stiirinf;, iu .iiuotnalic ri,friy,etntor tray at coldest ie:iiiK!raune, or ii\ n moivl buried in n r .. ifii^iurc of It pnrls ciushod ire tti I part ice crc.ltn salt. Makes < st-i\^. Von Will Need: Ciin PET MILK 13c Ht'vsliey's COCOA VANILLA 1 iifliivtirL'd Knox GELATIN Fresh Pig Side Meat Ib45c BEER Gricsedicck—Alpcn Brau CASE $2.99 SPECIAL Edelweiss—Case $1.49 .No. 2 Can •\/-es it's true! Those flavorful tender MAYROSE TRACKS -«- you\c always liked so well arc nov.- ttlhj'b.ittt j,-,;/n/ in handy, one-pound pid:.igcs. Now MAYROSE FRAXKS re.ich your home fresh and s'anilary . . . just as they left llic spotless Mayrosc Kitchen. Rcmcm her May.-oscnH-nieatI : r.inks have been thoroughly cooked and smoked ... so it's easy to prepare a tempting meal for family or guests in a. jiffy. Just open the flanr sealed package of MAYROSE FRANKS — lic.u and cat. Ask for tender, delicately spiced, all-meat MAYROSE PRANKS in their new dinner dtcsv twlai, EATS TEA . . \uta-: SI/.K APER PLATES i:\'IU\ STANDAHI) NO. 2 CAN G1MI8ES \vi-: HAVI-: JELLO JELLO I l.H. CANTON WELA8B I'KINCK AI.HKUT TOBACCO 10 JELLO Red Malaga GRAPES ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY »V SUGARED DOHUTS ......... nn J7 f Red Ripe Black Diamond Watermelons Cr/spy Large Stalks 5 CELERY 8 Large Icehcrq Heads 'LETTUCE- .. Home Grown TOMATOES California Wonder BELL PEPPERS White or Yellow SQUASH fresh CROWDER PEAS Hard Green Heads CABBAGE 3 Bunches CARROTS Sunkist LEMOHS A Qt. Basket CONCORD GRAPES Box Cohesion Fresh Cooniry Buffer !b 65c Cisred Ham HOCKS !b59c Smoked Jowl Meat ib39c Lson 7 Fine Flavor Bee! roast !b 53c ih. ih. ih. 25 C Rolled Boneless Beef Roast !h72c APPLES A!! Pure Beef Ground Beef Ib35c WHson Dairy Sweet Milk qf. 17c C'HOCOI.ATK <)!t Fl^TESJBOHUTS Taystec, Wonder or Hart's BREAD 2 for 25c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Price.s Every Day

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