The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 7, 1947
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VOL. XUV—NO 1U BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TB * DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTH** BT ARKAN flAI , ^.j, a™-,,...-. «,««„», Blytlievllle l>sllj New* Blytbevllic Courwr Blythevllle KenUd Ulstl&clppl VHrty HlATHKVll.LK, AUKANSAS, 'J'UL'liSDAY, AUGUST 7, 10-17 U.S. to Be Asked To Bear Burdens For Great Britain Issues to Shape Up At Anglo-American Coal Conference By 11. ir. SIIA(!KFOIil> (I'uitdi I'rcss Slaff <:i>rrrs)innrirnt} WASHINGTON. Aug. 7.1 UP) — Great Britain Is expected to ask Hie Unlloti si files formally in the nc'ir future to assume more. if not all — of her financial burdens in the Western Occupied Zone of Germany, it was indicated today. American officials, including Secretary of state George C. Marshall, have avoided any direct comment on repeated British demands for reconstruction of tlio agreement to split occupation cosls in the merged /one n\\ ;\ 50-50 basis. _ But the liri'ish are expected to raise that issiw when the Anp:lo- American coul conlerencc starts here next wee!:, and also when I lie "high level" Ani-lo-Amcrican conference convenes soon to consider Britain's request for relaxation of the loan agreement. Officials pointed out here thai elimination of Britain's $200,000.000 deficit in thi- merged German ranes would be the quickest and most direct way to biing relief (o Britain, even thoush in n,c overall financial crisis it. would \, c a minor relief. American officials ailmil privately tlinl "liritain is in a hell of a mess." n u l (hey don't see much prospect of Dulled Slates help until the "Marshall J'laii" Rets soing next y ,. ar However, they arc prepared for almost any kind of proposal from the British. Even Marshall was very cautious at hii press conference yesterday whet' lie announced the forthcoming cabinet-level talks on the loan. "When the B.-llish had (heir last financial crisis early Ihis year, the consequence roi the United States was assumption of British rc.sixmsl- hillties in Greece and Turkey and the. S400.00ll.oan Greek-Turkish aid bill," a reporter reminded Marshall "Do you anticipate that the present crisis will create similar consequences for Hie u. S.?" Marshall deftly avoided any commitment on that. He dodged the issue by saying hn liad no comment, at this time Tlie British for months have been trying to get. the" United States 10 •sit down and talk with them aiioul taking over more of the occupation costs of Germany. Marshall has refused, arguing tint the first jol> in the Western part of Germany u>- day is to get more coal product'.o.'. which is now only 50 per cent of the prewar outy.u:. Once the oft-posiponed coal conference opens next week the v,'.iy will be clc.-ir r or n\any kinds u: compromises. I: the British loosen up and allow the United States to take over administration or the Ruhr coat mirier along American lines. Marshall probably will be far more amenalili. to start talking .1- bout assuming, a larger share of the financial h\:rsS"nf in Germany. But the "quid pro quo" is bound to be more Amerkr.r. authority. t>-.-- cause lhn Unileri States feels that poor, inadequate and Inefficient British management is paitly rc- sponsible lor lh e difficulties in Germany. Wor/c Started On Highway 61 At State Line Work on the re-surfacing or Highway 01 KOI uncli'rway ye.«rr- clay and (hi- two-mile slrctch l>n- cii the Arhiinsas-Mlssauri slain line iiiul the Yarbro is •xpcctcd to be cninplclcd tins iif- ternoon, il wus announeccl. Traffic over tlio twn-uiil» strlj) beini! re-routed lln<iiu;li 'Yarbro alternate Iliclway 01 ami lo the Slate line over ;i county roa>l. the report slutccl, 'liu- scct-ii-i will he rp-npnnecl lo traffic v.'lic'i the \vork is ecmpleled. SiniiilUuironsly with |l>e 'jei/.n- inK of work on lhe lii;lr.v.iy in North Mississippi Comity. •{ second crew began work in South Mississippi County, working Hie Stjilc Line. A three-inch coat of a.snhnlt will be placed on lop of lhe ol.l blnc't- top with the \vorkinnn hl.icl:cr,p- pim; only our side of the hi;Mway ill ;i lime. Ttie work on the Stale Line-to-inlylhe'. :i!r strip is e.xpc':l- cd to be completed next, week. Tempers Flare In British Crisis Conservatives and Left-Wingers Pounce On Attlec's Program IONDON. Aus 7. , UP) — Chancellor of the Exchequer IIiiKh Dili- ton defended the covernmcnfs crisis plan today before an ill-lein- peretl House which greeted him with fil-owls nnd shouts of disapproval reflectiiiR both Conservative and lefi-whiR lat'xiv opposition to the program ad\ r anced i>y Prime Minister Clcmcnl R. AUlee. Dalton told (he House of Commons that in his view the A'mericaii loan to Britain would be exhausted in October a month or two earlier than previous estimates. Only yesterday Attlec said that the loan would be exhausted "before the end of the year." Dalton said thai .Britain would halt purchases ot foodsluffs in .'he United States and oilier "hav( currency" countries immediately upon exhaustion ol the dollar credits. "We have run into a great storm, 1 ' Dallon said. "This storm has sprunj up very swiftly." .,, ..„. Shouts of HcrlsTon a W< 1 BldiBa Board Approves Brown-Manila School Merger County Education Board Acts on Plan For Consolidation A petition tifkins dissolution of Drown School District No &•! and UK annexation lo Manila District No. 15 was approved yoster-liv afternoon by the-Mississippi County Board of Education when !•„'l at the Court House here to consider the request for the thi'd tune. It was not known todav er the Brown District residents opposing the consolidation woulr ippeal lhe county board's decision md lake the issue into Circuit Joint, w. Leon Smith, attorney or the remonstrants, salt! this iinriiint! Unit the district's brmrd of directors had not decided whelht-r or not to file an appeal. Most of the two-hoar se.ision was spent determining whether he board had Jurlsdicllon In the ssuo hy proving that a m:i|only ol riualified electors in the distilct lad sinned the petition askiny tl:c nor(;er. The [board readied jt.s decision without retiriuii to deliberate and in fiual arguments n Hrown . nis- .rict resident told the me-nbcis lie was ".sorry" the issue hud cc-mc up and charged, that the "whole thins was bandied illegally. 11 B. IB. T h r c 1 k e 1 d asserted the. t the consolidation is-sue was "handled lltcgnlly" because lhe Board of Directors of the Brown School District had never been consulted ill the move. It was tills objection advanced by the remonstrants ri the lirst board session to consider the petition July S3 that caused action on IKe request to be deferred until the following week. A decision was again delayed until yesterday because two members of the c Dimly beard were not present last Tuesday. Favors Vote nu Issues Mr. Threlkeld said he resented ic fact Hint "the. Integrity ol romc of my folks was Jumped en." The mcrgcrl ssuc ,hc said, should have been submitted to a vote of the people involved. The issue has caused a "disturbance" In the Brown community. Mr. Threlkheld said, and he was '"sorry it had come up as .^sn« t .qf ; ; thie Cooler, Mo., Girl Will Serve In U. S. Embassy in New Delhi SINGLK COPIES FIVE CENTS Travel, romance and excitement <ur not dream!; for Miss Ruth Booker of cooler. Mr>. They have been part of her everyday life since she became a member of lhe Foreign Service In )fl42. Her next journey will 1)0 to New Delhi. India. She will leave New York. AUK. in In assume her du- Itos at the American Embassy there. Melon- coins lo New Delhi. Miss Honker Is spendlnp, a month in (Jootcr with lier siMers, Mrs liay- mond liryan and Mrs Walter Webb, and in Poplar llluff with her brother, Hoy llookd. I''or tne past two years she hns been connected with lhe staff of the American Embassy m. Ottawa, Canada and bclore that spent three yenrs In .South America at the embassies In La pan. Bolivia a,M Santiago, Chile. The atlraelive hrunclle was horn In Cooler and was educated at (he Odd Fellows Home at Liberty. Mo. uid Bluff cily Uusiness College at 'onlai Illufl before going to Washington Untvers'.lv 'In War.hlngton n. (;. She began woik at lhe Missouri proval broke out. both from the Conservatives and from th* ; L»bov- He back-benchers who feel that Attlce's prcgr.un does not BO far community into two faction*. . "Aftd I r«5wnt 'having -to send our children to school in an cn- Atllces program does not go far ollr ciiuriren to scnooi in an en- enough, particularly, in reducing (Vironmcnt not as wholesome as the the great size of Britain's armed OI1e at home," he declared. "The Miss Until Ilwikcr Rtnlc Auditor's ofllce son City. MO. and In In Jcffor- - ,, ... 10-lt) went to Washington to launch her career \vllli lhe Department of Ktatc. News About Weather Still Hot For Missco and Rest of State The cm-mil heat wave was exacted tri iinlsh Us second week loday alter Ulylheville'.H high of 101 decrees yeslerday rounded out. a nil week of swell,-riiif; temperatures thai rr-nched 100 or hl K her here •aeh day. ThoiiRh' yeslerday's maximum rairtln,. was one decree less than he peak IfSi-dcgrre hi i; hs recor.led Tl,es,i 1( y and Wednesday lhe (inference, was too slight lo be of comfort (o persplrin^ nlylhevtll,. ,c;l- U. S. Mediation Oifer Accepted By Indonesians Reply Seeks Request That UN Name Group To Arbitrate Fight HATAVIA, AUK. 7. (ll.r.i -Indonesia lien-pled Ini'.ny ,, Unite, Whiles oiler ol its Kond ntJccs It help (nil the dr.pi I.- wllh Hi, Illllrh. llr. Mnhiunmcd Ti'in/.ll. Indon e.slau vice ton-i^n ininisler. hande, Hie formal m'ccp'ancc lu Walle A l-'oole. 1). ;i Cu-.insiil Ct'-neva l-'onle aceepled Ihc reply nl 13:11 ;i. in lie .'laid II would be lnipn.',;.lht to pniei'M il th'.nie.'h lhe did ronin [ni 11 unsinii.'.lon lo \Va.-ih melon tonlj;l,i, I, .rnl early lomorii The Indonesian the American i.fii Unllr-d Kl'ilcs to i cd Mutton.", K-Tlirll.; Council I point a commission to nives lhe Indonesian sllimilou IMslhanr and arbitral;- the dispute. It I'! 1 ." asked the United fita lo send a rcprcsenl.'illvr by plan lr> .loujukai la a> uir.',> <:<i [he Hughes Accuses J. S. Senator of Lying Under Oath WASHINGTON, Aitjj. 7. (U.1'.)— Chairman Homer i'Kiison lodiiy iitM'iisiMl ll»\v:iril Hughes of showing "con- pl" fur ;i Hciiiite War InvfsliijsUin^ Conmiittcc looking ti (In- inillloiiiurc iiuliiKtrialiKl'.s Kovornment plane ton' Higher lemperaliires t-onihiuerl (o he recorded at ofber points as IM-denrcD readinps pesterrtay made Gilbert.. Hot Springs and Geaix-v the hottest spots In the stale. The Inlensc heal jeslc'rday was believed responsible f,.r the drain of .li.c <;. iillbrt.v, f,Z, r f Blvlhevlllc. Hi- was .slriclirh while mlltiiK frull from a (ruck near I.uxora and a (junto.- IndU-.iiort thai sunstroke c:cliauslIon prrb.ihly caused lhe man's dealh. The searinu, stohni; hoi weather will continue, the U 8 Weather .Bureau in LlUb Hock, said to- dav. Flashes of llghluin:; were observed lo thr- East last ' muni und some .scqtlons, ol -"•—- a ^-- i - r •'-' ii "' ! ' • -' j - .-.."- ;^_^±*.. ,-'_i Intense Heat Claims First Missco Victim g forces. Tempers were not improved by the announcement from Herbert Morrison, lord president of tiio council, thai instead of winding up its business for lhe Summer tl'.i.s weekend the Parliament will continue to meet through next Wednesday. f'itcs - Price Increases Dalton pointed out that the inc!ex of American wholesale prices hart risen from 101.7 in Jamia-.y, 1016 to 1506 in .Inly, 1947. American farm prices in the same peri-J rose from 120 to 182. he said. "These are not th? same dollars we borrowed," li,> ssicl. in ex j' i- nation of the r:.;:irl sj-cnriin^ of the American dollar loan. lie put ft: 1 :twin's cxtxirl losses ai a result, -< last Winter's fuel crisis at S8"3 000.000. Three Pena53zed For Violations Of Traffic Laws Two spcrMlrrs nnrt n ni.nn d '.vilh rlrivitiR \v\\i\c. iiilo U:y" in ,rmitu; werr a^r=:>cd (j cipal Court this drive ;ip;imr,t 'I'Cil'ic vidlntors ton- the Janirs I;nss pli-aclP speed iim r!ini7r ant fine. CMarlr.s J^.ck-; to Joe C. nilorey. (52. ot Blythevillc. died yesterday at. .1 p.m. while sell- niB fruit, from a truck near Luxora. Mr. Bilfcrey died Middeniy apparcntly from sunstrok" and cxnainhon. a Blylhevillc- doctor snid. Wrscy Hal] of Hlvthcville was work in.:; -,vith him. Funeral services will he hrld | o - morro'.v at 4:33 p.m. at fobb Fur- rral -Home Chapel v.-itli lhe Rev E. W. StovaH. ]ias;or of the Church of Christ, officiatine. Burial will be at. Mijilc Orove Cemetery Pallbearers will be -Wesley Hall Jake Rhodes, w. u. cohb, A Wad--' John T.andrurn and \V. N M-Daniels: Mr. ISilbrey had lived in nivth-- viile for many years. He is .survived by hi.s wife. M rs . Marv Bilbrey; a dauplner. Mrs. R. p. '.Johnson; a foster son. Charles r. Gray; ----- -• -- — lwr> brothers, Sam Hilhrey of I Lnmerat;- Kt.. died at her home in Bcolh Point. Trim., and .Marion Bilbrey of Riyihevilte. and a lialf- brother. W'llliam stack of Tcnnco- iec. Inrfritnd n tin IKIIK! *>,i (hf snm» rliju t;c. Brt h were a- rrstcd hy Motocyclo Pulroliinui Ro!jf r. Weaver. W. O. Kcnr.cdy forlritrd a S?, 1 ").^. 1 ! bond on n chaiirr nr wliiie under town is not the place for a child to go to school." he asserted. He later explained that by "the iown" he meant Manila and was referring to mnral conditions there. The consolidation would not tie suitable because of the ill-feeling See CONSOLIDATION on PAGE 2 Soviets Stand Pat Against Border Watch I AKf. SUCCfrTS. N. Y.. Aug. 7. UJ.r.i — The first round of a new attempt to settle the United Nations Balkan dispute ended with. no agreement loday a;i a solution acceptable both to Russia and thei illB refreshed Western powers. might's sleep Meeting for ' ?loscd doors, l.hrec lK>urs behind ' soared to the a .siioconnnitlEe of everal day:. as;o. ---«- OVernl^St t,> /The mercury stopped Its downward travel at 76 drt;rc : es heic -'ast nifiht. Robert n. niaj-lock. official weather observer, leiwrled lis morninr:. While the Lutli. Ho:k bureau lorccasL partly clouily weath-:r for tonisht and tomorrow, it went on to say that there <vcu1<l be htllc change In Icinperatiiri. Hcalleic'd thunder showers wore predicted lor the cxlremc corner ol Ihe state toni^:,t. Teinperaluies lhrour<licil the state stayed KcncruMy above 100-desrre mark ycs'ortlay. temperatures included lOfi al Newport and DArdanell-?; :OS at 'Arkadelphia, Batesvillc, Corning. Mcrrillon and Pine Bluff; 101 nl Blytlievi'le. Brinkley, Fort Smith arri Montiecllo; 103 .11 Camden, Joncr.biro and f.itlle Ho-.-k; 102 at El Dorado and. Stuttgart: 101 at Texarkann. and Wilson; 100 at Payctteville and !W at Il.irrison. Snmc Areas Get Krlicf nesidcnts of most of II,e Nnr'.h | Cent rnl slates woke up this morn- I\V their first full since the Mercury ICO-dcgrec mr.rk Breaks Out in Jerusalem Angry Crowds Hurl Stones Through Shop Windows broke out todav in 11,is strikebound Jewish cllv. and iwllce were called out. to deal win, err.wd.-i into shop windows --,-.-.-.., —st the nrrest of a f.«i|Jcwlsh mayors, •cpjicd.. work tlnoii;>houl '•(or tliree hours In n ireueral sthke protesting Ihe arrest or the mayors in a British roundup of leaders of tlie radical Revisionist Party. Only last week five Jews v.vie killed in rioting at Tel Aviv touched off by the haii'iiiu of two Brili.ih scr ( ;cants who were hoslaues of tlie h-Rim Zvai I.cuml iinderRround orcani/.ation. A mine explosion der-.iili-d a IrclRht train l>etwecn Lydda and Haifa. Nineteen oil cars left the I racks. .'imld I) the I ' A L 'Bethlehem, Maltln Marrnup 'Xiinn. Arab district officer, vns [iriving near historic Si. Stephens (jale when a hand gren-i-le v :,s • hrown nl, liis car. The blast cd chght damage, but no casualties. iPolicc were uncertain vv'iellier Arabs or Jews flircw the aren.ule. Mir iMlluencc of in- Mrs. Flora Simpson Dies in Enficld, III. Mrs. Flora Simpson. 80. Kuftcld. III., brother of P. O. Clark. S30 Swimming Pool Here Closed for Repairs Draining of the Walker Park fwimmins poo! for repairs closed hot-weather lieadqnurlcrs of many Blylheville residents todav. Pool manned- Firman "Nip" n v - nu,n said repairs were being made lo a pump and tiie broken glass cover or a former underwater light was belns replaced. The pool is ex- pecled to re-rpcti tomorrow iie said. Soybeans CHICAGO. Alls, bean quotations: 7. (UP)_Soy- Nov. . March open 2S8H close 238 280A Enfield yeslcrday after a long ill ness. Survivors other lhan Mr. Clark arc Ihrre sons, Ollis, Orover and Paul Simpson, all of Enficld: a daughter. Lea Simpson of Enfield: four sisters. Mrs. L. Files of Mill Shoals. III.. -Mr. Carrie Oraddy of Anderson. Ind.. Mrs. Nora Goodwin and Mrs. Ollie Simpson, both of Enfield. and another brother, W. P. Clark of Jonrsboro. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon in Enficld. Mr. Clark will leave this afternoon to attend. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 7. lU.P.i- Cotton closed string: open hlpjh low close Mar 32 '> 33W 3274 ."?}(! May f.23-1 3311 .1233 3317 July 3lu2 3240 3T.2 3240 Oct 3352 3422 33-15 341H Dec 3302 3377 3237 3375 seven nations of vl,c Security Cotin- cii broke up Jfter 'oiily "preliminary" discussions, agreeing TO try again tomorrow to reconcile the Kast-West views 0:1 tlie ctuise of lhe trouble in Southeastern Kti- ropr and the wn.v to sclllc it. Tlie Western powers j,,il| maintained lhe UN must send a commission to the Balkans to police the borders .separating Greece from Albania. Bulisnrif. and Yugoslavia while Hurcin indicated its only answer to -.his will bo repeli- icn of the veto ,vhi,.-n killed the oriRinal American plan for such borrici- watch. Clarksvillc Celebrates Harvesting of Peaches CLARK 3V fI.,LE. Ark.. .Vl-;. 7. (UPi—Clarksvillc ^vas holdinj ils anmir:! peach festival ar.d to keynote lhe event, liin Oz.irk town was glittering with Arkansas beauties. Geralriine King of Clarksville reigned over the festival as Queen Elbcrla VI. and she h.irt as her est anoMicr queen. Pam Camp of Lilt:c Rock, othenvr.c known as "Miss .Arkansas of 1047." In the aflcrnoon a committee 111 chose a third queen, to be known as "Miss Arkansas Valley." Tonight Dr. Lewis Webster Jones. University nf Arkansas president, l deliver the principal address. Governor and Senators Attend Lake Village Party LAKK VILLAGE. Ark.. AUX. 7. 'UF)—Arkansas Senators .loh.i L. MtClel'an and J. W. Ful'jri9,ht, and Gov. Ben Lancy were nii-.oi'g the 600 auest-> at the Pu.Oi Brothers' annual barbecue nt take VII- laRC Icday. Both senators arc in Arkansas following the recess of llic Hist session ol Congress. 'A cold front—the meteorologist's echnical term for a mass of cool ir rol'ed from Canada. pushinc lhe humid heat away in ront of it. The front hit Chicago about 2 .m. (CSTi. briiiRinp with if a lunuler-and-liahlnlni! rtorm which oaked parched Iriwn.s and i-o-l'ed irjuscs in whic), lieat-lortllred re"- denU were sleepinp fitfully. Besirlcs the immediate relief rom tlu: heat wave, the wcaiher nireau had other cood news for Midwestern residents. Forecasters suid that another hot spell, expected to hit over the vcek-eiul. had been dissipated. At least 111 persons lost, their Ives in Hie torrid spell. Sixly- hrce died of heal prostration anrl 18 weie drowned while tryim; lo rscape Ihe heat. The hottest spot in the :in'.ioii yesterday was l£l, Cal., .vhere the temperature hit 117 lor the fifth consecutive day. Four joints reported hiahs of 113. Mil ike -B! Centro they were all in he peip^tnally hoi. de.scri regions of the Soulliwcst. Ulytlic. I-ulio md Needles. Cal., and Yuma, Ariz.. legistercd 113. N. Y. Stocks :31 p. m. stock prices- A T h T Amcr Tchacro Anaconda Copper Beth steel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery VVir'l Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U S Steel Crippled Girl Walks and Plays For Benefactors Jean M-irCn walked lo lhe ninno at the Klwanis Club meet!,,..- ycs- lerdny at Hotel Noble and phiyed two selections. She la,]gh"d win, happiness at lhe anp'au.^e aiie:-- ward. 'August ol l!)Ki. .v:,en si.e had never walker! and never played n piano, seemed far rc.viy The men. who heard .lo,,i y c.< - 'erday. helped make il. pos.iMe trr her tn walk bv aidinr. in '•!>-,ilnin.: pair of artificial limbs ir.r her. She was born without let-s. Jean's father. \y. A. Mnriin of Pell, and her music (earlier. MI.-J-Minnie Leo Jones, also heard her play. The 14-year-old slud<-,t, ivis t'roqrcsscd rnpldlv since :.hc lie- Ban playing the piano las! Wmlcr and continues lo make pl.'s.s fr.r the "someday" when she will al- lend a conservatory of nnisic and become a music, teacher. In the meantime, silo \vi!l eo lo school ai Dell, where sue niters the ciehth prartr in the Tall. She will also continue ;,> Itice her piano lessens and ,ier wnlkiiiK lessons. She novv v.-alk (without aid other than her ,mien ios and al. home can climb flair for which Mr. Martin nn.s nni'l special bannisters. Tlddic II. ford. Kiwainan v.-)io bewail lhe campaign lo huv le^r 'or Jenn. said today thai plm.' were underway lo coileel Hinds I' icplacc Jean's olrl piano v;it,h a new one. 75 1-2 SB 7-1 31 1- CO I-I 61 SB 1-2 7-7-8 2fi 3-8j R 1-8 Hi 7-8 ^0 1-8 Parts of Tennessee Get Relief from Hot Y/cather NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Aim. 7. IUP) —Kpged-slz^d hailstones \n-l lii-;l winds accompanied a ral'.-stoin that brckc the two-week hot ?i:c' in the Nashville Area late jcslr,-- | day afternoon and early last nr^iit Other towns and cities in the area, reported !:r;l,t to heavy rains In Nashville, linhtnins slartei several minor firrs, and '.he \vii-ri: toppled dczjns of Irccs anrl s.iap- pcd some power lines. The tsm pcraturc skidded from the day' lilBh of 101 to the low 70s. HY ANN IIK'KS and JOHN S'lr,i:!,[-, llnllrd I'ri'Ks Hliiff ConcsrrilKli'Ul-i \VASinNCJTON, Au tt . 7. (U.I'.) I'liinc Maker Howard today iU'cusod Hon. Owen linnvslin- of lying under (.Mill hcforo a Heimle Wai- liivi>:-.|.i Ki ,ii nK Hiiljtommittce. 1 nilllonalre movie producer and i mfiicUirer continued an oflcnslvc mni,,,;,. n,,, Maine llrpnl,!,.-,,,, ,-,-iialor wind, heaan with the char,-..- thai nrewstcr lrl,-il (o blackmail him into .in air line merger HirwMcr denied I his and otlic,- chiir,;cs in swcrn testimony yesterday and loday. IHH!lie.s- ,'har i( e lhaf Ilrewsler ii-d wu-r contained In n prtpared euieni whirl, he read lo the : ,ubc.,m,ni|tre which h. Investigating -jim,, JW.OOO.COO worth of plane contrac!-, K[vtlt to . „,,„ by tha cabinet. . - - U'enl, cu Ih air twice lo broadens:, his offc ol j;oori offk-es dlrrclly lo .1,,^, Jakinlll. liutuviii. hir.vevei , ! the uond ofllces could used fur mediation or iirhlli-iiifo hv Ihe nulled .S(:ue;i. Joiifakart Kir U clear that il still wanle ils cn-;e In i ;il befoi.. „ coiinnlM.ln ill inanv nallons. not one. The Indiincsltin c»hiin>t al;: iiski-d that the Dulled Kl.ule.s i, m that Ihr lu'ud „[ I},.. p,-|,pn M . ,"in,missions be a 'man ,,f S u(j (-lent |:ower In Lhe world so (hi Hie decisions <if I lie rom,<ilssl:> would In. hi i nl I ni; on Imih sides I (Ills difiiiiilv," Ihe ,lukjnkiiil:i null reporlea. IIK«e fires riirted out of conlr in Java'r linnesl oil fielris ! TJcpce. eliihl. miles east <;f Re,,,; null!. Kniled Press Coirospomli i I'eier Illll reported nflci- a lllt;l over lhe ureii lust nielli. ludoi (•slims, had been In control of tl fields, and were prinlwinji 21,11 ni nallons monthly. I'lcw,,:- ,.u|pi was')r.-,o;o Riillons monthly. HealthClinics N. Missco Well Attended A lolal of,l clllmns of North Mississippi County was inoculated .Kalnsl typhoid fever In the II) cll- Ics hrld by the Mississippi ccr,m- y Health Unit here during the sec- •nd riuarler of inn. il was uiinoini- ed by Mrs. 'Annbi-l II. Kill North .Ilssi.vilpiil County henllh niirse. 'I'he clinics were hel<l In the three irammar sehuols. Jimlor nnd sen- •ir hlc.h sehonls. and Ihnrison Ne- ;ro school, her,.- Ucece fiehool and riumimlly; Clear f.ak:- while and Negro schools and community; I'm- nlscd Land while and Negro sehrio'.-i ""I conin liy; iiui-delli! while mil eJei;ro schools und community; Ar- uorel school; .|n and H school and :ommunily; Huffman school; ,,, H \ Number Nine while and Negro school and community. Only two eases of typhoid fevc were rcpm-lcd durlni; lhe second Iliarler. Mr:;. Fill slated. Other dinlrs held by (he unit ,., Noil I, Mississippi Cmmly schools |n- "tnde, smallpox clinic.' ^.IW) clnaled; diphtheria cllnlr-. inn ini- inuni/.ations given; wlir>i>|ili,i> coin:!,. 7. r , Immnnl/alions given; and tetanus. 311 Imrmini/.iitions ijiven. Citizens' School Group Confers on Site Negotiations The Cili/r-ns - .Sr-hool nuildin Associ.ilmn, Inc. m,-t ye.-lerdriy iillernoon i u the <;l,ni',h"r of Commerce office in CMy liali lo discuss offers and nr^ol iarums fnj lots on I lie new hi^li scher>l Kile .'.elected lust mniuh. Work on acfpii, in ; [he site I iiilinuing but no iulrlilional sale wrrr repoitod by the A.u.ii lalion which was known ,1? I In- Citi/ens -School Commit:::'- until July ;il when it filed nrlu-li-s of lni:otnorn-' lion to brccme a ben, vrilenl corporal ion. The drive lo oblain .?.>o.oao lo purchase Ihr was rencwrt'. alter the site wns .-"let-led lint (|, ( . rejuvenation is slow. The conlrl- Initions on hand i"ina;n at a hide more than s:i'Mtr>0. An addnional Shit) in ( onlri- blllions was reported today, pul- liriq the total to dale at $30.726.48. Hie contributions lollow: Carpenters' Local *r,n. r-.-is E'lerdt $50, \V. S. Johnston J25, .Ionic Nabers $25 nnu Aiiooyn^.^ $10 Farm Land Price Spiral Near Peak Values Decline in Southeastern Area Of the United States ON, AUK. 7. <Un> ... A f ; i' r 'P III liu'tn Inurl prices wns reporled lodnv for I lie SdilMn-r I - ern .se-ainn o[ ibe Unllril K!a'|o-i' II. Mir flrsi. r.Mrionai rev.-r- M'l ol a rive-year Inllal loin-ry filial in limn ri'M eslaie va:m»; i n ,i •lovernin,.,,!. fcnnoinlsis s:ilil 11 -ould net h,- Inlon as a .si -n that lhe national p ra k had mwn rc-ach- The S.-iiltii-a.nlern 'leciuir-— one uer rent from March I n Ju'y I- - 'A'n:i more iluin offset b: «i!irp Increases In the value of -.vhnit farms In the MldWest and live- slock-nniKe lands in the md Mduntiiin slates. The liinnr reflectnl hi.i;ber prices .'or meat and trains As n. rc.'.ull. the llureuu or Ap.rl- euliiiral Kccnomle.s reiiorltul, larin land values for the couniry us n \\holc increased two ppr ccuL Jur- Illi! Ihu four-month period. Tlie I wo prr cent Increase boosted Hit nnllona] price level (o r»5 pi-r mil ibove the lOMS-.'U level an-.l to wiljiln Hve per cent ol the peak readied In 1020 telorc fmio n-al (stale crashctl after World War I. The Sonthea.slnrn tleclint: wn.s nMrlbuled to rediu:ed cash inct>'i:(^ [lorn truck and fruit crops mid o lhe fact that, land In that nr i oflatcd first and faster '.linn -nnd other areas. Hy states, the largest O'Xilin,? — per cent — wn.s reporled lor jhi and Alabama. l''arm land also dei;linetl In lhe Gam- Wesl Vlriilnlsi, Ki-nt v'.:y. Teniu.'ssec. There wa:; 1:0 R In 'Florida values. hrce Large Budget Approved for Osceo/oC.ofC. O.SCKOf.A, Alk.. AllR. 7. The •w Board of Directors r,f ihe hninber o[ C-uiimcrce -here, \vhi.-h will take fifflcs when mail ballots . - eountcd itflcr Aim M. will have an operatinc Inirlcet of sn.nnn for use durln:: Ihe roiulim yrar. The imcuinbenf board anpr'ived I his burli:et at It,- meeliiiq T'uc.-irlay nicjit hut did ml, whirl, nf Itie previously-outlined projects thr Clnmber would undertake. The moil]) (llpcur.serl ])lans for Hie ,-riininR etirtion. whirl, will be held by mull hnllols. and iuiil,eri7.- rd the maillni; ol the bullnls I" Chamber members this wee!:. They al.o scl Aim. II as the deadline for returnliiK (he ballols. .Steve Rowker. Darrell Crane and Joe Hhoadrs Jr., were ap)T>hi1«*d to serve as election officers. Appearing oil (he bnllnts aie 1hi- name.s of 10 Oscrola businessmen who have been nominnled for elei-- lion lo (he five posts on the board of directors. N'-minalcd wer,- K. 1\ Bradley. DarrcT Crane, .Jnrr Gromer, Dane reruns, Leuis Ororue. n S. I.a'iey. Harokl OlileudTf. Sieve Ralph and G. B. .SratTraves. Followtnrr the elcrlir>n. mriiihrrs of tlie retiring board of directors will mecl wllh ihe new board lo nominate officers for the coming year. The new officers will l;c clccl- cd August 20. Weather ARKANSAS _ Clear !o partly cloudy and little change in ie:n- pei-!:tiire loday, lonlght and Fri- Truck Tire Unclaimed; Policemen Seek Owner Chief of Police Chirli-s Shorl is wondering loday just wha; ;o do. wllh a king-sin- truck lir.- lost here two weeks i-go and whij)i lus lain unclaSmed i.i h:~. 'jlficc ?,ncc I hen. The lire Is in r".il condilion and shows little wea.. U is a 10.00-20 size. 12-ply tire, mounted on a rim used to carry spares. It was found nnd given police by a Frisco Lines workman after he', found it on hi- iinnsllng. in u Machined '.ties chai|; (l i Ilrcwstcr with "ob'•; mlKlalemcnls." At one point ai.ier. chalrinan of the full,Inlinatliif: commlltee. Interrupted lo ask who hod prepared Huehea' slalciuent •- Uucliea or one of his publicity a^eiils, Carl nyolr. ui:lies repllfd that he wrote the ' m ' l|!t hliu;elf hi his own hand He added tluil his filtorney, Tom olack. and Hyoir helped prepare tnicsiinn..; wliieii IluRhcs propounded lo llrewster earlier In the day. liunties has repeatedly accused >i'cv.s:er of ordering the contract investhtnllon because Huglies re>"«e(l to mci-s,. 1,1, Trans-World Airlines with Juan Trlppe's Pan Amerlean Alrwi-.ys. lie h:,s asterleri — 1,11.1 Brewster lirfs heatedly denied — ;l,.v,- the probe was inlensitlcd when the seiulm- and Pan American decided 0 PUSH iiKiiln this year legislation cnlhng for merger ol U. .S. Overjiwi.'! Air Service hi one big company. ISreivstcr Accepts F»vor.i lliiishes rend his statement i't an atlM'iinrm session after lhe sub- commlllcc ha.l devoted a full forenoon scs'ilo,, to asking Brewsler 'Piestion posed by his acc.iiner Ill-rosier adrnilteil accepting cer- l-iln favors, IncludhiR two free alr- nlune rides, from Pan American. Bui lie rejected as false any SUK- l/enion that he was concerned Ih any way with Pnn American's fortunes, lie asserted that he had no llninclal Interest In the airways. In (his connection Hughes said: "Sen. Drewster has made certain statcmenls (hut arc obviously un- liii''. One of them Is [tint He has no connection — direct or Indirect — will, Pan-Amcrlcrvn. "Most people in Ihe aviation industry know Ihr.t statement U un- MiiRlio.s rend his statement calm- i.v In n low volte, lie snld he had not. had time to prepare anything like "(he performance Senator Hivwiiter presented here j-eslerday" when (he committee chairman iii'iilc an hour t-nd a half denial of Ifniibes charrtcr. llusihes i-aid lhe public had-ssen »vi> men gelling up here under oath r,n,i telling things that were ffiille contrary " ' : ^'."II stands lo reason," he adrie'd •that one of us must have been Irllinf: something, that is not the truth." "I may be a little unXlnd- in . jvhal i hav r to say." Hughes cori- tunred. -nut I shall also be uhklnd In appraising myself." - ' Sajs Hrewstcr is CleTer Me sununed flrcwster up". as: "r;le-,-,-r. resourceful, a terrific pu'>- h«- spi-aker. a man who can hold an !'i<!irnre in Ihe palm of his hand, mil who has a reputation for b«- nn one of Ihe greatest trlck-shjt nrlislj In Wnsh-ngton "r himself. Hughes said: "I am supprvsir! to be caprlciou?. 1 hav,- been called a playboy, and I licvc been called eccentric. But I do ,, n i belle;c- that I have the let, of h-ir.g called a liar." Until yrsterdny, he added, his word had not been questioned ii\ 23 years •The statement.-. I made yesterday were true." Hughes said. "I tif'rt not lo f ay anylhi;ir that was a bait I mil,. I Ihink tha'. should be taken into con.slricrnilon. A man who carefully tries to itll only what no is sure of — Hint, man shoiiM be believed over r, man who has made' obviously untrue statements. ''One of (hoso was (hat he •nicwster, had no direct or in- rtirrcl connectinn v'th Pan Amer--can. Most pcopV in aviation k : x,W that is untrue. Ke "-dmilteci a close connection this r.-ornlng with S-ini 1'ryor. a vlr» r-.-.sidcnt of Par. American. New. -;i:al i s the diffor- rncc bctwoiii American Kr.rt 'am f'-ryo, ? "If he ti\ii-cs one statcni'c'it known (o be. ii'.r.roe there .'loii.'i he some cons!d- 1 rtiblc doubt attached lo other .-.ta'fments he nw made...." Jew Offers Quick Solution To Tough British Problem WASHINGTON, Aug. 7. r.UPl — Harry Skcp. 31-ycar-oM Jewith war veteran today sent this cablegram lo iPrime Minislcr Attlec of Great BriUiln: . , - -. ..- r "Britain needs food, cloth'ngr. lhe mlli-cad's right of j money. - The Jews need P.ucstinc. way off West Highway Moore Bros, store, 18 near So soil the Jews Palestine. naise the money In 90 rtftj's.' Will

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