The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1947
Page 5
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS AUGUST 0, l£M7 Jurors Clear Everybody in Kidnap Case 3ACKSON, N. C., Aug. G. (TIP) —The Northampton Counly grand Jury Tuesday (reed seven while men charged with kidnapping a young Negro from jail In an attempted lynching, a few minutes after it refused to indict the Negro on n charge of attempted attack 0:1 a white woman. The seven white men, all from Rich Square. N. C., stood before the bench where Godwin (Buddy) Bush ha<t stood a few minutes earlier. As he had for Bush, Solicitor Ernest R. Tyler said "Your honor, I have nothing else against these men." The seven stood quietly but their faces wore jubilant. They had been charged \vilh kidnapping, conspiracy and breaking and entering a jail with intent to kill or injure a prisoner. Conviction oil the kidnapping charge in North Carolina \vou3d have carried a mandatory life ccntc'ucc. IBush, who was snatched Iro.m jail here Miy £3 but escaped the mob and 'led lo safety, dropped his arms aiirt slumped slightly as Judge J. Paul Friz/clle told him the grand jury had.refused to return a bill against him. '"Thank God," he grinned. •Bush was i'.iken iroui jail a lew hours alter his arrest on a charge of attempting lo a.ssaMll Mrs. MargaretH Allen Bryant. 23- year-old Rich Square stenographer. Mrs. Bryant said after the attempted lynching that Bush did not touch her. Dominican 'Invasion' Reports Continue Reports of a portending •invasion" ot the Dominicm He-public Hi have named impetus with woi<l from the Tampa, Fla. (2) customs collector in an unumhnrizrd flight of seven fishier pluncs—flight origin undisclosed—Joiluwing previous reports n itircc-ship invasion force of :ifXO embarked from Cuba Ol). Twenty planes are pa'.rollinij the Dommu-an coast, aceordini; lo word from Ciudad Trujillo (Santo Do- mincoi. Dominican. Ambassador I'riti- slid the invasion force was composed of "CommunUl revolutionaries', recruited in Cuba. Guatemala, Venezuela, and I'uerto Rico, which those governments deny. (NET Ncwsmnp.) Fayetteville to Entertain Flying Farmer Delegation FAYETTEVIU.E. Ark . A',17. 0. <U.P.)—MeiuiH'is of me Flying Farmers of America stoppril oft here today to be guests Jf the towr. at a dinner and dunce. The group- whicli Inrluclc.s farmers from Ark;iiis;L;. Mississippi. ) jf \ ^ ?I4 ,.. nrauty Is Hotting liait .... 'HAMMOND, liul. IU1') — Mrs. lelen lioval. ojitrutor o! a beauty ailem, believes slie will have no rouble yetting a lead 'to u new iilKUlmuiil. She has advertised Hint the first person who lei's h<> about an available apartment, will receive free besul ytreatments lor nine months. Club 61 Blythcvlllp, Arkansas -— Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By EUGENE POWELL. M(jr. For Reservations Telephone 844 Tennessee and Lou : ..-;];u-.a--will be euroute lo the NiU : i:mil Convention in U ilhvater, Okla. Evangelist Dies NEW VCltK. C;yp;y Smith, 87 dieti \'-j.sU':ii iv LI Mafv. (-'unarcl i Aug. G. ll'P) — •' evanj/'.i.-l i..cnrd tlie O'liv;'. officials dis- closed today r.s tile ship cocked. Rodney Sini'.ii was born In BVixsy wagon t:i Finland's Epj>:;v Forest. His fattier UMS a tinker. The .son. tnkinf! t 1 -'- n.ri'.e of his uco for hi-s evii:'?vlii:a! li'Sl name, gr up to preach in cr.'.hcdrals around the \vortd. Smith's ilMth fcllowed a hear:. attack. "Now don't teach liim too much—wo wouldn't want him to become ashamed of us!" ..-.--• FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOP3ER Nice Puppy GEflTH oF a DOLL "O ^ Hifdo Lawrence; Disr»ibuHKl by NEA SERVICE, INC. ; . XXVII T\R. KLOPPEL* said, "It's blood , all right. Deep in that bronze carving. Want me to soak it out "and type il?" , 4 ."No use," Mark answered. "Wo - ' can't do anything with U. We 'can't gel a sample lor comparison, if ,you know what I mean. IV s 'better where it is. Even if il belongs lo Havvis instead ot Miller, 'it'Sf belter. It says more." '• ."Fingerprints?" j % *'None." __ ______ ; |-pr. Kloppcl wrapped the box in . .a clean handkcrcbicC and placed it'in the center of his table. The : old- fashioned chandelier shed a cold, white light. The box luoket- .like a little coffin, shrouded ant lonely. 1 "Miss Brady's box, stolen fron 1 'Blackmail's. Miss Brady's box. 1 Dr. Kloppol hated his own words "Yon can't accuse that lady o .theft. Yon can't even accuse hei of murder. It isn't fitting!" I *'But her box did murder once and tried il a second time. Unles. Lillian Harris knocked herself on for a red herring." i f'No," Dr. Kloppcl said. "Yoi didn't see those heads and I did, He_ reached out and touched the box gingerly. "It hurt, Mr. Kasl It was cruel and painful and slo\\ blow after blow." lie withdrew hi hand and rubbed il. "What do w do now?" I 4 'We act like honest taxpayer and yell help, murder, police. Wh was on the case before?" 1 "Foy, far about five minute! He's a very busy man. He lookc up at the window, shook his hea and said, 'Pity.'" 1 "J know Foy. Call him up to night, after I leave. Toll hi you're dissatisfied, the Harris de velopment will cover Hint. Sn you've talked to me. Then he call me, and 1'IL tell him how goi or. to it and what I've don 1 still work fron) my end, Foy ill undvrsUmcl thnt. Give him e box and the suitcase." Dr. Kloppol siiid, ( 'I like Foy as poker player, but you've yot ore than he lias." "Dr. K., I'm touched. But Foy is the pretty badue. lie can put dozen men in Hope House and obody can stop him. He can pat is holster while he asks qucs- ons and blow his whistle and ^el n army." He^lood up then. "I've ot a couple of slops lo make on iy way home, so I'll be going." "IIS first slyp \v;is ;it Mrs. Mnr- ij - shall-Gill's. .Slio was de- ighled lo talk lo him. Yes, indeed, she said, she had one uuslnirs quite early in the veiling. So warm, so crowded. tul a lillle cold waler on the back ->l:lhe neck was always refreshing. So she had asked Miss Brady if she night use Miss Small's room, Miss Small bein;j eiif-a^ed elsewhere, ind Miss Bvady ha<l given ng consent. 'Now, Mrs. Marshall-Gill," he aid, "I think you returned lo the >arly at about 9 o'clock, or verj icar to it? Did you walk down ir ride?" Mrs. Marshall-Gill said, "Walk 1 . Really, Mr. Kast!" She added 'That Jewel!" "Yes?" "Insubordination. I'm lemplcc 10 report Hie girl at the ncxl Boan | for the House, deficits and so on. ] And JoweJr—" Mrs. Miu-shMUGill [drew closer to the fire. "Mr. Kast, : I feel uiK'nm for table even now i when I think of it. Venomous, i haU'ful, 1 t-an't describe it except to say that she wasn't at all nice. . . . I think she was thinking things about me." He drew closer to the fire !iim- clf. "Go on. Mrs, Marshall-Gill." "A naughty girl," she said firm- y. "1 suspect .^he'd been drinking r smoking in her room, which is orbiddcn to employes. She went i»ht uj> ;ig;im, put me off at the floor, and \vt-nt right up gain. No apology for keeping ne waiting.. That's what happens vhen vim coddle these people, russetl up like one of the baard- S, lolliiu; and slouching and irobably mailing faces at me be- lind that mask. And a beauty spot, too. Impertinence. 11 I ie picked his words care fully Her that. He didn't want her tround his neck, screaming. Do you know anything about •Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 204J 1044 Chickasmwb* that beauty spot, Mrs. Marshall- il? Certainly not. know? Showintt t the girl at the next Bonn She did talk that time. . I rnng and rang. I could I course, but she did tall;. Gill? "Know about What should 1 off." Then. "You pel in the car at Ihe fifth floor. Do yon remember it wenl \vhcn she look it up again?" "1 remember very well. I svalehed Ihe little \vrelch. She lives on second, but she \vcnt up lo the eighth. That's under Ihe roof. She was Koing lo v.'alk up lo Ihe roof and smoke and drink." He iU<'>;Ucd silently. "I suppose you lalkcni to Jewel when she look, you up lo Miss .Sinail'ri?" "Why, yes. Why, hov; strnnge! She did tnik that lime, surly, of I dare- liave walked down in half the 5il . v she'd quarreled with someone lime I wailed hut the girl is paid "' the meantime. They always to operate Ihe elevator and I was ' <iu:u rcl, people like that." determined that she 1 should. Ami! "Was she wearing the beauty when she finally condescended—" S P°* ihenV Mrs. Marshall-Gill faltered. "Was she—oh, no. Vd have no- "Tlicn she did—condescend'.'" I iced and commented. No, not "Finally. Finally. It was a very then. Thai's probably one of the odd thing, very odd. I can't truth"- j Ihitigs she was doing when ! was fully say she was impertinent,!'" M'"" K "'' c —• = —• •• -•simply because siic refuse<l tolmakin speak to me, but she \vas positively venomous in manner, I was INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation BLANKET.' \ WHV, ITS A Bl& DO' ITS SNORING.' / AND HE'S ASLEEP' GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. Slate Line on the left at the Arch <A Ft. PI. Blh 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Culvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenlcy 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Kill 1.40 2.75 4.40 ; Old Taylor 4.35 6-90 • Four Roses . . 2.85 4.50 • 5% Beer per Cose $3.35 • GAS, reg 17.9c; . Etrtyl 19.9c • jAll BrandsCigarets/ctn. $1.35 Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Siilcs Sfudobiiker Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern lime-saving tools arc provided for our Lrnin- sd mechanics. They use their skill and the cori'ec.1. tools to give you bolter service. 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ScwiiiR il herself conspicuous. Un- BY EDGAR IT'S COLB-lBlOOtJEO start." He reached for his hat STOP, YOU Hoss THIEVES-' really disturbed, after all I've clone By J. R. Williams AD, BLISTER: BUT X'ME 6c OtOfT VOO At^OTiAe BOVS /I ABOUT PICKING BERRIES _^ Lllv\ODSlriE?^-)\ O!^5 WS UNCLE'S FAR\\ HESE-. WAO. PUT , UE I^EEDS/O' I',\\ ,-,. .,,.-», -,} DOSi'T / V40RD "L/X60R" C> (4i\\JE TO -\'\ MAKE A ^ HIN\ eoass- Bv V. T. HAMLIN I DOM'T IM-VGINE V.EVS ANY G5=.».T M=ED Or Ea= ON OL.' LONE.LY IS_E-- = PC'S ROOD.' 1SS, TH.XT. RC3iM...I V £==N NONE S"i\V EVIDENCE ( FO3ALCS CF CANNIBALS V TiM= NOW... ON TH'OTM=R. 5IPE CF TH' By KURD 11.A KM AN Bool's AJW HER One Way Out BY MICHAKU 0'MAL1,KY and RALPH LANE Konyuuiirns Have Fun. Tix) ,»>^Wi e>OOT&'. WOW'S i DUO, DO FOR •StNl'DiS^G UP TO v-r •? " * ^T fAOTTtR ViHV, fiMtA T'At ^ 0% ,- T IrtXJ CAN CHANC-E INTO I THESE OLD FLANUELS k CTDADDY'S IN HERE. I LL BET OLD SHERLOCK HOLMES NEVER KftDTORUfJABcLTrrtlCE AROUND HIS MIDDLE TO KEEP !liS FASTS

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