The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY. 15, 1!M8 Gandhi's Fast Seeking Peace For Indians Meets Opposition From Those He Seeks to Serve IV JAMt:S MH'HAKLS Unlltrt Pr«s st«fr Correspondent NEW DELHI, Jan 15. (U.P.)-Mohandas K Gandhi, entering the third day of his fasl for peace, abandoned spinning on his homemade wheel today because he lacked tlie st of the coarse cotton clotli he was weaving. Gandhi's fast went on amid bitter opposition from refuse Hindus and Sikhs, blazing with whlle-hot anger against Moslems because ot » reported massacre oj l.MO Hindu refugees in the West Punjab two days ago. # — Gandhi's attempts to force peace upon India were openly challenged in the streets by co-religionist refugees yesterday who obstructed peace parades and shouted "Death to Gandhi." It Is the first time In a quarter of a century as spiritual dictator BLYTHEVlLLg (AUK.) COURIER NEWS 9-Ycor-Old Girl Saves Lives of Younger Children KNOXVIUJE. Tenn, Jan 15 — (UP)—The quick thinking' of » nine-year old Bill was credited today with having saved the lives of two younger brothers and a sister. Mrs. Maggie Tallcnt said that ^ ,nade whee, today because he lacked the .trench'I; draw £ t ^ &X 'lo''ge^tc^Tw^r ^ 01 me coarse cotton clotli he was weaving ' fron a spring. While she was away the house caught fire from a defective stove. Her nine-year old daughter. Ulllan, caught up (lie younger children and carried them to safety. The first Mrs.'Tallenl kenw of the blaze was when the children met her a s she returned from the spring. The younger children were Cliur- les. 3. Aria, one, and Lorenc, elglit Streamliner Hits Freight In Tennessee of Indian politics that Ghandi has met opposition. Premier Jawaharal Nehru, lenv- ing the BJrla estate where Gandhi is making his fast, met one group of opposition refugees and jumped from his car In rage. "Come kill me first." he shouted, and scattered (he demonstrators. vent fresh rioting from the refugees, who are insisting that the inoslcm minority be expelled from New Del hi in the same way they were driven out of their homes by Moslems. It was feared in Hindu circles that the opposition of the Hindu refugees may delay the peace which Bootheel Jaycee Council Meets in New Madrid CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Jan. 15 ' months. —Five members of the Caruthersville Junior Chamber of Commerce Employe Named attended the regular mcetfnY-or the ' « " «""P'Oye r> Jaycee Bootheel Council, held at Supervisor Of Sales New Madrid, with a good representation present from the various clubs in (he district. Among Sla'.e and national Jaycee leaders present were: Gib Morton, Fe.slus. and Bill Gondson, Columbia. USSJC National Directors for Missouri; John Gabriel, president of the St. Joseph PULASKI, Tenn. Jan. 15. (UP) — The Northbound HummliiRblrd. crack Louisville and Nashville streamlinci- from New Orleans to Cincinnati, crashed into the ri'nr end of a freight (lain North of here early today, but only two persons were reported injured, both receiving minor Injuries. 'Hie accident occurred at Wiiles six miles North of pulaskl. at r>-40 o'clock, witnesses said Ihe Hummingbird was not (ravelling rnnldlv Bt the time. A switch rnulne had Bachelors Given Poor Credit Rating Slayer of Suitor As Survey Shows Husbands Pay Best Sentenced to f?f l Ifl &nr\ i ... i r .. — * Serve 90 Days CHICAGO. Jan. 15. (UPt—Un-i moiitln | 0 i,. s t married males are the worst credit son's hom-slv ' risks In installment buying ,,,,d hi'iipiTkfd husbands rule best despite the lac i (I,.,, u,ey nnve mon , opportunity lo dig themselves into llnniK'lal holes. Those ivciv the conclusions reached yesterday by n siine v m:uU- at the University of Chicago Plgurcs compiled from ntaff than :>0,000 cases In the flics ,,f jv mail order store were used to crown mauled persons as lops In the field of cimniu-rdnl riedll. Single gills were rated ns tin' next best risks. Unumrrieil mules ran a poor third. I Krwln i,. l.tnn, „ jjruduiiu- sodol- backed OK>' student, concluded the survey. PAGE rrv» night In the killing of 2i-yur-oW James E. Robinson at the frc*t •>lcps of her home, Mr». GUbeit said that Robinson tried to «nt«r the hou.w. iu loyi'd prr.scui.s ;in,l cu.stomors ai-years «f ngc. . . " | v"u,iy lor (ac $l\ ( Mini said three fuclors make one I ]]fr K'nner sulloi' ' ill ' : A sct " f "t'il'idr, liirh lends lo payment of l,m . Ihrouiih iH-Urr .vonomlc pi,,,,,,,,^ controllixt buying, und moral ro/li>^ ! :!-Ability; Tho capacity as nienMiu'd MKMI'Ilis. Tenn,. j lin . 15. ( UP) --Mi's Lillian ollberl. blonde 21- yoiir-old molher of two children, »«'d a 00-,lny prison sentence lodiiy for I)K. sliotgim slaying of who she said wllh hci' luisbaiid. ' c n • on A Jury cnnvlelnl Mrs, oilljcrl of nivoluntary mnn.slnu B hter last Seven conches CARUTHBRSV.LLE, Mo. Jan. ,5 SlS the freight train on the mnln line, lie used (lie imiierial"for an m-ii witnesses said, and Ihe cars were cl<. in th r •Ameiln.n Joiii » oi being loaded with pliasphale by f--ociolo R y' workmen of the Inie.nallonal Mill- He call,.,! his article "Arreiirnce emls and Chemicals Corporation. I In Inslnllment .Scmiis!" A " u " nRO . and freight cars menus I lie uuvs nml . Jaycees; and Harold Shell, editor • company. Moots o(/Haytl lins been promoted lo sales supervisor of six of the Ark-Mo Power Company's offices in this district, according to an announcement yesterday by P. O. Gardner, district, manager (or the Those attending from Caruthers- [of Hnytl will make his headquarters ville were Maurice Malin, president; »> lhi.s city. He will supervise sales A. C. Brooks, secretary; and Raymond Britton, Abby Abcrnatlly and Robert Jones. Editor Taken Sciirmsly Gandhi seeks and thereby extend! CALHOUN. Ga. lUPt-Rov Me Gandhis fast until it costs him his Ginty, editor of the Calhoun e ' Times, printed an editorial outllll- The spiritual leader continued to ! "B wl 'at he would do it he were sit cross-legged In the sun In a' mayor. Though it wn.s not meant loincloth today and declined to i as a platform for candidacy. Mc- tcll even his most devoted followers i Ginty was elected u-lthoul opposl- lie freight train was demolished. Community Club Meets CARUTHEHSVILLE. Mo., Jan.15. Seventy-Jive persons were present at a tinki'y dinner given by the Ingram Riilsc Community Club in observance o( the club's orgnnlzit- Ion. Harry Fnmir. Farm innvau secretary, acted ns master of ceremonies. Principal speaker was Chester G. Starr, director of the Ruinl Health Service of the Slate Farm im; to iJiiu. mill lor a work of Cniuthersville.Steele, Haytl Kennel t. Porlaecvllle and Rector. Ark., offices. He replaces Howard Garham. who I Bureau Federation. s'tccTc 80 ' °' " 1C A ' k " Mo 0(ficc at I Introduced by Lloyd Mnsscy, club secretary, nnd guests were introduced by Mr. Fanar. and J. W. Shrader. how long he intended to fast or his conditions for ending it advocated , llo»'» Your Co-ordination? Here's a co-ordinated meal for i fall: Hake halves of acorn squash, cut side down, on a baking sheet, or shallow pan. White squash is baking, cook ami brown balls of bulk sausage. When squash is almost tender, turn right side tip and ado sausage balls—the sausage adds delicious flavor to the squash. Then brown slices of Juicy red apples in the sausage drippings — ever so lightly, so they are not soggy, but still crisp. Since Tuesday morning he has ta- cxpccted to take water with salt or ken only hot water at regular in- lemon juice added, according to his icrsonal secretary. Brij Krisha'm. A NEW KIND OF TIRE FOR A NEW KIND OF RIDE ON ONLY 24 IBS. OF AIR PRESSURE GOOD/YEAR Yes — it's a really new kind of lire. A lire that has astonished automotive engineers with super comfort, super solely and super traction. Lateral (crosswise) shocks for Ihe firsl time ar« smoothed away lo give you a ride lhat'i almost like floating. Words can't do justice lo this sensalional lire that car engineers call the greatest improvement In lire design in 15 yearj. Come in and see it for yourself. Goodyear Service Store Read Courier Newt Want Adi used credit selling by trial period o[ six How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulslon relieves prom|illv because It goes right lo the. seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, mid nld nature lo soolho and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell yoi: a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way it quickly iilluya the cough or you are to have your money buck. CREOMULSION forCouehs, Chest Colds, Bronchiti- Just ask... we like to say "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, PrlvoteSorvles . Per.onolked Attention Coin* in or /fl/A;>/jon 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVIL.LE GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION A GRAPETTE The lush, ripe flavor... The delight f ul .aronia... The soft carbonation... Energy-rich dextrose... Quick-chill bottle. FORDt TRUCKS fiOflUS Bw/f-THE AMAZING RESULT OF AN ENGINEERING PRINCIPLE THAT ASSURES WIDER USE, LONGER LIFE...and ONLY Ford Trucks Have It! E VERY single one of the great new Ford Trucks for M8 is P"""s Built . . . designed and built with extra strength in every vital part. But that's only a furl of this grtMt and vital truck engineering principle . . . This extra strength provides WORK RESKRVI3 iliat pay ofl in two important ways: • FIRST, these WORK KISfRVCS give Ford Trucks a grcafcr range of use by permitting them to handle loads beyond the normal call of duty. Ford Trucks are not limited to doing one single, specific job! • SECOND, those same WORK RESERVES permit Ford Trucks lo relax on the job ... to do their jobs easier, with less strain and less wear. Thus, it's easy to see that Ford Trucks last longer because they work easier/ Yes, Ford Trucks are n»mis Built . . . built stronger to last longer! They-give wider use, longer life! That's why there are more Ford Trucks in use today than any other make! *BONU5: "Something given In addition to what It usual or ftrletly due." . . . Webtter's Dictionary. the iisir 3 "liJvJvV 1 """' 1 ''''"lire"!' • ' V '° re hc.i 10 T »«CKS F °R Wir>r SU/LT STfiOt/Ce* TO LAST LONCffi LIFE INSURANCE EXPERTS PROVE...FORD TRUCKS LAST UP TO 1?.6% LONGER!

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