The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER KBW1 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST G, 1047 FHB BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE OOORXKR NEWS CO. 3. W. HAINES, PuWUher JAMES U VERHOEFF. Editor PAtTL, D. HUilAN, Advertising Man&gw Sole N»tlon»l Advertising Representatives: ^T»lUct,iWlUner Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta. UempbJ*. Published Every Afternoon Kxcept Sunday Catered is second class matter at the lx»t- . otKof »t Blythevll]*, ArkansM, Under act of Con, October 9, >»V>. 6ened by the United Prew SUBSCRIPTION RATH*: By carrier In tlw cny ol Blythcvllle or any iuburum town where carrier service Is maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per month. By mall, within a radius oJ 40 miles, $4.00 per war, *2 00 lor «lx months, $1.00 tor three months; by mall outside 60 mile *one, »10.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation But Paul said. I am -\ »™» wlllrl> '•"" * Jew of Tarsus, a city in Cl'iehi. a clllmi ,,f mi mean city; ami J beseech thce, suffer me M»'"« unlo the people.—Arts 21:39. » • • I am u citizen, not of Athens or Gi?ec-\ l;ul of the world.—Socrates. Packed but Not Ready President Juan Pornn lias just accomplished a court-packing iiiain'tivL-r by installing four of nis ovv,i I'nm!- picknd jurists on Argentina's rive-mini Supreme Court. Thus 5ic now has <;om- •plete control of all branches «i' the 'Die im fort nniite Uiing iiliout ilto whole procedure is that although Si'iior Veron has finished his packing, t!u>v<. arc no indications that ht> is iiii.vv.'linv near ready to leave. on which political corruption feeds. And there, perhaps, wo have a bt't- ler clew lo some of the world's ills th;iii DIP curiosity and Nik'anery, r ly, iif M couple of l. r >lh ccntry VIEWS OF OTHERS Property Taxes The fraction of properly inxrs in "»; null 0 "'* lolal lax bill )ms <!ecmisi'<l inmkrdly in llw pasl 15 years c.les|)lle ret-ord-lilKli piopciiy tax cares, Hip Nalii,]!!..! Assac'inUon of Assessing Olticevs says. Properly taxc.s, slill lltf. mninsiai' pal Jlrmnce, '.\ccovnu (or -Jlioiil local Bovernineiit tux I'pvennes I'Cveinics account for only Two Old Scapegoats The ills of the world sometimes seem to defy diagnosis. But ;il least we now have a line on what is wrong with one of its countries-. Italy's present plight, according to her former premier, Francesco Nitti, is the responsibility of two scoundrels named Cliris- topher Columbus and Nicolo Macliin- veili. Columbus' crime was discovering America and thereby shiftintf "Hie axis oT the world to the west." jMacli- iavelli, Columbus' contemporary and one of the most brilliant shyster politicians in history, wrote a book wliicii made out a great case Tor crooked politic, 1 ; in which the ends always justified the means. Therefore, says Mr. Nilli, t!ie world has conn; to believe that Italians are men who are always ready to lie. The result, accorrting lo the former premier, is the present Italian treaty —"one of the most unjust in modern history." We hesitate to take issue with Undistinguished and venerable Mr. Nilti, who is going on 80 now. Hut it dees seem that he has tried to localize such general things as human curiosity and human cussedness too much. Fuvthcr- mor,e, in what might be. called ,- burst of perverted nationalistic pride, lie has given Italians credit for something that undoubtedly would have happened anyway. At the same time wo can't help admiring Mr. Nitti for making a particularly mild brand of dangerous speech. He didn't blame anything <jn the Communists, perhaps because Italy has two or three million of them, and he is too good a politician lo offend a large minority group that some day might be useful- Nor did lie blame everything on the Jews, or any other minority group. But .essentially his was a line of thought which, in our own clay, we have come to think of as anti-Semitic. Hitler blamed Germany's plight hi the '30s on the Jews. And in spite of the tragic fallacy of Hitler's argument, there are too many people in the world still willing lo assign them tlui same blame today. . Mr. Nitti at least had the grace to pick a couple of scapegoats who have been dead some 400 years and who can't conceivably be used as an excuse to start another war. Yet Columbus .and Machiavelli gi ve him a fine chance to whine, and to say that, except for them, the Italian people wouldn't bo misunderstood, downtrodden and humiliated .today. It is .easier to blame Columbus than it is to admit that progress is'inevit- able, but that it requires direction and control. It is easier to blame Machia- yelli than it. is to admit that laziness, indifference and cynicism are the meat oi munici- 88 jwr rent of Hilt iocnl i«x atxnit 11 per cent ol the nation's total lax bill —> Ironi 5J nor cent In KI3-. Principally because o! mpltlly pxi>:in<itm; K'<t- <;ml UXOK. tin! nation's mini l:ix lilH iiK-rrafcil more Hum fiW; IICT cent, from 19.12 lo l.'Mtf. Tola) lax rcvrmii'.s fur local i;ovcninu'iU diTrrasrU slightly din-inn thr <«'•>'.<' iwrioil. In I0:ta. Hie ivitiun'.i tax bill, Inulncniig »" units ttf Kovfrninonl and all kinds of laxr^. was SH.1S billion, ol whii-li local (.ovurnnvfil IHXCS wore S'1.7^ billion. In i'Jlli tlw total tax bill I'm 1 I lie nation svas S'ltl.l billion, ol which luxi'.i lor local govmniK'Ul v.t'rt- S-l 5'i billion. A recent, survey by My oiliclals In Dallas may not have shown typical conditions bin at least it furnished an example. It liullcu'.cil the trend toward '.lecrcsiscd cnnihasis on prolierty taxes in [;overnnH'Ul innncc. It showed tn.u since ioao the share contrilnitcd Ijy the pro|Jorty (:i>: lo tbe city's Dndi'.C'l declined Iroin 48 per cent ID 3J) ];er cent. Wirllier, real eslaU' in- I3n))iis is |Xi.VI«"-C a .smaller slime o Hie properly tax today limn ii, was 10 years :tt;t). U'hieh \ve are told indiculcs a proportionate increase in taxable personal properly. In 193G, real estate, accounted fov 74 pi-r cenl of the total assessment rnll. Currently (Ins >ias driipjied \o GH per eent. I Opposition lo taxes on ro;U estate lo operate local "t'.overinnent.s is nmlerstnmluble. Kspec-iaily when Hie real estate is homes. Every ordinary man fears he may lose his home to creoUors or tax collectors. Bui laxe.s on real eshite, wbetli- er it be ineonie-protUieini: or not. are likely lo remain because they are comparatively easy to collect. Tlie only alternative is increased sales anil .similar taxes, and. because they hit me majority hardest. Hie politicians (ear them. ln(!o.nitable u.ssessmen'..s cause more Jrettmy o..}]- !;overtunent income these days. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. BARBS BV COCHKAN IJiivifif; .seen iHdtu'rons lfl(7 wv't\- already beginning lo i'ei'1 mollis this tfmiuip wiEiti'r. sorry n^ snits for Die After his wife got a divorce, an Ohio man said he was a fool when he was married. Maybe .she felt that he hadn't changed a bit. Why suniMsrr is it colds. people always Have you ever or ol "bad" ,-\ midwpsl haliilual criminal |;ot :ln years Kf's in fur tbe lime (if his life. » • » An {Jl(l-]KUnid tuna was eauulit in New Jersey waters in a commercial hslitrman's net Imagine him trying to reach far enoUKIi to tell about it. * * * Ayain we are wnUttrrin;: how son;,, restaurant;; manasr lo get three halves mil oi a canlaifiiipc. still don't ttlink that Cuirirc bill as lonji as some husbands SO THEY SAY To f •<)] labor a t il It jjca/.t 1 .—l\u First Order of Business ' Forrester/ Considers Sweeping Changes to Unify Armed Forces Hy WU.MAM I'. DOCTOR SAYS BY WIM.1AM A. O'BIilrN, M 1). Written for NK,\ Svrvtrp lllfanlilo jinralysis ipnliomyrlitisJ s an acute virus Infection o( tli••• lipinal cord and iji':.:n v:!iii:a m-iY j (United 1'rcss Staff CurrrsiKinclent) WASHINGTON. AUg C. (U}»> — Heerelary of Defense Jnmes For- jr.sttiJ l»:is inidei' consKleration n pl;tn for LI swooping reovgnnizatLnn of i hi* nrjMP(j force.s to provide nni 1'U'd command of laud, sea aiul nii- forces in and jnomul the eontinen- ILI! united siaien, yei'vice .sources >aiil totlay. The plan )ins beeti worked out by Die. joint ehU'ft: of stiiff. It })i'o- vides for a .si»K)p commander with :i .si aif of Arw>y. Navy and Air of- licers directly nr.der the joint chiefs who would I'Ojuninnd the defei'i^e of the nalion'.s borders. It would provide for dividing the s of sonic of ilic mv,=;\ps. The disease is jnori 1 jj-ev.ilfJH ;;» r);il- irc-n. ollhoueh atiulb: inuv b- ;.f- ipcu-il if ihuy i--M'npc;d imivtio/i when ymins or if in™- immunity has run down. have known about infaniili: paralysis for npaviy COil years, although it is only in ihc nation into last 50 years thai sharp oiipjrraiis , or w hicii would have its nvii single over -.ill three forces, command would roll*.') Congress and State Department Batting Around 500 on Foreign Policy Legislation Hy rilTMll KI>SON NKA VVashhiijloii f'orj •t'Sponilenl WASHINGTON, AMI;. G. *NEM — Coneres-s Jim 1 the State Department bnttcd "lily about ,SQO on co- operntion, n checkup af foreign po- llcy IfBisluilon in tUe jiast session ;irf was approved, with limiMtL'UVi on spending any of the S?.M nv."i.on in countries of the Russian ortii!.. U. S. memVicrship in the tnt.evnn- i tional Refugee Organisation was approved, but funds \\P"C! etil fi'oni J million to *7~. million. Similarly, O. S parlu'ipatioa :n Lust February the Senate For-I Hie Children's Relief Organ;? itin eign Relations committee gnvc on;, • was approved. But the $40 million, a list of 27 item.' 1 , which Secretary asked for was cut to a of State C.eoiRe C. Marshall was of S15 million, more to 1« gi'autnl sending up lo-- consideration. Ten j U other countvies came in, nivl ail were considered nrirrnl and of hiijh of the u. S. donation to com.? r.iii priority, .six gr.l through. I or thp S350 million relief fund Three added starters — the Prc- j U. S. member-hip in thp UN In- skient's request for Greek-Turkish j ternational Refugee Organization uid, ratification of the U, S. tnts- | was appvoveo 1 . The UN site, in Ne-.v tee-shi)) tor the former Jnr>-mnii- I York was approved. Taxes wi-vr export control act. cov- j 1 )1(HO care I everyone suiferiuL 1 . ii'Ciin ii'r.'.uulc paralysis and its after efftc'.s. has completely removed \joliomyrUtis from ihe ranks of catastrophic ill- ? dated Pacific islands, and authori- f */al ion [or U. &_ participation in a six-po\\ei- commission 10 deal willi the problems of Pacific i.shnids south of the equator — all yo; through. The four top-priority items on lhi» "must" list that were stymird wore: The Anglo- American. petroleum agreement; legislation to admit 400.000 displaced persons; U. S. adherence to the World Health Or- ganisation; and legislation to au- thorise. exchange of scholars ;ui 1 it^foiniaUon with foreign countrus — the so-called Mundt cultural Cooperation bill. F'eace treaties with the Axis (ellitrs VkTt'c r.Uifii'd widiotjt chan ut otliL-r ui'}.;['tU mutters h;i nd •CM- cut dcvvi. I'osl-UNItKA If yon linve ehnrm, yon iton't nerd anything else; if you don't linvr it. it doesn't muldv what elsp you hnvtv—John Rnber! rower? tiotort itiixlel agent. * * t We must find a way to stabilise la'jor-innn- aBenicnt relationships :u home .>o HiRli anil uninterrupted production can .mstai.'i hijli wat:cs nnci low prices.—Sen. Arthur II. VaLXlenUcrg <K> of Mtchlcaii. \\ilh America is to coilabi.rntr Knniitclier. premier of Ftar.o. In the cold war Hint is being waijcil auoiu us always remember that Rii.sMa'.s objective our unrest. We ran unai'tl ayainst ilia', by BarurK firm belief in oitrsolves.- Bernard I believe public servants must lako the position Dial they are peisonably unimportant, tliai, they exist to help their fellow citizens, and thai they arc political expnuSuWes.— Sen. tieinv Cabui Lodge, Jr.. >n> of * ¥ * Nothing, in my opinion, ccnlcl l>r more clangorous than the direction of education from Washington.— Sen. Robert A. Tatl .R) ol Ohio. • W • When a child runs across the road what he needs as a good splitting aeross the bottom ParenL'5 nre often too clpinocratio with tlictr clili- dren as a result o( avidly lollowin'T child-i raining literature.— Thomas A. VauSam. director or adult education, Balllinorc Public Schools. exempted on yii^s *o the UN. ypr- cinl piivilcges i~nd immunities \vc - ~e grantee' to L'\' delegates while in tlie United States. And wvenii other low-priority requests for ie- gislntioiv authorizing routine <'••)- operaticjn with the United Nations received fiivorable action. I,O\V-I'K1(]RVI Y IT MS FAKKI) IIAOl.V By anii larse. lunvever. the record . . of co-opc^tion on the low priority 1^™,?? nny requests uas worse than on th? urgent, items. No action was taken on the Cn- iiacliidi-.^tnrricr.n St. Lawrence River waterway agreement.. dii] not gel ratified. Authority to solid military advisory commission. 1 , Lo foreign t-oun- tnes iXHiuc'.slinj; such aid wns not "ranted. Nothing \vas done aljout international arms traffic control, .since tJui »ei ei'iny arms and other specified items. \vns extr.'KJpd tiil .Jim? 'iO. 1918. Congress never got, around to (he ] mutter oT rcpsymj* some 135.000 ( Mexican workers over S5 million retirement benefits deducted from their pay whi!e working on U S, rail ro a d.s i n wa 11 i me. The (AVO Tlousts ended ihp spssinii in ilisagreenionl- on ismei'Hltiients to the Philippine rehabilitation :xc;. A prnpnsnl To! 1 a financial grnn.- in-,\Hl to Korc-.i \VA.S n^ver Uroxi^hl up. A iJfl] to create a .semi-public corporation to handle U. S. ''Voice ol America" brosulcasts never he.arin^. Congress looked with disfavor on more money U> complete the Inter-American hiuh- vay- The Inter-American military co- oprr.'Uion jjc-'E ,vn.s .•sidetracked pending outcome of the Rio Pan-Ameri- have occurred- Infection c:in dr- volop in -.ill isolated farm house, or thousands of childr..-!) :md adults in one ci'.y m r iy cont':u.'t (hi 1 dist'iisr ut rijio lune. Iivteetkm .viili the virus of j;o- Ijoinyelitis i.s- thought i-,> JK* ;> r » cc:mn(jii as I hut, of m ?AS ! <JS, Pi 1 .- ra">-si,s IrjJIiJTJny U)f; :nj^» •; ;(>n is relatively mu-otumon ami I!K- ms- jorily of those who Lav? p;i- calUiid recover Uie u.s'ifuhH'v; of i heir muscles. In an avei'! ((n- (iemie, lour io five children and jidttHs oui of every lo;o in tlv_ l af- )cc!ed region come down 'vr.h '.he lii.sease. Pain and ^Urfiwss of thp neck ;nid other muscles may be :in IV i nd icu t ion that the inisxf-te.i ace ui be ailt-etetL Fever juay lisc ngiim, after a temporary ':iJJ. Ti:e patient will become- more n">l!"-:^ ;itid uiH-^M', ;>jid i hen narii'y.'ih i. 1 - noicd. .\'O K.VOVVX UOIKDV 'After i lie spinal cord and liriOn hca). IJic extent of j)en;i;t:i'.-i'.t tiama^e varies with the nuinb-.-r of nerve cells '.vln'ch have 'wcnpri- •maneiiily ties: royed. There ^ no !:nuw!i remedy which \vJil iM-i.'Vrii; infantile uaraly.sis, shorten UK- CO mse or lessen I tie imine-li.i'e l-\it:tlii >' i ,ue.s vary in cHifrront outbreaks. Altlion«h iiifanii'o \>:\- ialy.s.s rank.s \ve"jl down MH -.lie of .serious ch'sea>ses in ehild- Jinnct. ))arci\tf; fear ii more Mian any other disease. Su.'TOss oi :nudcrn methoJs ol cai'iui-' lor paraly:'.?d nni^cics has lessened .some of the public; con- fern over I he prospect ol' permanent crippling. The availabih'.y f-f hiJ L f;e sums of money bv public and private agencies such as !he National Ponndaticn for lnf:inii!e Paralysis, which KUftra!it«?'?s com- and rchalii!itati' i n lor Tiiis .single 10 actual combat maneuvers, not to such problems as supply and Administration. Povrcsiul could put such a plan into effect through executive order without congressional approval, military authorities believe. There is already a .similar plan hi efieci in «U\ overseas uvoas. For example Gen. Douglas MacArthin 1 commands all Ihree services in the Far East and Maj. Gen. H. A. Crait? uJ] in Alaska, Under Vhis mr.v organisation U\^ strategic, air comma ml would probably remain a separate force for long-i'ange blows at an enemy wit it atomic bombs. In the continental Unii-*;! .St.t<C3 cacli commander would be responsible for the unified planning of defense and in of emergency the conduct of operations. The plan would not change the day-to-day administrative activities of each service. But the fulfftuLngc would be that nir. ground and sea forces could strike in unison at any enemy force aiming a blow at the United Stales. This system was used during World Wnr II n: overseas theaters. MacArthur commanded the seventh fleet as well ns all ground and air forces in this southwest Pacific. There was unified command of the Eastern and Western frontiers. At present the nation's defenses are divided intc six Army areas and six Air areas, each under a .separate command, and a number of Naval districts on the sea frontiers and the Great Lakes, They get along well through cooperation in peacetime but the joint chiefs of staff don't thinV: they could function at peak efficiency in a crisis. The 'plans for revision of the nation's defenses go oven further to include such things as setting a 15 Years Ago In Bli/lheville — There wei-t> f.vo tables cf r,ii:s!s playeci with Hie Tuesday Ruul; C(-.:b ycsterrtsiy nftrrimon '•Jhoil M"i.;. W. M. Tavlov \vas AuiDn^ ir ; t i twenty people present, there v:-.'~, one out of town swst, Mrs. G? : !i^r: n Crockett of cnPo Girardcau. N!o. Mrs. Milton S'"'nljer« entcicr.iusti The -Senate Foreign Relations ! ^tn Conference in Au»u,su Committee never brought up for | Priucipal reason the record is not nitifjcatioji the treatj" of friend- ; better is that >o inurh (iine haci Khi-.i ami commerce with China, j lo oi- taken oa the Ctroeh-Tuvkis'i A Iruxatfvin n^rcoincjH with I'-Vance ;IK! pro^rani. * : IN HOLLYWOOD (While Erskine Johnson >:• ( >n vacation, outstanding Mnllywo-jii personalities it re ii:nc:i-Iiit:;ng or hitn.t * * * BY JACK L- WAUNv'.K HOLLYWOOD <NEA> - F-s.-:inp ohnsou. who conducts Vh;s (oUn>in vith true reportorial curio, it y and tenl. confesses that a re-vie ;ui- icun lenient by Warner jjrui, lui. 1 ; et him to wondering v:)\y a .moothly \"vuinuig motion pieusyr :ompany should suddenly fho-:sc o assume the multiple pro^cm of the newsreel busine.^. For the most impoiM: 1 ,!.' but east tangible of reasons \\hv vo ire KOing into the ncv.'.srrel b.isi- icss, Mr. Johnson mi^ht i\s ucU iave ;iskecl himself why ,Vj Iv- came a newspaperman, .uul Iseing one. 'Ncwsrct'ls ruiv- 1 p-^uy nuch the same purpos-* ,nul :c- XKisibility a.s Uie pre.^, h r> thoir job to present liie wt.-* nalty, /orthrigliUy ami iniere^t- ivg'.y. When clcnlint; \virh ^oaivo- •ri.sial issues, bnth .siiK'.s nn;>: 'JP presenter lairly. Truth r.m :uu! uld bo olfercd dia'^y and in soir.e oases amiiMM'/K— i v > ir.nke it acceptable as s, -i'l-c'i i-\\- leriiiinint-nl-. But subjects oi nn- laiH'e must nevev V>" n IMU ti with I he overemphasis *•*:• i!.:.Ujv- lior, which can turn ne-.\s mi I'AULV HlSTOKir.\!, 'I he newsreei is a! mirror of history. Jieforc inotioti picfir.'-'s ic.n:i- ed how I o t eU ;\ st ovy t In- \ v. > * ? used io rrronJ eu-nl-s ;;i'?h ;,-, ;l:r inauyuratiun of Pre.^itlfMit McK!i.- ley anil 1 he funeral of Q i':i-n V.v- t^ria, and such films were :;h<. v -i tlieteaflcr. Spectacular liros :.oio tlio .iirsl un.schedule<l hnppr<u<i^N to be put on film, ln;t canu-i ;• men were on ihe lookout Tnr M<I. )icj> as euvly as IflQO, whou -,\ c^v 1 l>le of tuem risked Iheir no.'k; in shooting the Galvoslon Inn .•:<• iiv\ Warner Bros. pariioi;Kit;\l in vvh;\| i>i'«bal)\y was the ;".v ilt-sv 01 1'Unnu-d scoops m iln> e.iriy h's- t»iy of screen reporti:^. "When President in Washington on Mart-lT Wood row \Viisou was rnnuituraic*;! 4, 19\3. a liltn of thn cv-?ric was rnslied aboard a i;agf.;age c'Srwiut h we had rr'H'rrtcd into R. J.I'.'OIM- tory. It w;is processed whtl » the train was en route to Nctv York, \nd .sho\vi; rn Hraadv\ay, sa-iie evening. Oil: col-abonV.or i)) tlis venture, \vhirh attracted \vide al- tcntion. v/as Edward DatricK, who stilt in the newsrfel b'.isine:^-. In 1310, by which ti;)ie j.'io'.ion cturc.s '.verc* becoming a, true niedium of entertaimn^nl. Die 5»vs*, novvsrcel company was st-M u-.l hy Pathe. Laekini; the larjie organi- sation wlucii now inp.Ke thorough icws rovcra^e possible. l'ic ucviy companies padded out their product with .S;H'cially-arraiu: i d ?tunis. such as blimps lanOini; 0:1 r*>ofs and daredevils roller-: r skiTcrapi-r lodKO.s, KK;HIS TO A KKVOM Sometimes legitimate «c'.vs v made by prior atran^oaicni. '. s;\iil that during tno Mexica.i In der 1.roubles :i newsreel ivpreM" ativc p.vid I*anr-ho Villa S:i0.i for rxrhisivi- pic t lire ri^'i'.s I" revolution Vv iili a proviso t!un certain pevtH-uVaye of th- 1 b.i 1 .! n>UM be loiiKht in v««d li-'h.i n in st-enic locations. 'Warner Uro.s. LnlrucUiccd 1;'H:ai > pieture.s in 1S"C. but it \v\\t\ I'.Vui before sovuul rt\\i^Mi^c^\t <KC iviuo sutficicntly ixu'lattn i'nr in add in i; vitality to uewsrci-Is. Since that titne nuwsreel journ il ; .rs have richly (toe ume tiled his 1i >:'y v, iih Uie voices and lacos of UvitU'Vi l ti world events. But no le^s important has been tlit'ir rre->nl:ti: ol Ihe triumphs and tragedies, ies- olutions and [ears, of 1 ? i v v- evywhevc. f Thcro is u lotii; way lo &o in the I creation <>f tJ~t:e under.slancli:i:c t»i-- iwecu peoples. But that is one of llic- missions of motion ]>:ci iire.s, ant: \ve at Wamcv Bros, have a larger part in it. McKENHEY BRIDGE with an inform;)' party last. VM-;lit. honoring her guest, Miss oldberg of Or.c< <-la. Tile Rev., am? Mrs. II, J. K'?:r> diensL annoirice the birth of a daughter, Mo-.ul'u, August. 1 nt a t. Louis Hosi)*"!l. The baby hn:: bcttfi named N:\:;:;Je Huth. 1. A single communication system for all three services. They no\v use different communications procedures an: 1 , different secret codes. 2. A single medical system with sailors, .soldiers, marines and airmen all treated at the same hospitals. '.i. A single supply system with all three services drawing .supplies from the same warehouses an<] all purchases hand f ed CUi'3ugh a single .system. There is some attempt at Ruth this now through delegating cer- j tain purchases to one service for all three. The groundwork already has been laid for many of these changes by joint chiefs of staff surveys. The unification pHiu; caJl for the three services to exchange high ranking -vslnff officers to improve amity between the services. At Times Alt Rules Htisl Be Broken Hy WILLIAM K. McKK.VNKV Ann'rlca' 1 ? fart! -\ntluiritv Writlpii fin NI'A Srrvirp Thcro me numerous so -f :>!!? lc.s in bndi:.'' Swell ns: (' m lea(! jiway from n kinsr: lead th s from thr nce-kini; . L'tr/ijr -^ honor \vUh ;in ^O'.^ov; ac; 1 -n;5 Uuud low; ihr play of a Jo.v carj nntJ thon LI higher card shows no 'u- t crest, in dial suit; (he play of n hiyh cruxi and then a lower our Ls callc-d tbc echo nml nsks Jor ^ coniituiaUon. More oft fin I ban not. nc cording lo another nil?, we split our honors. Alt of Ihf5n rules, however. must be broken at times. You can picnirr this youngster, who kno-.v.s he is qoorl, pointing on; to another f j xj)ert the mistake on his hand. He v:as criticizing the expert Jos" hi'.vinjj; spht his hcnrt honors Thy oucuine dub Ica'cl was won in dummy witli the queen, and Riono then look t\vo rounds of spades, dropyir.t'. West's queen, Now he U';i a sn-all he;ui and West I split his honors. Stone won in 1 fluuuny with iho kins ami en shed j the ace and Ktni; of rlubs, <Us- j ctuxUng the five ai\rl deuce of diamonds from hi;-, own hand. TIr ruffed a cHib uud then play- O-d all of his trumps. This Jeft ( him with the nee-ten of hearts ! A method of X-raying oil fields atid kiny of diamonds, while West jby u-itiote operation in the re- had the ciueen ;*nd five of hearts I .starch laboratories is expected to and ace ol ch.imnnus. J Increase the yield ol the world's Stone led tho king of diamonds. I petroleum reservoirs. forcing West to win, and of course West had (o load from his quei?n- five of hear Us into Stone's nee-ten. In <Jescnbm« West's mistake. Stone said, "if I intended to finesse the nine; of hearts, there was nothing you could c3o about it; but why did you assume tnnt I \vas going to finesse vhr nine of hearts? That's where you made your mistake." I think we will have {o agree with stone. A 7 5 VKS73 4 G J * Q3 « A *'J .1 fi 4 2 J943 •- A K Q 108 3 N W E S Deoler Stone ,' va » Q A.r ^ % -1 1087 7 5 -1 « A K.I JO 8 2 V A 1 0 0 » K5-J A. r; , ~7- " | Tournament — NVitlicr South West North 1 A 3V 3 A c* Pass 3 * Double Redouble Pn?s -1 A Pass I*ass n Opon'mg— *9 Vlll. Kast Pass Pass Pass Pass G U. S. Army Doctor bcon cheap method of converting ral K;\K into liquid form for smaU-spaff U\uV;s IVA* Today's hand was given to me by Tobin.s 81 our of New Yovk. who u.wv lo I reeeuUv hocamr IJIo Master No. | US. fiiirilllnx my prctliclious in this cohinin lliat he would be listed among the ton-rankiiiR players of the country. Whovi discur.siny a' hand. Slone has u V<T,Y i;i]>i<l .style all his own. I1OKI7.ONTAI. 1,8 Pictured U.S. -surgeon general, Brig.- Gen. 13 Interstices 14 Logic 15 Cnist over a sore 1C Parent 18 Tree 19 Vehicle 20 F,x|il^iii 22 Salt 23!',iid notice 2-1 Cerium (symbol) 25 Wtillen form of Mister 27 New l.nlin (ab.) 2B Krilit SOGafpS :)L> Fuss 33KiM>ialc sheep 34 Heron 36 Shoals :(9M«sir note ^0 Down 41 Either 42 That thing 13 The sum 45 Older i SPKeep out SI Till 53 He succeeds Moj.-Gcu. NormaTi . 54 Indian coin 55 Colin 57 Rubbers 59 Paradises 60 Travesties VERTICAL, 1 Scamp 2 Vaulted root 3 Time measure 4 Unruly crowd 5 Chemical snflix G Title 7 Without hearing 8 Exist 9 Fold 10 Egyptian goddess 11 Vibrant 12 Fishing lines I i Operated ITTonc E (music) 20 Means 21 Ruler 24 Ciphered 26 Sorer 29 Damage 31 Horn 34 Pass 35 Abraded 3V Carriage 38 Kmphasis 44 Learning 46 Piece out 47 Nickel (symbol) 48 Angers 4!) Vegetable 50 Hearse 52 Cyst 54 Greek letter OG Nova Scotia (ab.) 58 Preposition

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