St. Albans Daily Messenger from Saint Albans, Vermont on December 24, 1910 · 3
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St. Albans Daily Messenger from Saint Albans, Vermont · 3

Saint Albans, Vermont
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1910
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Torriblc Suffering , Eczema All Over Baby's Body "When my baby was four months old hU E 'broke-out" vith eciema,' and at sixteen month of ace, bis face. . hands and arms were. In a dreadful state. The eczema spread all over his body. We had to put a mask or cloth over his face and tie up his hands. Finally we gave him Hood's Sarsapa-rllla and In a few months he was entirely cured. Today he Is a' healthy boy." Mrs.Jnes Lewis. Baring, Maine.' Hood's SarK&parilla cures Diooa ais eases and builds tin the system. Get it today in usual ltguld form or chocolated tablets cajjea parsaiao HEWS OF THE STATt ' i I '.' f ' - . i XStaA It Golfif On In and About Old Vermont BARSE GRANITE MEN OUT OF WORK Investigating Disappearance of Consular Agent Grossman, of Proctor, with Large Sum of Money. If. E. Roberts, of Boston, has .presented the-Alden Speare Memorial library in Chelsea 3,750 volumes during the past year. Frederick J. Bailey, of -Wells River, formerly pnr of the late Senator Proctor's! secretaries, and who has been chieL, ,'. clerk, of the immigration committee' has begun ''work as secretary to J. A. ifnhweq, the -director of the new hureati of rtine..-'i, .. ! Gov. and Mrs. John A. Mead have received from the Commercials- 'UH, of Twin Falls, Idaho, a bushel cf large potatoes and a quantity of sage brush. . hec(T4$ tf" thJkiritt reads, ''SpiWfs fiohi'lhe Commercial Club of Twin Falls, Idaho, for Gpv. John A. Mead's Christmas dinner." The inscriptions to the express messenger read: ''You-, may be hungry yourself sometime, so hurry this along. Be like-th people of Twin Falls; be a booster.".'"'' Each potato was wrapped in tissue - paper and -eaclt bore .a Christmas seal. '.' The club has sent similar hOjxes to President Taft and governors-,,. ; ' probably, he between 95,000 and $7,000 and possibly more. , One man lost $l,!i000, which he turned over to Mr. Grossman about a year ago. Mr. Stern, Who has power attorney trpm thV pousul-generid, i'akuig every eaort to locate -the man but nc clue of.. any kind has been found yet. It is supposed that Grossman left for New. York December 9, and upon his arrival Jhcre he called at the office of thocpnsul-tceneral-the following day and, gave the impression, (hat he. would return to. Proctor soon! Mr. Stern will term ijin'te "the office 'of tb' consul-general at: Proctor?. He will tear down -the coat '( arms of 'the dual monarchy, ' seal the- official papers, and ship them to New . York. ..He will also place under seal ny other oi jn'K)uiu.n - ptiperii m me oniec in isew lork. . ,- It. is probable that no-formal chant. will bej made, against Grossir.ari by tlu- state, of Jermont Until his troubles with the Kovcmment. have been 'set tied and then th'era' is. the question a to whether or not he is exempt from any charges that mirtht be made in l!'is state. -. It is understood that Mr. Grossman Has some property in the old country, and the authorities have a plan first to make retribution to the. poor -people, whose money lie had,, in clihrge. One woman has been found who lost aoout $600. all the worldly wealth she posseRed: It is impossible ; to say Just what amount of money is missing, but up to i nursaay nignt receipts of more than $3,000 had been found. One man, Frank Jacobs, gave Mr.. Grossman $1,-500 last January and wanted him to forward it for him to the old country. His brother later came to Proctor and reported that the money had never arrived. Recently he disnlnved tho r. ceipt signed by Mr. Grossman and when asked if he had any proof that his brotherdid not receive the mon ey, he showed a letter from Mr. Gross man since he went away saying that he would return to Proctor soon and at this time would refund the monev. This showed that he had not forwarded U- A U. K AC ;- " .Ir. Grossman ' was a well educated man 'and among his accomplishments was the free and easy way in which he spoke be veraf different languages. His friends are of the opinion that in some way he has become unbalanced in his studj h the Question of pepet-unl motion. He was also interested in a big painting representing a battle scene-tnd - which covered thousands of feet of canvas. He had in ven ted a j perpetual motion . machine, which he claimed would work as he said he had solved this problem. ... . FRANKLIN. :'-. nest Wishes of the season. Farmers' Exchange.,:...- :.. 1 :rc ri(jv. POLITICAL. DIRECTORY Governor John A. Mead, Rutland. " Beeretary of Civil and Military Af fairs Harvey R. Kingsley, Rutland. ' Executive Clerk Hugh Henry, Chester. Messenger Allen S. Fleury, Swan-ton. ; . ' . .. Lieutenant Governor Lelghton P. Slack, St. Johnsbury. - : Treasurer Edward Montpeller.- . 5 Clerk B. Stanley pellcr. :.- E. " Peavltt, Jayne, Mont- Secretary of State Juy W.' Bailey, Essex Junction,-.. . - '., Deputy , Secretary of State Raw-son Myrick, Montpeller. ;'-'' .' Engrossing Clerk Leonid M-Greaney, Essefc Junction. ; K Auditor Horace ; ." F. -.Graham, Craftsbury. 'i' - ; V"- Clerk D. T. Hawley, Montpeller. Attorney General John gent, Ludlow. G. Sar- Struck by Train and Seriously.lnjured Hugh B. Gallagher, a marble worker, of Rutland, jvas struck by the Rutland .railroad train, arriving In Rutland at "lu : 50' o'cock from Burlington PricJ-ty night and serious;- injured. He was going through the railroad yards,, a cross-cut homo, and stepped in frcnt'-SftlH? engine. He was thrown to the' iftivtm. breaking his right leg, his left shoulder, and severely gashing his head and face. He was removed to .rh Rutland -city hospital. There's nothing so good for a sore throat as Dr. Thomasf . Electic Oil. Cures it in -a few hours. Relieves any pain in any part, - Many Granite Men Out of Work. Iick of business, has thrown out of employment over six Hundred granit.? cutters;, at the-Barre sheds. Some of the wen' have -been told to report for work January 1. The manufacturers explaintithat all ;of the - early ' spring deliveries have been filled and that the later orders are not sufficient to warrant tying up capital. Secretary Charles H. Wishart of thn Manufactureres' 'Association says that of the '3000. gutters, employed at the sheds only 1,300 are now at work and that mUny - -of " tiie former eni-ployee haTfcjeturned to their former homes; in .Scotland and Italy. Tl-e, redaction in the ranks of the cutters ha seriously affected the lumpers and sharpeners whose work is an; ausliliary in finishing granite. tirfA Tv-oponion of this unskilled labor 'ia left stranded by the present falling off in the granite business. The-office of the Quarry Wurkeis Union reports that . conditions have never .been any better for this season of the year in its business and that almost every man on the hill in Gran-' iteviile is working. The only complaint it reports isufmrn 1 the lumpers, union affiliated with -the quarry work- Many of the card holders from this union -have, been laidToff Tut principally in. the smaller sheets which have been working at full 'capacity Jately. Of the 4,000 "men worsing at 'the granit Industry in that vicinity it is es-timateditaat aboui 5 per cent . are i4!Sl(llt. t Contula Ajn.n(i' Mottey.T Missing. State's Attorney B. L. Stafford, of Rutlaad,yttnd the authorities in this countr,-! representing' Austria-Hungary fere 'of the opinion that Carl Orcasman"; for-'yiars a prominent resident Of Proctor and recently appointed consular agent for Austria-Hungary, -having charge of the- state of Vermont, has disappeared with a large sunr of money belonging to some of hia; fellow countrymen at Proctor. Julius E. Stern, councillor to the imperial and -royal Au -o-Hungurian consul-general;. Huron von Xuher, of New york city, has ben in Proctor for the past two days . investigating the absence . -from, his post of Mr. Grossman, who. has not been seen in that, vicinity for about two weeks. Theejct amount of money misslp" .cannot be ascertained , but it will Raising His Tempsrature. One , of tue things which help swells the trareler's expenses both in this' country -.-and abroad is the "extra." " It mat or "may not be charged in" the bill, bnt it is sure to be paid for. Probably "even the most generous; traveler, ; however,, will have florae, sympathy, for this , vic tim. . " - . r ' :.-r ..... Ihiring his. stay t the hotel the weather had been very hot. "Charles' said the landlord to the clerk who rasrmaking out the bill to be presented to the depart ing guest, .jbaso,. yoii ; noticed that the gentleman in JNo. 7 has consult ed the thermometer on the pia?za at least ten times every morning dur ing his stay here? -Charles replied that he had. "Well" said the ' landlord charge him the price of one dinner a day for the use of the thermorae ter. loutn s Companion. LlYES EMBITTERED BYSKIHTROUBLES Many estimable lives have been embittered by skin afflictions, due, in most cases, to neglect in infancy and childhood. Delicate, skins readily become irritated and severe eruptions develop. Then treatment after treatment is tried and found wanting until life becomes a nightmare of torture and disfigurement, imposing a fearful handicap in the race for business or social advancement... Yet this physical and mental suffering might liave been avoided or mitigated by a timely use of Cuticura soap and ointment f Most Valuable Faculty. fThe late William James," said a Bostonian, used to smile at the brain fag that so often attacks the American business men.1 Professoi James, had his. own opinion of the average business man s hard work He thought that brain fag came more frequently from an excess of winsky and tobacco than from an excess of mental application. - "Apropos of this he used to tell a 6tory about a little boy who asked nis father: - . ' "Tapa,4' what is executive abil itv?7.- , ...... . '"Executive ability, my son,' the father replied 'is the faculty of earning your bread by the sweat of other people s brows. " ' Tit For Tat. Ite're is a story in which the bish op alluded to is supposed to be the bishop of J-ondonv- The eminent ecclesiastic was staying the' week end with . friends, and on Monday morning he was playing a youn man (whom 'he could usually beat) a single af lawn tennis' and was far ing badly. "' ; i simply can t' 6tanu your serv ice today, my boy," said the bishop, wih, frank generosity. "Tit for tat, then," replied the impertinent youth, "for I couldn't stand; yours yesterday." London m. a. r. ' ' . Alleviating Circumttancet. Did you say," asked a gentle man who was looking for rooms "did you say that, a music teacher occupied the next apartment? That cannot be very pleasant." - "Oh," said the landlady eagerly, "that's nothing, sir. The music teacher has eleven children, and they make so much noise that you can't hear the piano at all." Har-oers. ' '." . "" Adjutant, Inspector, and Quartermaster- General, Lee S. Tillotson, St. Albans. ; ' Judge Advocate A. A. Grout, Newport . Sergeant-at Arms Charles 1 H. Ferrln, Montpeller. - Assistant Sergeant-at-Arm E. ,M. Cutting. NorthHeld. H. W. Adams, Vergennes, G. H. Beard, Wa- tervllle. Postmaster Robert R. Twltchell, Bethel. . Supreme Court Chief Judge John W. Rowell. Ran dolph. Assistant Judges Loveland Munson, Manchester: John H. Wat son,' Montpelierl . -Bfflieca Haselton, Burlington;- George M. Powers, Mor-rlsville. Reporter of decisions, John W. Redmont "-Newport-'-' ' Supreme Court General Terms At Montpeller, first Tuesday in Jaa- uary, February, May, October, and November. Special terms at Rutland, November 16; at Brattleboro, November 22. Bar Examiners Roger W. Hul- burd, of Hyde Park, Edmund C.Mower, of Burlington, W. A. Dutton, of Hardwick. C. C. Fitts. of Brattle boro, E. H. Deavitt of Montpeller, and Tohn G. Sargent of Ludlow. Superior Judges. Judge W. W. Miles Bennington, Barton. Assistant judge Eleazer I Waterman, Rutland; . Alfred A. Hall, St. Albans; William H. Taylor. Hard wick; Zed S. Stanton, Roxbury; Fred M. Butler, Rutland. The assignments for county court sessions. December 1, 1910to December. 1, 1911, are as follows: Judge M. W. Miles Bennington, December 6, 1910; Washington, March 14, 1911; Lamoille,. June 6. 1911; Grand Isle, August 8, .1911; Rutland, September 6, 1911; Judge Lleazer L. Waterman- Windsor, December S, 1910; Windham, Iprii 11, 1911; Addison, June S, 1911; Franklin, September 12, 1911. Judge Alfred A. Hall Orange, De cember 0, 1910: Orleans, March 8, 1911;- Essex, April 25, 1911; Caledo nia June 6, 1911; Chittenden. Septem ber 12. 1911. Judge William H. Taylor Lamoille, December 6, 1910; Grand Isle, January 10, 19U; Rutland, March 8, 1911; Ben nington, June 6, 1911; Washington, September 12, 1911. Judge Zed S. Stanton Addison, December 6, 1910;F ranklin, March 14, 1911; Windsor. June , 1911;' Windham September 2. 1911. Judge Fred M. Butler Caledonia, December 6, 1910; Chittenden, March 14., 1911; Orange, June 6, 1911; . Or toner 9i. 1911. Vermont State Library. George W. Wing, librarian: aslstant librarian, Lee Whitney, of Middlesex. State Commissions, Etc ' A want ad campangn will sell that c tomoWlerrpr that carriage or that nachlnery.ror those fixiuures at small cost of time or money. Superintendent of Education Ma son S. Stone. Montpeller. Bank Examiner Frank C. Wil liams, Newport Geologist anrl Curator of State Ca-binetOeo-ge H. Perkins, Burlington. : Cattle Commlsloner F. L. Davis, Pom fret ' ' - State Forestei- A. F, llawj. , Bur-linim " - Commilnner rf Rtnf Taxes Jud-son E. Cushman. Burlington. Highway Commissioner Charlee W. G.ites, Franklin. . ' Fish and Game Commissioner-John W. Titcomb, Lydonvllle. Commissioner of Pohllo PT.-i''.ry-r F. T. Parsons, Montpeller. " Public Service Commislon John W. Redmond ,ewport;N S. Hollister Jackson, Barre; R. W. AVarner,. Vergennes Clerk of Commission, Rufus .W. Spear, Newport. Insurance Commisloners Guy W. Bailey, Essex Junction; Edward H Davltt. Montpeller. Commissioner of Agriculture Orlando L. Martin, Flain&eld. Board of Visitors to Pubjie Institutions John S. Wood, Rutland, Lelghton P. Slack, St. Johnsbury, Frank E. Howe, Bennington, ' Mrs. P. :F. Hazen. St. Johnsbury. State Board of Education Gov. John A Mead, chairman, Mason S. Stone. Montpeller, ex-olflcio, Walter E. j Howard. Middlebury, Harry J. Stannard. Barton, O. D. Mathewson, Barre. ' ' Trustees of Permanent . School Fund J. A. DeBoer, Montpeller; Z. M. Mansur, Newport; J. L. Southwlck, Burlington. - . . . .. , . TruRteea of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College J. G. . McCullough, of Bennington, Casslus Peck, of Burlington, G. S. Fassett, of Enosburg, 1910; Redfleld Proctor, of Proctor. Ebenezer J. Onnsbee. of Brandon, Nelson W. Flsk, of Ise La Motte, 1912; W. P. Dilling ham, of Montoclier. N. K. Chaffee, of Rutland, Z. M, Mansur, of Newport, 1914. '. Board of Visitors to -Norwich Uni versity Winthrop P. Abbott, of Proctor: I... B. Johnson, Randolph; Ernest W. Gibson, Brattleboro; M. M. Btocker Danville. . Board of Library Commlsslonere-- March M. .Wilson.. Rundolph, chair, man; Edward M. Goddard. Montpe Her; Miss Fannie B. Fletcher, Proc torsvlUe; Susan H. Smith, St Johns-) bury; Mrs. Elizabeth H. Winslow, Brandon. Superintendent -etjHrt- Prison W..S. Lovell. Jembers of Board of Penal Institution John Weeks, - Middle, bury; Jphn' L. Lewi?, Troy Newman K. Chaffee, Rutland. Superintendent o House of Cor-rection-i-Bavid L. Morgan. Superintendent of Vermont . Industrial School J. N. Barss. ' 1 Supervisors of the Insane P. E. Steele, 'Montpeller;'' 'G. S. Foster, Putney; R. M. Pelton, Rlehford. Superintendent of Vermont State Hospital for . -Insane Dr. Don D. Grout Waterbury. Board of HealthCharles S. Cav-erly, Rutland; Henry D. Hoi ton, secretary, Brattleboro; Fred T. Kidder, Woodstock. , " Board of Medical Registration F. It Godfrey, M. D.,. president, Chelsea; S. W. Hammond, M. D., vice-president, Rutland; W. Scott Nay, M. . D., secretary, ' UnderhiU; E. D. Whitaker, M. D.," treasurer. Barre, H. L. Waterman, M. D., Erattleboro; G. I. Forbes, M. D, Burlington; A. E. Parlin, M D., Orleans. Board of Osteopathic Examiners Dr. H. K. Sherburne, Rutland: Dr. Lewis D. Martin, of Barre, Dr. Charles G. Wheeler, Brattleboro. 4- Board of Fharmacy J. G. Bell-rose, Burlington; W. R. Warner, Vergennes; D. F. Davis, Barre; William L. Gokay, Bennington; W. F. Root, Brattleboro. ? Board of Dental Examiners J. H. Jackson, Burlington; George O. Mitchell. St Albans: K. U Cleaves, Montpeller; E. O. Blanchard, Randolph; Luther E. Mellen. Middlebury. Trustees of Vermont State Hospital D. D. Borditt of Pittsford, Charles A. Calderwood, SU Johnsbury;. Vermont Soldiers' Home, Bennington Hugh Henry, 'Chester; president board of trustees; John A. Sheldon, Rutland, secretary;! ' John C. Stearns, Bradford. -treasurer; Thomas Hannon, superintendent; Mrs. Thomas Hannon, matron. New York Eoundary Line Commissioner W. W. Stickney, Ludlow. Commission on . Lake Champlain Terventcnary Celebration ex-Gov. George H. Prouty," Newport; Walter H. Crockett, Montpeller; Lynn M. Hays, Burlington; '' Horace W. Bal-leyi Rutland; John M. Thomas, Middlebury; W. J. Van Patten, F. O. Beaupre, Burlingtoni -Frank L. Fish, Vergennes; Arthur F. Stone, fet. Johnsbury; George T. Jarvis, Rut land. ' '" Commislon on " - Conservation of Natural Resources J. A. DeBeor, MontDelier: J. L. Southwlck, Burling ton". W. N. Cady. Midlebury; L. R. Jones. Burlington; - George Altken, Woodstock. Commission to Propose Revision or State Banking Laws Fred A. How- ' land, Montpeller; Olih Merrill, Enos-nurg Falls; Fred H. Farriagton, Bran don. . Commission to Propose Amend ments to the Constitution Frank-C. PaTtridge, Proctor, chairman; TanK L. Greene, St. Albans; Allen m. nei- cher. Cavendish;' Willis ft. caay. Middlebury; Matthew u. ijearyj Turlington. . ,'; - s -. State Fair commission ov. John A. Mead. Rutland f Davis, Pomfret, secretary of the state board of agriculture; , n. Baldwin, Wells River, at large; E. N. Bissell. Shoreham;- A. K.,uwantr, Pownal; T.? N. VaU, L,ynaonvuiB, George E. Whitney, Burlington;, C, M. Fletcher, Canaan, cnanes w. uaw, KVanUHn; w. B. Dodds. North Hero: George H. TerriU, Morisville;. : J.-, W. Tjson, Stafford; M. A. Aaams. wrvy, F D Proctor, Proctor; . ' Orlando 1. Martin. PUndeld; N. V Divoll, Bellows Fills; Maxwell Eyarts, Windsor. . ' " ' ' ' Congressional Delegation; Sena tors William P. . Dillingham. Moni- pelier; Carrol S. Page, yoe , tor,roontntlve first district David J. Foster. Burlington; representative second district 'Frank Plumley, North- field. - , , - ; wprtprni : Officers District Judge, Tma T. Martin. Brattleboro; dis trict attnmev. Alexander Dunnett at .Tnhnihiirv:: clerk . United' States c s pintt. i-ouiiney, - CUUI ia, . w - , Unrnra W. Bailey. owu" ST. ALBANS PLUMBING " INVESTIGATE THE Stanley Liquid Soap Servers, Chafing Dishes, ' Serving Dishes, Nickel Coffee Pots, Nickel Tea Pots,; GijernseY Bean Pots ' with nickel stands which we offer for Christmrs. . 1 - yt 1 m . .-ft & HEATING CO, " ' ' ..''' i ' " 7 mm 3ni jo 1110 - . ejaoiaq'ii , ,! 1 ; 1- umoQ dpisdf) A'f,: ' h- I X 7 -vr$2-.3f "5- Mr: !V1!E- liltllli-'V J3UB8I3 uojians -.. ..I :'.J ,1 J1. pnoioiioiy - PRESS OPINION. (Continued from fifth page.) Watch Verlnont Farms Advance. (Burlington Free Press. The F-ee Press lins be"ii asserting that the prices of Vermont farm lanil3 were rapidly advancing, but the rat was so slow as compared with the hair th'; features of. the ' increase in H- -lirought the total valuation of farm a-remunerative market as , It Is-Jo, jyo-lur.d in Vermont to $112,327,000. This duce good crops. . Motvover former is a statistical Indication of that do- Ve: monters are coming back to. .the velcppment . in agriculture which has Green Mountain state, and ,, bringing been talked about in recent years, but others with (bent. . .. which was considered . by many to hej Why should not Vermont ' farms chimerical. One of the nfost' notewar move up in price? ' ' ' ' : ' !!, trigger movement of values on the stock: market that some people scoffed at the idea that there was any move ment in the direction indicated. . The census report has shown unquestioned proof of. the appreciation . .of farm values in Vermo nt. The Earre Times well says in this connection: . .' When the. individual " faymff of Vermont takes inventory of lug-.possessions,' he perhaps does not realize that fnrm values in -this st'itf have- been goinjr' ahead; jiayKUy ilurins: the past ,ten years, it needs w report of the census bureau to -bring? out the information, and we have the information in the summary printed in an- tremendotis gain of SI per cent in wages paid fa'm employees. ,: The revelations cf the census bureau's re- )1crt are Ciikulated to strengthen the "l)ack to the farm movement for th;'j great - cities. ; ' .'. .." j . Itf should .'he stated in -'edition that the 1 "back to L'.ie farm"' movement ',! to he facilitated in a number of ways from1! this time on. Vermont's tle-pustnsent '' of pttbllcity . under the di-vecticn of our- energetic secretary oC state , Mr. -Bailey, will', supplement the work which has been instituted by tha "industrial 'departments of the various railroads which are beginning to realize- the extent to which their own Old Newspapers other column of to-day's paper. By I interests are .wrappec . up in .the de- that report from the. census bureau we, velopetnent of A'ermont's natural re- are informed that farm land in Ver mont has increased three dollars per acre, while farm land with buildings has increased just double that amount, so that now the average value per acre of Vermont farms is $24, or an an increase of 'i per cent since the lt-st decenuial report. vTlus has sources. Our" agricultural department is mire than ever before to the necessity of educating farmers how to produce, our agricultural . department, is being broadened and the Grange is taking up'tho. matter of securing ic-epcrative marketing, realizing' that it'is as -important td find hfll oniiontnrn of customs. . Charles Darling, of Burlmteton. yurus Emery, of Newport - THE GENERAV ASSEMBLY. The Senate. St A. Tre- Island Pond President Lelghton P. Slack, Johnsbury, TKeutenanti-governor. - f President pro-tem. Max L. Powell, Burllnston. ' ' ' ' T Secretary Homer U Skeels, Lud Irk tv Assistant Secretary Guy W, Page, Burlington. . - - '.',,. ' Reporter A. R. Eflis, Montpeller. Reortor-A. R. ,E11U, Montpeller. Chaplain-The Rev. Marcellus W Farmftn. ' Door Keeper-W., J. Spear, Caven dish. - - ' Assistant door peeper r. viljian, HardwicK. ' Pauee G. N. Dale, F. N. Button. Jamaica. Addison H. T. Cutts, Orwell. E A Field, Panton. . Bennington F. J. Arcniuam, Chester. .. Henry t. v.uihu, ntntrtnm Caledonia Davifl K. lorier, Tn),.)rv Rummer m. wa'""' lUiuiTivni .v,:.. Ufar T. Powell. ' Ungton, George Mi, Norton, Hunting ton, John A. Smltn, jencno. . P,ovTnrter H. uaie o riB Franklin W. S. Shepardson, Flet cher. C, C. Sheldon, Hlghgate, Grand Isle SoKuv o. Grand Isle. ' ' Lambine--Arba A. nire. stowe. Orange Lewis M. Seaver, Wil-llamstown, Benjamin B. Scribner, Corinth. " " ' - "'.' ' :.. .':, Orleans Franklin ' l. - - wuueriiwiu. Derby,; 'Merrick. - M- Taplin, Bar ton. . ' , Rutland H B. Baraen, a4n6-ford, Henry L..C!rK, Castleton, Egbert C. Tuttle, Upland, S. R. Hitchcock, West Haven. ' Washington-John ? W. . - Gordon, Barre, IL W.Ly ford, Warren. Harry Daniels, East Montpeller. , . -.. - Windham, B. WL Butler, Jamaica, E. p.. Adam Marlboro, v. '- ' Windsor E. - A. Davis, Bethel, John C. Coolidgv Pto;rooutli. Edward .If Edton4 Rochester,. . , :j. . ; . Large bunchofJ'old newspapers for 5 cents Messenger Office. Alias J imm y Valentine; A - Mi if M Jit, " S asiiai r x ''": :'l i lliiiil ii mssm i i mm 1 ' - f :- 4.4 Aj jPr" -Vpr (W.xtt;...i-p: 4 J0$ A Most Thrilling Story : Teaching a Great Moral Novelized by Frederick R. Toombs from the play by Paul , ; . Armstrong. " Thousands Have Gone Wild Over the Play. You Will Have I the Most Exciting Time of; Your Life Reading the Story. (1 r.t y- : 01. A ' I 1 . . t :f '

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