The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 19-18 UN Scientists Say Atomic Bomb Secret is Mere Myth Today and Danger to Americans is Grave By ROIIKKT .MANNING Vniled 1'ivss Stuff Correspondent LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y, Jan. 15. (U.P.1--A srowi,,,, mlml)[ -, „, scientist* and experts pucuwd in the United Nations ellon to develop i iiHd-nnllona] atomic control, believe Uml no atomic sen-el, iu siieh any longer exists. The members o( Illis K rnu V also believe thai within live years oilier nations besides America will have arsenals of atomic. their command. 4. As BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS -Dee Suit bombs at for production of n single atomic bomb, Ihcse men believe nations outside the United suites may duplicate Ihe feat of Iho Manhattan project in less than five year.s. The views of these cxpcils and scientists, representing sevenil of the nations enuaficd in the UN atomic negotiations, appeared lo be parallel lo those ol President Truman's Air Policy Commission which reported this week Mint within five years—by Jan. 1. 1953—there will he enough a-bombs in existence beyond rmr borders to make possible an atomic attack on (he United States. The official prediction with Its White House label appeared here to dispel for good and all the unofficial and scmi-uiricial assertions thai the United States' atomic bomb monopoly might Ire maintained for nt least a decade and possibly longer. If American oiricial.s already have scaled doirn (licir nrcdfcMon of when others will liave the bomb, it wa« pointed mil, rum IT months may brine Ihc deadline ever nearer. One foreign atomic delegate said Friday, when the American-led majority and the two-nation minority —Russia and the Soviet Ukraine- begin detailed discussions of Ihe Soviet proposal* on Ihe liilernatlon- nl inspection nnd control agency features of atomic control. The United Stales. Britain. France and seven other UN countries already have rejected the Soviet pros inadequate, bill they have :o discuss them In detail. that atomic control negotiations are now based on the conviction that there is no such animal as an "atomic secret." "In any realistic negotiations.™ .the delegate pointed out, "we can- •tipoL forget that there no longer is ~ Bn atomic secret." Many of the iilomic experts believe that the job of working out an imernalional atomic agreement might, be eased slightly if there were less public misinformation alK>ut "the atomic seciiei," Fire Destroys Wesf Memphis Dog Race Track WEST MKMPHIS, Ark., Jan. 15 (UPi—Tlie West Memphis dog .racing track, idle since 1941, was completely destroyed by fire of unknown origin today. Also deslroyed ivas a lar^e two-.s(ory building used as a residence by Caretaker Wells Horum. While the track has not operated •ince 1041. tlie Arkansas Racing Commission now has under ndvise- inent an application to re-open and rebuild the property. A West Memphis fireman said tti,- rambling structure was completely destroyed when he arrived anil theorized that it caiipht fire from a grass lire on an adjoining railroad embankment. There was no estimate of the damage. A widespread knowledge tiiat peo- Wcllnnlnt pic other than Americans have access to the bomb, they say. would ' point up the urgency of UN atomic j negotiations and underscore their ! significance to man's future. Seasoned UN atomic negotiators ftill were unanimous, however, that the current world political situa- I lion—the East-West split nnd the suspicion it breeds—remains Ihe big barrier lo world atomic security. Not hi n;; short of a miraculous turnabout in American-Russian relations, Ihcy believe, will niatu; possible any real progress in 19IS In the UN Atomic Energy Commission. ISnrslars Hold I'arlv NEW YORK IUI>1—Burglars who broke into the offices of the Griffin Corporation not only took 5500 after ripping open a safe. They also went into the com pany's kitchen and helped themselves to soup, ham and eggs, coffee and a bottle of Scotch. T BOMBERS (Conlinued from Pafe 11 tiie air for practice In warding oil the blows against Hull and Nottingham. . .. On tliDir outward night the boinb- Negotwtions begin unce more on I era were preceded by a force o! Down Miami lie.irh. b'l.i.. way. this is the lairst bnlhniR suit fashion. Mary Hill is the model, ancf she demonstrates now tins classic one-piece suit is eomppcd win a down-the-front uppcj lo spare nei the unnlcasantnt^ of wriggling out of a wet oaUi- ing suit. ,1, The next, operation, under the code ' slalc and urncd "Inking ndviuUiiRp name ol "liuilseye," will bi> made In I o. an op|x>rlimily JyiiiE at, uur very i few weeks, he said, lioor" by prorresslnn in Arkiimu.i Observers tied In Hie British I the raw nmlciiiils tin- slate pru- prartli'c raid nn (icriULiny with yc.sli-nlay's aiiiniiinceiiieiit dial Ihe linlleil Stales Air I'nree win rcaclivale Mrllaha Vlcld, ivfllclal- ly known as \Vlici-lns I'iehl. in the Norlli African tleserl a few miles ob or iniljlic- oiiicliils." Ar He chaiKi-d civic i-lubs willi the responsibilities of being focal puln's ,. i "I rUi/.cus poll i teal imcrcMs onlslilo lil[it.h. I .speaking mi tht- i rMmiiMljihllcs »l U. S. nllii-liils Insisted, howt-ver,' tlli/.vn.s m ilu- ctiiilrul 01 • v Jhnt Ihe held is unsulUble ,,s „ j ,, u , m .V- .saul -,l ,|,at isn't the bus." heavy li.miber hase h.'ninse it lacks lm ,,, s ,„ ,. iv ,,. ,. hll) , „ j , . sulltrlmt liaid-suitaeeil ami I" I knuw whose business 11 is " park big plum's. Also, it has nn fiu-| ; ,, .... .storage fa.-lliiie.s of its own and ', .' ""I™}? "" l 110CH ' SS; " "> " 'liny Kast.line must be stoivil In iiivulii- : ''"'"'"'V" l "' u '"""' '•••'"'•y M'itl. A •l- r lp c) || IIMIIOJ mi||1 whc , ]s ]|,, :u . s , t,,.,,,,,. eiilemu fs i.s likely In In- Inmost wli field lias nnnviu's ithiinl ".(Kill feet cmiil iinrt l>:iil jnililic' iil us- tlioto iiiHid uiul l.i:ul lone, ton shorl lor |l-'J!) Su tri'sscs, which Ihe Hrittsh press hinted would he b.ised al Ihc Held. The spokesman said Ihe Held was! "Politics." the KIWI nor said, "ar heiiii; veo|ient'rt as an Air Trims- ""}> " s lln 'V lls ""• people In II." P'M 1 Conimand rcfllellnp slopover llstie.s Khnnim; ihe aiHanremt'nts made in agru-iillure and induslry in mul Mississippi County tii- tti Cii-ociT, Tm'krv nnd tin- Mid- rtle Ka I'lane.s flylm; tliis route reach Mel- i sil ' 1 ' 1!114 - "'' realllrmed his staiiil laha by way of llio AXOIPS Islmuis " ll KreaU'r mduslriiili?.aiiun ol Ihe iiiul I'.irt I.yaiitc In French Morocco. Beyond Mi-Halm are other bases al Cairo and Dhahian, Saudi Arabia. GOVERNOR (Continued from swift Mosquito pliimvi, hit- and-run tactics nightly over ficr- iiuuiy <iumi» ihe war teiToii/cii tier- man cilies and towns. The entire uperation was miil- nisi:cnl of the days only (hn-u years :ij;iii \vhtni huf>i; AHii-il :u'r fleets joined with ground fur ITS En pry IIillri\s fomrs Iwisi- from (lie continent they hail sei/ed in Ihc c;u ly diiys of the ivar. The? use of live bombs »gainst, llclyoliind Bi«lu followed up previous secret British and American raids against the inival base, which has been demolished by explosives of nil kinds. The previous raids on Ilel^ohuid were made in daylight with a new type of bomb which fell within a pinpoint circle from hoists .^o lii^h the Iwinbers could not be seen or heard. tests were marie in an effort to find out how fur u bomb would penetrate Hie Ulick concrete covers of submarine, pens which were impervious to ordinary bomber. An Air Ministry spokesman said the night EiUack wus only the forerunner of larger exercises to follow. Ol th^ eounly, the Rovornor wurl, 'TiKi little has iireu ,s:iid about Mis- ^i.^nH'i COIIIH.V Hiict the value of :he huui in this .srction ol Ilie .slit IP. It is an impon:im srclltm o[ ihi- state itnd tin* l,K'st .sjml lo be in •<) wilhstiinii Die i-iicroiit'lunonl o[ in- fla'jon." Favors I'ay-as-Yiiu-dcj I'litn l>si'ribui!i thr slate's (innnc'i.O condition ns excellent. Goveriuu 1 Lauey said that despite mtu-ism. laxt-.s m Aikiiiisa.s "were not so biul compare tivi'ly" ;md i-ited higher rates iii oilier Southern stales. He nUo poinu*(l oui the net'essitry ex- i UoitdiLurts ot t;ix moiii'y during lust [yt'iir. lie briii'vt-d, hi: ssiid, in tlie "p»y- mt-lhod ol financing ujnrnt. He »!so nrgeJ that the keep "us skirts clean ot di'blis.' 1 CSovcrnor Laney loie.snw a yood 1 inLsnurss yenr in UKK in ! ami .s;ud that nothing iiulicatcd nil . .mpetuliti!; irce.ssion. I !rj was inn iniuccd at the joint meet in;; by Delbcrl Honker, I nail of the Lt aehvlllf Clutiubc'r -if i Commerce, who also introduced the 1 following vt.sitor.s: Robert Killiaii, I presiticni o! the Manila Lions Club; I Max Bormvj-ky. secrelary of ihe Manila Lions Club Mayor I. D. Shetld i of Manila ; Major John I 1 . 1 hum! i of Leachville: Suite Representative E. C. Pleeman of Manila; Stale Senator Lee Bcarden of LA'achville; and Roy Smith, Governor Lancy's ilic.s In this Mute, -i-his |, n,, t t |, 0 Bull- aiithority to elcclc-d HHlrluls .mil ilii-ii dciiKiiid |u-r[iiriiiimi'c, lie snicl. Ill- M'Hicrt. lunvever, uticjii|>Ls »1 priv-Miir Blnii]is In mil ;i i-iivvi'n- IIU'IU. I'oliilrd dill wh:it )u- \vuiild .In "ii I \M'it' In iiuiki- ii nv(jintm<ml;i- j tnill lo a le^t-stal uri', IHJ\S' ni' l;ili-|-," I llli- iliivvuiur 1'iilli-d Itir .ssvilehln';] I lliilltll 1 IHIV :ldll,l>lMiutiun lion, (hi i (;uiiiiii!.-.>,i(ini'r nl Rovi-imi: In B s|ii'. I < lal biiiiid. i "Thr iiri'.'ii'iii li'iiio liiw is :i weak i ln«-." llr suici. "Ii. is h:iril In uilinln- ! i--!er and Is iiiinilisnu-lury m IKIJ], • IIS sll|)|l,»ltns ,11,1 ,-,|l|l,IIH-lll.s." I (jnvi-inni- l,iincj':i nildri'ss .se! ii[i :l |>i'i>Kiiiui which In- it'll should in: Inllmv'd In i.tneiniHK 1 hr sliitc 1 and iiivrn-il lluilillUnral, indllsuilil mill MHiii! llelds. The iiiiilel'lyhiK llll'lii" <H Ills \\hi)!e talk. hn\vi-\i-i, \va.s Ule iiii|ini'[iini'i> nl iliu eui/.c'ii hi slnti! tnvi-i nineiil. Matins ol Km'rniiiii'iit slmuld nnt hi- It-li only in It'BisIfltoi.s mul piil>- lir nl!ici:ils. In- said. They should In- o( inteies: !o all, 1 Vmi It-lliiH'.-.." Iho Ktneinnr Inld iii> auiiJinci 1 , "oij^Jil to i'ouuo! jfol- 'PAGE THREB - fitS " th « He also limed citizens to vole In- dependenlly, to study Ihe flection issues and ihen pick the man they tell must riiuillllpd. , They should be willing to ilele.- .-icrvcci In the Home Economic Building on tlie Lcachvllle Hlsh School cninpu-s by members ol th* Home Economics cliis^es. I About -15 members o[ the two civic On a heavy-duty give me new Advance-Design CHEVROLET TRUCKS and here's a "load" of reasons why. . . Only Advance-Design Trucks Have All Thest Larger, more durobF*, fully ndjuttabfe *ftal •k 22% greater visibility if N«w, r«ar-corner windows if Stronger, n«w frame* it FuTI : floafing hypoid rear axle* if Specially designed hydraulic truck brakes "A" Valve-in-Head Thrift-Waiter or load-Mailer engines W" More efficient loading (ttak* ond high-rack bodfei) ^ N*w, fharough sealing Insulation •k Slondard cab^| 0 -«xle-lcnglh dimensions Pflrmirting interchange of bodies * ... ond MANY mor.f , how Hieie ilronger, n«w fram«» ttond-ypl Wheclba>«i re longer, loo, for heUer load dMributton. Anrf fha hraVei ar« «eJi>jivclx c/«iiflned for grealtr brok«-lintng confacll Hnre't a (peci'al, heavy- du!y job ond on exlro- ipecial TfgcV! ToVo your picV from 107 differenl modefi ond «lghl vheel- boiei. Thfrra'i one mode for your special Vind of job. Thert't noffrng fjltc Ific cab Ilial "brealhei" for comforl! . . . frnh nir f^ drawn in from Ihe o hcolcd in cold wealhcr—and med n't ii forced oul.* The cnh i^ C'jihloned on rubber — F[e*i-Moun1td — wilh 12 inchel more fool room ond eignT incKei more Doling ,pnte. Thcre'i 22% gtenler viiihility, loo, Ihey Icll me. The teol ti lully-arfjuilable Man lhl> ii ill daw.!* Now if, a cinch lo back up without jacV- knifing. Yei, »ir, theie trucki ore brand new really diflorcnt wilh Advance-Deiign. And Ihey'rc packed wirh power in Ihe world's moil economical engine 'or ill iiie- -Chevrofefi Volve-in-}tead engine. Corn* m and »e ihta frucltj-fo^oy/ Thm't a CiSevrofc, AJvonce-Design Iruclc lo meel your iptcHie nttdt ond offer you LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 tliats a job for "Comf/anA "Mint/ the MENTKOLATUM TWBNS Quick MENTHOLATUM l;,::;^^ 1 ^^^;; 1 ;;;!!";,,:" 1 ;!^^: fnrllnK (^'I'nV'uo'r'.md'iii?i\V.v^M'C'IU'I'I"! *l$0 HEUtVlS IKAO-COIU SlUFf IHtSS, r.i,,,m,» M.-nlhutnlum ini-ral- CHCSI-COID IIOIIIKtSS. KJKAL IRRI1AI15N bu ZELLNER'S Allowance For Your Old Watch At GeMS.OO... Gef*70.00... $ 15.00 and WATCH even more Regardless of ihu age, make or condition of your old watch, well give you ihe biggosl trade-in allowance in lown. Choose from our greol selections of v/akhes and save! MONARCH lovely 17-jcwcl dc-$33.75 aiul nccnmte ortti AN ACCOUNT ^ T !'•»]' ^^ r^>..^^^r>! ./• ' '•_,. I ^-iH-brn'.-..?^-. $/050 BUIOVA . . . Accurole 17-jewol ^~*~ movemenl. Pink gold, ,. USE YOUR CREDIT or yellow LooV of )h* Ih;i)lin 0 tow pri on l^eit liondiomc, accurat timepi«c«i (or ladiei nnd men GRUEN . . . Veri-Thd Precision walch. Beauliful link bracelet. '. <1 «- '** 5 A\ $0075 GRUEN . . . Smart. O ' prociiion-tinied. A COMVENIENI urn- walch of dlitinclion. /•^"•^•.^^s. iS^^ify.Sib^ GOTKAM $ 37 ' 50 50 17 jewels. 10k yellow' . gold filled, life-iimc dependobilily. ELGIN . . . 101 gold filled cose. 15- $ 29 75 CHARGE BENRUS . . . Daintily styled, accurately timed, lovely expansion bond. ELGIN . . . )7-jewels. -Pov/er mainspring. 10k gold filled cose. *"* 'O PAY Mni'.l Uii'.ilux . . . Wiiiir Ilinminiils

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