The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 6, 1947
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BLYTHEV1IXE COURIER NEWS THE DOIUKAMT NEWSPAPER OF NORTH** BT ARKANSAS AMD BOXTTHKJUBT MISSOURI VOL. XLIV—NO. 113 B))rUievUl« Mil; New* SlytheviU* Coumr BlyUievtlle HeraM Utululppl BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, WKDNESDAY, AUGUST 0, 1017 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Dud Cason Post Officers Inducted R. B. Stout Succeeds H. G. Partlow as Legion Commander Parliament Urged To Adopt Curbs on Purchases in U.S. LONDON, Au<r. 0. (U.P.)—Prime Minister Clement K. Attlce today iireiientcd to Pai'liament n Ko-il-'ilone program for solving Britiiin':; economic crisis, calling 1'or sharp new restriclioiiK, including a cttt in food purchases from America, and a 234,000 reduction in armed forces overseas by the end of next March. lAttlee said his program was drawn on u basis ol BriUin helping herself out of the crisis wjih- out reliance on Congress uliiinale- ly approving the Marsnail pro- f.iurn lor aid lo Europe. The Attlee plan Included: A $43.0C0.030 monthly cut in food purchases from the United States und other "hard cuivency" countries. 'Restrictions on meals serve;! in hotels and rcsiaunuits, now on a non-ration basis. A restriction on remittances for foreign films, limiting them to not more ilinn 25 per cent of gross earnings—H measure hiUn\* directly al American movies shown in Britain. Withdrawal of 133.COD j troops by the end of aeciiinoer with a total withdrawal o: 200,000 by the end of next Marco. In addition, 31.CC3 non-United Kini;- dcm troops supported by the British treasury will be withdrawn. A cut in the travel allowance for (Britons abroad from S300 Tor 12 months to $140 lor 14 months. A one-third cut in the basic gasoline ration. A postponement in cotton purchases, f40,MO,l)CO cut in timlier purchases and 3{0,000,<IOt> cut in "luxury" imports. Attlee said flatly that Uriicin "cannot and will not base our plans on the assumption that there may te further American | help toward the recovery oi the ' old world." •He assured the Commons that despite llic increased rate of British troop withdrawal fvom abroad "'re is no change in C'jr lor- eign policy or in the defense policy underlying it." attiec emphasized the gravity of Britain's plight as lie put. before the Parliament an economic program more austere than anything Britain had undergone in wartime. 'Eut, he emphasized: ,"I do not wtrtlt^^io "'paint—t^*/*- alarmu-.v 'a picture. It is a difference between gravity and panic. This is a matter of gravity." He noted that Britain otill hr.s $l,o;o,CM.COO outstanding in America and saoO.KO.COD in Canadian credits. "We have ultimate reserves ol 6:0 million pounds ($2,<CO,tOO,- 000)," lie said. He touched briefly on the non- discriminntion clause of the l"an agreement and said: ".We approached the problr.n of the post-war world with a view to establishing multilateral trade Economic Experts In U. S. Giving Close Attention To Fast-Developing Financial Crisis in England By It. II. SIIAfKIOKI) Uiiltrd I'rrss Staff Corresjumdent WASHINGTON, Aug. fi. (U.I'.)—U.S- government ecbnomic aiuilysts have eluded that Great Britain must meet her pivsent crisis by YliftitiK herself by her bootstraps," it \vn.s learned today. '• These analysts, whose ropnrlx will lie studied closely by potie.v-nuikinjr ol'i'ieiiils. have decided that the only solutions for Britain JU'o either, vastly inereiised production or ii drastically reduced standard of. living from the. present' "austere" level, This was learned as American of- * Election Official n Mississippi Killed by Bullet Brother is Wounded As Trouble Breaks Out in Hattiesburg and convertible currencies. That is not in sight, and it is clear thai miles. 1 ) the multilateral system can he made to work it \vill become incumbent upon us to seek ways out of our difficulties on different lines. Mine Workers C'o-operatc "There have been constant consultations between his nuvjes'.y's government and the United States on these matters: There V.MS a way open to us to give notice under clause 12 of the loan agreement, but tins would not cover the whole field. "We have proceeded to seek further consultations on Uie whole implications of the loan afree men I." In announcing the goal of ci>al production, lie said the government had proposed to nniic v-.'orfc- ers that for a limited Umc they work an rxtra half hour a day, while preserving the five-day week and general regulation of hours. "They arc wholeheartedly with .the government in tncir desire to raise the output of coal." he said. Attlce lold the Commons that the American loan had been designed to buy time for Britain and the Old World to get back oil their feet economically but admitted that a 40 p;r cent boa-it in 1 import, prices was exhausting the I loan nearly two years »h:ad of ' lime. I However, lie added that the | world dollar shortage would have i arisen earlier had it not bee;i for UNR.RA and American loans to n. n. (SkeeM Stout beiiaii his term of office ;is commander of Dud Cnson I'o.U 21 of the American Legion last night when he and six other officers were installed. Wade Jefferies uns installed us first vice commander and Ed Burks second vice commander, others who look office were John Burnett, chnplain; Dr. Jnck Webb, post surgeon; c. A. Cunningham, post historian; and Louis Oreen. ser- geant-at-arnis. Mr. Stout succeeded H. G. Partlow as commander. Other retiring officers were Roccoc Crafton. chaplain; H. L. Hateell, Jr.. first vice commander; j. rt. Johnson, ser- geant-at-anns; Dr. H. c. Sims post surgeon. Mr. Burks nnd Mr Cunningham t\erc re-cleetc-d. Mr. Halsell was appointed lo serve as post adjutant by Mr. Stout and wili take over office at the meeting next Tuesday night. E. N Shively is the retiring adjutant. A service, ollicer, judge ndvo cate and finaiui: officer will also be appointed by U-c new commander. Year's Activities Reviewed Post officers ,ind members Ian"! ed the work of the retiring com mander. Mr. P.irl'ow. by pointin; out the activities undertaken b; the Legion here during his term b office. In listing these activities in a sume of the pn> yrar's work dor Jifr.- Parttow, they said- the Pot had: Set up a revolving loan fund : be used by descvv:ng high s~hO' graduates to rv:q;:ire further erl cation and lrni:','lig Sponsored .igair the Legion Jui ior Baseball team, which wen* '.a the stntc toirrp-.nert this year alter winning ','.ie Oiilrlct Five ch'Vi:- pionship. Continued operation of the Veterans Housing Quarters at the '"or- mer Army Air Field here and made efforts to acquire additional housing facilities. Made tentative plans for building a new Legion Arena. Sponsored Miss Ruth Sray in the Legion oratorical contest. Miss Seay won first place in the district and area contests and third place in state competition. Sent delegates to Boys and Girls State sessions. Conducted the Goodfellows' project of giving baskets of food to the underprivileged at Christmas Revived Uie weekly jnlopic races. Presented numerous scholastic a- wurds to high school students, i Assisted Airport Project Set up n "Big Buddy" guidance program to rehabilitate youths who hnd served prison terms. Aided in acquisition of the Municipal Airport and its dedication last Fall. Handled several special service cases to aid veterans. Boosted men-.brrship in the Bly- thcvillc Post from 1135 lo 1315. As he look office, Mr. Stout strc- sed the Importance of an early in.1 concentrated membership durins; the ensuing year ami announced that lfl'18 dues would be accepted now. A membership booth will be set, up at the old-car racing event Sunday at tin Mississippi County Fairgrounds, lie said. fieials studied closely every move British prime Milntstcr Clement Attlee makes lo cope with his difficult problems. These analysts do not make policy, But It wns significant that none or them considers the possibility of an additional American loan to Britain. Their feeling, and that of mnny top policy-making officials. Is that such a procedure could go on forever without, b'.i^'c results. They also know that Con- grew is In no mood to entertain, the notion of further loans to rilain. Future Loans Doubtful Any help which goes to Hr'Uin i addition to the present S3.75I.,- jO.OOfl loan will have to be 'orth- >mlng within the framework of the Marshall Plan." officials said ere. They did not, however, rule ut completely the possibility '.hat :ie U. S. may ease some of the iscriininatlon clauses of the p.-e- ent lop.n agreement to allow Del- Tin to buy more sterling areas. Government economists arc stu- yinR the British situation and lost of them agree on the folloiv- ng iwints: 1. Britain's 1947 deficit In bal- nce of payments (excess of ini- lorts over exports) will be ibout $2.200,000.000. 2. Although smaller governinc; expenditures and increased rccelplF .•ould help if they were posjlblc, ny major Improvement In Brl- nln's critical position must conii3 roiii n cliunge In Drltnln's cxport- mport linlnncc. 3. There arc four possible ways if Improving the relntlon between 3rltnlji's exports and hupovts' In- renscd production; decreased Im- lorls; diversion of supplies from domestic lo foreign markets; in- ercased' exports A (lepiirl incut of commerce survey of Britain'.; mid-year economic losition tlvuls prlmnrlly only pessimistic prospects of llic British [iiakini; the basic adjustments un- ilcr lliose four wnys The aurviy, !)>' I'Ynnres L. Hull of (he department's British Commonwealth Division, highlights these difficulties in eiich possible step. Must Increase IVodiiclinti Increased production — limited In 1017 by coal stioilnue.s, lack of labor supplies and controls, and maladjustment'; mused by last Winter's weather. The coal prospect, is gloomy. Kven if l!MG levels could be readied — anil the outlook Is thnl. they will not be — lucres: produr.llon of poods would not be enough to help nuitcrlally. nniuecd imports - One-fourth of Britain's contemplated imports Iff 1917 v:\l-icrt lit $5yKXI,000,000 cannot be cut ni all without I ol goruls thnl Imvn lie.?n regarded as essential for opkrnllon of the BrilL'ih economy." fcighty-flvc pei l of the money spent by Hrl- «ln in the U. S. for food .ind no (XT rent siwnt In Canada for food S to meet only basic riillims 3uts In that ciitegrlry wo\ild i(lvc ;nc Ilrlllsli "an even more monol- 011011:, and unpalnlitble diet," <>x- ludliiB such "luxuiles" as drlei milk and dried rggs. j Diversion from domestic I" [or Sign mnrkets — however deslniWe tills u\lgl\t be from n nutlonn viewpoint. It could be done onl 1 t!i great difficulty. The analy 3,s says (he British slnndurd o living, although mulere, ( s not r Kk bottom level «nd, If worst cum (if worst. Britain could forego some o«( Its present comforts" and stll rhalnlaln "general lienltli nnri we b«lnij " Incrensrd exixji'ls — Britain's exports have singed R remarkable comeback In the first quarter of this ycnr, bcl:i|; «iu»l to the 10M pre-wnr level But whether a sus- tsincd level or n higher level benefits Britain, rtepeild.s upon worlil price slluntlon. -}n Kcneriil. the British rlnlin that the thhiRs they buy abroad have been skyrocket- Ing In pvlcc. vbllc those I hey sell linvc Iwen lagging far Ixshlnd. The gi-cnlfst benefit lo Britain would be a decrease In all prices. Hughes Appears Before Airplan i.Avm;i,. Mtss., AUK. n. KJr) \» cli-rlloii ufflrlal »'»» killed »ud uiith.r WXK ruslird til •* Italllr* mrj; hus|ilUl us vlDlrnrr lm>ku mil l the |H>lls titlbiy ilurluf :ln umoiil over NCR™ vnlhiK I" >' .Issljipl's Itcmocrallr mlmnty It-MiMHli I'hllllps uns klll,':l l.l- 'lantly nml Oils I'lilllll's. Ills livn- tlu'E', 'was said tn be In rrltlcn condition with l«n Imllrls In Ills abdomen . Kills (in.ill! "I MII•.<•]!i' uns lie 111); brill III .limes ('Dimly jail 111 thmiRh in* muruYr rh»rj',vs hiu been flU'il. II »ns rrptiitril iluit <irrnlil inn hts hrnlhrr, Waller (li'ralil, <on- taetril n I.aiircl utliiriu 1 ) lii'tillr the rlrrllim jfstcrdny «n priicrdilre In iicrmll NI-RIII ii.irlU lp;>ll":; In the primary. ..The Onriild brothrrs reixirit'ill) 1 ttriiuilril lo vote NrRiors at ll>r olllliR lionlli wllrrr '.hf I'lillllps rotluTs ivi'ic ^vnrhltiK Wllnrssr.i sulil Ilir .slioollnc f«l- imvil ii riunrrel brlwi-rii the lour urn. Contract Probers WASHINGTON. Auj?. (i. (1).I'.)—Howard Hugh«a ch:<i'K«d under ruith today that Sen. Owen BrewKter. R., Me., offered to call off the Senate invi'sti<j;ilicm of his war plane con true l.s if Hughr.s would H^reo to an airline merger. Church Prepares I '"5 Degrees Recorded Here T u r n J For Second Consecutive Day To Move College Central to Become Co-Educational and Use Army Camp Area Central College, Baptist firls school at COIIWRJ-, will' be moved lo Little Rock and reopen as ft co-educational institution hi new facilities in the pld hospital area of Camp Robiiison by tile. inldrUe of the 1M7-48 school yenr, the Rev. E. C. Brown of Dly'hi'ville, president «f the Board of Trustees, snid today. Followinn a meetins in LUtlc Rock yesterday of the 24-mnn board, it also was annoiiiu'ed thnl: The Rev. Sritz E. Goodbar, pus- tor of the Baptist Church ;it Rns- sellvillc, was named vice prnsicicnl and business manager, effective Sept. 1. He will assume the nculy- crentcd post to handle disposal of the school's Conviay iiro;>eri ies and removal of equipment lo Liitle 'Rock. The new co-educational school remain in session thrmi™h next Summer to make up time lost during the first semester. The curricula will be expanded with emphasis placed on I.Uc veterans' educational program. The administrative teaching stalls will be enlarged and revitalized. Srtkinp New President A committee headed by The Rev. Don Hook of Czark was appohu- ed to select a. new president, wtio will succeed Dr. R. L. Whipp:c who was removed by the oiard June I. Since then, adininisini- PockelVeloUsed 7 Measures Science Foundation Plan by Congress Nullified by Truman For, the second con.sccutivc clay, Blythcvfllc icskieuls -swcltercc' under lOS-doerce heat yesterday. ; , Known to ho the hl£hf*t Iptnporflturr here since ft I, ifM-1, ycsterrtn.v's repetition of MpiUlayVlilgh markert lite sixth dny In n row thnl ICO-degrce-or-hlRhfir \Jicat has scorched ihls vlctnlty. However, oilier jmliils in the atntc^-i continued In record even lilElier tcmi>cr(itni c.s. It |l '.'i:> 107 yesterday' in Scnrcy. - ! ' The Vical front ycglcrriity >ft'«r- noon continued lo . hnng rivrr U«! city until • l.vlp "!:i>i .'-ilg^t;'«nA • A>y!' this morning PL-.' nicr.jjry ''?\«'!ictt a low n; or 7 ^J m^'er-% ar;*nnHP.g to Robert R- I.'-li'.v^x, ofUcJnl weather observer lu-i'O. . Thirteen app.i.v.iMy nun'i like any oilier nnnl-n- in Arkiir.- sas today ns Iho Wc;itho: Tiurenu promised continued hot A'o.UUor ns the state swoltrreci throni-V. the 1311* coiuccntive dny of t»p. Ciirrfnt heat wave. Whiln partly cloudy wenlhcr '.vas forecast, the bureau in Little tlnck predicted little* chmigc In tcinporrt- Ixjre. ScnUcred \nunticr shou'er.s .were forecast- for the Northwest section of tn^ ftntc this nftcrnooi\. Temperature in Ihc state ycstcr- dny ranged generally above vne century mark with only PayeLle- x'ille dropping lielnw 100 degrees with 9fi, Hot snot of the slate, (or the second consecutive SeaIT.V wlth 107 as a reading. Othei hi^h teniperature.s were rcgistorrtV nt Batosvtllc, Dir- danclle and Morrilton where the mercury readied 10G. Arkndelprila tied Blythrvtllc's iflS; Coming, Gilbert. Hoi Springs and Newport had WASHINGTON, AUK. (i. (U.P.)—Senate investigates ordered I'latic Maker Howard HiiKhna lo the •witness stand 1.1ns afloinooti for questioning on hta charges that they, are to "hlacknmil" Kim into an air line merger. ' * " I The millionaire industrallst and lovlo producer Hew here from the Vest coast In Ills private' con- lfil Imnilier He said on »rrlvnl Inn, lie would l>e "happy" to re- ical, under onth charges he' has, 'Ircd nt Chalrinnn Owen Brewster, I. Ml 1 .. o( the Senate W«r Inves- Igallng Committee. A subcommittee hcnded by Sen. Corner Ferguson. II., Mich., Is look- ng Into huge plane contracts 'add-. UK up to four aircraft and 410,- OOO.rmo. An S10.000.COO viooden lly- HK built by Hughes has .yel o fly. Of tlnee photo recortnah- snnnr pluues constructed under a J22.oao.000 mntrnct, one 'cricked up. the Army Ims one. and Hughes Is testing Hie third. live control of the' colleje has l01 - Brinkley. Camdcn. Fort Smith. New Traffic Policeman Obtains Four Convictions Four motorists piii'l fines or i forfeited bonds in Municipal Court this morning for violations of Blvlhcvillc I raffle laws. countries in addition to . Atllcc took exception to charges Three o! them \verc avvcslcd hy by Winston Churchill that the I Motorcycle Patrolnin i Robcr government had "frittered away" | Weaver, who assumed his duties as the U. S. loan. j a traffic officer Monday John Morgan Jr. p-.cadcd guilty to siweriing and paid a S10 fine. Forfeiting bonds were Norman Luna. SIS. speeding; 1>. K. Stockton. $15. runnins ti stop sign; »nd Everett Utlcy. S15. speeding. City and Slate 1'olicc arc currently conducting a drive been in the hands of a four-man committee headed by The Hcv. Mr. ftrown. While not coinplctc, negotiations will; War Department officials lor the new school site at Camp Robinson are proceeding "very .satisfactorily. ' A. N. McAninch' of 7,11- tlc Rock, head of a committee lo :ocate the college, told the United Press \csterdfty. If the 403-acre area is acquired, the school will be able to handle 1510 students, the board said. (The Rev. Mr. Brown, pastor of the First Baptist church here, said the board was not ready to announce plans for disposition of the college's properties at Conway. The Rev. .Mr. Goodbar. wiio will move to Conway Immediately to begin his new Jab. has been pastor of the Russcllvillc First Baptist Church for the past 10 years He 'was formerly pastor of the Lonoke Baptist Church and is now vice president of the Executive Board ol the Baptist Stale Convention. N. Y. Stocks 2:SO p. m. Slocli Prices A T «fc T 155 5-8 Amcr Tobacco 76 Anticonda Copper 36 Beth Steel 8P 1-8 Chrysler S8 1 -7 Coca Cola 187 Gen Rleclric 37 I-« Gen Motors 00 Montgomery Ward 61 N Y Central H 7-8 Int Harvester B8 1-2 North Am Aviation 8 Republic Steel 261-4 Rartio 8 7-8 Eocony Vacuum n Slurtebakcr 205-6 Standard of N J 78 1-8 Texas Corp C6 1'ackard 5 U S Steel 12 3-* traffic law violators ivic'.i emphasis on enforcement of specrl limits. Joticsboro. Mcna nnd Pine Blulf, 103; El Dorado and MontlccHo, tO'i; Little Rock. Stuttgart and Wilson 101; and Texnrkana. 100. A faint brea-h of cool air mov- inp across Irnvn promised some v c- icf from tile heat wave in the Middle West today, but the wen- Ehennnn said- most of the nation woultl continue hot. Miami Airport Fire Causes Heavy Damage WASHINGTON. Aug. H. (U.P.V— President Truman by pocket veto today killed seven bills. Including measures to set up a National Science Foundation and lo exclude certain newspaper vendors from coverage of the Social Security Act. In announcing h's veto of the .^ience foundation measure. Jvfr. Truman asserted that the orp.nn- Izatlon prescribed Hi It would he complex and, nnwleldly. He snid there was grave dargcr 'hat (he measure would Impede rather (linn day was i l >rorn °te the ^ovt!:nnn:ut v > iltorU 1 maximum I *-° encourage scientific research. Under the measure, the foundation would have assimilated Ihc Office ol Scientific Research an< ncvelopment set up during the war under Dr. Vannevar nush. It would liavt been prohibited spe clflcally from InterfeiliiB w ' 111 ' "' Atom Energy Commi^ion, ant would hnvc required llr^ cotmnls sion's approval before It undcrlool any activity In the atomic field. In vetoing the newrpaprr vendor measure, Mr. Truman said It we exclude front social security pro lection vendors who arc bo;ia-fid employes ot Iheir publishers. "This bill proceeds in a direr lion which Is exactly opposed the one our nation should pursue. he said. "It res^rlc.s nnd narrow coverage under our social secuili law. while our objective should I: to enlarge lhat coverage." Wrirjil Hulils Illi: l.<-:ul JACKSON. Miss. AUK. 0 Hj.lM Clov. Melding '•• Wrifthl irld » 'J lo I ICMid Unlay lor uov- ?i'iioi In i> ncmrx'i'ntlr: pvlii'.ary In vlili-h 11 hlfdi Klnlc oloclKin c.llldn ,v»rii[-d U. S. Alloinoy aeueru Tom Clink nuulnnl "ir.erddltnr." h MLvsltLMppl's wliitc supiTinncy lnw l.amar I'livycin, member of I hi Illncs C'mmty ncnion'ullc Executive Ciiininlllco .ulvlM'd Clnrl'. In n sliilcmcnlliisl nishi thnl he'd "bel- ter not ciime down hero wlih tlic lilvn (if meildllnn »' ™ lr Ixvfluesr. II he does he'd hitler i.omo armed." The vollni? wii.i uinrkeil by rlinrucs of lutlniidallon of woiilil- be Negro voters and n i'lialleni;c of Ihc pnrly's rlglit to o,nesllon views on federnl irclslntlon including a (air employment, prnctlces net. imll-poll tux nntl M nil-lynch laws. Puryenr was tlvj firm filnle Deni- ocrntlc I'nrly ofllclal lo comment on n ilemund by A. Philip Randolph, co-clmlrman of the NiUI I council for .1 I'crllliMVl-nt - FEPO I Ihu! Clail; [irO'.ceulc anyone try- a lo enforce Ml.i.sls.slpiil's voting (In Wn.'ihin^lon nAiidtjli'li aske( :ark lo •'iJroflt.'cutt! nnyoni.' ut- nip'ing lo enforce the MlKKlssliipl' \v" rcquirlny v.'l^v:; l.o swear icy arc opposed to FEPC li-gl'i- llon.) "Cnofflt:l.ii rotui'i:'.. from '110 jur- • save Wrlsht i. Ititnl »f 21!,12 In Hie fivonuin f racc for the ,ui-vear lerm. \Vr;ulir. formcily tuicnanl Rovcrnor, ,s;:cceedOfl (o chief executive- post last yenr Ihc death ol Gov. Th.<mu'. Irrey. :'iil 13., .Jr.. .'ion of a jiucr governor had n.jjo vole.- lie oilier Ihrce candidates trailed •nvlly. Howard Hunhn Block Fish Lake Gambling Casino Under Fire Again US Makes Offer To Indonesians Effort is Made to Speed Mediation In Dutch Conflict nATAVIA, AtlB. fi. (UP)—'Amci'l- cnn Consul General Wxltcr A. roiulDnRl over tiles United StHtes nf- Foole tonight Ilalavia nitlio n [er of Kfiort offices in the Tiidoncn- li\n"-l)Hlcli conllict. Pootr's personal broadcast Intended get the U. S. altar lo the 'Republican capllal jnknl-.'.a. Tie took to the air w||en Indonesian authorities reported to lir. Mint, thny were uiifthle to pet iroiiRh liecnuse of dlKrupllon ol crnrnnnicatioiis. I'm nm instructed by the Un'l.- d Stales Kovernmeiit to maKc vnllablc lo you llx good offices s hnvc iljccn innde availablt! to be Dutch." he said. "Please Rivo ^ your nrply as soon iis pos- Truman to Fly To Rio f Return On Battleship WASHINGTON. Aui:. (i <UP>- PiT.'ildctil Triiinnn will fly to Rio Do Janrrio for n tlircc-tlny vlsll during l:itn August or cnrly Kcptcnibcr. llic Willie House snlrt lortny. Wlillc House Press Secretary Chnrlrs Cl. Floss snid lie hnd no In- fomntioii Jis In whctlicr Mr. Tni- uinii will iiddress tlic TMler-Amr-r- Defense Conference which will he In se.wlon nl Rio nt thai time. Fto.w siild the cxiirl rialc of [he Piestclcnt's deimvlurc li^y uot l\crn set. The President will fly to Kin, bill will return nboard tlir Dnlllcslilp USS Missouri. Ross said. The .Ainorlcim offer \vns ]nil orlh us each side chnrgcd the ilhc 1 ]- with violating the e('.isc-flrc irders issued at the request of the United Nations. 'A Dutch communique said Ihrcc Dutch soldiers lint! l>een killer 'uul AQ wounded since Hie luire licgnii. H reported Indonesian rulds In Java nnd Siiiunlra. The Netherlands Lroops continuetl clcitritig IJnieli- liowevcr. conceded thnl Dul^li- occnplcd ureas iuul Hint "a lew iklnnlKhes occurred during tncss opernUons." Indonesians roniplftln- cd the f>utcli continued to .id- v.ince niter fighting aas sclii'duled lo slop. The United -States form-illy notified »n Indonesian .spokr.Miinn In UrtlfWia thnt nil Aiueric.ln ir.ed- iatlon commls-slon would Icii'.'e iin- iiicdliilcly for the Knsl [udl'is if Ihc Indonesians agreed. Tlmrc wns every indication, however, thni the Indcncslans would Insist on a . commission composed ol icvunil ' nations. iluijlips, who came equipped .'with rtunnlity of UociiincnU and records, was waiting by- Ihc committee while his'rty- Ihrower and cnlertuliiei' .of bl 1 ?'- wlns. .lotin W. Meyer, gave Inrlhrr detnlls ahoiit his free-spcnrtlng IB- ijors. The plnno maker has nccu5c<| Brewster »[ ordcrlUR H'* currant tn- vestli:alloii to forco him to me'r<;« Ills Trims-World Airlines with Pa'A American Alrwny. 1 ." lie puld In a statement Issued on he West Const tlvst Brewster onca offered In cull off Hie probe .If he' vould HKfcc to Ihe merger. Brewstir ma IOIIK been fighting tor legtsli- ' lion lo llmiL u S. oversets' ilr Hislne.s.s .to one big ; company, He conlcnds sum a company 'coulii winilKlc hotter ^sllll foreign \tae3 than niiLiiy lndc|;cnrient firms. Urewster chain nged Hugheo his nlinrgcs under oa'.'n .tno. the ihrlus-. trlnllst promptly aeecpled. But 1 t'tv- (jiison snid he wui'Iri not 'b« p>r- nlttcd his testlmon'yjwllh any: prepared stat.e:n».iU ' - r ^. .• Must Answer <(ucstlan9.Flr^t Inslcad, the lull, skinny,.Slightly deal Hushes >v.ll r;;ve to start : by answerlni; c'.in.iillice questions. Meanwhile Mrvnr told of upend- IIIK $3,132.11 i,i ilnec years on'din- ners, parli'.'.s .md other farors-for Col. Jnnies G. «•>». Air Force phofo reconnnl.Hsancc ciilor at the PentJ- son before .ind alter the Hughes photo plnno conlracr. was let. , Roy 15. (.il'.erucori. Hughes auditor, told !:n>' subcommittee' uv-t while Meyer '.va;, i)»rndlng (he 51C1.- 000, Hugtics Zlims rtld J300,(KK'l,G09 worth of lms-nc-i,s ... Thus. SIu'."Aood said, Meyer'3 expenditures ainriinL^ to Jus^ '")1,0001 h of 1 Iioi- CMil" of the buslntoS total. "I think that's very cheap." Meyer commented. < During one NCT York week.^iid, In Jnnunry, 1314. Meyer sairt ho picked up $600 worth of entertainment checks for ITnll. . 'Hughes, meanwhile, promised ,to go over In detail his charges a- (jalnst nrewstcr.' *• Terminal Leave Bonds Cashable Infant is Buried Funeral services were held this morning at Number Nine Cemetery for Ronnie Jean Harder, 12-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Harder of Rives, Mo., roinurly of Dell, who died last night al Walls Hospi'.ol here. The Rev. L C Ramsey, pastor of the Assembly of Clod Church, officiated. The bubv's parents are lit.' only survivors. Holt Funeral Hoiiv: was In charge. Thaxton Child Buried 'Funeral services were held this afternoon in Csbb Funeral Home Chapel for F/Isel Gene Thaxton. tour months old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thaxton o! Blyi.hCTille, who died lust night at Blytlicvilic Hospital. 'Burial was In Lake City. The Rev. E. W. Stovall, pastor of the Church of Christ, officiated. Other than his parents he is survived by three sisters. Dorth'M, Ruin and Fiomiic a.nd two brothers. Curtis and James. MIAMI. Fin., Aug. (i. (UP)—Six large passenger plnncs and an undetermined number of small craft nud SO airplanes were destroyed lo-l MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Aug. 0 (UP> — day in a spectacular fire that gutled | Memphis Dlst, Ally. Oen, Will | WASHINGTON, n huge hanger at the 20th Street ' '— airport. 'Hie (ire burned for almost two ours into the dawn. A paint shop lousing inflammables spread the N. Y. Cotton NF.W VORK. Aug. 6 (UP) — Cotton close firm: open high low close March 3281 3292 3259 3280 May 3245 3250 3216 3241 July 3172 3175 3142 3110 Oct 3365 3368 3330 1353 Dec 3315 3310 3285 3306 Spot* close 3S}5; dovax. lames and .sent ilgh into the air. billowing smoke Gcrbcr today issued another nt- lact on an altered gambling house at Black Fish Lake Ark. about 25 miles west of here. Gerbcr charged Hut two Eastern Arkansas war cheated out of their Black Fish Lake, families destitute. Gerber exchanged 'slcrans were wnr bonds a I leaving Iheir heated words- 4ebert Burnett's Father Dies in May'field', fCy. Herbert A. Burnett. Sr.. of Mav- ield. Ky.. father of Herbert Bur- \ tcj in hospital funds at the Black ictt of lilylhevillc. died last nlstit | Fish establishment. 'U bis home. Funeral services After September 1 WASHINGTON. Allg G. (UP) Secretary of Treasury John VV. Snyder said lorifiy that veterans will be able to csisli tliolr Icrininnl leave bonds on nnd after Sept. J, but. that he hopes they will hold on lo Ihem as n good investment. lie told a news conference that final plans now are being made for the bond redemption. In urging that about eight months ago with Arkansas officials when Claude Rip- pec, an employe of Kennedy General Hospital, allegedly losl $25.- 20 Arkansans Off to Attend NFFA Meeting 'Among the 20 or more private pilniK who nre expected to represent this stale at the •Kiitfortal PiyiiiK Kprmcrs Association convention \vliieh opens tomorrow at £tli:watcr. Okla., will be Charles nor>c of Roseland, who was re- elcntcd president of the Arkau- ;,ns organization Saturday. in vuiicn i Mr - nrul Mrs - nosc *nd Mr. and passenger wni nlcle- I ^ s - G'odfrcy While of Osceola left ion and n half Irm-k , ll ! ls - »'tc™on for . FnycUeville, wlicrn the Arkansas representatlres will step overnight before pronecd- I'lg tOtStlllwatcr tomorrow mom- ing. "Mr.? White Is a member of Ihc Board of Directors of the Ar- |kansns Flying Farmers Association, Blythcvi//e Woman Hurt When Truck, Auto Collide Mrs. Ixinis Moore of Ill>l/ievil'o, was injured sllglHIv Inst night when the 1046 DcSoto she was swiped by driven bj J. A. Rny, ol Sleele. Mo. on l=niilli Hlaluvnv 01 near th- s!,,Kh nld.e e'o'umunit . Invcsllgating officers suited Hint the DeSoto. driven b v N. Cory, of Stccle. was travTlius North OI1 vctcvtins keep the Interest rate ol I! 1 :: per cent Is "unusually good." !6 nnd the truck was | headed South, at Ihe C,mr; of the ac.-ident. Following the •u'cid.cnt, Riiy was lakcn lo OjceolA for urlher investlgnlion. Mrs. Moore brought lo Walls Hospital here following (he accident, and lier condition wns reported as "good" al noon t.'day. Mr. Cory and olhcr occup.inls of llic car escaped injury. will be held at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Mayficld and aurlal will be in Covinglon, Tcnn. Other than his con he Is survived by his wife. Mis. Herbert Tlur- uotl of Mayfleld; live daughters. Misses Clga and Bobbie Jean Burnett of Maylleld. Mrs. Mnry Lee Ncal of Akron. Ohio. Mrs. Ruby Carlisle of Paducah. Ky.. and Mrs Peggy Bogart of Atlanta, Ga.: hl s molher, Mrs. Uurnctt of Covingtoii, find a sister, Mrs. Olga Price of Co vlngton. Twin Babies Die Jerry Wayne and Linda Jane Hargctt, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wilbur Hargelt of Blylhevlllc died (our hours aftci' birth last night at Walls Hospital. Funeral services were held Hits aftcirjxm at Elmwood ;Ccmetery with the Rev. L. C. Ramsey, paster of Assembly of God Church, officiating. Their parents nrc the on'.y survivors. Holt Funeral Home wns In charge. Hungarians Lose Loan WASHINGTON. Aug B. (UPI — Secretary of Sl.itc George C. Marshall announced l.-vday that the Export-Import Bnmi has cancelled n $T.C(iO.OOO cotton credit to Hungary because former Hungarian officials In whom the bank had confidence have been exiled by the Communist cotip d'etat. Soybeans CHICAGO. AMg. K. (UP) —Soy- lican quotations: Open Close November 228B 288A nlnghnm nnd B. O. West, botli o March JOSA I BlythevUle. Representative Gainings Addresses Rotary CJub OSCEOLA. Ark., Aug. 6. — Rep. E. C. Gathlngs of West Memphis gave a resume ol bills which came before the 80th Congress in a talk before members of the Rotary Club here at their weekly meeting ycstcr day. Rep. Gainings ulso dkcussed the Taft-Hnrtlcy Labor Act and the tax reduction bill. Guests were Bill Dycss of Luxora I,. R. Still Sr.. of Atlanta, G»., Dr Morly Chanin of Michigan, W. T Crews of Osccola. nnd C. A. Ciui Arkansas. annual convention f the natipiial; group will get \m- erway at 8 aim. tomorrow .it the itillwntcr Municipal Airport. ^ and onlinuc through Saturday morn- Duoling and sccrtins demonstra- ions and flights showing use of he new cross-wind landing ind safe-flight, indicator will be : tagcd tomorrow afternoon. The annual banquet Is set for >:30 p.m. tomorrow with Cednc Poster, news commentator, ts guest speaker. This will b9 followed by a business meeting of official delegates. One of the highlights of the convention will be a mass flight to Gov. Roy J. Turner's Urge Hereford ranch Friday. Eight other large ranches also will be visited. 'Dr. Henry G. Bennett, president of Oklahoma A. and M;,'C6Ueae will be master of ceremonies «t » Cuncli"on program ftt the Turner ranch. Governor Turner and fifar Admiral J- J. Clark, Chief of N.i- val 'Air Operations and a native of OX la horn a, will spe&k.

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