The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 26, 1952
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VOL. XLVIII—NO. 81 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS __ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANr, cA ^"^ Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader BlytheviHe Herald ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTHKV1LLE. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1952 ROTAIfV GOVERXORS-Pour past and present Le raons (Iett) and Bert Blvlhcville governors of the zooth District of Rotary Inter- a nd Carrol, Watson of Osceola. Approximat^ 5 r: ,: r r ~: p i~ " eu ' er r- «^* <™> * ^ «..„*,, ^ „».*« „,,«. day while Ihe annual District Assembly was un- denvay in the Noble Hotel. Ben P. Butler of Osceola, (second from left,, governor-elect for the dis- News photo) trict. listens to advice from past governors Charles The 200th District extends south to Helena, west to Little Rock and north to Pocahomas. (Courier !*> Steel Strike Certain to Last For at Least Another Week By ROWLAND EVANS JH. |p»«t !n^i I1NGT P N (A ^~ Thc , stecl strike was considered certain tndav to continue at w*^^™^^*™"" b ° W " ! l ° «« Wi " °< C ""«- -' «*.d a There was no firm indication,^however, how the President would react lo yesterday's House request j 1 «-^ f+ ^^ SS ! £rSS=. ! £|neat Puts State Crops """"""" •>•'-•*—-•"'-- . , _, .-.>•'- - -*" In Cn EIGHTEEN' PAGES crippling, 24-day strike. The walkout of about 650,000 CIO steehvorkers has already cost, more than six million tons of steel. The President .had a chance to tip his hand at his weekly news conference today. His last public . power to force its use. He also said, however, the of Vhe lav; alv/ays Ija:: .bc£/i under consklera- lion. ConHition The 34th day of By The Associated Press ArfcaiKas- rainless heat-wave found Tlie law for a board of |:nauiry. appointed by the President, to look into the issues in- , lile P"*™ sunny. skies unable Miles McPeek, agricullural tisucian, sold t<xlay A.-kansis'ciSpi are not ruined yet bill that most of them are in a critical stage.' He said cotton was holding fairly well. dent, to look into the issues in- "Fv»n< rf-.,. i* ,.„,,,;„ j ;=;: .iraa.-arM arbasSSS Are Re-Exsminp until that has happened--and cus- « ti, at lh<! crops are nat , ost ., M ™! «' V I\C LAUJftHlCr lOlllarllV It fftte*: nl Id^cl a uronb n^_l. __ ;J ' -- -, lomarily it takes at least a week— can the President asfc a court to issue an order banning continuation of the strike for 80 days. The stcelwoikers union, it vvns learned, is considering an attack on the .steel industry through the tame Tart-Hartley Law. Musi Bargain in Good Faith The act makes it an unfair labt-" practice not to bargain collectively. The act says collective bargaining !s conferring "in good faiih" over union demands tor higher wages and other contract changes. The union tjuestions whet!>er the steel companies have, in fact, bargained in good faith, and gives this rcaeon: The union was reliably reported to have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract late last week with Bethlehem Steel, second biggest producer. The tentative accord, these reports said, was jcctcd by others of the six n companies in the dispute when Peek said. McPeek, who just returned from a three-day tour of Eastern Arkansas, said fields are in the best state of cultivation he had seen. -He said that the drouth has given the farmer time to get into the fields and keep then, clean. A cotton statistician from Washington. D. C., said in Little Rock that Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma are suffering most from the drouth. The weatherman said that if Little Rock does not get any rain by the end of the month, it will have gone through its dryest month since the Weather Bureau began keeping records In July, 1879. Tlie bureau's record books shows that only three months June 1914 July. 1930. and October. 1944. recorded as little as onc-hundrcdths of an inch of rain. New Tests Given Group Classified Earlier as 4-F Twenty-nine Mississippi men. previously classified , in the draft, were sent to Little Rock this morning bv the Mississippi County Dralt. Board to be re-examined for possible re-classification. Today's call was for 35 men according lo Miss Rosa Saliba, draft board clerk. Of this number 27 reported, four were transferred to Pa. Group Leaning Toward Ike 12 More Hove Cost Lots With Eisenhower Hy CliAKl.KS U'lXSH PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Substantial gains fof Gen. Dwight I). Kiscnhowcr, and a iiard core of support for Sen Robert A. Taft both are visi We in a noiv Associated poll of Pennsylvania's dele {ration to (Jin Uopublican Na lional Convention. Eisenhower, the poll showed is preferred by 32 delegnles in Ihe 70-voic group. That represents B gain of 12 since the previous AP poll two months ago. Taft, has the backing of 24 dele Kiiles. a gain of five. Many of them say firmly they will not vote for Eisenhower at the convenlion The number of delegates unde cideil or not willing lo express a preference at this point—10 da^ s in advance of (he convention—h is been shrinking steadily. The AP poll, which once listed 32 delegates in this group, now shows only 14. Nevertheless, the i n I e r v c n I n g weeks have not diminished the prospective influence of Gov. John S. Fine In the Pennsylvania dele gallon picture. Fine generally ha been credited with being in nposi tion to advise or guide the vole of 32 delegates: (he governor him self lias said he believes the total is "not less than that." Five Undecided And the newest AP poll, based on I direct contacts with the delogates | conversations with leaders ot both Taft and Eisenhower factions and many GOP leaders, show.' 33 delegates with whom the governor's decision nlay be persuasive. Fine insists ho has not made \ip his mind, noi- given a commemment to any candidate , The nation-wide Associated Press listing of delegate conumlmcnts amir expressions of opinion, now *^-\:7,*"da 8 v^r nho *' : ''' ^ or^jideeuied, 189. A' total*"of 6o4 convention voles is needed for Ihe nomination. Pennsylvania delegates can— and i often have in the past—switch I their votes in advance of Ihe convention or after the balloting starts. State lav; leaves the final decision to them. Taft, for instance, claims 20 votes \ •• Jig is Genera SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Ikemen Tell Taft; to Chicago <AP Poll Shows 483 for Ohioan While Eisenhower Has 405 llKiVVKK «.,-Sen Henry Cabot Lodge ( R. M a») announced , orl3y (-en. Owlght 1>. h is ,.,,1, (m( . r uill move I,, Chicago ,,,M week to 8 et ul tampan hra.lquarlrrs f,,r Ihe |. c| ,,,l,)k-an presidential nomination l.oclRC, the general's campaign ,,,:,n.-, K er. said Elsenhower would ran (in,,,- to meet with II* HvniiMiea,, „,,,„„,„ „, „„ nali(>Ml „,„, ^ II l,,,s heen Impossible for hi,,, u:ise,,h,mer| U, meet aU n, f Aele . sales who wanted to .sec hi,,, during his short period at homo." I.oilge M 1U Hy The Associated I'rcss One bf (.:,.„. iKvjtfhi Ki.sen),o»'er.s aides sa »| (O(h v the ,,,K ,s up'; lor Son. Robert Tnfl. an.l Eisenhower wUl % to llic Knpuhltniu convention to direct his campaign for the presidential nomination. ule * The statements came from kiscnliowor's campaign manager Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr of Massachusetts, who flew to Denver yesterday lor a conference with the retired 5-star general. It was quickly attacked by Taffs campaign manager, David Ingalls who said bluntly: "it just i sri -t so .. The Associated Press tabulation of pie - convention delegate strength, with all 1,200 GOP delegates named, now shows Taft has the support of 483 to Eisenhower's 4C. r >. others have a total of 129 and Jonesboro Man Wins BVD Prize 4,950 Registered On First 'Value Day,' Committee Reveals Jack Coultas of Jonesboro won ,.,__ yesterday's top prize of J50 In the ^,'5;.' "»rd Blythevile Value Day's draw•r: ; r}>~, Ing. Participating merchants week•-"•• ly award $100 in prizes lo lucky registrants during- the promotion day held each Wednesday. Three prizes of $10 each were awarded Findlny Perkins of Rl. 3, Unrln Uarrclt of Manila mid Mrs! C. W. McDaniel of 214 Davis Street . an there are 189 in dispute or uncom- BVb M'lNNliB—MiM Patricia Rocllellc of Btythcville, Fit. •> was a 55 prize winner in the Blyiheville Value Day drawing held on" Main Street yesterday afternoon. Kay Parks of iJlytheville, at left, was «.Im-d Iiom the crowd to conduct the drawing, she is pictured preparing to present the check from participating merchants to Miss Rochclle. i See additional photo on Page S.) (Courier Xi'ws Photo) Pour S5 checks „.. Rochelle of HI. 2, Mrs. Harold Flcc- inan of Manila. Jo Ann Pipiien of 7UI E. Kentucky and Mrs. Bob Chilcls ol Osceola. The drawing was of Kress Slore on with Kay Parks, nlylheville cirl selected from Ihe crowd lo draw the numbers held In /roiU Main Street. . This tabulation, like that In lha Democratic race, is based on avowed and conceded alignments It often conflicts with claims of thn candidates themselves Tail for example, says he already has the majority required for nomination _ G04 votes — and Lodge says Eisenhower will get more than 500 the lirst, ballot at Chicago In As Ihe CJOP convention ueared — It opens a week from Monday and Taft and Eisenhower stepped up their Hunt, some minds were being changed among the slate delegations. Turn Back Red Armored Attack There wns a slight reshuffling in Kay was blindfold i^^^ scUs ' 38 - v ° le bklc ' sli » and drew from a larae wire basket P " Els e»hosver. Among -»on Ihe platform'. The checks were! -' mls y | ™ 1 > 1 a's 70-voto group, a represented ny Worth D. Hclder ™. rvey s ™ w ed a 12-vote gain for Chamber of Commerce secretary' E'senhoiver and a 5-votc Jump tor and J. c. Kdwarcls. chairman of ''• '"aking the new totals: Eisen- iiio m,,ti. n ,,iii., w~i,... r^ . hower t(? T^ft t* r*..t.. ,. B) STAN CAItTIIIl SEOUL, Korcac/1'i—Allied infail- , trymen drove armor - supported Chinese troops of] a Western Korean hill loday in a bitter 5 '--hour in Pennsylvania. His backers say Ihe Ohio senator will get that many regardless ot what decision Gov. Fine readies. They estimate ! with Fine's support —and sny con- i fideiiily they expect (o get it— ] Taft will have at least 50 and pcr- i haps 60 votes. Eisenhower has made no public claim, but his campaign forces are insisfing now "we have a major- j ity" in Pennsylvania, under any! Fu'c cle.stroved an empty bairrtrks circumstances. They, too. say they 1 biiildlna at the air base'lasl niijht Blaze Razes Barracks at Air Base Here pore, our were transferred to ' - ey. oo. say tey una a e ar ase asl nisli other boards and six were listed as ' cxpcct . to win pir "''s endorsement, j and Airport Munai;-. 1 !- R. A. Birkcr delinquents. One registrant was transferred to the Mississippi County Board from another board and left with today's Group. | and with it have a local of 58 to ; 65 rotes. Est es Kefauver uuuiiL-iicm asued lor their approv-1 Pine Bluff and Newport 08- \V-il- 1 >v ""es—K. L. Hood. Jewell Mack ; '»Wt-l\ ,nl under an agreement that all six nut Ridge 97: Little Rock W' Tex- ' chilm P' 01 >. William Riclwrd Chap- 1 TT*-. \A/ \/ J. vvould stick logether in Ihe long | arkan.. and El Dorado 85 and Fay ! m!m ' antl -' ol "™<: Vernon Hall i I O WOO T OtSS contract fight. i eltevilie 94, Joiner; Vernon L. Richardson' 1 '*»•»- ^ Belhlcheni asked (or their approv- Pine Bluff and Newport. 08: \Va\- The county's nest call will be a Reading elsewhere included Mor- I n^n'';* 1 ^™ j™"?™ 1 ™ f ° r W Leaving lotlay we,-c: | Whites—H. L. Hood. Jewell Mack ! rilton. 100: Ft, Smith. Ozark. Arfca-j dclplm and Flippin, 99; Batesvill SlicSicst obstacle to settlement of the dispute, which slartcd last November, was a union demand for the union shop, under which a employes could be compelled to; join the union. Says Strike To Km! Beyond a statement by Rep. ifal-j lcc-r. (R-Ind t yesterday thiU the strike would be settled within a! See STKKI, on 1'age 5 , j at i » Mercury Rises To 102 Here Maintaining its dry. relentless puce, Ihe current heat wave drove the mercury here to a high of .,, , 102 degrees yesterday. VV CQiner TWs made yesterday the I9ih j o! the past 20 days on which the i temperature has ri^en to mo HP Arkansas forecast '_ clear to, grcc ' s or high( T rS rUen lo l °° de ~ _ - . _ And the outlook? "Not much C t (1«\ •-) S?v'-^ ~" change" Is the weather Bureau's t V \jS> J ^V-iv '/ ^recast. , l - Vr~^- x^ fT^.rv l \ Aflcr making its daily trip into Bruce Gardon McGregor Blvihe-' ville; Albert H. Humble. Ofceola: LITTLE ROCK f/Pl — Tennessi Senator Estes Kefauver, a cancl staff indicated this morning that the blaze might have been set. Following the blaze. Mr. Bi'-ker- staff issued n wnrninc: that nil unauthorized perrons "stay out of the em^ty buildups in the future". Firemen at the air base battled the blaze [or ncifrlv an hour in an 'Mr, the BlytheviHe mitlce. Value Days com- Winners nol |>re:ent at the draw- Ings. will bi! mailed their checks immediately. Mr. Holder said. The BVD committee also disclosed lo- . : hower 32, Taft 24. Only 14 now uncommitted, whereas there were 32 in this category a couplo "/ months ngo. Many Fronts Active The Democratic race was being \'ulue Total day. held three weeks ago, registration for prizes was brittle. At k-iist one Communist armorer! vehicle — type unreporlcd — was damaged by planes supporting Ihfi advancing U.N. troops, the Eighth Army ^lid. Two other armored vehicles u-crc seen on the Hill. As the Reds abandoned the hill northwest of Yonr:hnn. Allied soldiers used Maine throweiti to de- siroy their bunkers. Marine planes knocked out lv/0 aiisiri]is near the front in Central Korea. Cftrricr-hiisecl Navy pjnnes blaste<l CominunisL rail yards a supply facilities In Enstem Ko...., while (lie Air Fnrrc hammered I front-line positions with bombs. rot-Ai-ls and flarjiin!: n.-ip.iljn. An iinmumition (iump was blown up and 11 Red truop bunkers, four artillery pieces and an anti-aircraft ijiiji were destroyed, the Fifth Air Force said. Ad ion along the 5 wcHerin<> j , mssiblc s!>ri ,, gboard ^ the front dwindled Wednesday., America" title In Scplemlier. • tals in the registration for the. lirsli"" 1 on m '"ii' fronts. Two states 4,950. with 60 towns represcned, Mr Edwards said. Ten more Value Days are to be held this summer. The Hlytheville Value Days promotion is sponsored by the Merchant's Division ot the ''• Chamber of Commerce. Missco Girls SjCompete with Other Beauties NEWPORT, Ark. Iff, — Tonis)if.s the blR night for 30 of the slate's beauties as one of them will he [named "Miss Arkansas of 195'_>" but the K"fif> ivourrtl hrsivy sirtillci'yj •Ml'] murtur tin- Jnio Allied lines. fomefhing hn<! hc:cn poured on it." I Mr. Bickcrstatr Paid. Ht? said it wii.s ! pavlly cloudy with no important ^ffi^^&ZS ^J^s-Jl. v Cr- ^ TT-—v MORI; HEAT lcri-.Fer.nurn ona.. ^ lh,s afternoon, 0-to -ht and tomorrow 51 ssouri Forecast _ Partly clou- ' d\ r ; orth and pencrallv fair south Ihe 100-plus range, the mercury last niffht settled to an awfully- wa]-ni-for-sleeping low of ~il dc- O::ce more. Blytheville was Ihe top swelter-spot in Arkansas \c«- t^rd.iy. Lonz3 Montqomerv, Keiser- Pelc Elliotl. Holland. Mo. N'eeres—Sumucl Willie Robinson Victoria: John M. Tale. Osrcola-' Charles Ltc Palmer. Louis Grani Murphy, Johnnie Lee McAdams Emmelt Hubert Guyton. Willie i Green Ray, Blytheville; Theophis 'Rutherford. Wilson; Terry C, Patterson. Frenchman's Bavou; Henrv Engcnc Robinson. Roh'ert Junior Byr<i. Joiner; Tonee Love, Luxora- and Sam Pearson Jr., Tyronza. Listed as delinquents on today's cal! -.sere: Whiles — Chester Drown. Leiichville: Wesley Eugene Kciivnrds Benton Harbor, Mich.; and Je.ssc Durcn. \fcars, Mich. N'eerocs—Freddie B. Williams and Gallic Karris. Blytheville: Archie Lee Williams. Cleveland, O. « Presidential asplranls have been : b<ir ° rc hlm In 1«est of Arkansas *°i? f ', Kclallvcr - accompanied by his v <" e - cct "»= ^'Kc. Nancy, canie ov i ' " Nt!w Orl "'« where the ™ onsk " 1 "" wearing senator has n " m ." al s»'»8. Keramers ere to have lunch ' : • governor's mansion then rc- i iTI 1C public at n Litt!c Rort: ' thw a( " !m00 " followed by a " f" nfcr< ;»« and a buffet dinner Arkiln ' as Democratic dcl- | cause "one part, was burned ji badly as the other." "Hie fire was dis.-ovorcd by ! Cox. a n! Jo hn! Scout 1 Scheduled ! -ht and Friday; with scaltcred | slio'i.frs and thunderstorms cxiremc n. :':h. eo^ler extreme norih. j Miirintim this morning— 77. Minimum ye.storda\ — 102. Sun-ct ioday— 1:17. fiininse tomorrow - 4.49 1'ic ipii;uinn 24 limp. Uj 7 a To Draw for Ballot Spots , )rl . iBrifon Convicted j As Red Spy ; LONDON- .;p, _ A Magistrates Court loday committed William [ Martin Marshall. 2t. a radio n n - T.itor for thr- British Foreign Of- fi'c. lo liial 01 , r), iv ri ; e, of slippi,,, Sfji<-is lo a Riissi,,,, ,1,1,],,. William Fulbrighl be unable !r> make the. grade. The Arkansas dc!o- t'alion is comrmtte! to vote for Fulbr'Tht as a "favorite son" rtrrt on Monday. Oklahoma Senator R-berl Kerr will come here [or t! .- same mirpoEc. •ht ival^hinan at rhe base. Mr. Birkerslatf stated that aiioui a month an<l a half a-ro another ! empty barracks buiklina was de- ; stioyeti in a siiiiilur bla?.e. i ! The bullfiillL' that was <!rstro\ed :! in last, night's fire was located In; , what was known as the bachelor ollieers' quarter \vlien the air bnre ; was in operation. Mr. Bi kevst.i'i ; ?nid that Hie fire v.a:s being "in-j vcstigatcd fully." 1 , ( Prison Riots Renortcd j At Eddyville, Kentucky | ; EDDY VILLE. Ky. i;,; _ Two, ; Cu.irrl.-, wcic rf jiorlctf held ,-is hos- , i slate prison. All state pollre in j ! v.-F:-slcrn Kcmucky v.-ere ^ununonitl' to the penitentiary. \^hif:ii hoii-es approxlriinr.'ly I .«.•)' |, r j on, i... The North Mis- I)ri(ricl of the nrjy : toui-hl at 7:30 in Bn-i'i^t Churci), Jim trict Chairman. saK A ilinnei- for K. seoulers present ^ cni'.jimr-tion with O Cleveland said. A N'orlh Ml.-S]:-:-;ippi ^m.ii outs The Rirls were divided into Iwo ill-onus lasl night for )lldfjine „: talent and iuduini; In formals and bathiiiK siiiK. The procedure will lie reversed tonicht for each group. .Miss Shirley King. "Miss Blytheville of 1952," was In the urraip which appeared before the iudaes in balhiiM; .suits and formal drtF cs l.-st nil-lit. This afternoon. Miss I Kins; will do a modern ballet dance' interpretation in the talent division i were clcclln B delegalions at con- ve-nliona today — New Mexico and Mississippi — ana- lhe lnree t contenders were ranging afield for votes. There was also more lalk about iwo men — Illinois Gov Adlai Stevenson and Federal Secur- • ity Admiistrator Oscar Evving — who have been widely discussed us targets for possible drafts for nomination. Tennessee Sen. Estes Kefauver leads the Associated Press scoreboard of Democratic delegate strength with 2-111. Behind him are ben. Richard Russell of Georgia with lie and Mutual Security Ad- ininisli-nlor Avcrell Harrimari with 93'i. It lakes GIG to win. Stevenson, ranked fourth with 51'i. came out of a Chicago hospital yesterday after a minor operation and ran into H reporter'.! stock question: -Will you be available for a draft?" Instead of his usual I-nin.j-iimiinp-n/iIy-for-povcr- nor. Slc-vcn-.oii said: "That remains to be scon." KwiiiL.'. who has a total of three voles, was also in Chicago and scheduled to hold a noivs conference there today. Yesterday he declined lo comment on fro,'h reports that tie would not rtod^c a I draft fit the convention. Indications at Albuquerque were. that New Mexico Democrats umild Di.v loday. uliiiii.sters and M be held ;n| i- meeting. Mt. ' I scoutcjs iji :oiitity will be Adkins Running for Governor/-Ta£kett city's colors in (he pageant is ihe daughter of Mr. and Mrs W Fletcher Kill?. Among contestants presenting talent number*; in last n Mil's pro- cram and scheduled lo RO before _1lld<:rs in bathini? suits and form;ils this rtflcrnoou are Mi.v, .Sallv 'I'rri- vis. --Miss Osceola," and Mi-...' Dixie Faye Killiau. "Miss Manila." Tomchl the contestants will tie narro-;«l to the ten d= 'avinr the in'jst tifnulr. poi-c. talent, in'.-lli- ecnce and |>rr, onalit v. The imfi-e^ will narrow I tie field .further to !rr and then one—Miss Arkansas. section Hevcn. City Ordinance 484.; The ciiionn of them all will tic According to Chief of Police Cecil : crowned hy fiov. Mc.\falh and Mi-s Gr:i-,e. ; . Mr Fan:rht was charged ' CharlnUe .Sinimen. Miss Arkans:^ wit'i itjnorir-K four parking meter, °^ 19S1. llckcts. i An estimated 3,500 persons saw lhe various events yesterday. Ignoring Parking Tickets Costs $10 have aljnut L:ivpn up anv thrju^lil Df plodmnt! the (jrou'i for Irn-ir man hut arc still pitchin-; for the election of fiiendiv dcl"i;alc.s. MISJ, Chance Mi'-.-iis'sippi's 18-votc dnleuatirn of ~'Z incinljc-rs w;ts Ijon; : naiacrj was al-n .-x|)cc:cd in artoiit n rc-o- fii ' for'eilecl a S10 1 Court this morn? of violation of lutiiH, l..kii riirhl,-, pnnrip 1 fn WiiOuri' : :n;?n v,-hii -.r;!! llu.' tin- l:!'|.ll nn. nicanv .'Isil- . kui of Coloi'.iilr, — e- rs l(iif;::n p,i]i c y :m| favor with bolii — 2.1.60. .MCJII (pniperalure <nitd«ay bet^i'.n hi^li and lowi a^o. •'onnal mean temperature lo June— 78. This Date I.-\st Year AfmiiLiuttl this nKilniiiL: 71 M?:<mui;n >•--(* idas -- \tl Pi t( :oit:inon January J u> ;hL- date— 24.72. He',re.M-htL j .li\es of c:imii'l;il political oltiirs in ih,. ,lnn- •< . lir.rv ;>i!l rlr.iu for b.illot |io: ,>„„,, , at lhe Court House here at 10 a m Saturday, according to Je.-s.> Tiivinr Hous^ MT^^r ^l^\S P w^f U c^nJ SC 1±^^- c:nidid;.lKs for uniniv h ,,r! Mate of-i wlilih i.,,i,],t |, a (V ...... ,,"?i, lices are asked | O be pr.-scnt or lhe Kicnilin wiien I f , |!i , ^ a. iep:esent,ilue at, the lira *- ur-cler arrest on June i^ in'the c'o-!, Soviet Embsisv nffiei^i n\- The Associated Tress Rip l:,, M l Tarkett. declareri in i :•])..-, >> a | I'rcs, (,lt laM m ,.|,| w ,.,,. ;:f..d.,v itinl fornirr (iov-rr.oi ||r, m . i-r Adkins is "iiinnina f m - i lis n,,,, 'fun as "-.ovcnior." tfjir-nr^ Tackett, one of live Democratic ', culailnK'-ri'i'.uorl'-' h• 1.T.P ih c ' 1 , ndl<latcs - apparen'.- I to bloek a p.ipci I. was etahoratlni? on his earlier j built in Pre'cntt statement that "a former governor! "e "J,« ~*l ll tl,,' Mil i''k,'tt . jii T;\(ke:i Irlcil mill from bcjlif; s a "real highway Muirv thus poki^rl in ;it ffic HifrlKvav ,...,:,..• ../ n •„,.,. 1 . i •• 11 ^ti binll ;I;H| 11:1- M'-Muth's :ui. Inside Today's Courier liuucne Milli) > : :i]cl he Ijeliev plar.V: will f: Taft at: M iltik.n'-. committee '.:oes to Mc.ik in-xl Tii.-srtay in Ch;r.;co. Ha |.,ai(i h.- c>;ii,-ci~ John Fosler'Dullc.j I to hi-lp wuh foremn policv phases i but rtoclinril Ki rh-..-loso w-licv vviiiiid i head the Mibtuminmce on ihil i topic. i LITTLE LIZ— " r~' |,, Onv. 'I'l.t: governor maker" ™""'"B „ \, C< ? 11 ?' »?••]"," addrf added paper mill. had helpr-rt 1" b>nlil t,, Ike M>:ri Tackct; them ;> oJfirrrs of •-aid. that >lo.: i .itn-ni-ii i,itinii. Miirry said his map "ill show oine "of the real farts aboul the ie: fas ar.d the revelation." of the Hlgh- !'.irl> rrTtificationi v.av Audit r.'omini Aion. . «'<• .ircn'l hr.i .,IS li.inl IK | lr »l . . . . . . l';,i;r X. ri]>ldf II,,- hv John (itmther Sfrmitl uf a .scries . . . Page 7. . . Moncllc. L,,\ora advanrr In Osreola semi-pro tournrv . Sports . . . r.i s e 10. . . . New polio treatment prom'> ' ,.,, noway that he would jne the TF.I ami llell fejlnrr . . . v Wnn*. |. aE( . 5

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