The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1947
Page 10
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hr. PAGE TEN •LTTHBTILLB (ARKJ COURIER NEWS TUKSDAY, AUGUST ft, 1947 U. S. Treasury Again Shows .. Operating Loss WASHINGTON. Aug. 5. (UP) -Heavy withdrawals by Jiritain on the $3,750,000,000 U. S. loan plus sonic sharply higher domestic spending sent federal Bovorimwnt finances Into n tig deficit iu the • Xiist month or fiscnl 1048, the Treasury statement tor July showed today- There was A deficit of $1^72,000.000 for the month. ' British loan v.-ithdrawals of $700,000,000 in Ju!y were $400,000.000 higher than in the correspondlne . month Inst yer.r. Tlic liritlsh have drawn nil but $1.000,000,000 of the loan credit granted n little more than n year ngo. H. M, Jacoway Former 5th DistrictCongressmart,Dies LITTLE KO^K, ' Ark., Aug 5. (UP) — He.'uifsoii Madison Jo«i- way. 77, Jormci Jiflh district con gressman frixn Arkansas, died yesterday in his home here . The first Hi.i.vor- of Ola, Ark., .Ir- <WCn0tl '" CO " SrCSS fr ° m ldU Not- So Bad Not RO seriously injured us lie nppearv.'d, AL-iniH.' PFO Clyde Hartley, 18. of Smnckovrr, Ark,, lies on -,'i [ IjUtjc Rock slKOt n waiting arrival ol an ambulance after he rolhdrd with the our 'at viv'hl. After suflcv- HtTtviw n im-mlicr of the Arka-i- ' I OB wounds on ihe forehead and lace u broken iliuinb and hruist's, Hartley wa.s trculal (U the hospital Bar Association and formci'iy' aiu j released. iNKA Tclephbio,) ESS Bar Association ami fonncriy served as vieo i;-(sidenl of ;he Arkansas Bar Association and formerly served as vi;c president (,f the "Peoples Bank hi Little Rock, He was regnal counsel for ",he birthday yesterday Social Security Bos -fl from 193G to the 19«. " " P<"" Jacoway Is surv'vcd by his widow, | with Kins Orai'isc and the two princesses at Royal Lodge, Windsor C.r«i, one son mid a diu< liter. President Spends Cool Week-end at Shangri-La- Queen Elizabeth is 47 \ WESDSOH, Tug., Alltf. 5. (U£>)— ' WASHINGTON, Ail; Quceji Elizabeth observed her 41th—President Truman returned lo the \VhUe yesterday :\flor a resilul but tool wwk?;iul at 8h:n)<',rl-Iia. presidential hHlr.iw.iy ramp in the mountains of Norl.ii- ein M:ity'aml, On I lie way home, the prc'sidetit stopped nt suburban Silver Sj.rmi;s, where he jnct Mrs. Trtnn;m who arrived by train from their lu- dc'pendccer. Mo., home. Their daughter. Miu'Kitret. ve- llrrwi Hull Is Glve-Away •MUNCIK. Ind. (UP) Police had ) (rouble capturing two youths who escaped from the Indiana State Reformatory. One wore a. full-dress cvenlni! suit taken from i\ ear near the place where they walked off their Jobs. Club 61 Blytiicvlllc, Arkansas Highway 61 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By EUGENE POWELL. Mgr. For Reservations Telephone 844 m:uuc<l in independence where tihc i:; pnu'tifiiiK lii'r sinking prep.-'i.-i- tory to ;i concert tour LliLs Fall, Some!)ocly Saw licit er INDIANAPOLIS 'UP) — Robert Mills told jx/.k'o Mint a pair of binoculars was stolen from his jmtQtiiooilu when he left ib parked hi front of a burlesque, theater. DERTH of a DOLL Q by Hilda Lawrence; Distribulcd by NEA SERVICE. IMC. ; XXVI 7LTARK stood under Ihe light, iuminij the box in his hands. : "I don't yet it," she said. "I don't Understand/' . "That's easy. Somebody wanted , it, took it, and hid iL To be collected nt a Inter dote. Can you i think of a safer hiding place thati ' a suicide's suitcase? A suitcase ! that hod already been searched?" • "While he talked, his thumbnail ; traced ihe deep en wed lines that tbit into the metal base. "Pretty : thing," he admired. "Substantial, ! too. Cloisonne' oil solid brotv/.c. 'Trench. . . . Easy to pawn. Easy ito smuggle out of the house in a : coat pocket, but that didn't hap\ pen. This little gadget said soinc- . thing lo somebody. . . . I'd like to i keep it for i\ while, do you minfl?' I *'Is T o, b\it—" "I'll give it back. I may even : lind your YVncf, iiui«Uy und \vvtU- , out involving you. What tune does • it play? Something about love ; love, love?" His fingers.found the opening catch, "Don't,!" she said. "They'll heai • you in there!" He knew what she meant, room with the locked door was Jess than two yards away, 'fhat's where Li J Han Karris was, swathed like a mummy because she had " hurt four head. lie hesitated, fearful of moving too fust. He couldn't afford to lose ' the precious ground he had just gained. But he wanted an audi- 1 cncc, any audience, residents, scr- • vonts, staff, lie wanted someone I to say, "Gel this. You know that i detective? "Well, he's playing Miss ' Brady's music box up on the seventh floor. He's a nut," : That would mean something to somebody. That would tell some- I body the box was no longer safe. * » * T_To raised the lid of the box as - 1 - 1 - Moke and Poke rollicked : through the door and stopper abruptly. The tinkling tones rani, lown the hall with gentle, plain- ivc insistence, r "Believe me i! all those oiuloav- ng young charms that I gaze on so fondly today—" 'What at'C you girls doing •e," Miss Brady nskcd. "Yon \now this is out of bounds while Jlian is sick." Moke held up a paper bag. "We brought her grapes." Her eyes wore on the box, wide and incredulous. He saw Poke's hand reach out and touch Moke's. It looked like a warning. "She can't eat them now," Miss Brady .said, "Keep them until tomorrow." Mark beckoned. "Say, yon kids, Look what we found in I'UiuYf snilease, WJiat do you think of Dial?" j "Pi-elly," Moke said. * "It's Miss Brady's," he went on "She lost it. And now it turnb up in Ruth's luggage. 11 Moke nnd Poke looked straigh into his eyes and snid nothing, They stood in a circle* uncV-T the dhn light, and three of the foui faces were blank. Mark snappec the lid and the music stopped. He picked up the suitcase. "Thanks viisp Brady, you've been very help 'ul. I'm taking this temporarily you'll got it back with the box . . Miss Small's mom again?" "Yes. I'll come with you." "Don't trouble, please, The rls will announce; my sex and proximity. - . . Come alung, you I wo." ' *- * * T~)OWN in Miss Small's room he scaled Moke and Poke v.'ith a flourish. "Now,'* he said, "take that look off your (aces uud cat your nice grapes yourselves. And when you've got your voices back, tell me why this tittle box knocked you for a loop." Moke wet her lips. "Mr. East, that box is stolen goods." "I ktunv thai, it u-;is stolen from Miss Brady." Gasps followed is statement. "Well, vroJiy with thai, except sii'l nice?" Four /n'tfhtciicc] eyes rcpaix'U him for what was com- ntf, but not Quite. "1 don't fanny ibout MJSS Brady/' Moke said, but th;)l bux was stolen from Hack man's." "^ Ho wanted to shout, What he aid wa.s, "Clloi'y bo! . . . Moke, re you absolutely certain?" They wore both certain, but inly after lliey luiil turned the box ipsido down nnd satisfied them- elves aliout the jnarkid?'- A coord ing tfi Poke, Blackmail's K( imj>orte<l twcn(y-f<>ur mu.sieal lov.'tler boxes fur VaU'iitinu gifts he year before. Diiferon! (Jesigtis, lifRMcnt tunes, eight eon-fifty •acli. They went like hnl rakos mlil there was only one left. The >ne J\lr. Kast wa.^ hoMin#. AJK! a very good customer put her namo for it. The very .^ couldn't make a mistake about it, Because there wu.s cjjily one witli forfiet-nu?-nols and pink hows. f\nd "liclievc me if all those endearing." Hut it disappeared ofY l!ic uounter. T)n: I'li^tomor thai wan led it was a relation ol tb<* VUueUnvm [;u\\ily. So everybody t»oL talked to. That was how 11 ley remembered H. ''But v.'Ucre would Miss Brady get il?" Puke \vaiik-cl to know. ''Maybe it w;ni a present from an old Blackmail ^irl." "That would be a dumb thing lo do." "Dumb?' 1 Mnke repeated. "You mean insane. To f;ivc away stolen tfocxls is Ihe act nt an insane person. 1 think Miss Brady found it in ;i pawnshop/' "You both have something .here," Mark agreed. "Nrnv r\ni roui^h that suitun^o for me and e if everything looks all right." Moke and Poke dropped to their \nces, and he watched their careful hands ;is they smoothed and folded ami brought order In rhans. "The blue suit," Moke said. "The new one. H isn't here." "Tlie one she wore tn tra?" "Yes, sir. And she didn't have it on lhat day—yon know, that <hiy. Somebody swiped it. . . . Tins place is getting me! I'm gunna move!" (To He Continued) "Yes indeed, I remember you very well as a boy—but 1 hope you didn't come all the way from New York just to pay for that window you broke with your slingshot!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER PIPE ocMfi ron A MINUTg .' i "THOUGMf ! HEARD SOMETMIMG/ NOW LVE LX3ME EVERYTHING I TIM&FOR. TUF LlOtJ ~K> HE THAT cw SHOULD WAVE SHOWN UP B'C NOW / I HOPE THOSE KIDS \vnn DONT SCARE TOO BAD/ YEAH, BUT NFS so OLD AMD HE CA.-JT MOVE VER.V FAST/ PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 204S 1044 Chickas«wb« GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch ' H ft. Ft- Wh 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Culvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Sehenlcy 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 5% Beer GAS, reg 17.9c;. .per Case $3.35 . . . EH»yl 19.9c All Brands Cigarets,chi. $1.35 INSURANCE dial 2311 Kor Complete I'rc/fcction • Accident & Health • Hospitalixation • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 308 N. 2nd Charles O. nlttncrW. M. (Dill) Wilson Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Sales Studcbakcr Service Firsr by Far With a Postwar Car Modern lime-saving tools arc provided for our trained mechanics. They use their skill and the correct tools to give you better service. We repair all makaa of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars J.W. Foril Sui>er 2-door 1941 Plymouth 2-door 1941 Plymouth 4-door 1940 FontUc 1!>I6 Chevrolet 55 Ion rickap 1!)46 GniC '/, ton Pickup IStr, HodgeVi Ton Pickup 1941 Chevrolet Vt ton Pickup • Lots of Others to Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studebaker Dealer "First by Far With a Postwar Car' BUI Chamblin —RR & Ash St, Fbone Z195~- Lex ChimbPa WASH TUBBS A Desperate Search BY LESLIE TURNK* Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J.R.Williams RUSTY AS THE J6 CUP AT TH& OLO PL5PAP IM TrtKT A WEEK'S WOODS AMD X'LL. .OW ABOiiT A TEPMrJ TRIP DEEP lfiTH& OKcST TO V4&Y UP CR A RETURN! WftTCU ^ITH WOT Wailing BY MK'HAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE "THANK YOU, "W" 1,'OT SO.V.UCII AS HE . WHAT T rEAKs, inor:. .VOSTIV A LOT 1 DO WU THINK WtLL j OP N.WY POSUCITV. M[ ,',%V,' ^HAPPEN 10 DAODY ? \ SPF\0 A WHUE BEHIND BARS BUT WITH Mis RCf-JTAllON j U6'S<\ttt«.H [OR „ 4 A CAKDCN. MOTHER IS SICEP- IHG.THE POWDER t GAVE HER MUST BE WORKiNS. POOR MOTHER; <iOOO.'SHELL BE CIUMJR WHEN SHE WAKES UP, M155 MOGUL I MIGHT ADD THAT YOU'Rt WKINS THIS TROUBLE IKE A THOROUGHBRED Two ITCMS 80THKMf, WILL GET TO THE POUCE WITHOUT' TRVJVG TO BUTT IN, AND OKIOPJUICt WAS THAT PUDDLE THAT 1EAK OF nib CAR? P*PF ISM'T DOWN) HIS (M f\Cr, MOST OF IHE AstHCV VS. HOME ;kTK IN BED WITH THE DOC TOE.! I KNOW HOW THEY FEEL. BUT I'D LIKE TD SEE MES. KPkLLUCWa fP D1D E FOR MIY PICTURES E^KOONTZ BESIDE NOPE, BUT WE HIT TIV / IT'S ^ SLIW CHANCE, TYKE...BUT WE'LL / LOOK FOB. 8A6f PICTURES BY KOOBTZ 1922 SHE'S HEBE WITH BU&TE TOM OME! YOU'RE WP6TIM voue TIWE, Ml&TER" YAK HAWKER PILTDOWN PEEIODICAL ROOM OF PDBUC LIBKAKV BY EDGAR MARTUf VOVDA-f ARE ^ •TAOSS HORSSS TIED fo THE WAICrt -TH= 'CoSo sSH<l Gorges . !ANt> 1 By V. T. HAMLIN OH IT'LL COMS IN \S1TH THE TIO=.'AfMIVAV, IT OOSSNT M\TTEK.- E NOT SO INS N WHERE™ OO YOU M=AN TO TELL ME T FROWSY FEMM.6 CA.VOBT1NG \MTH 15 JUST IN HIS MIND ? '- J THVT W6V& SOT I DlCts'T LOSS EiACH OTHEfc i OUl WEAPONS FOR COMPANY DO WE' By FRED HATlMAN ANP HER BUDDIES HM-Wll \F KO OVlt DON'T V00'< NOW. DUD, ft f ROM SOOT5!

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