The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1fH7 ILYTHKVILLE (ANK.y COURIER 5TEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION /tally rait* JUT line tot rnusmitlv* lu- - Allujliuiiii Charge ................ W« I Ume IUT line ................. 13c ii Uincs |»-r line per day ........ iUa :t limes IUT lint- i>rr day ..... Ur 0 limes j>cr line i«er day ........ 7r II times por hni 1 per day ........ &c .Man IU per line ..... ......... P<JC i'oum five average words lu the lino. /Sd orilprocl for tlm-i 1 or six limes null e<jj>|it'U H i- fur i 1 L<xplr;it!uu will lit- chari:- nl lor (In- nunilJiT of (lines ih«> ml ap- piarocl and adjustment of bill made. All CJussif in) Acheriislne copy snb- uiUU'd by persons rcsiiUn^ out side of 1 in- rlly must tie at'fomp:inleil by dish. icile.s may In- easily computed frutu I' uhovi; ijble. ., AdvfilKIng onlrr for Irregular Jnsvr- tiuns lakes the one lime rate. No responsibility will 'HJ taken for inure than one Incorrect ImL-rUuu of hoy i-lusiiflfd art. For SoU 170 lip. outboard Kvinrmle John Urlillil. 1U> W. Ash St. 8:2-uk.'> F/lYEnS. ficleiulfu-ally raised In brooder. Never l)t*en on the ground. .4Sc pel Ib. Oil fool, Abraham's cliloki'ii farm. South Ill-way Gl. Next lo ulu l.cjilou Altporl. VH5-elt'B!l.% piece mahogany <linelli> suile. lake now. 310 \V. Walnut, Ph. 2:i2r>. 7 <i<\ dli If FOR YOUR CAR'S SAKE-WE USE For Fine Portraits— O'SU'en's Studio. 7 19 ck S lit |K':ichos. vcgol;il)k's, fniils. iticnls niul ".roccries. Open HI 8 o'clock cvory tlay. I'hone flroccry, riislivvsiy 'il SnuHi. lielow Swifl Oil 7 22 pk 8 22 COMB/WED WITH GENUINE FOR85 SERVICE MKIiO'HANTS l-'0i:el meat CUSPS. waH:-!n eoolrts r/-- fj-li:eriilor.s. Kiul Iji'veraye cooleis mi- iivilLLuble for li!lniecll[kt^ itellvery Aho Ice cream tTlhlin'ts mill ruiiii>ie.-yioi^ OolL Hcotl, 121L W M;lln <jr Jllionc H2CO. G'21-rK-HI 1 ' 1 ) I No. 52 MiOnrmlrk roiiiliUif- (ail l)e :x'<-n ul uiy pliii-i- i wo m!l«-s Honlli nl l>(-ur!in> Mo., oil gravel ro:nl. \V, •r. i.<>!t;'i, (?'. :?. Htcoic. Mo :y)-n>:-B'e A|)ariini v nt. 401 3-7 Asli llonlion ICIuctric pumps softeners, water anil piiiml)iii|r. down and pay once a year 1'or throe years. I'lanlers Hardware {'ompsiny. 7 2'.i ck I •imnll apitrtmoiiU partly furir ishotl, at :M5 S. t>ivisiun. 5fit. :J1 ck H Wonted to Rent WA.LNUT AT BROADWAY Tiuiuccl with chcmicnls, cotton ail be made firo-rrsir.UiiE! moisture-proof. 112 atTt-s .-:isL of Ulytlicvlllp. SI 10 acre. ^<ifJ acres northwcKt of Slcfli-. Mo. Position Wanted For Complete Protection Against AH tNSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 SA1.1CSMAN WANTK1) M;-M fuinl-,h ,-LIV, AH- Mul..S»MKli Dihlilhu* «>»• IfuwleV-h l".i:-L- IVl'll-M'i,. i||L.( H'l- IU'.~. rjo r\|HM l>'ii. »• tiv, :; i( li';i t') uin:.- .'U.m UIIPHI-- .M.'luh 1 ', n.-nv AKII Eddie Saiibo Koof Coating, Industrial and Household Painfs C:ill Im en.,. i;,mr lusiiri'lluii . . . l.i'l me- MI|V<< your iiiilnt |iiolt- Ifllls. r:n lory DKtrilmUir fill- <'n- [ lirliiiiiii: iiiul ClK-lilll'llI Co, ^1 !•:. Kfillucli.v AVO. lil.vllieullo, Phono 2. r >;i<i we're' proud toioiifei'.... 1 icoisis ;tnO Ivitli. 2 blocks from Post Ol [ice. Iniiui'dULtf possession. ft rooms and bntli. No;it uiitJ cle'iK, Can be fliuuiced wliii either Fir A or (i. ], loa[i. Nenr park on pr.vct! , r > rooms niul buth on pa veil street. (lood !(ic:it ion. Mt)[!t;r;iti-ly pr'ccsL. Lar(;t' KUliiirban honie. 3 Ijctlroonis. 'J. baths. Cool -.^iJuJy l:kv,*ti. City v/ii- ttr. I'Li-iUy o/ i;;irtlCH ;ind orcimrtl hpiire. Qulfk rn^rs-loil. Src or tall MIL\ l,0;;iui. HeiiHor. E. T. HuDJjsivd. 2-cJt-b Hny yoni roal brtori? th« winter rush. E,fl us fill your bin. Photic -1 1JOX 650 UlythrvUlr? Ark. S 2-cK-U oxvntrs. Wf: !>!''.'<• ;»omr bi'ht -iU, UO, I^'l- 16-1- *'• and l:iri-er Irvct-i th"'. itj this si'L-tUin of the r l;inds an- sonic of the ol soil nnd tmpiovemr-iu.s. ;\!l trac- «ir 'fnrii's. ()u stnif lilL'Iuviiys. school biisr.s*. mall and bus rome.s elect: ask vou to toiiif in and tulV. tj us nil her than to describe e;icli vidntil farm. V,'e. h:ivo places to nil interested iiuriies who wjmts lo [jv.':i ^ lioinc 1 . -Small down payments and easy terms ovt-r a period o£ years wltH low rato Hurri'St. Across from City l\:\U in llnlo O'dS- KlytlicvLlli-. Ark. liiu^soll !-' KS:ili'^---Broker (i. M. UecK - Sit'n I). Hamer-"Kiile ;•') (KiO it. tnlxed lumhc-r. Chnup. T.- limi ft l-ln. 0;U:, extra good. 2.500 II H-ln f)nk. lll:irkKi»lf<i ^rudo. 1.501) 11 i In. 11 hick Unm. Uitrkstlah? t;i>.. lllvtin-, illi 1 . Arkiinsiifi. 7.31-ck-Bl7 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size L IK\ iMissninii ST. vii. s •CARPENTER SERVICE Minor id'inlrinir. Screen Work' 1 Painting. Hopluclng Wliulows Jil nl.hcr work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. 'IVIophore 2801 Fur hones I, <lcpcnil:i!>lu plumbing services rail :\2S'.\. .liilin H. Frascr. 51.'! Simlb Lilly St., lily Uioville, Ark. 8 .f> pk 1 SANITARY WO11K. Holiert Allen. Pli :!Z For Rent rJeOi-ooin. 3M N. Ninth. Ph. Power Lawn Blowers When the mowing Rets toti<4h. l-ipt j call for us and net LI frrf ileinonslr.\- ' tlon of a povvcr lav/n iiiower. ?^o nu- ll^atlons. We mow wheiR others fnll You decide for yourself. Yes. \ve tnicje In your old tlnnd mow-r.T lilythcvllle Machine SHOP. 211 -i. Second, phone 2823. 7!IV-ck-tl See I.arry Kneas for I'ftyroll nnd Jn- eoine '1'ax Service, bookkeeping and General Secretarial Service. IOD Kust Main, Phone '«» 7]l7-nk-all7 MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loai. lo re?«»r or remcxle]? No 'own payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approred rate 5%. Ask (OF details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 203-i. Lynch Bid*-., BlytheTille. 9-23-ck-tf Notice To .My Pa lien Is ly Of fire Is Again Open 1'liunc 2172 Dr. W. F. Brewer Drnlist W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124W. Ash St. Shipment of Bassinettes Jusi Arrived! TOT SHOP 1!() So, 2m! St. I'lionu 2.'iOS , i The riglil Ic-Oit anu equip- inont (HO hoto lo do your 'rrpoir vvotk inimudialoly |WJi/ woil, wlion you ccn en'[ay bdlof pcff<jrnianro and Irude-iii value lolcr on? i. and to have you meet our TKo men on our icivlco ifafl ora our gruotcit tmct.' facti man if lull/ Iraincd 'onj anxiout to icrvu you.' .tiioy maku u huhlt of doing yood wprk ol (uif prices. i about monthly payments on our LOW COST" X^compfete ilock of g*n£l uine ports Is available for] any replacements needed !ti your car. You'll also find ( tbot v/a liave oil th* oc4 ceisofiei \l\o\ con odd lol muclitornotoiinppf«aiy/»,J 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 EARL WALKER & SON Contracl-ing and Repair Service Prompt Service—Locaf and Out of Town Phone 3553 f :o( brf! .springs =' riKii suite, l(«i with *;. 7.31-rk-a Fresh canning penches. Ice cold w.itcr- tiu;lons. Poullrj'. Baby Chicks. Lcxvls }'oHltry, -il'J Bust Mnln SI. PH. 540. also truck beds l'l)oiV.V"3942.'" Help Wanted Salesman, I'Mpericnce-i", prtifcrn'tl. Ap- ph* hi iier.soii IO Jiin Hrcnvii St»v>" 1 OS W . M a) n. II! \-t\\-- v !' I e i R't-ck-f, I 1 our clianeo hoys to tour ihi- r.s. CaiiKfln »titl Mexico. If von srle and !>etwcen the a^''^ *>f lh:nry First. lilnv: you ,1-n't need? Tr,\(ic nl 8w:i|> Rli-to. <0i t. Minn. I!l ami 23 uncl free to travel. This ; is your om>»ru:nily. AIL transporta- I llmi fiirnlslH'd in «lli h tat ton wagons; Hvei'jiije. rurmuij; $200 per month Sn- Warren Merrlek, Nobti- Hotel jiTti-r Ji pm. Strayed s; ,ow 3 • Thc"Jeep" p «nd o.hcr tar,,, \,->W> ll>s., hauls 800 Iks. You can cross rown or p.iscurc I,, ,h e Jci-p. A power takc-ort to run your equipment. (Jon,.. .. scc how - SEE IT NOW AT POOLE MOTOR CO. rcJf, ;\lo. riionc Stcele 49 1 Hlark horse mule fwhlto iins:t^i \r< Imncl.s. 1 yt'iir.s ol<l. R. .s. ITams. 31' Wahmt fit. K4-nk-l! Wonted Collector ...... lo rollcct nrcountR nart. tlrnc. C:onirnls;;lon Ijasls. Conncleir.f.-] \Vrl(r t)0^ F. M. *'„ Oonripr News. 2 good Ohevrolel mechanics. liuclianan Cl-.cvrolel Co., Oscenla, Ar!;-, I'hono >7()7. 7 "O clc S C, Help Wanted lalosman or salrsinily to contact run I Ufldf! l:i Mississippi Comity. D-.iiv- Int; urcoun',, pood r-onnnlsslon. Wr!l<* lio^ ME. ' J-, Courier News 7il9-fk-lf ,'. iiMt :mty. who Is intelligent. KOOC! nn r,.iortlKHiil. aiul some bookkrrp- iu». tn On I'fneral orflrn work. p,-r- :fiiui^iH. Anplv tti Box 000. ': f.'onr- krr News. " 8'4-rk-U /nstructfon, Ma/e IN'KTRJJCTION Oft TRADK ECHOOI-S Instruction. Male, Anlo Boclv atitl PriHlf-r Irahiinii. Inrliullii-^ wrldln-'. r.pray pointing nnd molnt work, ixnik Into It! One of tlie most prontnblr branches or trnnrmlouK nuto liul'v try nffr-hi:; chrttict'S for coorl (oh or your own bnr-iltirss. T,enm In "ionr** time. Veteran nnd civilians Write for Free rnrts Auto-Crafts Trainhv Hov MAO f " f Courier NYws. For Sale of Trade v «-rt r{S mm portable movlni 1 ! nlrtvir |iro)er'iors. MtUnhle for smnll Dim :r or dmUt. hftvo two ^ootl lornl ion for r-nine. Holland Thcntrc, Hollnnrt. Mo. H S-nX-1^ Lost Black toy MnnrhPstev cloy. Answrrs to nr\nlo of "Frlskry" Ears droop. tSS.lXt rr\v:ir(t. Writ.i hox XT. IJ. *:; Couvlrr News. jrw-pt-.-Bi; 111ar>; billfokl. Friday Nltr Contact. 1113Mo llainnn, IMir Rr-ward. no jsr.r, \Vlion our rxpt'i't staff slumps ;tn "OK" r>n yruir o;ir, you ;iri' assured of Hie fincsl hi prrfornvuico in jjiv in^ you many miles ol" rirh'n<4 case*, jileasiiic and I'oni- furl, \Vhon our mrchanirs sei I ho licsl. yinii- i-iir, you LANGSION-WROTEN CO. Corner Watnuf and Broadway Phone 555 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Fur Kipert Jtp[mir« 3^1 Ivast Main HL Felix A. Carney Saleslady Wanted xi'i'lli-nl silk's o|: Jily :il .Mis--; WliillsiUV! •siio|i. Apply in liorson IciJ J H. li. ('iiiiiplir-ll. ! 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MO»t:i,. HK- UAI1LIO WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for ;iml Ilolivcr FRED CALlEHAfi Mlcctrit-il Appliiincc Co. Auflinrl/.cd Motorola KaiHo Kiilcs :iiid Service Iflfi Snulli First SI. FARM LOANS Vtul cun now si-cm'r LIis- Ji)t>st :il- Irarllvr farm loan In lilslory. Low ndcs nf iiili'rcsl, I'xlrcmi'ly Icmii If] ins wllh lllic'i'nl prcpnyincnl plivill'l'i's. !>l:u:lii:;b11y 111) fxpullfe ulliiilu'd. If your prcsi;nl loan dnrs not, hrar ICMI Hum I) pi 1 ) 1 n'lit y«.u will ci'itiiinly l)i- hiliwsli'il In mir Fnrin Ixians. UnltintU'd ninoiml livalhilllr. Hui'll nil upporlimll) 1 inuy ncvfi' rxlsl :H',iiln. Hn if you wisii In Ilnancc nr icliiuinci', A. v. niKTiuni tlllUrd Insiirancp At;i'nry 20!P'i \V. Slain— (lu:irtl HIllK. Illyllirvllli!, Ark. DON EDWARDS The Trpcwrllcr Man- HOVAIi, H MIT II, COIiONA »oi KKMINOTON FOHTABLI 110 N. BKCONI) 6T. PHONE tW] (Every Trnnsnctlou MOST DK SATISFACTORY) I PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Tlest I'rlccs Kirby Drug Stores C'A\ \VATICK AID IN ARTH R IT I S — R H EU M ATI S M ? VES—II H's Mountain Vullny Mlncrnl Wfilcr, the fanums health wnlcr frcjm Hoi Kprinns, Arkansas. SI(iir\TAlN VAI.I.KV liclgis .sllmnliilu k 111 ncy iii> tion. (.iiiiinuid"; Hi'' U'asU'S- ^o uricn lln: undrrlyliu,' t::nisc of Arthritis and RhiHiiiuillsin. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M:iln and Division llle, Ark. "(JucsK Hi' wil'o wiis riifhl • . • Kliouid'n liail my brakes rclincd at SKAV MO'I'OK CO.Ml'ANYi ICE COLD! Watermelon Cold 2V 2 c Ib. ... 50c ca.& up Blytheville CURB MARKET K. Main Phone 07.'J We Guarantee t RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires B« GENERALS Cosl More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. (16 K. Main Phtne =»1 ' Gy AL, VERMEEI Boy!It's a wonderful day^ for plunging into the lake! Boy! It's wonderful day for sprawling , in the

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