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Reading Timesi
Reading, Pennsylvania
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EIht PENNSYLVANIA TRUST 536 PENN STREET. Assets Over $6,400,000.00 "SAFETY FIRST." STOP RIGHT NOW! Do not go a step further without going through a good, hard thinking spell about saving. If you do not save you are facing poverty. Stop, turn around, save and begin to face toward riches and competence. Open a savings account, right away, with the Commercial Trust Company.

Your savings work for you and earn 3 per cent. COMMERCIAL TRUST CO. Open Saturday Evenings From 7 to 9 TMEO.C.AUMAN Undertaker and Embalmer THE READING NEWS TIMES, FADING, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 9, 1914 FINANCIAL A ND COMMERCIAL HEAVY SKIXINB Freight Rata Cut Causes Drop in Canadian Pacific Quotations RALLY IS SHORT LIVED Whole List Stiffened by Strength of Coalers, But Market Turns Downward NEW YORK, April 8. Speculative selling of stocks increased today, and while the movement was irregular the prevailing tenc'ency was downward. Trading was considerably heavier than during the unnaturally dull markets at the.

opening of the week. A violent slum in Canadian Pacific gave the market a setback at the opening. The sweeping reduction in freight rates ordered by the Canadian Kailway Commission led to large offerings of the stock. It was forced under 200 for the first time since 1911, showing r. Iaah nflinn a VlA fair's Irt a tttoo ui seven yuiiiio luc Vic a IV" price.

After a general decline of small proportions, the market stiffened for a lime under the lead of the coalers, which were stimulated by Lackawanna's victory in the anti trust suit. The rally wad short lived, however, and in the late trading the market again turned downward. Last prices showed a preponderance of small declines, running up to a point or more in a few cases. The afternoon decline was Influenced hy further indications of unsatisfactory business conditions. Lackawanna, Steel's quarterly report showed a deficit of $445, 000, compared with a surplus of $742,000 last vear.

Idle freicht cars increased nearly in the last half of March. The weekly steel trade reviews were pessimistic, indicating that wage reductions might be necessary if conditions did not imr.rove. Total sales 222,900 shares. Bonds were rregular. Total sales (par valu;) $2,400,009.

United States bonds were unchanged on call. FOR GOOD FRIDAY ORDER EARLY. II S5lNS SUDDEN WEALTH YOU can will your estate to your sons and daughters, but you can not bequeath your wisdom and experience. Many a young head has been turned by the sudden acquisition of money. And many a legacy, through the' inexperience of its ownerhas been quickly lost to the sharper and the crook.

By appointing this company trustee, you can accurately direct your estate, even after death, affording your heirs a perfect protection. Talk it over with our trust officer. BOTH PHONES THE COTTON MARKET Fear of Freezing Weather Offsets Bearish Wheat Feeling CHICAGO, April 8 Misgivings about tile ohance that wheat would be damaged by the freeaing temperature Southwest helped to offset today the beans influence of the government crop report Accordingly prices closed firm at a shad to a net decline. Corn wound up a to He above Monday night, oats down to liC and provisions with a gain of to 22V4C. WHEAT May 90 90 July 8 86 90 CORN May 6S July SL 694 8 mi OATS May 39ft 39 July 39 40 38 39 20.82 20.87 10.52 10.72 S94 20 97 21.05 10.55 10.75 FORK May 20.85 21.00 July 20.90 21.06 LARD Way 10.55 10.S0 July 10.70 10.80 R1BS May 1U6 11.20 11.15 11.17 11.32 11.37 11.30 11.37 July Cash quotations were: Rye, No.

2, Barley, 60a64c. Timothy, Clover, Park, $20.97. Lard, $10.07. Ribs, PHILADELPHIA PROD UCE PHILADELPHIA, April 8. BUTTER Firm, unchanged.

EXTOS Firm, unchanged. CHEESE Weak. WHEAT Steady, unchanged. CORN Firm, unchanged. OATS Steadv, unchanged.

LIVE POULTRY Steady, unchanged. DRESSED POULTRY Firm, unchang ed. TALLOw Steady, unchanged. POTATOES Firmer; per bushel, 85a90c; Jersey, per 20a50c; Florida, per barrel, CHICAGO CATTLE CHICAGO, April S. Hogs Receipts.

1S, 000; steady; bulk of sales. light, $8.7008.87 mixed. heavy. a8.80; roueh, JS.was.w; pigs, s.was.w).. CATTLE Receipts, strong; beeves.

XG.95a9.50: Texas steers, stockers and feeders. $5. 6PaaS.15; cows and heifers, 3.75a8.6fi; calves, SHEEP Receipts, 20,000 strong: hlghpr; natives, J5.4Oa7.0O; yearlings, lambs, native, EAST BUFFALO CATTLE EAST BUFFALO, N. April 8. CAT TLE Steady.

VEALS HOGS Heavv. mixed, $30a 9.40; vorkers. J9.2ua9.40; nigs. roughs. stags, dairies, SHEEP Lambs, JS.50a8.40; yearlinrs, wethers, ewes, $4,008.

6.50: sheep mixed, clipped lambs, BUTTER. EGGS AND CHEESE NEW YORK, April 8. BUTTER Steady; creamery, extra, 25a26c; firsts, 24a25c; seconds, '22a23c; creamery, held, seconds 19sl30c CHEESE Unsettled; state, whole milk, fresh specials, 14aloc; do. average fancy, 13al3c. EGGS Easy; unchanged.

FLOUR Quiet. PETROLEUM OIL CITY, April 8. Credit balances, runs, 52,102: averages, ship 1 247 PENN STREET Funeral pnrtor and apartments for funeral services when desired. The largest and most complete show rooms in the city. No charge whatever Is made for the use of parlors or any part of the building.

LANCASTER TOBACCO Average For 1914 Will be Largely De creased, Say Growers LANCASTER, April 8. A considerable amount of 191S tobacco was bought the past week at all sorts of prices, ranging from 4 to 10 cents. The extensive out of town buyers are not now in the field and many of the local packers have not yet been in the market, and will not be in unless they can get rid of some of their old grades. March showed an improvement in cigar output over February, but when analyzed there was practically no increase. There were several less working days in February than March.

Extensive cigar manufacturers report business as not brisk and at several of them they are piling r.p goods in the hope of an improved business in the near future. The dullness in the cigar manufacturing end of the tobacco industry had its effect on the business of the packers. They report very few customers, and sales in small amounts. There will be a largely decreased acreage of tobacco in 1914, compared with 191,1. If the tobacco fanners give proper attention to what they do cultivate better prices will be the result.

NEW YORK STOCK QUOTATIONS Furnished by D. E. Berg, 310 Colonial Trust Bullaing. Open High Low Anaconda 36 35 3514 '56 'sn 69 69 69 77 76 7 63 "mi '6276 32 '31 '31 23 'mi Amer. 34 Amer, Foundry, 50 Amer.

Smelters 69 Ainal. Copper 77 Amur. Sugar 100 Distillers 18 People Gas 123 Consolidated Gas 132 U. S. Sielc, 63 do.

Pfd. 110 Col. Fuel 32 Rep. Steel, 2334 Pressed Steel, 43 U. S.

Rubber, 0 Pacific Mail '25 Western Union 2 American Jce 30 Bklyn Rap. .92 Pfd 61 Erie, C. 29 62 30 29 62 30 61 30 92.. 61 3 do. Pfd.

4fi Reading 165 166 Lehigh Valley 144" 146 165 1655 144 145 Chesapeake Ohio. 54 544 53 53 Norfolk Western. 104 Baltimore Pennsylvania ilissouri Pacific Texas Pacific Wabash, C. do. Pfd.

K. Southern St. Paul T. S. Union Pacific S434 90 R9 .110 110 110 110 25 16 2a 2fi 25 16V, 163s 15 5 4V4 "8 5 ITU 25 101 25 25V; 101 101 97 97 25 101 97 97 159 159 15S ISSvi Southern Pacific 944 94 94 9(54 G.

North, d. 125 125't Northern Pacific 114 114 114 114 Canadian Pacific Rock Island 202 202 199 200 3 3 3 3 do. Pfd 6 30 35.. 51,4 St4 34 'mi 29 40 121 74i 6S7 New York 9 Central Leather, 35 Kan. City C.

75 Utah Copper 67 American Can 29 Bethlehem Steel .41 Pittsburgh Coal 20 do. Pfd 92 mi 35 '5R 1J1 74V .41. 122H 74W Am. Tel. 122 Westlnghmise Elec.

74 Western Marland 69 Bl ILDIXG PERMITS Building permits were issued to the following on Wednesday: L. Barr, one story galvanized iron shop, rear of 312 South Seven teenth and a Half street, size 12 by 16 feet. Estimated cost of construction, $50. N. A.

Henry, one story galvanized iron stable, size 11 by 9 feet, rear of 550A Tulpehocken street. Estimated cost, $50. John Hemminger, one story galvanized iron shed, rear of 1158 Elm street, size 11 by 20 feet. Estimated cost, The following were granted permits to make general repairs: L. G.

Heinly, contractor for George Auge, 445 North Tenth street; A. H. Martin, northeast corner of Third and Chestnut streets; Frank Fehr, contractor for Aug. Boldt, 551 South Eleventh street; Tobias Knoblauch, for 423 South Seventh street and 109 South Seventh street, and Harrison Mengel, contractor for H. Mengel, 543 North Tenth street.

John D. Mishler, for the Reading Poster Advertising Company, took out a permit for the erection of six billboards, each 10 by 50 feet. Three of the boards will be erected in the vacant lot north of Amity street, at Riverside, and three at Pike and Centre avenue, northward. Use of street permits were granted to the following: W. H.

Matz, 207 North Eighth street, and W. I. Ren ninger, northwest corner of Robeson and Front streets, for seven dwellings. Curb regulations were granted to the following: Joseph Baler, contractor, eight feet, Madison avenue, real of 312 North Fifth street; Sharp Ravel, 300 feet, east side of Fifteenth street, between Cotton and Fairview streets; 360 feet, west side of Fifteenth street, between Cotton and Fairview streets. "WHAT! A NEW CARPET?" No, Just Cleaned at the BERKS WORKS PEERLESS COAL Price, Quality, Preparation and Service will please you.

AMMON Cor. 8th and Greenwich Sta. WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR Automobile Repainting. New tops, New Fore Doors. All New Bodies on your Automobile.

We make and repair Automobile Springs. Our service is yours to command, our prices are right. Biehl's Carriage Wagon Works 81 South Fifth Street THE U. S. STANDARD BEER BREWED BY READING BREWING CO.

is bottled at the brewery and guaranteed for three months or longer. ON DRAUGHT AT ALL LEADING PLACES. BONDS Series of Educational Articles INTEREST AND DIVIDEND 'The return which an investor gets from any sort of an investment is known as tfto INTEREST or the DIVIDEND. There is a distinction in these two words which the average person does not quite understand, Interest Is what the lender of funds or bond owner receives from the borrower and which the latter is willing and agrees to pay for the privilege of using the unas lor a certain period, It is usually a fixed sum," and is payable at specified periods, as a rule senii au nuaiiy, during the lire or the loan. Dividend is the amount which the stock holdtr gets from the profjts of the busi ness or enterprise in, which be has placed nis lunds.

The amount of dividend Daid is elastic: it maybe increased or reduced according as the profits of the business are large or small. i Bondholders Receive Interest a noiaer or bonds, like a holder of a mortgage, gets inte. is contingent uoon which in nowise TJ .1 borrowing corporation. because the corporation at the outset has Trautman, of Gibraltar, ranked sec promised to pay so much on the borrowed orid," each' having the same average. money simply for the privilege of ing the funds.

No matter what happens, mat interest must be paid. On the other hand, dividends, being de pendent upon the profits of the company, they need not be paid, and as a rule are the There is yet another distinction most important of all, which the investor should Know, xnousanas ot investors In bon is doubtless think that when they buy a' 5 or 5 per cent, bond should receive 5 or. 6ft per cent, on their bond, as the case may be. Such a return on the investment would Der cent, or a. HU.

tier nerit: hnnrl was rnirte at ar. But such is not always the case, indeed it is rarely the case. Yield on Bonds Many bonds vhen issued are placed on the market and sold above par, and on the other hand some issues when offered to investors are sold under par. when a bond sells above par it is said to be sell ing at a premium; when it sells below par it is said to be selling at a Therefore, when a 5 per cent, bond seifs above par, or 100 per say 103, it i selMng at a premium of above par, ano en at mc mveciui lvo, me Hivcsmi receives in return not 5 per cent, on $100, but a little less. The net return on a 5 per cent, bond selling at $103 would vay according to the duration of the issua.

Such a bond selling at par wou be sell inK on what brokers denominate a 5 ner cent, basis. What Government Bonds Yield government bonds have been known to as i per ar.3 aeam ham rfflcfl vr mA m. day United "states government bond's sell somewhere between 2 and 3 per a ly alluring to investors who a. 1,::" tions of $1,000. A number of coroorations have some outstanding bonds in denomin ations or and a few are of $100 denomination.

The bulk bf all bond interest is dis Dursed semi annually, much of it on an aate in January and July. The fis cai year runs from in ii.ii however, largely a matter of convenience to use mat date for the payment of in terest. The payment of the Interest is a simnle matter. If the bond Is a reelstered hnnd porntlon or the bank is sent to the holder wnose name is rejristered: if the bond 's not registered tne interest is forwarded upuu presentation oi tne coupon auacnea in to the bond calling for the amount. As a 4 10 were suc rule, however, the holder of the interest cessful at Morgantown.

Elsie Stoltz coupon prefer to present it to his bank which thereupon arranges to cash it for mm. Banks Accommodate Patrons It frequently happens investors leave tneir bonds with the bank in trust, In that case the banker attends in th ensil ing or collecting of the interest which he credits to the bondholder. wnen tne final coupon attached to a bond becomes due, the bond itself is pre sented for payment with the coupon. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS The following real estate has been transferred: Two story brick South Twelfth street, lot 14.4 by 92.8, Alice Bard to George W. Fehr.

Price, $1,950. Two story brick dwelling with stone front and mansard roof, 315 McKnight street, lot 13.3 by 109 feet, Howard C. Long to Isaac M. Brown. Price, $2, 700.

Two story brick dwelling, 425 North Ninth street, lot 13.4 by 115 feet, Florence Mendelsohn and Samuel, her husband, to Emanuel Kleine. Price, $2,000. Modern style brick dwelling, 714 North Fifth street, lot 26.9 by 26 feet, Jerome L. Boyer and Susan E. his wife, to William McHose Boyer.

Price, $6,000. Two story brick dwelling, 750 Birch street, lot 12.5 by. 100 feet, warry ueem and Rosanna, his wife, to William T. Fox. Price, $1,700 Two story brick dwelling, 1125 Windsor street, lot 14.4 by 100 feet, Miller E.

Willever and Lizzie, his wife, and Charles D. Wagner and Leah his wife, to Walter Franklin Moyer. Price, $2,050. Two story mansard roof brick dwelling, 523 Perry street, lot 13.8 by 100 feet, William S. Fisher and Minnie his wife, to Charles F.

Trout man and Anna his wife. Price, $2,585. Two story brick dwelling, 1335 Mul berry street, lot 14 by 105 feet, Chas. F. Thren and John V.

Thren, execu tors of the last will and testament of Joseph Thren, deceased, to A. K. Adam, of New Hanover, Montgomery Price, $1,700. CITY FINANCES. City Treasurer Filbert's daily finan cial statement is as follows: Receipts, water rents, licenses, 1914,1 fl.

4u; health, permit clerk, $31; water, $2.90. Expenditures, city, $6 BUS Foley Kidney Pills Successful for Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble Easy to lake, quick to give good results, positive action Tor backache, weak back, rheumatism, kidney and bladder troubles. As soon as you begin taking mem uu ieei uie oenent or their heal ing qualities. P. J.

Boyd, Ogle, Texsis, says: "Afier taking two bottles of Foley Kidney Pills, my rneumatlsm and kidney trouble are completely aone." Safe and effective. Contains no he hit forming uuKB. American Meaicine 710 Penn St. Aav. Dr.

Milton M. Doughertv Issued a statement declaring that he Was slated as candidate for Cone ressman at Larte hv .1. Tl ine nyan iacuon witnout nig permia COUNTY PUPILS WHO ENTER HIGH SCHOOL Superintendent" ttapp Conducts Examinations at Eight Central Places 38 IN CENTRE PORT CLASS Rehrersburg Applicants Showed Highest General Average Marks Eighth grade central county school examinations were held at Blrdsboro, Friedensburg, St Lawrence, Douglass vllle, Centreport, Morgantown, Mertz town and Rehrersburg. Thirty one applicants presented themselves at Birdsbpro. of whom 10 failed.

Union, Brecknock and i Robeson were repre sented In the class. Harry E. Jacobs, 0f White Bear, easily ranked first, and E. Mae Welsh, of Union, and Samuel Most of the successful applicants will enter the 'Blrdsboro high Principal Kreider assisted in conducting the examination. Z.

Twenty one out of 28. applicants were successful at Friedensburg. Oley, Pike and Earl were represented. Samuel R. Bigpny, of Oley, made the best average, and William S.

Cleaver, of Weist'S school, in Oley, ranked second Principal Reiff assisted in conducting the examination. Nearly all of the successful applicants will enter the Oley township high school Fifteen out of '36 applicants failed at St. Lawrence. Exeter, Alsace and Lower Alsace were represented. Mary D.

Roush, of Esterly, led the class with an average of 90.7, the highest made this year. Grace E. Levan, of ranked second. Most of the successful applicants will enter the hlSh school at Mt." Penn and Birds Doro. All of the five applicants at Doug laSSVille wpr Sllf OHf 11 1 Tnhn vllle wer succssstiil.

John Rhoads, of 'Amityville, ranked first Most of the applicants will attend the Amity township high school. Princi Pal Edinger assisted in conducting the examination this year. This was the smallest class examined this year Thirty eight applicants presented themselves for examination ntTn. iiienieeives lur examination at uen treport' of whom 14 failed. This was tfle largest class of the season.

Scores of visitors could not enter, the school building owing to the crowd. The ap Plicants from Penn township were re fused admission on account of the many appplicants, and will therefore be examined at Bernville on April 22. Upper 'Bern, Tilden, Centre and Centreport were represented. Howard M. Zweitzig, ranked first, and Milton J.

Mengel, of Miller's school, in ranked second. Principal Heckman, of West Leesport, assisted in conducting the examination. Most Vl oulL1'" wi.iii win en ter tne mgn schools at Hamburg, Leesport and West Leesport tus ranked All of the appli cants will enter the local township high school. 1 Eleven out of 34 appplicants failed at Mertztown. Longswamp and Top ton Orphans' Homes were represented.

Edna Witwer, of Mertztown, ranked first, and Irene F. Dries of Shamrock, second. AH of the successful applicants enter the high school of Principal Kemp assisted in conducting the examination. Only one out of five appplicants failed from the Orphans' Home at Topton. Only seven out: of 36 appplicants failed at Rehrersburg.

Bethel, Tulpehocken, Upper Tulpehocken and Jef ferson were represented. John A. Hibschman, of Straiusstown, made the Pest average and Earl S. Oxenreider, Pf Rehrersburg, was second. Princi Pal Beidler assisted in conducting the examination.

All of the successful ap Plicants will enter the high schools of Bethel, Myerstown or Richland, Tast week Superintendent Rapp for a second visited the schools of Mohnton. He was "accompanied by Directors Charles N. Worley and John Werner. Harry E. Worley, one of the teachers, resigned to accept a po sition in the mail service under the civil service regulations, and Marga ret M.

Mohn was substituted in his place. Owing to inadequate housing conditions a temporary room was Bilious? One of Ayer't Pills at bedtime hut ne. Acta en the liver. Gently luatta. Sugar coated.

AU vegetable. Sold for mi year. Ask Yur Doctor. L2.n REMOVAL NOTICE On and after April 1st our office will located at walnut St Reading Transfer Company. Both 'phones.

Formerly 211 Poplar St AGENTS MAKE MONEY Jmlmtim Jm nfc to lij nIHu Btmi, Iltk. liu. Uui II.H tar wl rrM, lul (liilit tmt fltm wvnm in. THE W. H.

SUPPLY Cincinnati, Ohio. The DANDY Mail Box An Excptionl opportunity for Afent. Oaa took sisned order for 100 in four dayi. Tbo beit. highly approred and nfMt Mall Box manufactured.

Writ (at particulars and oew OaUlocua. Bamplo Box, Repaid SUu HOtrSEHOLD SPECIALTIES 718 Pearl Camden, J. fitted up for the seventh and eighth grade pupils in Werner's cigar box factory on Walnut street. The room was provided with single desks. At a special election recently for a.

loan of $25,000 for the purpose of erecting a new school building the loan carried by a majority of 61 The board accordingly is making arrangements for the erection of an eight jroom high school building. Stetler Mengel, of Wyomissing, were commissioned as architects. The best available site in Mohnton, comprising nearly three acres, was recently purchased for $4,100 to erect the building. Mohnton is wideawake educationally. Hazel Pyle, of Douglassville school, in Amity, resigned, and Esther Alten derfer, of Pottstown, a graduate of Wilson College, is substituting.

Earl, through Jackson R. Rhoads, reports 24 pupils in attendance every day, and Amity, through Paul L. Ed inger, reports 38. Amity will be rep resented in the final spelling contest by Maud Miller and in the arithmetical contest by Katie M. Harner.

E. M. RAPP. GEORGE H. DICKSON DEAD AT LEBANON American Iron and Steel Employe Was Valuable Citizen LEBANON, April 8.

In the death of George H. Dickson, aged 58 years, of 128 South Fourth street, this city loses one of its best known and most respected residents. He had beeen em ployed for many years at the American Iron and Steel Company plant. Mr. ana Mrs.

Roe Searing, of Twelfth and Spruce streets, Philadel phia, were in Lebanon as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George May, of 40 South JNintn street, and family. Mr. Searing is a boss contractor and has large of fices in the Quaker City.

Frank Rader, of the firm of Ibach ana Kaaer, cigar manufacturers, of Newmanstown, had as his guests County Treasurer and Mrs. John i lartman at dinner at his home at Newmanstown. Mr. Rader and Mr. Hartman are close friends.

Miss Helen Rrightbill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Brightbili, of Annville, returned tor resume her studies at Vassar College, at Pough Keepsie, in. after enjoying a brief vacation with her parents At a meeting of the Socialist nartv or tne Eighteenth Congressional District recently held at Harrisbure. J.

Milton Ibach, of this city, was selected as the candidate of the party for congress from the district which comprises Lebanon, Dauphin and Cumberland counties. Four hundred Baltimore Masons, members of Druid Chapter, and a smaller delegation from Washington, arrived in Philadelphia last night on two special trains with the much talked of "traveling triangle." YOUNG BOY OR GIRL wanted for light work in hosiery mill and TWO EXPERIENCED LOOPERS 141 Cedar Street, 2nd floor CHEER UP. If your fires are out every morning, why not try a ton of YOCOM'S COAL, The Hettest in the World. Raudenbush 29 North 6th St DRUGS, TOILET ARTICLES. SODA WATER, CIGARS PRESCRIPTIONS COMPOUNDED BEST COAL The Kind with which to.

fill your Bin. We are having excellent results from the kind of Coal we are selling. We do everything that lies in our powr to sell you coal that is of the very best quality, clean and 2,240 lbs. to the ton. OUR CASH PRICES: PEA, NUT PEA, Jo.70; NUT, STOVE, EGG, $5.90.

50 Tears in Business denotes satisfied customers H. G. LANDIS' SONS, 73" WANTED Men and Women To join our Civil Service class at oncei Government positions are desirable. Home study with Personal Assistance and examinations at the school. Also courses in Drafting.

Call or write. Open daily and Tues and Sat. evenings. KEYSTONE CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL THE LOCAL INSTITUTION 318 Berks County Trust Building MMMMmiMMIIMIMU Heavy i Light UQiilinfy Piano Furniture) 1394143 REED ST. BOTH PHONES.

BROWS FUNERALS The funeral pf James Ashton Parker, well known former councilman of the Thirteenth Ward and superintendent of the Mt. Penn Gravity Railway, was held from his late residence, 959 North Tenth street. Members of the Elks were selected to act as bearers. The body was Entered in the family's burial plot in Charles Evans cemetery. The tributes comprised the following; Vacant chair, employes of the Mt.

Penn Gravity Railway; galax wreath and roses, nephew, Ralph C. Hackman; pillow of roses and carnations, 'wife; carnations and sweet peas. Miss Florence Miller; lilies and daffodils, Mr. and Mrs. David Moodhard; design of roses, carnations and sweet peas, Washington Fire.

wreath of roses and carnations, Mr. and Mrs. Ho ward Wink; cluster of roses and carnations; Edgar Richards; roses and sweet peas, Raymond Fields; lilies, Mt. Penn Gravity. Railroad; snap dragons, Davis family; hyacinths and roses, Mr.

and Mrs. Lewis Geiger; carnations, Samuel Newkirk; narcissus, sister Jane; sweet peas and tulips, Mr. and Hiest; daffodils, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Hackman; galax wreath, friends; lilies, baby Ethel.

Interment was made in Charles Evans cemetery. Undertaker, Hen FAIR SITE BOUGHT Agricultural Society Signs Contract For Wyomissing Ground The' board of directors of the Berks County Agricultural Society, in session on Wednesday morning, signed the contract for the. purchase of the new' fair grounds site at West Wyomissing and paid down money on the plot. They are to take over the farm on June' and in the meantime the society is privileged to. start preliminary work on the erection of buildings, laying out of the n.

I AT THK KRliM PHARMACY, 223 NORTH UP. Krtim feXTH STREET. READING, PA. 35 years of paramount success in the treatment of Skin, Chronic, Nervous and Social Diseasesj Blood Poison, Catarrh Cancels, Tumors, All Foreign Growths Removed hy Humane Methods. NO CUTTING.

Consultation Free. MEN CORflE TO ME I will restore you in the shortest possible time at the least possible cost for the services of an Expert Specialist. 1 will give the POOREST man a chance, as well as the RICH, to receive treatment from me at a email cost. There is no man too POOR to get an examination and my advice FREE, 914, Given for Contracted Blood Disease DR. REDMOND.

I see and treat all patients personally. 1 use my own name and recent and 'true photograph, so when you call on me you can know you are consulting the" Chief Consulting and Examining Physician. No deception. Office Hours Dally, 0 M. to 8 P.


Robinson Was Identified With Caramel Business LANCASTER, April 8. M. Robinson, vice president of the Standard caramel factory at Prince and Lemon streets, Lancaster, died Tuesday afternoon at his home. The deceased was one of the best knofrn citzens of Lancaster, and for a number of years had been identified with the caramel business in this city. Previous to the organization of the Standard Company he was connected with M.

S. Hershey in the manufacture of chocolates and caramels, and when the Hershey plant was moved to Hershey, Mr. Robinson, with several other Lancastrians, organized the Standard concern, which has built up a large business. He was a'member of city councils from the Seventh Ward for a period of ten years, and always took a keen interest in public affairs, Mrs. John Adams, of Reading, is a sister.

A bomb exploded in Victoria Gusmano's drug store at Detroit killed Gusmano an Sam Cipranio, while Lew Gunsberg, the mesenger carrying the bomb, was blowi into the street practically unharmed. BOCK Reading Brewing Company on tap On and after Saturday, April 1 Ith "Bottled Today" A Golden Opportunity for 1 Every Wornout, Diseased and Debilitated Man to Obtain a Safe and Permanent treatment at Small Expense." URINARY, KIDNEY AND BLADDER DISEASES Obstructions, difficult painful passage, straining, pain in the back bladder and kidneys, enlarged gland, nervousness, burning, swelling, uric acid, brick dust sediment or strong smell. CONTRACTED DISEASES and gleet and all smarting and burning symptoms checked in a few days without the use or injurious injections. HYDROCELE or water in the scrotum relieved without severe pain or loss of time. STRICTURE of.

the urinary passage causing an interruption to the flow of urine, scalding and frequent urination relieved quickly. LOST VITALITY clue to Indiscretions and excesses. 1 care not how old you are, as I restore you just as sure as you call on me, if you are curable. M. Sunday, 10 A.

M. to 2 P. M. only 723 Penn St. Entire 2d Floor NO LETTERS ANSWERED.

An Easter Lily is known the world over as being most typical of purity as our wines and liquors among beverages are known and esteemed as being the best and purest sold anywhere. For an Easter eggnog you will find them most highly delicious. Aaron R. Schwoyer Successor to George W. Auge.

142 North Sixth St. Brandies, Whiskey, Rums, Gin and Cor dials. Port, Angelica, Sherry, Catawba, Muscatel, Tokay, Rhein wines and Clarets, at $1.00 per gallon and up. Try a case of KAIER'S BOCK, light or dark, at $1.00 per case of 24 bottles. Kaier's ale and porter at 60c per case of 24 bottles.

We deliver to all parts of the city. 1, KAfflEM CO. rleM Fhr ne 221. R. I CpnsoMrlctetl 53T A.

Will. 11 till 11 lUull till i (ft MMMUIMtMMMMMlMMMMMMtMMMHMIHM.

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