The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 5, W\1 (ARKJ COURIER NEWS PACK FIVE BETTER HOMES No Building Cost Decrease Likely - Survey Shows Prices '. Are Stable with Little : Reduction Foreseen Persons who nrt" waiting to build or buy l.oir.cs in (ho • belief that prict-s wi'.) go lower arc likely lo be cli.siippottUcd, it w:is diy today by Die Const ruction Ro- aoareh ^Bureau of Now York, crloar- -tig lioii-sc for uildinj; information, following sx nation-wide survey of ult cost and price f;tfloi> .Today's building do)hit 1 is worth 'only 56 cents in relation Lo tm J1941 dollar when .spent for lumirs ' vhe Buy can said. This conclusinv : was based on I'imlinys of Myini ^1'- MiiltlicvYS, vine president of Dov, J Service, who suited thtit the liunu ; which .sold for JG.OQO jusi brsfon : Ihe vrar no\v imisl sell t'oi' SlO/jft 1 hn?aiisi> of n TB per ceiH rise it -, costs in the past six years. ; Wage Drop Ihillkrty ; V'rhi.s has been due largcl. jto wngL- in tlu- bmUlhv Mradp.s anil in waives paid to work lers who produce building malt; rial." the economist said. " • are not likely to «o down, believed, and therefore bull din 1 cos Is will remain close to present I levels for sonic time. • 'Material prices huve become fair- ;ly wet] .stabilized within (he past . lew weeks and no lurther np;3rc- • ciable price declines are expected, .with the possible exception of Itim- jker. 'The lower grades have drop- jped sharply in the past six or I \ eight weeks and. a iricxlerale dei dint 1 Ls expected in higher grades • before long. This will not affect the over-sill price of homes to any • great extent, however, biiihierr, j say." ', More Kcfincmeiils j In an effort to produce the best 'possible nt the lowest po.> : Mble price, most lnn-:ders today Designed for Suburban Living Garages Con Hove Many Uses Other than Automobile Storage GROUND FLOO* PIAKI SOL1D-1XK>KINO aiui with an air of permanence this well-designed home is of n type which is in popular demand for suburban nnd outlying- city locations, where there is lot space to emphasize its attractive exterior. The unique entrance doorwny with elevation, side porch and large hay window make SECOND flOOK PLAN for real character. The Interior l;iy- out is Boot! am! wliilc many splice-saving attributes, it sacrifices nothing In tlie way oF~a •well-ordered plan. A large basement provides ample space for recreation room and the roomy nttic assures plenty nf storage space. Those annoying dark streak 1 ; Hint have appeared on the light • . . .. ... . colored siding of so many homes 'claim they are Inking 10 Percent during recent, years can 'now be climinntecl nnd prevented from re- Good Quality Paint Will End Streaking Problem 11 ess profit than before the war. At [the same lime, tlie majority of < them are putting many more re- |iinr-iucnLs into ixomes now. . These so-called "extras,* 1 whic'n 11 he purchaser now demands and rget.i as .standard, include fire| places, complete launc.ry equip- ;inent including automatic \vash- turning. They were crs. generally caused uy pooi- ([Utility wartime pnir.t on window frames, screess and other rim. Because of Wiirlime restrictions on oil and oilier top-qonliiy materials, the pigments could not be held permanently. Rains gradually washed oui the color and spread It down the side of t!ie house. First -grade paint Is available again. Hence, if trun is repainted nnd (he entire house given :t 'Although u pirate's primary i I unction j.s automobile storage. II ii- milli»table lo many other services, s:iys Practical <DulUU'r. Chicago 3- Second story apartments have been buiH in larger ones; rial i ops olfer ideal sunning spots; lew cabled KLI rages penult overhead storugr of srasonnl equipment stioh is boats, hunting, fishing <u' sports itiuteritvl, trunks .screens. siorin windows, huvn furniture. A ladder ly[ic staii'wuy l hut c:m be nulled i;t> out of Ihe way is Ideal for teaching this space, Cnbinel-s built img side walls prow \)scfvi\ Vor Moi-hiK tools, itavdenins I'CiiiliiniciU, etc. with a bnllL-in v.'orkljeiich for hob-yisls or (jeneral repair jobs. When the I'oof is used ns u MIU- det'k, piotedllvc railings nud flower bo.xc.s ad<l privacy as well as decoration. Garage.s which are nn ex tension ol the house conform lo Ihe style of the home, and when separate the de.siiiv) nnd color .scheme should be hamumionfv with that o[ the house. 1- and sen p- iiitt. too, should IM? plainu'U to Include yaraj-je, driveway tuid walks. While llu-re are SOIIIP objections to u t;iii-uye directly adjoining ihc liniise, construction is favored thai leaves a covered bi'e.eiMMVuy area between the ^araue niul house U'hloli <;l rer.s ]>roleclloi> Ui weatl'.e riind can be used as u coo! and outdoor living room h 1 j.sunnner. It's also a yood place fni I :i i luirroiil burnini; t?riH. Storage 'cabiiu'ls. bins and locVier.s nullL In- il for .storing rubbers, rain eon Us imbrullas, can also house large oys like wat;ons. skates. .s':is. sleds ml bL-yclcs. The breczowuy makes i ^nnul playroom for chndreii hiring sionny weather, kecplnu horn out ol the house. The mosl praetk-al Iloorln;; for ;arat-cs is concrete with protective laiirt for easy cleaning. JDrlvcways of gravel. bfi'.'k, concrete, citulev.s, nsphalt or b!nckiop .should have concrete .shouldcr.s and UnumiHC guticr.s. Many types of doors and locks are adaptable to any Hiir- age. Doors that glide up and overhead, slide, swiny or fold are. all practical. Expensive lo Install but extremely convenient are sysloi Decorate Dining Room by Growing 'Indoor' Garden Repairs Made On Offices in Isaacs Building Work on Hie n'-decor;itfnn the ol.flee nxmi.s on the .siv llofjr of the unites UulUllriK (he inlt'n.cetlon or Main nnd Rall- load are nearlnn com plot Ion hi id will hi 1 lendy tor occupsuiry An;r j If). lAiutb I suite, ou'iu'i' announ<.'c\l '• complete thermal insulation 'A-jth mineral wool, colored tile coa1 ' of P aint - with a good oil bathrooms, more and hirger win- |^ :ijie * tllc Htn ' n ^d surfaces will be dows and the mosi .modern idt-is j conct;r 'lcd and in mosl cases the 'in hetUHig and plumbing " dilficulty will not recur. Enjoy An Electric Home Today! Hero Is ini ingenious trli'k ID liivn UN iiniiiinrv ilmini! I'ooin Inlo an unusual dining room, »l HUir cxlJfiisc', i'Lnr, a ni'i>wlni! canton in liic <lliiiii|> room to brl:i;< he outdoors inlo Hie lioust;. There 11 iv si'vrrul ways It run lie ilevi'd If windows iivi' full Icnii'li iistcr polti-d Chills thickly ul tlic MM 1 . An ;<!!-,HIT ulnnlu'l uf moss lolcls itx Uii' din mid give tin- B«I'- nn umhrutii- look. slightly less IrnniiiLlc. is !!»• SIIIIH- Idea used al windows wliicli iviu'li hnltwuy In n»»r. A free usi> of vnrylnii ones <>( BI'VIMI hi di'tiprrU-s, \i|Vhnl- sCery anil (I.KIT i-overlnn liclixs In illve n vcniui leellnj. of iho outdoors mill ooiiiiiUincnis Die live iiluiUs. Or try :t cantjlci'LTeil shelf si>an- ntUK one wiill. Holes, lo 111 se\'mil .slices of iwis, n-.n l>e cut nt onu or emls ot the shelf. Tlio entire i iviill, sliclj uoj iiots <:nn he (minted I llio same ailo-. This type of sholf j enters to uri;e [or n mil. live UiU'den liuloui's. hs well us tlic prae- tic-nl servini: '.nljle posslbllUlus. Set I lie r:in!en flnvor of tin- ilei'or by usint; ;i i-imiriniioi'ai'i' lent put- tern in the uool floor cnvcrlnij One of the new dimensional follane ites'SHs. in the e.xqulsitely bleiuk'll colors of tin- oiildoors, will do inueli to cn])tiiie the atmosphere you wish. 'Hie ,s(*coiul floor of I he r J')Hir.sOLiy, bul wits nvrcstcd 4fi minules. Yestevdiiy, while being arraigned before Federal nlstrlct- Jndue Jt>h'i K. Miller, ihi- i\'i"\ usked the court lo <|L.MiiSss lici 1 nlioniey, lUaud, lor MiK^e.sHnj; she lailnnlt lo u uu'utui exauiluuHoii, Jndlic Mil)or oi'derCil her bouutl over Ui the prnnd Jury if. ns bt'f-n completely re- to aceouimodtxte four suites . tilth niiice oi Mr. Isaaofi, Al! nf llir suites Jiave bci'ii I'onl- ed, Mr. Isaitcs .said, .A Her completion of the vorfc \Ue oil ice I'ooin.s \vlH \IP r.cvmi». *)f Ihf most moduj n in Mr, Isaars Matrd. the new o Filers will ji- Ur. Hns-sd! Weil, who will have ;ni oHiee and n laorfttory; a n«\v:, Arlliur H. Ehu rison. Col. CJrawlunl. tint) Kd Cook. U/oll S. linuisoji, drew the plans for the Every i«f«ty dcvlc* b« included in MM fect yen otk»r follow? A «m»H inv«simen> in auiomo- bile insurance will! Se« ol ii'lii-liglit door controls, elcetrlc- cye closures. Ample li<;litini! is ncc- .s.^ary for dri\ - e\vuy, entrnnce m- crior nn<S personal exits. to enjoy (lie use of ccriiiiu appliiinccs Ui;i( are nn (lie "blink" . . . call 2()!i:f fin- prompt service and efficiency. We specialize in all lypcs of eloct'-ical repair work, wriiiifj ;tml power installation. See Our Display of Fine Home KixUircs CALL US FOR COMPETENT REPAIR WORK! CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC 116 No. First Phone 2993 Midget Water Heater 's Ideal tor Cottages 'A 5-gnllcm capacity water heat- r thr,^ call fit under a_\ViishbO'.vl las been designed for use in col- ages, trailers, garage wash-rooms md suiail homes, says Practical Builder, Chicago 3. A heavy duly .herrnostat control* turns on lieat- ng elements when water draw-off nears a gallon, assuring constant supply of hot water. Ahis economical little heater can also .serre as an auxiliary tank in large homes where heavy traffic, adds a strain on the central '.va- ler heating system. Aluminum Requires Nails Made of Same Material School Bond Plan Put Up to Voters Election Scheduled In Stcclc District For 14th of August Stcclc. Mo., voters will go lo the polls hi n r|ieclal election Aug. 14 to decide whether a bond issue of $Gi,5t)l> will be floated to start comlrwAlun of a new vrmlc school building. Overcrowding of present facilities, need for a lunch room, unsultuuill- ty of ihe old grade school and the desire of DeiUon nnd New Survey rc.slilcnta to send their children tc Steele schools M-cre given us reasons for tlic new construction by O- T Coil, superintendent of schools. A "bond Issue of $01,500 will no provide enough money to erect ihi required building, Mr. Coll said but it will finance part of It inu other sections will be added whci addcn fluids arc available. A larger bond issue could not bi Planned, he explained, because o school laws. The school 'di.strlc Is not allowed lo float bonds NITEAIR WINDOW FAN NITEAIR ATTIC FANS Window Fan $ 45.00 30" Attic Fan 60.00 36" Attic Fan 80.00 42" Attic Fan 126.00 48" Attic Fan 148.00 AUTOMATIC CEILING SHUTTERS Never use ordinary steel nails v.'hen putting aluminum ioofin~ f . tiding or shingles in place. They may rust, and cause corrosion, ac- coidin; to the 'Aluminum AssoC'.i- Use iihiniinuir; nails driven through a-.uminum washers or iiol- tion. dipped, zinc-coated, lend - head, steel needle point nails. Industrial end sea coast areas should use Hat-head nails with neoprene IT chrf.nialc impregnated tape washers under nail heads. When aluminum corrugated roo'- iuji is applied to wood frame buildings, the sheets should be nailed rveiy foot through the center ol Ihc sheets, and also al the side la]:s. Nailin;; shcukl V.e done <:n the top of Ihe comigntlo!) ratluM- tiian at the bottom lo eliminate the possibility of leakage at this point. The crimped type of roof sh^c:- •us< should always be nailed at I lie op of the outside crimp nnd along lie outside crimp with -approKi- latcly eight inches between nails, 'lie nailing of the center crimp optional. Read Courier News Want Ads. Plan Now To Paint! Quality Paint Has No Substitute To |>r<ilec( your home anil olhur hnildiiiHs from the vavafjcs^. itf cold winU'r weiitlK'ir . . . you tun'I go wrong 1 when yon st'Iecl our- fine, low «wl (|«:ilily paints. Consult our experts loilny and arrange lo have your property ' fully silfc((liuv(te<l fi'iini "thai c-hinitfe in Hie wcullicr" liy pi'oviilinf.',- it with a new coiiliiiK of ilopeuilable paint! Keniemlior—Uiere's a paint for every |iui-|ii;sc! DEAL'S PAINT STORE 104 So. First St. 'Your Waltpapc r Style Center" P\\one 469 I11UI excess of fivt per cent of the totr valuation or fungible property i the district. With valtialion of property the district at SMBO.SSa, live ]ii> cent would be S109.4D2.05. llowcvc Ihc present Indebtedness of tl district is $47.100 so only $Gl,7!)2.i emains Die j;rL'atc.^i, riiViinii issue can be floated for. Superintendent Coil said thai low Interest rates a: present make it possible to sell the lx>mls at two per cent or less. The rate of interest on the district's outstanding bonds is five' and five ami one-half per cent. The polls will open at 7 a.m., Aug. H and will close at n p.m. For 36" Fan $36.00 For 42" Fan $41.00 For 48" Fan $50.00 No Down Payment Required E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 West Ash Friendly Building Service Phone 551 Fort Smith Gun Girl Asks Attorney's Dismissal FORT SMITH, Ark.. Aug. 5. fUl'l —United States District Attorney R S. Wilson is seeking a ruling lo- clay from the Department of Justice on Ihc procedure for arranging a sanity test for Port Smith's "gim- girl". The girl—21 yciir old Isabella Tinney — made an attempt to hold uvv the City National Hank last "When I Was A Girl I Couldn't Vote" Women found now imporlnnco twenty-sewn years !ijj<> tlii.s inonlli, when they won (ho ritflil to vole . . . they won a now freedom . . . And the housewife lodny enjoys ft frocduiii thai of yesteryear could not . • . freedom from hard work nnd frretloni of lime, Miank.s lo I hose who provided a Imunlil'iil supply oT pure, fresh water ... in thn home. WATER IS YOUR CHEAPEST COMMODITY USE PLENTY OF IT Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN,! "Water la Your Cheapest Commodity!*

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