The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUSTS, 1947 BLYTMKVIl.MC (AUK.)" COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Doctors Endorse Laney's Proposal Chief Executive Exhibits Telegrams For Medical Center LITTLE ROCK. Alk., Aug. 5 I UP I — The medical profession in Arkansas moved behiiul Ihe on- posal to build a medical renter nt the slate haspital grounds her.e to- clny as Oov. MM Laney exhibited telegrams from sever:".! physicians Lending the list \va; DJ. L T. Evans of Balcsvlllc, nra.ii'.liv.', r-I Hie Arkansas Medical .'.si7i-!a:loii. Dr. Evans told the governor :.m lie believed locating the center nL tin hospital grounds would b:? for the medical school antt boit for DIE hospital. Dr. T. W. Ltittcrloh •>! .lunc.iboro, president-elect of the socicly told the chief executive t.h.v'. i| tnc proposed Veterans ArtiMiiiiitr.ii.ioM hospital becomes a part of the medical center, he heart"..; endorses Ihe plan. Other physicians lemlrip, tlfeir support included djii'.ors D. L. Owens and J. G. GiuMen of Harrison. Laney said lie had also received numerous calls from members if the legislature advocating tho medical center at. the hospital grounds, And he expressed himself as bc- llcvclng that opposition expressed by certain Benton interests does not represent t!>e belief of the majority of the ru-nton resident.'*. He said he had received several calls from Saline County reporting that the majority of the residents in that area were not in agreement with a protest meeting held In Benton last. Friday. Meanwhile, he said he would meet with a delegation from Saline County tomorrow to discuss plans for the center antl the disposition of construction mmls appropriated by the last legislature. The delegation will be headed by State Sen. Ernt-al Manor of Hot Springs and Rep. j. A. Gipson of Eenton. $35,000 Once! $35,000 Twice! Sold for $35,000! With auctioneer George Swine-broad's final cull in Ihi- llr. Coldslrcam Stud j;ols a Ircautiful yearling i!;u:j;hu-r of fo Kecneland, Ky., Summer S;ilcs. Wit!: tho •ilrrs Sales C'o.'s paditoek, llifl famous lit Fire!, (.lit of Kisl;, for SM.OIH) :il the average iliojipinj;, this was one of Ihe; Inchest prices Scar-Faced SS Colonel Reveal Story of Rescue of Mussolini Pilot Forced Back Schoville Family Grows; Eighteenth Child Born To Mother Who is Now 37 SOLDIERS GROVE. Wis., 'Aug. 5. (UP)—There's always room for one more at the home" of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schoville^ It's a good thing, too. because the Schovillo.s have just had their 18th child. Mrs. Schoville. who looks younger than her 07 years, gave" birth to a nine pound. 12 ounce daugn- ter Saturday. That brings the Schoville score to 12 girls and .six boys. One child died in in.-ancy and another has married nrul moved away. AU till 1 others live at home. Another married daughter has left her husband and moved .back home with her own four-ear-cld child. There arc no twins or triplets in the Schoville Family. DACHAU. Gcimany, Aug. 5. (UP) Sear-faced SS LI. col. Otto Skor- xeny today disclosed details of how he rescued lienito Mussolini from anti-Fascist forces who seized him after Italy surrendered in 1943. Skorzeny. now awaiting trial for murdering American soldiers during the Nazis offensive of 13H. Gave Allied authorities an 8,600- word statement describing a German intelligence hunt for Mussolini in Naples. Sic::y. Sardinia and La £pezia. Anti-Fascist troops kept moving Mussolini to keep him safe until allied troops could arrive, but Skor- zcny finally nairowed the hunt to the Ap]>eniiio Mountains, lie was determined to cany out tile hazardous mission, skorzeny said, because Hitler had demanded the rescue of the man he described as his "one and only great friend." "I invented a girl n;end sup- j posedly living near Gran Sasso. and I begged an Italian friend to look her up," Skorzeny related. "He informed me the valley was entirely cordoned off. and that all personnel in a hotei at the foot of Gran Sasso had been evicted, it was strongly rumored that Mussolini was held in this hotel. "It was cut off from the rest of the world — more than C.OOO feet above sea level and not even a roadway leading to it "At noon, Sept. 12 we had 12 gliders, two planes and 108 men ready. I could see our goal, the hotel. I gave Ihe order to release tow cables, when we noted a grave error. The supposedly flat slope :howcd a slant of 40 degrees. "We wormed out of the wreckage ind rushed the hotel, yelling, 'Mnni Halto!' (stick 'cm up). Nine of is put, the wireless out of action, ind by now I could see the well- known head or the duce framed n a wimiuw, "The front portal was secured by machincguns. but one of the officers and I managed to shove the guns aside r.nd jump over them! Mussolini and three Italian officers were in the room. •I saw the second glider nose- diving 200 yards away. A third was preparing to land. As yet no shot, had been fired. Another glider hurtled with terrific impact again;,' tjie mountain side. "I reported to Mussolini- The, luehrcr has sent me as a token of Ins love and friendship; Mussolini embraced me and assured me had daily expected his cxlraciiti.m ] the Allies, but that lie uuiiM have ended his lift beloreliand. Meanwhile. a Kt«ivli plane landed in the valley bin smash.- i its landing gear. We cleared a makeshift landing place and an- olher storcli Icir.icil. "The takeorr slanted downhill antt the plane simply refus"d to rise from the ground. \Ve e:uiU ;i over a precipice and alter a slice: dtopjbf perhaps 1.000 leet the pilot gained control and levelled off. "In Patiua di Mare, three plan's awaited us. We climbed into on.- of them, and off we went to Germany. " Nine Happy Saiiors Board Good Ship Utopia for Cruise Around the V/orld Let the YELLOW PAGES help you... IJjon're mot-iiig, lend an ear; Cttftn t/jftf "nciv town" stmjijiiiig/ctu: The Yelhtii I'agcs still provide A quick and bandy buyer's guide. No matter whether you've moved into a new town, or just into a new neighborhood, tlic Yellow Pages of your telephone book can help you get settled. The Yellow Pages will help you get in (ouch with utility companies, laundry, grocery, dairy, and dependable dealers in all products and services. They'll keep on being useful, too, for day-to-day buying at home and at the office. The Yellow Pages tell who buys..; sells : ; . rents . ; . repairs. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY DETHCIT, AUK. 5. (U!>< -.- Nino happy sailors hoped tc<I:iy lo find Utopia aboard the "Utopia." Shipbuilder Free! J. Peterson. Sturgeon Bay. wis . anil oi^iit other voyagers tuned their tiS-font sailing schooner for a nine-month's trip around ilia world. They will unfurl the Utopia's sails Wednesday, moving up the St. Laurence river to reach the Atlantic. The trip will culminate Peterson's 25-year dream or sailiiic i- romid the world. He built the u- Io|iia especially for Ihe venture. Peterson's son. Ellsworth, a f'ir- inerchant mnrinc .sailor, is the n.i- viRato:. Other crew members nu Ellsworth's bride of six weeks, a doctor, a newspaper man. (wo former women Red Cvoss workers and 'a Chicago attorney. The Utopia left Wisconsin J;:lv 15 and stopped at Chica^ci n.vl Mackinac befoip reaching Detroit for n final tuncup. Try; ro Sfrart Over ("IIC'ACO. Ail!,'. . r <. IUP)— Piln \Vii:i:'m P. Odsiin, iorccd back ins ijrst attempt lo set a ' :.!r. round the world rocor( M-heiliiled test lu.'hts for his cor vnl'd A-im Iximb:.'!' today bcfot :n:i^in' : ' a second try tomorrow. iCsdcrn turned task ycstenla i-oiii tour !ii)i:rs o':l ol Chicago. II \vas uvev the 'Hsiy of I'^llndy in No v:i S : eol:a .when he llipi:cd hl:i h ••l.'r.nrjshell" back Westwards fo tlie Clii(-:(f;u airfield. j tie hlan'.C'd ilie failure of tl ^.. ih^ht iuuUil>' en a defecth li'ioti. .A clump haldinu thi; al '»ns, v.'ikh (Niulnil tlie shi) .ijly. .sli; ]H'ii an.l lie was u ) control tile ship properly, "f i'; tjie '.-a.k because somebody Ji'ji.1 to /jut :.u^ar in niy tea," ir 27-\'L'ur-i)ld pilot ([nipped n.s he sit ; ^:c(i Iroui the plane. He uv.k oil nt. 2:32 p.m. (ODT) ind landed a I 11:55 p.m. (O1JV). Mi'C'lit.u:;--, ueilt lo v,ork on the airpl'.me imniedia! eiy. Cd.tin he '.vonUl tesl fly the , i hip todp.y aiui then lake off ii[;ain icmorrov. at '2 p.m. in a second "ititnipt d> Ily uround the ylubc in c? hfjvn s - a :ou: half the lime rvci'iin d IJY the lute Wi'.ey Posl ,\h'. u h.' .-vl *!H' present record of Club Cigaret Girl Asks Support Money from 'Party Man IU1 1 ) Kf.\V YOH1C, AUK. S. uru'lsi Miles. S. blonde Knn\ tlrl, naked Johnny Meyrr. . party-loving press ageiit, today ' Put her .six-months-old baby i Ills expense mrimul. Miss Miles Mild she lighted n K"i lor Meyer on unc of his •Bill club puriles. and kr-pl the ame alive- three times a week hen he v;a.s in Now York. Meyer ft and never reliirned, she :uild. hi-n )us employer, Howard lics, cracked up 111 lestlns n lioto - iccmmalssnnce plunc ;nsl ear ami slu- discovered she vas rei;n:in(. •In Wnshlnnlon, Meyer holly de- led (he paternity charge or ihnl 1 wii.s iin ailcr-dllwn lover. "Hch, she worked until r> a.m.." : said. "She's Just another lo- lato Ir.viiiK to get hei nnmc in my life." lie papers. I never look her i-ut •Elvin 1. Unlerman. nltornvy I'>M' llss Miles, snld n warrant for the Mump, buldlng publicity a;ient. vas issued Insl Friday by ^ust 'rederick U. llnekrnburi; atler losed heaj-iiiR on the pnleriitly :li»rse /However, no ntUnnpt. was made o Meyur lit La (i ield Friday on his nHich-rmbll-'i:'.- 'd amval Irom Paris en route .o Washington, (Meyer, in Washington In testify ,e(ore the Scnale War liivestlt'.al- Furniture Repair Shop Opened on South 2 fit R. V. Wa'ls of Hlythcvllle (.|H'ne:l a furniture repair shop on South 21sl street near O»le*ay C'lirve. Mr. Walls will siwclolire In the repair and renovation of fui'iil- lure. ItieUidlnt; rc-nplinlstcrlliii itnrt ii'-ein'erltiK. He was formerly ns- .vx'luled with Cody Eaton In lll<! Heine Service mid" Storage Co. hen'. Fir«t Player Piano , MERIDBN, Conn, (UP) - The wqrliys *>rst mechanical piano- player was made Here 'by H. K. Wllcox In 1895 In his "Angelus" , plant. . . • iwnl Anil l.imj; Distance Movlnr lomii*t*Dt H*l|> «4<l 4««1y»Mll. Al* iu»1ely Zn»nr(d OoDUftct HilHnj mil Mlio. B<r>leM. •OK* 8>rrlc« » rtota 1101 Hardware Mutual ' Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings LcST Net" Cost Protection For 8*nrl:« , W. L. TAMKE iM E. D»Tta St, T. O. H»l 451 fhone 2«1 BlytherHlr, Ark. idi'il l:y .Sen. M.. Mr., said Illc >1 llie altalr was it in a newspa- [he n ISV.CI. The' Ilighl niinsl-lhe-world hop Chn-:n'U. Hope fades for Eleven Aboard Missing Plane S A :; T ! A O O. Chile. AUK. 5 (UP) ll'ipe waned today for six ;:.r,:{-.'.jei. 1 , :i!::t live crewmen ;i': j:;rci a British South -American I.aiuaui i ::in air liner niissint; in the siunv-:;'.',epl Andes. The i*l;'.ne. on a regular trip biC.'.ee:! liri'.ain a:ul S:iiiti:iyo, ieft Mend;?, i. Argentina, at 2:33 p.r.l. ^'•ilmTlay. A radi'> report from the pK'.nc .' IrLle lator was tile last Fewer Strike Notices Filed Under New Law WASHINGTON. AUK. r,, iuri --Labor Deiiarlii'.enl records showed today tiiut 112 notices were filed In July under Taft-llurlley law, provisions remilrhiu 30-clny notice to federal nu'diation authorities of contract reopening or termination The number Is only one-fifth of the record-breaking total of strike notices [lied under the war lubcir disputes act in May and June. Tills act expired June 30. .Since then the department hu.s continued Its strike notice unit as n service for the new federal mediation director who will lake over the Job ADR. 22. Most of the notices hnve been filed by union*. Others have come from employers and. In u lew ca.;e';, from both parties lo an agreement Under, the Taft-Ilaitlcy law. ihc new concllltitloii service may enter a dispute 30 days before eontra'-( termination after notice Irom either or both parties. AFI», CIO and independent unions are complying with this provision of the law although avoid • inK actions under the national la- bur relations i>orfloh of the aci. Edgar 1.. Warren, retiring conciliation chief, .said this provi.,i.jn should be helpful In Bcltinc conciliators into disputes lu-'ore slrikv, occur and thus facilitate settlement without work stoppages. Former OsceoSa Man Wins Post V/Jfrh Frisco John A. MCHMU, [(innrrly of Os- <'l'llil. today I; iirsSstunl tn C^lar'.< llunp,erfo]'<i. president of the Frisco Lines, ami a tilled representative in Memphis of (he railroad rnmpanv'.s St I (mis executive of- rlrcs. M]\ Mnj'uu's prnmollon litsf w-j-li cllmiixed tlie -III years lie lias bi'cn connected with Ihe Frlwn Lines. lie hcmui hi:; curcer as a telegrapher In Os'.eoln In . linn. lie will hi' resident executive in charm' "I Ihe new Kikco Lines offices hcin^ eshtbhshed In Meiu])his. Mr. Moran wn.s formerly MI|X-|'|II- Icndent of liolli Ihe Noilhern and Southern divisluus of the railroad. X. It, Campbell, nmv head of (he Frisco Lines river division at C!ha- Ifee. Mo., will succeed Mr. Monin as superintendent n[ (he Ijouthcrn division. Mrs. Meriin I:; the former Miss Pansy Urashei dl Osccolu. POPULAR PIANO and Personality Voice Years of Successful Teaching Experience For Information Call Mrs. Eddie Saliba Phone 2536, 124 E. Kentucky .&'.»"&'.*& CITY LOANS I |.,r i's Ir, fieri; 1 .- One Killed, two Injured In Tennessee Collision PARIS, leiin.. AUK. :i. iU?) -One person was killed aiul U-, u others injured critically ir :i r.:l- ision ol two luitainojile.-. :;;>. Hi.-h- w.-,y 6<) near here last nislr.. Sheriff Clyde Willia.-.)::, reported trrl.iv. Tile dead person "Vas ideraiun L ?s James C. M.Cain, til. Hi n; v County farmer. Injured v.v^ elm - ence Milan, a pass;ni,.',er ii» McCain's car, anci Jame-'i >M( L>:n;\*V i. Huntingdon. •Williams said Mclluiiald' 1 ; rar hecra^hed into the real' ol M.'J.u:i' •> Miir-y in Arkansas LnUst in U. S. Army A in'ai of !i>.2Cri Arkansas men liris entir:<l the Army since Au- uu:-t. l!n. r i. M".i. .lolni llyns. .Jr., narninTuiiuv. of:icer of the Arkansas U. H. Army Recruiting Service, said t'iday. i;etnrjbi!i> H al!i>- recitrds show that rn::u Mnv. lD-ir>. lliroll;;h January. IS IT. 7-J.IHli ftikn lisas men were ('i:,',:;;:!! :-f'd (rf)in the Army, he said. feet oil !lic Child Dies in Fire; Four Others Injured LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. AUK. . r >. (UP) —..ludy Obcrgfell. Iwo-yrav- old .daughter of Mr. and Mrs John OberKfell. was burneii l.n death ycslcrdny'and four oilier persons were injured when flames destroyed a small rramc home six miles southeast of Little Hock. NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law ufflces of Ciene K. llrart- ley have been moved to 411 W. Main. (Across street from Montgomery Ward.) LOOK OUT FOR PW WORMS rriiorl.t ri-vrnl (hnt ..f rhll.lruli liirnl t:r,i\ > vicllm* [iT Plri-Worrn iki.n-lliiK ivlinl In wronir! . livli.i: lunitje Ihu liuti Repayable in Small Monthly Installments Low Interest Rates Quick Service BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 124 W. Ash St; Phono 3545 I C >!>'>">>"O">"O">"XX liu liiii; it We Handle Your Car With Core! Wheel Alignment Kliininafc unnecessary expense in \vt;tr of your tires by letting us keep your car in perfect alignment. Our f*u;ir;in- teed work will save vou moncv- Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's mnfor \\ill hum simmllily if you bring H (t> us for regular cfieHuii). Our experts will spol I hose minor flaws before fliey tlcvejop into serious 1 rouble. Expert Motor Care You can entrust your motor troubles, no matter how serious, to us. Here you'll pet a prompt, accurate diagnosis of your car's ills . . .and factory-trained men will make those repairs cffkcnlly ;uul economically. LEE MOT Taylor Sand & Gravel Co. River Frond End of Bushy St. CaruthersvMIc, Mo. Several Thousand Yards of i Material Stockpiled No Waiting For Loading Orders Promptly Filled CEMENT . Phone 573 For Safe Summer Driving Jhl s Rugged - Long-Wearing - Safe JiAM\.*t. _\i lop quality • Special prices rewar Greater limn Prewar Mileage East End of Main St., Blyrhcvillc .A higheit quality '' rc built especially lo r.iclch the speed and power cf today's modern cars. All } Ihe new features o ncv; tire should hove. HBfKAl TRADt-tH AllOVJf.h i«sy TERMS ro suir Youn V/ANCSS j ativenictiCE I • *Raytcx Fortified cord con« struclion Dayton's specially 'proccsied Rayon in s)x»« 6. SO end up. • Flatter, Wldor Trend for longer life. • 8 deep <ir<umfer«ntlol T|BI prevent skidding. • 5,760 road gripping «djtl for quick stops. • Sclcntificolfy blend^ compounds with mor* natural rubber give barter mittag«» Proteelcd fiv Oaylon Lifetime Guarantee T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO.

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