The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 14, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XMV—NO. 247 Blythevllle Courier Blythcville Dally Newi 1'Hh UOMtNAN'I NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhevitle Herald BIA'THEVIU.K, AIJKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1948 TEN PACKS SINGLE OOPIEft OTB CENTf Parking Meters *To Be Installed If Voters Agree An ^ordinance to place the parking meter issue on the ballot in the municipal election April 6 was passed unanimously last night by the City Council meeting in monthly session in City Hall. Mayor E. K. Jackson and City Attorney 1'ercy A. Wright pointed out before discussion of the proposed ordinance thai following its publication, a referendum petition must be filed at least 30 days prior to the election in ordei to put the issue on the ballot* This seep, it was explained, was ' the one overlooked when installation of the parking meters was attempted but failed about live years ago. In other action last night, the Council: 1. Passed an ordance that declared operation of a bus line in Snyder Explains ERP Loan Policy Blytheville necessary to furnisa>ortation, designated bus lines u public utilities nnd found that an exclusive franchise should be granted. 2. Passed an ordance levying a privilege license fee of »150 per yenr on house moving firms. 3. Contracted with Damon Me- Leod of Blytheville for rent-free use of the flumping grounds ol the city for five years from Jan. 1 in exchange for use by him of adjoining land, owned by the city, kas pasture. It is subject to renewal for 5 years. 4. Adopted a resolution staling that no city employees can use their personal cars for city business without being covered by liblity insurance. It also cntended the insurance requirement to cover city- owned vehicles. > j More White Way Lights I 8. Went on record as favorim construction of a. "white-way" Btret. lighting system between the Cott, i Belt tracks and 21st Street on W^t Main, as called for in a petitii . signed by residents and businessmen of that section. The narking meter ordinance Mates that installation of the me. ters is necessary because movement of traffic in the downtown section Is impeded by long parking in the business district. Section 1 of the ordinance defines vehicles effected by It as virtually "anything on wheels, regardless of the purpose of its use. It also designates 21 •-'"• CCS The I lgnatinTr locations of the"' parking meters was modified to read "certain zones of the fire, limits—as deemed necessary by the Council." It was later decided that specific locations of the meters will be designated by the Council prior to publication of the ordinance. Mayor Jackson told the Council he would like this decision by the February meeting, when the designated areas would be passed on. The meters will be in operation from 8 a.m. to 6 p,m. on wek days and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturdays, Recording to the ordinance. They will not be in operation Sunday* and holidays. It was specified in the ordinance that the Council may add meters in other locations than those at .first designated. Tin's would mean that the West Main Street business district will not be precluded from geting the melcrs because of thc See CITY COUNCIL en Page i Treasury Secretary Urges Acceptance Of Marshall Plan WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. <".P —Treasury Secretary Jol'n V Snyder said today the United State must require repayment "in evei practical way'' of Its Marsha plan aid to Europe. Snyder told the Senate Porcig Relations Committee that from 1 per cent to 40 per cent of a pro posed $0,800.000,000 Marshall Pla 15-month down payment may Sinks After Fire at Sea; Crew Rescued y*»•*"^v' '^"'* - ^n First National Bank Increases Capital Stock Mississippi Man Joins Institution As Vic* President A. B. Reeso, formerly of Grenada, Miss., wns I'lecli'd executive vlee president of tho 11ml National Hank and H. H. Honchln.i of llly- thevllle was named n director by Hit' Hoard of Directors following Ihe amuuU utockholdci-R Tile U. s. Army Transport Joseph V. Connolly, shown here at a pier in New York City where 11 was loaded with caskets in which to return dead or world War n from Europe, waa a victim ol • ftre Hi sea. AH members of the crew were rescued after spending many hours In lifeboats. The transport was 10 badly damaged that It had to be sunk alter Hie rescue Mi lj>s arrived. (NBA Telcphoto.) Mother's Slaying of Small Son to Pay Debts Focuses Attention on Alabama's Loan Sharks BIRMINGHAM. Ala., Jan. 14 (U.P.)—Rep. uirry Dumas, Jr., today said that Mis. Dorothy Ruth given the IB Western Europe na-, FJt Z | n , B h c i mrgc d with Hie murder of her tlireu-ycnr-old son for his |1,000 Insurance, was only one ot tions as !onu term loans. , ... He nsrecd with Committee Chilr ma ">' victims who lose more limn $8.000.000 a yenr to "loan sharks" here. H. Vnncleubcrg, R., He man Arthur Mich., that this might mean the cost of the program to thc U. S. for the first 15 months would be reduced ultimately to $4,200.000,000. Snyder. as chairman of the Naj tional Advisory Council responsible for u. S. foreign loan policy, was •eluctant to "broad range' give more than of csumntcs on that portion of the European recovery here ycslerdny, at which declaration of a 80 per cent stockholders dividend wns approved. The Board also re-elected Snm H. wtlllnms president, s. M. Ua'- cnold of Armorel vlco prr.sldrnt, nnd Juek o. Owens cashier. flowing lire election. Mv. WllHnms begun his eleventh con.sccullvc term as president of Ihe bnnk, a position ^ has held since It oponed here. Mr. Williams aahl yeslerday Hint at the stockholders meclliiK the bank's slock WHK repotted nl 100 per cent, The no iirr crnt fttuck dividend will <<iUI 550.1.00, Mr. Wllllnnu valil, and Inercasrtt the b:tnk'* capital from $100,000 to J1M.IKX). The h:tnk has a surplus of $100,001) ami llmllvlilril profllx of S7.51W. Mr. who assumed his duties 'flt Ihe bank Jan. 2, was formerly connccled wllh the Grenada ting System of Gmiada, Miss., where for Ihe past five years he was cashier of the Bunk o( Sum- ncr, MKs, Truman Appeals To Congress for Curbs on Inflation By MKR1MAN kMITH > Iliiltfd rreM WhIU Houe Reporter WASHINGTON, Jun, M. (U.I'.)—President Trumart culled on Congress today to help achieve a "stabilized proi. jicrily" by (wtwintc anU-inflaUon. measures strong enough to remove tlic threat of a "severe" depresHion. Appealing again for enactment of his 10-poiht anti- mfliiliou program, Mr. Truman said lh« steady climb in prices, wages nnd profits already had caused "serious hardship and presents Krave concern for the future." , — ^ f President's combined/ pleu and warnings came in hU second annual economic report to Congress, H report required under th« so-called full employment act. Th« , recommendations In hla 35,000 word document were based largely on similes by the Council ol Economia rtvlsciB created by the same law. Mr, Iruman'* report saw.the bad nnd good In almost equal propor- llon. But Ills dominant point* seemed to accent the bad proapecti. Farmers Bank Elects Officers Dumas said a spectacular example of the evils ol usury the 21-year-old mother who confessed she strangled her son, Johnny yesterday to cash his Insurance in order to pay off debts to small loan companies which she said were pressing her. "It's & pity the legislature Is not* -- • ---- ---------- — --in 'session now," Dumas said. "We; might push an anti-loan shark bill through on this child slaying case." Dumns was co-author of an anti- loan shark bill that falle dto pass in the Alabama legislature recently. "The small loan companies have program that might, be granted the most effective lobby In existence," he said. "Mast of the loan But Vandcnberg told him that [ companies here ar e chain outfits and they aren't novices at the game ot lobbying. His bill, which died in the House Business and Labor Commit tec, would have require/1 inspection of interest rates charged by loan coin- Congress found it "tremendously important" to "hand up some kind of a floor" on what the U. S. might recover from Its loans. Seek Practical/ loan Policy Snyder subscribed to an estimate given committee earlier by Lewis W. Douglas, U- S. auibassa- the first opera,, from 20 trie total u. s. require repayment u every practical way," Snvder said, Suyder said lie was appearing Su :he rote of a person asking a bank Schools to Aid Fund Drive to Combat Polio '(I All Mississippi County school, are planning participation in tin annual March of Dimes campaigi which Is now underway over th state and which is expected to get underway in thc county in the near future, it was announced today by John Maycs, county school panies the assessment of dou- Air Policy Commission Gives Grim Warning of Dangers That Lie Ahead By CHARLES COKDDKY United Press Aviation Writer WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. (U.P.)—President Truman's Air Policy Commission urged this nation today to prepare Hi air arm to meet the "serious danger' 1 of atomic attack after 1952. • + The commission said the United States can not expect to Imve an atomic monoply after a "target date" of Jan. I, 195S. And from "Wo juc forinntilc c curing ble damages lor interest collected at a rate higher than cent. ->' Ilumiui said mnr* .small loan com pan IPS are tnj; in the Birmingham ««* wHh '• art annual profit of more thim $8,04)0,000. The last survey made by the Birmingham Bar Associntioii and the Junior Chamber of Comm'crce, J. L. Gunn Heads loan, and that as a banker liim-| covering 500 cases, showed an av- self he would require as specific data ivs possible Thc secretary told the committee that European nations should not be required to expend their short supply of gold and U. S. dollars as a requisite to further U. S. aid. Douglas. meanwhile told Ihe House Foreign Affairs* Committee that he did not believe it would be essential to impose . rationing and price controls on thc basis of the alone. Marshall Plan program Under questioning by Rep. Robert B- Chiperfield. of Illinois, rank-, ing Republican of the committee, erage interest of 420 percent being charged, he said. However, be said lie thought this study coveted the worst rases. The study wns made in 1941. The Bar Association and the Junior Chamber of Commerce conducted drives in 1936 and 1941 for ja state law to regulate thc small loan companies. Each drive failed and no other organized one has been started since. The present state law permits only eight per cent interest but there is no check and no penalty, except forfeiture to th e borrower, for charging more interest. However the loan company cnn sue to Ihe (tcvvices of Mr. ttoi-xc due to his wide ranKR of hnnkhuc nxper- iencR In the Mississippi Dcltti and his knowledge- of condition^ Hut exist In this lenltovy, Mr. V/UUnnv nald. Mr. Houchln*. the new director l.t R member of thc real estate Mm of Conway nnd Houchlns. In commenting on Mr. HouchlnH clcctlot to the Hoard of Directors, Mr. Williams »«ld "H R Is well known It this community hi general aurt that his Judgment and buslne.s- experience will be of material help B. A. Lynch Begini 26th Year as Head Of Organization All ofllens nntl directors of thc 'armers liank and Trust Co. wen n-elcctcd yeslerday at the annual icellUR here of the bank's nlock- B. A. [<ynch was ru-elcctccl prcM- ilont and R. A. rorlcr and F. E. Wiirrun \\vrc bulli ic-nanii'd lo heir vice pit'sldi'innl positions. It, L, Uanl.slcr was re-cluctcd cashier, II c-i-lu tiled tis-sbtimt, ci were h. F, DromEon, H. W, WhtUi unci l-oir Crow Jr. G. II. l lohson wns a^n In i mined manager of the insunmce ilepiut- mont. DlrcclorR re-elected. In addition lo Mr. Lynch nnd Mr. Wnrrcn. were C. A. Ciitinlnxhniii, J. Lewis Cherry, C. A, lUeluutiH, IV. S. Simmons ami I. H. Johnson. A 10 |]fr cunt stock. dlvUlend wan rtcclr.rctl [or all .itoclthotdQrs of re- corrj. Bu.sLncvsA of Ihe past yecHi 1 \VBA rt- vicw at Lhc stockholders meeting and to the bonnt In guiding Ha afftilrjs. | 1047 W (Li termed "a very aalkfncL- uow until that, it adaecl, Is .to - short Douglas said that m thc first, llcr t onlv Hie nrlnciml place exports under the program collccl ' only mc P rmc 'n nL would be less than now. This, lie Tllc Birmingham Post said In an said, would afford a certain amount I editorial today that "only thc of relief insofar as available sup- ghastly horror of the scene (child plies for domestic use in this slaying) Is clear., .that and thc country are concerned. cold demands of loan sharks for Director Selected For Chickasawba Chapter Campaign J. L. Gunn, manager of Swift nnd Co. OH Mill here, was named chairman of, Ihe 194B Red Cross fimd campaign at a meeting of the Hoard of Directors of the Chicka- FiiwUa Chapter of the American Red Cross last night in the Court House here. He was appointed by Chapter Chairman George M. Ijce. The fund campaign will begin in March. Bank Has "llcst" Year Mr. Williams aald that In reviewing the hunk's bushics.i of the past year, It wns pointed out to thc stockholder* that thc Institution had Its best year of the 10 years It has been here, both from ndlvldunl accounts. The Block dividend volcd .spend bllllona t>f dollars on nerln! preparedness starting now topped scores of recommendation. 1 ! in a report released by the White and titled "Survival in the Air A&e." Mr. Trumun In a statement accompanying the les-pnge document, snUI "the Judgements of the commission should be studied with care by the Congress mia the people." Thomas K. Finletter, New -York attorney, bended the group. Security to Be Kn(«rprlne The money proposals \vonhl Increase the present $10,098,000,000 military bucket to $11,590,000.000 In Three school-aye members ofl calendar 1949 and $13,200.000,000 Ir the junior Red Cross group here! calendar 1D1B. reported to the board on their The trend of expenditures, subjcri iicUvitics, They were accompanied ! l-o proposed re-study in 1940, would - - - ----- supervisor. Mr. Maycs stated that change cards with slots to hold five dimes are being distributed among the students of the county's schools for Says EKI> Not To Cause Rationing "Then you're hopeful we will not have to impose rattening and price controls?" Ghiperficld asked. "Not on thc basis of this program," I?ouglas replied. The treasury secretary went be- for thc Senate Foreign Relations Commiltec to answer congressional criticism. Snyder said that If the 16 par- payment or her accounts. "They do not stand accused, for we have granted grace to their operations. Yet, many arc th c monuments lo usury, to practices eke- where condemned and outlawed but permitted here...we cannot escape part of the guilt for the deed which destroyed nn innocent life." Mrs. Fitzhugh; bold In city jail while funeral services were being to the meeting by Miss Effle Tencll, teacher-sponsor of the Junior Red Cross. Buddy Taylor, Blytheville Junior High School student, told of the annual Junior Red cross enrollment drive last year. Twenty-five schools in the 'Chickasawba Dis- rict were enrolled and together raised $109.2-7. Jerry Strickland, licipatlng countries are required!prepared for her son later today, to exhaust their holdings here was described as a "poor manager "we would merely add further in- who unconsciously got herself hi stability to their monetary sys- debt and then sought relief from loan sharks." terns _ Such holdings, he said, will be needed lo meet import requirements which are not included in the European recovery program. the students to fill and to turn. The treasury secretary declared In to drive workers In each school., that the U. S. outlays for the pro- Mo special programs are being | gram can be met out of current planned as yet, he said but scv-, revenues and without throwing the eral are being considered. i country's budget out of balance. He stated that school officials! The administration is asking will withhold their plans until a congress for a 15-month $6,800,campaign chairman has been ap-j 000,000 down payment to finance pointed. Arkansas Seed Dealers To Meet in Little Rock W. O. Reeves of Blytheville. president of the Arkansas Seed Dealers Association announced today that the association would hold its an the recovery program. Mercury Dips To Low of 19; Some Snow Falls Termed "Only Way Out" Fred Fitzhugh. her husband's twin-brother, explained that "every Idea she had turned iut wrong financially." He said her husband was unaware of her borrwoing money until about three weeks ago whcn she permitted monthly payments to the loan companies to lapse. FYed said she and her husband. Alec E-, were separated from eaiVi other for one day about 18 months ago. He said during that day she sold their furniture, borrowed S200 from loan companies and applied for a divorce. The divorce proceedings were cancelled the noxt day. Mrs. FiUhtiRh had not made any be upwnr a 1949. The program Grade School, reported on a project The schools In district lilted 100 boxes lo be sent' would be. "extremely expensive," thc report said, but "self-preservation comes ahead of economy." .Sen. Owen Brewster, R., Me., sair: after reading the report that It "will be of great value In congressional consideration of the nationa security as related to aviation.' Brewster Is chairman ot Ihe Joint oi icniraii conitrcsslonnl Aviation Policy Board this' wnlcl1 ls making a similar study. The commission proposed rcorgan- sij-iLi jvv iiiiL.i.1 ii/v ij*JAti> LU iji; ni:tii< • r 41 . ., j j to cbi.drcn in war-torn countries. '«' ?" «' "»' C ™ m " C * A ^: The boxes contained school and personal supplies. Richard O'Neal Dcdman, senior hiBli school student, explained a [jrojMsed international correspondence exchange program to be conducted In the Spring. Albums on this area will be prepared and sent lo children in foreign countries. These children will in turn send albums of their areas here. ory yenr trom all atiyidpalnls," Mr, Lynch snld. Mr. Lynch yesterday began hla 20th consecutive year as president the Farmers Bank and Trust day has been tentatively .. jy the Comptroller of Currency and ciuance of Iho now stock will be forjnally approved by him as soon as the nco.essary tornis rvrc received . Washington, Mr. Williams until. Other directors of the bank are Ohnrlc* Roso of Honelnntl, Roland Green of Blytheville, Mr. Wtllltuns and John M. Stevens of Dell. Mayor Urges Observance of Jaycee Week Observance ol ".Junior Chamber of Commerce Week" beb'tm today nnd activities planned by Ihe Bly- thcvlllR Jaycccs will t,'et under way tonight at a benefit basketball came. "Junior Chamber of Commerce Week" this year marks thc 27th anniversary of Ihe foundliiK of the Deplores Sensationalism Government Affpiri Serious Business,, Governor Declares organization and more 1,550 "When an Inflation Is In progress, there is no way of predicting whcn It will break of Its own accord," he suld. "One can only be certain that If permitted to run Its own course, It will break with deaructlve force." . With this doleful possibility Jn mind, the President said: "I therefore \irge that the Con- gross consider with the utmost »l>ecd the nature of the problem. which we have to meet and *lopt Ihe measures that are approprlaU to Us solution." The principal solution asked by the President wns his 10-polnt an- ti-itifljitlon program of last year, Including aUvnil-by power for wag* and price controls and the tight to ration scarce Items. With such action, thi President foresaw a bright economic lutur* for the country with 84,000,000 people itt work within 10 yearn, Instead of the current M.OOO.OM which Itself (•' higher than la any pre-war year. . flu* for Tmx Reduction He put In a new plug for Ml MO-for-everybody Income tax , reduction plan, saying that the war ngalnst' Inflation should not neglect "tin casualties" "Certanl tax changei now will. help those millions of famine* whose disposable-Incomea have lagged mor e and more behind tpe Vn- crensed cost of Urlng during tht past year and a half, he aatd. He also renewed hl» argument for higher taxes on corporations to offset his proposed ia.SOO.OOO.OM reduction In individual Income taxes. "An Increase hi corporate tax** would not cause production to fall below the highest output that available materials, capacity and lubor will permit," Mr. Truman Nald. "It would, however, have an nillNKLBY. Ark., .Inn. K (UP1 —Gov. Hen Ijxncy has presented the voters of Arkansas with a set of standards for the 1048 elections, but his own political position In the coming Rvibrrnntvolal race Is .still a matter for speculation. Tn an udcli-css to the Brlnkley anti-Inflationary effect which would wholly or In large degree offset th» Inflationary Influence of the reduction In Individual Income taxen." The chief executive was stern In his warning against a boom which would lead Into a depression, saying that such a period of run- Chamber of Commerce last night nw«y Prosperity carried with It payments since November on three Accompanied by the lowest tcm- loans of S50 each she owed. In her nual meeting in Little Rock Jan.21. peraturc of the season, the first confession she said she was to re- The meeting will be held in the! snow of the winter fell here last] pay the $150 at the rate of $31.50 Marion Hotel, he said, and thai j night and brought potential dan- topics of Importance to seed dealers ) of this area would be discussed. Weather Arkansas forecast: Fan and continued cold tonight. Slightly warmer Thursday. Lowest lempeature.s near 18 in North portion to 26 in the South portion tonight. Minimum this morning—19 Maximum yesterday—-10 Sunset today--5:21 Sunrise tomorrow--7:15 Precipitation, 54 hours to 7 ». m. today--none Total since 'Jan. 1-- 4 M ger in the form of slippery sidewalks and strcels. As the thin blanket of snow was being laid over North Mississippi County, the mercury tumbled to a. low or 19 degrees, the lowest temperature here since last February. Most of the wet snow frow: when it hit the streets and sidewalks, yesterday's high was 40 degrees. Soybeans Prices f. o. b. Chicago open high low Mar May 435 440 436 1:30 435 438 42914 435 month for six month, or at the rnte of 100 per cent Interest on an annual basis. Mrs. James Roy Named On executive Board of Young Democratic Clubs -Mrs. James Roy of Blytheville wns named yesterday to » 16-mem- bcr executive committee of the Young Democratic Clubs of Arkansas by Henry Woods of Texarkana, president. The committee will meet Friday In the Hotel Marion in Little Rock lo formulate the organization's 1D48 program. Mrs. Roy Indicated today that she would be unrible to attend the meeting. Daniels Waging Losing Battle Against Pneumonia RAUKGH. N C.. Jan. H fUPI — Joseplnis Daniels. 85-year-old cd- She told detectives that one loan i Itor of thc Rallegh News and obscr- company had threatened to sue the ! ver and former secretary of thc day before Johnny was slain and I navy, still held on grimly against ment to balance the power of Ihe military establishment. It said commerce should have two sub-dc partmcnts, one lor civil aviation, oni for Industry and trade, each wltl a secretary. Double-Barrelled Policy Dried The report also advocated a "dou- ble-barrelled" foreign policy. The commlslon said the United States should seek peace through the united Nations and simultaneously build Its air defenses for the possibility ot w&r. Besides the horrors of atomic warfare, the commission also described the mass destruction imssl- ble through biological weapons. War will be more likely after Jan 1, 1953—"Ihe target date by which we should have an air arm In beins capable of dealing with a poslblc atomic attack." But It cannot be ruled out before then, the report said, adding: "Unless the incompauolltty of East and West can be overcome anri the energy of the world turned toward the building of peace rather than preparing for destruction, a war may break out which neither side wants." clubs throughout thc country also will be observing Jaycee Week. Mayor E. R. .Inckson. In a proclamation toddy, said In part: "Wht'rc- ns. 11)1.1 orRnnlzatlon of younc men has contributed rnalcrlnlly lo thc betterment of this community throughout thc yenr. J ... do hereby proclaim (he week of Jan. M-21 as Jnycee Week and request that cltl/cns of our community rec- : OKNlw the benefit of Hie Junior Chamber of Commerce to our community." Jaycee Week will be climaxed next Wednesday night with Ihe presentation of a Distinguished Service Award lo the "Outstanding Young Man of the Yenr" at a iKinquct al the Fly-Inn. He will be chosen by a secret committee of businessmen on the basis of his service to thc community during the past year. the governor traced the accomplishments of Ills administration for thc past three years and then stressed the Imiwrtance of making the right choice In 1948. "We need men In public office," Lancy said, "who hnve a high re- sard for the general welfare. Iti Is not a time when the people of this state should be swept off tlieir feet by sensationalism, |>y medicine ninn tactics, by cowboy bands, or extravagant promises." The governor advocated a number of Imporlant changes In the stale fiscal setup. He said tlic slate has reached thc point where special taxes like those on sales and Income should not be increased, and he added that luriibuck to thc counties and school districts should be frozen al a reasonable level. The cliicf executive suggested I lial money raised from tuxes like gasoline nnd severance ought to be spcnl In the locality where they "the seeds of Its own destruction." "We must." the president said, "be prcpnrcd to act in time if we want to make good our promise and to prove to the world as well ns ourselves that an economic system of free institutions can b» made, to work steadily as well M efficiently." In a report that wa« studded with tablRi. chart* »nd sheet* of figure*, the President evidence* distinct worry about the fact that "many" American* are running through their war bonds anil Raving* accounts io meet current See INFLATION CURB on Page T were collected. And he reiterated his demand that thc state get out of the property tax field once and for all He suggested an Initiated act or amendment for 1948 which would prevent the slate from Interferring Six key-men award winners, clios- |r , ,, ro|M > r(y lnx co ]| ccl | on n[ t cr the en by vole ot the Jaycccs here, also comlect | 011 , 5 scvc rcd at the em will be honored ftt thc banquet. New York Stocks that she "(nought his insurance policy was the only way out." Realtors Make Plans For State Convention Members of the Blytheville Real Estate Board held their monthly dinner-meeting in thc Hotel Noble last night when they discussed plans pneumonia, his doctor said today. A T and 1 p.m. Sttx-Vi T Amcr Tobacco .... Anaconda Copper Beth Steel but hope that he might rally was Chrysler virtually abandoned. Gen Kleclric Daniels, who served nine year?i| o en Motors as ambassador to Mexico, was "just Montgomery Ward Ihe same as he has been," members|N y Central ...... of the family reported. His doctor sa\d he vas not encouraged by thc long fight Daniels has waged against thc effects of bronchitis, pneumonia and complications of age. Inl Harvester North Am Aviation .. 151 1-4 .. 67 1-2 .. 33 5-B .. 9S 3-8 .. 60 1-2 .. 35 1-8 .. 56 3-8 .. 52 .. 14 3-8 . . 89 7-8 9 1-8 Retired Cooler Doctor Dies; Rites Tomorrow . . Funeral services for Dr. Thomas Spencer Cooper 81, of Cooler. of Ihls year. , . Mo., who died suddenly at his home ] last nlglit at 7:40 p.m. will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Cooler Baptist Church. The Rev. B. W. Pierce, pastor, will officiate and burial will be In Mt. Zion Cemetery. Dr. Cooper was born In Perry County. Tcnn.. in 1861 and moved to Cooler in 1890. He had been practicing In Cooler until his retirement .several years ago. He Is survived by two .sons. Dr. L. E. Cooper am! Paul Cooper of Cooler, and two grandchildren. III- u-lfe prccccdcd him In death several years ago. German Funeral Home of Stcclc. is in charge. Arrests Four Men For Shipping Explosives NEW YOHK, Jan. H. « u .u. «,,, nvMuu ........ » .-« , . . Republic Steel ............ 25 1-2 \ Feilcral Bureau of Invesllgntlon all- Radio nounccd loday that it hud arrested for the state convention of realtors Dantels wns sent to bed 10 days i Studebaker Socony Vacuum 16 1-2 ' four persons in connection with the 20 1-8' attempted Illegal tWpment ot ex- Pauley to Settle His Dispute With Stassen and Quit WASHINGTON, Jan. 141UP) — Millionaire Edwin W. Pauley warn ready today to step down from hit government post "some time thl« month," bul he said he Intends to have il out with his accuser, Harold E. Stassen, before he qulU. 'Hit; special assistant to the secretary o' army, who admittedly made almost $1,000,000 speculating in commodities, made It plain that Stassen had nothing whatever U> do with his decision to return to private life. "It Is obvious." said Pauly, "that he (Stnssen) would like to claim credit for bringing about my resignation and again mislead the pub- Members of Dud Cason Post 24 lie. The fact Is, a» I have stated: of the American legion held their 1 whcn my Job is finished I plan to weekly meeting last night In the' leave the department of the army. LcRlon Hut. Not before. I expect this to b« some Curtis j. Little and Bosco Craf- time this month." ton reported ou tlieir trip to Little Rock where they met with civic, business and professional leaders from the slate lo discuss. Universal Military Training. Silver and gold stars were presented lending workers In the legion's membership drive on the basis of new members they h»d obtained Legionnaires Get Report on UMT Conference to be held here in the Fall. , I ago after taking a severe cold. l Standard of N J 74 3-4 i plosives to Palestine. Cold Motor Causes Ron for City Firemen Oil on the motor of a car belonging lo U>llaileU Malone. Negro, became Ignited tills morning when he attempted to thaw out the motor by burning paper under It Uttle damage resulted. The ear Anderson fropostf Steps to Ration Meat TOPEKA, Kan., Jan. 14. (UP) — Anticipating a meat shortage that will swing public, opinion In favor ot meat rationing, Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson said today "we should go ahead and «s- scmble rationing m»t«r!als now." New York •was parked at 115 North Eghth. Dec. open hfch \knr .1:30 9583 3586 SIM' 3574 3574 3583 3US 3574 IHW 3411 MM 34*3 Oct '.. 3HS 3lt* SIM 3V7» 3130 3119 31N Mar. May July

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