The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, AUGUST <1, 1!).|7 BLYTHKV1UJS (ARK.)" COURIKR NEWS PAGE SEVEN. A-BombMightBe Shunned in War Devcrs Says Both Sides Might Avoid It Like Gas in WW3 NEWARK, N. J.. Aug. 4. (UP) — Gen. Jacob Ij. Devers. commander of Army ground forces, said yesterday it was probable thai "the ntom- le bomb might b ciwoided us circumspectly in any future war as gas was in World War II." Devers, told the N'e\v Jersywing of the An 1 Force Association, con- 1 emulated the Air Forces on reaching equal status with the Army and Navy hut warned it to remembor it is a part of a ihrcc-servlce team. Devers said proponents of tilr ])ower wei'c apt to cite (he atomic bomb as proof (hat air power would be the decisive factor in another war. "But let me retnind you," he said, "thnt il is improbable that any future aggressor would start a war. unless he too were possessed of u similar \veapon. Under such circumstances, a future war might lake either of two courses. It miehl be an atomic slugging match, or, and wlial is more probable, since neither side could so achieve any substantial victory, (he atomic bomb miylit be avoided as circumspectly in anj future war as gas was in World War II. In cither event, a final decision could be effected only by sur- fice forces." There is danger, Devcrs said, ir regarding the atomic bomb as another Maginot Line or in mcntn endowing il with tfie portective powers once believed Inherent ii our ocean distances from Europi nnd Asia. Devers said the Army was work lilt toward the day "in'the near fn , ttlre" when "we will be able to n R standard infantry division, will nil its armament to battle." 'Only the Dead and Dying Shall Land' Liverpool Scene Of Reprisals Against Jews A. seriously ill Jewish woman is removed by slrrtcUr-r from the llrltlsh shijj Uiinnyuiedv I'ark av I'ovl IX Roue, France. Other Jewish refugees, turned back from Palestine and brought here or. I he Hiinnjmcd Park and Iwo other ships, have refused to laml. The French have promised food mul medical ain to nl those who wish lo land. tNKA Tclcpliolo.l At my Doctor n Stomach \;IK. 4. (Ul'i A fnnn Ims HU'd :i Mill llll '-ulli'riiiK iMcunT'l (liK'loi 1 •lUt'^iMUy is Mimiiu'h il'irltvi •I'l'lltiOU, fi'iMm of .)n}:p;i. formril nl din' 1'iirl llelvolr, V:i. r Army llnspitul July 3. HHft. He c-liiiuu'il ]u' .smlVrnl "inti'usc iKilii. Jamuti.v mid nair;<Mi" Ui-dnv UK' lowi'l. iniirki'il ' U. H. Ml'dlrnl Dr.- IKirlini'iil." was ri-movoct by :;nb- M'(|urnl MirriTy. Nt'nrly iMio-3i:i]f o[ Iho niiiU'h'Vi rini.sumcil In Hnisliiml hi'loi'e H'O \v;iv were ininorU'd Concrete Culvert-til* Kl/i's 10" lu 38" (Krliiforcril nr Non-Hrlllforced) ('lif:i[>*'r ;iiul I,miger Lasting Hi. ni any othrr llrlilKe Material. CIIIK icti' mills for H-inltury I'rlvy— CniUTutn Septic Tanks. For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop Head Ciuuler New.s Want, Arls. New, Bigger NLRB Takes Over With Fair Play Pledge WASHINGTON'. Aug. 4. (UPl The new and larger National Labor Relations Board created by tl>? Taft-Hartley Labor Act look over last week with a pledge of lair administration of the new law and an appeal to labor and management for fair play. The appcai \viu; macic iu ;\ statement issued immediately after the swearing in of former Sen Abe Murdock, U.. Utah and J. Copcland Gray of Buffalo, as new members and of Kobert N. Denhani, to the icwly created position of general counsel "We start upon nur new task with deep determination, we have pledged to ourselves and to each other to administer the new law with all the diligence and fair-mindedness in our pcwcr," the NI.HI1 said. Murdock said Ihut the act is now the law of the land ant! "it behoove. 1 every good citizen—;oul the ^reii! majority of Americans are goot citizens—to accept what has become Ibc collective wisdom of Congress. " He said that the solution of laboi relations problems is America's most "crucial and imiiurtunt problem," Zh'ild Pedals Tricycle Two Miles to Find Out //here Street Cars Go 'LIVES 1'OCL, Aug. 4. (UP)—Dozens 01 windows in the Jewish sections of Livenxw! and Glasgow were broken enrly today in demonstrations touched off <jy the Jewish Underground's hanging two British hostages in Palestine. In Glasgow, youths roamed the streets hurlini; rocks. Damage WTJ set at $1,600. A hospital in the Jewish section was stoned. The League of British ExServicc- inen, now under police scrutiny [or alleged anU-Srmclic and pro-Fascist leanings, scheduled another open air meeting tomorrow. At the organization's previous weekly meeting, police had to intervene when speakers were attached. Windows in a Liverpool syna- Rogue and many Jewish-owned in nr(icr . ivtl . ( ,., stores were smashed. A Jew ls l, doctor was assaulted. afte , he lion PHILADELPHIA. 'Alls;. 4. (ITi- 'rhrcc-year-pld Donald Kriegelman set out on his Irlcyclc Thursday niyht to find the answer to the biygest (juestion In his young life —"Where do the trolley ears i;o?" Donald was playing in front of his home shortly before dinner when he decided on the expedition. lie wailed at the corner of his street until one of the fuscinntiiu; street cars passed, then pedaled as fast as he could after it. But the trolley soon outdistanced him. so he waited for another and started out again. For four hours, while police mill a volunteer party of neighbors hunted for him, Donald waited for trolleys and pedaled All Work Done I'ticloi'v-Triiiiu'd A. H. Webb liny, in N. :i( Stale Line rhuiK! Hljllievillc 714 usual bedllnic, inlli>s lioni his L, Fitzpalrick Jewelry Store H t-.ikos only ;j minutes to wpi>n an iiccount witli a .22-calibcr rinc when it wa.s disrharKcil accicieiilaljy. Tlie lad is survivetl by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wooton and .six brothers and sisters. Air Safety Board Asks Revised Altitude Rule •WASHINGTON, 'Am;. 4. (UP) President Tnuniin's air safely board proposed yesterday Unit airline pi- tots be tncinired to double tiieir JUT-' sent minimum attitude of SCO feet Cats are jna .\vor)d color-blind. They live of g ray, i n onotonous .ocal Ami I.ting Distance Moving Competent Hn^ »jfl -r-jaipraflnt. Adequately Inaurid Conttict HinUnf *nd Mlae. SciTtcei. Ha»e Ser-rlco * Stor*f« •«, Vbon« 2B01 Landis, chairman of the Civil Ac- ron:iulics Board, recommended that minimum al(i T udo for passenger fliglit he raised to 1000 feet oxccpi in cases specifically authorized hy ttirj Civil Aeronautics Administration. In addition to its recommendations on minimum nUitucIosi, t hoard proposed Hint minltniim levels for airport approaches -should he staiutardi/c'd on all air roulcs. KIDNEYS GETTING YOU UP NIGHTS? • If you R?t up nielils—have frequent ric- 3ire to pai3 your water—but have only scanty passages —yes, and have backache due to cxcesr aridity in the urine, be giad you're readme this: Thice K'»crniioiis ago" Dr. Kilmer, n famous doctor, fovinrf hundreds of (us patients with this trnublc. Painstnkingly he made a medicine of 16 hcsbs, roofs, vcftftables,hnhnms— Nature's own\vayto r«Iicf. r-.c c.illcd it "Swamp-Root" and millions of p.ratcful men and women havo taken it—often wilh amarinj; results. Swamp-Root goes right to work to ffi/3/j out kidneys...increases the flow o( urine, he] pinr.torclicve rxcc&s acidity... sn the irritated bladder gets n good flushing out, too". Many report getting a good nights sleep after the first lew doses. Cnution: take us ditcctcd. For free trial supply, send to Drpl. S, Kilmer & Co., Inc., Box 1755, Slam foul. Conn. Or—gel full-sized ho:tic of Swatup- RooL today at your drugstore* Accused Negro Slain PRENTI.= S, Miss", Aug. 4. (UP —VCTSLC Johnson, 35-yrar old I\ T P- Eri'o \VRS, shot, and killed on thr .spo' \vhero he was accused of rnp ins an fxperloi/b wliito inolhcr Sheriff G. O. Berry clisclcsctl clay. Bnllrts from Ihrrp suns ?nte Johii.son's rfxly lie tried Lo Berry ->;iUi that the woin;\]i ii:ul iflriHiEi^ci Jnhiison from ;i [rroup of nine Nn-rars .i(, tin- jriil. l^.tcr Jo!uist>n wnnU'd lo return to the nccnr of thci nltat-k to "talk I he matter over" Berry ."said. Klrl>y Bios. liug stores 25c Drug and t. *! »"*'>!'*"*"»;>;>">;;»^ We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment Kltmiiuttt uniiccvsKiiry expense in wt'.'ir of your liri's by Iodine us ki'cp your I'iir in porfut'l nliniuiicnt. Our It'fd work will .save you mom>v .0 REPAIR ^o v*! on the wnnlK fnmlly'H shoe sis tlirmiKh tlir yrar—hy kct|>- \K (In-ill in Kiiod rcpiilr with uur .Mr Will ItIIKU)Ship ill 111 toil £ I liiiilll.v miili-i In Is, \VI iil«-you viilt lirct mid 11 [i rep Lire men itni shines. HALTER'S Quality Shoo Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance ' 1 Installation r>00 N. Fifth iJt. IHythvville, Ark. Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 t. Muln none ZMT Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor \vill lum, smoothly il you | irmf r ii lo u.s Inr n-Kiihir cliecluip. Our exiu-rt-i will spot those minor flaws hi'fore they develop into Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE IDS E. Davis St., P. O. Ho* 431 BbtHcvJlle, Ark. | riione Z487 (rouble. Expert Motor Care Vi>n c:in vnlriiNt. your molor Ironhk-s, no mallei- how serious, (n us. Hero you'll K'i'l a pnmipl, iict-iiralc diagnosis of yoiir car's ills . . . ami fudory-1 rained men will make I hose repairs effkendy and economically. LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St., Blythcvillo Pride & Usrey GENERAL CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition *• l I . >>>>;>;x>>;>;:o BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONtRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Boys Play With Gun; One Dies of Wounds LF.WISVILLi-:. Ark.. AUE. 4. (UP) —.Funeral .son-ires :iro bcini; lioltl Sntlirdny fnr R^>V WayiTc Wooton. 10. \vtin v;ns ncri<icnt:lUy slint i)_v a livc-yc;i]'-<*'rl conshi uo;u - hero J-ii- rl;iy. '!']'.'• rhiicli'cn \vcrc plnyiin; Nolic Due to the sudden de-control of sugar, we need all swrplus Coca-Cola bottles and cases you may have csrousid your home. !f not convenient to return them to our plant for your deposit refund, please phone us and we will send for them. Phone 2047 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. the South Division St. OPENING SATURDAY, AUG. 2 One of Arkansas' Finest! BARBECUE Fine Sf eaks - Fried Chicken - All Kinds Sandwiches "We Specialize In Fine Foods" 20,000 Sq. Feet PARKING SPACE Watch For Our Big FORMAL OPENING Wed. Aug. 6 Owned and Operated by the Johns Brothers Sam — Steven — George FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48inchCOKCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Oscpola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver IMmne 691 If blue Monday plagues you on Sunday, call 474-475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Day Phone 3371 Night Phone 2527 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. Hlyflicville, Ark.. Estimates (Madly Given fOK *C*t MBWM SCWICe ALWAYS Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Plume 3.17!) Hlytlicville Ark. 112 Walnut St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 ie Old Rcli G. O. POETZ 'The Old Reliable" T.w Bwn. «f PETROLEUM Dependable Sento* PRODUCTS I al Cl CfeHTf

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