Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1895
Page 5
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THE BEST DRESSED MEN On our streets are seen in our half. That is our best advertisement, but we occasionally like to call your attention to our Stylish Hats at a very moderate cobt. Now Spring Style 8ti(T Hats as low as $1, better ones at $1.50, and choice qualities at |2 and $2 50. DE W ENTER, The Hatter & Furnisher Save This Coupon .... |> No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum o£ money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, TtlB PEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Seal Estiito or Collateral Security, Inj Amount. Arts Time. E. B. Ovcrslilner, 827 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL. girls made strong by Zoa SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 16 QDrink McLin's Kolatona. Zoa, Phora brings health and happiness. Additional Local on Fourlh Page. Mothers of daughters should know Zoa Phora. rjLaundriod phlrt waists at all prices at the Trade Pulace. To maiden, wife or mother, Zoa I'hora is a trusty friend. What Zoa Phora won't do for ailing women, no medicine will. The best Baking Powder in the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Fancy lawn grass seed, fertilizers for lawos and plants—Krois' Mf£. Co., 414 Broadway, The Trade Palace carpet department I li full of beauties at the new list. I Don't miss them. , be deceived by so called sam i when you can buy regular I stock shoe much cheaper—Stevenson fc Kllnalck. Notice price? when passing Harry (Frank 1 * store (New Faihion store.) 1 then fret a suit or overcoat at 30 cents I on the dollar. Ellas Winter will remove two doors I east of his present location until the I building now occupied by W, H. (Brown I* vacated. For Rent—Two front rooms furnish led, suitable for two ladles, or gentle 1 men, or family without children, la- I quire Bt thU offico. Sheet and Jplllow case Bale at the •Bee Hive today, Monday and Tuesday I Be iure and attend. Cheaper than •the raw material. Pillow cases from •7} cents up, sheets from 45 cents up Can yoj n^rne the Derby winne Ithls iiprlng? No; but I can name the twinning Derby. lt'» ib>- Dunlapstyi*, |and Douyhi ono at Otto's yesterday at 1 93, and am much pleasod with it. Delicate Phora. CEvery woman should learn about Zoa Phora. Attend the sheet and pillow case party at the Bee Hive. We open the sale with a pillow case for 7J cents, and a big sheet for 45 cents. Get your dreee goods and silks all at cut prices, 84 inch pluids 1.0 cents a yard worth 25 cents, double width half wool, 12J cents a yard—Trade Palace. Hood's Sarsaparilla gives great bod ily, nerve, mental and digestive strength, simply because 1 it purifies, vitalizes and enriches the blood. The fifth semi annual session of the fourth district of Christian church missions, woe held at Peru, Thursday andjyosterday. The counties of Carroll, Cafs, Fulton, Howard and Tlpton were represented and there were be- twpen thirty and forty regular dole- gates. TheRav. T S Freeman and T. J. Legg attended from the city. REMARKS ON BRICK STREETS "On« of (he Boyt" Bring* Up ai Apparent.Point on the Market Street Improvement. To THE EDITOR OF THE JOURNAL:— I read an article in your valuable paper a few weeks ago in regard to the bricking of Market street. .The article said that the property owners would Lpay for the bricking of said street and the city would pay for the crossings of streets and alleys. This is all right with one exception. The property owners between Third and Second will pay for bricking in tbe eame proportion as the owners above Third on Market. The city must remember that Market street from Tnird to Second is thirty feet wider than the balance of the street above Third and below Second which was intended for a market }.laco and is held today by the city ' dads 1 ' for the same purpose. My Idea in writing this article is to give tbe city fathers to understand tbat the city of Logansport must p&y for the paving of the extra 30 feet a* heretofore described. The propertj owners have nothing to do with it. The city and the street railway have the pleasure of paving the same to a finish. The city has plenty of money to spend in improvements, she can drop a few dollars In improving Mur- ket space as far as I am concerned. I have no money to throw away in paying for improvements which belong io the city, and my neighbors feel finao cially, in this matter as I do. ONE OF THE BOYS. [Oiher papers please copy.] lew Spring Suits.. Ask to see the new Tariff Suits for Men, 34 to 44, 3,50 14 and The celebrated Clay Worsted Suits Imported, worth $15 for $7,50 '• Boys and Childrens in proportion. Otto Kraus of Course, whc else has got the nerve. lo be AMUSEMENTS. D CLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. S. B. Patterson, Muuager. ONE NIGHT ONLY MONDAY, MAR JH18 Watson Sisters Extravaganza and Specialty Co, WILL ADOPT THE CEILD The Parent Who Deserted the Tiv jUouth'M OKI Boy Made a Good Selection of a Family. It is probable that the baby boy left o mysteriously at the door of Mr. and Irs. Francis Hamon of Bates street, 'hursday night, as told In yesterday's ournal, will be adopted and cared for y the kind people. If the baby is ound tobejhealthy,and If no unlocked or obstacles are encountered, the little boy will not leave the pleesint home of the Hamons. • The child Is a brunette, and Is an attractive youngster. The only clr cumstance that would in any way Indicate that the child had been left by human hands at the Hamon door, was the fact that a cov ered buggy was driven rapidly down the street as Mr. Hamon stooped to Investigate the little bundle on the doorstop. The foot prints found In the snow were solooatecl as to uphold the theory that the Infant was left by an occupant of the covered rig. A second call waa made by the strange and unidentified visitors, aod when tbe door was answered, a nurs ing bottle was found. A search wat- at once made for the prowler, but tbe effort met with failure. The Modern ff«y Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. OTTO KRf\US; VENO. Again Lectures at Dolan's Opera House, . & .' . • A Large Audience in Attendance.--The Remarkable Cure of Mr. I. N. Wood as Effected Last Night the Subject of Conversation Throughout the City,--Veno Will Lecture Again Tonight at 8 p. m.--On Sunday Night Veno Will Lecture for the Benefit of the Poor.--All Deserving People Bringing Letters From Clergymen Will be Assisted. —A Wagon Load of Groceries and Provisions to be Given Away.--Lecture at 8 p. m-, Admission Free.--Office at the Murdock.—Consultation and Advice Free From 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. HAVE YOU CATARRH? M new -people. Ten Fine Yawlevllle acts. A great specialty bill. A meteoric Ava'ancn* of luminary stars-Startling, Dtizzlln« and Bewitching it> tlie dine, produced with new and elaborate scenic cffccia, A Strong cast, Introducing new and uovri features. New Music, New Songs, New Dances. A GENUINE IRISH BAG-PIP HEAR ALL THE Lk' Prlces-25c. 30c. Too The Plan** Ready. Tonight the city civil engineer will hand to the city attorney his completed profile place and specifications for the proposed paving of Market street from the east line of Second street to the west Hoe of Fifth street D OI.ANM OH Kit A HOU«E. S. B. PATTERSON. 1LUUQKR. O.YK XIUHT OXLV. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20. Now in Us 3d consecutive year in London School Building Horned. The Tnorcnope school house, LAYER, recently built, was Thursday burned to the ground, incurring 1 a lots of about |1,500. There was f9(JO insurance on the structure. The blaze was caused by adefectlve flue. The Knnrnionx Lau^htiiK Hit. Awarded [Highest Honors—World's Fair. •E>R; BT BRASDO.V THOMAS. Jfanasempnt o" CHARLES FROHMAN. 1-KnMO ..41, C0.1IEOV RELOKI>: MOST PERFECT MADE. ';purt Grape Cream (.'Tartar Powder. Free em Ammonia, Alum <x ^ny other adulterant 1i« i4O YEARS THE STANDARD. . in X.-n- V«irk: ISo .\iuhn. in B....OH. .15i X.tfUr* li. ChtrH*o. lUOXiKhi* in P..iUdrlplila. Pr-sented herewith all t ho ulajew th it ap" in all tlie pr<u Ipa] esoes. ilounitsl br 8c cury. ' o.-ale opens Tuesday morning. The Third AD The Rev. J. C. KauffinAo will make the R. R. Y M'. C. A., anniversary ad dresa at the Broad way M. E churcn Sunday nlgnt. Tne Rev. W. R. Wones and tbe Rev. D. P. Putnam will m»ke the prinji addresses at iha Cnristian churca in honor of tbe third anniversary of the R. K. Y, M. C. A. •— A sewer in iaa alley between Broadway and North street, w.U be extended from Fifth street to a JUDO *tion with the north and touth bratca. Tne contract wilt soon be let. Toe C' unty cotuinissionera took a twenty mile crive jebterday north of the city, looking-up sues for proposed bridges to spaa the big Snuri- aiich in Noble ana H<trngun townships. Last night Veno delivered his lecture at Dolan's opera house. An attentive audience listened to a very interesiieg and entertaining dia course. At the conclusion of the lec.ture Veno requeued that. a few gentlemen from tbe audience to come forward. In re?pon»e io his invitation three w<-ll known gentlemen stepped upon r.h* Bta^e. Veno then gave a highly inj terestinc delineation of their mental and phy" sical developments. His gr-at success in the treatment of dit-eases is gained through his knowledge of menial science. Many wonderful cures are beinu reported every day. . Mrs. Dan Killian, of 423 Market St.' has suffered for 11 years from nervousness, and tf-nernl debility. During Veno's visit to La- fayetre she heard of bin great success aud procured some f the remedies. This was three weeks ago aud today she says she feels better than she has for » ears. Mr. I. 2f. Wood, o 412 Clifton avenue, who was treated on the sta'ire nii;ht be ore last is mpidly srowinfr bet-te 1 and will toon have became entirely cnrnd. He has uo stiffuet-s or puin aud blesses the day he beared of th-Vt-no R^merit-s. <H> ouigh' Vr-uo will lecture and heil asain. Mr. Able S. Chasa. a rheumatic sufferer for rhirry yeai> will he treated publn-Jy and a I should be prnsenr. to se^ rbis s-'"-nt work performed. O. Sundtty nignr. V>-DO will leeiurn for the b-nefit uf rliH p ,<ir A" "1es«rvin{j. pr*nple nn'ngintr Jerrer* fi-oui;clergyfflpu will be supplied with groceries «nd provisions and Veuo and staff can be coi suited at in* ilurdook from 0 a,, in. to 8 p. in. ADV.CE AND CONSULTATION FKEK. Jacob Dager of Jefferson town.-hip will go.o Pennsylvania iQo cum-i w*ek w look up ap estate left, ov grandmother Tnere are ten heir* and Jacob U.-Kfer's share «ill be f3 600 Benjamin Saitn of W<tb* B h wnl accompany htm. The funeral of Mrs Miry G 'sr-r. wife of Frank G-jicer, will oe flela i-i- day at S:30 !* in. from ir.e S', J-.iic^h C-iihoiie church Tae K^v Kat.ier Kceorie win conduct tO(< scrvic-s t,oo tne reoiHlbs will be. p ac-d io rest in Bit. St. Vin^n'. cem-tery. Tntt rtirthdny anniversary of Mi-s K.i'e Oa.?i-le «r.H!? CSienrH'C-d Tor.r,day y a happy irn'-he'io-j of a num ber of her friends at tbe nome of Mr and Mrs Waher M ^ore. Cards KOO kind^ were osi/joyed Tn-. SCcr.lI,)! KauoiJ COUUty jtrreSt,- eJ Hirrv ttecj tii ihai cOuoiy Tnurs d.ij at ifie tome ul re-acive» near ne-e T >e \ou^u runo is chared wiih forgery.und i? iu n~ taken to .Ml.-rouri. K^-d is a. me-nber of * prominent Fui 'on c-iuDij family ••M> 1 .7r-, *n^.'; /ua--ic speil 1^ tbro*n D mn jour fai-, ? [r^ cnarm I o»- o . >VDen.:f C-MOB 40 v f, U r e nod pearh te-h ? T -y may i^^! fo.v p-jr'ijmed Sie -;tid, tn vivnr. -we»>v *cd : clear. Thci* Read This. Part of the Testimony oi One Day. January 15, 1895, Mr. Colmani— AEAR SIR—I must have some more Petroleum Balm; I cun't get along- without it. It is the best for catarrh of anything I have ever tried. I had a thumping in my head over a year. That was the firet thing that stopped it. Since I began using tbe Balm I have not felt it at all, 60 I am recommending- it highly. Address NORA DAVIS, Box 20, Adams Mass, GAKKETT, Ind., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— The sample of Petroleum Balm Emollient you sent me has done c great good. My throat is batter hi. for six months before. I encloses > for another box. of each. MRS. CHAS. SiMiroxt, CARTHAGE, led., Jan. 15. 189£, Mr. Col man:— Please send me two dozen bottles <ff your Petroleum Balm. I think I shall have no trouble in selling It as It hat done my husband more good In one week than all the medicine he hat used in years. MRS. CHAKLEB WILKINSOK. . HANDSOMS, Va., Jan. 15, 1896. Mr. Col man:— DEAR SIB—I received the Petroleum Balm all right. Enclosed pleate ffnfl 30 cents for a box. lt'« the only thing that does toy leg any good. Five months ago my leg broke out with* burning ulcer, and our family doctor has tended it all the time, but It dnitr grew worse, with no ease of lite. Tour medicine is all that I can get that eases it. I think U will be sufficient to cure it I shall try to be df all the use to you I can In selling your medicine. Respectfully yours, L JOVKEK. HAETER, Mo.. Jan. 15. 1895. Col man Bros. & Co.: DEAR HIES—My buaband has benc troubled witti catarrh In the head for twelve years and ban tried funeral remedies, but received DO benefit from them. He bought a box of your Pe- troloum Balm some tims; apo Bud bar not used more than half of U a«d ihinis he 1s well. I would very much like to take the agency and think I can helo mygell ind you too, by doing so. P.eiuie lot me bear from you at once. Respectfully, MRS. W. D. MCCLALV. We could fill this whole column «itt such testimonials all writien In on* day. • During next week you c*n get * freetampie of the remedies M: th* d>ug stores of B. F. ReesliLij ur Jubc. CoulsOn. For "lent-

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