The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST I, 1011 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER PAGE LuteS and Manila Pimte Fans Back Greenberg Game Ends in Tie Teams Deadlocked 10-10 After 10 Inning Diamond Bottle Lull's nixt Mnniln, HIP lliirtl plan- if-2m.s in iht> Mississippi County Amateur iHasntall M-ngiu-, bailli-fl l«ir 10 inning.-, yt-su-i'dny bf-iore il.iikness cauxhl up with ihi>m, Ida-ins; Ihc amu-sl to b? ra.lnl •-viih UK- score stumling at A 1010 ik-. ijiiU's. the- host loam, was 111.; umli-r-tlOB IhloMjihom ihe i-nljre i'umesi and hud to come irom oc-- ijiiul M-vprul tinu-s iu order lo .slay in the B:IIII<-. A bi?, rally by tin- home u-uin k'tiotii-d the .si-ore at G-:ill in the ninth frame and iof-- i-ii Hie "HUM; into extra inning:;. '1'lic CaiTiijials from Manila Jumped on jiiiuher JiJui M:H:iffcy lor lour runs in the ttj|i lialf of tlu- tciiih and it looked as U the lilt was about over, but l.nie.s l)o\iiK'<-(! biul: in their hah of liu.- extra inning. shov.-l.-red reliel hurl- H- Trigger Wall with live bini-U-s tliai nL-tU-il ilioin lour runs. The- Same was halknl slimlly after the lonr-run uprising. Manila used five hurlers ovci' the 10-innini; route. Sanders si .11 led. and was relieved by Tayloi i:i the sixth. ScoiL took iiiv;- in t;,e nintli and gave nay lo Wall in the U-mli. Misllul fey went UK- roule lor I.ules. Yarlno Scuri's, And Secires The Yarbco players ing some soil yesterday's contest with Armorrl in which Yavbro computi-ci more runs in Die same some of tile leains have scored all year. The final score was 32 to 2. Despite His Waning Career ttf <X)KNI-I.HIS ItVAN' Ulnilfil 1'ress Spoils Wrilerl NEW YORK. Aug. 4. lUI'l — Rnseball fans nil o\'er America Untied their rltention from th» pennant i-aees to :i human drainti io<lay. and it appeared thai Ml story of Han): On-enuerg have a hajipy riullng. If good wishes were bafehit-s. I lie homer. Y.uik-; Down Indiuiis The New York Yankees, uiipar- eiuly trying to flinch the American League Pennnnt mathematically by Sept. 1 ran their lead lo I3'_. games by beating Clevelniul. would | 5 to 4. Joe Gordon and CU-or^e Metkovich hil Cleveland liomei'.s. Delrott walloped Uie Boston Red Sox. 10 lo 3. as Hoot EI-PI-S balled would tje UK- all-lime balling chain- in font 1 runs wilh three liiis, pion. bill it wasn't as easy as Unit. George Oell h:-.<! four lilts, si-ored When rn-eenberu was sold from De-Minee times ami balled In one run troll to Pittsburgh and then dc- j Hal Ncwluniser allowed 10 hits m ciclcil lo cjuit l)asel>;ill. Die tans winning ni.s 11 111 vlelory. Although hel<| lo .seven lilts in two jjiiim-s. the Alhlelic.s miimn-cil a split wilh I lie St. Louis 1',-owns One of the A's three hits in the opener was Eddie Joost'.s two-run liomer, and Phil Miii'ehildon piolec- led the lead for a 2 10 0 victory Si. Louis won Uie seeoml, 4 i(. [rax No-Hit Jinx Ended by Kinney Righthander Hurls First Atlanta Shutout In the Past 26 Years understood his views, for lie had visibly slowed afoul, and no longer was a urent .slai. lint Ihe Pirale.s' new owners, anxious to give the smoky city funs Hie best, persuaded him' to reeou- sider, and lie agreed to play — some say lor $7f>.OOD Lor one year, others say for more than $100.01)0 The ,3, with 10 hits to four for Phlla- lans were inilUnt- lor him and .lor I ilelpiila. Pittsburgh, which obviously wa.s j I-'rank Pnpis!-. pitehed Hie Cliii-a- trylng to give pirate fans a wi:i- ! no white Sox to a 2 to 1 win over Washington. eivhiR up seven hit;,. Cas.s Michaels drove, in both Clil- , • • i ne was players are claim- , t d , o| , m a record after „.:..„[ .1,,. ,l,,,l ...L.I. A ,1 ' g<<]llM. LIU, niii!', team. 10 nmtler whnt Hie cost. IJoth CJrcenbern and the I'li-nl-. 1 ? Hopped. Big • Hank floundered around the middle .2011's in btilthit) and Ihe Bugs .«wan-dived into the cellar where they remained mull jusl a few weeks auo. when (lie Phils' long-time teases finally came P home afler a year's absence. So I 'bad was Cirecnlx-rg's bnltltiK that I lie asked lo he liL-nched a week I 11(40. I He was back on first base yes- ] a doublcheadcr :i - gainst the. Giants, and although • Pittsburgh didn't win cither name. 1 the I'irale fans went home happy. I In Ihe first game Uig Hank hit grand-.slam home run as Llie. with a pair of doubles. Yesterday's Slur: — Johnn Si-limit/, chieaBO Cub lefly. who refused lo become rallied allluiuKh li n.v \vn I.I\M A. siimr.s ll'nil.'il I'rrss Sports U'it(er) ATLANTA. On.. Aug. 4. I UP) A :!l>-ycai-olit Jinx nuainsl no- liames bv Atlanta Craeker pitcher? was ended today untl slim rlijhlf liuiKler Slielbv Kinney entered the elnirmed clreie for the firsl llm in his four year career as a pi-Tfei- sioniil Iwlrter. Klnnev, who turned the frlo'i nun'.nst Ihe New Orleans IVlic.nv yeslenlav as the Crackers triumphed ft lo 0 In the firsl game nt i (loiibleheiitler. -.viis llm first Alhn tn chiicker to '.urn Die trick sli:n Johnny SIIKKS. father of uolf! Louise Sumjs. lieat Chall anon,'.i 01 a hoi May afternoon In 1321. llu year Kinney w.v lx>m. H wns th" !hst pet-reel pume In the Southern Ihis season lieciiusc of t>-,c jinx which hns .spoiled ninnv C- acker would-bi- no- lilllers in the flnnl frame.s. t!ie RiOijecl lias -]i-(-n laboo lu the Wrestle Fans To Observe Anniversary MlV.r M-Tom-y. malchiimke'.- the Ann-! irnit l.eniun wtestli shows hen-, iniluy entered Ills -II)Hi year in I in- wrestling business, unit to ci->l;rate Umsrvilv in Uu< bone iwlsttn;; tinsmess. Mike lins line;! ni> mi iill-Miir dud fin- tonight's Ihc cimvas years and Jet Javelin Luxor a Speedster Takes Top Honors in Legion Auto Races 3 Lcou press box for 111111 e was honored with a "day", and jilt- S'cnr.s — mirl II was Ironic Hint, Kln- ched a shnlout over Hie leafnte- ney's feul was In Pelican Pi;k :>l I Ni-vv Orleans. usually as raolrl- leading Uodgers. J. C. •Whittle vent, all the way lor Yailnti while Anmjrel was us- | ins; live Imrleis. Gene Heard. I 1 .' T. Huncy. Jolin Youm;. Wallace Hav &:i<\ W. Dinner. Cooler kej:t in pare witli the leaaue-leadiiii; Lookouts of Blylhe- ville Route Two by defeating Nnm- ller Nine 10 to U on the diamond wliile the Lookouts were drubbing •Little River 10 to 12 at Promised Land. J. James wciil the distance for . Hie Missourians yivir.^ up 10 hits. M, Chandler and O'Kane worked r.n Hie mound for tiie home team and »ave up C hits apiece. 'rijjer \Vin Dispufcd Mead's iBlyllieville Tigers defeat- id Huifman G to 5 on the Huffman diamond but the contest brought, protests from tiie Hufl- nian nine. The le^al standpoint of the game is J:eing disiiulecl because of a reported break-up of the Tigers which the Huffman niayevs ehar»e f:hoiikl allow them a forfeit, ol die i sjame. Reports on the situn:ion state that tin; Timers disbanded last week and that the managers •of the E'ytheville team announced they would not play yesterday's contest. However, the report stated, they ;-ot together enough players lor a Uame and reported lo the Hutf- maii diamond and played the tilt. However, officials ol the league .stated the game must stand as an official league contest until it is passed on ijy members of the board of directors of the lens-tic. LitMe Rock Wins Legion Boseball State Tournament Boudreau Will Protest Called Game with Yanks NE'W YCRK, Aug. 4. (UP) Malinger LOT noudreau of the Cleveland Indians said today he would protest against, Ihc ca:]m&< ot the .second i;anie of last Saturday's double-header with the New York Yankees at the end of sev- ,. I Pirates were beaten 11 to a. am! ! in the second Kami-, which ended .11 an c.lghl-irt!iing G-G tie because' of Hie blue la'.v, Circenber^ hit Iw-o more homers, bringing his total lo 20. Ills batting average now stands ut .262. Miy.e Rocks 2:irtl Homer Greenberg wasn't the only ho- mer-hitler. John Mi/.e of Now York got his 32nd in the second game, and Ralph Kiner of Pittsburgh got his 2Glh. In all. nine four- baggers were swatted in the two games, but the Giants won Ihe first game with a 17-hit assault that included a lot of doubles and singles closely bunched. Brooklyn was beaten by Chicago, C to 0, its third straight loss to the Cubs, and saw its lead over St. Louis reduced to seven games. St. Louis dumped the Phillies for the third time in a row. 10 to H. wilh hard hitting from Erv Dusak and Stan Mu.'.ial. It was 103 cle- i gices in SSpovtsmens Park, and pitchers didn't bear up well. Boston's Braves divided wit) Cincinnati, bill got tlie satisfactioi of beating Eivcll Blackwcll. 4 to 2, making the Braves the only team to hold two decisions this year over the star righthander. Heat was a problem at Cincinnati, too. as Blackwell, Boston Pitcher Charley Barrett and Umpire Duslry Boggess had to leave the game. Before he depart<d. Ewcll gave up all four runs, one on Karl Tore- gcson's homer. The Reds won the second game 0 to 1, with a nine- hit attack led bv Grady nation's LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Au ? . 4.1 i UP) -The Hebsame.n Doughboys of M. .M. Ebeits Host No. I loday hold their lourtli consecutive st;i;i- American L:-gion junior bast-ball rcwn, follow-in;; Iheir victory over Norlh Litlle Tlock yeslerday. The avorites ttefeated the North Sideline in a surprisingly close battle. 8 to one, in the linal garni; >f the slate dollJle-eliniination ourney. Earlier in Ihe tournament Lilt It- Rock had defeated North Lil'.lc ivock, II! to 2. ill seven inniiMis. Ernie Punk started and finished for the Doughboys while Hilly Glover Inn-led Ihe entire ea:ni; for Ihe Gordon Gale Post nine. E«:li lad allowed nine hits but liu.- Doughboys placed the Bame on ice with a three-run rally in the iiflh. Tiie champs, who play Ihe Camden kraftsnien in Little Ruck Wednesday night, \vill represent Arkansas in the Lvgioii Regional 'ournamciit at HiUtiesbtlrj/. Miss., beginning Aug. 13. The Blythevdle Cotton Pickers were cliniinaled losing their first gan:e to the Doughaoys. and their second to 'Canulen, but be/ore going down the District Five champions from Blytheville forced Hie game into 12 inninps and a G to £• decision. cn-and-a-half innings. 'Boildrean charged that i'. \voiild have been nossi'jtc to piny tlie game through. The Yanks' led 3 to 0 when Umpire Charley Berry halted the game because of darkness. Bcrhcns Wins National Junior Tennis Crown KA'LAMAZOO, Mich.. Aug. 4 (OF)—^Thc National Junior Tennis title moved out of California for tiie firsl lime in H years today when Buddy Behrens took it home with him to Ft. Laderdalc, Fla. Behrens. top-seeded player in the tourney, swept aside all opposition with a minimum o! trouble, in Ihe final match he defeated nick Mouledous of New Orleans. C-2. 6-1, C-l. In the boys' division, Hubert rry, L,:JS Angeles, topped Allen Cleveland, Santa Monica,- CnL. G:i. 15-3, to capture the championship. Behrens and Mouldeduus tcai:.- ed to take Ihe junior doubles crown after a grueling fivc-sel -match wilh Sidney Schwartz of Brooklyn and Macbunnki Ma'.iiey of Princeton. N. J. Bebrcns and Mot.lcdous won 0-7, 12-1-1, 8-8. 2-0, G-3. ferrier, Haas Battle For St. Paul Open Title Tliere the fai ly loyal as lliosj in PlaUnish. e<l away froln ll'e home team y.-s- lenlay when !!u-\ leali/ed Kln.iey was Hearing a pel feet i-nine. Tl-.ry isavp n Kiiislin; <,vatlon after h" fanned sliiBger n,.i c . i.alileii !o\ tlie last out and swnrmpcl onto tl-e Held to cheer l!:o Pntrfax, Ab , .Inr who was :iiim.-il to tli ( . Dixie nll-.slnr tenm I >sl, vein- bill i-.lio was overlooked Ihis year. Kinm-y allo\vc-! n:i v four DKI-. -.1 reach first, al! <-.n <viii:s. and Lny- ik-n WDS tlie only mnn to reach re- eonci. uiyrien «(n = u off Red Mnllil.s, Atlanta cnl.-her. to whom the modest Kl'ivry s;nvc most of the c-n-<lil for the i.crfecl gaini-. The crackers sir nglv suiiporleil Kinney wilh a M 1,H nssan'l im Wall sinoln aiut Jim Shea. Including a I.WC.-IIITI ho-ner bv oiilfl"l;!er Rrnle Uiyun In <.!n- sixth inniiii:. Kays Fusl ISall Did H Kinney himself had this to sny: "I snid to myself In the seventh inning, whnt an they applauding; me for? It w.i.s then I renli/«l Mini iliev lindn't cotlen a lilt. U didn't bother me — much." "H wns my Jasl bull thai did It." Kinney said. He Is usually belter known as n cmveb.-ill nrtisl. "Red ] New York should gel the credit. He kept mix- ,B:ision . inn them up." fCincinnati Tlie no-hitte: 1 was Kinney's lllli win of the .season anil his fointh win in his last five slnrts. Lasl season he hud « record of 20 wins and nine losses and an earned mil average of 2.35 per game, second liest in Hie Ic.tKue. Tlie 1-elicniv, look Ihe second name 0 to o behind Jim Alklns. l)e.\cy Adkins wns lhc loser In the seven inning affair. Memphis rplit a doublehcnder wilh Ctialtanrxjga In Clinllniiooga, winnini; [he fj r ,:| (.anie 12 to 4 be- liind Hav Hancll. Hither Kllerr. first of three inokout twlrlers, was rhai-BCri witli i!ie loss. Challanoofe'a took the second game 2 to 1 as Bill Kennedy bested Prank Tloersi I Nashville swept a twin-bill from ' the hapless Little Rock Travelers ' at Sulphur n?ll park. The Vols teed off with six I allies in Ihe firsl ' inning of Uie firsl game and brcez- ' ed 10 a 12 to 8 win behind nig Ben ' Wade who mastered his 15th win of the season Al Walker homered for lhc Vols in the second. [ Nashville took the second came i .'i to o behind Hie one-hit chuckim of Hoover in n .soven-iiinln B affair" j Mobile's Roy Doles anne'xeil his' 13th season win with a five hll 9 lo i win over Birmingham In firsl of a doiiblcheadcr at Mobile Hill Hart and George (Shotgun! Sluiha homered for the Bears and former New York Yankee Bud Mc- theny homered fur Ihe Barons. Birmingham took lhc nightcap Mvrone...- sl:irt«i In Hie wrestl garni- AH,;. :). IIJOK ;U u,,. ,. l]H , .. K "' 13. Mi' pounded for appnixiiualelv 3 llien luii.,,1 i,, ,, B "|t u ij|| B brawls fur the wieMlinn public. Twelve of his 39 year-, in tho t;runl and urcun' racket li:u,« been .spent in Illylhe- ville. Tex Hiley. llu- Junior ll«nl- lu-nvyweinlii kiln;. Joe \V<f.h\ Ulil Canny ami ii,u k I.ipsi-oinl). will be on hand uniiKlii -to help "Uncle Mike" ofliciiilly be^hl Ills -lOlli year. i(ii,. y im ,| \v c) ifc will pair off aiiiiliist Canny mid Llpscmnb in the in.- iiintci, 'fenturc. Mcroni-y slate,i Hun It has been his custom for tlie past sever»l jears lo pv,. n, ( , f nnK somcthluj! extm special in til,, wny of a uood match on ills anniversary nWU, niul fans he,-,. | u .)ii've that Mike couldn't h : ,vi iione a belter Job ut .selecliui; the characters for toil It* I it's l-VCIll. 'AH lour o! the |>ni»plers on lo- Ililjill's (aid ii|, (he Toledos ulxive the 2ro-|)oiind mark and are cx- iei'ii-iic-cd. Wolte, Hiley and Ciinny liave been r|ynis for a number Of years :iud l,i))scomb, a relalive :iewco:ner I,, Hie rhm here. will. 11 probnbllily, oinei'Ke to the lienil ..... list afler luniuin-.s inicas. Comiiletinj; Hie iill-stiii- ,. wn t will be iw;i icp notch one-fa'l pr.:- liminaiy male-lies. Wolte and Lipscon ib will .shii,' it out In I he cur- lain ral.-er with Canny and Rlley swappini- holds in Hie (iocnnci prc- lim. Siariim; time for tills pro- uraiii i.s b:!S. i ol Kllcy's and Wolfe's black | H aiont: uith "iinndsome Willie"'{;, BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Mobile 71 New Orle,ii]s (;(] Nashville ijjj Allanln '.'.at Cliiillanuoya fB Uir.mln^hani wi Memphis '.'.'. M Lillle lio:k 4^ •14 4!l M % Cll fit! <i:i 77 NATIONAI, IJRAUOE W. L. Brooklyn fi;i 30 St. Lnnis S4 Pet .617 .Sill A Chiraj Piusburgh . Philadelphia . . . 52 ... S'2 . .. SO . .. 47 ...41 . . . 40 44 43 4» 51 ftl Unscne Coleuifiii. of Luxora,' dilvlnj; a -Slii'lebaker Commaiuler nicer, copped top money of Uie, Old dm- Derbv. re-:icllvaled lierc yesterday nfU-r a llirco-year lay- olf dm- lo Wiirlime conditions! Yesterdny's derby was sponsored by the Dud-Curon Post 24 of lhc American Ix-iilon liere and Will b« belli each Sumlay nftcrnoon until furllier notice. II was announce'!. < It in fienijies, of Blylheville. drlv- lu« :i Hudson Special owned by thu (Nmnley lirolheis anriuie, here, re- reived second money. Scrapes' car l/inneil a wheel bcitrliiK enrly In I the race Hint- forced him to v-ith- jdraw nnlll l( W ns repaired. He finished (Irsi In '.lie feature race, the ,l:ilo|ile Handicap, i Third ptnrc inoney wenl lo D.ivl:! May. of .tonesbaro. driving a Model A F.ird owned by )x;e Sllckler of JnneslKiro. Mny flnlslii'd third In every race ihat lie cnlcrcd. fiparky Tiow:-dnle, or Fulton, ICy dilvini; a II Model l-'ord owned by (lie MiuldliH; and Howling Cl of l-'ullon won fourth jidice money Trowsdnle'x car wl'.hdrew from ll-.f races abnul nilil-way dm; to a bnrsl- c,| block. The ilfth entry In the derby wa' a Waiike.sha, owned by (ho Vena hie (laniivi- of llragg City. Mo., am driven by Jerry Amlck and Jame (Allen Hanii-ll. ,>f joneaboro. 'Hie bi-sl linn; if (lie day wns re corded bv Coli-iimn and Scrapes li Hie IImi- trials They made th half-mile (rack In ceeancln in Ihe lime tilnls. Dc.'l nice lime -MIS IdHUi-d by ColiMiian In Uie general 'Hie five-mile dlslance was by i n six inlnnlc-s seconds. of Dimes Total Soars for 1947 Campaigti The lf-17 March of Dimes reaeh- I an ull-iiinc lilph in raisins n.f)67.80S.(iO for the Nalional 'oimttalion for Infantile Piiraly- Is mid Its 2,7lO cliaptcr.i lo cnrry tin- finlil ngaliisl pollomyelills ni^luiiil (he nation, Basil O'Connor, presldenl of the Nn- lonal roundntlon announced to- by. •In maklni- public the nii'lited inures lor Ihe 48 states and U. S. |>,s.sle.ns, Mr. O'Connor poinl- ed the 1947 figure "was ni'.proxlrnnlcly J2.03D.COO more Ihan tin- prrt'loiis lilgli of $lB,9C2,150cn , raised In liMO." '• ' >~ : ^Ir. O'Connor '<l pavtlcil- ^ In i- thanks lo Ihe 01,000 volunleer ivorkere In every aeellon of the ronnlry whiKe efforts made the nnniial fiind-iai.slnn drive so suc- ecs-iful. •Ai-kniisnns contributed $112.02} diii'hii: tlie cnmpa-.Kii. North Mississippi County exceeded Its Mureli of Dimes (piota by nearly $|COJ as coiiLi-ibutluni totaled »'i37!).22. More limn ?3»00 were oijlalned throuiili contiibii- tlons within the City of Ulyllu-- vllle. Kiiseo Crnfton. director, (laid. .Steve .Seymour demons!I'ales Hie form wilh wliich lhc 2G- yeai'-old osteopath rc-pri-sent- ing the l.os Angeles Aliih-lic Clnl> eslahlished :i nc-w Na-> lional AAU meet javelin record of 2111 feel, II) inches. That is only 10 feet short of (lie- world mark held by Iliu r'inn, C Yrjo N ikkaneii. Williams, Montgomery To Decide Title Claims Ike AVl'l linns will left hooks Mtalnsl 'ry's rlulil sni:islu lonluht m Ilielr AUK. 4. !(UI') — nil his li'lhal •Boh Monli-oin- s to Hie boriv 15-rouml baltle Today's Games CO ,\'ew AMERICAN IXAGCE •W. York i;n 33 Boslon . netroit . .. Pln'adelphia Cleveland U'a-shinglon Chicago St. Louis . 45 -14 fill 4h 52 S7 (il PcU .Hit) .581 .si; .520 •till .47:i .410 .401) Pet. .541 .S37 .son '•152 .4M1 .1171 YesterJay's Results SOUTIIKRN f.EAQVK Mvmpliis 12-1, Chatlanoomi -1-2. Atlanta 5-0, New Orleans 0-fi. Nashville 12-3. Little Hock H-0. Mobile 9-4. .liiriningham I-.',. Ninht games: M(?mptils ut NushviUe. ALhinlu al Mo'iile, •!?h iiiluyham LI! New Orleans. LtUli; Hock at Chatlimuoua. NATIONAL I.KACilll! SI. Lt.llis at (ymcago. tBiooklyn ai Bostiin. ni^lit. Cincinnati at. 'I'illsjunih. nii;ht. Only games seliedulci!. Phllndeliililii at New York, Only yiunc.s -scJieduled. All-Stars Begin Practice For Chicago Bears Tilt CHICAGO, Am-. •). .(UPi The Colleue A'll-Slar loolball learn began pracllce lod;iy lor Us game against the Chicago 'Bears at lor llu; world's nndlspuled lightweight championship ut Munir.l- pul f-'ladiuiu. Tills dei-ldlnt; cluKii liL-lwecn the rival Nemo claimant:; lo llu; Illlo wns expci'lcd lo attract at !ensl •III.IWII fans mid more than $200,CCO. Such figures would IK; Hie largest reiuslered lor un iiutikvir lluhl show In the Dulled States this year. Williams of Trenlon, N. .1. •-who I.s recnuniv.ed us chinnplon by i Hii.- National Boxing Asofilation -- wns favored ut 0 1-2 to 5 to b?at, 1 M'uilyornerv at Philadelphia --who | Hie N(;w Yor kand Ptainss'lvunla commissions Hiiy Is king Of the laii-poundcr::. Soldier Field Atu;. 22. Frank I.cahv of Noire Dame, Lead of the all-star coaching stuff scludilled a chalk talk lor the morning session and prelknilnni'y mills lor Hil.i allL-rnoon. '] he al-stitr includes more tlnr l ; l) of Ihe gridiron slim of IfHI, Assisting Leahy arc Wnlly Butt," ut Oeorgla. George Milngcr of I'enn mid Miirchy SL-liwiirlr. (M' .Sin 11 find. -Hoi) VoliOils, coach at Northwestern, and fid Krausc. idii) w'ill he!;) out. I NATIf)NAI, I.I'AT. Hi; New Yorl: ll-fi. Hiltslinrf-h ll-l! isecond game called cighl iniiiii;;, Sunday law). 'Boston 4-1, Ciiiciiinall 2-fi. Chicago 6. Brooklyn 0. St. Louis 10. Philadelphia R. AMKKICAN I.KACUi: St. Louis 0-4. IJliiladelilhia 2-3. IX-lroit 10. 'Boston .1. Chicago 2. 'Washini-lon 1. •New York 5. Cleveland -t. Blylhevile Cooler . ---- ...„ ,, Manila . 5 to 4 behind Johnny Orphal who Ll »" - • da ye up only four hits. Three Mo- j i'lytheville bile burlers saw action in the con- ! y arbro tesl which was played under Mo-" MISSCO 1,1-AGUK W ntc. 2 Manager A] Tocid's Roy whilakcr wns charged wi'tli H>1 '' f ' n; i'> 2 the IGS.S. ST. PAUL. Minn.. Aug. 4. IUPI -A garrison finish by P. G. A. king Jim Fcrrier forced a p'ay- otf today bel.vcen liim and Fred Haas Jr.. ol New Orleans to determine Hie champion of tlie $10 - | ^ ^ 00} St. Paul open Golf lourna- ; ~^ " nicnt. jlicld the 54-hol-> lead by one strok.- i-'errier. the bifi Australian v. ho j over -Haas and four oyer Ferriei. plays out of Chicago, came from |and shot a 06—just what was behind yesterday in the closing i needed to (;ain the tie. ound of the 72-holc tourney. 7fc | ft forced the fourth piayoff in pjnent's 16-year history. [Little Hiver • Number Nine 12 II n 3 « 1 5 3 Armorcl i Pel. ,8')7 .78 U .Ifil) .7^0 .Ola .583 .3fl.i .311 .151 .07; Read Courier News Want Ads. These units arc reconditioned strictly in accordance wilh fuciory methods—clutches, brake shoes, crankshafts, and many others. They give the same- service and long life as new units. You can buy International Exchange Units from us and put them in yourself, or we'll do the installing. Tor any kind of truck service —from a simple lubrication job to a complete program of preventive maintenance —come to us. Our skilled mechanics use International-Approved equipment nnd precision-engineered International Parts. Our service provides real ton-mile economy. Phone or stop in today. we. 3/2 SOUTH2«P ST. PHONE863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks assed national O|>en Chsirnii Lew the lournp-ii Vorsham. Oakmont. Pa., who had ' MISKCO I.K.'.dUK Yarbro o2. Armorcl 2! e II. •Huffman 5 Cooler 10. Number Nine 0 lllythcv: lo rite. Two 1(1. Little River 12 Liilc.s -in. Mii-ila 10. fralk'd after 10 innings, darkness) BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING LOWEST ADMISSION TRICE ANYWHERE! Reserved Scats on Sale al tlie Legion Arena from fi p. m. Every Monday ADULTS '1Sc — CHILDREN 15c Monday Auausr 4 (T " '"ciwiwi) y ' MU 9"" H HOX SEATS 15c EXTRA TAG MATCH TEX RILEY and JOE WOLFE Taylor Sand & Gravel Co. River Frond End of Bushy Sr. Caruthersville, Mo. Several Thousand Yards of Material Stockpiled No WaiHnq For Loading Orders Promptly Filled CEMENT Phone 573 versus BILL CANNY and BUCK L1PSCOMB ALSO 2 I-FALL, 30 MINUTE MATCHES Tex Riley \ Joe Wolfe YS. '% «• Bill Canny \ Buck Lipscomb Immediate Delivery A Gould's Automatic Water System Gives you the most tor your dollar Farmers Terms Part this Fall-Part Next Fall HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BfiAMDS 126 W.MAiN ST PHONE 9B5 NOTICE TC PUBLIC The law offices of Gone E. Bradley have been moved lo 411 W. Main. (Across slreel from Montgomery Ward.) Open at 7:M p.m.; 8Urt* T:St m.m. New Theater Manila's finest Bh«ra KVKKY NIOHT MaUnce Batorday * Bmndaj ix Opcu Week Pmr» '1:M f-m. HM.-BU. i p.m. o.ot '1'nesdiiy PAL NITE ,!I[,'BS A Magtie ill 'Bringing Up Father" Serial, "Tlie Vigllanle" Shorts l,asl Time Todiiy 'TWO MRS. CAR ROLLS" Humplirey Ilngart Barbuni Stanwyck Tuesday "HIDDEN CRIME" Susan Peters Guy Kibbce COMING SOON! Da Till O. Selznick's "DUEL IN THE SUN" Gregory P«k and Jennifer Jonea RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "RAMROD" Jotl McCrra, Veronica Lake RKO News «• Shorts Wednesday & Thursday "SAN QUENTIN" with Lawrence Tkrwy ami Mirwn Cirr News * Comedy

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