The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 8
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TUESDAY, JA1TOART 18, 194S BLTTH1TILL1 (ARKT COURIER NETTS BET1ER HOMES Use for Wasted limber is Found Reserves Depleted But Wood Now Made Into Insulating Board Government forestry experts, pointing out th»t timber reserves of the united States arc being depleted, predict i lumber scarcity within 20 years unless measure* are taken to restore unproductive forest lands. While the prospect Is not a pleasant one, an encouraging note Ls the fact that timber Is beiiiR utilized more efficiently than in the early years of the 20th century. Means have been discovered for making a greater percentage of the nation's timber resources commercially useful. Wood which formerly served little purpose Is tiow being processed into forms wrlilch make It Adaptable to various con- struction uses, The wood so ntll- zed In effect Increases the nvall- nble supply of lumber. Timber Formerly U'astert An illustration is the- manufacture of insulating board from trees which, of tliclr small size or other characteristics, would be unsuitable for cutting into lumber. Before World War 1 such timber usually was \vnsted, a.s far as any contribution to the nation's lumber supply was concerned. Then researchers discovered that such wood could be reduced to a fibrous stale, the fibers reassembled nnd compre.sscri Into rigid sheets pos.scs.sing grcul structural strength, a.s well as insulating value, Later, the same technique wa.s found applicable to cane stalks, corn stalks and certain other plant.s. Insulating bo.ivd processed til this manner is widely used now in construction of homes and various I other types or buildings, The I sheets are fabricated into boards I ami panels of various sizes, ile- I pending uon the .specific use for which they are intended. Knsy to ' apply, they are available as builil- ' ing board, sheathing, lath, roof insulation and as exterior finLsh Osceo/o Gets New Building; Gin Repaired Construction or a new farm implement and supply building Is underway today In Osceola »t an estimated cost of $55,000. It Is betnc constructed by 15 S. Crane and Rex Crane and l.s expected to be completed Mai-. 1. Work on the building began last, Monday and (.lie foundation was laid during the past week. 'Hie 80 by 115-foot biillding Is being constructed of brick and • tile. It is located on Highway 61. I adjacent lo the Aston Auto Co. Meanwhile, H. L, Vc.isman. West Mississippi County planter, announced late last week Dial the Dixie Gin in Osccola will undergo repair and reconditioning, it will he ready for the 1948 ginning season, lie .said. The gil). purchased recently by Mr. Vcasman, is located on f:rmen f.-ane. Housewives Shown How to Sove Fuel (Homo RniM* As Shortage Threatens Family Health ?i f, c , T " -""—I- ••-"> —'--• -- - ^FIOUiQ jGGfC Tree Advice SHEETROCK For Inside Finishing • 32 Inches Wide • 8 Feet Long • i Inch Thick PER FT. A carload shipment enables us fo set the price low on (his thickness of shectrock. This is a [food grade with one smooth side, suitable for all inside finishing. WE RECOMMEND COMPETENT WORKMEN AND CONTRACTORS! HUGHES & COMPANY R«ady Mixed Concrete — Building Materials South' 10th at Railroad Phone 3531 Core m Heating System Selection Recommended Few considerations in home plan- Ing have such far-rr-acliiiiR significance as the .selection of a good he.itlng system. The derision lo install a morlern hot water or .steam icatlng plant has much to recom- ncnd it. builders say, from the standpoint of comfort aiul low maintenance costs, in addition. It permits the use- of modern new convector radiators, which contribute decorative charm to mndern homes, as well as confortable all-winter warmth. Read Courier News Waiii Ads. for walls and ceilings. Kelarris Heal Passage The Insulating value of tlirsi products Is derived from the nill lions of tiny air spaces retard [jas -sage of heat in either direction, thus keeping a building warmer in winter and cooler In summer. Test.s have shown that the use of insulating board products tn walls and ceilings can effect, fuel savings of approximately 40 per cent. Demand for Insulating board lias been so heavy in the few years Ihat the Industry has undertaken a huge expansion program, the largest in it.s history. Several new plants are being built, and others enlarged. Just before the last war. annual production totaled about on c billion square feel. The expanded facilities are expected to result in a productive capacity of more than two billion square (eet a year. Besides relieving much of the pressure on lumber supplies, tills vol- lime of Insulating board will «lil-|; 11Ki '" i ize by-products on a large scale. TP comply wilh repented warn-* Ings by the government to save heating fuel and «l Hie, same time keep her family comfortable and healthy during this winter and succeeding winters of fuel scarcity, Ihe American woman can play the most Important role of all, ight in her own home. First, you can see that your lome l.s compleleJy insulated and vlntrrlzed so Hint large nmounts >r heat cannot escape nnrt cold •nnnot enter. Afler (his basic step, there are scores of common-sense prnllces In •very-day living which will spell he difference between comforl nnrt tiscomfort — and safeguard the lenlth of your family. Smne of ;hese are: Don't linger In open doorways for IOIIK conversations. Tell frlenils ?oodbye Inside the house and have tradesmen and other callers step inside tmmiullalcly. Watch the Iliermoslnt for I lie sealing plant. Never set It above, 70 degrees. If yon are going to be away from home for any lengthy period, push Ihe Iliermoslat down fo 00. Have thermometers in various rooms. When temperature In any room rises above 10. shut off the radiator or warm air duct In (hat room. Bedroom doors should be kept closed at night when window-] In sleeping quarters are open; and cold ah should be prevented from entering the rest of the house by rolling up small rugs and pine', ing them against the threshold of the bedroom door. Keep window shades drawn on Ihe windy or shady side of Ihe house lo reduce heat loss through the glass. Shut, off heat In rooms I hat are not being lls[ ,,i m ,,| sfn i up cracks around doors lo these rooms. Radiators should be kepi free from dust because dust keeps hcnl from being thrown out Into the room. A reflector behind Ihe radiator will spread heat outward. If n radiator is warm only part way Hardier Surfaces Now Favored for Kitchen Toppings Materials that don't endurs eon- slant exposure In ti,e rlsor* of food prepnrallon are leaving the kltehun In favor of num. imrdy surface's iuls I'RATIOAI, lUJll.nrcR Chicago :i. The ,i; iys ,,f niavred and molded lalile and cabinet tops aro over, with plenly of new slalnproof scorch anil chip icslManl toppings Ihat are bolh culorful and sen-Ice,- Co - fl- Tin great building pi-ogia nally !» under wny todny ,,,,,,, q ,,,re ]iwn v persons »re planning lo buy! among » home site or build Hint long- awaited new wing to Ihe house in either category. It will pay them to talk things over utth a tree ex- perl, for shade trees are n wonderful nsscl-bolh (mm the eye and long-term Investment unities pnlnls out n. Cj. Grove, chief Held supervisor of The Davcy Tree Kxpci-l able. l.inoteum h,, s | on(t hml , fs . vovtle cabinet ln]i n nd when Included In Ihe unit, adequately sealed at all edges, it looks ami wears very well. There are several new compositions nvallablp in sheet form Unit nmkr- cxi-rllciit surfaces Th" base of each Is sluidy non- ' wnrphiK plywood or like subslance I and n hard. Klt'iunlng C onl. of plastic resists .stains, cuts. l m ,,, Si c i,| 1K „„,, : dents. These various Impregnated or fliiw-cciHled material! come )n several designs nnd colors to lit In with any color scheme. Another sugce.stlon f« r crowning ! your kitchen cmmlers wllh > durable .surface l.s to n 5P colorful i Rla/ed tile. Bel In place wllh .-.pecinl i mortar, llles may be while solid colors or In imllerns. Waterproofing applied over cement seams ' will prevent cmoslon from eon- stanl damp wiping anil washing. Rome housewives u-,,nl one sec- lion of their cabinet tops reserved for cutting ami chopping, however. and have a regular thick w-ood block Installed next lo Ihe sink rather Minn use pull-out or sinr/ culling boards. Kllclien tallies snack no»k tallies can be covered with the same hardy material use.! on cabinet lops. Grandmother fount! marble lops serviceable for kitchen li.scvi. but today's piatical housekeepers like I tic slreamlinrd virtues fine ornamental tree boosts (tie value r: your properly almost automatically." he says. The lire authority's ndvlce Is parllculnrly Importtnil when selecting n home site. If the slip i,|- rendy boiv.U s had« tree*, h« c»n tell which ones, are worth saving. On I lie other hand, ho can what kind of trcru to plant and who™ to plum them If there nre none growing nt. the preferred location. Correct placement, of « homo ».i far ns the tree program l« concerned .should lakn hi such fao- tors n.s condition of tree.i, fill r »- nml I qiilrements. soil and drainage others. ' Cellar foundation*, for Instance, mtiy cause drainage Interference nnd trees may nol get enough water lo survive. Fills must be of \ pm-oiia nulme lo allow Voollsh air for Itie roots In breathe. Course sands or m-:iv<>] „,,. preferable. Heavy days jne ]un sullable. DluKllIK of dllche, for utility sen-Ices nnd (he, lnylng oul of di-lvewiu-n umy divert'ralnfiill and nfferl drainage. A tree mMscr cnn help tl». hoini-lmlldei- lake proper Vicar Objects to Names Borrowed from Filmdom .LONDON, J«n. II (VD—Vl&t W. A. Ollwon of suburban Wimbledon's All B«lnti Church told hi* partahloncri that then wouM tn no more b«ptlrJn« of ehlldrm n*m*4 after Hollywood film lUn, no* horse*, greyhound! and b*tU«. "Alreidy I h»v« rtfUMid to bay. ! three tlrln b«c*UM at tueh rldlculnun names," h* Mid. "On» father wanted hi* child n*m*4 Let. luce, t ner.nuided him to ux*pt thn Hood old fMhlontd nun* ft Mary. "The majority of th« n*mw I lake exception to >i> thoM borrowed from American film »t«r». It U tin- Kngllsh and tin-ChrI«tl«n." lie did not n*m> Uw film lieml Conner News Want Ads. A n«w electronic n»»l»«to» fat alrplanen 1> expected to MM airport traffic, condition*. H will ban the effect of broadenlni tha notion*' air lanes at least 10 tlm*. at Meti flight level. • -"'jit unj^ Jim t wuj i\i:»-jM-i^ JIM, i[ii- sucamiinru virtue 1 : •ross, the valve prabobly is defect- 'of surfaces that resist nil the ha::,'e alld .slionlfl hn rt^nlt.foil r**n,'l I nivl^ nf fruirl .Hnhi.. ... n ,«^ j _. live and should be replaced. Don't let. heavy draperies hang over the radiator or warm air duct. On coldest days the radiator cover should be raised. H l.s Important lliat the. house be aired dally because dead air Is hard to heal. Do this nt midday when temperatures are highest, nnd turn down Ihe thermostat dining Ihe airing process. Dress yourself and family warmly so no discomfort will be felt when the thermostat Is sol tow. If the walls and roof area are insulated full-thick with mineral wool, these surfaces will be close to the temperature of the air in the room re is loss teeling of discomfort as body heat moves rapidly lo these otherwise cold .surfaces. of fond .stains, water damage and heal. Airplane Solves Problem Of Icy Winter Roads YORK. Neb. I UP)— I.eo Gotc-het who lives on a farm five mile 1 . West of here, does nol like lo drive on Icy ronds. Neither does he want his six yenr-olil daughter Mary to wrul: to school In wintry wcalhcr. So when the roads get slick I.eo cranks up the family nil-plane and flics Mary to school. Read Courier News Want Arts Venetian Blinds of • How often you've wished for > Venetian Blind like this . . . Light — marie of » special aluminum «IIoy, no heavier than your hand lo lift. Pltxible— bends to fit your brush as you whisk the dust iw»y, then soaps right back to pl»ce. Ls>rely—fa satin-smooth plastic finish blends with ever)' color scheme, resists stains And soil. It's the Venetian Blind without a cleaning problem that's proof against the wear and tear of time—rust-proof, wear-proof, warp- proof, too, and will not crack, chip or peel. fitinf in your tj-iiidoi/ mtdturtmtitts snd let tit thf>v> j nv f-vri tt r Cittt (u<tt\m-fit Flrxalum'j bttuly In \ftuf \tiniti\ii M tmiilttr toit than you'J think poniblt. Manufactured by Kimbcr-Murphy and Distributed in Blytheville Exclusively by DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main Street Phone 4469 Now! An Amazing, New Modern Development!* PLASTIC COATING FOR YOUR ROOF! Stop Leaks And Waterproof Your Roof With Nu-plastik STATIC ROOF COATING THllSTATIC NUiPLASTIK i« a sonsalional. new Rool Coaling in Plastic form, wilh qualities thai givs it many timoii Ihs life ol standard, liquid roo! coatings, ll is adhesive, smooth and lull-bodied . . . il spreads evenly lo «eal your roof against all damaging weather conditions NU-PLASTIK will not Crack, Chip or Blisler . . .'its adhesive qualities prevent it Irom running or sliding on sleep surfaces. Il seals cracks, breaks, joinls and nail holes . . . and is not alfecled by extreme heat or cold. Try NU-PLASTIK yourself lor SAFE, SURE, ECONOMICAL Rool Protection. QUICKER THAN A WINK! Thill's how Innjj II dikes ClinrlU-'s Kloclrli- (» (In your nnrticnliir wiriiiK job.No lifsllution or rxrnsi-s . . . nn uiirrnsnnnhlc ovm-hm-go. (Jot our esli- mnlc on Immo, com mo rein I or Imhislrhil IVIIIIIK. Wf'ro slnfCcil willi i-titniii'li'iit ivorknifii who know how lo do I ho job "SERVICE IS NOT OUR MOTTO... IT'S OUR BUSINESS!" CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First ZI3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015 - , >~ -^v^fewussan l here i no question about bef/er living .j ditiom when one or more of KM Mv*n home tervicei are performed by • • appliance. Come In ... and le* MI f*N • ' about these famous producf*. NORGE HARDWARE CO.Inc HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 515

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