The Courier News from ,  on August 4, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

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Monday, August 4, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 10-17 BLTTHEVIUJB (ARKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Germany Industry r s Film Revived ***' Has a Bent for Acrobatics •'& Competitive Activity On World Market Sought by Officials WASHINGTON. All!'. 4. I UP) — The Army announced today that it has revived the German motion picture industry to the point TVhcrc it soon will resume competitive activity in the world film market. jThe announcement said that the V U. S. occupation forces wiU snp- ffvise t | lc re |, onl oermnn movies to make certain that everyone connected with their production lias "hiKli tuora! slandaids and a clean political bill of health." | The rehabilitation will helt> IKc economic recovery and reorient a- tlon of the (German people, the ariuv said, adding: i "The German film iudus!ry is tt> be reconstituted on a democratic, basis hi :tn independent, de- cartcltzed form. . ." j The German fiitus will be exported to help pay for food and critical raw material imports. .. 'INewly produced German films Till be exported, but an embargo lYill be placed on all German lilms ' produced prior to the occupaOjn," the Army said. . The Army pointed out that Hric Johnston, president of the Mof.Lon Picture Association of America, had approved revival of the. German film industry and its competition in world markets, i The German film industry will We controlled so that no one group gains a monopo'.y, the Army .said. •• Soviet, -French and .British film Distributors will be permitted to send films into tin: American 7,one when they agree to let American f^nd German films appear in their awn zones, i Large numbers of American > films are now being shown ir Gcrmany to "inform the German; of developments in democratic countries from which the Genual public was excluded [or 12 years,' the Army announcement said. houeli M could reach that sl'.ua- down, nnltiliiu much can be done. | ion before I he crop is harvested. These rcmedii-s inehide -cvcral Si'lenec has ilevelopcd numerous types of .sprays or dust. No. 1 is I emedirs to prevent spread »f the. a new n.aicrla'l, r-thylene bis-' iiscase. Once a plant Is struck riilhloovrbaiudr. 'j'his product, wllli 7.-7B ni'j pimmls, ill .sold under various i liimti'd trade name:;. Tlie old standard ' ropier Itmttlfide, Hordcatix nilx- li.sled No. I tine, still is eflcctlve. but It cavisns iis lite neutral nipper 1:0111-' ilaiiKigi' to plants if used wi\eli they »re too young. Most of the.sprtvs are »H the federal experts s»y. The tton Is how welt the. tprajrtat 4 dene uid how we* 11 to timed. ^ f x-Beer Baron, Capone Enemy, Dies Penniless CHICAGO, An-,'. 4. (UP) — Bi Joe Saltis, GO, ^•prnibilsoii nrn boc baron who defied Lho Capone !«:.'» dicatc from Iii.s hack-of-the-yara "kingcloiti," died penniless nvi alone iti a county hospital \v:ir Baturday. Gone was the 7 1-2 caral tUr mond ring \\ F hic;li he oiicn liann ed and gone \vcre his toiigti Hci tenants who for 15 years butt 11 the Cfl]x>ne >mobstcr.s. •'\Ai one time he counted hisj _ r \ Beouties . 'it/.i Kay. acrobatic star of France's Folics Bergcre, gave the ship i;\V3 photographers this preview of her act when she recently f.rrivcd in New York for a scries of engagements in the U. S. Tomato Blight Striking Crops n Eastern U. S. Again This Year By PAUL F. ELMS (United Press Science Writer', NEW YORK. All". -1. (UP) —A tisease that indirectly strikes at, nan by robb'ng him of a food pr)- luct is breaking out in some se 1 -ions of the country a^ain this yen'.', it was disclosed todny. This disease is blight-tomato blight. Last year ;t destroyed 31 per cent of the- mitions tomato cL''f». It, struck hv'lcsl 'n the F.•.;'. Where 50 per cont cf the crop war destroyed. iBlisllt likes cool ni^lus and wet weather. That's why a lot depends on the weather during the next few \vecks. A long dry spell would end the threat. Cold and inolsi weather would endanger the crop Blight is a fungus. It can lie E-preud by the wind or by infected seeds Irom last year's crop. It can be directed by appearance of watery bre.wn spots on the plant. TJcporls to the U. S. Alricul- tnre Deparlinent shtnv tliat Ihe plant disease has been renortoci in rennsylvania. Delaware, Murylnml Oliio. Indiana. VirRinia and West Virginia, here also have been reports that it is sinking in Massachusetts and New Jersey. The disease worked north with i.hc :>ca,son. .starting first, iu Florida las' February. It also hit purls o' I/inisiana,' Alabama and Swill Carolina. £o far. however, tl^ damage llu year is not as yveat as in 1D15, al Livestock i Leaps to Death From Atop Waldorf-Astoria Coretta Thompson v.'onlcl make an even prettier piclurc without Ihe 20-pound, 54-inch dolphin she broughl lo gaff iti the Gulf Stream ofT Morchcad City. It is the largesl caughl by a woman along the central coast of North Carolina this ...» year. ST. LCUIS NATIONAL STOCK - YAHDS. Aug. 4. (UP) —(EDA) — Livestock: •HORS 9.7M: .salable fl.COO; rrmi'kcv- steady |to spots 25c higher than MO i\ ro|) S2B.25 paid more free, than Friday. Bulk Rood and hoicc 100-230 Ibs 27.75-28.2:>; 24370 15s 2S.75-27.71>; 290-300 Ibs 2.V- _ « 130-150 '.bs 2S.75-21.25: O120 Ibs 2351-25; best light sows 2.75: bulk 22 f>3 down; extreme icavies down to 17.50. Cattle 8,5"a; salable 7,500; calves .COS: all salable: receipts liberal ncludini; a'aout ICO loads o! steers of which 32 cars were southwest _. . ,cis. Opening trade slow with luvcrs bidding unevenly lower on ill classes with steer sales con- ined to a lew loads of good and .-hoirc at 25.-28.S3: some choice nixed yearlings up to 25; nothing done on bcci cow.s. A fen- can- icrs and cutters 25c or more "uw- er than last Friday from 5-12. wealth at nearly Sl.OCO.OOO or possibly more and had a lavish home with bis wife and four children in the Bcverley Hills suburb of He was found Thursday in a 51- cent-"i-uiRht flophouse on the near North side, anrt taken to the coini- ly hcrspita-1. Physicians at first diagnosed his illness as a peptic ulcer. but later said they were not sure and sucflcstcrt -that they might seek a pcst-morlem. Saltis. who was six feet. l» inrbcs tall and weighed 2S3 iNFW YOHK, Aug. 4. (UPl—Iohn W. Frick. 27. of Redwood City, Cal.. danced a dance at the V.'al- dorf-Astoiia stariighl roof last night, lo'.d his friends soortbyc. then leaped 18 floors U> Ins oeath on s\v:ink Park Avenue while Guy Lombardo iilnyetl a love sosm. His liimily said his hoal'.h was failing. His friends said he was broke. His mother ujkcd police today to arrange for the cremation i>f his broken body. Do You Suffer Distress Of COMPLAINTS L With Uncomfort ** able Fullness? Are you troubled by rlistr\\js 0( Icinalc fuucLlnnal niotitlil this make you snllcr fioni pain, fci»l so^ ncn ou.s, resllrss. wi-jik- at such timer, Lydlit K. rinkliiim's poinitl to rollnvc such .-.jmi'" In (i rrcf-nt nircllml trst IMnKhnm F. Compouiict proved rriunrknbly lir1[>TLil In women tronblrd (his way. It's v.-hat Dnrlors call u u I urine sctliiUvn, It i :ts n praml som hlnq rfirct on nne oj itO;7t- nij'.<; ?HO.9i i?» port/in/ ororrnc. Tiifcnu rrnulnrly—riiiVilmm's Cor.t- pounrl hrlps build up rrsl'iumcr to put h diilre&s. Al:;o rt Cjrcat. stomachic tonlrl LYDIA E. PIHKHAM'S OLD TIME TENT REVIVAL Beginning TONIGHT - \ ^ jX>-* i -4\y>Ty f '/J?S*?&& ^'Ww£*s*rX:*& more quality for everv dollar you spend! The same thiifly syslcm of buying-jiiHl-sclling lluil pcmiils Wards to oiler you cxlra value, creates cxlru quality, too. Wards buys in huge/ • quantities; buys simultaneously for our 631 stores and our millions of catalogs. Wards sells ilirccl ... no "middle men" or jobbers. Needless to say, the total resulting savings arc tremendous! 1'aii of these savings go straight to Wards price-lags. The rest are built into Wards - merchandise ... to give you belter perl'oi inance, longer wear, more satisfaction * . . a finer piece of merchandise, for the price you planned to pay. Location South Division St. On Highway 61 Everyone Welcome! Services Nightly-8 p.m. It. !•:. Shaw District 1'aslnr Wrillen by A. Montgomer/ Word and slill the guiding pilncipi* of our Company In TW« 75lh Annivenary year. WATCH fOR THESE SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SAVINGS They're our very f pccial way of celebrating lliis "Ui.iinonil Anniversary!!. They're a group of timely ufTt-rint;* of line new mrrcluuilisc al bllAIJl' CUT l'IUCE5'. So waiclt fur llieads v.ilh l!iU "." Jlh AnniM-issi)" circle! - ^. I-.-' •Vf V

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