The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 30, 1961 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1961
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The Ottawa Journal CE6-7511 76TH YEAR-240 PRICE 10 CENTS OTTAWA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, lSfil Sunrie-7.00 a.m. IDT NINETY-FOUR PAGES Sunset .4S p.m. IDT Army Group Dissolved Rusk, Home Adamant . OCCASIONAL SHOWERS .i, it Syrian Gov't Promises Democracy West Won't Bargain With East Germans AMMAN. Jordan (I'PI) Radio Baghdad "reported today that Premier Abdcl K. KaN-im ha 5 ordered Iraqi troops to the Syrian border "to guard against possible imperialist aggression." (CP from AP-Rcuters) BEIRUT. Lebanon Svna's Conservative civilian Rovetnment 'group that boosted it to nner. who said he had power and promised been authorized to issue democracy and eonstitu- decrees pending free clec- tional rule lions tor a new legislature, By JOHN M. HICHIOWtR NEW YORK (AP) -The Western powers are re ported to have told Rus-sia in diplomatic talks here that they have no intention of. negotiating with Communist East Germany over the right to keep allied troops in V?st Berlin. The future status of the U.S.. British, and French garrisons is one of several critical issues which have! arisen in talks held scpar-; atelv bv U.S. State Secre In a speech broadcast announced a five-point re-,urv Dean Rusk and For- bv Damascus radio. Pie- piuK"""- nner Namoun Kuzball, 1. Restoration' of iar-wrote the climax to a vii-dinal freedoms and immedi- tualy bloodless coup by striking out on an independent road from President Nasser's United Arab new R e p u b lie directed from to- Egypt day dissolved the military The 47-ycar-old Pre- Syria Started It Arab Power Struggle Imminent?! LONDON (AP) Syria's bid to break away from the United Arab Republic has plunged the quarrel-line Arab world into even greater turmoil. It also signalled a bitter new power struggle between President Gamal Abdel Nasser and other rnldeastern leaders who may defy any moves to fulfil his battered dream of a united Arab empire led by Cairo. ; These were the conclusions II Cnil(Prl '"' v,e,tern authorities here ne jpiKea after tw0 major Ar?h nev.0p. THe SchOOl LunCh mentr came in the wake of the clash between Damascus and Cairo: I. Nasser proclaimed ht NOR I HAMPTON, England (UPI) Stephen Parker. 15. was expelled from school yesterday for spiking the school lunch pudding with .whisky. ate abrogation of emergency laws. 1. "Perfection"' of the army. 3 Freedom for labor unions and a share for workers in profits and administration. 4 P r o s p c rtty through stabilized currency and prices, higher living stand-ardsy increased productivity and respect for legitimate profit. 5. Measures to provide conditions for an efficient civil service vstem CONSERVATIVE I.LADLR Kuhnn". vciih a repuiat i as a brilliant lawyer and i political histnrv of support for Berlin Syria's right wing of merchants Home and landowners, announced that mand ' t this i the normal functions of de fending the country." He promised "a true and democrat life for Syria" and said he would "lead the coun try within Tour months :r a I constitutional stage." tie did not elaborate. Kuzbari pledged that his all- civilian government, composed mostly of technicians and spe oalnts. wfll "prove itself true to the aims and support nf th people." Thu apparently was a reference n elections Turn to Pag J SYRIAN eign secretary e.ari Home of Britain wiUi Foreign .Minister Andrei CJtomyko 'of Russia Ths sVrx of Ne York talks, whih began September 21. is end. n,; lodav, bui Rusk and Ciiormko plan in meet again in Washington sometime next week Rusk plans to re- turn to Washington tonight and Lord Home to London TALK WITH JFK? I In Washington, it is understood liromvko hopes to have a conference also with President Kenned;,, but US. officials said the meeting has not yet been arranged. Western diplomats sav little chance of Rusk and tjromyko reaching an agreement at their meeting toda on a formula for formal negotiation on a settlement Rusk and are hopeful, however. landowners, announced ,hlt , agreement can be the revolutionary com-L-.ched bv next weekend in has finished its mission itne ,econd round of discus- point and returned to ,l0nl , w'ashimton. Oromyko plans to leave for Moscow about October 8. The New York talks, which actually mark the start of informal negotiations over compromise settlement, have dealt with three major aspects of the Berlin crisis: Turn to Pag t WEST Speeding Jet Caused Boom A MASSENA. N.Y. (AP) blast that rocked a 60-mile section along the U.S. Canadian border early Friday evidently was sonic ooom. . country to recognize th reb- A sp b k e s man at .Hancock' . . would make no bargain with the Syrian rebels, but would not enforce union with military power. 2. King Hussein of Jordan recognized the anti-Nasser, regime set up by Syrian army men. Nasser hat often accused Hussein of being a British puppet. (Turkey was . the second1 Field, Syracuse, said a United g. w4jTS states jei ngmer inim sfiuiisi Air Force Base. Rome, had! been travelling over the area at j that hour, about 1:30 a.m.. at a (peed greater than that nf sound. Residents of Massena and Canadian points across the St. Lawrence Seaway thought there had been an earthquake. No porters: damage was reported, however.! Turn to Page 5 ARAB Britain, meantime, made It publicly plain the major Western power arc likely to wait for the dust to settle before determining their attitude toward the Syrian breakaway regime. The Foreign Office told re- May Keep Mauritania Out of UN UNITED NATIONS Wi Persistent report! of a secret Russian commitment to block a new Africcn state from joining the United Nations could boost Nationalist China's chances of keeping its UN seat. Diplomatic sources said today Russia haa privately promised Morocco to veto Mauritania as a UN member when Its application come up In th Security Council Monday regardless of whether the Nationalists use their veto against Communist Outer Mongolia. Mike Soys He'd Take UN Job LIFE IN A FALLOUT SHELTER Like Crossing Ocean .. . Creeping Fogginessf By JOHN HOWE of Th Journal I "ducked" that is why. I'm here. Instead of running I dropped underground after hearing the steady three-minute alert blast of sirens giving warning of an enemy attack. I piled food and clothing from upstairs in the shelter. Whin tin sirens began wailing I lay down like a dog tinder a table In the basement and waited for th blast Then I entered t h helter. ' This Is my c o n d day L AlMltM.llMHia The shelter it a MOO one constructed in th newly-bunt West End home of Ptul Faguy, assistant director of WhafM life like In a fallout shelter? To find out The Journal $tnt reporter John Howe Into a West tnd base- lament shelter Wednesday morning for a seven-day stay. He took wtth.htm the equipment and the seven-day emergency food pack recommended by the Emergency Measures Organization. Mr. Howe nil! contact nobody during the week and will pass his dally diary through an air vent. ... " 1 , " m the Federal Emergency Measures Organization. I 1 am spending one week In it under peacetime conditions, nursing a typewriter and some strong coffee. The above is what I should have done according to EMO pamphlets, had there been a real warning and t had decided to remain in the city. LIKE IN A SHIP Living m this government-recommended fallout shelter Is like crossing th ocean in a tourist-class ship and not coming out of your cabin. Strangely enough, except for the driving of distant engines and the rocking and pitching, nearly everything about the shelter makes me feel I am in a ship. Perhaps this is becausrt of the cramped but compact size of the cabin, the two-tier bunks, the lack of windows or any form of natural illumination, and the almost languid quietness indicative of the absence of any sort of life outside the room. Even the length of, ttm crossing the Atlantic is comparable to the seven days I will be here. The shelter reminds me of a ship in another way a way that may have serious consequences' during a real attack and fallout onslaught. Turn to Page t LIKE VANCOUVER (CP) Lester B. Pearson, th man who once gained an .international reputation as Canada's spokesman in the United Nations, said Friday he'd take the job of secretary-general of the world body If it was offered to him. "It's a hypothetical question, but of course I'd accept," the National Liberal Party leader told a press conference. "I don't think any man would refuse a job like that." "But there isn't a chance." Mr. Pearson.' who once was president of the UN General Assembly, said the UN's present problem of appointing a new secretary-general is going to be "a tough one to solve. If Russia's "troika" proposal for a three-man secretary- generalship were accepted, it would "mean the end of the UN as en effective world organization." He felt the best way out or the dilemma would be through some "Afro-Asian candidate acceptable to the Russians and there were a number of such men of stature at the UN. But he would have to be a man uncommitted either to NATO or the West. "This is the way the Russians work," Mr. Pearson said. "They'll fight for troika knowing they can't get it. Then they'll give in and get a lot more concessions than they are entitled- to get . . . probably some man they feel they can manage." AIRLINER 1N TROUBLE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE. Calif. (UPI) A United Air Line DC8 jetliner with 80 persons aboard took nearly three miles to land last night after its hydraulic brakes failed completely, the ir force reported. The Journal Visits Queensway Terrace North Today The Journal makes Its third In a series of pieture-story visits - to the various communities in Greater Ottawa. On page 10 of this edition, it's Queens-way-Terrace North. in '1, h i .-I i ,( ( (33J2D a TO Inside Journal Features FLEEING TO FREEDOM r Twelve persons from East Berlin succeeded in a desperate escape from Communist clutches by using a rope to flee the first storey of their house on th boundary of East and West Berlin. A policeman (foreground) from the free sector helps as the last woman scrambles down the wall. Another woman, however, died in her daring jump from the window and a brother and sister who tried to let themselves down with a washing-line from the third storey onto West Berlin territory suffered slight injuries. ECONOMIC COUNCIL Doubt Bomb Aimed At Nehru 'Mischief Mongers' Blomed for Blast Close to PM NEW DELHI (Rotitris)'DanrinB Police today discounter the possibility that a bomb which exploded in a street nere last niRht five minutes a f t r r JawaharlHl Nrhr'i passed through wa.s aimed at the Prime Mm ister. They said the bomb was only a small explosive and that six persons in the vi-einity had received only minor injuries. Senior police officials attributed the Incident to "mischief mongers" and said streetlights had faired a few street lights had failed a few teconds before the explosion took place. END TO FAST Nehru. 72. Every neck. fftoi,iiinrfi rf Ottau a fhildren dou f ipftM, or lenta'i.', ur their hour-In'ig da'icing leson. Some "studios" nre ete'i trying 1n icon boys uith spectnl ncrobattc dances. Story n'irf pu-furrs m Cie Saturday Section. Police Aqtianaul Ottau a -r.'altWv n e to Police Department "Under, water Recovery Squad" is nothing at alt Me the TV shows. Photo-story In the Saturday Section. Talcs of the Tartan Pictorial history of C.'un G rn ri .' . Going; Steady The'C'a tad against go-"g steady among Canadian high school students. Story on the Teen Page. was returning home after opening a fair at which he had appealed to Sikh patriarch Tara Singh to call off Garden Page Variety ot daflndils planting tulips for t cession of bfoomj. piis 47-day fast aimed at secur mg a separate Punjabi-speaking state. Police immediately launched brg manhunt here for the! planters of the bomb and sever, al persons were " reported to have beeen interrogated. The " explosion inlurcd a policeman and five pedestrians. Amid growing Sikh agitation, police have recently tightened security around Nehru. De tectives have moved into rooms immediately above and below his office in New Delhi and the number of plainclothes guards at function attended by the Premier have been increased. Turn to Page 5 DOUBT and sue- Inside The Journal Fleming Heads 20-Nation Group PARIS (ReutersV-Canadian many, Italy, Portugal and Finance Minister Vnald Flem- Turkey. The cha irman is Roger ing was ' today elected first Ockrent of Belgium, chairman of the new 20-coun- pleased jq ACCEPT try Organization for Economic, Co-operation and Development, Alter tne election or nemmg (OECD) at its inaugural meet- as chairman, Canadian repre- ing here. sentative P. M. Towe said his Canada, like the United . .,.,., aoDreci- States, is a member of OECD, .... . . ,. .. T i. j .u. aM c ates the honor of holding the which succeeds the all-Euro- s .- I a-tit si meweniw rtt infftrw trie pean ls-nation organization "' ....... for European Economic Co-! council it is pleased to accept Around th World k Hrnrr alow th Hill Books Brldg Carlpton County Lln Chm Churctiw Claulfitd Adl . Comlr rt Hammarcli jold rMily CroOTword Editorial! Fct of Ottawa ritMnrtal Oarden Paga Hill Talk . Horoacopa Klla.ll.n Movln Mutlc and Drama . Radio Sportf Stamp Corner . . Tn Pr .. T.ll M WMjr .. Tha CS Travel Wea-nd Croaaword . Woman a Nawa Your Home Town i . in 3 -- 3S S3 4 .IS 4a, 47 24-33 U. A3 H S3 TV IS SI .... SI 4fli SJ . !3-'j TV : M 1 41-43 TV 13, . 30 23 September Warmest In 87 Years Ottawa 7elt the bit last night of the coldest temperatures since last May as th mercury dipped to 33 degrees, just five degrees higher than the all-time record low for September 30 of 28 degrees in 1951. But don't be misled. When all figures are tabulated at midnight tonight It is expected this September will have the highest mean temperature of any September since lftSI and will also be the highest recorded in the last 87 years. So far with only M inches of rainfall this September is also the driest September in 87 years. Th average monthly rainfall for Ottawa is 3 60 inches. The only other comparable low "ainfall was recorded in September of 1948 75 inches. The outlook: Sunny and warmer .today with a high of 65 and low tonight of 55 degrees. Tomorrow A-ill bv cloudy with occasional showers. operation, post-war Channel for American aid to revive Europe's economy. The new body seeks to pro mote the Western economy and give more efficient aid underdeveloped countries. UNANIMOUS ELECTION Fleming, who was not pres ent, was elected unanimously. The vice-ehaimanships went to Swedish Commerce Minister Gunnar Lange and to Greek Minister of Co - ordination, Charles Arliotis. He recalled that Canada was the first country to ratify the CCD convention, thus showing its determination to help to achieve the high purposes of the . organization. The OEEC was set up to parcel out Marshall Plan Aid In Western Europe and to restore European economy 'on a cooperative basis. By last year the balance between the combined economies of the 18 countries and that nf th U.S. Chairman of OECD at official, had been restored. In fact, the or permanent level will be the U.S. was beginning to feel the secretary-general. TKorkil Kris-'pinch of an unfavorable pay-tensen. of Denmark, who was ments balance with Europe. also secretary-general of the! old OEEC. j TRUSTEESHIP ENDS Today's meeting appointed BUEA. Southern Cameroons pvo deputy secrWaries-generaM y Charles Adair of the United - States and Jean Cottier of. Nations trusteeship over th Frsnce. i Southern Cameroons ends at The meeting also elected an midnight (7 'p m. EDT) tonight executive committee composed and the West African territory of th United States. Britain. Joins the formerly French Canada. Denmark, Weh Ger-' Cameroon Republic Westwick Goes To World Series World Series baseball, sportdom's most glamorous spectacle, takes the stage next week in New York and Cincinnati. The exploits of Maris and Mantl have sent interest and excitement over the game to new heights. The Journal's coverage of this series will be th most extensive ever. Bill Westwick, sports editor. will be at Yankee Sta-dium and at Cincinnati Wise in the ways of World Series coverage he will bring to Journal readers the dressing room, dugout, hotel lobby incidents that are as much the story of the World Series as the drama'ic exploits of the home run kings. Years of series reporting have given Bill Westwick connections wfth the game's colorful personalities that make hia reports of this event MUST r e s d i n g for all ges. As something new snd special The Journal cover age will include th comment of Arthur Daley, famous New York Times columnist as well as the articles of others of the Times' sports staff. These are tn addition to (he full reports of United Press International and Associated Pre baseball writers and analysts. Am

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