Daily News from New York, New York on September 12, 1944 · 291
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Daily News from New York, New York · 291

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
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Mexican Film Stars Dolores Del Rio 5 ft J I By HEDDA HOPPER Hollywood, Sept. 11. As soon as Betty Field finishes "Hold Autumn in Your Hand," she will go to RKO to co-star with Barry Fitzgerald in "The Flying Yorkshireman." The story. is by the late Eric Knight. Buddy de Sylva and Bob Hopea went into a three-hour huddle over Hope's next picture, which will be Buddy s first production under his new setup. All they're telling about it so far is the tentative starting date Jan 15. Abbott and Costello are off to San Francisco- today to play Army and Navy hospitals and appear at Stage Door Canteen. They couldn't go everseas to entertain because Army doctors wouldn't okay Lou. On Heels of Headlines. RKO is rushing "The Master Race" into release next month and giving it the same kind of build-up they gave "Hitler's Children." The story deals with postwar Germany, and starts with the Yanks marching into Germany. Director Fritz Lang's postwar plans include a picture he wants to do about Gen. Patton. Lang, who was wounded and decorated as an Austrian officer in World War I, thinks Patton is one of the most colorful and capable commanders in history. Franchot Tone, who's in the East" has lent his valet, Davie, (a Korean) to Paul Muni for the duration of latter's picture "Counterattack." Ella Mae Morse, who's doing personal appearances in the East, g-ave up her Pullman accommodations to an expectant mother, and took the girl's chair in a day coach where she was .surrounded by GIs who kept her singing all the way from Cleveland to Boston. Don't You Believe It In the lineup for "Ten Little Indians": Barry Fitzgerald, the star, is Irish; Samuel Bronston, the producer, is Russian; Agatha Christie, the author, is English, and Rene Clair, the director, is French! And the play isn't about Indians anyway it's a murder mystery! Faye Emersonr instead of grousing about the silk and nylon shortage, did something alout it. She sent in a bid to the office of surplus property of the Treasury Department for a carload of nylon parachutes just released by the Army quartermaster. If she gets it, she can supply all of us. Shelby Payne has been signed 1or "Of Human Bondage." She's ,., for rlare Account rf Re erve ML in 1 It B - I"' ;dend latest of 0 v I Y t Vvl V cniiiAcaSBUBi SAVINGS DANK Founded 1851 HANSON & ASHLAND PLACES, B'klyn 17, H. Y. BROADWAY AT PRICGS AVE, Bklr 11, H.Y. t Mtmbtr Ftdtral Dtpotit Insuranc Corporation a beautiful model, 21, brunette, and 116 Cherokee Indian. Gloria Grahame, who had just finished "Autumn Fever," has gone to Malibu for a -vacation accompanied by her mother and Lieut. Fred Paulson, her high-school sweetheart, who's just back from India and covered with flying medals. Reunion Eleanor Parker had a double reunion this week. Her husband, Lieut. Fred Losee, arrived here Lfrom Honolulu, and a high-school chum, Sergt. Ruth Griswold, of the U. S. Marines, was sent out here to work on a training film. The girls had not seen each other since graduating from East Cleveland High in 1939. Ann Doran, under contract to Paramount, wanted to succeed on her own, and never told any one that her mother was Rose Allen, formerly leading lady to Bobby Vernon. But the other day, when her mother visited her at the studio, somebody recognized her and offered Rose a job. Loretta Young and husband, Col. Tom Lewis, received a formal order from the infantry captain in this area naming their son, Pfc. Christopher Paul, with permission to wear one stripe on his didie . . . The baby will be christened Sept. 17. Hit Nail on the Head A fan sent an old clipping and a quip by the late Will Rogers. "We saw a fine play called 'Three Men on a Horse,' the idea being that a man not betting can dope out the winners. Now get this for a coincidence. I fly down here this morning and meet the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland, a fine Irish gentleman. Well, you'd naturally ask an Irishman about the Grand National race and Aintree, for all the good horses in it are Irish. Well, this little Lord Mayor gave them the following winners: Ronaldson, Blue Prince, Thorman the Second. By golly, if he didn't pick 'em one, two, three. So if the Lord Mayor of Ireland should be comin your way, no matter if he tells you the Republicans have a chance, listen to him." 7 r DENY- EAKTm WORST TEMPI fc4- AMBITION V r-ttM V 9 P- Oft I ? Two Guilty Pleas In Liquor Squeeze Colonial Liquor Distributors, Inc., and its president, Vincent J. Andretta, both of Kingston, pleaded guilty yesterday to a 10-count criminal information charging violations of OPA price regulations in the sale of liquor. They were accused of selling 1,100 cases of Scotch whisky for about $55,000, or 25 above ceiling prices, between August and September, X943. They will be sentenced Sept. 25. Paris Memorial To 4,000 Patriots Paris, Sept. 11 (U.FD. A crowd of 10,000 today attended a memorial ceremony inside the fortress of Mont Valerien, overlooking the city, where German troops shot approximately 4,000 potriots during the occupation of Paris. Military authorities placed wreaths on the spot where the executions took place. A nnfrltionat and Inf rrriat iiirrrr-Ip every day in Nancy's Daily Wish." MOVIE TIME TABLE The following- schedules for feature films today were reported to The News by theatrp rnanae-ers: ACADEMY OF MCSIC 12:35. 3:50, 7:05. I O :10. CAKITor, 9:10. 12:34. 4:02. 7:30. 11:01. CRITERION 9:30. 11:25. 1:25. :20. 5-20. 7:15. 9:15. 1;10. GLOBE 10:55. 12:49. 2:43. 6:41. 6:36. S:31. JO:25. 12:20. Ml SIC HALL 9:50. 12:54 .3:56. 6:58. 10:05. PALACE 10:01. 11:49. 1:37. 3:30. 5:13. 7 01. 8:49. 10:37. 12:25. PARAMOUNT 9:01. 11:43. 2:25. 6:37. 8:31. 11:31. 1:07. RIALTO 9:34. 11:19. 1:04. 2:49. 4:34. i:19. 8:09. 9:49. 11:34 1:19. 2:59. RIVOI.I 10:25. 12:25. 2:25. 4 :2B. 6:20. 8:20. 10:20. 12:20. ROXY 9:45. 12:50. 4:50. 7:10. 10:20. BROOKLTN THEATRES FOX 12:33. 3:42. 5:51. 10:00. STRAND 11:05, 1:47. 4:47. 7:47. 10:47. LOEW S THEATRES METROPOLITAN 11:15. 2 :58. :51 .10 :34. ALl'lNK 12:ati. 3:53, 7:16. 10:27. BAY K1IX.K 12:30. 3:42. 0:64. 10:06. BKKFOKD 12:00. .1:28.-6:66. 10:24. BORO PARK 12:00. 3:20. 6:40. 10:00. HKKYOOKT 12:00. 3:25. 6:50. 10:25. KRODWAY 12:10. 3:37. 7:64. 10:31. CONEY ISLAND 12:00. 3:27. 6:50. II :00. 46TH ST. 12:00. 3:25. 6:55. 11:24. ;ATES 1:55. 5:23. 9:51. HILLSIDE 12:03. 3:31. 6:59. 10:27. KINGS 1-M8. 3:34. 6:50. 10:06. 11:00. 2:19. 5:38. 8:57. ORIENTAL 12:36. 3:46. 6:36. 9:32. 12:25. PALACE 1:25. 4:32. 7:39. 10:28. PITKIN 1:20. 4:211. 7:2(1, 1II-2H. 6:56. 10:23. rL.i..t 12 :o. 3 :::.', IK km ikk 1:55. 5:: 20. 9 :45. ' I'KOSFKI r- -12:05. 3:30. t:55. 10:1 0. TKIBOKO- -1:22. 4:20. 7:18. 10:16. WARWICK 1:10. 4:21. 16:33. WIII.ARD 12:66. 3:33. VOOD.siD 12 :02. 3 :28. :IIO. 11:27. 6:54. 10:20. RKO THEATERS ALBEE 11:15. 2:05. 4:50 7:40. 10:30". AL11KN 12:32. 3:48. 7:04. 10:23. TODAY & TOMORROW dues. & wed.) roMrcet REPUBLIC PROSPECT 8USHWICK MADISON 5 ACTS rook lya OYKER KENMORE ORPHEUM TIIVOU QiMm Kfitns FLUSHING FREDRIC MARCH ALEXIS SMITH The ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN' 'The MASK of DIMITRIOS' SYDNEY GREENSTREET -PETER LORRE . Ireoklyii BUSHWICK GREENPOINT OUACLE WOAAN' tvHYM ANKtus AT A LI RKO Path New, vtcToy IN PAHISI Sm IISINMOWH U S THOOK SnCTACUlAK rAKADf I ALDEN JAMAICA BETTE DAVIS CULUW8IA I Cory GRANT ONCE SHOUIOAD T.r I'JUNOli WOMAN' ALBEEI'STEP LIVELY' g 'FALCON MEXICO' Frank SINATRA By DOROTHY An artfully simple story becomes" a magnet for artlessly powerful dramatics in "Maria Candelaria," Mexican-made tragedy which opens the season for Belmont Theatre. While the film can hardly bes- termed a personal triumph, due to several such combined factors as general excellence of portraiture, eloquent settings, skilled direction and moying story, the fine performance of Dolores Del Rio is a major attraction. - She has the difficult role of an Indian girl ostracized by the villagers for the sins of her fore- "Maria Candelaria," Clasa film directed and written by Emilio Fernandez, presented at Belmont Theatre. Running time: 1 hour, 38 minutes. THE CAST Maria Candelaria Dolores Del Kio Lorenzo Rafael PfMiro Armendariz I-upe Manrarita Cortes -l iintor Alberto Galan Rerorter Beatriz Ramon Manuel Inclan Ra f ael Ieardo Don Da mi an terior Oura Jose AUonso-Doctor -Julio Ahuet -Arturo Soto Hansel bears. Although both Don Damian and the peon, Lorenzo, aspire to her favors, the Don entertains no notions- of marriage. But for his vengeful activities, Lorenzo and Maria might have seen their pet pig live to deliver the litter which was to pay for a wedding dress. But for the fact that Lorenzo is forced to steal quinine withheld by the wicked Don Damian, there never would have been a sitting for the painter anxious to record Maria's beauty, nor a mob of enraged villagers who feel that the girl has disgraced the community. Except for the cumulation of these things, however, the film could never have arrived at its gripping climax, a powerful sequence giving vent to pent-up tears.' ABl It. fc. 12:00. 2:33. 5:06. 7:39. COLUMBIA 1:40. 4:40. 7:40. 11YKER 12:39. 4:51. 9-03 10:40. FLVSHING12:24. 4:38. 8 52. tiREENPOINT 1:07. 3:32. 6:07. 8 KENMORE 11:30. 3:23. 7:16. 11:19 MAIHSDN 12:00. 2:30. 5:00. 7 10:45. MIDWAY 12:05. 3:58. 7:55. 11:42. I1KPHEIM 12:54. 4:58. 9:06. REPUBLIC 12:00. 2:35. 5:10. 7: 11:66. RICHMOND HULL 217. 6-24. 10-31 SHORE ROAD 12 -on. 2-34 7 42 10 STRAND. FAR ROCK A WAY 2:10.-7 10:56 TILYOU 12:003:45. 7:35. 11:25. :32. i40, 45. 16. :00. Now's the lime to buy more bonds! MIDWAY Fornt Hills Keith's RICH. HILL -STRAND Fjr RockMtjy iii 'THREE of i W A KINO' T luuomm f MADISON PROSPECT REPUBLIC jS3gi0W' 'GILDERSLE EVE'S GHOST' UPON A TIME' & SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT f.lrn ANKCKS I. '3 OF AKINO' Bdlr GllBfr Go. MURPHY TOM CONWAY T REYNOLDS ARNOLD ( "JANIE" itP Dorothy . Tni ttHy 14$ C "AND THE ANGELS SIMG" ) Sfc.. "Gomhlr' Choica ANN CORIO . . "CALL OF THE JUNGLE" ) JHEI UTILE SISTERS . "3 STOOGES" COKBY MASTERS IstGI Aid Check In New Hampshire Concord,. N. IJ., Sept. 11 (JP). New' Hampshire today became the first state to make a payment of unemployment compensation under thcciew GI bill of rights law when, shortly after midnight, Gov. Robert O. Blood handed over a check for ?20 to Aldredge Demers of Sun-cook, discharged World War II veteran. flEfiS VAUDEVl VAUDEVILLE Ed SULLIVAN FIRST N t SM0W1NC M.G.M' 'MEET THE PEOPLE' LUCILLE BALL DICK POWELL M DAM.V NCMTS HARVEST MOOH DANCE WINNERS WalterDvcWfahl Eitrt! TOMMY DtX ' MARGARET CHARLES ROBERT O'BRIEN-LAUGHTON-YOUNG THE CANTERVILLE GHOST' :u's 'MEET THE PEOPLE' Lucille BALL Dick POWELL eiRLSI BATHING BEAUTY CONTEST AT LOEWS KINGS WeOMCtOA Y NITC (SEPT. 13 50 HMimf for EnU lum EDWARD G. ROBINSON 'MR. WINKLE GOES TO WAR' and 'KANSAS CITY KITTY ,mJ fi.Vn imrf Extra X Lm-i is B'kly Qmtm TIM V. s. n i m u A REPORT TO JUDY' Btiy ml th Wma KINGS 'BATHING BEAUTY BED f KELTON PITKIN TRIBORO SHE'S SOLDIER. TOO' HrS BACK A CAIN -BI6BEB THAN EVER) BOGART 'DEAD END' 46tii STREET ALPINE BEDFORD BROADWAY y C 0 N E Y IS. tUATES IYI I L D ORIENTAL CflfU SIDNEY leu NcCtU PREMIER THE DUD EBB AIDS HILLSIDE PLAZA -PROSPECT EDDIE CANTOR 'THE KID WIllARD WOODSIDE FROM SPAIN' X VAUDEVILLE TONITE A 4fBAV RIDGE 'THE EVE of ST. NARK PHIL. BAKER aAKf it or ivt n- rBREV00RT TW AR WICK BORO PARK TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOI Imd 'SICIf IS K SCIIUII OH XKAMEO ONCE UPON TIME' SECRET MISSION' SONS OF IHf Dt5tl DnflM D b!R BIN Ge KfctLT I PALACE I j t f r ni yuiTeH tt. t,i-i'-;.!.!'.Vi1 PVXgT D6AO END KIPS-JOL VCgCA Ante G WYNNE Did BRUCt I zn a pi m El t Kl A

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