The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 27, 1963 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Friday, December 27, 1963
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v The Ottawa Journal MAINLY SUNNY; COLD Low, -10; High, 0 79TH YEAR 15 FIVE CENTS OTTAWA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1963 236-7511 Sonrb. 7.41 ..m. est THIRTY-FOUR PAGES Sunset 4.M p.m. EST -I After McArthur Plaza Blaze Near Hawkesbury S ' ) M7(B lAAJFtniL Eastview C h Water Drought Ch Eastview Fire Chief Bernard Joly renewed charges today that lack of water pressure in Eastview hampered fire fighting operations at the McArthur" -Piaa Thursday, --.The chief it first Mid "no comment" when asked ibout water pressure "because of the - blast I got from the city (Ot tawa) last time." He complained last weekend ' of' low water pressure when fighting a fire in a store on Beechwood Avenue. COULD BE FIXED . Chief Joly said Ottawa officials told him after the first fire that if- there was any low pressure and they doubted it it could be remedied. They should have been here yesterday," the chief said. , He admitted that Eastview's . equipment isn't adequate to handle such a large firer- All Eastview's equipment is carried on two trucks. "When the city pumpers came they could suck the water 1 out faster." he said. The lack of water caused the low water pressure. Chief Joly said. - No cause has been determined in the blaze which burned out an IGA and Beamish store. Total loss is expected to run to about $800,000. Other stores in the plaza were operr for business today, i STILL BURNING "'. The chief said the fire is still burning and will burn until at least tomorrow night. It started up seven times last night as firemen kept a watchful eyeon the ruins. . Ralph Foster, president of 'McArthur' Plata Shopping Centre; praised work of firemen ' in confining the blaze. He said It is unfortunate that some form of automatic response isn't provided between munici palities to dispatch help lor major fires. Fed by tons of foodstuffs and drygoods in the IGA and - Beamish Stores it McArtnur Road Shopping Plaza, flames raged out of control inside the premises for over two hours. It took the full complement of Eastview Fire Department, ' plus the assistance of three Ottawa fire stations with an aerial truck to quell the blaze DENSE SMOKE Dense clouds of black and yellow' smoke fanned by an easterly wind billowed over two apartment buildings - at rear of the stores forcing several families off top floors. The fire itself inside the 18-store shopping block did not get beyond the firewall be-tween the Beamish and Bala ' . Shoe Store. Insurance was carried. A sprinkling systemjn the centre . triggered the alarm in the Eastview fire, hall about H.25am. Smoke was first seen coming out therear of the premises. - A lack of immediate manpower and pumper equipment hampered first efforts by East-view firemen to put out the blaze. .. Turn to Page 4 EASTVIEW Saturday's JOURNAL WERE YOU THERE? Exactly 50 years ago. there was a Children's Fancy Dress Ball at Government House. In the Saturday Section is a large photograph of the 300 Ottawa children who were there, a list of their "names, ? and in many cases, a complete descrip-tioff of their costumes. Macoun Club Ottawa teenagers discover the wonderful wiggly world of natural history at the Museum. Photostory on the Youth Page. Ottawa Profiles Interviews with W. Dan Chil-cott, well-known Ottawa lawyer: and A. B. Hockin, Director , of Economic Analysis, Dept. of "Finance. Distinctive Home Helen Turcotte visits the South Hull home of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kirby. Home Section. City Short Of Funds For Rinks The Recreation and Parks Department, operating on a million dollar budget, is short of funds for full-scale operation of outdoor rinks. Alderman Don Kay ' complained of lack of attendants at the city's 50 rinks on Boxing Day. "We just havenl got the money," said Recreation and Parks Director Alpn Dulude. 'There's no sense in robbing Peter to pay Paul." The department " earmarked SI 67,1 6 1 for outdoor rink operations for 1963. It costs about $2,100 days to operate the rinks. "Cold clear weather both this Winter and last January ate up the money," said Mr. Dulude. The department is providing one attendant for each rink until the New Year. Then the staff will be increased to provide about two aatendants for each. "It will be full speed ahead on January 2," said Mr. Dulude. Capital Murder Charge If aces Kingston Man KINGSTON (CP) Clarence Washer, 48, appeared in court today and was -charged with capital murder in the shooting death of his father-in-law, 73-year-old Tjeorge Astley. He was remanded to Jan. 3. Astley" died in hospital 36 hours after four bullets were' pumped into him at his home Dec. 21. Washer was held custody on a charge of shooting with intent to wound. NPP Chief Urges Probe Claims Rac TORONTO CP Donald Mac-Donald, leader ' of the- New Democratic Party in OnUrrio, said today the provincial government "chooses to (urn blind eye to-, -the used-car racket." He said in a statement Attorney-General Cass and his top officials need to be persuaded to investigate alleged dishonest practices in the usedcar industry. '; The statement outlined 16 Cases in which used-car com- ket i ef Renews - ...--. ,,M--- -ri... .- J WRECKAGE AFTER FIRE , Journal photo bv Dominion Wid Bulgarians Stone U.S. Legation Spy Trial Sparks Big Demonstration By 3,000 SOFIA. Bulgaria (Reuters) An estimated 1,101 shouting and booing Bulgarians demonstrated outside the United Slates lega tion here today, smashing most of the windows on the first three floors- and overturning four American diplomatic cars. The rioters were eventually dispersed by local militiamen. It was learned the legation was considering protesting to the Bulgarian foreign ministry. The hour-long demonstration, which began at II a.m., was in protest against alleged American intelligence activity revealed in the apy trial of a for-, mer Bulgarian diplomat which began here Thursday. The demonstrators shouted ami - American - slogans and pelted the front windows of the legation in the heart of the city with ice. frozen snow and tones. The crowd numbered about 500 at the start but grew to around -1.000 at the peak of the demonstration, a U.S. legation official said. . "The demonstrators made no attempt to enter the legation and nobody in the legation was hurt, he said. Green and Yellow Plates for Quebec Green, and yellow will be the decor .' of the 1964 Quebec licence plates. Name of the province, fleur des lis, numbers and the legend. La Belle Province, will be in green on a yellow background. ' Used Car Ignored panies allegedly collected Sl.-i Mr. Mactyonald said the 500 in deposits and refused tojaowrvpaymem charges end return any of the money when lack of financing prevented the sales from going through-. BAREFACED PRACTICES? He said these cases came from the files of the Better Business Bureau and' represented a sample of "barefaced" practices going on in the used-car business. "In some cases the down payment is a downright steal because the' efforts to establish credit ratings are phony from the outset." arges Second Coldest Night Ottawa experienced the second coldest night of the Winter so far last night. The overnight low of 11 below zero registered at Uplands airport was only one degree less than this season's record set Dec 20.. The snercury had Tsen sluggishly to nine below at 8.30 a.m. today and the weatherman said zero would be the high for the day. Meanwhile a frigid 24 below was reported overnight at the Gatineau community of Kirk's Ferry. CS Checkoff To Include Insurance Premiums for the new Civil Service Federation group insurance plan will be included in the federal employee association dues checkoff. The 'payroll checkoff deductions have been agreed to by the Treasury Board. The plan goes into operation in 1964 for all CSF members although it is already operating for Department of Veteran Affairs Employees' Association and National Defence Erh- Iployees' Association members. The plan, for CSF members at home and abroad,, does not demand proof of medical in surability if members register before the closing date set for their respective government departments. WELSH SINGER DIES LONDON (Reuters) Parry Jones, 72, a forme butcher's helper who became one of Britain's leading operatic tenors, died at his London home Thursday night others to be documented in future statements are his answer to Mr. Cass' refusal to act on a similar plea early this month. - "Mr. Cass has refused the unanimous - request of pie Select Committee on Consumer Credit to investigate the shady operations of a fringe group of user car, dealers," he said. - Turn to Page 4 CLAIMS Three of Fcmltly&ilwd In Mead i. - ,f' Pmfoctc . I I UICj13 Wall Murder Berlin (UPiv-The United j States protested to Russia today against the Christmas Day killing by Communist border guards of a refugee scaling the Berlin Wall. Mixed Force Delayed British Patrol (CP from AP-Reulers) NICOSIA, Cyprus British patrols moved through Nicosia today to keep the peace on explosive Cyprus, but disagreement delayed plans for Greek and Turkish soldiers to join them. At the southeast port of Lar- naca, a Britisn souuer was mm and wounded in the shoulder while on patrol. The patrols are designed primarily for the protection of British civilians. GUARANTEED ACCESS In Nicosia, however the Brlt- tavh were waved through road blocks of armed Greek and Turkish Cypriots. whose fighting In five bloody dsys beginning last Saturday caused grave international concern. Commanders of the. British, Greek and Turkish garrisons stationed on this eastern Mediterranean island met in the morning but were unable to agree on the composition of the mixed patrols. "We have British patrols out whose primary purpose is to protect British families," Maj.-Gen. P. S. F. Young, British Army commander on Cyprus, told reporters after the meeting. FEARED SHOWDOWN The small Turkish and Greek army garrisons remained atop-posite ends of this capital. Their movement from their bases into Nicosia Christmas Day led to fears of s showdown that might embroil Greece and Turkey. both members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Meanwhile, the first reinforcements ordered from Britain RECORD A measure of the record response to Ottawa Red Cross Boxing Day clinic at the Assembly Hall is shown hrre Jackie Laphen has the sign indicating 671 bottles Of blood were collected in the largest single-day clinic ever held in' Ottawa. Jnurnut Photo by romtnlon Wlrt - HAWKESBURY (.Staff) i Truck driver WUly Gravelle. Three members of an!f Ironside, was treated for rttoia familO'ar rlparl in ! minor injuries and released. the head-on crash of a car tand a .truck four miles west of here this morning. A fourth member of the fam ily was injured and is in Smith Clinic here. Police withheld name until next-of-Kin had been notified. Tommies Nicosia Thursday by Prime Minister Sir! Alec Douglas-Home landed at I the British Akrotiri base. Lift gradually was returning to" normal in the Greek sector of Nicosia. But the majority of offices and shops were still shuttered. Roadblocks manned by Greek Cypriots were set up at frequent intervals. In the beleaguered Turkish sector of ticosia, cut off since last Sunday, the situation was more grim. Reports said the Turkish Cyp- ciot command bad sent Joud- OVERWHELMING 671 Give At Red Cross Clinic They called for blood, Thursday, and got it in large measure. The Boxing Day Clinic of Ottawa Red Cross already tabbed as an annual event had an optimistic objective of 500 donors. It drew 671. "Overwhelming" was the description of Mrs. Helen Lons-bury who supervised this largest one-day clinic ever held. WIDE SUPPORT It was supported by volunteers; staffed largely by volunteers and drew volunteer don- COLLE n4,, Iflll " "Mar . "I - " ctidn' Ottawa om He gave this version of the accident: His empty truck was pulled off to the shoulder of Highway 17 when struck head-on by a I car nearly five years old. FOUR IN CAR j There were four people in speaker vans into the streets to warn citizens to remain indoors It was not clear why this order was issued. PICK UP WOUNDED In a conciliatory gesture, the government of Cyprus granted Turkey's request to land a hospital plana at Nicosia to fly out wounded Turkish Cypriots. An official statement said the gov. eminent was prepared to care for all wounded Turkish Cyp riote but was allowing the plane to land as a goodwill gesture. Turn to Page 4 BRITISH SUPPORT Blood ors from across the city and up the Valley, Joe Himes hitch-hiked In from Eganvill to give his 17th donation. Maurice Dor-vaL of 50 Rideau Street, dropped m to make his 150th donation. Russ Jackson, making his 12th donation was prominent among better-known city personalities. The clinic was sUged to brace up the normally -precarious inventory of blood for holiday season emergencies in the city and district. Boxing Day clinics have been used successfully in other communities to offset thev normal low response from donors at this time and the Ottawa Red Cross decided Uo try it here. The response, as Mrs. Lons-bury says, was overwhelming. STAFF OF VOLUNTEERS 'Red Line Taxi Company of fered free transportation and Ottawa Girl Guides volunteered to baby sit and staff a nursery at the clinic. Murphy - Gamble Ltd.. J Freedman and Canada ' Bread provided food; Morrison-La monthe brought coffee and Coon and Sealtest Dairies sent 'round the cream. Boy Scouts took over the coat checking assignment and the Red Cross found its entire corpse of volunteer workers ready to give a hand. The full-time staff was needed only to take the actual donations. And this job, with 671 bottles to process was more than enough work. The Inside News - Giant Soviet chemical industry expansion; Isaac Deutscher analysis . Page Terror that shattered idyllic sunshine cruise ...:. --r Page UN barrier won't half Red China's march, warns Chou En-Lai - Pffee Beloi the Hill It Billy Graham S3 Bridge .-. S3 Classified Ads 25-30 Comics 32, 33 Crossword .' 14 Editorials Financial R J the car a man, woman and two children. Three of them died almost instantly. - ' The fourth a boy U in hospital with a broken leg. ' Mr. Gravelle, driver for J. Freedman and Son of Ottawa, was heading for Montreal at the time, of the accident at 9.30 a.m. OPP Const Henry Kostuck was investigating. Teenagers Wreck Home Six Arrested After Wild Drinking Parry A gang of teenage vandals celebrated Christmas this year by getting drunk, then smashing up the home of an Ottawa couple vacationing in Florida. The gang broke into the home of Mr., and Mrs. Jean Charron, 465 Hardy Avenue, in East End Castle Heights, Tuesday night, and when the party was over hundreds of dollars damage had been caused to furniture, and interior decorations. Four girls, two of them 1$; two of them 16, were scheduled to appear in Juvenile Court today, charged with breaking and entering with intent. Turn to Page 4 TEENAGE 163,000 Crossed Wall (CP from' AP-Reuters) BERLIN Although the blood stains of a Christmas slaying were stiH visible on the Berlin wall. West BerUnere passed in droves Thursday through the checkpoints to the east sector. The official East German news agency, ADN, said that 57.500 West Berlin era went through the controls by early evening. -7 , The agency said that since the holiday reunion operation be gan Friday aboul-161,DM West Berliners had made day visit to East Berlin. But the atmosphere was changed markedly by the shoot-mg by East German guards Christmas night of an East German refugee. Paul Schuli, 18, received t fatal wound as he scrambled over the wall. His companion, also 18, escaped injury. Home Delivery 65 Cents This Week Home delivery subscribers should pay their Journal car- rier only S cents this week -for period ending Dec. 1 as there was no Journal OQ-Christmas Day. ' Horoscope. .... Jim Bishop' ... . Kilgallen Sports I Tell Me Why t . I Theatres ....... TV, Radio Women's News ... 14 ... 14 ...30 . t-12 ... 14 ... 13 32, 33 .21-24- AHC rirrnl.tlnn IS.ftS r i : C

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