The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1947
Page 2
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PAGfc T\\0 BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, AUGUST <1, 1947 AlewA Emily Wixson, Socftty Editor Phone 461 Afternoon Tea Given For jVliss Mary Sue Roe Mrs. Crawford Honors |M,-., Mrs. Harry Gray Mrs! William Moncll MCKen?ie MRS CRAWFORD and Mrs. Samuel Phillips Robinson I Effective 5IOK— H , .7,M 1 iPiit.s of flowers | ' entn'Uiincd ye/lerrtny aiLcrncHin with fi tea at Mrs. Robinson's homej on Walnut Street il pllinem to Mis; Maiy Sno Hoe, Lride-flect of Marcus Joe Evrr.irt. Seventy-five guests called between 4 and 6 o'clock, Hccilving with Mrs. McrCcnzif. Mis. .Robinson an't Mis? Ro~ e were 'Mrs. hriiDM Hoc. motiier of M'iss 'fu:f; Mrs. j. u. Cloi'se of Ccckeulle, Tenu., her sister; Mis. Marcus Evrur'.l, mother of Uie biklegi'ooni-'-'lcci, Mrs, John It. Alckefiiie and Mrs. Jolm Wilii.-i McKefi/le of Pfiragould, ann( i cousin! cj Mis. Evraid. Thi:' living room was decorated with crystal baskels of flowers in a bridal theme nnd ciyslai viwfs ol red roses. Mr:;, W C.. Hi<-inmso:i, Mrs. T It. Cftra'A'ay and Mr>. Frecriiai Hotiiu.on presided at the refreshment * table In :he liUung room aisistei! by Mia. 13eu P'. liuller Jr., of Gstrcoln. Miss rtibeee.x McCalt :aul Miss Jetlyc cluire Huffman. '1 he; tea table was laid wilh mi imported hand .jmbroiitered linen and lace cloth ar.d [.-entered with a .'.lIvcM bowl of white and yi:!low flowerf. White candles burned in silver (candelabra. Accents were In yellow anil napkirjs carried the names Sun ami jne. also inscribed on the yellow* and white heart-shaped c't'> later cut by Miss Hoe and htr fiance. Heart-shaded icebergs Iloatptl in the punch, served witli ::n aiijortnionl, of party foods and individual cukes. A tift of china in her .pattern | was prfseiited to Miss Rev by her! Blytheville Gir! Seeking Title of "Miss Memphis" •Miss; Paula Koden. 21-ycnr-old brunette daughter of Mr. and Mio. Henry :Gargls of Blythcville who now makes her home in Memphis, is seeking the title of ''Miss Memphis"' in the Aug. 14 contest therr., j 'Rcden formerly made her home here and attended jyythe- villt. IJJp.h .School. funned n rsetilny of Smnniei 1 hoauty for the reception tUvmi by Mrs. coin Murguret Crawford nt 5 o'clock yes' icnliiy nfU'niuon at her hoini; on Chlckasnwbu Avonuo for Mr. nnd Mrs. llnriy C. Gray Ji 1 ., iiuirriod in a cecoinony Prlduy night., Mrs. Gvuy, ilk- toun'Jr Miss Mary \Vrlj>hl, h Bits of News Mrs. Crawford's sister. i-civlnii llic fiO KUP.s wiUi the hostess were the quests of honor and ; Mr.s. Preida L. Writjlit, mother ol Ihe bride and Mrs. Crawford. Mrs. Gray wore a while Summer suit and pinned a eorsaue. of orchid listers and eliai-teiise maline at her .shoulder. Mrs. Crawford, whose wore a solllv I allured Mm* dress, and Mrs. Wriplit. wi'urin'c, a figured blue silk jersey, wore corsages of whll< UTS wilh wljiie mallne. Uoses. ])ink and while snapdragons and i;yps"phila were arranged throughout I he home, and these flowers with floor baskets 'ol gladioli anil, hui'kleberry decorated the dining room. '1'he refreshment table, eovered wilh a cut-work cloth, was centered with a lliiee-tiered wedding cake lopped with figurines ol u bride and bridegroom and served wilh champagne punch. Mrs. Dick Wal- sun. Miss KuUH>ia Whltworth and Mrs. Primk Grisjsby presided at this table. Miss Kathryn Cleveland hail charge of the uncsl book. Mr. and Mrs. Gray are at home at in 18 Ghiekasawba Avenue. Coming Events Mr. nnd Mrs. Claud Uurr, am children, rulricia Ann nnd Linda ]/>u, and Mrs. Homer Sant ol Cleveland, Miss., spent, the weekend ivllli Mi'.s. Burr's parents. Mr. and i Mr:.. 11. W. l.ovett. Revival Begins 2nd Week The'..second week of a Revival Lr-ing 'c^mlucled at Ynrbu Metli- odist fJhurch by the Rev. Allen n. Stewart, paslor of First Msth- mlist Church here, today. TUESDAY Mi's. Cirovei' WriMi hostess lo Jolly Eight Club. Miss Jeltye Huffman and Miss lla Rogers will compliment Miss Mary Hue Koe with a dessert bridge. WEDNESDAY Mrs. John C. Mclhuiey. Mrs. E. n. Jackson and Mrs. Joseph W. Me- Haney will entertain with a <Ln.s- scrl bi'Ulgc honoring Miss Roe. THURSDAY Mrs. Hunter C. Sims and Mrs. Rodney L. tianistcr will be hostesses v.'ith a bridge parly for Mi.s:; Roe. FRIDAY Mrs. Hermun Carlton and Mrs. Eugene Ti-ufurd will honor Miss Roe and lu-r llnnce, Marcus Jut 1 Kvrurd, with a buffet supper. Mrs. Cornelius Rchercr hostess to CBC Club. Methodist Youth i-\'l!o\vsh;i- Mr. 1/ivcll re- lui tied home with them yesterday lo spHid a week. Miss llelly Jean Cuff Is spending the day in Memphis. Kiuulu Kay Wllsnii, daughter ol Mr. and Mr.s. Karl Wilson, who has been ill for the past week at her honv on 13lh Street, was admitted yesterday to the Methodist llusiii- ils " I nil in Memphis. Mr.s. Lewis Towbridue and sons. Jimmy niul David, of St.. Ixjuis will arrive today lo visit, her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Buchanan and family. Or. anil Mrs. Harry Johnson and children »f Memphis visited yesterday with Or. JohiisunVslslr:!'. Mrs. J. .1. Morgan, and Mr. Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. .1. J. Mon;an have as Iheir housi'suest this week her mother, Mrs. Leora Johnson, and i Carol Johnson of Pocahonlns. 1 Miss Dortha Qogiin and Miss t'.'mlly Wlxsuii were weekend guesl; in Memphis of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hodge and family. Mrs. Fleel Halhorn Jr., ami children. Tucker. Susan, and Judy of llattlesbnri;. Miss., are visiting her parents, Mr. aril Mrs. C. P. Tucker. Mr;;. C.-C. I'ciui and Mr;. W. T. Merrill of Grenada, Miss., spent tlie weeketjd wilh Mrs. Penn's son. C. H. IVmi and family. Charles Penu. who has been visiting his yianilinolher for the pasl week, returned home with Itiem. Mr. and Mis. Joe Atkins and famllS. and Nettie Frances ;,IOI:ILU e vacationing in Hoi. ^I'.rniii.;. Ann ami Kay llindnian -imi Mrs. C. A. Ilinilman linve rettirneii Iroin Merniihis wliere iliey visited Mrs. Hhidumn'.s .sister, iSlr.s. J. R. Hchu- maher and [ainily. Mrs. Hu'.viml Holes moterrril them I here. Council of. First. .Methodist Churcl will meet >\ Ti'iesL'hniann. Qtication Answered HAVKH-IULU MI.SS. IUP)—When Edgar H. Shannon observed Tlie ; Yarbro church pastoi, MicJLfi'h binhday. lie was asked the Rev Ray L. McLeslcr. lear.s the (usual question as to how he reach•••••• • -'cd such an ape. "My only excuse and tiller service.* Kay Morgan assists with : !.ci-vicej. for the meeting. for suali a lon« life." lie said, that I was born .such a long time ago." help you are, dear Com, for flavor and energy, and soya (or body-buildinej 'proteins, arc a bi(j help to each other in bririging you the delicious new cereal that's really nourishing . . . Kellogg's Corn- Soya. Get il tit your grocer's. Mr.s. Onie Ciralun or -Steel Mo.. spent yesterday with her daughter, Mr.s. U. W. Mllllins. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Cavashero, had as their weekend guest: their daughter. Mrs. l~i. D. Anderson. Mr. Anderson and sons Hubert Jr., and! Wayne of LaU .SI Unila, 111. Mrs. M. C. Goodwin and Mrs. Randolph Smilh nnd two chlldre:-., Marlon Randolph and Kay ar.d Hill Wiinderlieh have relurned from a vacation on Die Gulf Const. I'li'.'v went to New Orleans. Mobile, A'.a.. lilloxi, Pensaeola. Fli... and Tus- cumbin. Ala., former home of Mrs " IS Goodwin 11 was the first lime sin- had been home ;ii 55 years, i Mrs. G. O. Puef/.'s condition was I somtwhat improved today. She has been seriously ill in the Dap- ist Hospital In Memphis, where he will continue lo undergo treal- nent for the IICNI Iwo or three veeks. Albert Dewcy \Varner, chief •I i 1 . and Mr.s. P. !•). Warner u! O.sceola. is .servini; aboard ihe :it- ack uuutjorl^U-SS Okaloiua. the Navy said today. As chalk laUes to hhirkljuanls. i-ottojis for Hie class- ri«itn tukt 1 (o new dirk dyes and to new freedom of yardage. Colors of dark plaids used for fashions put a u t n in n leaves to . Results of free use of labrie ure. n e w L y - d e e p ti e in s, which allow for beanstalk growth, fuller .skirts, larger collars and pot'kcls, more im- IKirtant yokes and other details that snoll more style For the l)aek-to->:chool march. —K I" S 1 K K I N A K 1), NKA Fashion Kditor. At The Hospitals BI.VTIIKVII.I.K HOSPITAL Admilled: ~" Mrs: James Hubbard, East Prairie, Mo. Mrs. Kills Wheeler, city. Claudia Simpson, Cooler, Mo. T. W. Agnew, city. Dismissed: Mrs. J. C. Barber and baby, Dell. Mrs. Leon Davis and baby. city. Mrs. David Cunningham, Cnru- thersville, Mo. Mrs .Dale R.'Davis, city. Virginia Chamberlain. Huytl. Mo. Mrs. II. C. Stewart. Manila. WAU.S HOSI'lTAI. Dismiss ctl: Jesse flushings, Stcele. Mo. Doris Hill, Uixora. Travis Morgan, I.uxoia. Mrs. I. L. DehaM), city. W. J. Wilborn. clLy. Harold Simpson, city. M.'S. Berlin Woody and baby. Steele. Mrs. C. J. Rrts and baby, Osceola. Russell C. Karr, city. KAI'TIST HO.SIMTAI,, Meinpi Dismissed: ICmmett Preston, Osceola. .MI/IIKIIUST HOSt'l I At,. IMeini: Dismissed: Mrs. D. Burnetl. Osceola. Miss Prances Field, city. ST. JOSKPII HOSPITAL, Al^mpliis Hirths: Born to Mr .and Mrs. Kugene ' nmkc. Osceola. a son. |a Itepubllcan S?a Pec: J. I. C'v.-is- loim of West Me.'iMJliis, in n Liis. cor.ibc; II. , A. Kirtiand of \Vest Mempliis, !,u.scw:i>'e' A. Zenos uf Wlncliester. A 1 '!'.., Pipe:' Cub; Otl.» \Vherley ot Tupelo. Miss, Step, inun; Hugh Gainer of Hirmint(r ; i.,> Ala.: W. c. Smith. Piper Alre'-.i.r! Coiporaticn repi'e.sentativc f:oin l-oc-khavei;. Pa., In a Cub; G. p Brown of Bridgeport. Ala., Cessna HO; E. La.s>:amnn or St. I.ouis; V Swpatcn o; pi!t.sbur«h. Pa., T s> . loreraft; Jaek Miller of Houston. I'exas, tjellanfa. Airport News Contractor Electrocuted But Saves Teen-Aged Sons M.ASTCN. G:i.. Ann. 4. (UP) Two teen-ai^ed ijoyj; toda> r attended fnnerul services for tiieir ta- thin 1 Mho saved their lives wild his gasp of 'Don't touch, me, boys.' Bennie Karl I'etcrman, Jr. an cleelrieal contractor, svas struck by ''iglitning as he. was re;jlaeins; ii burnt-out eiectri;- i.ui!) in his home I.erc during a slonn. As his tv.o son;;, li. F... H, an-.l Jarne.s, 12. rnshe ; ) to aid him. he cried out to v/arn them a.vay from his elcctrU-ily-eharseil body. 'I hey slopped inches short of Iheir falher as he died from I lie electric shock. Astronomers believe that one side of Hie j.'lanet Mercury is so hoi Ihal lead mui zisie v.'ould !«• melted, and on the t.lher side, away from the MUI. Ihc lemucra- lure ap])iouelles :ti);;olule '/«'nj. Cotlons go lo the heai! of (lie class for sniarl hack-lo-scliool styles. School Kill (alpove) wears piaided codon perked up with white cyelfl collnr and pocket trim. The demure miss {upper right) shows off her Kate Grecimvay-lnsiilreil plaid gingham o"rcs.s which has a spanking ivliite piijne bib front. AVhite pirtue collar and cuffs are crisp accents for the tomato and gray striped cliainhray modeled by the tiny student are a Christian yon will relkci the ler.cliinas of Christ," he said. Mr. Morris spoken on "Tile Put- me ol Methodism." After discuss- briefly the origin of the Mcih- c<)lst moveiiient. the reasons for its rapid told of the things lha.1 are neires- 1 mus'. prepare lo meet, modern con- sary lo contimiD as a grealchnrcli I '.lit Ions and present day cornpoti- •* • , uml a great power for «ood In the Iv.-uilcl. -John Wesley's original idea 1 was I hat the church should be an 1 institution for saving souls, an in'.institution for making- bad n-.cii causes and | good and good men belle.-." he growth,- lu'puinlcd uul. •Although ilie chinch ? Silly CORN Sii™, SOYA ' for flavor and for body.fauj i energy prof tin: tiMyf* THt GREATEST NTANliE IN CEREALS' Laymen Conduct Services at First Methodist ['he Sunday marimu; acid eve- ly services o[ the 1-irs! Melh- o< Church wcii- coiKhlL'lefi \-es- terda;, by Iwo laymen ol tin.- church. Gils Lberdl r., anil Hnt'Wj Moiris. I ML. t,lj?rdlV topic was "Not Conformed but Traiinfuimed " He painted out that tile iea; Chnstiaii does not conform Id tin: c'.istoms of tlie world but is transform^;!. "You can tell Christians by the way they live, whether th.'v li.ivc Christian like liabils or whether they drink. ucimbK. r,r p.i:".:ike in other vices o flhe worldly. H you POPULAR PIANO and Personality Voice Years of Successful Teaching Experience for Information Call Mrs. Eddie Saliba Phone 2536 124 E. Kentucky lion, it must not get aw:i}' from the idea that its priinnry purpose is lo niitke the work! a lic-Ufi- :jlaf:c iu wljitli to li\v." he said. Read Courier News Want Ads. A dozen Blylh»< p :H(- niul Dell nv- irtlion (:ntluisl:iH'.? ttyjk off fo: 1 Memphis yeslerc'-Tv morning on a broukfnst flight lo Ihc Mt-mphis Flying Scrvire rip^i, Makiny ilie flifjlit were U S Hartxog and Mr. ant! Mr.s. Erne.'i! lialscll In Mr H;i sell's LllEcomhe; Thnd Nichol ;nul Russell Hays in n Hood Plying Service Cessna; c V Sebaugh n»'i 'I'oniniy Tinker in ti:c former's N::- vion; IMoyd Moo.'-'y and his I wo sislers. nil of Dei!, In the IlivKi Pi|ior Cruiser; ami \V. I. isonnyi Osburn and BOD Hemler.son ::i ,\ Lusconiiie. A training film on' navi^i'ion will ut; .shown ii', 7.4S tonight in UK: Hood Flying Fervlec han;;i'r Floy<l Mooney c( Dell rcc'ii'rt 1 hi.s private jiilots license last v.'e^K. R. D Hnghe.s and Henry Hliin- j ]>lney flew lo SI. Louis on a business Itip in a chartered plane. They left Tlmrsday morning and rElurnccl Saturday aflernonn. H. A. Buriieti. flew to Mayfirtcl. Ky.. lust \veek It the bedside <jf hi.s hither, who Is ill there. H. G. Ornnt returned yesto:-i!nv from a I light to Chicago in hl.-i Lusconibe. Transient piljts landing hnvn during the past iveek Included ii E. Metcalf of Gmi nville. MJ-JS , In Continuous Shows Every Day Uox Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:0(1 LISTEN TO KI.CN 8:00 a.m. 12f45 p.m <:3« pm Japan Goes for a Good Old American Custom "^Sfe^n^'Tr'^Tss^AP^! CITY LOANS Repayable in Small Monthly Installments Low Interest Rates Quick Service BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 24 W. Ash St. Phone 3545 I .asI Time Today Abie's Irish Rose with Jimnite Dm uml .Michiirl CiHkbt.v Paramount News and Shnrt* Continuous Showing Every Da Tuesday 2a CENTUH1T.FOX SKS™""' An Expert Opinion... ... is \\linl yon j>c| \vlirn you drive in ID our ropjiir vvorksluij) Idr an cslinialo ;is In whril ha>i to IIP-tliini' :uid how iniich il will <n:;l. CANDID ('on fill nous Showing Everyday <;OMIN(; SOON TO THK KITX AIIJT. 6-7-8 "'I'lH' Venrling" wilh (IrcRory I'ot-lt A J:ino Wyman AUK- U-IS "Stallinu Koutl" wilh KoiiLthi Hca^an ,V Alexis Smith AUK. 17-IK "ShorkijiK Miss Pilgrim" wit)i Id-tLy (irahh- u ntl l»irk Ifayint-s "T)ic HufksCrrs'* with Clurk <;:»blf, D^Iiurah Kcrr A- Ava fiariliier Sales Service T«p. U>«y h»v* 'em In J*pan, too. Photo above shows climax of a three-day beauty contest In I?r r0 'v iB i W iT fCh J' i f lnd i l " S ^2 r the lllle ot " Mlss Japan °« IS*?" were Judged on face, figure, tfoic*, n*»iih and educ»tlon. The winner (center, wearing floral crown) poses with runners-up • _ «U MI«<| "Miss Tokyo." Photo by R. c. Ferguson, NEA-Acme Newspicturea photographer. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Ash Phone 438 CP Natural, unposcd pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . . . Phone 461 today for an ap- pointment . . . you'll be delighted with the finished pictures. COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDING PICTURES MM. Oe+t+Utuj, &t the C€LCICC NCMT Box Office Opens at 1:01) p.m. Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Opens Sunday 1:50: Starts 1:15 Continuous Slums Sat. and Sun. Bargain Night Everj Night Ex«P* Saturday No passes honored on Sunday »l the Roxy l.:isl. Time Tmlay Gallant Bess witll Alarshall Thitrnpson and Jim l):ivis Fn\ News i Srlcrturt Short Subject Tnestluy and Wednesday v- \ ^ \ x\\\«- \\ \V\\xx

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