The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 4
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1!MS Gandhi Embarks on New Fast; Chooses Death Rather Than See Hindu-Moslem Fighting Spread B.T P. D. SI1ARMA Unllrii PrtM Staff Correspondent NEW DELHI, Jan, 13. iu.P.)--Mohandas K. Gandhi, frail mid «'eary under his 78 years, embarked loday on a new fast to «eek tile "glorious deliverance" of death rather than watch the Karhmlr province fighting spread and destroy India. Spiritual leader of India's Hindu millions. Gandhi brcakfaslert as Usual »t 6 a. m. GMT (midnight, Monday ESTi and then retired lo the grassy lawns of his millionaire friend, G. D. Birla, lo lie In tile sun. He informed the government of* . . Hindu India that he will touch • no more food, nor even fruit juice, until hc is convinced that government ministers are seeking to end the undeclared war In Kashmir BLYTJ1KV1M.K (ARK.) COU1UKR NK\VS Knoitsa Freed From Communists PAGE FIVB Province and Ilnd peace with Mos- ! lem Pakistan. "Let me die if I must," he told his followers at the nightly prayer meeting where he first announced his plans. "Death for me would be a glorious deliverance rather than that I should be a helpless witness to the destruction of India." Gandhi began what may be his final hunger strike against violence alter breakfasting on a half pound .„ ,., s .„ of goats milk, crushed apples, I who resigned lasl November. Fills Vacancies on 8 State Boards LITTLE ROCK, Ark . Jan. (U.P.)—Gov. Ben Lancy yesterday announced the appointment or rc-| appointment of elcht members of' various slate boards. He named O. W. Holmes of Little Rock as a member of the Workmen's Compensation Commission, replacing Riddick Rlffel . boiled vegetables anti one Indian Other appointments and re-ap- \Man With Frostbitten Feet Loses His Left Leg The only visitor at Gandhi's last The appointment of Silas Snow meal was Indian Deputy Prime of Crossctt as a member of Ihe! Minister Sardar V. f'nlel, who only Slate Teachers College Board nl yesterday returned from th« Kash- ' Conway. succeeding the late Dr nnr Province battle front. While in Kashmir, patel told Indian troops lhat Moslem Pakistan _ ^^ already was waging a "lull-scale j the Genera! contractors Board •war" against India and thai the | The re-appointment of j ' A New Delhi government would never Nenvilte of Grlffilhvliie to' Ihc Refreecs who fled from Knoilsa. Greece, lo outlying AI-CIIS during the Ihclr possessions lo military trucks for return lo the city us Onvrnun lucks. cNEA Radio-Telephoto.) srlRo hy cminmmlM forces, cnny •nt irouus drove <if[ (he lied nl- A . M. E lton of Newport The re-appointment of K Daniel of North Little Rock Rive up an inch of the disputed province. Gandhi said his fast would end Slate Board o[ Pardons paroles am i probations. , The re-appointment or Albert only when and if I am satisfied Graves of nope to Hie state Tu- there is a reunion of hearts in all I bcrculosis Snnitorium Board, communities." I The re-appointment, of c E "If India responds, or at least Larrison of Portland to the A M I If New Delhi tthe Indian govern- & N. College Board at Pine Bluff I menti does, the fast might soon j The re-appointment of Ro v Mor-'l lie ended, 'he said. : 8 an of Hot Springs on the'Board! More Strict Than Others J o ( t| lc Girls Training School Gandhi said his fast will be the | The re-appointment of John! French Protest /The Bes * Years Ang!o-U.S. Plan Of °" r Lives/ ls For Germany Top 1947 Movie WASHINGTON. Jan. 13. i U.P.I France has delivered lo the United Slates a vigorous protest ngninsl Anglo-American plans to set 'up n central "economic" government in Western Germany, it was disclosed most strict of any he has planned In recent years, including two with- Storey of Griffithsvilte to the Board of the Junior Agricullural In Ihe past year lo halt communal College at Beebe. rioting In Eastern Bengal Proviiv and In Bihar Province. He plans to shun even his usual fruit Juice. However, medical attendants said he was unable to drink I plain water and therefore will take A few drops of lime juice in water. One ot Gandhi's doctors said I that nausea usually sels In after a ! few days and then Gandhi will be i unable even to take water. "HU age and his condition or overwork and malnutrition—all are against him." the doctor said. Stassen Asks President to Fire Pauley WASHINGTON. Jan. 13 (UPt- Harotd E, Stassen today called on Last night', after prayers/Gandhi ! President Truman to oust Edwin W. visited government house, prcsum- Pauley us special assistant to the nbly to communicate his decision ! army secretary In view of his art- to Earl Mountbattcn. governor gen- j mission that he made S932.T03 In eral of India, and other govern- ; commodity market speculations, rnent leaders. j The Republican presidential as- Gandhi has been greatly weaken- i pirant made the demand in the form ed by his exertions in Genbal and ] of a public question to Mr. Tru- Bihar Province, where he attempted man. to halt savage communal rioting In a statement issued through his that ushered in lhe~ British decl- ! headquarters here. Slasscii asked •ion to withdraw from India. this question of Mr. Truman: yesterday. Tho French action temporarily blasts any plans for a thice-pow- cr front against Russia i t) Germany to counteract failure of the recent Bin Four foreign minister meeting in London. French Ambassador Henri Bonnet took the unusual step of delivering the protest to Undersecretary Robert A. Lovctt Sunday so important did Ihc French government consider H. The protest Is against Ihe steps taken Inst week by Gen. Lucius D. Clay. u. s. military governor in Germany. Without prior consultation with France, claj his plan lo a meeting of all German political leaders of Ihe merged Ilrilish-Aincrlcan zones of Germany. Although ciny insists that Ihc plan would give the proposed German Economic Council nuthoritv over only economic, affairs the French fenr that il is a first major step toward a strong central NEW YORK. jnn. n. <u.p.} "The Years of Our Lives," Samuel Goldwyn film production about the problems of rclurniliR war veterans, was voted yesterday Uio bcsl motion pklinc nf inn iu Ihe ydlh annual poll conducted by ;he Film Daily, a screen trade pnper. The picture, an RKO radio release fciiluriiiK Frederick March and Myrna I.oy, RO! :]5'2 voles Iu the poll, in which 416 newspaper, magazine, wire service, news syndicate nnd nuiio commentators ciisl ballots leu Ihc ten best motion pictures of the year. In second place, with ;>D:i votes, was Columbia's —flic .lolson Story." n dim picturlKalion of the llln ot Ihc jaw. singer nnd cnincdlnn. Larry Parks played Ihc purl of Jo!. 1 on. 'Life Will) Father," H Wnrncrs Brothers production described by .submitted The Film Daily as a "fiiilhlul cinematic translation of Broadway's record-holding play." was third wilh -260 votes.. William Powell and Irene Dunne were Day ami Mrs. Day in the Cancer Candle Nets $208.25 In Restaurant BIRMINCIHAM. Alii.. .Inn. 13 <U!' —The flmue ol n slubby "cnncei cnndlc Unit bullied lieie for si inonths vcMcnlny pnld off S20H.1! tor the flRlu against I tie dreiul dl The cniu-clllt! creel cnndlc WHS inelled iloun HI tile Vulcnn Hcs Inurnut ntop Red Moimlnhi where t had fllrkrred since last July. I'a Irons of Hie ic.slaurnnt hntl built II up from n llve.-ccnt cnndlc to n Krotivuiiii! shape three feet hlgli and one fool Iu diameter by ctrop- plnK coins Into Ihc hot tallow. Itc.stanrant invnrrs Wnlhicc Mcs- hnd and Nick Hadilncl, nnd Mrs. snl-lnln nullonal-Uank), and "Odd Man Out" lUnivcisal-iutcrimtlonal- Rankl. .SMITH. Ark.. Jun. 13. il/.l'.i Iwked in n linxrnr for e1>;ht days luM nuinlh cost ll Ijirgii, MIL. mini cine of hi.i KHJK yo.sleidav. i''oit .Smith pliyMrLin.-, iiiuputnli'd Hal 1 1 B. Iliuilsiiil, .Ir./n li-tt leu ] u .- hveeii Ihr iniklc mid kure. '1'hry had hUiMidcd lo lake ih<< oihct Also, hut llni'i icon's condillon hc- ciuue s<i w<'nk Hiry decided to witlt nnothcr in days. UntLiMm wn.s locked in u IMX- cnr loaded with lumber In Wells. Nevndn, InM Dec. II. and wii.s |ak- en almost unconsrloils fruui tli4 k un- when il was tmlocke<) in il Smith. Ark.. On-. 19. lli.s feel vvrrr- fniMbiUeu. Raul Cornier News Wiuil Ads. }«y Mciule. chillininu of Ihe .)ef- crson t.'iHinly ruucer drive, con- iiiclcd n brief "jiu'ltlng" ceremony nitl then counted Ihc i-olns. An nil- lltlcimil ^lli.VS was udiU'il lei Hut | 0 . -il b\' icslurivnt nislomcis who h:ul taid u (punter cuch to guc.vs the •'indie's ciilltrnls. The Idcu sliu ted when n powi'r •.liiiilnKc (ilinmcil the llulits iu |||(-| c.slnunuil umi I'liiulli-s wi^-r- iiM-ii ' luring the I'nu'L'pciU'y. Om- ciis- oiner lusl n ruin In the hoi lullmv ot u can Mi 1 lunir Ihc irnlsli-r riicii,n<l MiDiiKlil, "way nol pill up n sign 'iilciisc cunlilbulc lo 1C CIIIH'l']- dllld.' '' Till' tcMnlliuni oivni'is t-sllinu- ird Ihcy added film Miiull riindles to tin' orlgllhll. Another .small rundle wns II! lie. sitli- Ihc cash rcgl.slrr lodny. \vll!i Itu- MiuH 1 .slun, "IMt' i-onti-ilnilc to ;hc> ciiuci-r riiucl- keep tho cundli' burning." German sense. government in a polilicnl He made a "peace march" on foot through the Noakhali district' nf East Bengal last January while still weakened from a previous fast. Last June hc said he had renounced his former determination to live for 125 years because of the "deluge of violence" that had engulfed India. Gandhi ale his last meal squat- tin" on a bed on the terrace of the palatial estate belonging to the Birla brothers. India's leading Hindu industrialists and longtime Gandhi followers. He was dressed In a cotton shawl in addition lo his usual loin cloth because of the January cold. Later h c went to lie in tlie sun. refusing to permit photog' 1 pliers to enter. State-Supported Junior Colleges Are Advocated WASHINGTON. Jan. 13 IUP> — President Truman's Commission on Higher Education yesterday urged establishment of a nation-wide, Itate-supported syslem of community colleges to provide two years of free schooling. The recommendation was contained in the third of a series of six report.* by the commission of 28 civic and education figures. The commission recommended tiiat all states "enact permissive legislation under systems through the 14th year." Most, public school programs now embrace only the first 12 years- eight years of elementary and four years of secondary education. Extension of the public school .'•ystem for an additional two years would cut the cost of higher education for most students, the report pointed out, because the commuri'.- ty college sjslcm would permit many of them lo live at home as they now do to attend high school. "Does a man w-ho has admitted inder investigation that he made approximately a million dollars (5932,703 to be exact! in personal profit, by speculating since the war in increased prices and foo,1 and commodities, belong in the position of assistant to the secretary oL the army for procurement and industrial mobilization?' The newest phase of the Stassen- Pauley feud erupted as a Seuaie subcommittee continued iu investigation of alleged speculation hy government "insiders." One of tin alleged "insiders" Is Brig. Gen. Wallace H. Graham, White Hoitoe physician. 2nd Train from Florida Derailed in Two Days EASTMAN. Ga.. Jan. 13 (UP)— The second derailment in two days of cars of trains Northbound from Florida was reported toda yand again passengers escaped serious injury. Four cars of the Southern Railways Kansas City-Florida special leu the (rack near here yesterday and several passengers were reported biuLscd and shaken. None wus hurt seriously enough to warrant haspita! attc'ntion. Two coaches and two pullruaii cars on Ihc rear of the 13-car Iraiu were derailed as the Irain passed through .1 cut. but banks on bo:n sides of the track kept the cars from turning over. The train continued norlh about Ihree and one-half hours behind that mMiy comunilies would be loo small to 'varrnnt maintenance o! a t'.vo-ycar college. For this reason the report urged that the Junio- colleges be planned on a stale- wide basis and adminislercd The new absorption-emission pyrometer will opej] up new research into rocket power. T:>'; Instrument measurci the temperature of the exhaust gases with an accuracy of one per cenl. Head Courier News Want Ads. ARE YOU DISCOURA8ED because you suffer distress from ' FEMALE COMPWIHTS which makes you NERVOUS, HIGH-STRUNG on such days? An> si>u limililPil !••• illitiri-M „( i f . MiulG liim-ddiirti monthly rllniiirl>- Mir.'a wlilrh ninkt's you aufier Irnm IMlll, tfi'l BU Hctl'OHS, '-lullXy, rcxl- li'M, wnik-.iil mirh t lints? •••lu-ii '"1, Iry l.ytllu K. '''nVhivm'i Vc>!i-l"l»le C.lmpolJlHl ID rollDVB BIK-ll In 11 rr.Tiit, iiirillnil tr«l It proved mimrtn-oijr helpful in women liiMlllleil Ililn wuy. Why .lou't you Xi't miiim niul Uy It vortrj^/// I'Juklinm'ii Ciiiniiimni' 1, wine IVli-lon cull a lUrrluc- .i-.lullvo. It hint « urn ml soul IUIIK ..Jloct on nai •'/ Irorri Tnkoti regulnrly-Plnkhim'i Compound helps build up reilat*nc« AKnlikAt Bitch iMalrrM. It'» ftloo tk Ittrnl Hlomachlc tonic! . i.-vtltTS .l.k.d,!.. *.» Lydia E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND J DOUILI-DUTY NOSE ODOrS Works Where Most Colds Start nim't delay! At, Mir* flrsl warning snlHlu or muvw 1 , pill IL few drops ot Vlrks Vu-Lvo-iiol It) riu-li iin.i- till,Fin If usril in llmi\ Vu-tni-uol liM]».i 7>n:iT«l many «v .--Vj. rotds (nun develop- *'J y->N V«k liifl. nellt'vr.i hrnil > jK?\ colil cllslrrss fnsl. \ ^^H*/ Try It! I'Yillow ill- .. N ) - rfir rocllons It) imckape. •" L--'^Ji VICKSVATRO-NOL DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality Itnik'r Work mill Hi'modclin^ H Specially 1101/2 E. Davis St. Phone 4641 schedule. Sunday, nine cars of the jointly operated streamliner "Southwind" from Miami to Chicago were derailed when the train' hit n broken nvl near Picicock. Ga., on the Atlantic Line .section of the routes. Ei?hl persons sverc injured and ic- ceivcd hospital treatment. Father -screen version. Ne.\L in order of Ihc critics'! choice worn: "The Yearling''! IMGMi; "Miracle on -win Sheet"! <2Cth century-Fox); "Great Ex-' ncctalions" i Univcrsal-Inlcrnnllon- a'TKanki; "Crossfire" iRKO-Ra- <lioi; "Boomerang" r^tllh Centutv- Foxi; "Brief Encounter" (UnlvcV- Cant Sit I PIN-WORMS CAUSE FIDGETING AND THAT AWFUL ITCH One r)f the warnine Riam of I'm-TVornn I-. 1 r>f the ru:i:1n arnin rrctnl i nd broV . mill ni«/ l W It Ei no lontc^r nrceiisary to pul tip veil'*, e- IrouMo c^uinl by rin-Wcrnu. |j.»cki: unfB ban At. last foilnit •. *,.i7 to JJL. eir AtuM-orn pe.)U «.-uiily ntitl barely CftJAYN£'S f-W nil he- fir»tsii:n o/ Pin- I"*-W is ^ medically *niiinl tr<-i rltimcnL wt*ich has provnl very «fl ilcnlinc wilh [Ki» uply infrctinn. F-W l.iblcli art in n *rr,-\.-,\ VAT l- nu. T-W mcanj Tin-Wor Don't Forget the Big BINGO PARTY t Wednesday, January 14, 8 p. m. at the LEGION HUT Prizes Valued Not Less Than $5 Admission $1 , Sponsored by the Ladies of the Catholic Church * NA "'" A " F01t Rhumotism Kidney, Bladder ™ 'llili Natllrnl .Mini-nil Wafrr from Hut Sprlii):!!. Arkansas, Helps lo— 1. Stimulate kidney function i. Soolhe bladder lltitallon. J. Nculrali/.e urlc-iiclillly. I. Dlschiuge syslcmlc wastes. W h y nol g I T • Mounlaln Valley a trial? It has helped iu any thousands. Delightful to drink. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP .M.iIn and Division Hlylhevillc, Ark. Eat a Bonnce at Barney's" A Delicious Buttered Steak Sandwich BARNEY'S 2006 West Main Street Phone 3647 The commission acknowledged ble. avoid duplication wherever possi- WELL, MARY, NOW TO TOWN YOU'VE BEEN AMID THE BUSTLE AND DO TELL ME WHAT YOU LEARNED THEREIN MOTOR CO. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^free-Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. 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