The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on December 16, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1963
Page 5
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Families Left Homeless Mrs Dons Fortier and her four children.-who lived on the top floor of- the large house, were left homeless . Also forced out into near zero cold were Mr. and Mrs.' Theodore Lover and their six' children, whose ages range from six months to 17. Mrs. Fortier is staying a married son ' in Gatinea Point. The Lover family is I staying with friends until they move into a new house in a few days. from hit One Heayy Water Data Before Drury ' By SUSAN DEXTER Special to The Journal PORTLAND. Me. (AP)-Five little girls and a boy died early today when fire raced through OtltariO (town Portland I Will,a t: ikrnflin h 'The wording of (he statute hn started whe h( ,pi.d oil indAaies that a is not thtuaie hile trying to light a space the concern ol .the legislation , , i -kut wheihetahe transcUon a Harngan and his wife. Leona. j w.-w.e ,s one vh ch ii "e- "n the ftrt floor. Their proper to maintain a having vn children and three stale Veil lrtei conscnied to by lhe w'ds who lived with the fam- debtor." ''v were as'"P on econd ' Supporting h;s decision were "por of the frame hnue. rllitf i - n . k . , i irhm. the wvear-oia railway em- reau and Justices Gerald Fau- plwee and his wife helped three ' teux. Emmett Hall and John R of their .children out of the tariwright. house before they were forced The minority linding was writ- to flee the smoke and flames A; en by Mr. Justice Ronald Mart- fourth child made her own way i land and concurred in by Mr. to safety. ! ..tue Ro.and Ruche But three daughiers and the; The Ontario Appeal Court had three slate wards died in Jhei ruled that the act was unconsti- Naming bouse. A medical ex-, u. onal because, in substance, aminer said that all six suflo- it was legislation related to in- taied. terest a tielo reervea to tnei federal Parliament under the! the British North America Ait j GL'ELPH FIRM OPPOSED j The appeal by the Ontario attorney-general, heard by the Su-I preme Court in June, was op. i posed by Barfried'" 'Enterprises' I. ifi -ed ol Gueiph. Oni , and by ; the federal government. It til jiUPP'ifd by the aiipiney-gen-eral of Quebec. j Mi- liitiir liiHvun a.A: which the Parliament or Canada has stated the creditor is entitled to exact from him the debitor." I FI FE TO WFST ' VhaNNOVFR. West Ormany '(Reuters) Three F.asl fierman relugees fled to West Germany 'nd asked for political asylum here during the weekend. ' Neighbor Nabs Thief After Chased A 22-year-old Ottawa man. Andre Robillard of 691 Cum-l The theory of the legislation' m'tigs Avenue, pleaded guilty is that the court is enabled to in. Hull Court today to a charge relieve a debtor, at least in 0f robberv at Lecompte Gro-part. of iheobliKationof a con-. m "mn Saturday! tract to which in all the circum-: -innrM nl ih case he cannot night. Charge Notary In $60,000 Fraud economically it sound but uihifk urAitlat Rati tear tha ilO0itl the cost of heavy waler pro- .t", -" . , ,, , . Cape Breton coal, ducnon in half will be plated j The chj(( rMwn ,or rt. belore Industry-Minister Drury jtivl chapness in B As process today lis the lack of ' sophisticated Two Momi? Energy of Can- j equipment necessary to it. ada Limited scientists will pre- Where special pipes of Im-sent a feasibility study on the mense site would have to be British American Oil Com- constructed for . Deuterium of pany's new heavy water pro- Canada's plant, . the B-A process, now just emerging tram Ices- involves easily . available, the laboratory stages. The pro- ordinary construction material, cess, if it is proved cbtnmer- b.a certain whether or cia-Hy souioV would undercut jt, proces, wj pr0ve out the price ol Deuienum' of Can- m commercial application, ada Limited. S o u r c e s described scientific The scientists were sent from j rMCtl0n a, B-A as ' cautious," Ottawa last Wednesday to go'nowevw. recent progrss m ex-uito B-A's announcemem to the mems was enough to force Federal Government that iheyiB.A l0 wri(i government, had made a breakthrough in mforming of Its discovery, heavy MAJOR MARKET PILOT PLANT B-A had decided against put- Mr Drury announced in thejn(! , , bld tenders Home last week that AECL had ; wtre clo ed May ji, be-Juaa4illmueL to begin jisish:cUM , breakthrough was not tialiuns with Deuterium of Can- adeuately proven at that time. MM Htt fcUIISUUVWJII Ul .C ' j fa a , B-A's This would leave the govern-! process" would avoid the hrgh ment with a strictly political ! price of coal which aV re-1 decision on- whether to build a ceives a Federal Government ' conventional plant which is not subvention. Home Blaze Ottawa, Area -Kills Six Children Deaths ELVA LEONA MONTURE. housewife, 123 Fentiman Av-. enue. ; y MAUD DEACON CUM-MING. 144 Broadway Avenue. . ANNE REBECCA DAY. SI. widow, - 1062 Prince Street. THOMAS FREDERICK WESTWICK, 76. steel plate printer, 57 Fairmont Avenue.' JOHN RICHARD QUIRK. 89. 164 Cambridge Street. THERESSIA R6, 176 Meadcnvlanda Drive West. . FREDERICK M ROBINSON. 79, in Kemptville. MRS. LOTTIE MAY SMITH, in Shawvtlle. in Admaston. - MISS MARY A J. CRAIG, 73. North Gower. DANIEL PATRICK (DAN) FOLEY, 62. restaurant employee, 360 Gladstone Avenue. RONALD M. ENNIS, 62. retired engineer. Department of Mines and Technical Surveys. -1 130 Meadowland Drive. , - - MRS. JAMES LAIRD. 31. housewife, 79 Kingsdale Ave BIG 'D' BAN FORCES NEW be aid tri have given tree ana; Me was remanoea 10 uec. i , Sprink show from "Most . -A - - . - - : tnr .anltfsnak Ki- liilna Arthur I ' am -"'. ; (... . ". Happy Fellow" (o "BriEadoon." I 1 le I1H 4ltl I1ILCI I VI VMIV , illfljr. with such a contract may in-i Police said two men entered ; 0rPfteus , 'president, .... . ' M .A ,u. . I contract as having been posed on one party by extreme economic necessity "The, court in a proper case is enabled to set aside the contract, rewrite il and .impose the new terms " MARTLAND DIFFERS Mr. Justice Martland's minority judgment supported the position taken by the Ontario Appeal Court that the legislation invades federal Jurisdiction over interest. ' ; held the man until police a r- have been scrapped. rived. It stated that the legislation Hull notary Georees Lessard. give a judge in Ontario th 42, of 9rVicloria Street, will power to relieve a debtor "from j appear in Hull Court Tuesday Inf. pauneM nf an ohligalton 1 toahayyer to 12 chargesof He said the society is happy with the new selection of "Brigadoon." a Lerner and Lowe production, h will be staged April 3 to II next year. Mayor to Seek Gas Legislation -Mayor Whitton will fly to Toronto Tuesday afternoon fraud, amounting to more than , where sht Wftteiiil meet $60,000. . ing Wednesday of the executive -r ssara ws, .rresiea ny , Q h Mayors Hull Pn ira Inintvtnr lar'nii J - Charron in Montreal f Car Lands Ato Hydro Pole - A 10-fool plunge from his car may have'saved the life of 26 . .. .. i . - bi.. !var.Ald Perrv Vnnuflan of Cyrvitle early today at the interseclion of St. Laurent Boulevard and Montreal Roadr As the injured man fell on to snowbank, his car crashed into the top of a hydro pole 15 feet above him. It remained hanging in" (he air, supported only by string of guy wires. The car was Mr. Mills, only occupant of the car, suffered serious head injuries and was taken to St. Louis Marie de Montfort Hospital. . Bernard Herman Bennis. 27, or Stittsville, and Mrs. Jean-nette Cousineau. 42. of 81 prize of $100 for the person suggesting the best theme or J I motto. I i There will be two $25 second 1 and third place prizes also. This year s carnival, slated 5 for Jan. 24 to Feb. 8. will be ,5 the first in an annual series of jj Winter festivals. - jp The contest is to discover the f best theme to be associated tf-with a Winter carnival in Can- 5 ada's Capital. Besides a motto, the sugges- I tion may be accompanied bv S BARNARD. ! ide" of ,ne sor event ,0 f ,oe stagea ana iaeas for dis- J ; plays and costumes. It could S include a reference to geogra- phy or history .at the are.' f The contest is open to every- j , one Entries should be sent to J Hal) Ottawa j-'"it vuy j Dec. 22. j TCA Manitoba Delegation j Arriving ) By The Canadian Press t . w ta iiauspuri iviinisier ueorge I Mcllraith has announced that $4' j Government officials will meet 6 J witn a Manitoba delegation - uciciuuii nue, oiossom rare. MRS. HARRIET E. DUNN. Tuesday to discuss the opera- I widow of Thomas H. Dunn, ll0ns ' 'h Trans-Canada Air I f -JHKJtlmout St r Name Ottawa Scientists To Committee ft I Lines base at Winnipeg S Stanley Knowles (NDP S Winnipeg North Centre! asked !. I Mr. Mcllraith if other Wmm- J I peg members' could be present 5 iat the session. The Transport J j Minister said that since the J HI members they would like to ? Ken have Winnipeg members sit in. I w,iv. interfrrrni-e with inieicst it,. irn anrt u.hitp nno irwirf . .viever jam me icoTt of "Mojst mwiraun rcpnea, wen. It mem, ol the contract is inc.- $330 from the till. i called B,g referring "to ; "'" '-"""Ml' den'1- ,L Claud- Umarche, 17, of 36 Dallas, Texas. The song has ; r..,j - "The legislature cons.dered prevos, Stree, who lives - be.n banned by-the wrtti and 1 7.f requud Us, i .this type ol comiar, as stairs, heard the screams of the publisher ,n view of President ; h'rV.Wer. calling lor Us interference be-: ; Mrs UoM Lf. , Kenned in.iion in lhlt ? ',he,Jl'm '. cause ol the vulnerability of the, . . . , rv haul base m Winnipeg for ...r.-t ., -lee, or 4( viacouni air- r (running out 01 tne store. I "nr. tvieyer saio me song crlft Me caugnt one or tnem atter-i-an inirgrai pan 01 tne snow so ; chasing him'for four blocks and plana for "Moat Happy fellow" Louis - Paul Dugal. dean of 8 the Faculty of 'Science at Ot- S tawa University, and Dr. C. J.; Mackenzie.i former president of 1 5 the National Research Council.!! are two members named-ta an j eight . man Canada Council ad- 3 visory committee, the Council w sa nnnminrrf The committee, itafted "inrialifct i.-s1l t r(rl rs nd :"-'- --'.."--. " He is accused of converting! miPT na nis-caoinet., to organize special fellowships money wmcn was given to him by c-Jients to his own use. The amounts specified in the charges range from $530 lo $21,000. The association will present , r -dvanced From ?zgt One T en. I T!L . lacques . , gineenng. medicine and science 1 Friday, i Association with Pre- j w ,,,.,, , dlng lht CouBC ft demands including Ottawa's A Seiettlon commitiee that I request for legislation 1r con - will review application, will be S Butler resorted to have won assent Mills!nd West German-Foreign Mm- Mexico today from ,clor;of It Ellery Crescent. esc'apedLf thtir own a nuf nrns-Aa IKll mil II 1111 :nunumv Ul OICIUIl. SllU J ' .-j - , , ;alks with the Russians u tf A a . . j n - a n t r-irrumslanres luiivira uiiueiEimilicu,ucl K 1 " - . - . . . . - .t J,k IIiaI thai! Wl I 'I injuries. ney are in at. i-ouis:iw i ii" u"" m " Marie de Montfort-Hospital in ' continue to te neeoea. satisfactory condition. I Johnson-made the pledge to Police said-the accident oc- ,'rtn" il.r-' ijn-ale urred at 1.34 a.m. Mr. Mills' niericn divisions Carnival Theme Sought nounced I contest with a first j m w. m ir w . - r .( w r e- - .e MONDAY, DECEMBER 1. 1963 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Ad i'T?'' Medical Expedition Planned MONTREAL CP-JJr. Sun-ley Skoryna of McGill Univer-ity will-lead a team of 25 Canadian, British and United States scientist to a . temote Pacific Ocean island in 1965 to study diseases among Its iol a ted people. , '' 'The expedition to taster Island is receiving support from the World Health Organ- 1 izatlon,' an,, agency of the United Nations, and the Canadian government. Preparations for the expedition were announced today by Dr. H. Rocke Robertson, principal and vice-chancellor of .--McGill. Dr. Robertson said the scien- .l!.ti would seek "to obtain ' data op the types and prevalence of disease, resistance to infections and inherit a n c e factors in an isolated population." Easter Island, a dependency, of Chile, has a population of about 1.200. SCIENTISTS REPORT Butler -has pledged that Britain will not entertain any deal with tht Russians at the cost of alUed-timty- jwt iateresiSjHe J the big East-West issues. These 41X4- r.. D,-. r.i -f ...-.v..- .... rfri.. ,, - ' '"" ... - .-y r"" . , . m.rk.1 for hv water would oj i ' . 7. ; to the first session of a three heavy water irom tnis plant - ' ;" anu was owning a ieu:d .ih.nce m nistenal council ' i would be 20 M a pound i be foreign. Urge quantities oMurn when his car was "' meeting here I If the AECL report on the heavy water are needed afthe head-on collision with the other! r,.,. b.l L. ' f..,i.,- ' . . . r.r tr.u.llin. .,.,k c ' Sut Secretary Ofan Rusk f1" v .nan oi an atomic reactor ; - " struction o a pttoijiUnt could operation, with lesser 'amounts Laurent - Boulevard, driven' by begin .immediately, ana a sec-1 necessary to the maintenance ond plant could be in opera- 0( ,e reactor. With limited Thirteen persons from two lion in six months about the nuclear development in Can-families including a woman j same time as Deuterium's plant j4da . they said, the original de1' whose husband was killed in a ; would begin production. 'mand would quickly be met, truck .accident exactly twoj However, the plant could notieaving panl$ largely depend-months ago were burned out be built in Cape Breton. Decent on extensive export- con-of their ' two-storey home alj cause an essential part of B -A s j tracts and a competitive pne 32 SL Josephat Street in . process is natural ga. ' of prime concern uauneau rmn. ouiio.y nlu,""; CREATE DEMAND I By natural gas, tng. Mr. Bennfs. isters meeting to, assess the West .military strength ana Mrs. B 1...,HA liillirat nl Divorce f not, the enthusiastic approval-- NEW YORK (AP)-Sybil Bur- I State Secretary Dean Rusk ton "will receive a divorce in ... - r- . .. '-i.r Gerhard bcnroeoer ron . . .... ., .. . . a bout uu w, i "i iw Bunon is in Mexico for li'.m- vw w 7" .W. "ft of "Nights of the Iguana." and cWrlinln southeast j Is. actress Elii.beth jj , I ayiUI , DUI Wtt Mines nuisseaai Neither Rusk nor Schroeder.' they .workej together., in thinks any damage will be done Rome on the mov, "Cleopatra, if the British itantf firm in de The Post says the divorce lence pf vital allied interests, j wouid be granted in the is waitina only for So-1 preme Court of the lexican vlet Foreiin Minister Andreiistate of Jalisco, at Puerto Vl Gromyko to accej tion for a meet ,w months - CT1I I - KlFttriPf) ting inN his ihvita- the next President Johnson assured the larta, on Mrs. Burton's allega tion of "cruel and inhuman treatment." Burton has been residing In alliance the .. United Slates will j Puerto Va)!arta while making maintain its present six-division j the new film, irnnn streneth in Europe "so: A copyrighted story by eol- long as they are needed."' , umnist Leonard Lyons- in thej J rost says Mrs. ourion assen rrann atreei, occupants oi " ik.. E second car involved m the The president added thai "un-H J" Pf" V.. 1 S "the company of ano'fier- ttutrPplice, Hunt Girl's Attacker a man who indecently assault- - policies irtthe-Jight of possible ea an ii-year-oia gin snoruy g future contacts-witli Russia, -(before dark Saturday at Leamy S Johnson's -pledge was roadetLaker: --r ' J in the light of tears by some r The girl was "playing with NATO members, particularly; her young brother when theyi West Germany, of large-scale ! were stopped by a man who 5 American troo.p withdrawals asked them to show him the Irom Europe. I way to Leamy, Lake. il Pledging his full suppoq to the-j The two children took the g alliance. Johnson man through the woods and NATO members to contribute the young boy came back. futlv in th dfehr nf the alii. 'When thev were alone the man $ I Ottawa's Winter Carnival isnce and share all reponsibil- assaulted the little 'girL S ; looking for a theme. Do you '"' on n etlu1 bsT5-i,.n. -. i 1 t An intensive search of the 1 lake area was made by police t ' 1 Journal Want Ads bring who have a good discriptioh of i Controller Jones, chairman of i-v . ,.k. S I u - i j : - 1 . . . i .- ... - i tWm flNliwal PAmmittAA k.a an. ft Thi Stort for Smart Gifts! Shop Tuesday, 9 to 9 Gifts to Trim Trt Loce Mantillas ' --. Elegance in Mantillas Exquisite lace in oblong or triangular styles. Solid shades or with interwoven silver. Lurex thread Black or while. 1.7.98 to main ruoon I Tt w Xfii'llt 111. Il 1:1! A Evening and Cocktail Bags UKrntUb SHOW ;deegUott they would have to ! tyis b snd sequin stt eive annrnvat soni roniplctlv covered in tlnv ' give approval ! el pe.rls. pesu de sole snd Orpheus Operatic Society ha: Mr. Knowles replied that inther-tika sold and stiver hastilv changed u announced ' menlbrs the d"'K'ion. f1r"brVwn,hf.dkM."i.- ' 1 haHH Kv Uaunr Ink 11 in k 3-98 w 14-98 Evening and Cocktail Gloves ChonM from Kid ilov trctch Mttm and wnoolh oft nylon fabrics Choot from tlx to 16 button length. Size 'j to Kid GIovm up to From our Downstairs .TQYLAND DART BOARD Regular 1.98 1-44 A favorite of both vourc and Aid. 12" Dart board with hangint hook and 3 Vhampionahlp darti with plait ir 'flifhta. r" MAIN rUKlR tir. if A 4 U.?8 4.98 16.98 MAIN FLOOH MAIN. rLoon From Our Tnm-A-Trce . ' Shop! "aluminum christmas trees Complete with stand. tlM for Und ess. 2 piece trunk and branches a ft tall Aluminum construction Instructions included to 1 2 95 You'll find at Canlan'f Trim-A-Tree Sllnpl complete- selections of 4ree decorations, ornaments wreaths, etc. ... at reasonable prices DOWNSTAIRS STORE mspiuor"1 in.,ull"ton' 'nd2u't by - lht-aiviory. cftm-jvIi.IJ-,wlt(;apan's t 5U woman."- Lyons says no ar rangements have been made for Miss Taylor's long-expected di vorce from singer Eddie Fisher. Car Plunges Through Hole In Old Bridge Suit Thieves Clean Out City Store Thieve with yen ;lothea stole enough suit overcoat on the weekend to Kenneth Graham Hohh, !- "otning sior Dutne injuries early Sunday when his A toUI ' 150 ,u" 50 car plunged Into a four - foot i overcoat were, taxen from th deep hot on the old Hurdmanif4" entrance of Dervin' Men Bndice. (Shop, 136 Bank Street, either 'Police said Mr. Hobbs was I Sunday night or early to- attempting , to drive onto thed"y- Queensway, off River Road, all 1 " eattmatetl by wn- ' " m. Sunday and drove " Mn Denvm at 7.000 onto the old Hurdman Bndge,H entry was gained as .vir. nobbs car was approaching the east end of the bridge, it suddenly plunged Into the large hole, left unnrolecW. I t 1 t i S read the message to NATO min-; Hl ,, . ,rehin. (or I ' Tm through the front door and the good carried out the back door. . ' - .; : He said every rack was barricade had been removed-cleaned off. Shirts, ties,, sock .wm. mic fwiv ay someone, police said. Mr. - Hobbs was not injured. The front of his car was damaged, police said. ." ! ""., ener items were not touched, but the till waa emptied of J35.' Police discovered the" break- in about 3 a.m. - T Everyone's Invited to Our Great Annual" PYJAMA PARTY! 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