The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1947
Page 4
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BLTTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NfcWS A u OUST IN' THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICK ASA.WBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Altaic Plait, by lipr slater & next, friend, Moreno Ashmore., .Plaintiff, vs. No John PJatt Dcfeudnnl.. Tlie defenclint John Is warned to appear within days in the court named In hereol and answer the (he ' planttff Arlene complaint of Plait. Dated Oils 12 dry of July, -1947. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. <Ry Dorothy Conley, D. C. 'Truman Signs Bill Continuing Aid to Schools WASHINGTON. Aug. 12. (UP)-] .President Truman yesterday signed .legislation continuing aid to schools which have Increased enrollments due to war activities. The bill will continue the emergency aid until June SO. 1048, and ^authorizes expenditure of not more • than $5.000.000 during Hint period -•by. liie Federal Works AdmlijUru-, IX THK PROBATE COURT FOR [or THK CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT .Tlie President also signed le?is- Or MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AK. latlcn: . [..KANSAS, 'Authorizing the Federal Home In ,:hc putter of tlie estate of . Loan Banks to nccept mortgages Charles A. Hyde, deceased. .-having maturities of not more than > No. 180G 25.years as collateral for advances NOTICE Under present law these advances Notice .is .hereby given that liie Oiave b?en liniile dto 20 years. The Last Will and Testament of Charles change was made because many A. Hyde was probated In common GI hcir.c loans are for 25 years. Inrm by the probate Court, for the Permitting members and former Clikkasawhi District of Mississippi members of the arincu forces lo Ccunly. Aikansis, on tlic 1 Any of accent medals and decorations of- July, A. D. 1947. fered them" by co-belligerent n.i- An optical from such probate can ;;ons of-World War II, neutral na- be f ; ftectcd only by HUiic a petition. • lions or other American republics, sta'.lng the grounds of suc-li ap- . Authorizing the Agriculture He- peal, with this court within six parlincnt to set 1 minimum stand- <C) montlis from tlic date of this aids of quality and maturity and notice. inspection requirements for farm WITNKSS my hand anil se-.xl products. Milk and milk .products Uiis 17 d.ty of July, A. D, 1947. nre spceiflcully exempted from the Eb'7/.ibclh Tilyllie net. (SEAL) 'County and .probate Clk. .Permitting rolls ol newsprint 15 O- E- Keck, inohe's wide imported duty- H. O. Partlcm-, Attorneys, free..Newsprint rolls down to niw! 7;19-2G-8:2 inches may be imparted without duty payment'untii July 1, 1918. i Charles A, Hyde, deceased No, 1800 lice Hill. Kxecutor. NOTICE Notice is liei'i-by «iven thnt U-L- .tcrs testamentary were granted to the undersigned upon Uin> estate &f Clrarles A. Hyde, deceased on liie 7th day of Only, A. D. IfHI, to the 'Probate Court asawta ' District Court,; 1 , Arkansa.'i. ' for ,of the Clilck M'.aissirpi , . 'All persons 'having claims or demand.-. .against said estate must present them, rtu'.y 'authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance '.:efore the end of six <G> .months from tile date of the first publication of ilhis notice, whicli Is ;19th day of July 'A. I). 1917. If not so presented within suoh time they will be forever barred. The address of the undenighed is I*e I! Route 1. Box 557. Blythcvllle. Dated this 18 day of July, A.- D. !947. Lee Hill Executor of the Estate of Charles A. Hyde, decexscd O. E. Keck, H. G. Partlow, Attorneys. 7|19-2e-8:i The Indians sometimes made poultices of poison ivy. THK CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF-MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. NEW -ESTATE ON WHICH ADMIMSKATION HAS BEE COMMENCED •Notice i.s- hereby given that the following i.s a list of estates of deceased persons upon which letters testamentary or of administration were granted during the month of July 1947 with the date of the grunting of .such letters and the name find address of the executor or administrator: * No. 1800. Iistale of 'Charles A. Hyde, deceased.' Letters testamentary issued to Lee .1111], Rl. 1, Bly- thcville, Arkansas on July 1. 1947. iNo. 1807. Estate of Mrs. Nell Smart, deceased. Letters 'of ndinin- islriilion issued to J. Mell •Br'ooks. C, 1917. 'Witness my hand as such Clerk and Hie seal of said Court tins the 1st day of August, 1947. Elizabeth HlyliU' County and Probuie Clerk NOTICE Ol' ACCOUNTS Or EXECUTORS AND ' ADMINISTRATORS FILED Notice is hereby given that during the month of July jg-U ihe following accounts of Executor ii Administrators have been fi! • ed for settlement and confirina- ri in the Probate Court for the Chickasaubfi (District of Mississippi Cciinly, Arkansas and thai siirh accounts with their respective filing dates are as follows: •No. 174D. Kslate of Roy A. \\?nn, deceased. First and final report of Herman Caillon. Ancillary Administrator filed July 18, 1047. All persons Interested in the settlements of any of the above estate am warned to file exceptions thereto, if any have they on »r before the sixtieth clay lollowin'4 Ihe filing of the respective accounts, failing which they will be tarred forever from e.xceptim to the accounts. 'Witness my hand as Clerk ind the seal of said Conn this 1st day nf August, 1947. Elizabeth Hlyltie County and 'Probate Clerk •In 'the dialler of the estate of ' Jr., Blylheville, Arkansas on July oFa DOLL 0 byHildaLowfdfKo;Dislribuie<lbyNEA-SERVICE, INC. THK STOUVi, tllltti Hlllh flllf Tbi> ftrni IN Kitty ll »r. .She time, "Mk,« \vliy Juni|» out of u \vind<iiv iv lie n *•!><•'» »inl>- 1 i v< iJ lit n y I !UT < iv u diiym mid didn't KM IIJIT innll. or tihoiir i-nllM, or nnydilni;." nUe HJITM. f * * XXIV TTE was surprise^ to find thnt he •*••*• liked and pitied Jewel on sight. She leaned against the door and watched him with a sleepy look. "Sit down, Jewel. Do you know why I want to see you?" "Yes, sir." "Were you a friend of Iluth Miller's?" -"No, sir." "Mind it I ask you a few qucs- - tions nnyway?" "No, sir." "Fine. Jewel, you're a very important person for two reasons. Yon were the first girl to reach Ruth Miller's body ;md you also operate the elevator. Yon see nnd .hear things. Now, on the night of the party did you recognize Ruth when she rode in vonr car?" "Yes, sir." "Yon did? That's interesting. How did you know it was Ruth.?" "She was with April. You always know ApriL" "Of course. I forgot about that. You couldn't mistake Kuth when she was with April. But when she ]eft the party and went up to her room, did you recognize her then?" *'I .didn't take her up." Jc'.vel looked over his head. He heard the faint note of alarm in her voice. She heard it, loo, and tried to cover it up with a tuneless little whistle. /'Jewel," he said reproachfully, "atop kidding me. Of course you took her up, you can't get in trouble for that. What's the matter with you?" "I .didn't take her up. She lived on seventh, and I never went to seventh alter the party began. Other -floors, but not seventh." Only her big hands, gripping hoi •aw, red elbows, betrayed her lervousncss. "You're' sure?" "Yes, sir." She whistled again, vith elaborate indifference, and examined the room -with u bored ook. It said he was wasting his ime as well us hers. "I made three trips, that's all," she went on carelessly, "Miss Small said I didn't have tn make any, she said (he girls could run the car themselves, she said 1 was lo enjoy myself. But 1 made three trips anyway. But not Ruth Miller." the car themselves a(ter I quit." "What about Mrs. Marshall- Oil IV" "1 don't know. Maybe soine- jody went up and got her." Her eyes wandered around the room. 'But she got down all right, I saw her myscH, over by the elevator, 15 or 20 minutes later." "Fifteen or 20? Arc you sure?" "Carlin's hand was still on." She starred to whistle again. 2, eh? How do you know one of your passengers wasn't Ruth? If they all looked alike, and if she wasn't with April that time." She looked over his hend again. 'Because I know where I went. I nevc'r went lo seventh. The -first trip was two girls for fourth. I remember it was fourlli Ijccnuse they Inlkecl disguised and I had to osk the floor twice. And they wanted me to wait for them and I did. And the next trip was one girl by herself. To sixth. I don't enow who slic was. t was sixth because the floor and had to go bfick." "Easy to walk from sixth to seventh, isn't it?" "If you want to." "What, about the third trip?" "Mrs. Marshall-Gill. She wanted fifth, this room here. This one. She always comes to this room here lo fix her face. After I took her I cnme on down and went in Ihe lounge to watch tlie dancing, never went near the car again. It was 8:35 when 1 went in the I remember I went past will il upset yon too much lo loll me Uow you happened lo lie. the first girl on the scene?" She nuide a small sound, like a sigh of relief. He knew why. They had come to a safe place, a safe place for everybody. lUrtti Miller iiad been long dead when Jewel went into Ihe courtyard. The trap bad been sprung, the trapper had vanished. "Thai's no secret," she said. "Everybody knows what ' I did, everybody It i lows it was me. We our masks oET. Everybody knew each ot,her then." She said she had gone to her room at midnight, Soine of the olhers had stayed downstairs. And she had opened lier window r and seen Mrs. Cashman and her dog in the court. "They were coming tlirongh the gate. I wnlchecl because sometimes tlie dog upsets our garbage. Then I heard her holler, not loud, but surprised. I thought she'd found something that was our property so I went down. I live on second and it didn't lake long, and T went right out the front door without speaking to anybody. And when I was half in the; courl I heard her scream. And Ihen I saw it." "Who came out next?" "Everybody. Oul the kitchen door, out the front, some looked out the windows. TVIiss Brady got the doctor and police. They didn't know who H was. F.vcn when Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low NetTcost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE 408 E. Davis St., P. O. Boi 431 J Phone 2487 BlrthevHle, Ark. i Tlie U. S. D:j>artmci>l of Agi'i- The stale of Wyoming owns cu.'.iirc released the first hybrid more than 3,500,080 aci'cs of non- cnion in 1944. tuvablc land. There are a total of 25 Spt'lDK- Most westerly dly In Hie United fields i" Hie United States. Str.f.-; is Eurelb. Calif. Club 61 Blythevllle, Arkansas Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only lounge.. H was Carlin's band on 1 they cut the mask off they didn't (he radio right nftor the news." A break, he told himself. She's volunteering the time. Shrewd, or coached, or self-rehearsed. "I'm interested in that girl who rode up to sixth," he snici. you think she stayed there?" "I don't know. 1 only know didn't bring her clown. know. Then they saw her ring. It was lier ring they knew her by . : ." She stopped talking and her Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 ChickuMwba If It's '• INSURANCE Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By EUGENE POWELL, Mgr. For Reservations Telephone 844 I "But, Dad! In three months a fellow can find out enough about the girl he wants to marry—we both like hain- -jj.'i<jr- \kurgeis, malted milks and movies!" 'HECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOP3ER Callini> Experts TillS LITTLE VAt-LEV & LIKE THE HECK OF A BOTTLE-.. I i 6fi THE LION WAS LAST-HEARD ABOUT HERE IN THE _J "lT' 'VA/lDE PAP-T OF THE BOTTLE' __^ WE'li. NEED &EATER9 TO [|..ijjii/ DRIVE THE CAT :l.i! .''A. WHERE WE M'ii'i GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. Slate Line on the left at the Arch Pt. 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WOTTA TI'.EV OD AT THEM \ FOR. THE XEINGLE MOi GEUTIEMEM... WE MUST THOSt OPPOSED HO Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrles O. IMttner W. M, (PHI) Wilson listening, lie listened too. Someone was coming down the hall with' quick, tinn steps. (To Be Comimicil) Work lo lie Done JBY EDGAR MAKT1* UT'LS B=AVS 6O1 K> 3 ToT£'-L 15, SHERIFF.' S5, T>!JCrl=.SS. -£ D3ARD YOTS D U o ews To Li trit o>_ CONTRACT-' BHA'OSR'I LOOK. AROUND VJUM-E By J. R. Williams Mo QsSE'S rtE.XR. SCHOOL ^CCLISTOMED A^-, \ HE 1-3 TO TOBACCO ) &. THAT ACTUALLY THE OLD BOY--TH.\T'-. AW E^X>\MPLE OF MOT HOLPIN' YOUR TOB-NCCO WELL.' OBLFM---TML CKAVINC-i DC N \. MORE 1 AW R . )T PE'OPI F AIN'T ill' AND OPWfXRD TO TH ME AfJD STAT& 8UILOISS6 MOSTA AW t-JOT LICkED/ j^ Bv V. T. HAMLIN IF ALLEY «45 A KBNTM.^- "^~v/ OH.C»: IN THE piCTL'rfE Or ROBINSON ( NOW WHSEEX KITCHEN. OF CUJSOE ASA LUSCIOUS I DID TKKT B \ VOLL. I TH/iVK /r'£ r/M£\ L.UMK QO <-. I GOT /.V7EPS57H3 A \ THIS BUSINESS: , X • ^ iCK. NO 1M NOT W DOC... I i GOIN'S QUIT RS E r e HUNGRY.' A SWELL BOOK:/' H I'M SETT IN' -VN /<OXVE BOOT OUT OF IT.' =^-t^~^-^M I / / — ' — 7-^ ^u. ^^^K-/M>^ 'j&v. BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY anrl HALPH T,AN& AN T n HSR BUDDIES II say this for A J. Mogul: when tttl »ve the whole story of his past, tie gave itto them cold. OK. ARTHUR, THIS CANt BE TRUE.' TOU AN ESCAPED CONVICT/ WHY WON'T YOUTELtME? BUT MUST VOU yONCE A BlACKMAIlER GO AND TEl\. THE ) GETS STARTED, MRS. POUCE AIL ABOUT / M06UI, TOO CAICT STOP HIM WITH It? WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY ? WORRY, OADOV, I KMOWYOU NEVER MD ANYTHING RfAlLV WR ANYTHING eur THE TRUTH. JOBS Hi. CftKi DO t,TOO!

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