The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 2
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 104S BIA'THKVH.M? (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! PAGE THBBB 5 Killed, 4 Hurt SPECULATORS In Plane Crash Only Nine Aboard Airliner Groping Through Heavy Rain By Rryt'r fUirkf United Press stuff WASHINGTON'. Jan. (t'onllmird from added: Offers Explanation "All I can say is that I i ml Ihe criticism the p vesicle n I made was of the buying of wheat grains, and I thought of that commodities. "1 did not think he crltlci/e<j i>)_lithe buying of cotton, for instance Five persons were killed and rouri anrt u ' ncn the broker reconinietul- othm injured today when an Eas-I «* cotton, I, of, said to go tern. Airline DC-3 passenger plane, | ahead. ft roping through heavy rain anrt i "1 want to jsay also Dial If you " ' Bel Into any technical words or meanings, 1 may -sa v things which seem lo you incorrect, but It will not be due to any intention on my j : - not so, "*• '" ' House Launches Probe of Petrillo C. | of | Recordings Ban Brings Protests By Broadcasters ' the prr-dawn dnrkiiPM 1 . crashed R wooded area five miles sonlh- eim of here us it approached Wash- incton for a liUldinK. Tlie hie plane was currying nine persons in all. six passengers and three 1 crew—ol] men—on a whedul- rd (light from Houston. Tex., to Boston. Eastern Airlines identified the dead as: L. Brandc. Biltniore Hotel. Atlanta: S M. Warnrr. Clinton. 8. C.: W. A. Nfooreliead, Clinton. S. C.; R. Sannborn. Jr., Atlanta. pilot; P. Saltanls, Atlanta, plane captain. The Injured, all described in j toi's as newsroel cameramen ground "satisfactory" condition at, casualty I away and photographers f hcvipltal In Washington, were: Luciai\ A, Mocbus, 47, a Navy captain, Maxwell Field. Montgomery. Ala-: Morris Maple, III. 24, of Princeton, N J.: Eupene. C. Stone, 40, Pensacol.i. Fla.; Poter Pfirlin.s, 22, the plane's steward of Astoria. N. Y. Farmer Hears C'nisli The survivors lold attaches at WASHINGTON, Jim. 13. <UP> — A s)X)kesinan for the nation'.'; bioad- custers suid today that Musician 'V Czar Jumps C. Peirillo h:is shut off ' ,![„^ Important sources of jobs for the ' musicians he leads and Is depriving , American listeners of their rlRhl to cnioy benefits of technical pro- , RITS.S. I Justin Miller, president of Ihe part to It'll what is not so, or to ^ National Association of Hrondcas- hold back anything/ 1 j Iris, said lhat prtrillo'.s real Sn- I'n'sent as the White House phy- j is to maintain control over siclan began his explanation of hlsilho American Federaliun °f dpnlint-s lei commodities wci> his t clans < AFL't. attorney. Stephen Angland, and ; Milter was the first witness as Harry Brisker, his- brokerage a Rent the House Labor Committee set out here Brisker, an employe of Hachn } lo find a me\hod of keeping homes, & Co. of New York, Is (hie j radio stations anil iuko boxes suu- to testify. i pllrrt with new records despite PC- Bcfore Graham began his lostl- lifllo'.s ban on record making, mnny, he shook hands with wna- Committee in embers hope tfi write to (111- Armm-el rlnli by II. Kn;ip]ienlnTKi'r, pust-saTrUry llu> 1'ium Ume.ui for brliiR tUv li)p club in county club ioin|ietl- U»m. Si'rimil iiluce |>rUi' of SIS was nri'scnlfil lu I lie Promised l.:uul I'luti ;uul Ihli-il in'"' »' * 111 went tu Hut r;iukirt'ii flub. Checks fin- $'.!5 wrri' presented to lA - in:iii Unison and liobbk- Jean Jlyut, county cliinnpion hoy :uyd ! Bill in Hclili'vomi'iil. by Mr. Nush. i Jack DitcliK iirrsciiU'd recognl- j tion |>b<iui'.« lo Mr. Nnsli amt Mr. | '"'''"' 1 *'' 1 ', '"' I"-"; 1 '' " [ th " i -il [or -imtli ns «.v- Marshall Plan {('uiitlmiiMl front PAJC* I) Iho wheul export flgunM assumed four more billion-bushel wheal crops. Says K\|unl Murkrt Nredril Anderson .said the program would tUso help provide sizable t'xpot't imu'kel.s nlso for cotton. tobacco, lard, lie* and certain fruils and lit 1 wiled Coinurs.K to use Ihe Casualty Hospital H was crash," but could offer no "some expla- pictures. I IP prefaced his test imony by sayinp that shortly after his "return from the war" lie was offered the post of physician to the President. He *aid It was a "preai honor" and. in addition, he was give]) facilities for hospital work and medical teaching. HC bijean «l-s White House duties Sept, 12. 1945. alter retununp from Germany. H wa.s duriiifr nation as to the caus r other than I Truman's visit there for the Pots- Die poor visibility at the time- The ship's last sioj> was fcl \Vm- ston-Ealem. N. C, Its last radio contact- with En.sLe.rn Airlines 1" Washington came at 4:26 a.m. EST. Prince Georges (Md.l County no- hce received the first report of the .crash at about 5:30 a.m. from a. (Tanner who was awakened by the 'sound of Ihe crash. There was no fire., Police said the plane apparcntlv wns flying loo low over the wooded area as It circled to apnroaeh nearby Wa shinR ton a S rport. It.s landing scar was down 1'iri locked in position. Tim two-engine craft-sheared off trre Sops and nosed nilo the gro\md about 100 yards from the Potomac Rivpr near' Ft. Foot. Md. It turned over and It.s t.wo motor.s were thrust back Into the fuselnsc by tuc impact. OUR wing wa.s folded into the ps-^enger compartment. The plane, due in Washington at 4 a. 01- EST.. had left Whist on• Pa lorn at about ^ a.m. anrt was fivintr by instrument. The pilot had reported no trouble in anv of his radio communicntioixs with Ihe Washington airport.- One of the survivors- a pawcn- Eor who ""as not iinTne.dia.iciv identified, walked awav from the twisted wreckiige Members o! the, Oxon TlilL Md., fire department, who were first to arrive at the scene riam Conference lhat they became | acquainted. j Takes I<"ss on Storks I He -said that after arriving here] he bought, stocks, first through a ! broker In KaURas city jmd later! here. "These stocks dropped En price j and I became concerned about my investment, r di.scus.sccl the situation with (he Washington broker Brisker i through whom I had bniiKht simie of the .storks." Describing Brisker as havintr beet) 'very kind to me" and of the 'greatest help." Graham said he did not want the senators lo (Mink any of his statements were in cril- iciMn "I the broke r j '•On the contrary, if I hud foi- ' lowed his advice about stocks. I might not have suffered the losses which 1 did. He advised definitely i and repeatedly against buying the I stocks I bought but I acted con- ! trary to bus advice." Graham -said Brisker, "at my re- cpiest" undertook to sell out. tho stocks and "attempt lo stop my on them from getting worse." Efe said Brisker told him it would take some lime, but he would try. When he asked Brisker what could be done to "got- mo out of this hole," Graham said, the agent re com me tided "I should buy commodities. | "T knew nothing about commo- \ bill that will force Prti illn to call off the ban. which he impn.scd Jan, 1 on a "forever more" ba.sls - Milhn- siiid ivttillo'.s cUum that ' radio and records have thrown I musicians out of work wa.s absn- lulelv false, ' "The coici fai-Is would seem lo indicate that, either inisundcrMjind- fnif or re-fusini; to under.staiul Iliu ]oyic of economic history. Mr. l*e- liillo has not onl v bitten Itir. hnnds | which feeds musicians but artuallv ' has tried to bite off [lie whole ! : arm." ]»• said i | He outlined as Industry griev- i slices against pi-trillo: j 1. The ban record making. j 2. The ban ayainst usin^ mu.^l- i cinns foi- television perfnrinjures i 3. The ban •aRAlnst duplu^Hrvn j of musical broadcasts on AM and ! FM st fit ions, : 4. The ban against broadcast of \ live music over networks made, up exclu.srvelv of I- A M stallnns All of these ar.tinn.s. Miller s;iid, have deprived prnfr.ssional niitsl- clans of employment Me snid Pe- trlllo does nn( "desire to bargain colleclivriy in a pcnuine Ameriran fashion." itlned to North Mississippi 4-11 chib work." : A Inn, tin 1 pre.senlatlon of j iiwiml.s a short talk was made by j IX H. I.uiuip of l,:tile IhK-k. slate! club afii'iit. who \\;is ti uuest ol | honor al tin 1 h.uuiuet. i Ri'sich-s Mr. l.amrlp other uut'sUt Included W. J, ft- llvciwdn' of Little i Hnck, extension i-nclnt'i'r for the Unlvn.sUv of Arkansas' Collrw* 1 l1 ' AwiivviUui'f, C:\MU\IY .hul^e Koliuvl | (ireen, John M:ivs. county .school ! i suprrvi^nr and I'- M- Iteftcnald, ; -.smvtai-y u[ the County l-\n-in Hu- i i reau j Apprnxmiiiti'ly 1MI chib members. j leaders and teachers nltrnrted I'l' j banquet'nlini: IP "f the ^10 i clubs In this area. Clubs represi'nt.- | ed were- liniwn. Rncky. Paw hern, | Armmel. Jllackwuter, Plat Lake. I Clear Lake. .Sliaily Orovo, (.^o.stu-ll. mid Kiuht, Hov'iHim. Number Nim i . Hufman ;IIK| Heece. Tbe Calumet club was not represented. machiiu-ry of the Agriculture Department and ConntUHlliy Credit CurporLtttnn in cinryiiiK (Hit the ttu- topi'an recovery prot;nun. He said C'nmmomiy Credit Cor- ;u)ii\tton luut \aUial>U' experience in buying laiKc cpuintitios nf Ki'aiu wlt'i us little diNlmbano! lo the market i\s p»s,slblt'. "Ihif.klllt'd operullons ttf the miit;- ultudo iHH'esMiry lo obliiin contrm- platcd expoil supplies could lie disastrous," lie Mild. Tho economy-mftided lU-publlcun sennloL'.s Haired »i tin Jr rlosett meel- i Ins lust n1t;h1 that a .sins]] in the 1 a dint nisi nil Ion's Mm shall plan e.s- Mmates was neceMiiy l<i provenl I "too heavy a drain on Ihr U. S economy." ThcJjjL, plans spelled trouble foi .Secretary of 31 ate GOOIKC C. Marshall who has lold Congress that it ndeniiale tnnd.t aic not jjrovlded Hit- cntitc pri>Knnn had better be chopped. Last night's inrctitiK. n was re- ported. »'#• cftllfd by ftdlng Senate Jtepublkcan Leader Knitu-lh S. \Vheny o( Ni-bnvskn. 11 sv»s hr-Ul nt the holi'l it'skU'iH'O of HL'II. (Jlydc M, Itccd, 70-year-old Ktinsan, One of the purttcipunls, who de- clhied to be minted by mniir. UAJ a reporter Ihnl "»t lei^t" 20 inein- bei.s iitetulrd, uiul I hut the t-itutp Included a sprinkling of Senate vet- cvnns. SU'kii of Troitlllr Ohst'i veil There were other siuns of troubie iihend for the $(j,ftfH),OtHi.(HHJ nsked by Ihe iidmlnlstmtlon for (he first 1& months of lite proKinm. CLuilrmiin Arthur II. Vitiulonbi-ri;- It., ML*]).. o[ Uic Scnutc Koit'l^n Ito- lailons Commltleo served notice tlnil he found "iiuthinK siifi'OMinrl" nboiil I he admlnl.stnilUm's vi'i^ioj) and In- idi-ult'd Ibal he umy not tix\\l ef- foi-Ls lo cut tho i-ontrol iipprojirlii- \\trn, Appareulty UikltiK i.ssuo \\\(\\ MI\Isi tail's Jill oi 1 noiu' .slaud, Vnndrn- loncd (ha idea of waning their fight on a lint "uji or down" vole. A count ut noses rcporlcdly Indicated that moufch Keimle .supiwrl would iiwt be available to reject Hie Miu.siinll plan. In U-s pntiicty. li\u some of those nttcndhig be- llevetl tluit economy* minded Republicans would be Joined by sufficient numbers of Dcmocrnl* to pare foretai- ^lnMH^lnx -Dcmocrnls wno wnutil nol vole flatly against the lulmlnht mi ton, particularly In nn Hcclmii year. No defmU« "I'ompromifio" ll|{ « determined la^t night, but H,000,000,000 to $5.000,000,000 hu b««n mentioned. One GdP source n&fd that an effort would be made to "gain further Information on how far Ihe plan could be pared down without 1U outright rejection. H was said lhat such Serut* GOP leaders as Vandenberg and Chairman Robert A. Ttfi, of the. Seu>*« OOP Policy Committee were Informed thnt the meeting would be held last night 50 lhat It could not bt classified ft* a "clandestine" gat>v*r~ Ing* It in IK iit be tnuii'. It mis: IH Ins. it hiisn't I'ulncd the pi UK ram if ono makes changes In It." lcijubllunis nttcudliiM: Last nlnhlV etlHR were .said tn huvc uhnii- CALL 4627 For l,nwcr (lost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Agency , W. 1,. Tnmke, Mj?r. '•* Isnucs HWjf., Klyllievillc, Ark I) fonnd him standing under the still- I rlities and had never bought any inl^t'I iail of the plant 1 . Bui whatever be did about buyinc Although hlcedine pi-ofuscly frov commodities for me. I approve "and j thn head, this nas^enEpr. accord- ta ^ r (he full responsibility for It InT to firemen, said: "I'm Ml vi«ht. but there are some people in terrible shane In there." neficum said another survivor Wa.s pinned beneath tne nose of the plane. "We had a hell of a time getting him out alive." they said. Three of the survivors wrre. curried by stretcher across p-rrshv fields in waiting ambulances nark- fd on a road a half mile away. A fourth, the one found standing near the wreckage, walked to t\n ambulance assisted ty rescuers. The dead apparently were killed Instantly. The plane ploughed Into the ground In a bleak, isolated rcsion known AS "Treasure Cove." The Potomac River flows nearby. A heavy rain had fallen throughout the nleht ad It was turn^e fno\v a.s the rescue workers readied the crash scene. More than a ambulances and many police • cars and fire t nicks, as well as medical crews, were rushed to the crash scene from Washington anrt nearby Maryland communities. Fire fight!ns? equipment was ordered out from arm} sir bases at Andrews Field. Mrl.. nnd Boiling Field in Washington k A lightvcigTit nibber lung thai can be carried like a stretcher the latest device for rendering artificial respiration to victims of pa ra lysis, drowning, and elect ri shock. 4-H CLUBS K'titiliriurd from motel, field crops nnd liybritJ cum Alviix Duclos of Promised Luml Awinc production; Jnck DILP!O.S "f Promised Land, tractor innintc- ntinrc; Johii Duclo.s or Prmnisrd K-uid, cotton product Ion; Sylvia Swain of Gosncll. narrienhid and foorl prcsi'i'vatlou: Bcttic Dyc-v nt Armorcl. home Sniprovomrnl : Boh- bjp .loan Byrd of PawlKon. mrnt nnimal production and poultry Maricdna Swain of Gasncll. clollv inp; Frieda Finchcr of Lo. 1 ? Cane itrcss review- and MoHlm - Bvvil of Pau'lirrti. foods and cookery. 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