The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1948 BLYTHKVIU.K (AUK.) COUKIKH MOWS Mystery Planes Sneak Millions In Gold Bullion to India With Neat Profit for the Smugglers KARACHI, India. (NBA) — The» twin-moiored plane swooped low over Ihe Karachi Civil Alrporl, sol Its bearings, »nd disappeared sud- i clenly Into th« humid Indian night. I _ ^ _ . jfc'Only silence and Ihe fading roar [ fjf'rtU/C \rtll#Jl C ~f Ihe engines greeted the control tXf tl TrO tJUUllf J tower's /rantlc attempts to contact ; the plane, but the silence gave the (overmen a pretty good idea of ils Identity. There WM little doubt that It w»s smuggling gold from Nc'v York to the Free State of Buhj.' A number of th* South'* leading India — probably a million-dollar 1 cattlemen are expected (o attend is Show Youth's Top Cattlemen MEMPHIS. Tenn,, Jan, 13 IUP> — Church It Forgiving And Shows Compassion fr Minister in Trouble ATLANTA. On.. Jan. 13. (UP) — Tha board of (lie North Docatnr Road Baptist Church today .stood loyally behind minister John K. Kviii>9. whose son was one of five youths » v d here last wefk In the "(In-Ill" wrecking of K score ot automobiles. Dr. Evans dirt not preach yesterday, but guest pastor Dr. J. c. Mm- sey told the congregation that their attitude should be "one ot help- fulne.u and compassion." The Baptist minister »;ild lust firbug. Llttl damaRe was reported by As- cargo. the fifth annual Southeastern Aber- , , . *'* '" But many an unidentified plane , deen-Aiigus Cattle Show and Sale i-. , -----,. «» »" Smiling,, did the same thing in complete mystery before Karachi authorities uncovered the secret. Then one of the unscheduled planes made a 4 a.m. landing for what the pilot thought would be a routine health and immigration check. Chief Customs Inspector W. C. Webbe stepped In and got a $2.500,000 answer. Webbe checked the manifest, and In Memphis Wednesday, It was announced today. Association President F. B. Davis of Yemas.see, S. O.. said' that among those expected to be present are- A delegation from the University of Tennessee headed by J. S, Robinson and Willinrn Tyrrell of Department of Animal Husbandry. P. F. Newell and E. E. Civissom o! found Ihc plane'i only cargo w/; Mississippi Slate College, M. W brick gold, destined for Siam by j Muldrow of the University of Arway of Buhj. But the logical route 1 kansas, W. Tap Bennett of Saviui- although smoke filled many corrl- dlrs. week h« didn't know how h« would ! face his congregation, after he learned of the arrest of liU tet'n- i' sun. Ed, on vandalism charges. Dr. Evans sahl hlal 11 members of the 1'2-man church board met I last week slid after their meeting came to his home nnd told him . he sllll had Ihclr backing. Kd Kvuns nnd [our other teenage .sons of »el!-lo-do Allaulu tuin- llti's nre free on bond pending grand Jury action on charges of vandalism, mnlldoiu mischief and larceny. PACK NINE I 5' I tff^S ,4?^> ^ * vcK>-^a One V«\. Our (':isr of Borr ' DUNK1UK, N. Y. (UI')--A cuse of beer for encli fox ciumhl will be Ihc reward to hunters In this men In a three-month drive which started Jim. 1 and win last until April 1. Sponsoring the can to preserve pheasants nnd giuno which foxc.s nttnck nre two local sportsmen's clubs. for such a shipment would be nah. Ga., Director of Agriculture! Karachi and Calcutta, because Bull] > Development for Georgia; C. tiny, out-of-the-way airport which does not even have facilities for night landings. \V. I Bond of Arlington, Term., prcsi- i dent of tlie Shelby County Farm I Bureau, and John Aycock, Mem- I Part o[ the cargo had been load- , ph , 5 soll conservationist, ert In New York, and the resl In Some 83 „,„.,, bre< | caltle, Includ- pamascus Webbe found by quits- ing H bllMs and 74 (c ,,,incs, have Honing the American pilot, of the o^,, cons lgned to the smow. charter plane . "This pilot," Webbe explained. ' "asked for permission to proceed. firebug Blamed After oirectly lo Buhj as he approached < _. _ =• . „ India, but when he was told to land ' rite OCOfCS in Hotel first at Karachi, he obeyed. It he'd I DETROIT. Jan. 12 (UP)—Giles's at Ihc Fort Shelby Hotel were routed out of their beds twice during the land at Buhj. Had he done so. we night by fires police said were set still would not know the whole 1 by a firebug. j^nugglinj slory." ' I Dense clouds of smoke swirled customs impounded the through the corridors sending oc- hart more guts he would have gone right on, later radioing that he w?s lost and low on gas and forced to cargo, R Bombay bullion merchant showed up and claimed the shipment was bound for Bangkok anci only pjssing through India. Instead of getting the gold back, he was promptly iined »1,500.000 for smuggling, an<1 customs kept the gold. Loss of one cargo, though, probably doesn't mean much to the bullion operalors. Gold sells In the ] moved U.S. at the controlled price of $35 } guard an ounce; it brings WO an ounce in India—a profit of more than a million dollars a plane load. The risk? Even now that Webbe knows the secret, he figures th? cupnnts into the hotel lobby. No one was injured. Authorities said blazes were set In metal receptacles, lined with gunny sacks. They were discovered on the fourth, firth, and sixth floor? last night and another fire was found on the ninth floor later. All rcccpaclcs were ordered re- immediately and police is statlond In the bulldiny At the. same time, detectives launched an intensive search for th' programs, both national and local. smugglers have a pretty sure thin:?. The new Pakistan government apparently has made no effort to stop the smuggling. ; And since Pakistan authorities have no control over the Free state i of Buhj. the only problem the gold ! operators have is In getting pilots who will turn a deaf ear to Karachi's orders to land. Getting the gold from BnhJ to Bombay, apparently, is easy. ' There seems- to be plenty 'pilots. Night after night, they zoom . 'across a corner of Karachi's air[' port, getting a position check. drive. . helping the final weeks of the Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm .. . The Win. Fraser Plumbing unrt Heating Company has been In business in (llytlirvillr for the pust 23 years ami have a flne stock of plumbing needs on hand for Immediate delivery at 401 F.ast Cherry Stretl. We Carry Weil-Known Brands Such As: • Smithway Electric Water Heaters • Arvin Electric Room Warmer • Evans Automatic Oil-Fired Heater • Smithway Butane Water Heaters ALSO— Winkler Perfection Hcf.uxe Oil Space Hraiers, l.onfrcan Det.uxe ON Space Heater!!, a few useil Oil Riirnlnn Space lle.itrrs and the H^ll-knowii Iron Fireman conversion Oil tlunrrr for your present coal furnace. Dplco Water 1'umps, Teerless Water Kin? Water rnni|is, Kaloit Bevrraee Coolc-rs and Home Krffiers anil Wilson ITorlte Freeze™. Gilcor Floor Furnaces, 50,000 BTU capacity. Kohler plumbing fixtures—also Home gonri used water healer*. Why be satisfied with anything short of the best . . . See thU Stock of Equipment before you buy! "We Service Any Equipment We Sell" Win. Fraser Plumbing & Heating 2 blocks east, .| blocks-sinilli, Hlylbeville Hospital 401 East Cherry Phone 2422 XXVII past here on schedule," says the lower operators. •• v Marine Reserves To Start National ;"Join-Up Week" \ NEW YORK (UP) — Volunteer training units of the Citizen Marine Corps are expanding. In celebration of "Marine Reserve Week," which has been set for Jan. 12 to IB, the vnr< ,will tec the beginning of their third year of activity. ..High school teachers, furniture workers, bankers, policemen, telephone company workers, and even dairy farmers—men of the Marine volunteer training units can claim more than 100 different civilian operation!. During their monthly meetings, they are Marines once again. Organized on a completely volunteer basis, with 10 or more members, the'groups may meet as often '. «? they like to keep up with the latest military knowledge the corps i has to offer. Throughout the country, such units are visited periodically by regular Marine officers. mp\v> lecture them on Marine Corps ^activities. Women Join In Women Marine reservist* in some , Instances have formed their own training units and manv help tn the clerical work of the 'men's organized Marine Corps reserve groups. The nation-wide T WAS sitting up in bed:just finishing the orange juice and toast and coffee Marie had brought "It's getting so they almost fly ! me. when Marie came back and said Jeff was there. 1 told her to send him in. To my surprise he strode right over to the bed, sal down on the edge of it, put the tray on the floor and masterfully look me in his arms. "Oh, my darling. My darling!" he said. He kissed me ardently. J deliberately let him prolong the kisfc, lying quiescent in his arms and, being a romantic fool and a woman, hoping even then to feel an answering surge of emotion. I didn't Hij kisses might have been cold water running over my lips for all I fell. I sat up then and pushed him away with a hand on his chest. "It's too bad, Jeff," I said, "that you didn't do that a couple of dayi ago. It would have meant something then." "What do you What's wrong?" mean, Holly? "A lot of things have happened " Jeff/ "Like what? Honey . . ." H c made another grab for me, but I wasn't having any of it. I stiffened back against Ihe pillows, keeping out ol his reach. He let his arms falL "Like what?" he repeated, a little deflated. "Like you telling Ihe police I hod been in a sanitarium. Making them think 1 was crazy." He colored and stammered. Me now In Its last few £e™ U«V: ^"^jrc^l^ ^ °^ ^ 'Marts' 5trCn8th ° f "^l '-^'^r^JnTrotecfion'T'tho;?,,,;! A highlight or the Marine Re- i !L l ^.-f. d = . a "?:" li . n _ g .. in " i ™" ! "- Mi serve Week will be mass swcarliift- " 80 " '° r l " Cm e mass swearn- ,, in ceremonies, to be held In public ! . know aboul that - " was plicei In mor» thin 85 cltiw. Ridlo 1 Msl lme of d <"ense." '"l''HANKS," 1 said dryly. was also your best line of defense, wasn't it? To keep them from prying too much into your affairs?" "I swear, Holly, it was nothing like liial. Of course, at first they Ihouglu I might have had a motive lor poisoning Avis because she wouldn'l give me a divorce. They had dug up all lhal mess about Ihe conlracl between us. But they found the remains of Ihe drink I had given her—you remember it was straight Scotch. And had it analyzed. There was nothing in it. And then why would i have poisoned poor old Art? I had nolhing against him. I was grateful lo him for taking Avis olf my neck, believe it or not." "And 1 suppose I had i motive for poisoning him!" "Holly, don't you see — after what your agent told me, I thought . . . There was just a possibility that you might have gone a little bit haywire. I didn't really believe . . ." He drew a long breath. "I wanl lo marry you, Holly." he said. "Thai's all over now. Jeff." He looked at me and the eagerness wcnl out of his eyes. I think he had known il wasn'l any good from the moment he had kissed me. A man can'l kiss a woman like that and nol know what she is feeling about him. He moved from the side of Ihe bed and sat on Ihe same chair Leiphan had sal on the night bc- 'T'llE doctor had been riislit about shock. 1 fell all riijhl unlil I fried to stand up and then my logs behaved like rubber and my head felt as if someone had used il for a football in a scrimmage work-out. I wns glnrl enough to crawl back into bed and stay there until noon. I slept some more, and after lhat ! tried it again and fell belter. So I .stayed lip and got dressed and went downstairs and Marie had a nice hot lunch ready for me. After I'd finished eating she reminded me that she was leaving. Since we'd agreed on lhat the night before 1 said, "All right, Marie." 1 went out in the pulio and lay down in the deck where I had stretched taking a sun balh Ihc day Ihis slory began; th' I had Ihc glorious feeling lhal life was beginning to be worth living again. Well, il seemed 1 had completed the cycle. 1 was back where I had starled. Nothing bul emptiness faced me again. I lay there until th sun slipped down toward the west gulden wall and Ihe patio grew cool with lhat "I don't see how h» ever got to b» chi«f aiuiilor iit the office—it takes him hours to straighten out our joint checking account!" FHKCKLKS 4 HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER (,'ulch On? A LIKELY STOW ( AND WHAT WOOLP K CAUSING- ir WAS A ^ DUEL' YOU SPe.WHEM HE TURNCD ABOUND WITH WHAT 15 AU THIS f I WE 0-0-OlDMT DO I By AL VEKMEER mSCILl.A'S I'OI Miy. Pnscilla! fhat happened \-':-:y-' this morning! YMJ cried about VIC FLINT Hy MICHAKl, O'MALLRY nnd RALPH LANE 3y search through tlie Casbdh bars was getting me no place. /SAX JOF.DIOVOU EVER HEAR TALK AKOOIJD MERI-ABmlT A GUV NAMED VAN OER FtflNK? SORRY. HlVtf! HfARD with California, up and went bone chill lhat comes o'clock in sunny shivered and got into the house. 1 went up to my room and got my purse, thinking I'd pay Marie o(T—she must hove finished her packing. 1 took my purse and went back downstairs and through the kitchen and across the patio anrl knocked tile door of the maid's room. There was no answer. I knocked again, loudly. It was strange, the Marie wouldn't have gone without her pay. She must be in there. I opened Ihe door and walked in and pressed my hand hard 'ore. i across my mouth to keep from After a little bit he began lo screaming. Mario Maioncy, dressed for the talk about the picture and about Ihc tests lhat had been made of Madge. He jaid everyone was satisfied with Madge in the leading part and that everything wns all set to slarl shooting again in Ihe morning. He thought she was going to be a real hit. I was glad for Madg«. street in the frivolous high-heeled shoes and the hat wilh Ihc deep veil anil Ihc fur jacket in which she had arrived at my house, lay huddled Iwccn he; bctl. (To Be Continued) the floor halfway b?- dressing table and [he OUT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams,Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc OH. THE UPSIDE TX3WM STOOL? WHY, VOLI CAM *"* \ >. U H: ^ / Vi'*x v '._ji FZ--/ 'SOW, MEET MY) •RIEMO ETHEL< KEEP YOUR •STORIES =>TRAlGKT — SHE'S A HISTORY TEACHER.' EGAD, MIS^. AIRY.' HA.PPV TO MEET YOO.'AREYOU ArtY KIN Of TH£ ROVA.L ASTRONOMER, SIR 6EO(?6E BIDDELL AIRY. WHO DEMONSTRATED THAT RWNBOW COLORS ARE REFRACTIONS, OP WHO TJETER- MlN&DTHE MEAN DENSITY Of TMB EARTH BY FIMD- ISS6 "ME GRAVITY wTrte BOTTOM OF FEET DEEP EXCEEDED Tl-lW A.T THe TOP BY EACHCR FRIEND IS FAST OUNTER- UNCH6R ^ WEIL, A\R. AGATE; r THOUGHT AT WAS VOU I SPOfTED COMING ' A PACK OF CIGA8H5. HERE. KEEP THE CHANGE. DO WU KNOW WHIR! t M1SHI RUN ACROSS SONYAMALAIRE'! IN HERE. MSI THE MAN IVE BEEN IOOKING TOR' WASH TUI1RS Hy 'LESLIE TURNER YW WORE THE v 1HERE! «E DOM'T WISH TDK F1CST MM! IN VT frlSTURBEP! WEEKS 1UE FELT \ I'LL HWfi \ FORGIVE ME! BUT SOU MEED NEWER BE KNOW I'M ) SENSITIVE MiOUT IT (\GWM, W) BOV! VOU A& BIS &S SEEiMK.TUBBSiI'W THE OWLS GROCER. I GOT A PAl WHO MUSTA MET KELWIUEOK FdENDOFVOUK RNVBOOV I H1SIOR.1 WHO'S FOUND MMuRe'SSECREl OF GROWTH CONTROL!! DOWN, BIG 0OY' WE'RE trie GOLD FILLIP' OJtA THE tEETH OF THl* IKOSS H nap fRor\ trie .' I'LL RIDE AHEAD ^J&^ By V. T. HAML1N GoinK for (lie l)<H-((ir v 7 E-i CCULDNT r-'A<E it; B=20NSON I' _ ... __- ANO ALLEY HVj /-' A HEADACHE \vEO SETTEE (SET /[.,' A DOCTOC 0~ THE .'-•M J _CSC'J«.' _^M L By BDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND I1KR ISUDDIICS

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