The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE TWELVE BL.YTHEVILL1! (ARK.? COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1947 Ohio GOP Backs Tail's Candidacy Senator Becomes Active But Una vowed Presidential Timbet COLUMBUS, O., Aug. 1 CUP) Ben. Robert A. Taft today became an active but unwowed candidate for the Republican presidential nomination by accepting nil endorsement of Ohio Republicans. ' At the same time he defended the last session of Congress largely dominated by the GOP Policy Com mlttee In a speech delivered over a nation-wide radio hook-up last night. The Ohio Republican central am Executive Committee voted znoiis endorsement of Taft us •'favorite son" at the coming Ue- ipublicaii convention in June. Previously, Ohio's junior sena tor, John W. Brlckcr, the party, candidate for vice president in 1944, had announced that he would support Taft whole-heartedly for tns nomination. Taft thanked the committee fov its endorsement, but said he would make a final decision on becoming an avowed candidate early this Fall — probablj in October. The Ohio Republican congressional delegation meeting at the *same time also pledged their suy- port to Taft. Taft said in his "thank you" statement that he owed everythlnc he was in a political way to "I'ria hard work and assistance of OU.-i Republicans." He said lie would sound out public First War Dead to Be Returned Belgians inspect the Uenri-Chapelle on the eve of (be first exhumation of American m he the first bodies brought Imok U, Military Cemetery at Uc>;e, Hdisiuin, after a benediction ceremony Wurld War II dead 10 I)L> removed iroin European soil. U'.'j U. S. <NEA Raclio-Ti'lerjhoto Iroin London.) throughout the country to see whether he had a chnncc for the nomination or election to the presidency. "I shall make a definite reply to the committee in October," lie sniri. Telephone Company Has No Plans for Rate Hike about irfi'phuni 1 rale's "in u xfiwr al way" hut there has hi-cn no cle cision yrt on the question of M'tk mg liieliiT rates in that state. Schools with Driving Courses Gut Free Cars ST. LOUIS spokesman for the Southwestern ] ,'Bell Telephone Co. 'snicl yesterday the utility Is sl.uiiyitit,' n "had revenue situation" l>ut lias no plans at present to for higher rate:! in the five slates it serves. Company officials, the spokesman said, liave talked with members of the Public Service Coiniuts- sen t i men t sion ol Arkansas at Little Rock AAA. "to look forward to the day '.vlien all li^h Ki-liools will Include ilr'ver iruininK as a regular part of the curriculum." Read Courier News Want Ads. WASHINGTON, 'AU|!. 1. <U!>> The American Automobile Association announced yesterday that hiK'n Ail" I (UP) —\i schools prepiired to Kive traffic "' ' siiltly courses can now obtain fret 1 cms !<>r on-the-road instruelioii. Under a program worked out in i cooiH'i'ut ion with automobile manu- la:lui'C'rs and dcalei's, cais will be loaned to schools having a propi'ily-irainod instructor and a ( that includes at least It) hours a week drii'ing instructions. "It is mr.v possible," said Hie Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Lnrae Dividend Savings Low'Nct'Cost Protection For Service Cattle sprayed with watcr-(ILs-1 untreated stock during inidsujii- rsnUc DET gaincU an average mcr htsl year when Ilics were inoit ot 50 pounds per nnlinal ovei I prevalent. Club 61 Blythcvlllc, Arkansas Highway 61 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By EUGENE POWELL,, Mgr. For Reservations Telephone 944 DCRTH of a DCLl > <&UOtlSWC& ~~<3 by Hilda La»rcn«; Disliibutctl by NEA SERVICE, INC. that night she "Sho was difpe attention. You body nice JK nc'voi: do. I JT TIIF-; STOKYi MiHS Itrnily niul ;'• M1>H Sninll K-ll .Mm. Marnh»ll-<Mll 7 K»t In rrtnliiril ]|> Mr". .«IirsliMl- :'-<:IH tu IiiveKlltriite Kulh Mllli'r'M . tfrnth. lit- f.\|iliili\M hlM iiii.^KliiTi In 1' Minx Ilrnily ntnl Ml*« Smalt. NtijM ; k« ^rtiiKtt <<> lnffrvfo%%- Mutue i>f t like llulic lloiiHc tirciiile. came," she said. y, so I didn't pay jilways hope some- coming, but they don't know why *T)on't be too harsh with him, clear—after all, when ft boy his age gets a new lire truck, isn't it perfectly natural . for him to set the house on firel" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER Knowing Isn't All GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo, State Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown Calvcrt Schcnley Cream of Kentucky. Three Feathers Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses V, Pt. .35 .35 .35 .35 .35 1.40 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 ^"' ••'^ XXIII 'T'HEY crossed llic loblq- to the ! elevator through a silent crowd that parted before them. • "I'm only, co-operating because I want to leave a clean slate behind me," Miss Brady .said. "But before 1 leave I'm going to write .something nasty on it." "L "Leave?" !' "Resigning. Both of us. Fed 'up." When they reached the fifth i iloor, she preceded him down the ' hall, shouting, "Man coming, man coming!" Oh the other side ot a fire door, "This is Miss and • Miss Brady stopped. [ Small's," -she said. "Go in i wait. Wojjld yon like coffee?" ! "No, thanks," Trying to he nice, 'he thought. Knows she's in a bad j spot. When she left, he made n 1 shameless tour of the two rooms, i telling himself that a woman's : bric-a-brac said more than words, : and chairs and tables could be garrulous, T, i 1 1 1 c Miss Small • emerged. No natural laste, he dc. cided, but a good eye for copying, • Given enough time, more money, ; and the right example, the arty j desk with the bad veneer and the j fake pearl inlay would fall into the | lap of the Salvation Army. Bought ; it in' the first place because she J thought it looked opulent. j One lamp shade in the bedroom ! was covered with bluebirds, mc- i ticulonsly feathered, and the bed- i spread was machine-made lace • over bright blue silk. He rcmeni- ! bered that another flock of blue- i birds, in colored glass, had nested ; on the lapel of Miss Small's \vcll- • cut suit. Shoddy background, he \ told himself, bxtt fairly quick to catch on. When she realizes Ihnl ler friend is expensively im- idornect, she'll chuck the fancywork, too. In another two years she'll have a fuulpvoof accent and say damn like a Judy. I'd like, he went on (houyhlfully, to see how Miss Bmtly lives. There we have unmistakable ijualUy and ^hc preposterous innocence ! that too otlen yoes with it. A twcnty-five-ccnt weekly allowance until she wns eighteen; a careful exposufe to the prucrea- tive process when she was old enough to have a clog and properly call it a bitch; n well-schooled belief Hial sin is spelled with the same scarlet A that Hester IVynnc wrote. . . . Would a grown-up child h'ke Miss Brady sl;iy on the tracks when she met a situation that refuted her code and turned her work! upside clown? Or woxikl she do as most children do, turn savage and strike? Turn Irike. 1-ie niul run. ... It vorth thinking about. Ilich Miss Brady, poor lUiss Brady, whc cad all the books and knew ;»l he words and -was younger thai vloke and Poke. Resigning because she wiis fed up. Tut-tut, he jrieved, not fed at all. * * * SOMEONE rapped smartly on th living-room door, nnd be hurried to open it. A girl stood the hall, stooping as if she waiitec to disguise her height. "I'm Kilty Bricc," she bcgni "Miss Small said you—" He knew her. When he minded her of their first nice tin she wasn't amused, although she pretended to he. He talked persuasively, apologized for taking her away from her work, condemned bis own job ruefully, asked question. 6 : nnd seemed not to need the answers. After n few minutes he was almost sure she was telling the truth, not all of it, but enough, "I didn't pay much attention they're eluding her up like this. Trouble for everybody." "I know," he sympallu/ed. "3Jut su EC i ties til wn y s st i r some people I -ike my client, for instaiu c. She doubts Hie suicido thruiy. Do you, even a litllcV" "No. She \v;i.s (loppy, But — " "But \vhul, Miss Brice 1 ;" 1 11 1 don't know anything, hut some people did talk. You know, whipperintf. There's always sonic- bocly in a place like this that whispers. About anything. And Ibis time they really hail something. Like why does a ini-1 jump out of a window when she's only lived in a place two dayy and didn't any mail, or phono calls, or any- tiling. It won't dn you any gnotl to ask me who said thai, because don't know. 1 just picked it out '. i he air. Ami I don't s;iy I be- cve it, either." Ho nodded. "You know, I can't elp wondering why she wasn't ilsscd that nijiht. She was <i new r). I'd have thought the rest of ou would \v»teh her, help her rive fun. Didn't you see her at 11?" "Gel sonic-body to show you the 'osUmu'L). You wouldn't know your own mother." "But there was an identifying nulu on HutU's mask. Didn't you innw thai?" 'Sure I knew. That was one of those iiivrc-ts thill was loo good to K vi 1 rybinly knew. lint I don't remember seeing her." "Wore von in costume, too, Miss Bricc?" "Sure. K very body \vns, except Heads, maids, and I Mummer," "Plnmmrr?" ho asked. "Ethel rinmmcr. She works at the drsk, loo, and she's kind of old. She talked to Miller once or twice, I know Hint." "I .see. Well, that's all for now, thanks. You wove tine." lie npc-ned the duor and Kitty seemed glad to go. "Gaud evening," he said to n girl waiting outside. "Come in, please. You arc—" "Jewel vScluvab." (To Be. Continued) W. L. TAMKE [ 408 E. Davis St., P. O. Box 431 • Phone 21.87 BljlhevlUe, Ark. I AN ESCAPED HOH IN) SHAPYSIDE g MANJ TO. WAKE YOO UP. Mt>..LlGHr- HEAR.T, BUT I MEED YOUR. HELP.' I'M HE ANIMM TRAILER. FR»\6AIJ-UPI'S CIRCUS. AMD OME OF ^W 8tS CATS IS LOOSE SOMEWHERE AROUND HERB.' AUIV6 , VCKJ MUST OO SOMETWIN6 ABOUT IT PICKARD'S GROCERY ET we r A FEW, SOT I WOUtDNT VJE ARE, BUT WE WEED HELP; L HEAR- KNOW LIOMS I . . CLOSE FRIENDS! Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm 5% Beer . . . , GAS, reg 17.9e;. All BrandsCigarets,ctn. $1.35 .per Case $3.35 Ethyl 19.9c Chambiin Sales Co., Inc. Sales StucK'baker Service If It's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • llospilalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass Tornado Surety Bonds Avhilioii First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern time-saving; tools arc provided for our trained mechanics. They use their skill and the correct tools to give you better service. We repair all makos of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars 1!)4G Ford Suiicr 2-door ISlt Plymouth 2-door 1911 Plymouth 4-door 1940 Pontiac 1010 Chevrolet Jj ton Pickup 1940 GMC 'A ton Pickup 1945 Dodge'/, Ton Pickup 1941 Chevrolet Y t ton Pickup Lots of Others to Select From CHAMBL1N SALES,COMPANY Your Studcbaker Dealer "First toy Far With a Postwar Car" Bill Chambiin —RK & Ash St., Phone 2193— Lex CtuunbPn WASH TUBBS Terror Strikes BY LESLIE TURNE1 Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie ! I'LL Kt-iOCti UtivV )'.:• INTO AN EMPTY I 3UST t&K OWE 1H1U6 t>\^ SET IX 7000-MILE KUWMIM& TJV.RT BEFORE SOU BREWC WE HEWS TO OLD KRINSLE! I'LL EXPOSE S'OUB. FRAUD TO THE WORLD. Sit 1 . 1TIL M^KE QUITE & STORY WL VOtIR BRlt-WOO! SOU DON'T X WRS. KALIIK&K. RECALLED DETWLS KMOW VJHM" \OF THE SITTIMS5 I'D W.MOST FOB-- iOU'EESWWG, \GOTTEJJ... EVEW H&5 THE PHOTO (OONTZ! BUSTER I WORKED FROM AMD CAVE TO HER! COULDN'T THE KRIMGLE ' IT'S FAHTflSTlc! SO WO HER. WOTKEE! WE'LL CEFV GO ON THE MR WITH TSKE be, WE'KE SET TO DO Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrlcs G. BlUner- W. M. (Bill) Wllso BY EDGAR MARTIN THE THE FIRST SID . CRC5 ri£ SCriOOl. WILL FURBISH Trie TO 'DO THS" OoS FOR NOTHING/ H£ SKILL LA&OR.' Williams ARK WELL, BURKE/ ELLONM &ROGAM "OLS 8 OK OM1GHT IS AM USiCOmR 60L.T6 H6 8ELL A.ND TOPPLES O6S \MITrt NO A\OE& JUMP, MA. 1 JUMP OLJTJ HE POM'T SEE THAT BOB VJIRE FEMCE. STEP ONS IT AM' WE'LL SAVE THE HVT3 AMD LL.INCH-- I SEE A BAKM. 1 FELUNiG IM8BR — NiO f— TVLE, MO J ;( By V. T. II AMU N BELIEVE ,KN3!?Y...TTH!N-i< HE JUST COT TIEED : IF YOU'D IJSEO ANN' 5EN5E. OOP NVCULD>J'T HAVE GOT K^O AND CUIT.' SLONV AND TEDIOUS: BOASTER PLAM OF BACTTUE FRED HARMAN MICHAEL O'MALLEY nnd UALI'H LANE BOOl-S ANP HER BUDDIES n ^^o^lJl called me back, though, i found laced ny tets on the wron fill. DOWT VOU WCRRV WE.=>. EL5G PROTtCT GLAD I DONT HAVE TO BE PRESENT AT THAT \ IITTLE COSFE5SION SESSION, WITH MOGUL lELLlNS V KIS FAAMtY ABOOF HIS HIDDEN f»ST. I SUPPOSE j THEOtD6IRL WILL TAKE f n lfl M*IDE,THOUGH. SHE LOOKS EQUAL TO OiCOY, YO THE i,ViELLi;:C- S.'iLTS. MR. fu v/ltl YOU Plt/.Sf BflUG T«A CHAISF 1OSGU3 FOR

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