The Courier News from ,  on January 12, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from , · Page 8

Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 8
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PAGH EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY IS, 194* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rai« p«r lln« lor consecutive in•eitlon: Minimum Chars* Me J tliut per II tit • •• "° time* pet line per day 12c $ times per Line per day Be * times per line per day "c 13 times per line per day ...... ac Month per tine Wo Count five average words to lue line . Ad ordered for three or six llmca imd • tapped before txulriUluu will becliarK- •d (or the number ol times the acl appeared and adjuitmcnt ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons reildlnB outside of the city musv be accompanied by cash Rate* may be easily computed from tn« ftbove laule. AdrertlElnj: order for irregular Insertions takes the 0110 lime rat«. No responsibility win be take.. lor aiore than one Incorrect Insertion ol any clft&sllled ad. ' All ad» are restricted to their proper classification, nyle and type. The. Courier reserves th» right to edit or reject any ad. Apartment For Rent Apartment Three room i urn IB lied call 2959. Two room furnisher! -pF.rlmrnt. 'IVi ephone 2TJ4. )3l2-iilt-1 Two rooms And bath furnished. Al «!ectr!c kttctien. Clean Mid private. On Main Street. No children. Writ*PO Hov 737. IM-pX-H Two roof zurnlslicri npaitmrnt with private bath. Couple only with KOOI] reference. 516 LnVc Strcrt. liD-pfc-17 Coal and Wood COAL "If il is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from Blytlieville Compress We Deliver Phone '1489 "Plenty of Illinois Coal" At HESTER'S COAL YARD PHONE 318C. FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service ' 6. Highway 61 Foods Furnlnhed Cull 321P. apivrlmcnt. B tin Its only. ItlO-pk-H Apartments Wanted Two or thrrr room hirnlshrd. TvtiKo Box Afl c|o Courier Nrws. l^P-pk-17 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main &. Division I'lione 2563 Don't endruigi-r your fa Uy w Inulty tires—BUY I.EK TIKKS IJilB-ck-tr FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Al>nili;im's Court Jlislnviiy 61— Call <IG<>6 Oappie and cat fish. 'i'\ hour service. Sini[)son Oil Co., Stateline. Household Goods Venetian blinds now In stock. Ready made K. It.. Blinds. Den] Flintshire IOU E Malu til uhonB <*6'J. Income Tax tires—Your Fircslon dealer \ l $. 'cl^on! 1 ' 1 can assure you miles of comfort and safety. 1-12-ck-Ui Wanted: Wrecked or Burned. / Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage V. Hlghwuy 81 Phone 31R3 llH-ck-tl "IF YOU NKED ASSISTANCE on III- itiK your income Tux. plensc wee iu< nt IIOOM 21. LYNCH IIUILU1NU Hl.YTIll-A'll.l.K.AHK. or telephone 2!HI allcr U p. ill. Kevernl years experience wllli Inter nR] llt-vemic; Uepailment. Krcs will he local accountant*. Kbb QUICK SERVICE FORD PARTS For Salt, City Property One aix room house with balb, three blocks Irom new high school clti. Jin- medial* powewlon. Call 3503. (Jrocery atore with Hring quartern, food location- Doing nice business. Wear SwIU Oil Mill. WUI glv« imint- mat* possession. 420 8, Sixteenth. J/ol and two Houlh l4ke. with bath, 1125 ia;30-pkii|14 TWO MODKRN F1VK ROOM HOUSJCS Jf you Want a better home, accept your home in a« cash payment. O. S. ROLUSON 405 N. Broadway Phone 3309 i-8-ck-tf ft room hovis* with bath ft black Irom lilee-Hllx factory. 5 room house with bath close to hl«h school. Possession with deed, 'I room haute, extra large lot *t the edge of city II ml is, We iiRvc AQtne nice vacant lot*. Bee Oscar Alexander Real Estrue and Jnsiirnnct I'hone au6—Olflce in the cooper | Hnlltlln^ across the itr««t from tin; r C'lty Hall. J-'our room house for sale by owner. , 6H Mlly, l[tf-p*-13 • ^-H'J. NCM building and rlx- filncli. Phonf 3049. n—Call Ix-o' IIvn rooni house and tin Mi. hoi Insurance Jeep parts now available »t POOLE MOTOR CO. We can 1111 all your necd.i Oet Benuln* parti from our complete line. ELLIS POOLK, OWNER A OPERATOR South Highway 61 Rt Steele. Mo Phnne Blaile 49 11112-ck-tr We guarantee , RECAPPING WITH TIAWKINSON TREADS Lnt your next lircs be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. Protection against all INSURAB1.E HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pol'drd Agency Planned Insurance GI.KNUOK HOTKL ULDO. 124 W ASH BT 12,7-ck-tl Slh at Walnui einpany I'hone 4453 J3?)(HI <lown, balance like rent, Ciood (our room hon&e oit large lot Price *2100, terms. nir room house on pavejiipnt. Price O. S*>UU down. 5 re HEHT RO.SS Rcnl Esinip Urnkcr Phone 3916 For Sale, Misc. CALL 2089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. O. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OKF1CE R. R. AT CHE11KY Laundry Launclrj* <tonr. WliHe BollE Green, now nt Highway fil North In N. John's Alley. i;5-pk-2Q Cnrtnlns lannrtrrrrt i\»<t .str^clircl. Moved from 214 S. Frivnklln to TOO \V. CUrtry l[7-pk-2,7 Loans 414 K MAIN PHONE 3201 H'B-Ot-tr Expert Radiator Repair for Less We hars the best In radiator repair *qulprnent. Let our (ra'ncd men boll Out And repair your radiator for you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LAWBON. Mgr Phone 2171 a.» cV « Building Material PERSONAL LOANS Autornobllc-slK- nnture—enniakcr-lumltnre. Quick, [irl- ri\t.r sere Ice Person till/of I nttrnltoii Conic In or trlcplionp. 2J12B, ORNEUAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 112 W Ash St. HlyihcrLUo Ark MONEY TO LOAN - Wf loan money on farm land und city Drnporty We nlr;o hnv no ten CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building 81* Plumber ^'or R llccnsttl DlumbcL or lor expert atove repair woik cull Hurry Meyers nt- II LID bard tjardwatf. Power Meat Saws Hiiro — Wanunry — Ktcun Km — All American, also ei\w Dlndca tor sale or rerun! service, Also hand saw* atid olaclcs DELI. SCOTT ' HRlrs mid Seivlco 3U1 W. MiUti IMimif 22(iO 12 2^-ck-2!> Money to Loan r>o you ncrrt a Loan to rcpivlr or rc- moflcl? No down payment, no mor- tage, no red tnpe. rHA APPBOVKD RATF. Sr/ n ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor hone 203* Lynch HuildLng Do your own concrete wort and MTU Kent » coi crete mixer by day 01 hour Phnn- 48$ Boi 659 DlytheFllle Dogs, Cats, and Pets Home grown climbing roses, Mrs. Martin, 817 Chlckasmvba. l|12-pK-iy ADJUST-Distributor Points Timing, Carburetor, Valve Tappets, Pan Belt and Generator; CLEAN-Air Cleaner, Battery Terminals and Spark Plugs. CHECK-Coil Condenser, Distributor, Voltage Control, Battery, Vacuum Control, Compress ion & Heat control. TIGHTEN-CylinderHead, Manifold and Hose connections. All for $3.75 PLUS PARTS 1'IANO. uprlRht tuned, new keys. Ktlldlo been »IOO. Phone 2:150. 1'rnctlcally new, Dunean Phyle eofa 1'none 4467. Jjy-ck-ir For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER HEWS OFFICE Used Electro Mite Washcv ir Good Condition ir 1 Year Old RL'K. Sales Price $39.50. , Get this one for $20.00. First call 3808 Monday .afternoon. ' 1-10-lf LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Westing tum^e electric iiave. Oood condition. Call 2648. tJ-pk-13 3H" KolLawny bed. with n;atlrcss. Oood condition. Mrs. Herman Koetiler. LJO1, Used iiprlRht piano, 'recently reconditioned. Pnon* 2769." i;c-pic-n Two piece llvliiK room unite S25; two rocking clialr.i. Icatncr covered $11 each; _ . _ _ _ _ i live burner oil cook stove $15; Ice box Lost: tinvrn months old llvcr-spoticd l ** pound cdpacHy. Mrs. W. M. Lafer- rnalo poiuicr. Hnnday beisveen MtitilLn. j ne >'- Phon nna Heehe. Kcwnrd, Call ^lilytlicv 254D. tor B!iie. nog For Rent _x - — — Cacnnr- house, 1125 %V. Kyi BABY STROLLER. Parkway. In good condition. Bargain. Plionc 3C73. i 12-31-ck-tl .tuourd motor. Phone Niiw lour room hous month. Cnll 4100 aJler ~\. , w _~ Six rooms nr furniture for sale a anu batn. J15 sacnrice. Plionc 3731. 313 North Eighth Scales atlmpson, sanitary. Humes Coin put* K scnlcs lor grocery iuid inar^pt. 1 ;. Also ralrtianks jiortablo platlon\i r\nd beam scales. \ DELL BCOT1' Halts H[icl Service 1311 W. Main Phnne 22BO 12 2!>-ck-29 Services WASHING iMACHINKS and Electrical Appliances repaired. Blytlieville Machine Shop Phone 2828. RADIO REPAIR BY EXPERT RepAlnnnn Call Ilroolcs Music Store 107 E Main iit.. Telephone 811. Pianos bought and Gold M=5-ck-tr Oil Mores repaired. All \vorx guaranteed, ['hone 4222. nights 'G7A Formers Column New IU4V International Fannnll and tne equipment, Joe E Matthews. (Jailco Rock, Arkansas. Phone 42F12. For Snle—Several registered spotted roinnd China male hogs. H- G. Schwartz. Home 3. Sieele, Mo. Ong mllp fast ol Aklns Corner. l|7-pk-10 l|12-pk-15 We Never Close 301 Walnut Salei Dept. Open Until 8 p.m. Phone 578 Private Room* Comfortable bedroom. Close to town, Men only 310 W. Walnut. Hpdroom, KycRmore. B. 101 E. l[9-pk-17 Lost & Found l>ost: HIIKoltl conlnlnliiK driver'* II- rrnso nnd registration cnrd. Phone 44U5. i;5-ck-13 BLllIold nontalnlng government bond In Mox thcatrr. Belongs to Tprry Moorp Onrnl. Call 856. l[9-pfc-l? Nice bedroom. Butane heat, close to business district. Men preferred. Call -JUS or 2541. HT-ck-15 Large Irotit bedroom, twin bens. ad- Joining bath. Private entrance. Men ' ' .. Pho___ 19-PR-I3 Sold with only three Insertions: Bedroom and living room furniture in excellent condition. New fireplace set. new handpninted antique ivory coffee table. Many other desirable items. Rea.sonable. 314 N. Ninth. Plioiie 2333. lJ12-pk-2;!2 men or couplp. Call . l|12-pK-2-12 furnished. Phone 4605. ill I'D-pit-13 Meat Choppers Sewing Let us install 11. DEMING WATER SYSTEM for you this spring. We carry a complete line, wilh repair parts always available. Come in and talk it over. Hubbard Hardware Company, 213 W. Main. l-7-ck-15 Strayed: Hay mare. black mone, weight jibmil 1100. rlmln on left Iroiu 1 loot. I'll. 25JU or roruacc Oble \Vcb- [ MIT. Dogwood (trocery. Iil'2-pk-l9 Notice I will not b« responsible for debts .ron irn tried other than by myself. C. A. chnrds. i;5-pk-13 Here are some or the features that 4-\VHL<;EL-DRIVE UNIVKR- SAL JKEP, INVALUABLE on conslnicllon ]ot>R. U serx'cs as ft 4-whcrl tirtvc tr;\rtrr Tor praclcr nnrt Illlint;. 'ilic |ei-p |X>wcr tnke-ofl furnishes up to 30 ti p. to operate shaft and belt Orlvrn equipment, nnd six speeds Jorwara and two reverse speed xtp [iioxtnu materials on cramped sltev Look it over HI POOLE MOTOR COMPANY, Ellis Poole. O«-nci i\nd Operator, s. Illgh- WBy 61 ai Steele. Mo, Plionc Strcln 49 l'fi-ck-16 Buy your builder's hard- wave (lock and hinges) from a hardware store. There is a reason. Planters Hardware Co. 12.26-ck-tr Business Opportunities MR. MERCHANT One of the best OPPORTUNITIES -for increasing BUSINESS is the regular use of Classified Advertising Readers in a buying moot -. turn to the Business Servici Directory for the names o reputable firms. SUmpson— National—Klccn Kut-San- Itury Hupld choppers from 13 H i' to 25 H. P. Also knives and plates tmd replacement pans [>ELli BCOTT Snlcs and Servicr 12H \V. Main Phono 22flO 12 29-cfc-lLM SEWING, rtrtssmaklnc. qulltlnc on machine. Window curtains. Comforts. ickrd oy hand, ctiiilr rovcts. Mrs. C. M. Lewi it. 1911 \V. Cherry St. l:5-pk-13 Personal If Hill hnv.i Aomctrilnir you don't need ntul can't k;rt nd of. try Sl'xrt [Imnn's Swap Shop, phone'BS?> 4(1.1 Main. 1 B-cX-K Coal, and Wood For sale,—good coal and kindling. Plenty of it. We Position Wanted private nitty. I P-pfc-17 Musical Merchandise "NEW~SPTNEfs" KASY TK.RMS. AS LONG AS TWO KAHS TO TAT. • Dccca Records • Sheet Music • Ksley Organs 1M MILES FUCK DKUVEHT MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — Phone 42^2 e, Ark. 1? U-rk-tl Slicing Machines Mr. >'» niter—i>ct us sliarpcn your pious. We spcchi])7.c In larm repairs »[ici nil Xttuls ol wcltiliiK- Also narrows (or snlc. Her.ry U'cstbrook'a ishop. 225 ,\, first. Jllionc 4101. I|12-ck-2;l2 For sale: One tram mules, one cultivator, one sti\lk c niter, one i f KI1 ng plo\v. Day Lu Houston, Dell. lobf—Amrrlcan—National sltrcrs for; Mortrl n Cletrnc rrawlcr antl disc, krt.v c«fr and grocers. Also Kcne- j Almost IIRW. Two young hellers. Hen hnnrt sllrcrK i Cram;. MlytlievUKr. Koilto 3. 1 6-p<<-2L DEM. SCOTT ' Snlcs nnrt Errvirc W. Main Typewriter For sale: ALUs Clin liners 16 blaU' PO i dlsr. h'ronl srnllopccl. J. W. Williamson 20' Koine 3. Lone Oak. l,C-pX-2Q """ tor i?aLp—1500 chestnut posit MUlcltoton, Sleole. Mo. Phone TYPEWRITERS Roym. Smith. Corona and Rfftnln*- on Portable DON EDWARDS Clyde "' Thn Typewriter Mrvn 116- M Second 8t Phir p 33S2 16 rk tt Used Cars Takrn up: 2 bliick horspmulns ahon 12 yrr\rs otrt. Wpl>;tit nbouv ItOO lt>5 Floyd Hargcit. OHbert Crossing, Mo. 1.3-pk-l F'or i!;ilp — On* Florence (arm wapon n-l 4 Ekeln. Ahnosl new. One Joh Uccrr nmlp disc, sood concIULon. On Ifi [la I li otto 111 break lnv; plow. FlCs I Jotm Lirerr liactor. ^ood shoyc. On mule niowpr. Our rake, good conrti uon, W. F, LuiisIOTd, Ronto '2. 1,9-pk-i Wanted — yhnrccroppcr to farm co ton. who cnn finance *clf. J. C. C ROW, Rector, Ark. 1112-r Don't Forget The BIG BINGO PARTY T THE LECUON HUT. WEDNESDAY ANUARY H AT R P.M. SPONSORED Y THE LADIES OF THE CATHOLIC HURCH. ;;5-pK-t5 Personal STEVE HOOVER. Everything ls Vht. i'otir family wants you to con^o omc. re-px-21 Bcdroon fled room, 318 N. Ninth. Call 2223. Mght 2920. housekeeping rotm Swap Column What Time Hath Wrought A clattering wonder of yesteryear, an early tiuick, comet to hait belore one of today's transportation wonder*. • giant Constellation, as its bustled and dustered passengers gape In awe. The cast and vehicles will take part In the Miami. Flsu, 16th annual All- American Air Maneuvers depicting 50 years of awiation progress •22 rifle. 17 Jewel wrist watch. Havl Land and Davarlnn China, electric and ' Elbprt, Huff man's Swap Shop, 403 East Main. Phone 859. I|l2~ck-19 i Wonted fo Buy Small 4 or good two room hou^e In city. Contact Mary B:\bb. Portacrs- Tllle. Mo, Route 2. ll ; 3fl-plc-HH j Several trailer loads of HeTp~Vf^te~d, Female CORN, HAY, and POULTRY ^ -I Phone 940, Lewis Poultry, Settled colored woman for 419 E. Main, jencral housework two hours each mornim,'. Apply 310 W. SVahuil Saturday afternoon or Sunday after 0 a. m. MO-dh-tf Hefp Wanted, Male Reliable man with cnr wanted to call V Inrmers In South MlWiL.^slppl coun- Wonclerful opportunity. $15 to J'20 In a day. No experience or cap- tal required Permanent. Write today. McNESS COPANY, Depl. A, Krceport Ill2-pk-l3 l-2-ck-2-2 Spinet Write IA Ark. >r small sized uprljrlu piano rrcncc Sklclmore. Black oak. 16-pk-n Tractor season i.s .still on—snuu't, dealers have theirs listed in classi- lied. America's Doc Notice %-VC 1 moved my tif ,«1 tx T i + T^t " ft t insurance Office to thr- i\\.iri deliver. Phone 049. Lewis me. Noun second 5^^; Prtnlfrtr A"\ Q IT 1VTni» Bireet Trom the Cliv [{nil roultry, 419 £/. Main. 0s( , Rr Aicx^ncrct 12-2-ck 2-2 Ph0ne M* Wood,-f3.50 vtt rick. O. O. Flowers. Bnlr-mlto Itorttt, i m\let We«l or Oos- LKR MOTOR SA1.KS i» HlylJieviHe has .several Inlcj mnflrl Used Cars ami Pick-, Up Trucks for sale at reasonable prices. Phone 510. 12-27-ck-tf For Sale, Cars & Trucks 11MS Nash. four 2566. sedan. lx>\v l.T-pk-15 See us before you buy! We scl] the cleanest used cars on the market, and you'll find the price loo! POOLE MOTOft CO. Ellis Poole, Owner and Operator 'On PALE: — Ot\c A-mortrl Frvrri In orrfrct Fhape Call 793 Rlter 4 ;00 For Sale, Farms *rrn arrcs lanrt, j;ood rive room housr. 'I nicf niilrs Houtli on Hlgliwny 61 I'rU-f S35CH1. Terms Kovtv acre*. loiir mile* Souiii of lUvllicvinr, One; mUf off HlRhwny on Kood Kiavcl icart. Mull ro\itc «nd rlrctrlclVy. Hrr- BKHT ROHS Ural tXstnto HrOfccr IMionrs A&16 or 4291 1 HJ-pk-M ^^nn: Our mm nvctfiglnn J65: $1CW wcrk. arc you? Sell Atomic ITonlth Mcci! clues to homes, on Instalment plan. 75''r colored tratlc. Man with car nnd 8144 capital Tor this territory Write Half."; M^r, US Voplar A7. Memphis. Tcnn. WANTED: Man to succeed T. Vftnc* for profit able RrxwIelRh huslnrss In North Pcmlsrot County. Mo. 1500 fnm- lUta. Products well known unrt sold 20 years. Real opportunity. \Vtltc R»w- Ipich's Hppt. ARA-2lO-ll^S, Mrrnnrils. "I'cnn. Or srp W. Dathou. 610 T.IIU* at. HLvthcvlllo. Ark. l;n-pk-23 ^Tcchanic familiar with John Dccvr and International Jrnctors to work in plant a\ ion sliop. \ louse furnished Contact K. M. Hegenokl. , 12-27-ck-t4 Used Cars arc Roiiig down. . Help Wanted Man between Rgp5 of 21 ftnd 25 to do .v>lcs work In niythcslllc. Stnrtlns RAl:\ry S65.00 per u-rcV. Arttlrcss reply n\ own hnntlwrltlnR nncl rnclose Riispsliot If possible, to BOK CB c'o Courier News. |!12-p\-l9 Why South Highway 61 at Sleele I nave you gotten iid of ihai car Mo. Phone Sleele <19. I2j2-ck-w j>' ct ? Scvrrnl nrc sold rtaUy through Courier New* Classified,* We can't fix thai flat lire tor you—but we can tell you who cnn. Clnssirtcd Is your directory to reputable dealers. Dr. Archer C. Sudan, who gave >ip university teaching 21 years ago to practice medicine In the mountains of Colorado, is the first winner of the American Medical Association's annual gold for the '.'family doctor." Now president of the Colorado Stale Medical Society, he received the award at the or- g.^ni^alion's mid-winter session j in Cleveland, O._, • "See You've Got Another Job for LANGSTON-WROTEN, Mrs. Peters!" Yessir, folks naturally think of Langstnn-Wrolcn Company whenever their car needs servicing, repair, or body and fender work. We say this because mo«f. nf our customers, after one try here, become avowed "regulars'Lon our growing customer list. It's the all- around satisfaction of getting complete .service that really does the trick I 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY *DIAL 555 FOR SERVICE

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