The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 1948 1LTTBETILLB (ARKJ COURTE* VEWI PAGE SEVEN Chicks to Meet Leachville Lions Gome to Be First for B. H. S. in District Cage Competition j^rh* Blythevlllo chicks, ' fresh tr''m R heart-brenktiiR «!-40 low t" the Messlck Hlsli Panthers In Memphis Pi'lday niclit, return to their homfi court tomorrow nifiht for a game with Ihc Leachville Lions. The chicks, with a record of lliree Changes in Football Competition In High School AA Class Discussed UiUle Rock. Ark, J»n. ,l*-JUp- resentativcc from Arkiniu' 10 Clasi< AA high schools, at a meeting lieri Saturday, recommended to the Arkansas Athletic Association a r«- classification of the slate'* larger high schools to equalize football competition. The recommendation cam* following a discussion of the present playoff system by th« representatives of tlte schools who. lust month, agreed on Saturday's meeting for the purpose of "Ironing out" the rough spots in the AAA s play-off system. Tlie re-classification proposal was presented to tht AAA wins against two losses, tapered off i witl ' " I >iea Ior the "Quickest pot- «'llh a stiff workout this afternoon j "'We" action. - x In linal preparation for tomorrow | In ""', the group asked nichl's battle with conch Ethrirtce lllal " " le hishcst classification, whe- McKccl's IJons who last week ttar- rowl v missed an tipset. victory over the .lonesboro Hurricanes. Golfer Vines. Tomorrow night's contest will lie the Chicks' first test against District 4 competition nnd will open the "big eiiri" of their schedule Following their engaccmnet' with Leachville. the chicks will tam-Ie with nay here o n Fridav n'- r move to Manila for a name with Coach Charles JotlifJ's Uoi-s on Tuesday of next week and play a rrnirn match In Lcachvlllo on Jan the-,- it be AA or a new AAA division. be restricted lo schools with enrollments or 500 or more. This vould include such schools as Lit- Uc Rock. Fort Smith. North Little Hmk. Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, and ratto. Tliey also recoimncnded thot the championship of this highest class- ificiuion be determined on a. per- cranugc basis during regular season ptay ('.tiding not Icuer than 'rtianit- i'^iving week. This would leave the way open lor a meeting of the champions of highest classification and the second highest classification In a post concerned, the proposal stated. The group suggested that the Athletic Association adopt a measure making such a play-off possible if a- greeablo lo both schools but not complusory. However, it was pointed out thai, the recommendation of this group apply to the Double-A division and would not apply to the state's other two divislons-A and B. Jerry Patterson of Pine Bluff,, who presided over Saturday'* meeting, pointed out that the group's recommendations were merely sug- ' gestions which are designed to rc- NCAA to Simplify I Joycee Cagers, Attired as Girls, r • j n i i- ^° Meet Jewelers in Benefit Tilt Grid Regulations On Jan. 24 they cnlcr'tain the Helena-West Helena Indians In an Inter-sectional tilt hero and co to ! season play-off provided that such Trumann for a lilt with Coach '• a play-off Is desired by both teams Dorse Keller's Wildcats before tak- - . - -. Ine on the .lonesboro Golden Hurricanes, defending district champs here Jan. 30. T.wu-hvillf a Touj-h far Tomorrow night's contest has the prospects of being one of the best »ames lo be played on the local court this season. Leachville. which always floors a strong team, has Ions been a lough hurdle for the Chicks nnil tit p Tribe's prospects In the arjproachhiE district tourna- rjajnt depends a lot on the outcome ^7 their preliminarv showing against district •competition, and the Lions arc ratncl as one of the j mo'veToine 'at the features" of the ton contnedets of the district this ; prcsC iH ulay-olf plan which are ob- j jectionable to the larger schools. _S"nie ^tomor- { Ar i y rev ision in the play-off system "~ ~ have to be made through thc regular association channels, he said. Among details on which no proposals were made is a designation for the highest classification. However, there was some discussion as to a fouith division, a Triple-A Classification, which would Include the stales larger schools, those Ellsworth Vines, 25 pounds heavier than when he was na tional. Wimbledon and professional singles tennis cliiimpion. cools ofl alivr ;i romul with louring golf profi'ssuiiKils in California. Viru-s' ;.\\iuh Cioni tennis lo a place ainnng H,,Ro\ - al and Anciojit's Id tup nioney-winiu'i s is truly iv- nun l<n!)lo Football Rults to B« Rewritten, Put Into Simpler Language SAVANNAH. Oa., Jan. !J (UP) — 'he Football Rules Committee of he National Collrclatr Athletic. As n. will knuckle down here tomorrow through Thursday to rewrtl? he code of the Rnme In similar angnace and Incorporate several rules recommended by the ccmchi's at last week's NCAA New York Included: 1, On a second klrkolf oill of Miinris, (he ball shall be given to The Blythevllle Junior Chamber* o< commerce's Playground Fund will benefit from two special b»»- kethull atlriu'llon.i to b« played »l the. Haley Field nym Wednesday nlshl, It was aunrnincecl tmlHy by Erwln Jone. 1 !, chairman of the'jay- eee.s' nasketbult Committee. Highlighting the benefit attrao- tlnu will bo a clash betweotv two of the Mld-Koulh's top Independent teams the Arkansas Hloixt- houds of Joneslx>ro and the Coca Cola noltlers of Memphis, niul in a sl>eclnl preliminary conlesl the Ja\ r cce Jennys, n (cam composed meeting m \ of members of thc niytheville Jay cres. will meet Ilir Fitzpiitrlck Jewelers, a nlylhevlllr girls leant. The special benefit dotible-hend- year. In the preliminarv row nisrht. th c nlytheville Sotiaws will go after victory N T o.' 3 \vh'V they tangle with the T.onchville Lionesses. After Retliiifj off to a slow si art with (luce straight losses, the Scmaws hit the comeback road In their final Rame before the Christmas holidays with a 69 to 49 victory over Gosnell and last week revenged an earlier defeat by rtowninp T.tixora 34 to 21. The Squaws came will get things i'illiup at 7:30 tomorrow nleht with boys game following Imine- after. Cromwell Gets U. S. Olympic Coaching Post The Babe Back in Hospital for Routine Checkup group dropping back Into the A NEW YORK. Jan. 12 I'UPI —The 1 division. doctor with professional firmness j School representatives it Satur- said it was a "routine checkup" j day's meeting urged that the Ark- with enrollment of 500 or more with the prcsc-nl AA schools not meeting this requirctnent remaining as Donble-A and Classes A and B would be undistrubed. Another suggestion discussed at the meeting was that the larger Double-A schools be retained in this ola-ssification with the others of the nod the nurse said he's here merely for observation" but the fans-^ orB of 'em—were wondering worrying again today about Babe Ruth being back In the hospital. • That the number one diamond Idol of all-time had a close brush with death Just a year ago when he underwent a serious new oper: for intractable pain, Is something that is recalled now only too plainly. And although the Babe said he ' "felt Just tine hospital utter ansas Athletic. Association appoint a 'committee, to study, the re-classification proposal. NEW YORK. Jan. 12. (UPl — Dean Cromwell, 68-year-old veteran of the Winged Pool, from Southern California today took over one of the major sports assignments of the year, the job as head coach of the U. S. Olympic track and field teams. Cromwell, who has been track and field coach at the University of Southern California since 1908, replaces another veteran, Lawson Robertson of Pennsylvania, who retired recently because of illness af- In :he recetvtiiR learn Ifl yards irnm .he point where Ihe ball kicked— in other words, nt mldfle.lri— instead of on thc kicking team's 40-yard line. 2. When automatic time-out. Is called for an injured player, a substitution shall be allowed for that player only. 3. The substitution of some form of padding for the "nrntnr-plate" on headlands and sliatl!dor-pad< which muy piolccl Ihe wearers heads ami oluvlrles but Injure opponents in more vulnerable spols. The committee's big I ask, however, will be lo boll down the present bulky roles Into a streamlined code embracing the endless amendments to the original code. The II rule, experts, aided by former members of the committee who are now rul- visers. hope to recodify Ihe rules simple fashion lo eliminate imblpultles nnd problems of interpretation by officials. No Itadical Change No radical changes will be made, in (he rules because the coaches committee voted to stick by the present code generally and rejected such Ideas as elimination of the extra point, running with fumbles and making the T-formalion quarterback eligible to receive passes even though he doesn't line up u yard behind Ihe center. The NCAA committee will be Joined here by a delegation from Ihe National Federation of High School Athletic Associations. Thc prep group ended a five-day meeting yesterday at Biloxl, Miss., and agreed to confer with Ihe^collegiatis on thc possibility of a cotnmond code regulating their two branches of football. Situations wh*re functional differ^ elites In (he rules are necessary would be covered by simple notations, such as thc length of the per- ter directing American teams In ' oc l shall be 15 minutes for colle- the last three olypiads. Jgiate play and 12 minutes for hlgh- In other assignments made by schoolers. William director of Kenneth L. (Tug) Wilson, chairman of the Olympic Track nnd Field Committee. Wjird H. Haylett of Kansas State was named to handle the decathlon while Fred Travalena of the New York Metropolitan A. A. N. was named manager of the Marathon runners and walkers. Penthouse Skull Trick fails to Get By .BOSTON (UP)—Thomas J. Greehan, Massachusetts director of civil service, tells of the case of the applicant with the penthouse skull. A physician examination for pa- W'hen he left the ' trolmen was Yieing held In a Cam- Si days of treat- ; bridge YMCA gymnasium. Thc ments, last Feb. IS, his looks be- ' height requirements was 5 feet 6 lied his words. 'inches. The examiner called the Pale, shrunken from bis once : weight olt one of the prospective huge hulk .and almost completely ; policemen, but was pu/.z!ed about gray, It was hard to recognize the • his height. Calling the doctor, he Babe when he appeared at cen> - explained: "This fellow has so mticn monies in his honor on April 27 at ! hair, I can't tell how tall he is." He Yankee Stadium—a day which had • patted the applicant on the head, been proclaimed by Commissioner j •-•--•A- B. (Happy) chandler as Babe Ruth Day all over the land. ] the floor. The applicant was only Lloyd Mangrurr: Cops Bing Crosby Open DEL MONTE, Cal., Jan. 12. (UP) —A new challenge to the Ben Hogan-Jimmy Demarct monopoly on the nation's money-winning golf championship oame today from Lloyd Mangrum. th c mustachioed Los Angeles shot-maker. Mangrum yesterday captured the professional division of Bing Crosby's SIO.OOO national pro-nmatcur championships and finished In a three-w : ay tie for second place in the pro-amateur section. He finished second lo Hogan in the Los Angeles Open, where he picked up $1,400 for his work. Added to the total of $2,533 he won A. Alexander, athletic Georgia Tech and for- or Is scheduled lo net, underway nt 7:3(1, Mr .tones said, with the Jennys-Jcwplers Kame lo be frlsL on Ihc eyenliiK's menu with Ida Biomliimimls-Holilcrs lilt to fol- ow tmmediitli'Jv nflcns'iu'd. All proceeds from Hu- t\\o contests will go to the Jnycer.s' IMnyKrouud I'und. In Ihe .special preliminary cnn- U>sl Ilic Jennys will be uniformed In Indies nltlrc iiiul will piny Ihe Jewelers bciys' tales. Mr. Jtuies suld. The .irnnvs "re couched by Miirsdull lllai'kartl nnd bonst n roster of former u!l-slar players Thn. 1 ; far I Ins season the Jennys nrc tiiKleli'iiU'd. uiHIeri, unscor- ctl on nnd "un-playcd," he said and bonst siu-d speed artists as John "Twinkle Toe.s" liawllngs, one of Ihe Sonth's best dribblers and Jimmy "Huwk-Kye" Edwards, a lon«-sl\ol artlr-t. Mr. lilackard sl.ilcd that he expected to send his strongest lineup against Ihc Jcwt-lrls in this contest and thai he would Introduce new offensive svslctn to Hlythi:- villp fans, tht 1 Noire Dame fivstem or final trrbacMiiR Inn i Ihc bench, lie llslctl his probnblc starling lineup as lollmvs: i-klwartls nnd Ra\vlini:s nt lojwnrds, .1. T. "Mlle- iliRh" Sttrtbury. n\ mitiT. ami TUv- r y "The Cut" Ciiinp mill wllllnm "I11H" Crawtovd at muirds. His ro-s- ln- Includes 2,'i playnrs. he said and all will probably see action In the grime. Tlie fenliirp ro.sls liotwron the Bloodhounds nnd thc Hottlers will brlii); together several fornicr litgh school stars of tlu- Mld-Soiilh. Tho Bloodhotincls. who me ccmched by Stanley Keller of IslvlhevlUe, arc mnde up mostlv' from former Jonesboro High Schnol players, the Creator part of Ihum-former melii- bi' t rs of all-state Irnins. 'Hie Wetn- ]>ltis team Is composed o[ former Mem]»hls Prcp-l.cague plnyei's Both the Holders and the Bloodhounds hnve Indicated that they will donate Ihclr share of die gate, rec-elpts lo thr playground Fund, Mr. Jones said. Rough and Ready Tag Match Looms For Monday Night .Blythtvlll* wrestling funs will net. » Kood Inftte of round grappling onlRlit when Tex Rlley and Jim Coffield tangle with Joe luillmnn ind Flnlx Hall In the 0ft-niinnte line limit bent two out, of Ihrcc falls Us match 1 feature of the American Legion's weekly wrestling show. Thin mulch i" exiiected lo be sec- mid to none, as far ns roiiRli HIK lumbla wrtalllrvR Is rniinnnrd lo' nil four of the performers nrc wel schooled In the art of cntch-ns cutch-c«n niappllnit and all nn veterans of the bone twisting busl ness. TonlRht'K match will he the firs reKUlar-lcnutli lug affair hi al most, a month. The program will open with pair of one-fall preliminary scraps ntlcy am! nlllmnn will pair off I the flrat, and Hull and Cufflcli will titngle in the sccontl. ** C«MM I b»n<l», which Imped* blood cteuU- IHnonKf Is the mo»t common tlon, and Impurltlea in iadiutrial »u» of baldnns, but tight hat I aurroundlntji u* other, NEVER HAD A BATTERY FAIL YET I \ "I Aom't traM u> hick, I plajr K »fcl I drin o**r »» (rfxi/w'i MIM gott for*) nrgnltri; for their FISK 1-polnl FRFE BATTERY SERVICE. Whr« BixtrM*rjr they reehug* M (nail co«t, liian mr a battery In th« meantime. TheVra top* fur hitlrrlr* and Imirfy lu-rvlw.., and the Ixrt plar< hi town foe llrr*!** NEW FISK BATTERIES As Low 91 $10.95 and Kxclung* I.. Tillery, Beting chief of land use. Holse regional office, bureau of reclamation. In addition the itreix produces ubont 30 par cent of Ihe upc.n \>ol- UnntcA sweet seed, the type used extensively before iho tulro- ductloii of hybrids. Tills year Cnn- yon nnd Malhenr finrners Krev, 1 5,000 acres of hybrid seed nnd 1,200 icres of the. open pollinated vn- ricty. mer rules committee member who Is now adviser, Is a strong advocate of a uniform cotle for high schools, the colleges and— evcntual- ly-the, professionals as well. He said- that a, common i rode would make for better officiating and help players and coaches when prep alhletes make the transition from high school to college and Ihe collegians from the campus to tbe pro ranks. I As he 'ook his hand away, h»<f Xe5terd&y at p ebble Beach lt ! a coconut sheltheld in pace under him „ 933 |n the bank _ WOI J in the long hair by bobby pins, fell to j^,,. 10 da of play . Read Courier News Want Ads. s feet 4',, inches tall. Why INTERNATIONAL Truck Serv/ce Mean, TON-MILE ECONOMY • Contact us if you're intfrectcd in truck servic* that keeps trucks operating economically. Here's why: We plan your work efficiently. Our shopmen art competent craftsmen. They.find and fix little troubles before they become big ones. They have the skill and will to i!o thorough jobs. H VI'c are pnrt of the Internalionul Truck service ~ organization. We have factory-standard International parts. We have jpecial International equipment for testing, servicing »nd repairs. So contact us for service that pays off in the lanr-uafic the truck operator understands he«ton-mile economy. This service available for other makes as well as International. INTERNATIONAL' HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH 2"? ST. PHONE863 From here the pro. 1 ; move on to Richmond. Cal.. where the annual 410,000 Richmond Open gets under way Thursday. Mangrum. who fired A four- under-par 68 yesterday to win the Crosby Crown with a 54-hole total of 205. isn't making a runaway of the money derby, however. Ho- fought off hard luck yesterday . to take third place Jn the .singles and pair with veteran Johnny Dawson of Los Angele.s to win the doubles. Texans Asked to Draft New Contribution AUSTIN. Tex. ( UP 1 — Texns Chamber' of Commerce through an association of three regional bodies has called uoon the rest of Texas to Join In a cainpnlKn for a modern state constitution. They propose that the State Legislature which convenes In January. 1S49, be requested to cnll coiLstitulionnl convention to draft the new document. Gov. Beaufort: H. Jester has encouraged the movement by saying some parts oi the Texas constitution are archlac He said that other parts are fundamental and should be perpetuated. LIMITED TIME ONLY . . . FREE BATTERY CHARGE A BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY 217 South Second Phone 4422 TIHI TO «l.till «-f L<. S. r<t. Cf. BUY FISK and RIDE on QUALITY fdoho and Oregon Take Sweet Corn Honors CALDWELL, Ida. <UP)—Cnnyon Couttty. Ida., and adjoining Mal- lieur Covmty. Ore., hixvc become the sweet corn conler of the ua- .ton. This year farmers in the area grew enough hybrid sweet, com seed lo meet 80 per cent of the counlry's requirements. This area took over sweet corn wed production during thc war. Tt offers ideal growing eondlllons and dependable moisture supply through Irrigation, explains Merle BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY New Theater Manila's Finest Shows BVKRV NIGHT Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m ftlatlnce Saturday &. Sunday Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cant. Showing Sunday and Monday "Tha Fabulous Texan" with William Elliott «nd John Carroll Also Short Subjects Tuesday "SWEET GEKEVIEVE" with Jean Porter nnd Jimmy I.ydnn Also Shorls Would 1>{ Children CHICAGO , (UP)— Dr. Edward Press, medical director for the U. S. Children's bureau here, believes all children should wear metal Identification discs. Writing in the American Medical Journal. Dr. Press said it not, only would facilitate quick identification if a child U lost but would nave liven by aiding doctors who might have to give the child emergency aid after an accident. Weekdays Box Office Opens 6:30 p.m. Show Starts 6:4J p.m. Saturday Bnx Office. Opens 12:4S p.m. Show St:vTls 1:00 p.m. Sunday Box Office Opens 1:15 Show Slarts 2:1)0 R«»d Courier !f«w« wanl Ads. Tonight "BAD BASCOMB" with I W»ll»cr Berry, Margaret O'Drlcn Also New* and Cartoon Sunday «nd Monday "The Farmer's Daughter" with Ix>r<!Ua Yoonj, Joj«ph' CnlUn • nd Ethel Barrvmnrn Wtrntr Ntws «nd Corned; "Woman on the Beach" wllh \ Jo«n Bennett and Charlei Blcklnrd Serial: "Brick Bradford" and Comedy Tuesday Wednesday DOUBLE FEATtlKK They al! want who Gertie isn't giving: OfNNIS O'KEEft MARIES-MCDONALD RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING LOWEST ADMISSION PRICE ANYWHERE! Reeerred Stall on Sdle al the Legion Arena from 6 p. m. Every Monday ADULTS 45c — CHILDREN 15« Monday, Jan. 12th TAG MATCH Joe Dillman and Finis Hall vs. Tex Riley and Jim Coffield ALSO 2 1-FALL, 30-MINUTE MATCHES Joe Dillman ill Finis Hall vs. Jim Coffield vs. Tex RHcy \V»rner Ncm and Mutlcal Short Attention, Men: Mr. Jim Scott Special .Representative of the STORRS-SCHAFFER CO. Be In Our Store Tuesday and Wednesday January 13 r 14 Showing a Complete New Line of Spring Wooleni in Made-lo-Measure Suits You Aft Cordially Invitid to Attend This Showing R. D. HUGHES & CO.

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