The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 6
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SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1948 fa- Truman Favors TVA Expansion President Would Ease Debt Payments To Speed New Units WASHINGTON. Jan. 12 (UP) — President Truman today gave Congress a 1949 Tennessee Valley Authority program calllnB for slmrp- !y-reduced payments to the U. S. treasury so TVA can finance cilities needed to avoid a i shortage. \ Tile TVA program for the year •beginning July 1 calls for an outlay of S107.351.COO compared wltn *113.6!M.521 In the present fjsca! year. The total would include $35,054.600 in appropriated funds, including $503000 carried over from prior years, and $71.697,000 that TVA expects to lake in from sale ol power and fertilizer and from other sources. Of this amount, TVA would us.i $41,343.600 for additions to its nav- j igation, flood control and power t facilities and S4G,158,«X> for opera- I tmg expenses. In addition. It wou.rt | pay into the U. S. treasury $150,003, compared with SB.OOO.OW during tin! j cuiTcm, fiscal year, and use the re- maininp $2,500.000 to pay back loans. Additions to the TVA sjstcm ex- peeled to be started in 199 include installation o( two gcncraling units at Wheeler Dam and additional : sieam-tlccUic generating capacity I in the Western part of the agency's j power semcc area. Other capital uddltluns scheduled | for the year include channel Improvement below Wilson Dam. shoreline improvements for malnna control and power service building at- Wilson Dam. The agency reported to Congress. through President Truman, lhat U has "eliminated or sharply curtailed a number o[ program refinements which have contributed substantially to past accomplishments" in order to reduce ItA proposed nrt- minlstralive expenses for liscal 1043 by »3«>,000 to a total of $3.D6B,000. fexas City Fuel Oil Strike Ends Labor Department Says 12-Cent Hourly Pay Hike Agreed On w;i|?e increase of 28 ccnt.s An hour plus continuance of a 'i'l cents an j hour cost of living allowance. O'Coniicll snld that, he understood lhat the 12 ecnt.s an hour was'in addition to Inclusion of the 22 cents an hour cost of living bonus in the base wage rate. He said while the additional money will nmount to 12 cents an houi' the new wage rates will be 34 cents an hour liiRhcr than the former basic hourly rales. chairman of the Chicago Traction Authority said if tests this Winter prove effective, radar will be Installed permanently on "L" trains. A IPO-watt bulb gives 50 p«r ceni more light than four 2S-watt bulhj. New York City uses an average ol about 10,000 gallons of water «very second. Two-year-old Gail Jordan, of Ruxhorough, Pa., is older, but certainly no bigscr than the Groat Dane puppies she's admiring. Dogs arc being prepared for show competition by Gail's parents. Ya Gotta Be a Football Hero To Crash Hollywood's Gates Hy VIKCISM MaiTIIERSON '<> textbooks to set ready for grnd- V r. Hollywood Curn'spmulcnt nation. HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 12. IU.I'.)—! Kamnnn isn't the only proctuc- Yoil don't have to be an actor to er who wanLs him. Allied Artists President Renews Plea For Postal Rate Hikes WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. (UP> — The Department of Labor has announced an agreement, lias been reached settling the oil strike at Texas City. Tex., which lias been curtailing fuel shipments to New England and other Northern stales. Mnrtln J. O'Connell. field director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, said that Pan American rtcflnery Corp. and tho Oil Workers Union (CIO) had agreed on a 12 cents an hour pay boost to settle the walkout. He said the membership would vote lo- i night i:n ratification' and return 1 to work tomorrow morning Jf the ' sclllement is approved. The strike uegan New Year's ! nay. It shut off shipments to dis- ', tributors from Maine to Virginia. • Governors and Senators from affected states had appealed to President Truman to intervene in an effort to get the walkout settled. Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.. It.. Mass.. had appealed to Mr. Truman earlier today to .step into the dispute because the strike was "causing a daily .loss of 2.500.000 gallons of fuel oil." The union had demanded a basic Chicago "I," Trying Radar CHICAGO cUPi —Chicago's antiquated elevated railroad system Is I experimenting with radar to prevent accidents. Philip Harrington, Why pay ?2()ll for a hear- inj; aid? Our price SI OS.511. Write Wilder [Carphone Co., :w:M 1>owell, Memphis. 12, Tennessee. Buv Now Pay Next Fall Vi Down—Bol. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. stium Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types or security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. . BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL 124 W. ASH ST. PHONE 3545 Michael Skies While Princess Stays with Aunt crush Hie movies any more. Just I he the nation's No i football star of the season and you're In. Holly-; wood's hepped on turning gridiron nces into actors—nnri the latest is Johnny Lujack. Lujack. you'll remember, passed and nuartcrbacked Notre Darnc lo the. top this year. He also curved himself a spot as one of the greatest All — Americans in Fighting Irish—or any other—history. So what, happens? Hollywood decides he'd be a 'sensation" as a movie hero. Productions. Inc., "re searching [ frantically for somebody to play J Hzibe Rut]) in their movie nlwut the t "SuHiin of Swat." Lujack's on their ' list of possibilities, although he .Uu-.sin look n bit like the rouutl- tummicd fUith. I.ujnck's i probably the most screen-tested prospect in movie history. Prom September to December he filled the newsrecls every Saturday with his fast, .feinting style. i Hollywood figure.*; if lie can out- i maneuver every big team in the ' fool a lot Producer Katflman LAUSANNE. Jan. 12. (UP)— For- j with $75,000. mcr King Michael of Romania ( At • last reports, planned to go on R skiing trip to .th e Swiss mountains loday while Princess Anne of Bourbon-Pnrmn 1 Producer Sam Ktttzmnn divert .country he can probably into the deal ahead of the field, of people as an actor, ^ and wired Lujack an offer lo put; .i/i_ o his career at, Noler Dame on the four DfOWfl When float screen. Was he interested? Lujack wired back he might be — for $100,000. . | WA[ gg p!a Jnrl , 2 ._ countered, (U ^_^ mot h er '„„,'," 1)C r 'infant WASHINGTON, Jan. J2 HJP> — The postal deficit,, President Tru- ninn .said today, Ls celt Ing worse J nil ihe lime. He .said Coiwc.s.s shoviltl rai.SL 1 iJo.slagf; rales, chiefly ; on miigazmcs and newspapers, so a.s to wipe it out. Mr. Truman urgently micwccl his recommendntion ol a year n?o winch CotujroKS ignored, for in- crcfis«.'d postage rates There i-s Utile hope, he indicated, that the ; postuI service can show unythi;:;; 1 but in; increasing deficit in the ! imtncdiiUc future, A ye;ir afio, Mr. Truman nut the postal (iclicit. for risen] 10-1R nt S352.0CO.OOO. Now, with the fi.scnl i veal" h?H yono, he esliinatcs it will ; be morfi than S4CO.OCO.OCO. AIUI in fittral 1940, Mr Truman said, lUti deficit may run as higli a.s $440,000,000. Mystery Solved: Just ^Overturns During Squa// Bookkeeping trror At • last probably re lueiuhc drift the shot movie deal Army's Glenn Davis and Doe Blatichard were one- I exposure nftrr cd v In which ' ostensibly remained in Luxembourg at the court of her aunt, the Grand Duchess Charlotte. Reports from Luxembourg indicated, however thnt there was no definite public information nvall- hired into last year—was still holding out for the Hundred praml. Kat/man says he's "constdet lug. No other comment." But it li e doesn't sign up "Mr. j Qllnrlerback" of 1947. some other 1 able on Anne's plans. She might i studio's sure to. It's been the style already have left Luxembourg for [ to snag football heroes ever since ^"^. '^,'d '^|rs. llendersoii's bro- SwitzerlRnrt or might be planning • some bright idea man In town dis- [j lc !j.' Arthur RawVmc.s. '22. rM of to leave soon, according to these covered sport fans go to the movies. , , , daughter were hospitalized here Uijack— i toclny .sx;^«r!".- from shock and a Iteh\ng-boat Uus- four other members of' the family were drowned, The family of six was fi-shlnp In Tiger i^hc near here yesterday when their skiff was caiujht in a squall and overturned. The drad were W • '- Henderson. - his wife. Mrs. Lillian P. Henderson, '.IS; their daughter. Patrl- CINCINNATI fUIM—The case ol the missing X-ray films tins beet solved. Police and General Hospital officials, started their invcstma last s^turner when hosuitaLs Author ities discovered that films valued a $3,500 had "disappeared." Employes who had access to th film were watched mid some wcr questioned. Now the case has been closed. I wasn't a theft, after all,, police said but just a bookecping error. Read Courirr News Want Ads. "Why don't you get a .boat and a Mercury outboard motor from HUBiiARi) HARDWARE and EN.J01 fishing?" BEN WHITE & SONS ' GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FARM (m LOANS LONO TEKM Home Office. Newark, N. J. rROMPT CLOMNO LOW «ATX CM.L. WRITE OR SK« RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. Third St., Bljthevllle, Ark. Scrvlnt This Srcflon 2S Tear! Anthoriitd AJorIjr<i0« Loan SaHciror lof THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO.MPASV Of AMERICA reports. Anne' remained In seclusion after arriving in Luxembourg Saturday at the end of a zigzag trip across Europe, she could not be reached and even the grand ilucal palace would not answer the telephone.. Michael's aide. Major Jncqups "Vergotll. was not quite so secretive on Michael's plans. He said that he would accompany Michael on a skiing trip for a few days in some Winter resort near Montreux, East around the shore of Lake Leman from too. They tried It first with a Sat- ' urd'l afternoon serial, "The tlal- lop/.g Ghost." That starred Red Orange, the University of Illinois halfback. The kids loved it—and so, iir a secret sort of way, did the old folks. Hams with Fijtskln Six years ago. Columbia whisked University of Michigan's star halfback, Tom Harmon, to Hollywood to make "Harmon of Michigan." The wi\r slowed the talent scouts I down for a few years, but they I bounced right buck last lull with ' a little spic called "The Spirit of Vergolti said Michael planned to start on his skiing trip today | West Point, If he received his Swiss residence, i Davis and Blnnchartl. hauled permit. Otherwise he would have to \ from their locker room to immor- Tvait until tomorrow. | talize themselves on celluloid, were Another source equally claie said ' great on the gridiron, hut mediocre there was no deterioration In Mich- I R s movie stars. At that, they ham- sel's leelings for Anne but that he mcc t u, up better than the profcs- dld not want to mix his abdlca- \ jsional actors, tion. made on purely political | Every football fan in the country Tauipa. liawllngs' wite. Mrs. charlotte , Railings. manaBCrl to save her- sell nnd her two-year-old dnugh- ' ter Judith. Mrs. Rawlinns snid Patricia vvns knocked overheard by a wave and the others were drowned when they overturned the boat. In trying In save her. losl Street Ko-Dlsrnveri-d HURON S. D. i UP»—Four a"d one-half blocks of paved slvce! ilisaplieared here durltiK the dusl storms of the MOs. City cnRinnoi O .1. Bandchnan discovered the paved street when he referred lo old maps while doinp; other stree. the slate fair Rrounds. gronnds. with his plans for engagement or marriage. Season's Dumpling* For apple dumplings with a fall flavor, use whole apples, anrl stuff the center with mince-meat. Cover with ft flaky pasiry coatinp, and bake to a goiden brown. Serve with hard sauce or maple-flavored whipped cream. bought a ticket to sec it. despite Davis' recommendation to his pals: "Save your dough. It isn't worth 85 cents." Lujack apparently figures he'll face about the same in front of a camera. But he has until June to think it over. After pncillR the Irish to their first undefeated ami untied season since Knute Rockne's last In 1930, he's knuckling down Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any SUc T. L. MftBOT 423 MISSOURI ST. FH. 3S'i NOTICE OF GRANTING OF I.IJUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued R per- mil, No. 571 to City Drug Co. lo sell and dispense, vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 101 E. Main, B'ytheville. 'Ihis permit issued on the 1st dav of Jan., 1948 and expires on the 30th day of June, 1948. City DrviR Co. Permittee E. C. Williams. V.P. 1.5-12 ^ Ur COME IN AND SEE THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY GROUND GRIP TIRE STUDEBAKERS CHAMBL1N SALES CO. Salei * STUDEBAKER * Servie. and peace of mind through regular car BabyfcCoid Relieved $s When your cYiHd catches cold, rub his little throat, chest and back at bedtime with warming, VicUs VapoRub. Its special relief-bringing action goes to work instantly . . . and it keeps icorking lor hours to relieve distress even vjliile child sleeps! Often by morning the worst miseries of the cold are gone. Try Be sure you. g«t the one' and only . . . BRANO NEW PONTIAC ENGINES -^FACTORY BUILT (Not Rebuilt Motors) 8 Cylinder Engine $247.00 6 Cylinder Engine $219.00 Smith Pontiac Co, 126 South Lilly St. Phone 4371 OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Hundreds of field tesl-s prove the new Firestone Clwmiilon Ground Grip Tractor Tire cleans up to 100"- more effectively, pulls up to 62% more, lasts up to !U", longer and Rives R smoother ride than any other UACtor live. No broken center tire can duplicate this performance! The greotest advancement in power farming since Firestone put the farm on rubber! Th« new, recorrl-brenltioK Firestone Champion (Jround Grip tractor tire, enpnecron' and buiK for maximum efficiertcy ,ind s*rr- ic* on all surfacx*. ranftini? from concrete to soft mini. Tht ttirvc-H, Triple-Hracrti trftetion barr and * hei^rhter^d trvarl (ioai^rn -•laVe lh« tire anoo.u«lled D E B A K E R Knjoy safety inspection. • Put in Good Running Order • New I'aint Job • Check Electrical System • Brake Limner anil Steerinsr A jcxx) election of n»w and used tniclu. Also. • nutntor of late model us?d cart ... all guaranteed! B A K R»Ur.^ «I AW, »*««. £ i.ei Chamhlin DU1 2191 Bill Chamblin T> STUD EBAKE RS "No thanks, I'll ritlc with Red ... He has his repair work done at T. T. SKAY MOTOR COMPANY!" First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 103 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON' CHARLES B1TTNER

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