The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1948 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H W HAINES, Publisher JAMES L. VERHOEFP Editor PAUL D HUMAN. AdverUtlng Manager Bole Nitioiu) Advertising Representative*: ««!££ Wltoer Co. Ne« York, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis PubL'shed Eveiy Afternoon Except Sunday Entereo aa «tcond claw matter at th« post- office at Blylheville, Arkansas, under act ol Congress. October 9, 1911. Served by the United Prcs» SUBSCRIPTION RATES: B? carrier In the city ol Blythcvllle or »n» suburban town where carriet service U mun- talned 20c per week, or 85c per month By maU within a radius o! SO miles. »4.00 per rear $200 lor six months, $1.00 lot three lupnths; by mall outside 50 mile *on«. «10.00 pS year p»y able In advance. Meditation . For there is nobody who knows what Is to be, for'who can lell him how it shall be?— Ecclcsiastcs 8;1. I wish you were either cold or lioll As It is, since you are tepid and neither cold nor hot, I am going to spit you out of my mouth—Revelations 3:1G. The Irrcsolulc'man *s alinosl as pitiable as (he one who Ukcs the wronc course. A Lingering Allergy It is said llial President Truiniui saw a balcony that caught his fancy on some of Ms travels, and now would like il duplicated on Die White House. ' We fear a carrying out of this reported project might create a wrong impression and arouse opposition, even though Mr. Truman hasn't been in Rome. Benito Mussolini is still so well remembered thai a lot of people come down with the architectural willies whenever a balcony and a head of state are so much as mentioned in the same breath. will work is based on his own successful experience. He lias built and managed two factories in Germany and one in France, using the same methods he now suggests for all American industry. We should like to sec Mr. Gifford's advice followed. We also like the American Federation of Labor suggestion that EHP personnel include representatives of American unions who could advise and work with foreign labor and help counteract the Communist • influence. If this were done, under the general guidance of the State Department and with ample funds, the "intelligent investment of American money" that Mr. Hrook.s favors might have a better chance of paying off, not only in production but in peace. Til Bet My Pop Can Lick Your Pop! VIEWS OF OTHERS Protecting Our Investment The European Recovery Program presents twin problems of policy and industrial revival. Yet Senator Brooks of Illinois seems ready to ignore the first problem and divorce the Marshall Plan from Secretary Marshall. The senator says lie favors "intelligent investment of American money in western Europe to get production." But he says this must be done "under the control of men who are engaged in productive operation in America and not by hangers-on from government departments." •I'One might suspect that Mr. Brooks had paid little attention to the early history of ERP. Its planning, so far, has been done by top-level officials of all the governments concerned. The American end of the operation forms the keystone of our present foreign policy. Certainly that policy can neither be dropped nor turned over to private businessmen. Yet there will be need of Americans "engaged in productive operation" to help make Europe's recovery as swift, efficient and economical as possible. And, in that connection, we hope that those who set up ERP will give attention to the voluntary aid plan for American industry proposed by Roy Gifford, board chairman of the Borg- Warner International Corporation. Mr. Gifford feels that the need for our best industrial brains is as great now as in wartime. So he would have our industries unite in an Industrial Council for European Aid. This group would make available not only top executives, but sub-executives, engineers, production experts, technical specialists and departmental foremen. They would be loaned to European "companies—but only to those companies that asked for their help. There would be no "yoii- do-it-our-way-or-else" demands, as Ihc price of American assistance. The best long-range weapon against communism in Europe, as .Mr. Gif ford points out, is an increase in the production of goods and wealth. The logical operators of that weapon are men from American industry, undispuudly's champions in their field. Mr. Gifford says that the visiting experts should study ever phase of a company's operation in an effort to increase pel" capita output, modernize plants, and generally improve working conditions. And he would leave them - there until their program was headed toward success. His plan also proposes that these consultants continue to be paid by their companies, which would guarantee thejn no loss of standing or senoirity. The government, he thinks, might cover their expenses abroad. .= Mr. Gifford'* belief that this plan Arkansas Pay Rolls Rise Pay rolls In Arkansas continue lo grow. A tolal of 248 new Industries, and 96 expansions of exiting plants, are counted up lor Ihc stale In 1947, by the Resources and Development, commission. These enterprises cover a wide range. They Include plants lo process foods, to make clolhhiB and shots, to produce furniture and other wood producls. to turn out clay goods, and to work metals, aloiiK with numerous other kinds ot manufacturing. It all sums up a pleasant subject to think about as we close the year. And this fine development, goes on, Another Important Industry was announced Monday tor the Greater Little Rock area. II IB a factory to make evaporative air-cooling equipment, which will be built on a piece of land bought Horn Pulaski county, near Ihc big new WcslinBliousc and Llndc Air Products plants. This latest Industrial plum will he located here by the Essick Manufacturing Company ot Los Angeles, described as "the largest producer of air L-ooling and construction equipment on the West coast." Its plant will employ at [east 100 people, and may he expanded later to provide space for turning out another machinery item, -v Our people will welcome this latest Industry. Local men who worked with its president, Bryant Esslck, speak highly of him for his ' good neighbor" relations with employes. He, himself, paid a compliment to Ihc civic leaders who aided in locating the plant here. Altogether, Arkansas has gone "a fur piece" Ihls year toward balancing its [arming, lumbering and mineral production with Industrial pay rolls. The total of these menus many more jobs than the large number they will directly provide. For the plants must have raw materials, and their workers must have a wide variety of business, professional and amusement services. Thu leans a lot more jobs in those fields. Arkansas a well on • its way to becoming the busy, prosperous, happy stale it should be The same spirit that has already accomplished so much, can chalk up andother stride of progress in 1948, on the foundation now so well laid. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. Agri Department Crop Report Guarded Like an Atomic Bomb THE DOCTOR SAYS By Kdwln P. Jordan, M. D. Written for NAK Scrvin ]ty Harman W. Nichols 1 (United Press Staff Correspondent) i WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 <UPI — i It's considered bad manners lo go back as far as 1005 for the first paragraph of what is supposed to ! be a red-hot dispatch. But that's here this one started. People have long suspected that i At lhat time, a guy we'll call Mr. \m what we usually call a "common 'Insider was high/up I" the Bureau "' cold" Is not a single disease. Some- , of Statistics of the Department of times a cold seems to start with Agriculture. He had all the dope a sort throat and, In a day or iwo. ' on crop reports before they were a heavy discharge of mucus from made public. Stuff lhat is apt to Colds probably- vary so much be ' the markel - Alld before the boss ause different infections agents c!u| 3 |u hiln redhanried with his ire Involved. The original infectious llmch hooks in cotton futures, he igcnt responsible for colds Is us- '""' 'leaned up $10.000. They canned ually a virus, which is smaller llim antl wrote it into the bonk as han an ordinary germ. ["The Cotton Scandal." But more Unfortunately, there are several ' ^° the point, that's why they now di.'fercnt kinds of viruses rcspon- j llavc a top secret day at the Depart- sible for various types of colds. ' nient of Agriculture whenever there ionic of them cause the body to I is a crop report to hand out. develop an immunity or resistance j Like yesterday, when Secretary .o new Infections from the same Clinton P. Anderson's boys got up ,'irus for a short time. Others. ' a report on stocks of grain lying however, do not build up any re- In bins around the country. The atom fistance and a person can become j bomb wasn't unaided any closer. victim of exactly the same kind In the Department of Agriculture, of cold within a few days. \ they call it "R Day." short for "Re- Thiis. the fact, thai different In- ! leasc Bay." Tire "bay" starts before fectious agents are responsible for i sun-up when crop experts arc locked different colds, and that .some of into a little room where they shed them do not stimulate bodily resistance, does not look hopeful for developing a vaccine asainst eolds. n 1 coats, sip black coffee and go through the reports, which state and county agents have obtained from farmers. The witidows are sealed, •*_ Furthermore, the newer drugs, such as the sulfas and penicillin, the shades are drawn, and all the rto not act on virus disease, so that phones disconnected, the development of a good, new it's easy to get into the lock-up treatment is not, particularly prom- part of the building. But once in, isin B. nobody gets out. Not. even thc Sec- Prevention nest Cure rotary of Agriculture, several of All this iloes not help us much them, across the years, have found in preventing or treating colds. Be- themselves trapped. The armed cause colds are caused by infcc- g>lar( j. s pa i tlieir sideanns and say, tton however, and are undoubtedly .. Sorry Mr- secretary. Rules, you • carried from one person to another, : know " Government Finds It Difficult to Obtain Good Men for Key Jobs and Pay Only $10,000 a Year few hours. ' m '° the By Peter Edsou NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. (NEA). — Firing f James M. Landis as Chairman of he Civil Aeronautics Board points |i one of the chief problems of riming a government. This is the dif- iculty of getting good men for the op administrative jobs. President Truman and his cab- Annnunccmcnt Said No . Kcapuointment | His term was due to expire Dec. 31. Shortly before, lie had been assured by the While House that he would lie veappointed. Then, without any direct word lo him and without any official explanation of whys or wherefores, it was announced lie would not be reappointcd. :k drive So far as treatment Is concerned, I". 10 ulc »'™ e to mal ! e (a dcllver y- there is not too much to offer. : The Euard - k»° w >»S what was corn- Nearly everyone with a cold would »«- <! 1D ™any, smiled and bowed ,be better off by getting to bed them in. That was at 10 m the morn- reappoiiit him. Instead thc job went t early and staying there until the m S- The burly drivers weren't al" symptoms hart disappeared. When- lowcc l to leave until the crop report ] ever this can be accomplished. It vvas released at 3 in the afternoon. I will help to shorten the effects of Tn « v couldn't even go out and shut !a cold as well as avoid exposing , oft the motor ol their truck, which to Congressman FJobert F. Jones 'jl Ohio. [ Wakefield Cot an Important i Radio Job As evidence of the fact that the Truman administration gave Wakefield a raw deal, it needs only to 1 others. i was drinking up • gas to beat the • • • iband. At 23 cents a gallon. QUESTION: I was given a for- j The theory is that some wise guy mula of cream of tartar, baking ; might look over the shoulder of « . , .„. ..„,.._ „*. ....,,, bc Pointed out lhat he has juit i soda , in(] nower of sulphur foreman figuring up how much wheat Washington is full ot rumors *s , been appointed U. S. representative I stjff knees j-^ you thing this wou]d • lve have. Then, if released, he might one of these tough but thankless Jobs. Some of them are government, areer boys. 'like Secretary -of Interior Kriij and Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Lilicnthal. They grow up m the business, know the rackets and can take the punishment. Landis was something of a government career man himself. He tair. ambitions to have CAB and tlie j has gotten the Truman administra- Civil Aeronautics Authority brought' tion in trouble before. By washing more directly under Department of j out Will II. Da vis's job as Director Commerce supervision. Because lie j of Economic Stabilization a couple wns too much of a New Dealer. J of years a-jo. the President left that these reasons may be \vron?. i faithful wartime public servant each of Ihcm creates enough hanging ungracefully-from a limb. 15 Fears Ago In Blytheville — had been Chairman of the Sccuri- > partial job. 'All But pressure to block the desire of an ernsst public servant to do an im- It's because of this kii:d of treatment that most smart young cxecu- I tives simp;y won't take government ties and Exchange Commission. During the war he was head of the Office of Civilian Defense for The question which this incident ' jobs. The result is that these joos is how the Truman— or any ! often go to three types of imlivid.- other—administration can expect to BARBS An cxtor directory is to be published, listing 500 pleasing aromas. Will Ihc dear little fikunk please go and hide sonic place » » m A lot of children sec a lol of objectionable movies because they can't bc left at home alont. • * * The meanest man and one who needs a very bitter roasting is <me who tosses aslies where (he little kids go coasting. ual. Incompetent hacks, who hang time then U S. economics chief m i get first-class executives if it kicks onto tlieir jobs by doing nothing mcl the good men it does get? that will offoncl anybody; Army anrt the Middle Efist. He went back to being Dean of Harvard L?.w School after the war. had been taken to a hospital. Naturally, the man didn't feel much like adding up wheat. He started to leave but the guard stopped him, | He wrote a-note to the Secretary of Miss lAicile Armstrong had. as her | AbricuHure. antl after an hour or guest Sunday, Dick Rowden of Ray- i so O f re d taping, the worried hus- ville, La. | band was allowed to rush to the Miss May Aldridge who was at- j bedside. But they sent an armed tending to business in Memphis yesterday was stricken with influenza. She is in Baptist Hospital. Mrs, J. P. Friend and Misses guard along to see that he didn't talk about anything but his wife's operation. As B Hour approached Thursday, A year and a half ago. President ' an official on short notice and for Trim)an persuaded him to come causes not stated. The previous in- back to Washington to be Chair- I cident was the case of Ray C. Wnke- man of CAB, after Wel:h Poguc ! field of the Federal Communica- resigncd to make some money. * tious Commission- Like Land is, jiuhs that the President has fired j they're sent and do what they're toll*, efficiently though often un- imasin.itively; and rich men, who can afford to live off their income. With a few notable exceptions, ; Louise Wnidon and Helen Hnrdin i rcporters were a ii 0 weti to go into entertained 25 guests last night it' the Friend home honoring Mrs. Ted King who is'a bride. Banana Boat Grounded MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 10. (UP) — the counting room. You never saw such a sight! There was a narrow white line in the middle of the floor. That's the toe-thc-mark line. Aa the second hand on the clock swept toward the stroke of three, bald W. F. Callemler, chairman of the Crop Landis threw himself into the new when Wr.keliclri's term of office ex- , of these three types makes a good Job.with characteristic energy. * pirctl, the PicsUIcnt simply did not I public servant. IN HOLLYWOOD BY ERSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent By Ersklnc Johnson NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, (NEA). — Maybe It's tlie pixie In me. But I have a definite desire, one which I can think ot no mnjor reason for check- Ing, to do some Best Dramatic | rupted him in some bit of fancy i fouling. | Emotional Gamut : These protests are first in the i Miriy, snarllngly restrained haulier strong c;uc can to made that none \ Coasl " Guardsmen here reported to- Reporting Board, cleared his throat. [lay that :* Nuvy tug hart been sent : Across the line in no-mim's land to "(lie aid of the banana boat. Amie, • were telephones and copies of the aground on Cay Labos at the south- ! secret report—face down on a table, eastern end of the Bahama Island Mr. Callcnder went Haruuuuuumpl chain. i On your marks, he said, get set— The grounded vessel us of Hon-i Go! duran registry, they said. i It was like the start of a track The Coast Guard also reported meet. The reporters, some too old that another small boat, the Muriel > and fat for much work, sprinted Latham, was lost in the Caribbean across Ihe line, grabbed the r\)ort somewhere South of Jamaica. The anrt skedaddled to the telephones, boat had messaged that it had only which already had been connected McKENNEY ON BRIDGE WrOIUI OvCY-Ruf f •' 12 hour's fuel left. pattern made classic by the late W. (7f//J Cost (I Trick C. Fields. Then conies the chilly rtis- I An «asy «ay lo make one he works too hard. friend II tell somc- Our dollar was designed by a foreigner. And foreigners have had designs on It ever since. It would not bc good for man to know the future for he musl live by hone. Thus he keeps striving ami often accomplishes tliat which at 'Iril seemed impossible. Performance awarding for 1WT. But • diin of a Basil Rathbone staring j Bv \villi:un K. McKinncy mv Best Dramatic Performance List ;-do\vn a trost-bitten nose. Gorgeous America's Card Authority is'different. George should have an Oscar. \ Written for NEA Service Herman, a barkecp. in a popular j Although it took rather a long Hollywood spa, can't tie omitted i t ime for tournament bridge to get ! fenders take no more tricks. with their offices. A new synthetic rubber has been patented. Retention of its stretch If West refuses to over-ruff he and bounce at very low tcmpera- s bound to make both his ace andi- . from my Best Dramatic Perform- ' started in Texus, tournaments there j j ancc List. Herman's grim, steely- ; are increasin;: in slxc now each year. , JJ. $. Representative eycrt. set-jaw refusal to put a bour- l T i ic forthcoming tournament at | | Stage, screen and radio stars may qunlify, but not for their work in front ol a camera, behind the foot- lighls or over a mike. •• These Include Grccr Garson's i --•<—- — •-• - . -••-• *- --• •• courtroom pcrlormance in Hivorc- ! bon-high on the books for one of , hc Mc i n ,sc Hotel In Dallas Jan. ' the boys until payday has a "smile- 2 2-25 will lie highlighted by Os- whtn-you-say that" quality which wa ](j jacoby. a resident of Dallas, would take Walter Huston. Hum- j j ac oby's new book "How to Figure phrcy Eogart oi 1 Alan Ladrt to top. ; the Odds" m;:cle a big hit at thc For pure drama in script anrt dc- vecent national tournament. about the break-no with TV Power ! livery, one must consider Eddie, the Jacoby brings out a nice point in arS h mad" N w York Wp whicn '. nowrtoy at Hollywood and High-; today's hand The first trick is won •nllnu-pri ' i;inci ' wll ° CCllS < ' Xlra P a P crs ' Uh °' 1 ' •°" OV Cd trade is slow, by shrieking nine of trumps. Read Courier News Want Ads. ms Richard Ncy-"Hc said I was a j has-bcm'- Jminiv C\vncv'.s "rescue" at sri off Lacuna Beach when ! his schooner the ""S»ilt." was (Us- i abled; and Lan» Turner telling SO THEY SAY Lippy Honored Laralnc Day and Leo nurocher's such prcixvsterous Headlines as: We must not conjure up imaginary ghosts when so many real spectres arc at large In thc world today.—Secretary of State Marshall, criticizing the misuse of propaganda. • » » If prompt steps are not lakcn on thc price front, we arc going to give thc people In the Kremlin the ace In the hole they have Been hoping for—collapse of our economy, depression and miss unemployment.—Walter P. Reuthcr, head, U.VW. • * • The UN's luture hinges on thc willingness ot the great powers to co-operate.—Andrei A. Oromyko, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister. » • • This is not a civil war. It is thc first skirmish ot World War III. If we act, we may be able to stop it from going further.—Rep. Walter Judd i HI o! Minnesota, speaking or the fighting in China. • « » The UN is on trial and musl, 11 necessary, enforce (he peace tin Pdiusthic).—Gen. Joseph T. McNarney, commanding general, Air Materiel Comm»nd, elopement and subsequent battles! "Forly Tl.ousaml Perish as with ,heprc,s audits Angeles, ^^.d'^/m tmto,,^ World ar II." Charlie SIcCnrlliy Stricken by Judges. Olivia de Havilland's tend with Joan Fontaine, which was cli- | maxcd at the Academy award presentation when Olivia walked away from Joan's congralulatums. Bins * A (I I 10763 «r> «<"• lomittlts *» «»' »» Gr ™ c ° + 85 Crosby's wold battles with ! even come close to Edrtic in ma* ~ club photographers intent on '"g all such nonsense .sound con- vmcliij and plausible until OJ South 1 * 3 # Pass ih f . W r.- an I get to .hnikh. the matte,, ove, mint "hose stiti'b-by-slltch reports on her recent operation make even thc most dynamic performances of Belle Davis look pallid anil restrained. Then there's a grunt-and-6roati wrestler named "Gorgeous George who must be on this Best Dramatic Performance list of mine. I recent and^W^trlm'm^iccf'bom nTa"nri ! Cal'mian"" director of" the Hamilton i c .',shcs the king ami then leads the. ouf o tlr^rS" "e dramatic mas- School. In a lecture at a seminar: acc ot clubs, which South ruffs! lei pieces ol fine. liiKh order. ! on child development. , with the jack »f spades. ; I llrsl saw "Gcorgeous George" in '. She explaincrt that the parents NOW. Jacoby points mil. It is fool- ; Great dramatic performances?—-' they're everywhere. Alter all. there's a little ham in everyone. Democracy Advocated • In Child Training NEW YORK lUPi—A system of democratic discipline for children 47653 VQ842 » K5 + Q104 N W £ S Dealer * 10 »J9 « J 1083 * AK.J76 2 AKQJ82 V A K 5 » AQ7 + 93 Rubber—N-S vul. West North Pass 2 A Pass Pass Opening— i^ 8. HORIZONTAL 57 Resting place 1 Pictured U. S. 58 Otherwise representative, W. J. Bryan • 5 Sacred image 9 Burden 13 On the 59 Poems VERTICAL 1 Engraver's pad 2 Chemical salt 3 Ancnt sheltered side * Seine 14 Rice liquor 15 Not one 16 Exist 17 Endure 20 Preposition 21 Evil 23 Branch ol Congress It English school 18 ™ lu '; iu ' n 5 Island 6 French city 7 Vegetable RTidy 9 Unit 10 Negative 11 Concord 12 Feels 18 Bone ravishhic racier, w-as recommended by Miss Judith 1 | )y E a; ,t with the j;u'k of clubs. East 27 Blackthorn 28 Make frssh 30 Aches 31 Hail! 32 Finish 33 Replete 35 Mine entrances 38 State 39 Cut 40 Conducted 11 Refund 47 Driving command (symbol) 41 Sun god . 42 Gaelic « SseUic 44 Scjrrov. r (ul cry 45 Duration 46 Half an em 49 Feline 50 Stir 53 Bachelor of .„ „.. - Arts (ab.) 36 Musical tnird 56 Hypothetical 37 Dots force 22 Gave 24 Omitting 2<i Not once 27 Shores "9 Espoused .3 Green vegetable 33 DrawinS- rooivts 34Thorough r ire enls He admires'LMCillc's hair immense- cratic methods lo make Ihc clill-; West Is bound to make two tricks. | ( a b.) ly dren understand that other people. Therefore he should just take a 52 Negroid Then I went to sec him wrestle ton, have rights. •• discard. substock at the Olympic. He wvcsllcs w,:ll — You can see that II lie doc.s over- 34 Asiatic enough bin where ••Gorgeous, The world's tallest mountains are ruff with the ace. no matter what country George." really reaches dramatic | the youngest. Thc oldest, once (all he leads back, declarer will win, 55 pier hciahls is in protesting to the rcf- ' arc rugged, now are worn down by pick up the four anrt nine of trumps «ree when this official has Iniei'- weathering. with the queen-Jack, and the de'

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