Spirit of the Age from Woodstock, Vermont on May 24, 1882 · 3
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Spirit of the Age from Woodstock, Vermont · 3

Woodstock, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1882
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SPIRIT OF THE AGlT Wooditock, Vt. May 24, 1882. W. K. B. TIME TABLE. tkaisi soma HIT. Wo. Z. 4. SmaTIOXS 4Il. 40C0 A.M. r. u. Woodstock, U34 .00 TafUville 11.45 t.OI Quecfae 11.(7 10 Dswev's Mills, 12.03 1.34 Hartford. 12.20 . White K. Junction, 12 Si 1U I'taiKs soma m. N. I. M. S. ST4TI0XS. ACCOM. MAIL A.M. . M. Whit K. Sanction, 7.10 1.01 H rt ford. 7.15 lit Dswev's Mills, l.ti 1.31 Qaaches. (.00 t.lT Taftsvills. g.12 j.it Woodstock, 8.20 1.41 J G POKIER, Sup't. Camilla Ukso, the distinguished violinist, Helen Potter, the emiueut reader and impersonator, Miss Marguerite Hall, talented soprano, and August Sauret, pianist, is a combination of talent and aceomplisements that should fill the Town Hall next Saturday evening, May 27th. Madame Urso and Miss Potter are well known and each is pre-eminent in her profession. Miss Hall is a daughter of 1). C. Hall of Boston, leader of the famous Hall's band. She is a delightful singer, and all in all an evening of ricli and varied entertainment is assured. As the entertainment is gotten up for a worthy object in aid of our public library it is hoped the people will turn out. Mr. S. B. Whitney, the well-known organist and director, and who conducted the musical convention here two years ago, will this season take a trip to Europe where he will remain till autumn. A host of friends in this State wish him much pleasure in his trip. Bellows Falls Times. Mr. Whitney is a Woodstock boy, and we take pride in knowing that he stands high in his profession. A tri p to the old world will do him good. We are indebted to Congressman Grout for a copy of his speech on the proposition to make the department of agriculture one of tha executive departments of the government. O. W. Richardson, printer, and a native of Woodstock, died of consumption in Boston, May 20th, aged about 49 years.. He learned his trade in the old Mercury office here, worked on the Age and Standard many years, and served in the late rebellion. He went to Boston about sixteen years ago to work on the Herald, and for the last ten or twelve years was employed on the Advertiser, He was a genial, whole-souled man, and all who knew him will regret to learn of his too early death. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and you can't do much without soap. There is as much difference in soap as in anything else.. Our folks have tried all kinds, but they award the premium to Frank SiddalPs. No 1 oiling or rubbing of clothes soaking and rinsing is all that is necessary. It is wonderful soap. H. E. Richmond & Co. keep it for sale at their drug store in Hatch's block. Try it and you will be pleased with it. Only 10 cents a cake. Pencil Makks. A cold, wet May makes lots of hay, but this May is too much of a good thing ; Judge Barrett is in attendance at Court ; General L. 3, Partridge of Norwich made us a pleasant call oil Monday we wish we had more such Democrats as the General in Vermont; we thought Miss Spring was about to unpack her trunk Sunday last, and take out her summer dress, but on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, she wore the same old sombre suit, and how loDg she will continue to do so, no feller can tell ; Joseph La Mountain, of So. Poml'ret, is a d. b. ; we can't write a local thai will make a soda fountain man smile just now ; they call it the "Landshark" down White River way ; we were glad to see the Hon. Prosper Merrill on the street this week in an improved state of health after his sojourn South he says he encountered bad weather at Washington, D. C. the worst known for twenty-five years by the oldest inhabitant, and it is no better here ; the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Vermont Medical Society will be held at the Van Ness House, Burlington, June 7th and 8th return checks on all the Vermont Railroads, except the Passumpsic lir, J. S. Richmond, Secretary, Woodstock ; Fred Chapman and Dana Bugbee are Avith the surveying party they camp out, and H. Rood is head cook ; there isn't a peep here about Decoration Day what is the matter?. Col. S. M. Pin-gree, of Hartford, and a few friends, made us a brief and pleasant call today the Col. delivers the Decoration Day Address at Rutland, and you can safely bet it will be a good one ; don't forget the Grand Concert next Satur day evening ; the average gardner looks blue ; if you have music in your soul, you want an Orgauette ; don't be 'scart' the railroad won't run through your back kitcheu this summer. Windsor County Court MAT TEEK, 188J, Hon. John W. Bo well, Judge. Hon. Wm. M. Pwgbv, ij.,- JudBM Gjeo. B. Fbekch, Clerk. T. O. Seaveb, Bute Attorney. Roixisr Ausdes, Sheriff, Tiesdat, May 23. Court convened at 10 a. m. Prayer by Rev. James F. Brodie. Court opened by proclamation of the sheriff. On call of the petit jury twenty-five jurors answered to their names and were sworn by the clerk. The Court explained to the jurors the nature of their oath in detail. Upon call of the docket twenty-one cases were set for trial, the first case set being No. 35, Paul Cummings v Oliver Holt, cause of action, trespass on the freehold. S. E. Pingree for Cummings, G. A. Davis for Holt. John J. Simonds of Hartford, law student of G. A. Davis, was admitted to the bar to-day. Wednesday, May 24. Herman G. Davis of Woodstock, student of French & Southgate ; Wil liam G. Stearns ol Bethel, student of Hunton & Stickney ; James Tierney of Cavendish, student of John F. Deane, were admitted as attorneys of Windsor county bar on the coming in of court this morning. Any one wishing for a musical instrument, either to use alone or as an accompaniment for the voice, and not possessing the requisite knowledge to make use of one if they had it, will find just what they want in the Mc- Tammauy organette, both in price and simplicity. Just come and convince yourselves at W. D. McMaster's, River Street. The remains of Norman Williams (colored), who died at Worcester, Mass., was brought here for interment on Saturday. He was about 50 years of age. At the annual convocation of Ottau- quechee Chapter, No. 21, R. A. M., held at Masonic Hall, Monday evening, May 22, the following officers were elected for the year ensuing : O. W. Sherwin, high priest ; Ben. K. Wright, king ; D. L. Howe, scribe ; C. M. Marsh, secretary ; J. S. Richmond, treasurer ; E. P. Tewksbury, C. H. ; O. T. Marsh, P. S. ; J. W. Hazen, R. A. C. ; George H. Mass, M. 3d V. ; J. C. Nutting, M. 2d V. ; C. F. Merrill, M. 1st V. ; Geo. L. Bemis, O. H. Chamberlin, stewards ; James Anderson, sentinel. BntiaiMl. The Berwick House, one of the best of Rutland hotels, is being painted red, giving a fine appearance to the street. The Howe Scale Company paid about $16,000 to their employees on the 15th. A severe snow storm was experi enced on Killington on Thursday last. Prices of coal are now quoted as follows : Chestnut, $6,50 ; Grate and Egg, $6.35. Joel C. Baker speaks on Decora tion Day at North Bennington. The new school house is to be located at the corner of Madison street and Strong's avenue. B. II. Woolsey has rented the Rutland county fair grounds and will give a series of races. The engineers of the Woodstock & Rutland railroad report good pro gress. The Parnell Literary Association give an entertainment on Friday evening. The personal grand list of Rutland varies but little from that of 1881. Work on the Clement National bank building is soon to begin. A new street is being laid out from Strong's Avenue, near the Howe scale works, to Main street. The Village Improvement Society have set out 250 shade trees in various parts of the city. Ex-Gov. Page has set out and boxed 75 trees on Washing ton and East streets. Ou Saturday night some vandals pulled up two newly planted trees m front of the residence W. R. Page, on Main street. The Village Improvement Society offer $25 reward for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of the act. A party ascended Killington to the hotel on Thursday. They found several snow banks. They could not reach the summit because of the deep snow. Mrs. Gen. Baxter has contributed a memorial window to Zion's Church, Factory Point, in honor of her parents. The reappointment of H. C. Johnson, as Postmaster at Vergennes, is said to have been done by Senator Edmunds against the protest of Congressman Joyce. There are various rumors afloat in reference to the candidate for congress in the first district. The latest is a consolidation and compromise on a new man, and he reported to be a Rutland county man. The suggestion of the name of L. W. Reddington as the Democratic candidate for governor, meets with a hearty response in this section. Hoa, A. L. Miner, of Manchester, spent the Sabbath in town as the guest of Gen. Levi G. Kiugsley, J, L, Brown has purchased the Z. M. French place at the Center for $700. Alice Barrows had the misfortune while at work in MeKenzie's woolen ncill recently, of having the first finger of her right hand caught in the machinery and so badly injured it had to be amputated. L. E. Weymouth lost a wallet containing about thirty dollars on the morning of the 14th, which was found by the writer in the road at the Center and returned to the owner in the evening, and he slept a trifle better, no doubt. Walter Stevens, who doubtless has given up the idea of ever having a lawful right to whip any children of his own, has concluded to go for children in the street with an ox whip, he being a teamster. Look out Walter you are marked. ' On Wednesday, the 17th iust., a little after 12 o'clock p. m., fire was discovered issuing from the horse barn on the farm occupied by Nelson A. Gillett at the Center, The wind was blowing directly toward the dwelling house at the time and soon the house, baru, dwelling-house with ell part, the wood sheds, hog house, and a new carriage house with all their contents except the furniture of three lower rooms in the dwelling house were burned to the ground, and if it had not been for the most strenuous efforts on the part of the few people present, two large barns not more than one hundred feet away must have been burned. Mr. A. B. Gillett of Tnftsville, the owner of the premises, loses about $1000, and the son $200. No insurance. Cause, smoking a horse for the epizootic. Mr. N. A. Gillett wishes us in his behalf to thank those neighbors of both sexes who saved what they could from the flames. South Woodstock: Last week the Green Mountain Perkins Academy closed a very suc cessful term of school, with examinations, prize speaking, and graduating exercises, followed by an excellent address by Rev. S. H. McCollister, D. D., ex-President of Buctel College, Ohio. All the exercises passed off creditably and satisfactorily, with some slight exceptions. One of the prize speakers a young lady was unable to get a rehearsal until two or three hours before her final rendering and consequently did not get a prize, yet she displayed marked elocutionary ability. Through the failure to be present of one of the gentlemen appointed, there were only two judges, these failing to agree, the first prize was divided between H. L. Rockwood and Carrie Walker ; the second was given to F. E. Meacham ; the third was divided between E. B. Mack and Mary Saw yer. 1 he announcement ol the prizes created no small amount of surprise, as the portion of the audience agreeing with the decision was exceedingly minute. Tails vine. Decoration services will take place at 10 o'clock a. in., May 20. All soldiers and citizeus are invited to meet at this village at that hour and join in the march to the cemetery and assist in this patriotic duty. The order of exercises has not been decided upon as yet, but will be made as interesting as possible. The comrades and quite a number of citizens and children, will take the noon train for W. R. Junction to attend the Hartford decoration services, by invitation ; will return by an extra train in season for the camp fire at this place in the evening. Bring your tin cup if you want some coffee at the camp fire. The Woodstock rail road carries at greatly reduced rates to W. R. Junction " and return ou that day. Barnard. Rev. Eli Ballon is ..to preach at Barnard Center next Sunday, May 28. All interested in decorating the soldiers' graves are requested to meet at the Town Hall on Saturday evening, May 27, at six o'clock p. m. We notice Orin Cox of Minnesota, (formerly of this town) is in town with a pair of nice horses for Frank Gilson. James Gordon Bennett bus giv en Mrs. De Long $50,000 in United States government bonds. There are now hosts of women in this country who are wild to have him send their husbands to the North Pole. BP" A Kentucky man was seen the other day with a blue ribbon pinned to his coat. A friend inquired : "Have you joined the . Murphys, Judge?" "Not exactly," ho replied. "I only wear this in the hope that some one will ask me to take a drink, under the impression thut I will refuse." T.orltpa ii nd slcklv irirln remilrlmr a nnn- nlcnhnllf u-pntla stimulant, will flud Brown's Iron Bitten beneficial. Three uew bouse are to be built at Dewey's mills the present season, another one moved and an addition put on to the mills. J. N, Chamberlin has opened a carriage shop in a part of the black smith shop of Lorenzo W. Shattuck. Mrs. Calvin Totman left town a few days ago, probably to become Mrs. Bailey, and ve understand the is to reside in Pomfret. The latest joke about King Kalakaua of the Sandwich Islands is that he can not help being a good man! The reft. son assigned is that his ancestors ate so much missionary in their time that it worked into their system and was thus transmitted to their descendants. Bright's Disease, Diabetes. Beware of the stuff that pretends to cure these diseases or other serious Kidney, Urinary or Liver Diseases, as they only relieve for a tune and makes you ten times worse afterwards, but rely solely on Hop Bitters, the only remedy that wilt surely and permanently cure you. It destroys and removes the cause or disease so effectual ly th at it never returns. X "Ike has an irritating skin disease," Mrs. Partington says; "Char lotte russe broke out all over him, and if he hadn't wore Injun beads as an omelet it would doubtles s; have culmi nated fatally." 'Golden Me dical Discoveey' for all scrofulous and virulent blood-poisons, is specific. By druggists. The Governor has issued his proclamation in regard to re-districting the State. This blots out the old Third District. The second district embraces the counties of Windham, Windsor, Orange, Washington, Caledonia, Orleans and Essex. TOWN HALL, Woodstock, Saturday Eve, May 27. The Management have the pleasure of announcing the positive appearance of the CELEBRATED ARTISTS CAMILLA URSO, The most eminent and distinguished Violin Virtuoso before the public, AND HELEN POTTER, America's greatestjReader & Elocutionist, ASSISTED BY MISS MARGUERITE HALL, The charming young Mezzo Soprano. MR. AUGCSTE SAURET. PIANIST. (First appearance ainco his return from . Australia.) Presenting-the most Brilliant Entertainment our citizens have ever been favored with, combining Musical and Literary gems in . AND READINGS, under the Bireotion and Management of FREDERIC LITER, AND HARRY ST. ORMOND. Admission, B0 and 75 cts. according to location. Tickets and seats secured without extra charge at White's Bookstore. NEW DDDD RRRR U U GGGG DDRRUUGG D D RRRR U U G D D R R U U G GG DDDD R R UUUU GGGG mm- The undersigned respectfully announce to the Public that they have opened a DRUG STORE, '-IN-UATCirS BLOCK, ELM ST., Store formerly occupied by O. E. Randall, where they will be happy to see their friends and customers. They offer for sale PURE DRUGS & MEDICINES, TOBACCO & CIGARS, PATENT MEDICINES, FANCY GOODS, Condition & Cough Powders made from old and reliable receipts. Pocket Knives & Scissors, Toilet Soap & Toilet Articles, VASES & CONFECTIONARY. And in fact everything kept in a First Class Dkug Stoke. Physicians' Prescriptions made a specialty. Our Goods were selected with care, are new and fresh, were well bought, and will be sold low for Cash. Flenso five us iv call. II. E. RICHMOND & CO. II. E. RICHMOND, - - V. L. KICHMOND. Woodstock, Vt.t May 10, '82. QUAKER BITTERN, fu.Hher sup ply Just received and gelling it CIIAPMAN'8 1882 SPRING M J. B. JONES invites attention to his Very Aiiractive Stoct OF NEW SPRING GOODS NOW OPENED. Dress Goods AND (DRESS) (TRIMMINGS) in choice variety LADIES' & CHILDREN'S' HOSIERY & GLOVES all grades and styles. A LARGE LINE OF GINGHAMS, PRINTS, and CAMBRICS. Special attention is invited to my Stock of CARPETS AND MATTINGS, WALL PAPERS & BORDERS, which includes all the new and choice designs. GROCERIES FRESH EVERY WEEK. EXTRA. TEAS and COFFEES for the money. f3T Butter and Eggs taken in ex change for Goods. J. B. JONES'. Woodstock, Vt. CHARLES DANA, March 9, 1882. We are now receiving new Spring Goods Foulard Cambrics, Prints, Ginghams, Plaids and other DRESS GOODS, Handsome, Seasonable and CHEAP ! ALSO, Hamburgs, Swiss Edgings, Laces, Collaretts' Mull and Lace ties, and other Lace Goods, New, Attractive and CHEAP ! A full assortment of English and American Toilet Quilts, Turkey Red and Cardinal Damasks, Bamsley Crashes, Table Damasks, Towels, Napkins and other Goods of this class at very LOW PRICES. Chevoits Shirting Stripes, Flanels, Tweeds, and other Seasonable Goods, all of which will be sold at the lowest cash prices. Purchasers are invited to call- CHARLES DANA. March 1882. COMMISSIONERS" NOTICE. KEUIJEST DOUGLAS'S ESTATE. Tlio undersizned. having been appointed by the Probate Court of the District of Hart-lord, Commissioners to receive examine and adjust, all claims nud demand of all persons uruinsl Reuben Douglas late of Woodstock in said District deceased, and the claims of the deceased exhibited in set-off, to the claims of the creditors hereby give notice thut we will meet for the purpose ot examining and allowing mid claims at the dwelling-house of Seih F. Sterlin. in Wood stock, on Saturday, the loth flay of April. and ou Saturday the 2nd of September next, from one, o'clock P. M. until five o'clock P. M., on each of said days, and that six months from the loth day of March A. D. 1882, is the time limited by said Court for eaid creditors to nresout their claims to us for examination and allowance. Dated at Woodstock, this 23rd day of March, A. D. 1882. II. F. DUNHAM, ) Cotnmis-S- F. STKKIIN, J sioners. Elinor French Ointment SEALING at - . . CHAPMAN'S. ' 08 a week in your own town. Terms and tA outfit free Address H. Hallo'.t & Co. Portland. M DAILY. Fresh Spring Goods. TAPESTRIES, THREE-PLY and IXGRAET amt mm. NEW FAACY MATTINGS. New Rugs & Mats. LARGE STOCK Wall Papers. Novelties in Prints, Tidies and Splashers, New Styles in CAMBRICS & MO 31 IE It. New Furniture, Cretonnes & Crepes. CALL AND SEE OUR NEW GOODS. F. N. BILLINGS'. New Hats, New Bonnets, New Flowers, New Kibbotis, JUST RECEIVED AT MBS. JOHNSON A TEVPKSBUKY. HARD RUBBER TRUSSES! Piices Reduced. A further supply of Steeley's Hard Eubbor Truss at a great reduction from former prices just received. Also a large additions to his stock of other make Trusses making the largest stock and greatest variety of Trusses in the State. Call and examine at the Old Dkug Stoke. "EHAS. CHAPMAN. James VV. Hazen Now does business at the Old Stand so long occupied by A. G. Brown, and has filled the same with an entire New Stock of Stoves, Ranges, Tin Ware, . "Wooden "Ware, Wire "Ware, Brass Kettles, Iron Kettles, Spiders, Enameled Kettles in all sizes, Glue Pots, etc. Copper Pumps, Iron Pumps, Suction Pumps, Coal Hods, Coal Sifters, Copper Tea Kettles, Steamers, Tin Wash Bowls and Pitchers, Farina Boilers, Oyster Stew Pans, Skewers, Nurse Lamps with Tea Kettle. In fact he has everything that any one can wish in the line of Tin, Iron, Copper and Wooden Ware. JOB WORK, N. M. HOISIKGTON ia now in his employ, and having been a practical worker of tin for over a quarter of a century, it is safe to bet that he can "tinker'' some. He makes to order all kinds of Tin Ware, Pipe. &c, &c, using the best stock, and has Lowest Class Prices Possible. Lead and iron Water Pipe in stock and contracts made for supplying and laying the Bame in any quantity. i: mil furnished for Tin Boof of any uility of st ock. He is also prepared to do all kinds of Gas-Fitting, &c. O" All work wan anted. Give jhim a call and see for yourselves. JAMES W. HAZEN. Woodstock, Bapt. 33th, 1881. 0. II. FREEMAN, Agent, for repairing clothes wringers of all kinds. Best quality of Solid White Rubbei Rolls furnished at reasonable prices, and warrar tedhv O. H FRKBMAN G. M. T. ACADEMY, , South Woodstock, Vermont. Students fitted for business, teaching, and college. Spring term commences March 1st 1882. Board, eocluding room, fuel, llghcs and washing, $3.00 per week. Good facllties for self boarding. W. . Mack, A. B., and Mrs. IT. P. Wood have been engaged as teachers'. For catalogue or further Information, address, I. S. COOK, A. B., Principal, Woodstocfcj Vt. Sim or VEBMunr, At a Probata Court Hartford District . I holi at Woodstock, witJun and for end district, oa ths twenty Hunt day ot May, A, U, m. Present, Hon. John Porter, Judgs. Israel P, Smith's estate, Pomfret, intestate, Otis Chamberlin, Administrator of eaid etate, proposes to rentier an account ol bis administration and to present his account against said estate for examination and allowing .t M. PrAhfttA nnnrt I.. 11,1 " uvil iw W IKHI t Woodstock aforesaid on the second Wednesday (fourteenth day) of June next. The Court therefore orders that notice of the same be given to all persons interested in said puuusuiug a copy or ine record of this ftrdflr thrAJt KAolra atuwACdivalv a., ih. Spirit of the Age, a newspaper printed at Woodstock aforesaid, that they may ap- ueu ueiore sua iO art ana content tne allowance of said account, if they see cause. A true record, HENKY S. DANA, Eegister. STATE OF VFKMnNT It . Irnl,.t- District of HasTFOKD, es. t Court held at Woodstock within and for said District on the third day of May, A. D. 1682. Present, Hon. John Porter, Judge . Dennis Horrigan's estate, BoyaUon, intestate. James O'Grady, Administrator of said estate, proposes to render an account of his administration and to present bis account against said estate for examination and allowance at a Probate Court to be held at Woodstock aforesaid on the first Wednesday (seventh day) of June next The Court therefore orders that notice of the same be given to all persons intereBtei in eaid estate, by publishing a copy of the record of this order three weeks successively in the Spirit of the Age, a newspaper printed at Woodstock aforesaid, that thev mav appear before said Court and contest "the allowance of said account , if they see cause. A true record. HENKY S. DANA, Eegister. Boots and Shoes From the Factories of Edwin C. Burt, A. F. Smith and other first class Manufactor- ers are for sale CHEAP for CASH AT THE (LOWEST )HTRiCESj and also the Best Custom Work, from Repairing to the Making of the FINEST BOOTS. AT SMITH & WELLS' NO. 1, MELLISH BLOCK, Woodstock, May 4, 1882. Vermont, f What's the use going barefoot when yon can buy snoes so cheap ? J A Priceless Jewel is Truth And it is True That I have put. down prices in oruer to liease the pressure which an ap preciative public, has brought upon me in its desire to reciprocate my efforts to merit the croof will and natrouase of all consumers ot" BOOTS & SHOES. I .lelieve in large sales on a small marijin. Mv goods are NEW, PRIME and CHEAP. and it is an undeniable fact that 1 do sell the BEST GOODS for the LOWES PRICES to be found ESS" Boots aoii Shoes made to order and warranted to fit. Repairing neatly and cheaply done. CIVE M A CALL. A. C. PRIOR. JOEL DUPEEZ, Horse Shoer, Particular attention paid to Shoeing Interfering, and Ocntlemens' Trotting and Driving Horses. Carriage Ironing and Job Work of all kinds, at Lowest cash Prices Shop on Central Street, Opposite the Jail. Woodstock, Vt. TO LADIES ONLY! Wt will and 1 IVMtlftal RUM.nUtat Batter Kalfa. 1 IrWitir.il Silwplftte4 8acvShU I Book, "LufUff of the Flo wen ; 66 pieces full sire Vocal Mofe, wlU Piano acconiDanimertt. retail from U to hO cents each lat stores ; and a beautiful UhMtrm4c4 Mafacla, three iiiorutis, pose -paia u im mree-cem sumps are sent Kpay posing ana pacKing expenses. Aaaress i K. (j. BIDEOCT CO., PabiWaen, 10 BtrtUr BU, H. T. FOR SALE! The well known Mascome Boarding house situated in the village of Lebanon, N. H., within 50 rods of the employment of 500 mechanics and mill operatives. Said house is fully equipped aqd now doing a first class business. Will Bell with or without furniture, will sell low and on very easy terms. The property will pay 10 per cent on the investment to rent. Cause of wishing to sell, sickness in the family. For particulars address, H. W. BENTON, , Box 39 1 Lebanon, K. H. Lebanon, N. H., May 1st, 1883.

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