The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 2
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PAGK TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEW? MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1948 British Official Says Russians Risking War With Efforts to Upset German Recovery Plans Heads University N, J»n, 12. CUP.)—Brilain opened an era of plain talk to today following a warning by Deputy Prime Minister Herbert Morrison that Russian policies were "running the risk ot war." "Nobody It trying to upset the Internal security ot th« U. •. •. ».," HfccrUoo §aid In a speech at Leicester last night. "Can they not begin to reverse* engines and to discard the provocative policies by which they are not only running the rlsK ot wnr at some time but which are Impeding the economic recovery and progress ot mankind?" The tenor of Morrison's speech was believed set by Die cabinet, which reviewed the whole basis of British foreign policy last week In the light of the Big Four breakdown. "Morrison safd he could not understand why Russia hied to sabotage the Marshall plan unless U was following the doctrine thai Communism could triumph more easily If there were more misery In the world, Morlson said Britain would like to cooperate with Russia, but "we cannot be expected at all times to lie down to untruthful and malicious attacks which tire made upon our country and our government In the reckless pronanganda machines of Russian Communists." Jus Lines Strike Jlamed (or Blast Louisiana Terminal Damaged by Second Large Explosion ALEXANDRIA, Jan. 12. (U.P.I — Louisiana authorilles today Investi- Russians Make Threats BERLIN, Jan. 12 (UPI—Ameri can and British oftclals brHcct! themselves today to meet a threat encd Russian campaign of lull mldatlon designed to force then to gult Berlin. Thi Russians served notice their Intentions Sunday in the olfl cial Soviet Army Newspaper Tac gllche Rundschau which said, "there is no space in Berlin for the supporters of Germany's partition.' A few hours later a Russian bonier guard fired five bullets through a gated a Ihunderous bus station explosion lolcnt nets against bound Southern BUB here—latest In a scries of the strlke- Llnes that Dr. William Richardson While, out standing Baptist leader and pastor Tax Collectors In Italy Strike Workers in Banks And on Farms Idle; Business Paralysed ROME. Jan. 12. (UP)—Italy's 160.000 state tax collector. 1 ; walked out on strike totlny, bringing to 312.000 the number of workers Idle In bank, farm and dock disputes. Tlie tax collectors struck In sympathy with 60,0000 bank workers whose 13-day walkout has para- lyred business throughout the country. Printing One-Dollar Billt \Maidof Cotton for 1947 Slow Process for Rich Receives Slight Injuries Uncle, Treasury Discloses MEMPHIS Tenn Jall 12 (OP) _! Miss Hilma Seay, 22 the 1947 Maid I of Cotton, was recovering today WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. CUP) — It would take the treasury'« Bureau of Printing and Engraving more tliun 26 years to print enough one dollar bills to pay for President Truman's government spending program in the next flscal year. The bureau aald Ita production, on the basis of an eight-hour day, five- dny week, is 1,500.000,000 bills a year. And the President said he expects to spend $39,608.000,000 in the IBlfl fiscal year. Transportation Firm Official Disappears \ TRANSPORTATION FIRM—12 JN A flniil conference to keep the; LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 12.— tax collectors at work failed early today and Labor Minister Aminore Fandanl referred the dispute to Premier Alclde dc Gasperl. Representatives of the union and banks agreed last night on wage demands but a flnnl settlement Inspired drastic special-session legislation In Ilic neighboring slate of Mississippi. A terrific blast shattered plate glass windows and knocked a hole in the cement, floor of the Southern Uucs stnUon here last ulght but no one was hurt. •IVo arrests were nrnde wltlilr three hours after the Incident and Detective Chief J. E. (Bud) Ellington said more arrests were,expected today. He declined to Identify] these In custody. It was the second lime during the cight-inonth-olrt slrike that Hie Alexandria station was blasted but It was the first major violence iu the strike In the past several] weeks. Police said they believe dynamite was lire explosive used last nlRhl. Several months ago the station Austin, has announced lance of the presidency of Baylor University, at Waco, Texas, cccding Pat M. Neff. — (NBA Telephoto). broke down on the issue of split shifts. sue-1 Most Italian workers have not thccti paid for two weeks because Airport News Jessie Wright, of Kcnnctt, Mo, flying student at Hie Municipal Airport, was unhurt Friday when the Iwo-placc Cessna be was flying ended up or. its back aflcr a forced landing caused when Hie engine quit as the pilot was switching fuel tanks. Hood Flying Service officials said today that the cause of the engine's fl.uli.tlng was not yet known but that strike. of the bank strike. Cracking down on strike violence, the cabinet issued an emergency (UP)—Detective chief C. O rink land Mrs. said today thai Little Rock city rcncc P, police have been unable to locate Karl Squires, 38-year-old transportation company official who has been missing since lie left his hotel room here last Monday. Squires, of Poteau, Okla., anil owner of the Earl Transportation Co.. was reported missing yesterday by Undersherlff Bryan Toblcr of Lcilore County, OXla. Toblcr said Squires left Poteau by chartered plant to get is annual inter-city bus licenses at the was from slight Injuries suffered les- terday when the car In which she was riding was lilt head-on by another automobile. IMss Scay suffered SHOCK and bruises, but was able to go home. She was riding In the car ol Everett A, Ham, 241year-old student, of Little Rock, Ark., at the time. Three Blytheville Youths Join Navy Air Reserves Three Blytheville High School students have enlisted In the Organized Naval Air Reserve at the Naval Air Station in Memphis, it was announced today. They are Charles II. Bogan Jr., son o'f Mr. C. H. Bogan Sr.; Law- Hcarn, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hearn; and Gordon Vance Carney, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Carney. decree ordering immediate summary [ Arkansas capitol and was believed trials with 10-year sentences on j to be carrying about $3,000. fie conviction for anyone engaged in blocking roads. The decree followed an outbreak of violence in Plsloia in which 12 persons were injured when police i and strikers battled over a road 1 block. " Dock workers In Naples a n d Genoa, farm workers around Naples iiiul Venice, and electric power workers in Milan continued to said the executive stopped at Mena, Mount Ida and Hot Springs where lie drew money from various bank accounts. Singleton Babb. pilot of the plane, told Toblcr that Squires left Ihc holel Monday night promising to return shortly, when he had not returned by Tuesday afternoon, Babb Hew back to Poteau. ,(eiiei At Last For Your Cough Creomulslon relieves promptly because it E:OCS right to the seat of th r trouble lo help - loosen and expc ;erm laden phlegm, and aid nature io soothe and heal raw, tender. Inflamed bronchial mucous mem' branes.Tcll your druggist to sell yov a bottle of Creomulslon with, the understanding you must like the way ii quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULS1OK for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis suffered minor damage when sticks of dynamite were tossed Into it from a moving car. Last night's explosion came at about 6:30 and shook the entire eity. Several persons were eating In tlie bus! station restaurant, which is partitioned off from the ramp and waiting room, but Police Chief Oeorgc Gray said thej suffered no 111 effects from the blast. No busses were scheduled to arrive or depart at that hour anil only one bus was standing In the station. It suffered some minor damage. Chief Gray theorized that 'the comparative emptiness of the station made It possible for the dynamiter or dynamiters to sli| inside, plant the explosive and se< it for detonation. The strike of drivers and term inal employes of the Southern Bu. Lines began last Muy, but the lines have continued operotini vising * trainee" employes as sub stilutcs car carrying an American major and his wile, wounding the roalor In the finger. • 'American authorities said the officer, Air Force Maj. Richard R. Baker, was fired on after he had passed through the Hclmstcclt checkpoint barrier on the international highway linking Berlin with the British zone. \ Baker and his wife were traveling in ft small German convertible. The Russian guard permitted them to pass and proceed 15 yards before he • opened up with his rifle at the car. Baker, attached to the Judge advocate general's ollce at Wiesbaden, said he halted Immediately when the bullets ripped into the back of his car. "It was the first time in 27 years my wife ever obeyed me without asking questions." Baker said. '1 told her to get down on the floor quick and she did." Russian Officer Apologize* -Baker's finger was nicked, but he was .not sure whether It was from flying glass or a bullet. American ] JlUrtt ay •uthoritles said the Russian officer| Aviator Backfires for on duty a), the checkpoint »polo-i - g!«d" kiifl reprimanded the •. guard. ; "England and_4he UniUd States h*r« entered trie dangerous route of'violating the control mechanism (allied control authority) which will unavoidably lead to a change in the occupation statue ol IJerUn," the Soviet Army paper said In a Page One editorial just before the shooting incident. "It can no longer be tolerated that Berlin becomes tlie object of separatism. There is no space iti Berlin for the supporters of Germany's partition." The (tutorial was written by M. Soblr.ov, * Russian army officer. x Observers said the Russian campaign to take over the German capital was set off by failure of the London Conference and the recent Frankfurt announcement creating a stronger central administration In the Anglo-American zone. Observers do not believe that the Russians will resort to force lo drive out the British and Americans, 1 state of Arkansas lias Issued a por- even though the Soviets have twojmit, No. 513. to R. W. BlshoiT to armies near Berlin and there are ' sell and. dispense vinous or spiri- An announcement by the Italian Communist Party, largest outside Russia, said Its membership now 1ms reached 2,'>50,T16. It died when Mr. Wright switched rom one tank to the other. The ilane was considerably damaged. The forced landing tool: place hrue miles South of Bourbon, Mu., I por-foam firefiBhting systems are Ir. Wright's destination on a cross- | bcit)g (^stalled on Nlu ; y aircraft ountry flight. He was forced down CRrrS crs to reduce danger from gas- .n a soft field and flyliii service ollnc flrcs ^^ mechanical foam' ifflclals said he did a "good Job" of 1-s , nlu | e from soybeuns. fish scales nndllng the emergency landing. uul ( roll Hal Dctrick of Blythcville has enrolled In the instructors course at the airport here. He Is the Boys Scout Field Executive for Mlsslss- ppi County and a former Armv pilot. Dr. L. L. Hubncr of Blytheville flew to Little Rock yesterday in his Navlon. Transient pilots who landed here during .the past week included: A. W. Fuciuslck of Memphis, Cessna: \V. A. Glenn of Convvay. Cessna; William H. Edwards of Lexington. Mo,, Aeronca; Harry F. Eaton of West Memphis, Stinson; T. Roll of Chicago, Lu-scombe; M. S. Carroll of Huston, La.. Deechcraft; C. D. Footc of Snow Lake. Ark...Aeronca; Charles Rose of Roscland, Bonanza. 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Tlie mW(Uc-oI-lhc night IllBlit took place after the youth, an usher at the wedding of his sister. Miss Carolyn Camp to Ens. S. Theodore Smith. Jr., decided to bus! the couple 1 whom he thought were en route to Fort Smith. fewer than 1,500 Anglo-American combat troops In the capital. OF NOTICE OK GRANTING L1QUOK PERMIT Notice Is hereby Riven that the Commissioner of Revenues ol the tuous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as Third St.. LeachviUe. This permit issued on the I day of Jan., 1948 and expires on the 30 day of June, 1018. R. W. BisholT, Permittee. SHEETROCK For Inside Finishing • 32 Inches Wide • 8 Feet Long • i Inch Thick PER FT. COMPLETE BEDROOM Finished in walnut, sturdily built to give years of good service, this is the most practical buy of 1948! No one dares to price such a suite as this at a corresponding price! Buy this suite today . . . Rest comfortably tonight! 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