The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1948
Page 9
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f ATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1948 Robbins to Face Murder Charge Prosecutor Rules Out Possibility Bridt Took Own Lift A/CLI.NTON, A.rk., Jan, 10. (UP) — ^•iii Buien County Prosecuting Attorney R, E. Kiuli »ald lie WHS |ye- P»rln» Ui (lie rmirdfr charge* today • guinjt Lonnie Bobbins, in connection with the »lrychnine-poisoning death ol his bride, Sue Dudley Rob- bim. ' Robbing who wax arrested yest«r- d»y at Huuellvllle while on lilj way to bt married to Mrs. Helen Rob- •rts of Little Hock, hu Insisted thnl he U not responsible for Mrs. Rot)bins's death. Meanwhile. Mr.s. Roberts wns being held as a, material witness, and Hush Kald lie planned to order iier placed under bond. Van Buren County Coroner H. ,J. .Hall ruled out the possibility tint Mrs. Robbins death had been a suicide, after palling hi! ilmhn^s with a University or Arkansas Medical School autopsy report. He said strychnin* was found In the woman's stomach and R half «mpty bottle of the poison found in the Robbins home. Bobbins Denies Chariie RUS8ELLVILLE, Ark., Jan. 10 (UP) -r- Lonnis A. Robbins, «. of Clinton, Ark., denied today that he poisoned his M-year-old" bride of leu than a week so that he could marry another woman, and authorities meanwhile ruled out the HOS• Ibilily of suicide In Mrs. Robbins 1 death. Robbiru wa« arrested her« Thuri- day Ju«t SO minutes before he wa» to wed Mr«. Helen Roberts 43 of Little. Rock. Mr«. Robert* told police she. did 'IH kno1 ' Roboini h «<t been married •Sd had become a widow on New Tear'i Eve when h!« wife died In agony. Pathologisbi found "enough itryeh- nine to kill" In the body of Mrs. Robbins and VnV Buren County 'Coroner H. J. Hall said he had pulled out the possibility of auicide. • Mrs. sue Dudley Robbitu and the 48-year-old Clinton man were married shortly after Christmas after a mail courtship. Police said they were told Mrs. , Robbini withdrew SI.too in posial eavings before leaving her Abilene, Tex. home to marry Robbins. Slur also had »iade him the beneficiary of a loOO life insurance policy, th^y said. 'Sanity Code' Slowdown Vote Scheduled by NCAA Members By Steve Hnitlfr (I'nlted Presi Sports Writer) NEW YORK, J«n. 10. IU1>)- Habitual Criminal Law leglate Athletic Association's annual convention met In a final session today for a showdown vole on the proposed "sanity code" lo curb (lie proselyting of athletes. 10. HOT 8PRINO*, Ark., Jon, (UP)-The propo»»l that th. .™. legislature cnnci t "habitual criminal" act. IIH.S received the tupuort Sponsors of the" code were oonll- n' J'"-', *'*'<"••"« Sheriffs As.socln- dcnt it would receive the rraulri-d ,,.V two-thirds mKjorlty to PASS U Ile " S!i «'«"'">. "'Wins Hi Hot "Surprisingly little opposition has I E. 1 *^ *,„ , lly ' » do " l «'l • ftto- come to our mention," said Dr. 1 i?,, u £?„£" 1 >" JS »6» °< «uch ': i * bill. It would provide automatic, life sentences lor tliird or fourth offender*. , Karl B. Lelb of ihc University of Iowa, president ,,f {he KCAA ••There may be n fight on one or two of the points but the wording of the original code has been modified lo n point that apparently is agreeable to almost everyone." Except for routine business, the vole on Hie sanity code was the last major step in the week-lung series, of meetings involving' Ihe N.C.A.A. and its affiliated groups of baseball, track, boxing and football coaches. The proposed sanity code represents the first attempt of the N.C. A.A. group to become u govcrnluif body in athletics Instead of an advisory group. Suspension or expulsion Is provided as a penalty for «iiy school that fails lo live up to the code and if the penalty is invoked that school ciinnot be scheduled by N.C.A.A. members. Of the five points in the code, only the principles governing financial aid and recruiting were expected to meet opposition. Athletic scholarships would be abolished. The only aid an athk-le can receive would be from (|| C same group which dispenses aid to all other students, based on scholarship. At for recruiting, the most objectionable phrase has been removed since the code was adopted in nrin- ciple last year. That phrase p ra . hibited members of a school's athletic itaft from talking to a prospective student beyond the boundaries of Its own campus. No suoli restrictions now nre placed, although the "Interviewing" of athletes still must be free of financial talk. Read Courier News want Ada. France Protests Joint Zon« in West Germany I'AIUS, Jan. 10. (UP) — Ofllcial source* reported last mfht that Pr»n« hu protesUd strongly to the Untied Slates iintl Gi f al Hrllnln ntt;ilnsl the esiabll.shiiifni o f * Joint Aiijtlu-Amerlaiii toiiul council in Weiturn Germany. French »mb«.«adors In Wuhln,- ton «nd London delivered th* protest this morning. It .aid that Fruiice Imd nol relaxed In tin .ilightcst Iu opposition lo (he establishment of i cmitriil German regime, even for only the Western purl ol atnnnny. American, nrltlih tnd German officials agreed In meetings this wcrlc on selling up t joint ndmlnls- tr.-uion nf tin- AJiiiln-Ainprk'iut Zone which in ellocl amounted lo tho eslabllflluncnt of A government. Kingston. Ontario, hs« been designated us the site of the proposed Hockey Hall of Fame. if were offered him. "1 am not. a candidate for the office of vice-president. And I would not accept the nomination if It were offered." he declared. Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm ... 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I (UP) — k Commissioner Harry J. Sullivan ^•called yesterday for "severe andj drastic" legislation, including a curfew, to quell violence among mein- .bers of the Doukhobor religions •ect in the Kootenny Valley. Sullivan indefinitely postponed a hearing ipto llif cause ol recent acts of bombing end burning by th.e radical DouKhobor sect when six more acts of violence broke out dur- ; Ing his Investigation of the trouble. Sullivan declared It was "silly (o continue the hearing while Insane »nd criminal members of the sect continue to run rampant with burn- Ingi, bombinu »nd de»th a* possible hctor»." "A *Ut« if «men«ncy •xl«ta," SulllvAn s.ld, "«nd th€ government ihould proceed as In n state of em- reBeiicy." Sullivan said he was contacting the provincial deputy attorney gcn- «»!'» office and If nil recommendt- «on« wer« approved "certain Indl- Ivduali »ou]<j find thilr movementa ourtallxl." He »ld It might bt necessury to eonflna every person" to hli own aw«llin« »nd impot* a curfew and » ban on travelling. However, the attorney general's office In Victoria said It had not yet received a report from Sullivan. The Doukhouors, who Immigrated JP Canada from Russia In the J890's, CPfVi n«v»r confirmed with Canadian law or euttomi and have expressed their resentment at enforcement atternpU with nudi parades, arson, dynamiting and similar violence throughout th» past 50 years. Chooses Not to Run CHOOSES NOT TO RUN-1J h , BEVERLY HU.LS, Cal., Jan. 10. IUP)--Jamea Roosevelt, California D«mocr«liii chairman, today said n« »ould not accept a nomination »» vfa* PtMldentlal c»ndldr»j If XXVI I came to again I war in bed and Marie had had the sense to put a very attractive nightgown on me. Marie was there, in the room with me as well as a man 1 had never seen before who seemed to be trying to locate my spine by punching through rny abdomen. The overhead lights were still on and I blinked helplessly against them. "Ah, waking up?" the stranger asked. His voice was brisk and cheerful. "You're going (o be all right now. I've just finished examining you and you're not hurt. The bullets missed you and that fur rug at the foot of llic steps broke the impact of your fall. You have a nice goose egg over one eye but the swelling will probably go down by morning. Have your maid fix an |cc pack and keep It on there. However, you've hnd considerable shock—I want you to stay in bed until tomorrow afternoon at least." So he waj a doctor; that explained the sickening aura of optimism. He pulled the sheet back over me. put a stethoscope and some other instruments inlo a black bag and nodded at Marie "You can tell that detective he can come in now," he said. Bob Leipnan came in and sal down on a chair not too close to the bed. He looked at me and his eyes were as cold as they had been that first day in the patio. "What's b«en going on here?" he asked. I told him, taltermf t little under his aloof manner. "And when yon came to, the Kun was in your hand?" lli s question was pointed. "Yes—but I wasnt trying to shoot myself, as Marie thought. Somebody put the gun into my hand after I fell." "You think somebody was hiding in your bedroom here wailing tor you and then took a shot at you when you opened the door?" "How else jould It have been? R Wi " iomS NO, OF ASTIN' HIM TO GO WITH US AFTER A NIOHTS V-^ORK UKE THAT-- VvJEO HAVE TO CARRV HIM HOME? NJATURE SEEMS TO UP PER WHUT WE WOW'T DO NATURALLY, E m .-.THEMl<SHT And if I'd turned the light on in the hajl before I opened the bedroom door, his aim would have been better." "It might have happened that W»y," he said. « * • •J'HAT made me furious. "Do you think I was tryini to kill myself?" lie looked slrnieh! at me. He said coldly, "There's one other possibility." He wasn't tlie friendly man who had given me his handkerchief lo cry in at Ills office that morning. This man wns all policeman, remote, suspicion!, as caiillous as if lie were walking on cgfis, "One other possibility . . ." My voice faltered. Bob Leiphan said flatly: "1 was busy while you were ii, that faint. I've talked over the telephone with .led H.nversnn and Liz I.eyden, both have alibis and witnesses to back them up, for every minute A this evening. Do you set , . ." He went on questioning me for an hour and 1 answered him throush stiff, numbed lips that held hack a torrenl of misery Through the French windows as we talked, I could «ee other men with flashlights going over Ihe terrace inch by inch, and finally a couple of them came inside and took- fingerprints from the door knobs and furniture and things on my dressing table. "Not that 1 think they'll find anything," Bob Leiphan explained briefly, "ff—there was someone here he »ore i;!qvcs. There were only your linuerprints on the RUT:." I couldn't blnme him really for what he was thinking. It W a s all top ,>at. One bullet shattering the mirror in the hall and the other bullet—I had been right in thinking there were two shots—found imbedded in the plnsler just below where the mirror had hung The gun, Leiphan said, was a Belgian- mad, .utomatic—a Walther 7.65. And, being one ot those foreign , Kims smuggled illcfinlty Inlo this countr. by returning Gl's, its ownership couldn't be traced. It mlfjht have belonged to me or to anyone. A souvenir gift Ironi som« returned soldier friend. J COULD hav« ftred those two shots at random and Ihen hnvc fallen down the steps and feigned the unconsciousness in which Marie first found me, Indeed, it wns the very sort of thing n woman with an ovoractive ImaBinnllon might have cooked up, in order lo clear herself of any suspicion of the original murders. Trying 10 make il look as if she herself wert In dnngsr. H made me sick lo llnnk how complete II nil was. And how comy. No wonder Bob was furious, thinking I hnd played this cheap trick lo lool him, Marie came back into the room before Leiphan finished with me. She brought an ice pack ant! Her notice. 'Tin quilling. MJ.SS Donn. That broken mirror means had luck. I'm not going to stay in a house where such things happen." Leiphan turned on her. "Don't be. foolish. If it's bad luck for anyone 1 think it's for Miss Donn You're snft? enough." Which goes to show how little Dob knew of the truth then. "Besides," he snapped. "There will be a policeman on guard hert from now on. There will be no more prowlers." "Ho you think Hint's necessary?" I said billerly. After all, If he didn't believe my slory why pm anyone there lo guard me? "Yes—1 think it is." I couldn't be sure what he me;ml by thai. In (lie end Marie agreed lo stay until I was out of bed. All of which certainly didn't leave me any happy thoijjlils to console myself with when Leiphan finally left apd my room was dark and Ihe only sound was the occasional footsteps of the oniccr who hntl been left on guard on Ihe terrace. Bui Ihere was at least one person who believed my slory about being nltacked and who thought it cleared me of any suspicion of being a murderess. Jeff Haverson. He came hurrying over Ihe next morning. (To Kt Continued} "NO letter from your boy again , h |, w.ek-if, ,ur. nlc. to know that he's doing to well!" PKKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By MER*IU, BL6SSEB Oh, No, H* Isn't ii'-U.'US'Jii'^.visu,. , ... .,o u.tS. tv „„. . The ('omi'ilnwN. U> A I, VKRMEER I'RISni.l.A'fi !'()! Car/y/e writs (o go -\ the show with He asked ma himself! 1C t/liikes to fi'rioiv wu'd rather (jo Mt/i him With m on 8esic/<?s, Lester and Cliff and Johnny tind Jerry and Sticky and Oou$ said they t go.I 3n different parts of town three minds were running in the same channels. Three Mollvus Ity MICHAKl, O'lMAiXKY nntl HAIJ'H LANK HOW DO VOU LIKE ME WITH THS ..„ WAVe AMOS?—IT; •SKULL TX3ILY IS&^T^ ^ SETTE * e "°^ DtURIOUS ABOUT CURUV HAIR/ \VORD, FATHER./ A CLOAK OP • OP FOR AM HOUR, 6E CLICK AS A y ED C- UKfCOOU W W.MYNKIIRVAN01RHAW, BUSINESS II DOiS \ H IS rut CODI OF HIE VEIDT NO»SOUND. DIRK. K TO REVENGE AM MIY IS A Wt6n"T,"50*JYvi.., ... TIE MEAT'S OH I •* '-' . fOKGtT WIIL1E. // SWORN DUIV'.l MUST TO (TAT ONUS TO THE COPS. HOT IN THE ^CASMH.ANO t WANT TO flND OUT MORE At WOMAN IN TIIE TURtMN/ WEII, WR, AGATE, THE-COPS IWVE RUM INIO A DEAD-END All. EVW.AWBE-VOUCANOO A UTUE BHIER WITH AN EXPEDITION TO THE CA8BAH. WAKH TUJins liy MOSIJB TURNEB UICKI BOl! FOR WEEKS J'UC BEEN fORCEP^ MAIL if,B iu THI* SUIET r.\w OF TOWN..^J> THIS PUCK..BIIT jf J qcnfc. r i Npour VSTRIDE THAT^ *J WHfRE HE LWESi W. AU Old Niimljcr 9 By PRKD HARMAN »ST. inmHumvm INC Bv V. T. HAMUN HOOTS AN'i 11'.:?> IJ.V EDGAR MARTIN

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