Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 17, 1896 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1896
Page 9
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good merclian goes at you may ueoi Slimmer cootV rench .and Austrian all'the new empire cC- redueed bejiwtlos £01 Y e s ! v c sell wrappers, Wo .toll diem el)«u>- Wrappers from the isljeero.*t « J .9-^ uic.e;ir A0. - CUIJJVK^*.' -- -j . wrapper* mudo from r*' l>«tty tab. won made and.**"- ^ othes up to Date NSPOBT, INDIANA, FEIBAT MORNINCpJJLY 3, Silver Forces Determine to' Tun Down tho .National Committee, Senator Harris Selected for' Perma nent Chairman, with Bryan Or Stone for Temporary Chairman; ''.'•: Chicago. July -~ Tho decision of the• gll ve'r champions to take the'rolno ofthe'com Inp convention Into their own:han<lsunrf.tc veto the prerogatives of tliu.national com nittce, in the event of that, body evudins or refusing: the demands o.f tho Harris Turple committee.-is lit line.to the.lettei with the Hecret policy ot the 'whito.nielta. l.wkTii'. as forecast in ; these .dls.iiatcnai 'durlnp the past few days. .The sU.v.er.poop woro more- bristling and over Thursday mornlnir. « J,iu-mony thnl;prova led ai. talk that was induKfcd.J nlBlifs meeting, or .which. Senator .Ben Tlllman .and 'Hon. Casey Young, of Ten- n'es.-n'O/.put'ln .an appearance .for the nrsr tirn«. : If was noteworthy, moreover, thai tlii." moUcrate counsels of those who had rn't'hersd'from'the de'mean'oVof Chairman 1-nrrlty and his assocla'tes-^hat the ntt- lonal committee at its mee'UnVipn Monday would be disposed to meet th'eji 11 ye rite's at least half way were overrulL'd;-}>y tKo more .radical spirits, who suocei>'d;o'dMh creating th'e Impression, that the •dlpl.Qtnatl'c mood o£ the' nationa .-'' riuuu UL tnc nituoiiitl.'auu-voinni-il-lt-e^wne ilnply part ami parcel of'a plqtjjjp.-tfelai' a definite statement of lrtentlqn*Jun,fll--T wjs'tqo late for the sllver^m'^n v <tfo. : -**^' re ? ! uiqn any settled .plan concerhlnpiwj; tem- pvrary organization and .(xS.rry' It Into Irtv.t ' ' ••' L V-M '. . -.• :..'J$I "Have- been in great favor at our establiibmitit. Fact IB DO one finer -line of woolens aDd worsted||o ieleot from than, . . ' -'i*:i Important Features I s •. (i .•; ' . in the make-up of our clothes work the'Ij^periority. We are l»ot the cheapest tailors but olftlm to be thtbest. '; rket Street. $100 for your bicycle when 65, We have an assortment hlch must be Sold, Call and m can g?t OUTINGS for ECOND HAND MA- an offer. RES Made Good as New ajl; TheQBread lERFECT. , A5HUEY, OHIO. York hare appointed ltd Spectacles ind U nt and invite* all to rrit .theae goods otti Sole]ac«Bt (or 'Oolrt — j,,. -->— , i jK plotters,'.arid we must national co'ijujiittee were •Senator Eoii TUlman's •neiiaiivc, shrieked 'rather than ind (h'lV will be tho keynote of the ' "''"''' low on. They do jiot'pro- u3iwu their oars, even .with the i'thkfc,' they have -an overwhelm; '*•' '" their.beck and call. A Gr'.-nwr'dp'tne delegated Is' being p,r.e-< prnv^'OSaclrfriamo will bo tlcked-'"off.'$(:•> 'ordlnifi'a' S; tHe'delflgate may be-Instructed Sr silver.'.lias "preferences fpr'silver,.or is! istru6t«fd/,or"favorable to the' gold stand,rd. Enw'ffrrlylng sliver del<>ga-te Is'-to'>e irought'Jlnto camp by -committees'de.Hljr- iatea -t(?r3tha;t purpose, and" agHurances lemandei'that he Intends rd-be-Urnr to'.the. i-alth tH«t;lB'|n'hlm. In this way, spitaras concern's''their' own phalanx; the-.silver; aeneral»VwJ)(inow where th'ev «tand to * . ,#.tf.'A > aw . stand t9.:»; " • . •• :-~. • ir.ut'i Harrity ana' 'nfs.i cdlleaiifuca arc prepared to concede eVery.rhinfrH|ha.t .In .d«- nmnded", chief .of-.whioh-ita'-ttiolfelectlpn o|. silver men (or temporary-officers, and a reference "-of the 'contest*: to ;the no tlonu) committee on credentials, then the caucua will be- simply a ratlHcatlon and a love feadt- othiirwisejJ.aooanUhir-to the -pro- grnmroe,, which, so it, Is ulvon out by the no-compromlsc *tement, IB as un- chanffeftble as the lawn-.of'the Medea anj Persians, ,the /caucus will • d»»um« the reins, drive o.vp'r, the national committee, jiolect Its icinporaj-y organization, muke dp.its temporary'.")!!; and proceed to run the 1 convention from'the start. Give Gold. Conte»'t»nU ft Chance, . . convention from ncllned 'to -figure 'ns^Jn™ 1 he preliminary PJ!^ e -\i n tero" l&n,' however,'.-.^,, t 'he.'eon'a nd- united-.-,"'' ,, ' .;,,• -i'rf'.'h. The only feature of t.ljis programme re- garding'which there Is'even'a slight difference-'of .opinion-Is the. matter of the roll. Some of the silver men are of the opinion that It would- bo carry ing; things with an i,nneces»arily,-.high ,hand, to .exclude, the 'ng gold, delegations without giving inemj.a show before the committee on are-' dentlaliv and 'urge, that, In ,tne. (nterestSof rplr;;play ; .at least,..both-'.'contostants and eo'ntestees:'should'..bo'"seated 'until 'the' elating of thOTlval'-delegatlons: have be»n •idjujdlcated, upon. 1 On the other hand, jit 3..-con tended-thai th'o.aeatlni? of the gold contestants during-the preliminaries,.wife: lot-be essential to a fair pr.esentay*"^!,T oaring of..their claims'.at'the'jiiHhYSfjj^e..' vhlle; moreover, thelc f exc)u^"^^K nt i, r . ce the, number o ; f,' : tho3j[^ u f(] onl ' stg .. ln ncllned 'to -fljrure -asLlSa^ii^'-pn thlsques- jst'. of harmony i'servtttives will ,,..1.- a.in,.T<;u ^...ave tlielr own ,v rest of the programme, however, carried'out," if .necessity demands JVthput let or hindrance.. '" 'SENATOR liver l,e«cl«ri< SottfA^qn'.Hini 'for Pcrmiv • >r ' • lient Custfrnian*./-" •' ' .Chicago, :July< 2 —AV.'l-Sbro'olock Tliurp- uy It was unnouric'ed,;th(it the. silver lead- rs have decided upof» 1 -Senator Isham G. rlnrrla, 'of Icnnessrtfe'J/ia'sSthe' permanent hairman of the national convention. Thi.-i s regardcil as a dajjlded;.advantage 1 for BJaud..: The silver morii.-rt is said, also have eclded tb i-ecommend-.^Ithcr ,W. J. Bryan, f Nebraska., or aov^.Stqne,.'of Missouri or temporary .chairman.' ; Senator Money, f '-Mississippi..-.!.*,.-'also"considered for thl* fflce.' ' ' ";:",!,-!•,'«.: ; .'. Uoornn Ar«,'r«ngnl«hlUK. Meanwhile the-boqlri'syare languishing, •he schemes and.tac$|c». ; of,-the stlverlte* ave demanded and-receiyed'ttrfit considor- tlon, and so the-propagatidi-of. the rival laimahta for;places oo 1 thu/tlelcet has.been orccd Into the background. '/The commit•e : having charge of. the aspirations of ex'... u.i n . a-,,1 .whlnh'.han been on tb« -. i,.-, .These duplicates i*' counterpart of the npt . -even Indorncd us rtce may be used us occasion requires. " ixplanatlon of thin, , "There arc som« ;ftll as practical »e, and we have \\ng. Some- ilslald, and "dupllcatoi. original ere. When aski Secretary Towl, practical pollticL statesmen on this _„ not been overlook! 1 times, you know, pa confusions and COM,, Nothing of the kind wl we nro concerned. .Of, dentlals Issued to- a del to a district delegation^ counterpart. One eanno"t;^o other. If any of-our peof 1«] pers we can supply the de" 1 over, we know'Jusfhow tliemryp-'—-r.y Instruc'tt-d, and wher'e' ; ''theyai'*..c''W eoc result. to; far aft it . 0,1 ,cre- '•'til, v!^* ^& ! K&'; • .--.'"r.ii . .•.,•. . •*• l.lf'I.V ':•'•• THE CH1CAG O COfcIBE&*£te tf "i^&^Vi«~ V >""'." ', [Hall of the Deniocrat'p -National Convention.' 'i^isating. capacity, 1,600.] . "." •'• ' ground ro'r-a ; CQUpie':oi:;:ivi9'i)ii';r.'«V'Jo •-••- "onHned Its'efforts-to'* Wentltul dlatrlbu tton of llterature,'llth'6graphB'and button*. J. 'uiii'AN, OF NEEliASKA. [Possible Temporary Chairman of Con• ventlon.J and who was elected 'In .spite .of the fact that the state went republican on national issues In 'M, arrived at the Sherman' house Thursday morning. ' He Is. chairman of thu delegation of six chosen by . the state convention To a representative^ the-press he said: "Political Issues have been lost Jlght of In Wyoming for the time being, and the question Is simply one of silver. versus gold. The state will go for whoever may be the; silver candidate.- 'We have no choice, but whoever Is nominated by. tnW convention upon a silver platform will receive the: electoral vote of Wyoming, For myself 1 would prefer a free-silver democrat, .but if we cannot get one, we would take Senator Teller or anyone else.' no' long; is it is a .free-silver ticket and a free-silver candidate'." " The Wyoming delegation will open-headquarters at.,thq Palmer hrtse. on Monday.. ONB DAY SESSION. "•:."'. ' MUverltr*. Intend to^Ma^o Sliort.Work.of ' 'Convention. , . ^ 3prlngfleld,-.ll!.; July : 2.-Tl.f J the : free-»llrer leadcrb have their way, the Chicago convention will be In bcsslon but, one .day. They intend 'to 'make a vigorous 'effort to carry this Idea Into -effect and. ihat l»-one reason ,why they are so determined to have a free-silver man for temporary chairman.' They want a man who will .expedite business In a manner that will meet their approval. Gov. Altgftld returned to Sprlng- rteld from Chicago Thursday, ..and it was he who said, the .free-silver men wanted a '- uny anemuun in a. hjjcvim cm' on York Centra) railroad. He was imnled by Senator'Gray, of Senator Smith, of/New Jcrs Russell, of M Hlnklcy, chairman of the de committee: W.llllani. r ~ Attorney Fellows, C. J. Grant «.na'a.few crftts ' ex-Gov. Woed is 'ii'r' : 'and Smlth\M. Senator Murphy will take his place o ,-.»^. The ]>arty will re»ch. "o ? nt live o'clocl: Trlday afternoon ill!-open New York headquarters ai. hotel. -, 'OVER THE STATE. '<+, —"" «wi* In Various Portions; of to- Told by Wira. • B i cy outtota c ia M ,j Jme of policy to'iM^I]|)p )Vl >(i. urcn-,aj.Loj-.thc.St. >«Su)fS^(fcv, - ' to tlic l-'ore, 2, — The. re- and candl- a joint the , Jioun'ced that the made upoc the uirff I.-.-SIIP. such jjen\rul objection nraong- :ms who 'vSre . u'nxioiiM to make straight souiVl-money fight that, .the chairman chafed bis views ant!' -an nouuccd tlmt this rjoncy issue would be piven coiisidoralile^att^ntioD. -It was decided tb. open .the c:iii>p:ii^n 'during the first/or second vw]< in September, leaving/tho rinte to be ri'rriinged ,by the chairi/inn. 'An inviratioii was extended to Gen. Harrl\pn to op?ii the Planted ITV F ar m wltli MODCJ. Danville, Ind.^jjjiy ;;. _ Kpljert Har* vsy, one of the Udast > citizeiis'x>f fien- dric'ks county, rfid In--', i'ridny'iiig-ht. Just before bis devil, he muttered something' nbo.ut his bt^.ri nioney. His sister began digging Sthoyard and found n tin box, contain! iij/a large u mount of money. Since tliat^p almost. $4,000 mvc been found' in vvflous places; often buried in loose-eBr^V His will pix-e* tJiis lot to. his little, e»ijpd;iughter. and- tnWat the. final round-up on the eve of tin convention. ' ' , .-.•'. •' Borrowing DepewVTucll™. They have -borrowed a lea*;.•from., Chaunoey Depew's manual of tfcctfes a't.the; Minneapolis convention of. -.'K, and '.'the glory of the celebrated home uittrket'con- ference,' Its count of noses and tagging of delegate*. In to be repeated.- F.urlhei-than. this, however, there Is ,to.be an'a"dvaac# upon the breastworks of the gold-talnOrtty. In the hope/arid belief thafa sufficient nuhiJ ber of conversions • can be mads" to/; dis-, hearten'the sound money leaders aHd'Orlng thenvto a point where.they will be willing' SENATOR JAMES K.- 1 JONEfli,.A.B.K.. ; to abandon their positions and 'concede to the sllverltos undisputed control' of ,tho field "'We do not need converts so mucK as we need to rattle tho .enemy," is the way, one of the silver leaders,,,."puts.. It, "and" we cannot rattle them more effectively than by'getting some ot the then.they, liave upon their rolls at least on. the feno«,' tven If .we cannot-bring them .bodily, within the silver camp. _. , . , ... ... '.>,.Silver's Trlentln In Gold Delog»t)on». _ "Wo have .friends.on more than'',one or two gold delegations that are -tlbd-tip lay the unit rule, and'W we can Ret-these'people to oome; ; ou^t^»tiuarely It be^onla oveni -J i.imin yuuc'-ii ionuo */*i n*« .***»*«* =»\*« would haveJ'leis,-the ghost_qt a^»bpw.,ol presentlng^even:''*,,. respectable oppoiltlon; ' ' " - - »-"' than • they; hliy'&W 1161 ' pre»o«it;condttlons.-" From n'o*! pn;j-,'th"en, until Monday 'afternoon, ''sw'earjng^li" of 'silver d-elegates and mlsslonarifeWorkfiamong .the. wavering;!! rhe pro«.rMWn'eii£of. the; 'Sherman;, house ..n,in*,'-'' 'fin -»i'n •* ftni*nnrtn rtf"thnt l1nvn.Il Of. 'Chauncoy Depew. '; ••-•••• -(pTEJef i&w*;-. r-hislalrfady AILK^^U, fllla*q«l^t' ut . s,ll€7.uln.ijj crBcIatlr.g..'(a'»«itrdnd. dictator '^ITEJ. legion. "^TlipSOqUunbla theater•hssln.tc.u., been,. en«ag«!liVJand.'the-rental .deposited and .recel^tejajiqf, to the end that-oompUb*-" tlons. or;'tcIcKer^»aftlie '.eleventh; hour ; m»j', :••:• "•;,. •'. .:.'/^fSiiver. Men. Flrni. '•" '•. ;;."<•---.vS'- 1 rar t\on 01 iiter»Lui KI »*n4"»fc wfr..." — ..— ----- • and nome.. missionary 'work, amonjf. the Illinois delegatrorir : which, -however, Is not ' -'-o- esults unless i « likely' to be . convert- can: be made of:Opy: Altgeld. The Bland' boom. Is' a»"yet In -its ' swaddllntr clo'thes, those of Senator Blaqkburn andOov ;M«tthews are acKrooiy^hiore. conspicuous, the Teller boom h«m not yet /been' allowed ;to escape from the-'roorri^fhere It has been i-B-ktchod' over.'by-.Senat'o'ra'Diibqls and Lee Mantle while Senator'TlIl'man has reduced ifM Hat of aflplrantsjbylthe announcement over hlnsl»rnature tnBtne'.iB nota candidate, active, passive or otherwise. ;.. - , Snyi Scnntor Hill Witl'SfDt,Bc"AccepH»bl* . .,,. Chicago July 2.— s'eniitqr' David B. Hill will riot be acceptab'Ip/to'.Tiho' silver forces an . temporai'y , chalrinani'pf , .l.ho , national convention. .,' '"'•'•'. --.".-, •.-',.., ... : This Is -what Senator. Jonfi«,, of Arkansan, the recognized spoke»(napvvP< . tne : wn "- e "metal conferees,' toia',"%-r e Pr«Bpntatlve of tho press, and ' hi»;:wordV,}s.>5 much law among >these c'6n'f«r«H '.»«>i».:tUat of Gov. Altgeld.'tq the IlUw>rftawifeatlon. For thy past : three day.a ; jrientber.!, of the sub-national comihittee ;aii<J. : pf ..the .committee Itself who are anxious ".to-' ., avoid., a pro- riounced arit'ag'orilam^to ; tlie : dominant silver. element In the matter c/f the temporary organization, has b,een, f "«oundlng the sll- A-er men as to the avallablllty.b'f the senior senator ,l'rom .New^prX -forr.the honor of jiresidlng- over the, H pr>Iiinln*ry:,dellbenir tl'ons'-of th'e oonventlori 1 . ..';. ' ... ', • "Assuming that the national committee solects>.Senatar Hill as ..teniporary chair- 'maniOf ithe ; conventloh',': would 'he be ao- ;ceptablei. to .-.'the. .silver iforoos?." .'Senator Jones was asked.' V '"'.;'. . iThls-.was}the.reply: . . ] "For. Senator: Hill .1 nave .the highest per• ron»l regard. Under any .otfier.clrcum- Btanc.es 1 would be gla'fl to'stfe him preside :0ye'rj .either th'ei.prejlmlnary -or permanent •proceertlngs/of a, democratic national convention.-: rBut.''ln':'thl* convention, the ad- .voqates ^ofvfree .silver will be. In an over- M-.holmlax jnojorlty;. -The, address of, the .tem'porai'y?«ha.lrmari of 'tho convention, an '•I 'regard It,, lithe 'principal a'ddress:of the 'gathering. \It, should' Jbe : ,ln harmony, with .the Bentimcnt^orthe' convention."^ shoul-1 . yblce'^lts,. views,., and.''for'tc'ait '.'the, .policy that ; )» to .'be establlshed.-.;. : ;reith, -his ,present afllllatloris,' S«iator;HIll'-could':not fulfill thlnr-.trust. Therefore, firmly ;a» I re- ear3 hlnlpersonally,.! ani compelled to sav ,vthat"the ysuBmlsslon: to".us' of '.his name as t>br»r':ehalrtnan':;»'«ld-'- i 'j>ott"be ac• c.ejjtable, ; .aiid w^lL-. national •blme.t ,held an Info: lo-jflsropcrAtlc .com- iararlejaM.ngJThursday ,ii>!-«xC.'i' meeting :of .the- Keherarco'nmiiiBe^'andvOf all sll ••Ver'.deiesiates on;ithe(:gl|olindiFrIday, night. -The mallcqt-the taphllRlttoe''.TV'aa..unBualli>; h'eavyMKurs'day.-lnonilng, :ioid ! In'.it"werc : the credciitlalii'of H<ifa-J-l5 »ll*er state delo- . B.y;thelnleVth« caucus ha»;prga,n|aea,.th« VpoAinlttee'.wlU -'have': had It^-Qnit with ?the-iull Rational, its , . one-day convention. The governor 'ex- one-ay conve. pects to' return to Chicago Sunday and will remain until after the convention. The cov«rnor said that the advance guanl of free-silver men- at 'Chicago was of one mind, and that.fwas that a short convention was imperative to .the good ot tno ' • " ' '•' cause.' _ BI.AJ<b'8 POSITION. GOT. Stono Kiplaln« M« Attitude Iow»rO» • - ' •' . .-•".'.'liubor. ' \ ' . Chicago July 2.-M30V, StohV made the following statement Thursday afternoon to a prcls reporter.in relation to certain reports which had been -put _ln circulation among .the ' delegates regarding . the attitude of Mr, Bland towards labor organl- gentlemen who represent a labor organization assumed to question Mr Eland's friendship for labortnsvpeople.H S whole life,, both public and .private, and his associations are a standing (-ontradlctlon to a statement of that 'kind. .-.He-has been in congress. S2 years and.during-that;tlme never rode to or froni Washington or anywhere else on a "free pass.\ - 'None of hia family ever did, so. Not that .he.has any antagonism' to railroad corporations or any either legitimate enterprise, but In view of the fact -that legislation affecting railroads and other corporations was continually bnfore congress he did. not deem It proper to. accept favors either-great or uma'll. He-returned from congress after ihls long and very conspicuous, service a comparatively poor man.. • On his farm in L.aclcdo county he, l» .trying to earn an honest living in a modest way. He never said or did anything-to which any human being could point that Indicated the least unfriendliness -to the Industrial masses of the country, but he haa said and done a great many things to tho contrary. "To what labor organization do you refer, governor?"' "I have 'reference to the Knights of Labor." • •. < ..-. ; Will Fl»ce Blackburn In Nomln»ton.l Louisville, Ky.,'July 2,—John S.'Khea, ol Kuasellvlllo, Ky.., will place Senator Blackburn. In nomination at Chicago. He will leave for Chicago Saturday. NATIONAL COMMITTEE BUSY. Arranging ConventionMatter.«na Talking at tlia MllTer Bltu»tlon. ^ . , ' Chicago, 'July Z.—The members of the national committee were busy • at "the Palmer house Thursday attending to con ventlon arrangements, and an Informal conference was held regarding the situation which the'silver-men created^Wednefl- day The matter.rofr the distribution of tickets among ;tne>«toto delegations and newspaper men, 'aiao-engrosscd the atten- . tlon of the comnjltteemen. -.Chairman Har- rlty did not appear- In'the.committee rooms until latei havlng-.bee'n engaged Ih^'confcr- ences .with' local, »nd'.;vlsltlng gold, politicians elsewhere. '••;•• • .. x Ex-Congressman- Tom L. Johnipn, o1 Cleveland, the . free-trade gold standan. loader of, the Ohio democrats; arrived a! The'Victoria hotel Thursday mornlng.and Immediately went' out to see.the people on that slde:of the money question. : i~.'.-- • Another arrival .at- the. : ,VlctcrIa..; was Henry George,,the slhKle'taxleader, whoso only mission to>Chlcago Is to. write about the convention; for : tha New York Journal V'ind.VO^lMir Prominent E»«tern ;'. B«inocr« : ts,jt.«»v«,.for,Ch»eimo. •• . ber g-uardinn is chuw t j le buried oin. Hi'» other rel:iti r 4 0 ]so lay .claim j, e jj e j i too," to the money, and tlie^i f ra "tcrnitj- is trying to ;<1ecide wig^. rea jly. ' owner. As Mr.. Harvey • x - ncrea of land, and s that "there is money -mi ' the search for his long'one. Jlnnl: Preniileni .- - .. .J'niy'a jury. oi'-Knndolph cou»ty indictments against' ,.;. ; e- lunpt. CitizeiiB* biink of .Diifei.'. CHy, him with embezzleiiwt Ur. - "cl'er! arrest by the county ,9W-e bond for $12',bo6 for —^i-jKr^- ance at the next term of thei'clrcult court! Two of the indietments'«h»rgf Mm 'with embez^Jing- $1,020 andWuof \ the funds of the bank, and the^tttrt "^ churge him, ris presideritof.au insoh^nt -;-f' bank,. with, having- /received dis^ilt»vV'"• with a knowledge of the insolvcncjl;; XA .' • .- - Found Her, Hunband. ;' vtjiV^'/...." Elwood, Ind., July 2.—Max"V)EihfP;.-' nitz, a Russian. Jew who hcs beenwi^rlij ing in .the tin-plate factory .unofec;'iSf • name of Ed Kernon, wag arreisteilon* - • : charge of wife desertion, the'ehitg*, being preferred'by his^wifeVEoM^Mili:; erniu, who followed him all tlieitraj -^ from Hatzels, Hussia, where gliiyir.^ , leges they were tn_arried.m isg^jlie'dfr', serting her in a week. She traced h!t» from place to place by means of aj)ho*o- . graph and will demand that he support her or sign her divorce according ; 'w Jewish customs. Hernon was to h»«> • been .married soon to a youug jidj; of this city..-'•'• : '.Or''. " : '- '-"'."S''A Silooa-Wfcr In Terre I Terre- Haute, Ind;., July „. .. to enforce tlie .saioori-closing 1 ' now on, 'prosecutor Huston ! he has', been informed by. a ci that , ; SOO citizens'''wHl'-'be on Fourth of J.uly to _swear,infv-.^,.--- ngainHt all saloon keepers whoilo not compljt with the law. 'Mr.'Hug^oltttiil 1 * B .delegation of saloon men tost?^* would be • compelled to do nliiin;W« •power to enforce the law. Tr *•''••'— men argue.that if the law is . their ploces of .business would. remain 1 closed from 11 p. ontil Monday morning-,^ ,.:, , •..--"'. .:. Charged with Hnrtl*r. J[^ -:. _ .Columbia .City, ;Iad,, July S.-^lJgmil-' .ton. Baker;.,a farmer residing.w>j ' """ ijorth .of this city,, has-been a upon a charge of murder; ,His:)( u daughter of his tenanfrgotlntii pel 1 .'.. -The mother ..ran;,, to ,.as»I daughter, whereupon' ; Baker.Btr on the head .with/a bug-gy',i•'- ''' ing.'.her-,Bkull. • She •4ingt lv -vuw )l ui.y- . Weducsda'y - forenoon. an'd':-djed|,!jjtti» the second murder-in Noble'/coSnte:!" . two'months. .Driven froru Home _ v . . Indianapolis,. Ind., July 8. Fpbl, a well-known Vflorist,: terio.usly disappeared. It;is:. his friends that he was!-very; pvt\ssed because of his.debts,^ nt., $10,000,- and tile* absence-, .money,'' o nil preferre'd 'to go aw than remain end face the " ciinflded to his family g'o he would become insaneV •" Elwood, Ind.,.'July,' I ;—. Steel companyjat-Alexn'ndriov. ing 1,600' men,'hag signed -the-ij : the. men .are rejoicing..'.n ing .outlook for the -f is.one of the largest i will be kept goin

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