The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 8, 1967 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 2

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1967
Page 2
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. Saturday, July 8, 1967 .The Ottawa Journal . I By W. Q. KTCHUM ' - . A legendary figure in the aa ? mala of hockey. Bill Cowley, is' ao a resident of Ottawa, f ' Wttb. Jake and Frank Dun- Ian, ha bought the Elmd a 1 Boum this year. For a cumber of years, be : owned the Russell Hotel in Smiths Fails. , ' ; A perusal of past copies1 of The Journal chronicles Bill Cowley's achievements in the world of hockey. A member of t h e Boston Bruins, ha was selected as so all-star four times and v He also stands out on the' L J -- links.' A golfer with a handicap fZUFM j wf Bine, be twice won the cham- r '. - ptawhtp of the Smiths Falls ' Golf and Country Club. BRISTOL NATIVE BUI Cowley was born in Bris- itol; Quebec, June IX . the son of J. A E. and Edna (Ben-fnett) Cowley. In Ins early years, he attended Cambridge Public ' School. Glebe -Collegiate and played hoc- - key with the amateur Primrose jiuuuts.; finalists m the Memor-' ial Cap, and also the Shamrock ' Junior Wolverines. Volunteers Examined 'Smoking Finds Out . TORONTO CP) Two Tor onto doctors are completing the first year's operation of a "smoking withdrawal centre' to find out why people smoke, to help heavy smokers . break the habit and to study the ; effect of smoking on human health. . Financed by federal health ; grants, the experimental program has . been carried out among 2M civic employees, all previous smokers of more than 3 cigarettes a day, by Dr. G. , W. Ol Moss, deputy medical officer f health for Toronto, and Dr. Norman, C -Delante, chest surgeon and assistant professor of surgery at the University of Toronto. ... I Daring the Initial phase, voL wnteeTW; atasnoBg' seven evening meetings the'lrrsmontb and monthly meeting" 'for another nine months. 'These sessions feature medical lectures on the clangers of smoking and personality, tests by psychologists. ' "When they come in to (tart we don't tell them they've bad their last cigarette." says Dr. Moss. They, all want to stop or they wouldn't have volun- VACATION NOTICE Our pharmacy will be CLOSED front July 16th to July 30th, inclusive Please anticipate your prescription requirements AH EARN 'S PHARMACY 717 SOMERSET ST. WEST ALL IN EAR HEARING FITS INTO YOUR EAR CANAL Came la Mar ond Iry almalng DAVIDSON HEARING AID CENTRE LTD. TILS - VKON JIIM1NI HCaniNO AIDS 370 UURia AVE.W. 2334374 FOR CONVENIENT iJfPi DAILY HOME KUVBIY 1 THE JOURNAL 1 r f PHONE I 236-7511 J ; 1 1 87 Cowley J" - J fiX h BOX COWLEY He turned professional with the St Louis Eagles, played for the Ottawa Senators, and from 1933 to 1940 was with the Bruins. He was twice awarded the Hart Trophy as most valuable player. He recalls how he derived his inspiration as a young player from Frankie Boucher of the New York Rangers, now com Withdrawal Why People I "After one year we should by then be able to show that those who quit completely .are in better health than they were, and those who didn't quit are in no better, or worse -condition." TEST SMOKING EFFECT The second phase involves precise medical tests designed to discover the exact physiological effects of smoking, particularly on the respiratory and circulatory systems. One machine used, a "gas diffusion analyser," measures the amount of gas passing bom a smoker's lungs into the bloodstream. Such information is vital to the study of chronic bronchitis and empbyaamai two diseases which involve tissue breakdown in the lungs and bronchial system. A second machine tests the effectiveness of the smoker's respiratory system by measuring his chest expansion and the regularity of his breathing. Blood tests to determine toxic carbon monoxide: levels and measurements of body fat are also taken. 235-2200 Nm EMtra wxtiaut obligation. missioner of Junior Hockey to Saskatchewan. . "He was one of the greatest centres and I tried to copy his tyle of playing."- - FOUR CHILDREN In IMS, Mr. Cowley married the former- Jessie Wilson in Boston, .They have four children: Jill, ' nurse-ic-trainlng at' the Royal Victoria Hospital, Mont- real; John, -with the Canadian Smiths Falls; and Jan and Dan who hope to enter Glebe Collegiate. -, .- ,. Bill has fond memories of his borne of recent years. ; . "Smiths Falls is a wonderful little town," he says. "It has everything for husband, wife 'and children." And for good measure, be judges the local golf - course to be one of the best nine . bole layouts around. He gives his "chief bobbies as work, golf and curling. He feels a bit wistful over his removal from Smiths Falls, but taking up residence In Ottawa is in a sense a home-coming. He formerly lived with bis father in the apartment be Is now occupying at 220 Powell Avenue. Centre' Puff The ultimate aim of the pro gram, says Dr. Moss, is not the finding of a cure for lung cancer but rather a fast, simple way to detect It In its early stages. A sputum smear test, much like that used to detect cervical cancer in women, is the most promising project in"' this field, says Dr. Moss. Such a test, when fully de veloped, will be good enough to trace the progress of tissues as they deteriorate from a normal state to the "absolute change of lung cancer." 'It takes years to develop hing cancer, but we will be able to follow it in steps." Communist UN Missions Are in 'Capitalist Homes' UNITED NATIONS (AP) By a st r a n g e ideological twist. some Communist nations are housing their missions' to the United Nations in New York in old homes linked by close fam ily ties to. some of the wealthiest capitalists in American history. Most prominent among the moguls of business and finance whose , money went into these handsome Manhattan town- houses is Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, founder of the great Vanderbilt fortune. my answer; 'Ww VHWvn 1 find myself dwelling on me and my problems more and more. How 'can I get away from myself? M. F. Fenelon once said: "Never let us be discouraged with ourselves. It is not when we are conscious of our faults that we are the most wicked; on t h e contrary, we are less so. We see by a brighter light; and let us remember for our con- 'solation that we never perceive our sins until we begin to cure ! them." Self - examination js all right if we do it constructively, instead of negatively. If you dwell en your problems, your weaknesses, yon only compound your misery and plight. But if we think of what we might become by the grace of God, and set out to make improve ment, self contemplation can be a profitable exercise. A sure sign of self-improvement' is when you begin ' to think of others. A man said to me one day: "When I begin to (eel sorry for myself, I hurry down across the tracks and try to. bring -a rsy of sunshine to those who are much worse off than ft- When I -share my self, my goods, and my love with the, poor and discouraged, I find my heart blessed and filled with gratitude to God." A good prayer to pray is: Lord, help me to live from day to day, . In such a self-forgetful way. That all I do, and all I say. Must needs .be. done for others." The person who learns to Jive outside himself has found h I s real self. REMEMBER? - By. HAL BOYLE NEW YORK AP) Memory 'is man's most momentous warehouse. ! In this warehouse each man stores his past. Some of the contents were great bargains at the time; some of the experiences exacted a price bitterly beyond their value., ;'; . Your - own . warehouse of memories is pretty well-stocked if you can look back and re member when. Only rich people and Bo-' hernian artists served buffet dinners. The poor and the mid dle "class sat down at the table and ate a meal they called supper. ' M ' . People whispered about any one who moved into the neighborhood who bad been di vorced. . s.. .;. .' A husband taking his plump wife out to dinner bad to help lace her up the back instead of just zipper her. . Typhoid fever, killed more people than did motor cars. . When you saw anyone wear, tag sunglasses, you just knew be or she must be movie star, or somebody equally glamorous. , Reformers thought the world was going to hades when young women they were called "flappers" started appearing In public with, stockings rolled below their knees. - At least one boy in every block, bent .on Joining Paul Whiteman's jazz band, tortur ed the neighbors by practising on the trumpet or saxophone. "It was customary in many homes to begin and end the day with the reading of few yersea from the family Bible by the head of the household. When a kid put on his long woollen underwear late in au tumn. the first thing be did was to go out in the front yard and rub his back against a tree trunk to relieve the Itch. The world of boyhood was divided into two classes: those wealthy enough to afford chewing gum, and those who simply gouged out some tar in the street in summer -and chewed it . The biggest excitement in small towns was generally caused either by runaway horses or dog fights. A number of foreign governments have bought old homes in a fashionable east side district just off Fifth Avenue for use as headquarters for their UN delegations. The homes are considered the choicest residential real estate in Manhattan, and many have been singled out by the city for designation as historic landmarks. The UN missions that use old homes are in a minority among the 122 member nations. Most have their headquarters In conventional office buildings. Only three delegations the United States, Britain and France-have office space in the UN buildings, and these small, inconspicuous rooms are by no means their main headquarters and are used sparingly. BOUGHT NEW QUARTERS The Soviet Union at one time owned a five - storey, neo- Georgian mansion on Park Avenue but became cramped for space in 1962 and bought a modern 12 - storey apartment building for its headquarters. The Park Avenue mansion which the Russians owned for more than a dozen years, was built In 1909 for Percy Rhring-ton Pyne II. His fortune came from the estate of his grand father, Moses Taylor, a trader in Cuban sugar, a speculator In rails and utilities and a partner with Cyrus W. Field In the first Atlsntic- cable company, Taylor left an estate of H0,-000.000 when he died in 1882. The town houses owned by Ro mania and Yugoslavia"! appear to be the most highly regarded among the If hemes now used by UN missions and chosen by the city for designation as land marks. ine Komanian mission, a three-storey stone building In French ISth century revival style, was built In 1921 for Mrs. Graham Fair Vanderbilt. the divorced wife of William K. Vanderbilt Jr., a great-grandson of the commodore. BANDA DEFENDS DANCING BLANTYRE, Malawi (AP) President Hastings Bands has assured Malawi tribal dancers that their performances are not sinful as the early missionaries made out and they will not go to bell and burn for them. Suit ing action to words, the Malawi president seized a spear and shield and Joined tribal dancers here Thursday celebrating the country's first anniversary as a republic. ' Doors . Opened Wide On 1 Warehouse of Memories , A housewife didjit mji poverty quit so much a, long as she had white lace curtains to hang in her front windows. They were her quiet' banners of gentility. Nobody knew much, about Egypt except that it was a sandy place full of mummies, camels and pyramids where Cleopatra used to live. . Those were the days! Re member? Oops! Somebody Goofed DEEP RIVER (Special) A map erected for the convenience of tourists in this com-. munitys . business district contains at least 11 errors, seven of them' in spelling. Among the misspelled words- are the names of all three ' Deep River - public schools. Morison has been petted Morrison, Cockroft becomes Cokroft and Keys becomes Keyes. '' Keys Public School is named after veteran atomic energy scientist Dr. David Keys, who stiff lives and works In Deep River. The sign painter also cropped 10 miles off the distance 4o Ottawa and calls the sewage plan the "sewer plant" The latter may not be so important, council was told in a letter, tmt it sounds sweeter."- U.S. Negro Voter Registration Up WASHINGTON ) The Justice " Department reports Negro voter registration in five Deep South states has risen from 700,000 in August, 1965, wnen the Voting Rights Act was passed to about 1,250,000 now. The current registration a 78 per cent increase in 22 months represents more than half the eligible Negro voters in Alabama. Georgia. Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, it said Thursday. ' Mrs. Vanderbilt, born Vir ginia Fair, was the daughter of U.S. Senator James Graham Fair of Nevada, who made a fortune in the Comstock Lode, a rich gold and silver strike in the mid 1800s. The Yugoslav mission, on Fifth Avenue, was built in 1903 for R. Livingston Beckman, a former governor of Rhode Is land. It later was owned by Mrs. Emily Vanderbilt Sloane. a granddaughter of Commodore Vanderbilt Brazil's Regime Said Adrift By CLAUDE E. ERBSEN RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) - The government of President Arthur da Costa e Silva has completed its first 100 days and the general impression in Brazil Is that it has achieved little. "There is a feeling of drift' says the newspaper Jornal de Brazil. "They haven't moved from dead centre," says a diplomat. A Joke goes: "A man was ar rested for planning an attack on the president. 'He was going to throw an alarm clock into his office." It made the rounds after Costa e Suva's office in Brasilia announced that the '' president takes a long lunch period and. a siesta each day. Since the 04-year-old retired army marshal was sworn in March IS, political activity has been at a virtual standstill and Costa e Silva'r cabinet mem bers have operated their minis tries pretty much as Independ ent fiefs with little co-ordina tion. Some have been busy snip ing at each other. Activity In Congress has been largely limited to Intramural squabbles in the absence of ma- lor problems or legislative pro grams to discuss. Only the op position has been talking in term of broad Issues, but it has no power to do anything but talk. ELECTION BOYCOTTED Costa e Silva was elected last fall by the government's majority In a lame-duck Congress. The opposition, outnumbered two to one, boycotted the election.; Wilson's Broadway I 1 ii - i LONDON During the other! war in the '40's. Dick Van Dyke long-distanced the physician in West Plains, Mo., who deliv ered him and asked if he could supply him with an affidavit to the effect that be had been bom inasmuch as the court with all the ramrds had burned down. You still alive!" cackled the doctor, according to Dick. "You can't be. I said you wouldn't live five minutes. No -finger nails! "I bate to disprove your prog nosis but I'm alive enough that they want me In the Army and I need proof of birth," Dick re plied. "Hen. hen. heh," chuckled the ancient medico. "The Army! Why, you'll never pass the physical No fingernails! Dick's' fingernails passed the physical, he eventually became a TV and movie star, and now this Mlssourmn, who later be came a Hoosier. is swelling around London with . his wife, a nurse, and four sons and daughters, including 18-year-old Chris tian who's soon entering Princeton Seminary to become a min ister.' All have fingernails. including Dick. He is recognized throughout the British Isles where he is regarded as a non-swinger in swinging England. He. wears vests to remind him when be dines too well he knows wire. he drinks Vodka, he smokes too much, and in Hollywood he has been known to drive too fast. He isn't permitted that vice in England, where he's filming a picture, "Chitty Chitty Bang Banc." which is alleged to be the "purr" of a 1910 motor car. "I have to be driven to the studio." he petulates. "It's because the driving's on the left side. They can't take chances on me killing myself. And I've driven in England, be fore, too! Because of bis reputation for clean living he's a Presby I'd Rather Be Light Soys Earl TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: Bobby Darin was at a woman friend's 29th birthday party, and she wouldn't let the guests cut the cake she planned to use it again next year. WISH I'D SAID THAT: "Elo quence" is what people think they have after five martinis. Leonard L. Levinson. REMEMBERED QUOTE: "More people worry about the future than prepare for it. EARL'S PEARLS: Comic Jackie Mason explained why he's never married: "Because I can't afford the luxury of a divorce." The jovial former cavalry of ficer and tank commander had imposed his candidacy on Presi dent Humberto Castello Branco, using his position as war minis ter for leverage. With representatives from vir tually every taction of the gov ernment's heterogenous National Renewal Alliance in his cabinet as well as several army men, Costa e Silva has tried to give his government a broad foundation. But he. has ended up In stead with a ponderous structure that hardly moves. The administration's lack of activity and the penchant of its members for travelling extensively within the country and abroad has already brought sharp criticism from virtually ail segments of the press, including those which normally support the government. ' However, a deep recession has given way to gradual improve ment in business conditions, and plentiful crops promise still greater benefits to the economy. Interest rates have dropped and retail sales are reported grow ing. Inflation Is still a problem. but appears to - have abated somewhat from, last " year's rates. , ARTICHOKES Stuff the leaves, of cooked artichokes with well-buttered fine dry bread crumbs (about. 4 tablespoons of melted butter per cup of crumbs) seasoned with savory or sage to taste. Place In a covered casserole and bake In a 350-degree oven for 10 to IS minutes. Tou Still Alive?' The Doc! Cackled By Eari Wilson terlan Elder Dick gets needled if anvthina he does in movies or on TV is a. bit bluev. , Everybody wants to argue with me about "Divorce, American Style,' " be told me. A Russian woman reporter attacked me. She said, 'la Rus- j sia. we hare mistresses, and we don't need divorces.' "And here I am, the only one in the cast without a divorce. Debbie Reynolds my wife why. she could be a technical But Debbie seems happy now, married to Harry Karl. She married a human be ing." -. j.'. --..-M ft -, Dick s a secret do-gooder. He was dining in New York when Billy Daniels came over and said: "That was a great speech you made at the Buckley School ap pealing for 12.000,009. "How did you know about It?" beamed Van Dyke. From my daughters. They go there, too." THE WEEKEND WTNDUP Robert Goulet. who has lived in Canada, was asked to sing t.-- ' ' , ' ' " N ' F " l '"' 1 1' J I"' I . jO .. "' ' don't forget EATON'S new number: This V. cr. - CARE-FHES BOATING "ECONOMICALLY" Get all-risk protection in a single package! BOAT.. .MOTOR AND TRAILER Play safe. Protect your boating investment with a low cost ECONOMICAL package insurance plan that covers all your equipment from theft, collision, personal liability, fire and many other hazards afloat and on shore.' CONTACT rot tCONOMICAL AOtNT TODAY vijjmsiFfut Head Office . CANADIAN AIL . TrfK WAV . Branch Offices: . Vsneouver , Edmonton, Winnipeg, tendon, HsmiHon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montrsal, Woncton, Hslifix. . . OTTAWA - 1304 WUUN6T0N T. - 7224245 m. I Your Economical the Canadian national anthem at their centennial celebration. He declined: "I bad enough trouble with my awn national anthem) " . . . Hefty comic Jackie vernen sliced off 30 lbs.', wants to drop SO more ... Las Vegas Caesars Palace; pleased with Juliet Prmu'i "Sweet rharirv" stint gave her a $7,700 sports car . . . Harold Hecht will screen-test Um tl.Kmra Qnnnv Ann, tnf the role of a Thai beauty in "Baggy Pants." Dean Martin signed lor five more Mat Helm films, to follow "The Ambusbers" , i eran actor Victor Jory said at Danny's he's written his summer stock reminiscences, titled "Bedroom Perfect" ;-, . Frankie Michaels. 12, will play the title role in the "Billy the Kid" TVer. with Ernest BorgnTne . . auuw rviua ' ("The Plot") reproduced the bar of the Plaza's Oak Km. in his home . V , Burt Reynolds, who finally got a non-Indian role in "Caine," gave producer Skip Steloff a lighter inscribed "For freeing the Indian." 5 Kitchener, OnUrle Insurant Agent it: A. Gordon McLennan & Son ' . : Insurant . 85 NEKAN STREET 232-1133 h 1: 15

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