The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1947
Page 13
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^THURSDAY, JULY 31, 1047 Traitor Escapes Death Penalty Boston Judge Adds ; $10,000 Fine to - Life Imprisonment BOSTON, July 31. <UP)--Tra' Douulas Cluindler, 5ft. standing stiffly erert a> the bar. was sentenced in U. S. District courl yesterday .to life imprisonment, at hard Jabar for botraving Ills country to Germany in World War II. He also was fined $10,CCO. .yTtie life sentence was imposed by jcderal Judge Francis J. W. Porcl. i 'Harvard classmate of the late President Roosevelt, target of some or Chandler's most violent attacks P his short-wave broadcasts from Germany to the United Stater,. • Death by hanging lias been de- handed 'jy special government prosecutor Oscar R. Ewiug who iKraacriaed Hie tall and gray- iircd defendant as n Wack-hcart- ed Iraitcr who "Rave his heart and soul to Hitler" because he wanted Germany to win the war. ' "If 'the dentil penalty is not to )c imposed for such treason," he said. "then we should the leath sentence horn our treason statutes. . ." Evving told Judge Fcrd he was •mthorizvt to say that Alton General Tom C. Clark and AssL.. ii'.t Attorney den. Theron L. Caudle also strongly urged thc same xmalty. Texas.Scouts Off for Jamboree JBLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS Women Lose Girdles as Well as g-.S/ioes, Theater Managers Say ime»I * Mount Ida Major Disappears on German Frontier . FRANKFURT, July 31. (UP) The U. S. Army reported today hat Maj. Harry F. Jolly, Mount Tda, Ark., disappeared from a ?rankfurt-Paris train six days ago . Jolly last was reported seen by American Red "cross girl on BY PATRICIA CLARY .found office United Tr«5 Staff Corj-Mponrti-nl '^u<, w nccl k PASADENA. Cat., July 31. CUP) ' U ' RC " tCCI lO —If you've? lost, a set of your «n- mentior.ablcs, look for them at theater managers your Iccn! movie home's lost and Germany, near the French border, about 10:30 p.m. Friday. She reported his disappearance, authon- 'tics said. His pajamas, neatly folded, weie found on his berth along will his luggage in a compartment of thc train. Officials said a search aloiy the railway where he disappea/.'d L t..^ *«..,,..., -..~. t .n, he train near Kalserslautcni. I had turned up no clue. BAKERY SPECIALS Fresh Lime Cake 2 thick Layers Smothered in Tasty Lime Icing of 100% Pure Sugar 69c On Sale Saturday Only! " f *^ nj ^~ n ~~*-~~ f * jv ^ j ~^**^^*~>~~^**-^*^^j*^^^ Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY They sairi uiey rake an assort- , inent of .belongings from drinking I - - „„ r,.-.£,., limn vii nixing lluiijil Mo! nrvrliO i?m-.i I T < r Jte to e artcr belt, after every fercnceTta he™ 'yellerd^ "I wonder how people can bring half the things into the theater " snid «. O. Kotscs, assistant manager of the (Strand; "and how they without the other can walk 'out half." 'Kotscs has picked- up -two well- r lahcd corsets off. iheafer floors His collection also includes a woman's pink silk slip and a pair of !" B , < iT" e <lmv " for R ''O'lvxl,' and !,ilk panties. migiii be n smart limn, 'unl lie panties. "We find a lot of warden's shoes," h e said. "I'll never figure how a person can walk out of a show and not, miss their slices-to .say noUtlng of missing their girdles." •Mcst of the shoes were worn, he said, and his only answer was that, women must bring alone " new pair ito put on when thev leave the old ones behind. People apparently keep their clothes on during the love stories, the managers said, but wriggle out (if coats, shoes and what-not diir- InR rip-snorting adventure movies. The rate Ukes another upsurge during co'.d. wet weather. they said. That's when they find umbrellas, rubbers, raincoats, nose sprays and hot water bottles. /They insisted Ihe clothes were evenly distributed over the theater flcor. same In thc front as U>e last, row of the balcony. "We found a woman's purse con- gaining her false teeth," David Lehman, manager of the Toiler Theater, recalled/ "When I called her up to tell her, she said: " 'That's incredible. I've never teen inside your theater.' "But it turned out she had been robbed thc night before." Men don't lose as many things as v.'omen, ithe managers said. They drop their wallets, false teeth or- spectacles, but they always keep their pants on. It's a Puzzle No one knows where the arms of a siarfish leave off and its body begins, since some of its internal organs arc carried in the limbs. All for Beauty Six varieties of cosmetics are used by the average woman: lipstick, rouge, face powder, eyebrow pencil, cold cream, and mascara. Thc average is three applications a day. We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment Eliminate unnecessary expense in wear of your tires by letting us keep your «ir in perfect, alignment. Our guaranteed work will save vou money' Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motdr wit] hum smoothly if you bring it to us for regular checkup. Onr experts will spot those minor flaws before they develop into serious trouble. Expert Motor Care You can entrust your molor troubles, no matter how serious, to us. Here you'll gct^a prompt, accurate diagnosis of your cars ills ... and factory-trained men will make those repairs efficently and economically. LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St., Blythcvillc . Pastor of Little Help In Country Parish, South Carolina Preacher Says LINCOLN, Nt-b., July 31. (UP) -. '.•Hy pastor 1-u't of much help in Appropriation Bills for Nearly 16 Billion Signed by President • i Valcy ' PAGE THIkTEEN, '-SiHS£^l;^£5'S,» ux*. S3IVJ40 Inveslcd In "VA powefa- li 1 **" b * Admiral Byid to Artue- cl"tl« by tl, e sownmJr SSf- C °H :"«>."*»<" .» »«««<»'°f » President Mvm.',"; ""'V 11 ' <ur>) — . 5 ' T »° aovcnimcnt Corpcmilloiu Kb „,',,;^T^ 18 ^ s h ftiUTl ;; s * 35 '" "• total o[ now funds Cor Iho operation of which m-encles as the 'i'ennc'sseo uxl I MB govern- , a spee -of miles a day for »eeks at * time crnns Admmistrim,,,, n ',m ' tcho \". toinlc Kiu'iuy Commission. " '"'" 'ho bis batuh . (it p d in I !i c closing days, u^ ^U.JH.VW, Mr, Trmnnn slyncd n\-i major «|)j)i'0|)rl:itioiis bills: 1. The first Miiiplctni'iiiai n" m ,<.>: prJaUon 1,11). nurylng »|,65u,oC'a.- 197,. most o[ w'"">' ;,.. «_•. .... •he $4M),t:c {ton's stop- Greece an, •i. will KO for LI in th.-.fuiir.imMin-. im-i.r.lsm p. ; >si';nn In' w-,,. IV,,.,. ;,,,,,„ M,t l!lrv i>r K in v - irui'2 MB G:n AnmV mil;-..,...., n ?llvi(tM for the (liirini; fiscul . 3. The Intleiu-iiilriil oi.'lci-; 1)111 provldliiK $8,1118,8^,927 Ur vnrirrtis K r ""lT nl offU '< >s - Of '"'5 nmouiil, $0,SC.l,457.0Uft to the Vjcniii-i Adiiilnlstratlnn. 4. The AKL-lrulturc neimiliuent appropriation, ,, f S(ii:i.o«3M lor farm acllvlile.. a w \ UK uio fLscnl year. Mr. Truman also signed Into law a bill I'UinthiK 20 per mil Increases In pensions for ijpantsh- Amcrlcim and Civil War veterans thetV widows or Children, ' :Uscs I'ocket Voto 'Mr. Truman also exercised his "Rill ot pocket veto for Ihe first lime following this session ' Ua announced llnu h ( . wo ,,i,i 110 t fj,,,, wo hills sent to lh« White by Congress before it adjourned. Oiui would IHIVO iinimciulocl thn cause It would nxellitiiti. Diinkei' imu'Mnlv Coniini'ive Act in penult rnllrniul officers and directors to deal in Kocurlllcs Issiieil l,y their own companies. Mr. Tinman said (his provision was "lilt-lily ol)J«:llomil)lc" hc- cotitio) 01 cnllroaiis. The- other vetoed bill one to KNint Ili'rinnii Trillin, H clllnen of Sweden, the iA s ht to l,e nalurallwd in this country. Thn Kovcrnmcnl ^oriioratlons 1)111 included ?ll).1(llj,0ao (or I lie Tcn- a comury piu'ish, a South lin.n prencher ntteiuliii^ tj lc Unnvl Life Coii- The Rev. J. c. Forrester. -,„ ivhosc pastorate jica („ cotton country near the town of Upper, S o' said thin "to lejul a man spiritually' you've got to talk the things lie knows nboul "You've got to understand abnut crop.? and cnltle n:id said Forrester. "A city preacher might come down for n revival/ and ol . - from .... cmv." Forri-slcr is one of 2.000 tlelcj-ules to the convention, where discussion groups were wrestling with the problem or aurticlliu- more pastors to rural areas. One bishop .said that r>,000 ministers could he used in rn es if they were available Read Courier News Want Ads. All Work Done l!y (Hen in rural parish- Fitzpatrick Jewelry Store _ U llikt ' s " n 'y » minuk's to open an account 1«! ag>g*>g^>>^:c*xx*:***v*-c*^^ NOT! C E Chick IxMiKc KM K & A M will have their annual fi*lv fry Thursday livening at 6:30 o'clock'in the yard of Mayor J. R. jHckmn, LI 12 W. Main. All Mawjns and their families ,,,-e cordially invited. MAX PARKS, W. M. •••^•^^M-i^MM^B^ Announcement Beginning Thursday, July 31 We Will Start Making Delivery In Mississippi County, of CLOVER FARM SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Sweet Milk Buttermilk, Chocqlac, Cloverloc, X Cream, XX Cream, Sweet Cream Butter & Cottage Cheese >• Will Be Delivered to Grocers, Cafes, Drug Stores and all Other Retailers. East Arkansas Milk Co. Holmes & Black, Owners comes the ssvJny to your sweetheart H OW'S that Buick sweetheart of yours? Still giving out with that eager Fireball power surge at a toe- touch? Still answering every light linger-toucli on the wheel? Most likely you'll answer, "It's doing very nicely, thank you." But years have a way o f whittling away at performance—sometimes so slowly you don't notice it. So you can be in for a whopping surprise. 7*HA*W •-.'••;; Just wheel your car into our shop and treat it to some real JJuick cure. The kind of care that conies from men who are truly fond of Huicks — who know what they can do and like to bring out all their oomph and go. Let these men of ours test and tune your Huick with (heir special Buick tools. Let them replace anything that's worn with thc right Uuick- enginecred part. Then, 7ANG, back comes the swing to your sweetheart. Job for job, Buick car care costs no more than ordinary service. So, what's to lose? Come in to us whether it's for a tunc- up, major or minor repair or regular lubrication. Your car rates it. So fob °"<lnofy ••,! LAHGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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