The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 20, 1944 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 19

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Saturday, May 20, 1944
Page 19
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Three Soldiers Kille'd And Three Injured In Western Exercises VICTORIA. Msy 20. (CP) Two "soldiers were killed and three seriously injured when trench mortar shell burst during night exercises on Vancouver Island last Friday, military officials revealed-today. Pte. James Eric Hilts, of Eden-vale, Ont, was killed almost instantly and the other man died yesterday from injuries suffered In the blast. His next-of-kin have been notified and his name will be released shortly. 1 The three injured men are reported improving in hospital at Comox, B.C. Pte. Hilt is -survived by bis widow who came '-to Nanaimo, B.C. to visit him two days after the fatality. An Inquest was held and death was found to be accidental. - Killed In Practice. CALGARY, May 20. CP) Funeral services with full military honors will be held here today for Pte. S J. Armstrong. Farn borough. Que., who was killed instantly during battle practise at nearby Sarcee camp, Thursday. Pte. Armstrong had been in a " trench during manoeuvres in which actual warfare conditions were being simulated, and was believed to have raised his head while rifle and machine guns were being fired over the tops of the trenches. .Ottawa Girl Wins Award at McGill " MONTREAL. May 20. CP) . Joan -Deborah Levinson, of West-- mount. Que., won the Governor " General's Gold Medal for modern languages and literature; it was . announced in the list of graduates of McGill University issued - today. The total list1" of degree ' and diploma winner totalled 411 t "names, and they will receive their awards at the General Convocation, May 23. Other prize winners included: Werner Leo Schott, New York, Allan Oliver gold medal and Al-' lan Oliver fellowship, with first ' class honors in economics and ' political science. Ernest Wirid Legrls, Halley-bury. Ont, University scholar-; ship, British Association medaL and Montreal Light, Heat and : Power Consolidated second prize, with honors in electrical engineering. - " Beatrice Ellen Louise Law, Calgary, Alta, food conservation prize, with second class honors 'in home economics. ' Janet Ritchie,. Ottawa, Mont-' real Local Council of Women's prize in-nutrition, with first class " honors in home economlcsT COMMISSION HUGE SUB.1 LONDON, May 20 (CP) The largest submarine ever operated by The Netherlands Navy, "Zwaardvlsch" (Swordflsh); has been commissioned at a Northern England port in the presence of Prince Bernhard, it was announced today. It has a displacement of more than 1,500 tons. RtASH IS GONE, LW1W HIS MOTHER. CR Ei THE POUCK. AND SNSBl THE SWfiMJ, IS NOW ONE 0 MAZERS ELITE BANb OK R0OKERS- IF 0UkE LOOKIN FDR WEASEL, WES GONE iKTOaTWl MAR IKIES; tM A SMALL CARD If THAT MY FELLOW ROOMERS HELD FORME. I WAS . MCTSl rOK UNfl h II ic tW2? -. crD vri IV. I-I'D SORT OF. PLANNED IT DIFFERENTLY'-FOR BUT I GUESS ITS THAT REALLY GIVE ' GREATEST PLEASURE-:. 244 Saturdays Stock Quotations . WALL STREET Supplied kjr Thomson McKlaaoa. Stocks Open 11 JO Air Reduction New ... 3814 38 ii Allis Chalmers 33 i 1354 Amcr. Loco. ... ... .. 18 18 Ann. Radiator ...... 9 Is 9 14 Baldwin Loco. ... ... lB'a . l't Bethlehem Steel ..... 88 58 Bors-Warner ... 37 U 37 Burroughs 12V, .1314 Chrysler..'.. ... .. .. 84 ttV, Crane Comp. ... .. ... 33j 33 Com. Solvent - 18', 15 k Cont. Can. .. ....... S8.i 384 CurtlM Wright ;.. .. . 8(. 6k DougUs Air. 49 4 Dupont . J43' 143 '4 Elee. Auto Light .. .... 41 41 U General Elec 35 H 3Mk Glmble Co. 14 ( 141 General Motors 591, . 39',. Goodrich 48',, . 48i, International Nickel '.. 38 V 28'., International Piper :.. 181, 18V, International Paper p.. 79', 7914 Inter. Tel. It Tel. 1314 13 Kennecott Copper .... 31i- 3H4 Montgomery Ward ... 4314 434 National Biscuit . 3014 3014 North Amer. Aviation . j 8 8 New York Central . . .. ' 1 8 '4 1 8 ,' Northern American'... 17 174 Paramount ........ j.. 2Si asii Packard Motors 41, 414 Pennsylvania Railway . 39 . 38 Phillips Pet J,". 43',, 43V, Public Service of N J. . 144 ' 1444 Radio. i. i tV Remington Rano 18 16 Sears Roebuck . ..." 89",i- 89 i Southern Railway .... 33 4 33 Southern Pacific 3014 3014 Standard Brands 3014 - 394 Standard Oil of Indiana 331, 33V, Standard Oil California 384 .'36 Socony ..j..:. 1214 1314 Sperry Corp. .......... 33 33 Sundard Oil of NJ. . .. 83 14 - 55'., Studebaker. new ...... 18 15 United Aircraft 29 29 United' Corporation -r-li -1 Unit. Gas Improvement 1 1 U S. Steel 81 U B1V Westlnghouse Electric 99 99 Woolworth 3814. 38 Montreal Stocks 435 Mtl. Pow., 30. ' 50 Gypsum, 7. 10 Bell Telephone, 153. 100 Ott. P., 7. 35 Ont. SUV 13. 100 Ogllvle, 36. 300 Wllsils, 1714. Curb. 80 AbiUbi. 2. 425 Do. pc. P 33. 400 Brown, I SO. 150 Sugar, 30. 35 Donna, 8. 150 Southmount, 23. 35 C. N. Pow. P.. 98. Toronto Stocks 30 Holly. 11. . 100 Beattie. 1.77. . 500 Bldg. Kir, 43'4.' - 300 Cochenour WUlans, 1.80. 500 La pa Cadillac, 13. 800 Leltch. 1.13. 100 McKenile. 1.41. .100 Negus. 1.34. 500 Omega, 38. 100 PoweU, 1.34. ISO Premier, 94. 500 Senator. 38. 5O0 Denlson, 38. . 35 Int. Nlekel. 3. 10 Noranda. 54. 1.000 79. 500 Duquesne. 25. 1,500 HalllweU. 5. 1.000 Lake Duf., 3. 9,000 McVlttie. 35. 1.000 Parte nan, 7. : 10 Int. Fete- 31. 500 Mid. Cont, 84. 1.000 Vermilata. 9. 10 Bell Tel- 152. 35 Brazil, 32'.. S Winnipeg Pf.. 83. 100 Prasaed MeUla, 8!a. 90 Nat. StL Car, 14. - 300 Cement, 7. 100 Abitibl Pf., 35. 100 Cons. Pap.. . . 1 30 Brown Co. P- 36. . DOG AT LARGE. For allowing a dog to run at large. Joluv O'Connell, 103 Lees avenue, was fined $2 and costs In Magistrate's Court today. 3VS! LETTER WEASEL? BUT NOT TORQCrrrSM GAME eh?.ohI hm-m-m'. SINS1N. AFTER THIS, YOU JUST CALL ME ANY , KlftMP VrMI I IWrtl HtKt 1 1 " ss sa fa gee! her LATER ON- fVEAH! I KNOWSl Tunrtt MAVC I . h nwi vui (- II O TH. KID! I I J l aw - I LITTLE WHITE HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY- HER SONS THERE- OUR DREAMS US OUR "BUT WHY TELL HER V . THINKING f mm Nine Race Horses Destroyed in Fire At Churchill Downs LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 20 JP) Nine race horses and one. pony were destroyed early today when fire razed one of the barns at historic Churchill Downs. Hundreds of thoroughbreds were stabled at the track but only about 30 bad to be turned loose. In addition to the horses which were destroyed, another racer was missing several hours after the fir was brought under control. : Value of the nine horses lost In the fire was variously estimated at from $30,000 to $50,000. There was no outstanding racer among them. Had . the fire happened two weeks earlier, however the same barn contained Pensive, . winner of the 1944 Kentucky Derby; Broadcloth, the second-place finisher; Gramp's Image, Gay Bit, Cbmenow, all Derby contenders, and Autocrat, a Derby nominee who did not run because of illness. The value of these six horses was estimated at more than $300,000. The pony which lost its life was owned by Jockey Joe Wagner. The missing horse was M. B. Goffs Big Punch, a stablemate of Skytracer. 34 From Ottawa Enlist in R.C.A.F. Thirty-four Ottawa and district recruits were ' accepted into the R-CA.1. from May 6 to May 19, ft was announced at the R.CA.l". recruiting depot, 152 Queen street, this morning. The list of recruits follows: Ottawa. E. F. B. Drake, 105 Young street; E. T. Battle, 432 Nelson street; M. B. Downey, 159 Henderson avenue; M. J. Smith, 350 Gladstone avenue; O. J. Lacrolx, 3 Cathcart Square; N. M. Black, 452 Somerset street west; D. E. Moore, 55 Poplar street; B. X. Tetu. 184 Fifth avenue; J. S. Crawford, 23 Reld avenue; H. B. Hill, 758 Gladstone avenue; B. J. Gravel, '245 Sussex street; H. I. EardleyiWilmot, 55 Somerset street west; J. Vlner. 227 Booth street. . .... j .. District. L. C: Montgomery, Farran's Point; J. O. Morris, R. R. 4; Alexandria; R. H. L. Robinson, R. R. 1, Pembroke, D. H. Sadler and W. D. Calborne, Almonte R. J. Edgar, Joyceville; I. G. Richardson, Montreal West; J. M. Brobmam Brockville; T. H. B. Statham, 85 King street east, Brockville; V. E. Theoret, Cornwall; J. Mc-Gllli vray, 528 Sydney street, Cornwall; A. G. Bennett, Spen-ceryille, Ont? W. R. Sheridan, So-perton, Ont; G. C. Cook, R. R. 1, Westboro; J. J. Oncescu, R. R. 1, Westboro; R. J. Tourangeau, 78 Norman street; Arnprlor; J. G. A. Menard, Kingston; L. p. Clark, W. R. Peters, Kingston; G. B. Gosling, Cornwall; W. J. Pardy, Mount Brydges. ANOTHER yes! uestsr FROM BoOTTKWNINCl HE CALLS IT; Oi trr-l niKTt A HOW I KNOW THPftL MAKE A MAN O HIM! HE'S GOT TH" MAKINGS! broken dreams! TO READ asf aacMS.. owl i bought SUCH A I I'D HAVE YOUR GOOD I ROOM DONE'f JOB ; I BEFORE YOU J TAKER. TGOT BACKrLME' J THE MIND OF SUCH A LADY, DIDN'T YOU WHAT SHE'S a",ej Only 960 Japs V m Allied Prisons NEW VORK, May 20-W) Although the Allies, excluding Russia, have taken 105,000 Ital- . ian and 210,000 German prisoners, only 980 Japanese have been captured, Col. Warren J. Clear, of the U.S. Army general staff corps, told the Commerce and Industry Association of New York yesterday. The morale of Japanese soldiers will not suffer until both the Japanese army and navy have been given smashing defeats, Colonel Clear said In an address. -Canadian Guns Continued from Page One. Agra, which operated with the Canadian Corps on the Adriatic front, began moving- into position on the south of Cassino sector about mid-April. It was an irW tensely secret move, which was not completed until a few days before the start of the offensive. Canadian mediums averaged 40 rounds a gun In the first 40 minutes of counter-battery fire and during the first two days of battle, averaged 300. For some crews this was more shells than they fired during their many weeks on the Adriatic coast. The men worked hard and got little sleep. But because of the accuracy of their shots they received comparatively light returns from the enemy.' The Germans knocked over one field gun without inflicting casualties but it was In action again within an hour. . i f - Bdr. Don Ruszell, of Port Arthur, Ont., a member of the crew in a battery recruited in his home city, said it was the busiest period he has had as a gunner. Other members of the crew, sitting , around stripped to the waist, seemed as happy as Russell. They hadn't liked the mud of Moro Valley In which they had been camped for weeks. Gun Crew. - Commanding this crew was Sgt Emerson Noyes, of Rldgeway, Ont, and other members were: L. Bdr. Herb Smith, of Fort Frances; Ont, and Gunners Ken Irving, of Allanwater, Ont; Doug Ferguson, Nelson, B.C.; Joe Kirschner, Kelowna, B.C.; Lloyd Jamieson, Star City, Sask.; Laveme Hlggs, Huntsville, Ont; Maurice Plante, Waterloo, Ont, and Bob Hunter, Stanbridge East, Que. 1 Another battery in the regiment was recruited In Quebec's Eastern Townships, and many of Its men were from that part of the country.- Some of them were Bdr. C. L. Willey, and his son, Sgt-MaJ. J. Howard Willey, of Granby; Sgt Charles Stowe, of Waterloo, and Gnrs. Roland Patenaud, Ron Dickenson, of Granby; Alexander Johnson, of Farnham,. as well as the survey officer, Lieut Lloyd Flaet, of Quebec City. HOUSING NEGOTIATIONS. TORONTO, May i 20. K. W. Bash, manager of Wartime Housing, Limited, said today the organization is negotiating with Windsor, Hamilton, Oshawa and Toronto in connection with construction of temporary housing for servicemen and their families. MEUBE AS ES- FINE A RGOTsN'MAN AS UtS WILD - ISN'T FOOLED SO MUCtt! ' SHE ILL. BET! Z IX wmw 9s oiAWTwewiw! in A NOTED TMST YXI ARC IN NEED OF ONE HUNDRED AND EtGHTYTWO : DOLLARS, MADAM- I HEAR YOUR SON. WEASEL, ENUSTED- HE. IS A FINE LAD YOU VJJLt. AND FOR ALOUD 1 V- SINSIKYOlfREilif WOULD HE IDEA OF A GENTLEMAN? It . " - ! Taxi Driver Fined For Careless Driving Lorent Larocque, 32, a taxi driver residing at 207 Clarence street, Ottawa, pleaded guilty this morning to a charge of care-1 leu driving and was fined $25 and costs by Magistrate Strike. Constable Raoul , Desjardlns, who investigated, accompanied by Constable John Sheehan, told the court that the taxi was being driven west on Rldeau street, at 3.43 this morning, at such an ex cessive rate of speed that the! driver failed to negotiate a sharp curve just west of Cummings' bridge. ... . The taxi, he said, swung over the north sidewalk and up the lawn of the Children's Aid Society Garland House and travelled a distance of more than 200 feet damaging a fence and tearing up the lawn. -y The accused claimed a transport truck with one light failed to give him sufficient room, to make the turn. However, Constable Desjardlns said . Constable Lavlgnflr of Eastview, witnessed part-of .the accident and claimed there was no transport on the road and that Larocque was travelling too fast. ' . Can't Be Stopped Dewey Backers Say WASHINGTON, May 30. P) Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, of New York, picked up 15 delegates to the Republican National Convention in the politically strategic northwest yesterday to Increase his lead to a point which led backers to claim "he can't be stopped now" in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. President Roosevelt,, who can have renomination if he wants it, picked up 14 additional delegates in the Oregon voting to boost his total to 897 of the 830 thus far cnosen by the Democrats. The President also was, pledged the support of a new liberal party organized In Naw York last night by right wingers who broke away from the American Labor party. : MRS. NEIL McCAFFERY. QUYON, May 20. (Special) The death occurred Friday of Mrs. Nell McCaffery at her home in Garson, Ont, following an illness of a few days. The former Maya Moyle, Mrs. McCaffery waa born at Quyon 44 years ago, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Moyle. She married Neil McCaffery, of Bristol, Que., and lived at Quyon until 10 years ago, when they moved to Garson. Surviving,- In addition to her husband, are two sisters, Mrs. Joseph Weber, and Mrs. George Crist, of New York; six brothers, Griffin, of Montreal; Martin, of Winnipeg; John and James, of Sudbury; Charles and Richard, of Garson. Another brother and sister predeceased har. The funeral will be held from her late residence to the Roman Catholic Church at Garson on Monday morning for requiem mass at 10 o'clock. Interment will be at Garson. WEASa WAS BUT WE WAS G00&- iNSlbE! A MOTUFfc CAN TELL! DONCALL MAbAM i k UATt TWATiWOfcD! YES- I WJL J rw rim - j BUT ITS WHATM HE WANTED THAT, 'ST , M OH. M COME I n now. IJ FOR THE ARMED Summary, In Ottawa Tha Cvaninf Journal a vary Saturday publish aa a raauma of tha waak's n,ws for tha banaflt of Ottawa boys and girls varying with tha arm ad foreaa. Clip this sum- ' mary and sand It to your ralaUvaa In the armed foreaa, SATURDAY. ; Mayor Lewis said It was likely a low-rental housing scheme would be started in Ottawa. . A committee of the Board of Trade was to discuss it with the Board of Control. ... , " i --A beauty parlor operator In Hull, Miss Anette Beauvais, 28 Leduc street, won the major prize of three $100 Victory Bonds at the Lions Club, bingo. a a a The staff of the censorship branch of the War Services Department totalled 878 according to Information , tabled In Commons, t . . a .' a . a A group of 12 Ottawa and district men returned from overseas. Among them were Signalman W. G. Blacklock, 548 MacLareh street,; Major Thomas Fluck and Private Charles Reynolds, of 238 Fourth avenue. - -.'. v a Posthumous award of the French Cross of the Legion of Honor to Wing Commander Jean Paul Desloges, D.F.C, was announced. He waa killed In a 'plane crash near Rabat in French Morocco. a a . . a . Ottawa and district air cadet squadrons were Inspected at the Varsity Oval. The Inspecting officer was Air Vice Marshal Adelard Raymond. SUNDAY. Mother's Day services were held In all Ottawa churches and they were largely attended, a . a a Ottawa easily overscribed its objective of $38,000,000 In the Victory Loan campaign, winding up with a total of $42,893,830.' a a a - A mail car attached to a Canadian train was destroyed by fire en route to Saint John. The consignment of mat' was bound for overseas and the fire was started, according to Post Office officials, In Inflammable material in a parcel addressed for someone overseas. a- a , - a MONDAY - It was reported that Lieut General McNaughton was to be made a full general and retired on a special pension. . :. ' " -Sergeant Air Bomber Brian O'Leary, son of Grattan O'Leary, Associate editor of the Ottawa Journal, and Mrs. O'Leary, was missing. His brother, Owen, has been missing since August 18. ;'.--:,.a... a .. . a A start was made la labor transfers of men in low priority, positions to posts In mora essential Industries. The re-shifting waa made necessary by more essential lobs being open than nea available to fill them. ' a . a a Earl Thorn, of Markham, accepted position on the teaching staff of Llsgar Collegiate . . . Considerable damage was done to several apartments above Ven-dome Hotel en Somerset street when fire' for a time threatened the entire building . . . Joseph Eno broke his left leg when he fell from his bicycle after it skidded on the street car tracks on Albert street . . . Daniel Drls-coll, famous horseman who raced pacers on most Eastern Canadian and United States tracks, died at his home at Iroquois . . . W. Gordon Gurin waa. elected president of tha Ottawa Branch of the University of Manitoba Alumni. William Connerty Millar, of Prescott, was a prisoner of war In Germany according to information received by his parents . . . WO. B. Victor Starrup, of 430 Somerset street west, was missing. a a . a No trace could be found of Mrs. Cecil Mathieson, wife of Wing Commander George Mathieson, The Journal's Gross-Word Puzzle ACROSS 4. Island in " X. Exclamation tha Pacific 4. Weaken S. Nurse IrSeragHo . (Orient) - . Accumulate 8- Kettle - IX Dropsy 7. AKing 13. Devilasb of Judaa 14. Grate 8. Maxim v 25. 26. 27. . 28. . 29. 15. Expression 10. Blemish of disgust 18.81oth 17. King of - Baahaa U. Holy person 30. 15. Abyss . 32. 18. Coat as a 9(, anpa 18. Himalayan bottom marmot , 10. Travel ' 19. Conquer f 21. Thrash 20. Baffle 22. Devour 23. Penny -24. A song 25. Carting : ' vehicle i 26. Jog . t 28. Butcher 81. Ugly old woman 32. A wit 23. Greek letter 34. Lowest note (Guldo) , 35. Caress -38. Pace of timepiece . . 28. Measure of length 40. Ball 41. Unable to see 42. Leaves out . 43. Type measures 44. Beverage s DOWNr 1. God of war 2. Sourcaof hashish . . l.Wlne ' r x receptacle I Solntion to this puzzle TT--" '.""-"WT" ' v "" IS" , It 2 U THE OTTAWA JOURNAL. SATURDAT. MAT St, IHi. 1 FORCES of Week's News and District who was believed drowned in Lake Deschenes . . . T. E. Neibitt, well-known resident of Carleton county, died at his home at City View. a . a a An eight-over-par score of 78 by Doug Pollock featured the sweepstake competition at the Chaudiere over the week-end . . . Cecil Powers, of the pttawa New Edinburgh Canoe Club, was chosen commodore of the Canadian Canoe Association ... In the week-end cricket games Ashbury won from Ottawa C.C. and Defence-New : Edinburgh beat the Australasians. a . a TUESDAY. Cnrnnral fHaranpe E. Bureess. who is a prisoner in Hong Kong, sent a radio message to his naranta. Mr. and Mrs. George T. Buroess. 1S2 Glenora. savins that he was in good health. . . . . Mrs. J. S. Tracey, 567 iisgar' street, wife of AC.l Joseph Tracey, received a letter from her husband the same day tt waa mailed In Scotland. It waa sent by air mall. - a a a Captain Donald Smith, former magistrate of Lanark county, was injured in action in Italy ... . Defence Minister Ralston announced that 213 officers had been returned from overseas with recommendations that they be discharged, a a a Six hundred men and two platoons of Cwacs paraded in Plouffe Park when colors were presented to the Ottawa Workshop Company of the newly formed Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. a, .. a a '. Pensions Minister Mackensle announced that allowances payable to discharged members of the armed forces were to be Increased by $18 to $18 monthly, the rates now will be $60 for a single man and $80 a month for a married man. ' a . ,,. a a Private Wally Kilrea, of Ottawa, well-known hockey star, had become a United States citizen. He is now serving with the U.S. Army Air Force. a a - a ' t A report by Chief Robert revealed appalling housing conditions In Hull with 'several instances of as many as 12 persons living In one room . . . Licenses of 14 potato chip vendors were cancelled by Ottawa's medical officer of health . . . Hull council voted $300 to buy comforts for men serving on the frigate "La Hul-lolse" . . . Ottawa was planning to give a civic reception to Prime Minister King on his return from London where he attended a conference of Dominion prime ministers. ,. .a -a a WEDNESDAY. A national council of the public service of Canada was named by the Government with Dr. W. A. Macintosh as chairman. . The council . will examine and make recommendations on any legislation affecting the civil service. a a ; a . D'Arcy Coulson was elected president of the Lions Club . . . Rear Admiral George C. Jones, Chief of the Naval Staff, was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral , . Very Rev. Joseph Scanhell, O.M.I, was re-appointed Provincial of the English speaking Oblates of Canada. , a .a . .a Under command of Lieut Col. P. Hannaford the G.G.F.G. 2nd Battalion held a recruiting marchout The parade was headed by the brass and bugle bands and was watched by thousands of people. a a a The last temporary building was being " erected In Ottawa. It is the $300,000 annex to No. $ at the Experimental Farm. ' When it Is completed no more will be built according to an announcement by the Government a :'. a : W." Russel White was elected chairman of the Ottawa West WMm 23. Vehicle mm Cavity In a lode Finger A musteline animal (So. Afr.) Cushion Correct . Vexes .' Divisions in hospitals . y 35. Founder of 'Pennsylvania 36. Title applied to an older . woman Tastar4ajrs Aaswar 37 Fresh-water ' : porpoise ' 39. Bind 40. Speck r wll be published Monday. - . . ... . : , i-io Liberal Association's Central Ward. Fred McCann was raameal vice-chairman. . ' 'VN, ' , ' . ).; A greatly Increased number of German prisoners were to s be used for farm work this Summer, according to officials of the Do- partment of Labor. This was brought about . by the - acute shortage of farm labor. , a a 's a StandlshaU Hotel In Hull was fined $73 and costs on two charges of violating food ration regulations, y ' a ' W. . Fergus Lothian was re- elected, president of the Ottawa District' Lawn Tennis Association. Plans were made to hold a wartime tournament and resume the senior district league play. . a .- . a e Fred McCann, superintendent of the Ottawa Boys' Clubs was elected a member of tha American Boys' Club Associates. - - , THURSDAY. Russel . S. Smart, K.C, samlor law partner of the firm of Smart -and Biggar and prominent real-' dent of Ottawa, died in the Ottawa Civic Hospital. ... a , a '. ' . V Four degrees of frost eaejsid ' considerable daaaat e to early growing plants. In a swdde change after Summer-like weather the temperature' drep- ped to 28 degrees. a' .a S Cantain Aral Charhonnaan. ' M.C., former Rough Rider player. was in the truck of action in Italy when the Allies broke through the Gustav Line. " ' ' ' Ben Paquin was elected president of the Ottawa Typographical Union ... Thelma Eikin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Eskln. 487 Clarence street won a scholarship at Queen's University . . . H. Stanley Hlgman was elected president of the Urban School Trustees' Association. a a . ' a . St Patrick's College Cadets ' were Inspected by Captain T. C Holmes, of M.D. No. 3. He complimented them on their steadi- ness, efficiency and military bear ing. ' Postmaster General Moleek announced that the cost of air- ' . graph messages to those In the forces overseas had .been reduced from six cents U five cents. The cost of . civDlaH messages had been cut front 15 ( cents to ten cents, r " . . a- : a . The labor situation was "tight and Selective Service said there were far more employers than employes. There was an urgent' need for mechanics and laborers. .' -. . a The legal firms , of Honeywell and Wotherspoon and Larmonth, Baker and Gibson were amal- t gamated. The new firm was to be known as Honeywell, Baker, Gib-ion and Wotherspoon. -'a a " t Flying Officer J. A. C Brown,, 128 Hawthorne avenue; Flying: Officer Mark Abramson, 333 Minto' Place and Fit Lieut Jack Con-nelT, of 624 Acacia road, ware missing. . i ; . - " ; - i Leon F. Jackson, assistant deputy minister of National Rev enue and Customs, retired after 43. years continuous service. He was honored by the staff when be was presented with a writing desk. a , . . FRIDAY. ' Corporal H. B. Leppard, eon cat Mrs. Alison Chapman, $6 Percy street was awarded the Military Medal for valor in Italy. Be is serving with the Canadian armored corps. - , ! In Ottawa there was an unfUlad demand for 2,833 employes, 1.-460 men and 1,373 women, accord-ing to officials of the Ottawa office of the Selective Service. .. Five Ottawa area men returned -from overseas. They were Fit. Lieut Ross Porter, 8 Gran villa avenue; Sergeant George Brule, Billings'' Bridge: Flying Officer Aurele Sauve, 83 Dollard street, Hull; Fit Sergeant J, St Marseille, Prescott; - and Sergeant George Davis, Ottawa. a a I Michael Cain was elected chair- -' man of the Dalhousle Ward section of the Ottawa West Liberal Association after a stormy meeting. Allegations were made by Mr. Cain of "dirty tactics" by a certain "gang" in tha ward which . tried to gain control of the association. a Four families were homeless, one home destroyed and five others badly damaged by Are en Vaudreull street Hull ... Flying Officer Ralph Ollett, 50 Elm street, was missing f . . R. A. Llrmcn, of . Ottawa, was president-elect of the Ontario Osteopaths' Association . . . W. G. Tibbs was appointed ration officer for the Ottawa area ... John McCarthy, manager of the Wellington street liquor store,1 was promoted to manages the larger liquor store ' on Rldeau street. ' WINDSOR. England. 401 Wallace Lupino, comedian, of the 1 famous British stage family, broke his collarbone when thrown from his bicycle. "Bell be all right again in a week, reported brother Lupino Lane. "We Luplnos are a pretty tough race.' LONDON. CP) Saying, "I am not film minded". Dr. William Temple, Archbishop of Canter bury, told a London audience be ; had seen eight pictures in 33 ) years. Including "Gone With the Wind" during which , the "alert" and "all clear" were flashed 04 the screen seven times.

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