The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 19, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXVIII—NO. »3 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP N.ORTIIKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythertlle Courier, Bi7th«vlU« Daily Ness," _Blythevill« Her«ld, Mississippi Vtlley Leader. Hcd-ITcaded Girl from Arkansas Got Start Through Press Agent's Si mil; Now She's Successor to Clara Bow BV DAN THOMAS NKA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD, May 19.— Ixwly has ambiiions. No matter how young or how old or what lhe\ have accomplished, tlvrc still a something else to be done. About 10 years ago there was a little red-haired girl attending high srhool at Pine Bin IT, Avk., whoso big ambition "was to win her letter on (hn school basketball (earn. Today that same girl's principal ambition If. —but let her speak for herself. "T want to earn lot-s of money slie declares. "That's enomjli of an ambition for the present because In the picture business success naturally goes with the bit; salaries." Tills t-h-i Is Peg^v Shannon, for the last couple of years widely known on Broadway, and one of the newest recruits in the film colony. Although slie has been in Holl.i wood only a few weeks, she. already Iras been elevated to the exclusive star circle. In her initial picture. "The Secret Call." she is being costarred with RIclrard Arlen. Clara Bow originally was slated for the role. But a nervous breakdown which caused her physician . to order a six months complete rest prevented CJarn from playing the part, and Peggy was chosen. "I used to dream about beinp in the movies when I was a small girl." Peggy remarked. "But r never thought. I would be as I didn't think I would photograph well enoiiKh. Fortunately for me the (lav has passed when a sirl's photographic qualities were of the utmost importance." Peggy's start behind- the footlights came as the result of an tn- Kcnious i>ress agent's desire for a bit of publicity on the Kiegfeld FW- lies. Pegev v/as visitins; a girl friend in New York. The Rirl was soins to try out for the Follies and asked Pew if slip vv-ould like to RO with her. She did and there met the press agent who. after leanriuq Mie was from Pine Bluff, asked her if she would like to no on the staqe. Of course she wanted to. The press agent then asked her if she would like lo linvy her picture taken with Ziegfeld. Tills was done. A few days later the picture ap- New; York papers accom- Tegfy Shannon panied by a story to (lie elfect tin: an unknown Arkansas girl had been chosen by Ztegfcld in preference lo some of Manhattan's bjsi dancers for a place in his new show. A contract then was offered to Miss Shannon who demurred on the grounds that she couldn't dance. "We'll teach you to during- our six weeks of rehearsals," Zieefeld the start of a career replied. That was which during the last two years has taken Pe»gy into 15 "flop" shows on Broadway. "Aside from the fact thai 1 riidn't earn much money I was better o!f than if I had been in two or three big successes," Peggy remarks. "Evin the theatrical business eryoue sees a play during the first weeks of Us run. Consequently I was seen in 15 different roles by producers and as a result established myself pretty firmly , "Then cnme this break in pictures and—well, I don't know what to say about it, I'm just hopin» that',1 all." . ' MR .Wit MFFT Fifth District Will Hold Annual Conference at Hotel Noble Tomorrow. At the annual conference of the fifth district. American Legion Auxiliary, here tomorrow, (here will b? Co delegates and visitors from Jonesboro, Marked Tree. Earle. Marion. Trumann. Lcpanto and BIythevillc. Thc luncheon meeting is to be held at the Hotel Noble wllh rcs- islration at 11:15 o'clock. Mrs. Floyd White Is in charge. As district chairman. Mrs. Howard B. Proctor has arranged an unusually complete program which will deal 'with outstanding activities of the Auxiliary. Mrs. Thomas If. Johnson of Uermott. slate president, will be the principal speaker. Another guest oi honor will be Mrs. Cox of Little Rock, state secretary. Mrs. Edgar Borum. chairman of unit activities of the hostess group, has completed the arrangements for (he luncheon, to be given in the blue room al 12 o'clock. These numbers will be given: bu- Proctor.- district chairman; song. 'America." The two stale officers arc fo be the housegucsts of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Borum while in the city. Mrs. Borum, who Is at Ihe present •tate legislative chairman, was formerly state vice president. They will also be guests of honor for a dinner party lo be given Wednesday evening by Mayor and Mrs. Neill Heed for members of the executive board of the BIythevillc unit and their husbands. TUKSDAY. MAY 19, 10UI JUNE I[l QF Unlawful to Sncncl More Than Appropriation Says Harrison; Seek Relief. Jury (rials at (lie June term of civil court, scheduled to open here on June 8th for two weeks, may be passed up this year because of Inadequate funds in (ho counly's circuit court appropriation to meet ex- l>ensps of the term. Judge Zal B. Harrison, countv judire. has asked Judge O. E. Keck of Ihe circuit court, not to hold the regular June term. Judge Harrison is opposed to spending more than has been appropriated for circuit court puri>o?es. Members of the local bar association, at a meeting t')ls morning, concurred with Jud 1 :* 1 Harrison in his stand that it would be unlawful lo spend more than the appropriation for court purposes However. Ihe attorneys expressed their desire to have (he term If some plan for holding it may hr reached under the law. If Ihe term is postponed it will actually result in the delay in trial of jury cases only as cases in wliicb juries are nol required may bo tried before Judge G. E. Keck. The elcc- I'r'n contest suit brought bv A. B Fairfleld against Mayor Neill need will not be affected even if all jurv cases are postponed as (he case will be heard by the presiding iudgc. Sheriff W. W. Shaver (old attorneys at a meetlng.this morning that he would summons jurors who serve at Ihe term and furnish court, offi- i cers without costs if thc term is held. The. circull court appropriation is practically exhausted by (his time annually, it is understood, but in thc past it has been (he practice to pay tlie expense or the term, over : appropriation, out of next year's appropriation by thc county quorum court which meets in November. Commander of Gigantic Force of 672 Planes Says Woather Unfavorable. FA1RFIEI.D AIRPORT. Dayton, O. May 13 IUP>~Advrvs? weather conditions In the Chicago nrca to- dav caused ixxM'noncmcnt of lh" Chicago phase of tho army's nlr maneuvers. Held up by reprrts of heavy ruins and )>o.or visibility west o[ her" the 671! ntrplanfs which wci<> to Invade the windy city remained piminrtcrt with prospects of :i ijo*.- sible . quick flight there lomorrow. "We are nol coin? to menace ttu> lives of mrn unnecessarily by tly- ln>! into bad weather roues," Brlg- adier General Ilrnfnniln D. Foulols. cou\mai:dant of the gfuanllc. all- force assembled here, said. The ships weir lo have started for Chicago at 11 A/M. M.ii-inr Fiver Killed PENSAC'OLA. Pla.. May 10 fUP) --Second Lieutenant, n. u. Sullivan, marine. con>s liver and ton of Colonel K n. Sullivan, Paris Island, was killed here today when h« crash'rt into n three miles norih farmer's flelil. of the city. There were no known witnesses to the crash. Secretary, 37, Now Daughter of Ex-Governor, 72 US VEGAS GETS U.S. Saloons Closed, Over a Hundred Arrested in Raids by Fifty Agents. LAS VEGAS. Nov., May 19. (UP) --The town of Las Vegas, an onsls where saloons ran wide open without a state liquor enforcement law. was as arid today as the surrounding sage brush after federal agents closed 27 saloons and arrested more than 125 persons. Acting upon instructions from Washington to dry up the "little Juarez" of southern Nevada in advance of the rush of thousands of workmen here for construction of Four Local Churches Will Cooperate in Holding Classes in June. Dally Vacation Bible schools will be held in this city during the month of June. At a meeting held last night at thc First Methodist church, the. two Methodist chur- iehes. the First Christian and First Presbyterian chinch voted to cooperate in a school similar to those held here for several years. The Firrt Baptist church will have a school at the same time for children in this congregation. Las! summer was the first time in about six years that a school of this kind has net been conducted here. They were started by the First Presbyterian church with children from all denominations amending. Since that time other churches have co-operated in the movement. The plan, is to have thc boys nnd girls attend the morning sersions in which interesting subjects will be taught with the Dible as Ihe principal theme to be taken up. Local trachcrs will be supervised by a worker, to be selected lakr. The exact date of the school will also, be announced later. Superinter.drnts of the Sunday schools have been appointed a. committee in charge of amnge- SYLVKSTKR, Oa.. May 19. WP) —Miss Stella Lre Brunt, publicly became Miss Slella Oshorn today with (he revelation that former Governor Chase Osborn of Mlclil- iT.-in, 72, had ndouted his 37-year- oM Canadian secretary. Thc adoption was made known as (he governor was en route to Mich- lenn and Ohio today. Tiie former pnvcciior decided dur- i'n a recent illn?« at his camp here that he-needed a conslanl al- i lendant. due lo his advanced n and the scattered nature of his lamilv. Judge D. Eve granted the aoolicaliou here two weeks nco. Miss Osborn has been emuloved by Osborn for more lhan a year. She The Army's Sky Armada at Rest SINGLE COPIES FiyigjCENTO ? Jl Resting In even rows at (lie Fairnold Air Depot, at Fairllcld, O., part of tho licet of 500 U S Army IrlnilPS ni-n <rJirm-.i 1.^ |]>| L - .-i-iii. ..i_i.* ..,.-. ,,.... *»imj planes are shown In this striking night photograph alter parade, wing lip to wing II]), before 200,000 spectators In preparation (or the they had passed In Ohio iind Indiana. a spectacular aerial This flight was In official showing in Chicago, to be followed by tho greatest ncrtr.l dcmonstratlov In the nation's history over New York. has applied ship. for American cilben- CIIIIMTY CFTTIi F Two Wounded After Angry Crowd Turns -.Firehose on Georgia Guardsmen. ELBERTON, Ga., May 19. <Ui') — Quiet was restored here today after a spectacular clash between national guardsmen and a mob which last night attempted to storm the Jail here to lynch two negroes charged .with criminal assault. Two members of the mob were shot when enraged citizens, disregarding ordqrs to keep away from thc jail, tore a fire hose frohrfire- men and playel It upon the inllilla- meu. Emory Crowder, one of thc wounded, was shot in the hip and may lose his leg. Lynn Edwards also .shot, was not critically wounded. Both negroes and four others arrested Monday were taken from the jail and taken to Atlanta where they were confined In Fulton coun- ly tower. More than 150 machine gunners, riflemen and howitzer roops from Atlanta and Monroe ere sent here on orders from Ad- utant General 1 Homer C. Parker tier every civil authority o[ Elbcr- on Appealed to Governor L. O. ardman for aid. h-ated Dowmiour Today. Good Rain camr> lo MisMsdnni cnuti- iv fnrinv. Oin first aniversarv of H'fl plarl- nf list yeir's di-nstrniK droi'Mi. ending a drv sncll which n-ouM hru-« serinus damare [ tc ycs . erday upon the town and for twelve lours staged the greatest cleanup n HID history of the west. gle call, advance of colors. Mary Boulder dam, n force of fifty prohi- Elizabelh Borum and Martha Ann Lvnch: salute to the flag, led by Mrs. Ernest Roe, Americanism chairman: song. "Star Spangled Banner." with Mrs. George M. Lee. music chairman, at the piano; address of welcome. Mrs. Neiil Reed, president of the BIythevillc unit; Invocation. Mrs. c. E. Crigger. chaplain; violin solo. Everett McDowell: roll call of units to be answered with brief accounts of accomplishments in the past year with these responding: Mrs. Ed Cherry. Jones'boro: Mrs. Coleman Jernigan, Lepanto: Mrs. w. H. Harris. Marked Tree; Mrs. Harry Rice. Trumann; Mrs. R. L. McElroy: Mrs. Howard Curlin. Marlon: Mrs. Neill Reed, song. "Arkansas": talk. "Americanism," Mrs. D. A. Huffln. Earle; talk. "The Unit a Community Asset," a member of the Lepanto unit- talk. "Child Welfare," Mrs. A. J. Sharp. Marked Tree; talk. "Fidac." Mrs. J. A. McHancy. Jonesboro: voice numbers of folk songs. Ernest Jones, accompanied by Mis.? Ixione Callicott: talk, "Publicity." Mrs. c, I,, nlaulon. Marked Tree; talk. "Legislation;" Mrs. Edgar Borum state legislation chairman; address, Mrs. T'nomas H. Johnson of Der- motl. state president; talk, "The Poppy Sale," Mrs. Jesse Cox ol Little Rock, state secretary; Poppy Dialogue, Mary Jean Affliek and Alice Gloria Ware; round table discussion, led by Mrs. Howard B Civil War Veteran Says Wife's Parties Too Gay MEMPHIS. May ID (UP)—Before a, crowded courtroom, the majority of whom were women, an 54 year old Civil War veteran and Ins fourth wife, 35 years his junior, sparred today on what makes and breaks a home. The veteran, D, J. Crisp brought divorce action, he testified, because his wife deserted him to attend iwrties with younger persons. He charged she >drank. smoked and attended dances where boys In their (eens wre present. mcnts. State Closes Case at Kirkland's Second Trial to crnns if it had continued mi:ch longer. No fiEiirw on (he rtaVs rainfall were avi^iHble but is (he rinw-n- iifur coiit'mied well intn (lv» aft- li>rp«wi it became evident that the rwund w-is receiving a so would nrn" : H" '»in:st'"- onatc for (he next two weeks at east. Desnifn flic fart. thnt. manv of .hem had hav in thc fields fanners rnnerallv rc-lnlccrt nt the rain and rv end which It brought, far the ireyent at least-, to worn- over the ssibilitv of another drouth. A year aeo over an inch cf rain fell, Ihe last of am- consccpience for over Ihree months. "oca Cola Dividends Voted ATLANTA, May 19 (UP) — A eguiar quarterly dividend of SUft >er share and an extra dividend f 25 cents, plus the regular semi- nnual dividend of S1.50 per share n Class A slncl? were, volrd by the ircolors of Coca Ccla, payable VALPARAISO, Ind.. May 19. (UP —Dr. R. H. Harger, University of Indiana lexicologist, was called today as thc stale's last witness in the trial of Virgil Kirkland, charged with murdering Arlenc Draves. 18, school girl, by criminal-assault. After hearing from Dr. Harger thc chemical analysis of Miss Brave's vital organs. Prosecutor John Underwood was ready lo close his case. Defense attoneys Indicat ed they had fifty witnesses, most of them new, and might call all of them. Passengers Uninjured As Burning Plane Lands ALBANY, N. Y., May 19. (UP) — An airplane pilot who maneuvered his plane so that flames co-.ild not approach the passenger compartment landed the craft and prevented disaster today. Neither thc pilot Jack McManus. Utlca, N. Y., nor the Iwo passengers. Important Port Seized by Honduran Rebels NEW YORK. May 19 (UP)—Private business advices received to- d?y said rebels had caplnred Tela important port of Honduras, yesterday. Name New .Fonesborn Building for Wilson JONESBORO. Ark.—The lies' administration building at Arkansas- Stale mllcce will bear the mini- o U. E. Lee Wilson, prominent Mls- stesinp! county iilanter and member of the board of directors of tl-e col Terr continuously since 1917. Mr. Wilson was unable to attend the board meetinc at which tl" 1 de clsinn was reached due to illness Incidentally, he had never missed a board meeting until his present ill ness. The new building, which wli be a handsome, fonr-slorv r-lrur-ture will be known as "R. E. Lee Wll»i Hall." Bron?.e (ablets, appropriately en sraved. will be placed In the build in<! paving tribute lo the scrvic Mr. Wilson has rendered the pco pie of northeast Arkansas as member of the board. KtM.S "BLACK SHADOW Tela, although It has a population HUMNEY N H (UP)-A quar of only about 2,500, is a center! i t , f . ton h!ack bear'known as "Th of the banana, trade aivl the focus, Black Shadow." which had terror of a network of light railways. The harbor Is used by the New Ycrk and Ilia New Orleans fruit Harry Kaplan and Harry H. Jones! [steamers. It is in the lowlands was Injured. ' bitwccn Puerla Cortes nnd Cciba. Ized this section of New Hampshtr for several years and which ha proved astonishingly elusive. Is dead It was shot by Dr. Jean Br.tchel der, local sportsman. Chicago Broke Politicians aiuj 1 Bankers Agree CHICAGO, May 19. (UP)—The financial condition of Chicago and Cook county bccamc-so acute today that bankers and politicians pleaded with each other to "figure some way out quickly before we all collapse together." WiiHc fifteen bankers were meeting last, night with County Treasurer McDonohue and informing him they had.done "absolute all" they could, Mayor Anton J. Cermal: was telling a group of i»llllclans the city really was broke and "some, thing had lo bo done" at once. Conditions are so bad, the mayor saldi "(hat I wish Ihe newspapers' would quit talking about It until we can find a way out." Cermak sold every possible "effort was" being made lo reduce expenditures but lha,t legislation would be necessary lo provide a permanent remedy. Germany Launches New "Vestpocket" Warship KIEL, Germany, May 19 (UP)— Gel-many has scrupulously observed her treaty oblii;aUon.i concern- Ing disarmament but will exert thc utmost elforl to achieve "that minimum security pemiitled us by the treaty," Chancellor Heinrich Brucn- Ing said today at Ihe launching of th^. new 10.000 ton "vesti>ockct" battleship "Deutchlaud." He declared, today's celebration showed (he world that Germany "even under limitations and great economic distress Is finding the strength to safeguard peace, and 11 wm is Tax Boost Threatens De- snite Hoover Efforts 16 '-.; Trim Expenditures. WASHINGTON. May 10. <Ul>>— ; President Hoover's economy drive ! was spurred on by n realistic -development., today when the treasury ; balMice sheet turned np with a deficit of $073,870,092.23. '''""'•'.. Visions of n possible tax Increase ' were raised by this mounting flg--^ ' uve us the bookkeepers of four gbvr eviin.cnl departments, navy, treas- - iir-.-. post office, and ngrlcullure, made ready to face iff. Hoover. • with their budgets. T.iey .. calkd to account inlivldually' at suuccKlve week-end conferences; at the napldan camp before the .end of the fiscal year, June 30.' . -.'-. With two department, conferences already over Mr'. Hoover's task seemed almost Insurmountable. -. Hivrdly n scratch has been made In . the outlays for the war and inter-;. lor departments " which have a!-' ready come under the presidential pruulm; hook. A Illi!-? ever $400,000 Is the'sav- Ini! planned in the Interior, while war dejnrlmcnt "economies a , r 9 hardly expected fo boost this flsure • above ftO.OUO.OOO. Several Bojies Missing Wlien Board Met to Canvas Vote Last Night. Failure of a number of ballot boxes to reach the county superintendent's office; yesterday made impossible n, complete canvas of Saturday's school election at last hlght'. 1 ! meeting of the county board of ed\ication! Partial returns canvassed by the beard showed lltllfr change .In .the btandlug of the) candidates reported unofficially 'yesterday:^ "-John Beaidcn of f-caclu'lllo is tunning first and apparently has a marylu ample- to Insurrj his election. Yli; ether seat go either to Joe 'uiio 12. 00,000. and nggrcgaling $3,- its honor',', and in German observance referring to of disarmament requirements lie added that "we Rwnit others who should fol- | iow our example." Women Hold Aviation Limelight When smoke and flames fnveloped a wing of an Eastern air transport Chapin, Manila, or n. H Robinson. Kcfser,- with Chapin holding ii slight advontage. Amo:it> the boxes missing last night were those from Whitton Carson Lake. Lnxora. Stilltnan Pecan Point, and one or two others. Sonic of these were on hand at noon today, anil It was hoped they would ell be received In time to permit completion of the canvas and official announcement of the results by the beard lunighl. If this is not possible, it may be several davs brfore the outcome of the election is definitely known, as it Is understood some mcmbcis of 'he cfunly hturd will l>e from tho county tomorrow. Bad Cherk Los* Only ? • '• $1.50 in 4-Year Period j A record that will no doubt arouse '• the envy of. many 'a private, bust-. 1 ' •• ness concern was maUe by the'' Mis- -.;' slsslppi county circuit and Vcliari-" ' : ; eery court clerk's office during the four years of :W. W.'HollIpeter's in-'; ciimbenc;. 1 .' ." "'V. . •';• .\i -. -.'.' .. ... : - , .-. Total business. . ot.-'.thc. office, for V the perln:i, chiefly Improvement tax .-: and court cost collections, .was ap-.' .-. proxlmalely S280.000. Collection 'by \ Hnrvey iTonis, chief.- deputy,: under;-" Mr. Hollipe,tcr,nnd under his 'sue-; - eessor, R.- L.-;Oalncs, of. $7.50 to '; cover an "n. 3. f.". check: received . over's year ago,': reduced ,'lcsscs . from bud checks for the four j'ear •' .,. ;..,- .-.> .vv ,,-. . Bad checks iSWd similar nnciillec-' tlble Items amounted lo about $3,500 for. the four years, Mr. ^Morris sa^'.^, but-persLstcnt effort cleaned up" all of it but a $1.50 check .which ap- l)are]itly will have to be written off the books. -- away Refer Austro-German Accord to Hague Court GENEVA, May ID-(UP) — Tho council of (he league, of nations unanimously voted today to refer the projected Auftro-Oerman CHS- terns accord to the. Hague court for an advisory opinion. The action had been anticipated after n. France Dr. Edouard Bencs. foreign minister of Czeclio-Slovakia. added his voice to the disapproval of the proposed union when the debate opt-ned today. fJencs, first speaker, aorccd with Aristtdc Brlnnd. French foreign minister, that the "anschluss" or union would prove an obstacle to Ihe formation of a (rcucral European economic federation sponsored by. France. concerted attack Jed by at the opming session are more apt aviation pupils Plane in night near Aberdeen. Md.. thaf , „ p nrnmliall of smiling Elizabeth Wcstwood. host- ' ess aboard the craft, calmed the 17 Brooklyn, N. Y. After only three passeng:rs while the pilots skill General Dunlap Trapped When Stone Wall Falls PARIS, May 19. (UP)—Brig. Gen, R. H. Dunhp of thc U. S. marine corps was trapped today under a falling wall behind a chateau at Cinq Mars. 10 miles from Tours. lie was attempting to prevent a Elone. from falling on a passing woman and was caught with two Frenchmen in collapse of the wall: He was not extricated Immediately and first reports did not disclose hfe condition. Thc U. S. embassy ordered Robert Walsh, assistant air attache, to proceed by airplane to cooperate with French army engineers in an effort to save Dunlap. Loyalty to Boss Costs ! Batesville Boys Jobs ^ ^_ DATESVILLE.' Ark., May-10. (UP —"noasler" and "Cotton," 12-year- ' old delivery boys for rival dairies : here, agree that this business of Io.->alty to one's employer Is. th= bunk; They arrived at this conclusion after they were discharged following a light In an alley designed to settle some differences arising over Ihe policies of their respective employers. The scran failed to settle the matter so another meeting'was arranged. The bosses heard -about it and today new delivery boys had replaced "Cotton" and "Rooster." Memphis Jury Indicts Two for Paint Vandalism MEMPHIS, May 13 (UP.)— Perry B. Jones, journeyman painter of ' Monroe. I<a.. was indicted today by .a Shelby counly grand jury on charges of malicious mischief and conspiracy lo comitt Indict-' able ollense. the outgrowth of paint vandalism here lo whicli ha con- for-std. .) second Indictment named A. L. "I. onle" Herrick, business represen- lativc of the local painter's union, under the san-.c charges. The offense is punishable by a workhouse end fine- not to cxcbcd. 6500. fully maneuvered the ship to safe in,R small field. .She first noticed P' nne of lns t ruc ( lol) , shc loo i; 1]p a a'onc at New York City Air, . the flames issuing froai the smok- port t ], c otllcr rtnv Hcrc yoll Ing comparlmcnt of "•- " ..... went forward to nctif; A. C Kondat. and then lo Joke with (he pa.veupers while ""rsc by profession and an expert v"lne "pilot' hor artcr thc sllcc<>ssfl11 sol ° nl ? ht - len rettiriud Twcl i'y years old, she's a trained disaster threait.-i.ed. parachute jumixir. American Exchange Pays First 10 Per Cent Dividend U1TLE ROCK, May 13. (UP) — Checks were being mailed to depositors of the defunct American Exchange Trust company of Little Rock ti-^-y, paying a ID p?r cent dividend, thc first since the instilu- j lion closed November 17 last. Approximately $327.000 will be disbursed during the first payment, accord:n~ to liquidating officials. Blytheville Students Will Receive Degrees JOXESBORO, Ark.—Among those V, RATHER ARKANEAS-Partly cloudy west portion, thimdershowers in- in cast portion, ccoler tonight; Wednesday generally fair, cooler in east portion. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr., the maslmun .emperature here yesterday was .'3 deirrecs and the minimum 60 'esrees. partly clouiy with who will be graduated by Jonesboro| a light shower early this morning college at exercises to be held Fri- followed with a heavier shower b;- day night. May 22, ore Artie Eoton. a senior In the college department, nnd Charles Yarbro. commercial department, toth of Blythcville. fore noon. Today a year ago the maximum temperature was 78 degrees and.(.'^e minimum 65 degrees, cloudy, -.vith 1.31 inches of ruin.

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