The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on October 12, 2003 · 51
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 51

Boston, Massachusetts
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Sunday, October 12, 2003
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OCTOBER 12, 2003 Boston Sunday Globe Nice Driving Hole! I Only 70 mi from Boston US finds consolation in third Veterans spark win over Canada By Frank Dell'Apa GLOBE STAFF 3 CARSON, Calif. - I the only team to win the Women's World Cup as host country, and now the Americans understand what it is like to fail to do so. The US recovered from a semifinal defeat against Germany to take a 3-1 victory over Canada yesterday in the third-place match of the fourth Women's World Cup, reiving on veteran performers Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Tiffeny Milbrett, plus newcomers Shannon Boxx and Abby Wambach to make the difference. Lilly scored the first goal with a well-timed half-volley in the 22d minute, Boxx broke a 1-1 tie by heading in a Hamm corner in the 52d minute, and Milbrett clinched the result in the 80th minute. "No matter how you do the gymnastics mentally, we knew we were not in the final," US coach April Heinrichs said. "It was difficult emotionally this week. Our hearts were wounded and bleeding. But we are thrilled we got to the semifinals while Brazil, China, and Norway were going home. "And whether this team wins or loses, these are the classiest athletes in women's sports, and maybe all of sport. They hold their heads high when they lose." The US controlled most of the play, and the Canadians mostly defended, though they were dangerous, hitting the post in the first half and crossbar in the second. The US went with nearly the same lineup that was a step behind Germany in a 3-0 loss in the semifinals, adding only Christy Pearce in place of Kylie Bivens. But Pearce quickly changed the dynamic, making effective runs from the right back position, and setting up a near-miss on a Hamm cross to Wambach in the fourth minute. Another Hamm cross 10 minutes later led to a collision be- Germans putting best feet forward They're looking to add women's title By Frank Dell'Apa GLOBE STAFF CARSON, Calif. - Nearly 30 years ago, the Federated Republic of Germany officially emerged from the disaster of misguided policies and war as its national team won the World Cup for the first time. The Germans' 3-2 victory over Hungary in 1954 became the theme of a Fassbinder film proclaiming renewed national pride. Should the German team defeat Sweden in the Women's World Cup finals today, the country will become the first to capture both the men's and women's titles. The result will not be greeted as a portentous event, but the Germans would hold this distinction until at least 2007. The Germans' success in this tournament a 23-3 goal differential, including a 3-0 elimination of the United States in the semifinals is a sign of the country's improving soccer fortunes. Germany's men's team has qualified for the 2004 European Championships and will play host to the 2006 World Cup. Maren Meinert has emerged as the favorite for the Golden Ball Award as the tournament's best player and Birgit Prinz is the lead- MAREN MEINERT Standout performance KS f :r -"Oil!., US teammates Mia Hamm (left) and Brandi Chastain embrace after winning their third-place match against Canada, 3-1. tween Wambach and Cindy Par-low, who sustained a concussion that was not diagnosed until after she was replaced by Milbrett late in the half. In the 22d minute, Wambach's incessant chasing recovered possession for a throw-in. Wambach then held the ball with her back to goal, and though it was cleared as she turned to shoot, Lilly was well-positioned to slam a half-volley into the upper left side of the net, breaking a 178-minute scoreless streak. In the 38th minute, Christine Latham put Christine Sinclair through and Sinclair slotted the shot to Briana Scurry's right to tie the score, 1-1. Early in the second half, Mil-brett's mobility and persistence led to a throw-in, then a corner ing scorer with seven goals. The US previously set standards for women's soccer, but Meinert is providing a prototype for the modern player: composed, imaginative, skillful. Meinert's ability to read the game has improved the play of her teammates, and she has developed a productive relationship with Prinz. Meinert and Prinz combined for two goals on counterattacks during injury time against the US. But Meinert will be confronting a difficult challenge with the Swedes, who are being advised by Pia Sundhage, Meinert's former coach with the Boston Breakers. Meinert was Most Valuable Player of the Women's United Soccer Association as the Breakers won the regular-season title. "Pia made me a much better player, so this will be kind of a different situation," Meinert said. "I am a little bit nervous she will find the right way to stop me." Prinz has developed as the prototypical women's striker, big (5 feet 11 inches, 167 pounds), speedy, and technical. She has been most effective with the ball at her feet, but her power in the penalty area is also a major factor. "The key to this team is that the defense is very strong," Prinz said. Goalkeeper Silke Rottenberg stymied the US with aggressive advances. But Sweden presents more speed and variety than the US at striker, with Hanna Ljung-berg and Victoria Svensson. Germany has a 9-8-0 record against Sweden, and defeated the Swedes for the 2001 European Championship. The winner of this match will join the US as favorites to win the Olympic title next year in Greece. And both the Germans and Swedes will be expected to continue to show the way in the sport; Sweden is the only country to play host to both the men's and women's World Cups and reach the final game in both. "Whenever I watch Sweden, I think they play like us, so I love to watch them play," Meinert said. "We are almost the same team but this time we are two years older, two years more experienced, and we're a better team." 6 AP PHOTO after Kate Sobrero had advanced from her left back position. And Boxx headed in Hamm's corner for a 2-1 advantage. "We came into this game with a lot of heart and pride," Boxx said. "We weren't going to back down, even though it was for third place." Boxx solidified her role as the team's defensive midfielder in this tournament. "This is so much higher a level than the WUSA, it's a quicker game, and I got quicker," Boxx said. The US improved in possession as the match progressed, and Canada's frustration became apparent as Sharolta Nonen disputed a throw-in with Lilly, referee Tammy Ogsten stopping the action to talk to Nonen. In the 65th IZfuW WE TIRES' PASSENGER TIRES SuperGuard. LE 4for$48 '3 35,000 Mile Warranty P18575R14 P21575R14 P19V75R14 P20575R15 P20575R14 P21575R15 4 for .'116 P17570R13 P185TOR14 4 for I ID P18S70R13 P19570R14 Limit 5. No dealers. nPUPaar Ameri AS uuiuiinii 50,000 Mile Warranty 26 P17570SR13 $42 P19575R14 $38 P18570SR14 P15580R13 P20570SR15 Additional sues available ntotnnnu tea 558 60 69 69 :.75 $54 P19570R14 P18565R14 P20570R15 .TT,no7, P21570R15 P17570R13 Additional sizes available All DieHard. Batteries On Sale Save10 DieHard' Gold SOQ99 wSKdange Rag. 78.99 3 yr M nfttamnt hi W normrKy" IX moo lmiWirrr'l)TOjiW(VywdiTOfi TV. 11103 iniHiiiiiiniiim j mi KM)W TIKIS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SOME ITEMS AND SIZES BY SPECIAL ORDER IF WE ARE OUT - virHi imulMnn irw u 1105Dr Sti Hon (or drtarii Slatalocal Wltn crodlt ppnivil "lor purchMM mitt on tin NIB, Nora tw minute, Lang was cautioned after a clash with Hamm near the center circle. In the 73d minute, Lilly broke down the left side and rolled a slow cross to Milbrett near the goal area, Taryn Swiatek deflecting the left-foot shot off the near post, then blocking Milbrett's right-foot rebound. But Canada regained its poise and nearly tied the score in the 75th minute, Sinclair heading over Scurry, the shot hitting the bar, after a Kristina Kiss cross from a short corner. Charmaine Hooper fouled Wambach 40 yards from the goal, and the US converted off the free kick, Milbrett roofing the rebound for a 3-1 lead in the 80th minute. Canada displayed little counterattacking threat, failing even in the final minutes to release a forward on corner kicks. Instead, the Canadians retreated with all 11 players in their own penalty area, allowing the US to commit to attack. Fawcett moved up from central defense, lofting a shot on top of the net in the final minutes. "The US is not as organized and not as fit as before, they give you more space," Canada coach Even Pellerud said."But they are still a contender. "We were not sharp enough, but with the average age of 21, it is a logical goal for us to go for the finals in four years. We have a lot of potential." MllllllllllllllllllilllMIIIIIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIII UNITED STATES 3, CANADA f at Canon, Calf. Canada (3-3) 1 IMM States (S-l) ..12- Goals: US, Kristine Lilly 2 22d minute: C, Christine Sinclair 3 38th: US. Shannon Boxx 2 51st; US, Tiffeny Milbrett 180th. Shots on goal: C 7; US 7. Fouls: C 16: US 11. Corner kicks: C 4: US 4. Offsides: C 5: US 2. Yellow cards: C, Kara Lang 65th, Charmaine Hooper 76th. Referee: Tammy Ogston, Australia. Linesmen: Airlle Keen, Australia; Jacqueline Leleu, Australia. Attendance: 25,253. lineups CANADA - Taryn Swiatek; Sasha Andrews (Isabelle Morneau 84th), Sharolta Nonen, Charmaine Hooper, Andrea Neil (Carmelina Moscato 90th); Kristina Kiss, Diana Matheson. Kara Lang (Rhian Wilkinson 89th), Brittany Tlmko; Christine Latham, Christine Sinclair. UNITED STATES - Briana Scurry: Joy Fawcett Cat Reddlck, Kate Sobrero (Shannon Mac-Millan 84th). Christie Pearce: Kristine Lilly, Julie Foudy (Kylie Bivens 77th), Shannon Boxx. 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