The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 10, 1948
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HEVI VOL. XLIV—NO. 244 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Dally Newi Mississippi Vallev leader Blytheville Herald —OOMINAKT -?f^!^_01^™*ST AKKANBAS AND SOU™^,^™ V Officers Arrest Bandit Suspects In New Orleans $64,000 Taken from Bank Recovered; Two Men at Large NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 10. (U.P.I —Polico today searched lor the remaining two members or a tive- man gang that snatched $130,000 from a mldtown bank here yesterday The other Ihree robbers were arrested with about half the loot in (heir possession seven hours after the theft. Moving rapidly on a tip from «.„,„ an unidentified blonde, police ar- , L rested John Hasselbach, 23 and! g Tommy Ricketts, 21, both of New Orleans, and the laller's uncle George W. Rickctts, 23, listed from Chalmette, La. Police said they recovered from the three men about $84,000 of the cash stolen from the Hibernla National Bank's mldtown branch early yesterday. Meanwhile, New Orleans authorities alerted police in the Pensacola, Fla., area to be on the lookout for two other men. believed to be members of the gang, and a woman traveling with them. They were described as Henry Joseph Todd. 30 to 35 years old, his wife, Mrs. Doris Margaret Todd, 30, and Joseph Carey. Brains of Ganj Sought i The two missing men were belied to be "the brains of the gang." police said, and probably have the remaining half of the loot with them. Police Sergt. Aldo Rasponi in Pensacola said late last night that his men had met a bus on which the trio was reported to be traveling but no one answering the descriptions was on the bus. He said police were checking hotels and meeting all buses from Mobile and New Orleans. Officers said the tip that Jed to the arrest of the three men here came from a 35-vear-old woman who told them she had trltd unsuccessfully the night before to warn of the planned holdup. '• She said she had been drinking with Ihe gunmen and had heard them plan the theft But after failing to reach Police'Capt, Harry Gregson by telephone. to tip him off. she said she "forgot about It" Police beld the blond* woman Laney to Speak In Leachville Wednesday Night Gov. Ben Laney will address a Joint meeting of thc Leachville Chamber of Commerce and the Manila Lions Club following a banquet at 7:30 Wednesday night ;n Ihe Leachville Hlsh School Home Economics Building. H was not known there today on what subject the governor would speak. Arrangements for appearance of Governor Laney on (he program "•ere made by Lee Bcarden of Lcachville, stale senator from Mississippi Comity. Governor Laney w lll make two m,YTHKVlI,].K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY JO, .. * ...j... i-Hiiiv j i 1 ! in JllLlKtr I'WO oth'.r speeches In Easlern Arkansas next week. He will address the Brmkley Chamber of Commerce Tuesday night and tlie Chamber of Commerce al Jonesboro Friday Heads Scientists about WO.WO of _. was recoTered from a cache "un'acr the floor of the house in which Ifasselbach was arrested. The Ricketts were imesled together in a rooming house where about $44,000 was found In a suitcase. »eath Penally Possible No formal charges had been placed against the three men in custody, but police said they would probably be charged with armec robbery. That offense carries f possible death penalty in Louisiana. The robbery was carried out with split-second timing yesterday as the bank opened at 7 a m Pour of the bandits, armed with PiMols. squeezed through the door fh. VTf, S opc " ed *»' a Porter, while the fifth waited outside in a get away car. They slugged the porter Joseph Thomas, unconscious Thev waited calmly as tellers and bank off cials arrived with keys to the r?™ , anri em P' icrt portable cash repositories in turn, dumping the loot Into a huge cloth bag. As employes came to work the bandits herded the men into one oh £!! d thp wotncn inl ° an - otner Thev systematically stripped Dr. Elvin C. Stakman, prominent St. Paul, Minn., plant pathologist on the Unjversiij ot Minnesota faculty. Is the 11)48 president ot the American Association foi the Advancement ot Science. He waj elected at the organization's recent convention In Chicago. Arms Smugglers Arabs Retreat Under Fire Of British Soldiers invaders Art Forced Back Into Syria After Bold Attack JBHUSALEM, Jan. 1 0 . (UP)-All Arab force which Invaded North Palestine yesterday has retreated back Into Syria. British military headquarters announced today and Arab sources said another such In- thf°B,i,fi ","" My to occllr »""' uie Hritish leave Palestine Dispatches from Beirut »ald the British minister to Syria had made ?inl? r "!" ! n™' 051 " B " lllst lhe lnva Th no, ' e , Syl ' la " 8° re '-nment The pointed out that Britain would b c responsible for peace and order In Palestine until the withdrawal set for May 15. *,£, i? 1 ' 1 " 8 .' 1 c <»nn»inlqiic said the urn '"„ Nort '\ Palestine had said that heavily a ,- me d 'British oops had dug I,, along the fron- tiirast prcvcnL "">' llcw Arab Haganah reinforcements continued to pour into the Northern border area to protect some 20 settlement there. Eight of the settlements, in an exposed position, are suardcd h v thc British force which helped Jewish troops bent back Arab attacks on Kcfur Szold and Dan yesterday. Reports from Beirut s.ild that the first Arab wounded from the Northern Palestine fighting had arrived at hospitals (n Sidon, on me Mediterranean coast 35 miles North of lh c Palestine border [ In the Salamch section of' the i Jaffa-Tel Aviv border area. British troops wllh lank.? removed Arab road blocks, opening up Jewish traffic Into Tel Aviv. A train bound South from Haifa to Cairo was halted near Lydda by an explosion at noon. There were iio casualties. A rail patrol Investigated the explosion. Tlie Jewish fighting force Hn- pnah rushed reinforcements dur- In? the night fe the battle area where an estimated 13,000 Jewish settlers live. One Jen- travelling with a reinforcement convoy was killed in an Arab ambush, raising Jewish cas- TKN PACKS ^—^^_^_fc^._, f isenhower's Name is Place'd On New Hampshire GOP Ballot I* RAYMOND I.AHR 'm> KifH WASHINGTON, Jun. 10. (U.P.)—The the *',„ V ;£°"-""" 1<: »»y stripped id -h , PIr walleus anrt add- edthem to (he loot in Ihe big bag. K, i -?. r the mcn covered the ^U" H**** «*"o Hie other . - -^ —T'-—'ir^•»•»>• T»Irn FBI to Halt Shipments Into Palestine By Dean IV. Diltmer Uniltri I'ress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (UP) — The FBI and the War Assets Ad- I ministration are working together to break up what officials believe is a well-organized ring tor smuggling munitions into Palestine it was disclosed loday. A spokesman lor War Assets said the agency's compliance and enforcement division has been ordered to cooperate with the FBI "to trace every sale of government-owned surplus explosives lo determine whether there have been any irregularities or illegal use." The order stemmed from a series of incidents in the New. York-New I obey, who sometimes describe* himself as » "maverick" and disagrees wilh OOP lenders, announc- f'l last nishl that he has accepted a directorship in (he Draft-Elsen- liower Leasue. w|,| c |, i, R . headquarters In New York. Earlier. Tobcy's son, Charles, Jr., was listed on a complete slnle of Eisenhower delegates Iltcd for th. March 9 New Hampshire Republican prmis,y. Petition! also were filed for Republican convention del- eBales pledged lo Qov. Thomas E. Dcwey of New York and former Oov. Harold E. Slassen of Mlune- sola. Tnliey Issu« HUlfmtnt robey, chairman ol the Senate Banking Committee, issued a statement here .saying he has concluded hat Eisenhower is "best qualified to lead this nation In this time of Breal crises in national and International affairs." "I take this position with only the kindest regards for all other potential or announced candidates " he said. "• . .It is my considered judgment Hint if Mr. Eisenhower will permit his name lo be used his election «ill bc assured and Hint in naming his BS ii.s candidate, the liepublican Party will honor Itself and make available lor Ihe people's -..,-. In November « man pccul- »i-ly quBlllied lo lead Ihe iwtlon r!n°!' gh( "I!" °' U " ™ Ml «* °»" epochs in i|x hlslory." T»ff« Ch.nrf, Improv. Eisenhower will move Into the presidency ol Columbl, University early In June, about two weeks before the Ri'publicnn National Convention opeiiK at PhilartelphU I«i la expeclcrt to | e »ve lhe Army and turn Oie chief of slaff Job over to Oen. Omar N. Bradley by April 1. Republican i™<i c rs have 1>0 t ml- ed out Eisenhower as « ix^slble winner of (he presidential noml- iiation. although many believe thc nurd parly announcement of Henry A. Wallace has Improved Ihe prospects of Sen. .Robert A Tall, R., O, But some Republicans feel that ns rafts prospects improve, the odds increase on a convention deadlock between Taft and Dcwey.' They figure that the greater the chances ol a. deadlock, the betler Is (lie 011:- loofc for Eisenhower, Stusseii aiid other potential compromise candl dates. Sens. Clyde M. Reed and Ailhur Capper, boll, Kansniis like Elsen- hower, already have come out h favor of the live-star general, particularly in Die ev( ,, lt o; R convention stalemate. UN Commission Some Democrats A_ l%_i--«" _ Passengers Rescued From Soviet Ship Disabled in Pacific Storn 1 ! No ™°, K "i 0 ;, J r '°- (ap - ) - c " w "»» i" <"« Soviet Patrol Vessel No 30 onl| ,ht bcgRn rcmovlng m pMMngert « an m ou»,l,ip Dvhm In what could becom, one of U,« greatest peace time marine rescues In history. - ^ Ihe Soviet the patrol A spokesman here foi mission to Japan said ship, which Is .similar to a U s destroyer escort, had already succeeded In taking off an unspecified number of passengers. Reports to U. s. nayal headquarters from two Japanese ships stand- Ing by also said passengers were being removed from the Dvlna in gathering darkness. carried he ba e to the getaway Yalwt ra * fl H r 5 "' 0 " 11 hollrs gang fled from the bank Mlbllr Child, With Bean in Throat, Dies En Route To Hospital in Memphis Tenn., ,;..,„. ]0 <up) with a choking 20-monlh.s-old baby boj whose mother tried to save nls r,_:. J nishing him from their West Robert Edward (Bobby) Phillips ciio^ed on fl n uncooked boan he swallowed and was pronounced dead "" arnval at the hospital yesterday. "" e tim em " s ' Ark - C. 8. McKenzie Dies; Rites to Be Tomorrow C. T. Dosvner bp. conducted 5 Mr, McKenzie died s ' r .and Mrs. vesterdav a' min of Dell. S ' W ' si|? " Pallbearers will be n A PI* , Woorirow Sigmln, Earl Sigmln Rnh by Priest and Ed Hardin ^Biirbl will be in Elmwood Ceme- Jersey area where police have confiscated huge quantities of ammunition and weapons. A largo share of these were believed headed for Ihe troubled Holy Land. Three trucks loaded with demolition blocks—enough to blow un a town-were seized by state police near Lake Katrine, N.Y., yesterday. About the same time, other officers raided a warehouse at Asbury Park , where they found 52 cases of combat knives and 50 case* of first am equipment. Names of Buyers Recorded The job of tracing sales of explosives may be made easier, it was saia. by the fact that War Assets rcnuired every purchnser lo sign a paper that he would not ship any explosives as contraband or use them otherwise illegally. Thc agency has a record of every buyer. A spokesman revealed that War Assets sold G.OOO tons of various types of explosives up to Dec. 12 bin has no more available. He sa^d there was an inventory of 7500 tons at that time, but the army withdrew Hie entire amount on Dec. 12—apparently for demolition use The bulk of the sales, this spokesman said, were made to purchasers who advised that the explosives would bc used in mining and lumber production and in clearing farm The stocks were advertised nationally last March and again in Angus;. They were sold at various disposal depots across Ihe country. The state Department's muni- nor.s control board, which has jurisdiction over export of arms, said it had not licensed the shipments uncovered in and near New York Licences are required before customs officials will clear consignments for overseas ports. Last Dec. 5. thc Stale Department discontinued the licensing of arms and munitions shipments to Palestine and other countries in th = Middle East "in view ol the current disorders." number secret. A high British spokesman I Jerusalem warned ' the Arabs lha British troops would repel any al tack on Palestine from any quar ler 'as long as Britain remains th mandatory power." However, Chief Secretary s Henry Gurney sent a letter" to a members of the British admluls tration. advising them to make a arrangements so they could lea* Palestine at a month's notice. Thorp was no implication tha the British Intend to withdraw be fore May 15, but only that off! cials want to make sure everyon can leave by that • U. S. May Order Marine Guards Into Palestine WASHINGTON. Jan. 10. (UP) Military and diplomatic quarters reported today that it may be necessary to dispatch a small group o. Marines to Jerusalem to protect American personnel and properly there. Agreement already has beci reached within the government on the necessity for "American guards" in Jerusalem during the current wave of Jew-Arab fighting, and increased anti-American feeling over the UN derision to partition tlie Holy Land. Tlie American consulate general building there was bombed recently. But a decision has not been reached as to whether lhe guards should be marines or civilians, thc State Department said yesterday. that Navy officials pointed out (here is ample precedent lor as- 'igning Marines to guard official American property overseas. The Paris and Borne embassies each have 15 Marines assigned and a smaller group is on duty at the London headquarters of Ihe Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean fleet. The question came up following reports from London that both the British ana the Palestine governments have agreed to a U s. request to .post marines at the American consulate In Jerusalem New York Cotton NEW YORK, Closed firm. open •••. 3565 Jan. 10. Mar. May July Oct. Dec high -.- 3585 3553 3580 3438 3-S60 3165 3179 3127 3139 Spots close 3660; up 11 low 3562 3553 3436 3163 3126 (UP) close 3584 3577 3457 3178 3137 Smoke Bomb Fragments May Be Clue in Robbery CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Jan. 10 lUP)-Fragments of three smoke bombs were studied by police chem- sts today in hope they would lead o Identification of four bandits who slagcd a $50,000 daylight robbery of the Harvard CO-OP a cooperative department store Serf™ Principall >' ^ Harvard stu- The bombs were used br three of the four bandits who 'entered the store m busy Harvard Square yesterday, blinding employes anil customers and permitting the f' nhm ™ l ° make their getaway wllh the cash that had been de- i»ju u» iciicwuii nCRVy VM •Inds spurred the rescjtt Messages from the Sof£. « ancse ships standing bjr'tne «nn« 'ailed to say how many passengers were transferred. . The Dvhm reported herself ,,\ e ,",°. US lm " t > tc - ""out 100 miles off Hokkaido In the Pacific on Wed- ncsday^An^sos said the Dvlna was Commuter Train Derailed; Sixty Sent to Hospitals BOSTON, j nn . 10 . (UP)- A|) en _ gineer lva ., trapjKcl and Injured , nasseT ««*"* «»d more thCS record Passengers were hurt today when j versa) four-car Providence- lo- Boston f phase drifting helplessly with her engine- knocked out by five feet, of wiilei In her hold. Subsequent reports s she had shipped anolher foot oi water and that she was wallowinK In heavy seas that sometimes piishec her port rail under water. A motor-powered vessel, similar In sl?.e to an American victory ship, lhe Dvlna was reported as carrying between 780 and 800 p RS - semjers. Nine ships were reported al 0 «** '••cue scene. The Sovle Tour Russian vessels stwrl 'w.f pr.trol (K)K(.s ... '•"• • destroyer or de. »«cort..' ' In addition to Japanese shipping In the area, the 1,800-ton U. s navy tug Cocopa wns racing !o (lie scene. A u. s. destroyer also will he dispatched (f necessary, the Laney Endorses Training Plan For Youth of U.S. -.-. . iuTiiu;*Jv;u~ iu- liosion commuter train was derailed al the procram m^,rerttt°d n "'" "* '-| governor ^^.a i ^^^h ^^'«- SlcS^oned « g ,nT John Moorchcad of Providence R' L in the cab of tn e New Haven Railroad locomotive, Moorchcnd wns extricated after being trap|)cd for an hour and 15 mlnute.5. Dr. Joseph Poiidolflno said 'he engineer was In "very bad <hape" and might not Moorehcad was taken to clty'hos- utal with a crushed left arm and menial injuries. A fire department official an- loiinced that 60 persons had been removed to hospitals-some suf- crmg only from shock, others cut bj shattered glass or debris Commuters aboard thc packed rain were hurled IhroiiRh win- lows, several women fainted and fI "' ri J E ROCK - Ark., Jan. ,o _ tUP)-Goy. Ben Ln nc , went' tin today as believing In U nl- mllltary (raining M onc of America's preparedness yesterday opened General II. L.'McAl'islcr to hear a discussion of the Port Knox universal milltnry training experiment "If and when thc next war comes! .Jill ^' ?' Ume for P rc P"«H"ii will not, exist." the governor declared. "• Other speakers wcr, Ll. Col. Joy Dow Jr.. of Fort Knox. MnJ. Maury Hurnlcy, Jr., po rl , Kl ,ox- chaplain On Palestine To Depart Soon Conferences Planned In London With High British Officials By Robert Manning United |. r ,. M sur , (:„„„„„„,,,,„ LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. Jan. 10 (UP) _ Aulhorllallvo sources dls closed (oday Ihnl th« nuvilnii member of Ihe Unite,! Nations hlvl command. Assistant Sccietiiry-aon- «i'«l Arkndy Sobolov, will iiccompn- "y Iho UN commission to Palestine « top UN officer. Boboliiv, U-yeur-old veteran o the Moscow foreign office and r major II,-.,,,,, j,, Hie UN „,,,.,,,,,„., will remain with the I'liU'sllnc commission tor mi Imloflnlii- time- Permanent chlel of Ihe UN stall' during the piniitionhm wlll lie Riilvm Ilunclie of Ihr Unllod siHlr.5 ,l|. rcclor of the UN trusteeship dlvl The Unllcrt Nations Piilcstlne Commission went into closed session today to draft a ll.nclable (or the partition of Palestine. Thc five-man commission scheduled conferences with lop UN of- fielals on Ihe flrsl of several bin Issues involved In (he partition program. A lop Issue on the docket was Ihe necessity ol conferring speedily Wllh representatives ol Orcut Ih'it- ain on dales for thc end or llrll- Ish rule of Palestine mid the entrance ot the UN pnrilMoii [c ,im. Further down on the list was thc "ticslton „[ a UN (o| . cc , 0 n] . olccl Hie UN stnff from Arab rcprlsn!s ami tho moie complex mutlcr ol whether or not to ask the Securl- ly Council lor a fnll-McdKod Intcr- iiiitlonnl mllltla to cnforci! pmtltlim The commission ivns not exjiectcc lo ranch that Issue today. The live-member Palestine commission, convened yesterday with Promises ol lull support, Including lillermitlonal lorce. II necessary, lo> Ihe Job ahead. It wns under pressure lo agree quickly on a schedule for partition. Members reportedly hoped lo confer soon with British UN Delegate Sir Alexander Cadogan and then move to London the Mist week lit February for a month of conferences with lop British officials. Britain hns suggcsled terminating It.! Palestine manclale next May 15, but unolficlally Uritljli s|x>kes- innii niive indicated n desire to move that, date nhcud to April 15. Thc daU Anally selected will ue Ihe one on which Britain's responsibility ends and Ihe UN commission assumes responsibility for l llw a m | order In slrife-rldden Pnlestlne. The other MK UN Issue ut present, the Big Fivii veto issue, wn.s shelved last nlRht for at, lensl two months by a :tl) to 1 vol« of the 'Lillle UN Assembly." Thc poslponemlMH. adopted al Ihe request of the United Slates, gave UN members until next Murcl arc IS to suit nit suBKestlons for rcsolvitiK the dispute between small nations and the We.stern powers oti one hand, and Russia on the other, over the big live veto |»;vor In the Security Council. See Objections To Marshall Plan to Asks For Tax Cut 1'ecovcry -* President Harry -numan, spcuk- .,,..._, I I II I Lilt I I, ftJH.'Jl,K- Ing berore a joint session of Con- liress delivers his stale ot the Union address, h, «.j,| c i, ), c nsks for a lowering of cerlnln Income taxes, rn tmckKroiind on rostrum - ^ President Arthur Vandenberg. (NBA Tclcphoto.l StateDepartment Policy Assailed Source of Fun4s f»f,I; Luck man Commitf** Causes Criticism S. ambassador program. Sen. Henry c»boi , By Tho ugh admitting the rx,«,,b frag- ^ ™! B1 V»»>«* "my tetchy ues police believed they might be Iraced lo their point of sal*. ----- •• •juiwii i,injini aiju «re trampled by other passengers trlvmg to escape. Court of Honor 's Scheduled for Missco Scouters Boy Scout troops from Blylhevllle lanila, Dell and Armorel will receive icnt badges and advancements In itlng at a North Mississippi Coun• District Scout Committee Court Honor at. 7:.l!) Monday night In Manilla. High School auditorium. The opening ceremony and tenderfoot investiture will be conducted by the Manila troop, headed by O o Stivers, scoutmaster. Merit badges and promotions will oe presented by members of the North Mississippi County District Scout Committee. Louis G. Nash of Blytheville. chairman of the committee, and Mississippi County Field Scout Executive Hal Detrick. also of Blytheville, ar e scheduled to all end. recover ' ann Pf r ™ Knox " c'wpl'ln. 1 Tllclr « itv hoT n^ T, '"" E " 1C( " } '' son of Mr- of •"•°° l>al<l hc " °cc. H> hos- and Mrs Charles Em-y O f Little I »«me day, some slccrs ock. who Is participating m the I City, la., brought 41 05. """' forl ' Knox cxpcriiiciiL. had been raised for show Dow cxplnlncd that In the pro- Rrnm. 650 youths are receiving the six-months basic training they would get If the bill i, passed by Congress. } Laney Included his endorsement in a seven-point preparedness set- Other phases Included maintenance of a sound national economy conservation of nalural resources ?" d «l.<**P"ltig of strategic materials, higher production and continued .scientific research adjiislmenl of Internal differences, good in- tfoinl health, and respect »nd love for country. Cnllnt Prrss Slaff tlornisnomlnH) WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (UP,!: Hie State Dcjjarlmcnt will be, callert " the carpet by House Investlga- ors next, week lo explain why It urncd O n r $5<m ,0(lo of II., funds lo he f.lickmnn I,, M [ Committee It ns revealed today. _ Clmlrnmn J. f-klnar ChenuweUi. R -olo., of a House Executive Kxpcild- turcs SllbroinmlKce said his nnifcr- Inndlng is that the m,,i, C y 1]s « ( i y Clinrlcs A. l,uekmau and his roiip cninn from funils iipproprlalcd y Congress to lhe stn| C Dcnait- icnl. for lhc foreign relief program We want („ know," saU Cheno- •c h, "what the State Dcnarliiicnt's iilliprlty «- M for Hiking money inch was scheduled to be used lr> tip Iced needy peoples inxi U.P.)-Cat- irnhiK It over to thc Ucknum immltlcc for H domestic. |iro|cct" "On nils basis," he said, "If Congress approprialcs molte.7 to carry out Iho Marshall plan, i llc S | nl( , Ucpartment may decide S50U- 000,000 is needed for some domes, ic project and go ahead and use R without any authorltnlion from Congress." Hereford Steers Sell at Record Price in Chicago CHICAGO, Jan. 10. ill.P.)—C«u-'«mmi K n ov le broke a national all-time high) committee for or Ihe third week In a row al "~ " lie Chicago stockyards this week. About 23 of Hereford good j prime steers avcrnKintf 1,175 Ibs old for 41.25 per hundredweight! Their value lopped the last record "' ' "31. The at Sioux but they ^ ~,, purposes and were not considered regular market man-rial. Hellers also broke R record at 38.00. The run was mostly fed steers and hellers. Tlie upturn carried fed steers. ycarlliiRs anri yearling heifers so-1.00 higher, cows 1.00 2.00 higher, bulls 50-1.00 hlghc and vei.lers 2.00 higher. Highway Officials Study Bids on Missco Project LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 10 <UP> _i \tr iir _. -. .. _. ^e Jr, R.. Mii, tom'a' report- .r that a p ia n to gain millions of Ions of strategic minerals for u R stockpile, through the recovery Piogrnm promhed a great "Improvement" In this nation's industrial defense. Doiigln., admitted (hat the 16800.000,000 Marshall plan down payment for the first 15 monthj of operation was directed at r." bulldliiK Riropc'g production abov« pic-war levels. But Douglas said that Increased production would not lift European ii,, i •'J B " rin , r(l;l » b ove the pre-war levc. He told conally that mor« production'In the 16-reclplent Eu* ropcnn imtlons was necd»d to afford them supplies ot u. 3 dollar* for their badly needed iinport"™ George told Douglas that lh« recovery program would establish a 'wholly new system of trade and commerce through stale opera- tlons, but Douglas did not'agre». Committee chairman Arthur H. Vandenberg estimated that un to »2.800,ot)0,000 of U. S. assistance to Europe under the first 15-montlw operation of the Marshall plan w-ntimlly might be repaid. He used fluum furnished yeslerday by Douglas, who estimated that up to M per cent of the proposed down Payment might be rr.ade ] n tn « form or loans. The administration's proposal to place administration of the Marshall plan under final "direction and control" of the State Department also once at«ln cam* In for rough handling. George said It would reduce th» pro|»scd $20.000 a year administrator to the status of a "robot" for Ihe State Department. And Connally maintained that all Marshal! plan personnel abroad might b« drawn from the foreign Iho final exhibited a report of the copy of Luckimin Fire Delays Messages MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Jan |n (UP) |'~ A ; W ' Wnrrc " <> f 'North"'Little —Western Union teletype service , vns tllc a PP ar c"t low bidder was temporarily paralyzed in'.Mcm- | r ° r , lhc construction of a new bridge " hl < ••"•' •--- by a lirt which ™ Hl *hw»y 77 In Mississippi Coun Weather Arkansas forecast: pair and continued cool tonight. A little warmer Sunday. Minimum this morning 39. Maximum yeslerday 60. Sunset loday 5:17. Sunrise lomorrow 1:16. Prcclpiiailon, u hours to T a.m. today—none. Tola) since Jan. 1—3.30 uiche». early today by a lirt which swept through the basement anri boiler room of the company, main downtown office. Actual fire damage was slight but water Irom fire hoses short- circuited main cables and disrupted communications. The blaw started in the boiler room and spread to a storage room where It knocked out the building's lighting system and sent choking Robs of smoke through Ihe plant from piles of stored parifr. fi/osf Kills Seven Men, Injures 45 in Mint PAHIS. Jan. 10. (UP) _ Th c French Press Agency reported that seven men were killed and 45 were Injured today when two explosions occurred in a mine' near Petite Rosselle in (he Mclz area and several fires broke out. The agency said the lire.? spread panic among miners working In one shp.ft more than a mile below the sur/««. ly. Bids were opened today by Highway Director J. c. Baker and other department officials. Warren's bid was S30.800. Baki-r salrl he probably will award thc contract later today. Other bidders on the emergency Job. made necessary when the old orldgc collapsed. Included S. J Cohen of Blythevlllc. S33,<60 and E F Barber of Fort Smith, s:(7,810. Sfee/e Infant Dies Funeral services for Paul Vernon Marley. two-monlli-olct son of Mr and Mrs. Algie M:irley of Stecte! who died (his morning at the home of Ms parents, will bo conducted Sunday, 2 p.m. at the Baptist Church in Demon, Mo. by the Rev. Mr. Martin. Burial will bc at Mount Zlon Cemetery. Other thsn his psrciits, lie is survived by five brothers, and seven ««trrs. German Funeral Home is in charge. - "* *">; >,uciviiiiin com,nlt u . e which was done on the *' ,|, ° f |W|lcr "'"' '" thc best of "It doesn't look as though Mr Liicknmn was trying t o save any- IhliiB when he put out this volume." Chcnowctli said. "I want to ask somebody how much this document cost the taxpayers." Hospitals Seek Cause Of Deaths ot 8 Babies !.OS ANGKI.EX. Jim. 10. i(JP> - Southern California hospitals were canvassed today for cases of epidemic diarrhea which killed possibly clRht babies at Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena Name Linked With Inquiry WASHINGTON. Jan. 18 (UP)— Senate Speculation Investigator! quiz Agriculture Secrefnry Clinton P. Anderson and former Poslmaster General Robert E, Han- negnn on their sojourn »t Edwin W. Panley's Hawaiian retreat. This was disclosed today by Chairman Homer Ferguson, R., Mich., of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Speculation. The group's hearing was In recess until Monday when the senators plan to call Brig Oen. Wallace H. Graham, White House physician. Interest In what went on last Summer nt Pauley's Cocoanut Is- alnd estate was stirred up by th> testimony of Harold E. Stassen. Th. Republican presidential , sp i rant told Investigator* yesterday that Pnuley made profits o f »30,000 in hides and M.100 )„ wheat whll() Anderson and Hannegnn were vlsit- ng him. Haimegan was then • member of President Trtimgn', Cab- Anderson already has said ther» were 'no discussions of grain" dur- ng the visit. And Panlcy has denied that he ever talked of his market operations In the presence of the two cabinet members. . SInssen charged at lh« openin« session of the speculation Inquiry that about 11 "Insiders" had mad» £.000,000 since the war. He said aulcy, who Is special assistant to he secretary of army, profited to the tune of *1,000,000. Anderson was quick to reply fc> U af?h' S f » IIe «» 0oas - H « demanded that the former Minnesota governor reveal the name., of all "Insiders" ""•" made a killing in the market and forced It to ity ward. close Its matern- Tyler, Mo., Farmer Diet In Hospital in Memphis Funeral Aide,, Mills. HimthiRton super- Bern" Tyl« MO l °L Char) " J- inlendcnl. said four babies died of i died Thursday n'igli't litb\, V li O ...rant diarrhea at the hospital last odlst Hospital in Mcmphb »iu^I !".T l !L™ < ! four ol . hcrs Premature-1 conducted^ Sunday afternoon at the Methodist Church in Holland, «'!!, the Rev. Marvin Niblack, pas- lor, ofllclating. He was 67 Mr. Berry was 111 with pneumon- ifo J 1 dnys wllen hls con<11 - llon became serious and he wa* admitted to the hospital Wednes- ly-born also may have had it. Nineteen other iMbics at flic now arc quarantined and live others ave under observation Aboul ISO babies were delivered there last month Army Investigates Blast Which Injured Soldier MOBILE. Ala., Jan. 10. (UP) — An Army board loday was inves- iH"K a mysterious explosion last --nht aboard an 85-foot Army tug at Brookley Field docks which crit- cally Injured Slaff Sgt. William I. Dentcm. 23. of Meridian, Miss. Uenton wa.s making a routine infection and was the only person 'board the vessel at the lime. Jorp. Carl Cox of Jonesboro, 1-enn., rescued the Injured victim who was trapped In the debris. The boat cracked In half but -ahlcs prevented it sinking. The cause of the b!,wt, which snook «o and cost nearby homes, was not determined.'this morning, He 1, survived by three brothers, L. Berry of Holland, Mo., Henry Berry and James R. Berry of Tyler, Mo. Pallbearers will be Jot Colenun, Noble Capehart, T. J. Epperson. Sam Kenley, J. B, Holly and A. R. Little. German Funeral Home In Steele Is (n charge. Btiria! will be at the Portagevllle Cemetery Speeder Fined S30 Harold Hodge pleaded guilty to a charge of speeding »nd w»s fined, "" and costs in Municipal CourV

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