The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York on February 27, 1912 · 7
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The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York · 7

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 1912
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THE BUFFALO EVENING TIMES, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1912. msam ARRAIGNED FOR ROBBERY Three Men Arrested Yesterday jn Connection with Taxicab Robbery in New York. OTHER ARRESTS ARE EXPECTED IN SAME CONNECTION TODAY Arrests Due to Information Re-; ceived from Widow of Policeman "Swede Annie" and Myrtle Hoyt Are Held as ' Material Witnesses in the .Case Money Found in Bos ton, JUSTICE WILL ' CUT BIG SLICE ROM ESTIATES Will Bring Tax Rate to Twenty-three Dollars Appropriations Asked Much Larger Than Last Year. : By United Press. NEW YORK, Feb. 27. Specific charges of highway robbery and assault with intent to kill and larceny from the person were lodged by the police today against Edward E. Kinsman, alias Ed Collins, bartender and prizefighter; Jess Albrubbo, electric--lan and taxicab driver, and Geno MontanI, chauffeur and owner of , taxicab routes when they are arraigned in the Tombs court. All three , with others, whose arrest was mo- j mentarily expected by the police, are ; accused of having rubbed Messengers Smith and Wardle of the East River J National Bank of J 2 5,000 in bills on February 23rd, and in proof that they j have the right men the police produced packages of five and ten dollar tills in "the original wrappers found among the effects of the prisoners. They were held without bail for examination later. - That they were caught at all was due to the detective work of Mrs. Isabella Goodwin, police matron, widow of a policeman and mother of a detective-sergeant. Working t as a dishwasher in a dive frequented by that mistress of Kinsman. Mrs finnrt- win was able to keep the police at all time informed of the movements of Kinsman and the woman, Annie Hull, better known- as "Swede Annie," who is held as a material witness. "In addition, by working on the Jealousy of Myrtle Hoyt, to whom Kinsman had "once been attentive. .airs, ijooawin goi mucn vaiuauiB information, which she turned oveV-to the police. The Hoyt woman is also held and is understood to have made a. clean breast to the police of all she knows about the case. Detectives from Boston brought to police headquarters today two dress suit cases found in the home of Kinsman there. The bartender-prlseflghter, after the robbery, fled to Chicago and then doubled back to 'Boston and went to the home of his parents there. He left In the house the suitcases In which the police allege were "the packages of $5 hills, each con taining $250 and still bearing the wrappers of the Produce Exchange (Bank frbrri which the East River Bank messengers had obtained their money. Comptroller Justice announced today that he would probably' have his budget figures ready, the last of the week, so that they may be submitted to the Aldermen next Monday. He said that he had not yet received the exact figures on the assessed valuation of proprty, which, with the . amount of the budget, will determine the tax rate. He said that approximately th increases In the estimates of the various departments would require a tax rate of $25, but he added that he would do sufficient slashing, before sending the estimates to the Common Council, to reduce the tax rate to $23. By one million dollars, the appropriations asked for the coming fiscal year are higher than those of the present year. Then there are deficiency bonds to be paid and additional interest to meet because of the increase in the city's bonded Indebtedness. An increase m valuations has been made by the assessors but it is said that it is not enough to counteract the Increase in expenditures. POPE PIUS BARS HOBBLE ' FROM ALL PONTIFICAL RECEPTIONS IN FUTURE By United Press Cable. ROME, Feb. 27. 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Feb. 27- City Clerk Atwlll looked suspiciously at a young man who applied for a marriage license last night, for he seemed to "be able to say nothing but "June." The man gave his name as Albert June, said he was born in June. Florida, and asked for a license to wed Ethel June Hada-way, of Hudson Tails, N. T. The wedding was toRkve taken place in June, 'but yother arrangements had to be rrfade. Olympic Struck Submerged Wreck And Now Is Limping Into Belfast By Associated Press. . ' BELFAST. Ireland, Feb. 27. The White Star Liner Olympic, which left New York on Wednesday, and was due in Southampton today, struck a submerged wreck In the Atlantic early this morning, and is now on ' her way to his city for repairs. - ' 1 - r , ' The damage to the Olympic was confined to her propeller. She will land her passengers at the usual points before proceeding here' for repairs. NEW YORK, Feb. 27. The White Star liner Olympic, under command of Capt. E. J. Smith, sailed from, here last Wednesday with an unusually large number of first and second cabin passengers for this time of year. Ambassador and Mrs. Whitelaw Reld, the Duke of Newcastle, former President James B. Duke of the American Tobacco Co., and Oakleigh Thome, the banker, were on board.5 - FOUND UNCONSCIOUS IN POLICE STATION CELL FROM FALL TO FLOOR Bleeding from a wound on the head. William MeAullff, 31 years old. of No. 146 Mackinaw Street, was found unconscious in a cell at the Franklin Street Station. The man was sent to the Emergency Hospital, where the wound was dressed. McAullff was arreted, early this, morning on a charge-I? of Intoxication. Surgeons at' the hospital state that the man slipped in the cell and hit his head on one of the iron bars. OVERHEATED STOVE IN 'PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY CAUSED SMALL FIRE An overheated stove started a Are In the photograph gallery of Barbara Ferrel on the second floor of No. 93 Seneca Street last night, tout the firemen quickly extinguished the blaze with a line of chemical before it could spread. Francis Barber, the 7-month-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Barber, who live in an adjoining room, was carried from the place when It began- to nil with smoke. No one was hurt. ALDERMEN FAVOR THREE BILLS AND OPPOSE -ONE IN LEGISLATURE Three hills were approved by the Aldermen yesterday and one condemned. The three approved were those providing for the increase in the limit of the oity's bonded debt by a.bout $7,000,000; the Issuance-of $2,-000.000 in b' "ds for the enlargement of the trunk-sower system, and $500,-000 worth of binds to reimburse the new construction account of the Bureau of Water for disbursements made since June, 1907, for district mains, hydrants, meters, etc. The board .went on record against the measure of Senator Ramsperger, creating a Niagara frontier sewerage commission and the city's representatives In the Legislature are requested to oppose It. SAMUEL GOPERS' LEGS NOT BUILT FOR RUNNING ROCHESTER. Feb. 27. Samuel uoxnpers, president; Frank Morrison. ana inomas xracy, sec- secretary, reiary or the Union Trades Depart ment of he American Federntlnn nf Labor, spoke here last night on general labor topics. Mr. Gompers referred to what he termed a "'concerted effort to concentrate all manner of vicious attacks" on labor mn, as a prelude to the statement: "My legs are not built for running." ALBANY BRIEFS ALBANY, Feb. 27. The soTcalfed "long" primary bill Was recommitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee last night for. retirement. The changes are technical, made necessary by the passage of the "short" bill except one that fixes the election district In counties of less than 125,000 inhabitants as the unit in the election of county committees. Senator Hinman and Assemblyman Banzhaf introduced a new bill on the lines of fhe Massachusetts ballot sent up by the Brooklyn Young Republican Club. ta A bill by Senator Bussev arisinsr out of the recent crime wave In New York IBISES:' : . --. . . - . - , Jhe filoth and the flame THAT THIRD TERM Continued from Pago 1. for a term, he has lost control of In that machinery. He Is in the posl-1 ho tlon absolutely of any private citi zen. his address hero last night, eaid would "like to know whv Mr. Roosevelt should be called back into The machinery is then In the m., Taft. It would seem that Mr. occupying the City in which automobiles figure largely, is aimed at a more rigid inquiry into the character of those applying-for chauffeurs' licenses. Mr. Merrill, the Socialist member. introduced two concurrent resolutions in the Assembly. One would provide for the Initiative and referendum and the other would have the State, Legislature petition the Feeral Goveenment to provide relief for the unemployed by t)!ae establishment of public works. Public mass meetings, the objects of which are to attempt to convince the public-; that spiritualism is a true religion and should be embraced, are being held this week in the larger cities of the State by the New York State Spiritualist Association. Arguments1 in the litigation growing out of the designation by the State under the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, of 30,000 acres of Adirondack forest- lands for experimental purposes in connection with a sti,je -college -of. forestry under . the supervision of Cornell University, were heard yesterday by the Court of Appeals. To create a State insurance fund for the benefit of employes injured in "A-rtra hazardous occupations" and their dependents in -case of death and I in nrnviriA for a. State commission of five members to be appointed by the ! finvprnor. is the object of a bil troduced by Assemblyman Merrill, ciaust BOSTON. Mass., Feb. 27. Col.; Roosevelt .plunged into the thick of the fight for the Presidential nomination yesterday. He- said unequivocally that he wag In the fight to the end, and was glad of it. He replied to the charge that he would be breaking his "third term" pledge If he accepted another nomination, and asserted that whether or not he should be the choloe of his party at, the Chicago convention he would abide by its decision. " . "I am perfectly happy now," said he, "because I am making a straight-out fight for a principle. The Issue is in no way a personal one." "Do you intend to support the Republican nominee, whoever he may be?" was asked. "Of course I shall," he replied wit emphasis. In response to inquiries as to the principles for which he is fighting. Col.' Roosevelt referred questioners to his speeches In Columbus, O.-, last week. atd before the Massachusetts House yesterday. In his address yesterday he defended his proposal for limited recall of judicial decisions and championed the right of popular opinion to" control the machinery of government. Regarding the Third Term. Col. Roosevelt's position in regard to the "third term" was explained to a number of his callers today. "My position is perfectly simple," he said. "I stated it ae clearly as I could., in 1904, and reiterated it In 1907, I said that I would not accept a nomination for a third term, under any circumstances.'ineaning. of course; a third consecutive term. "I could not have said less at the time, nor could I have -said more. Of course I could not then know whether or not there would be a demand for me to accept a nomination at some future time. And, believing, as I do, that the selection of candl- f dates for the presidency rests entirely with the people, I could not say that atno time in my life would I accept another nomination. "It must be clear to any reasonable man that the precedent which forbids a third term has reference only to a third consecutive term. It grew out of the fact that a President of the United States, under the present convention system of election of delegates, "can, if he knows how to use ' the machinery at . his disposal, renominate himself, even though the majority of his party is against him. But after he has 'been out of office m Why drink Cocoa? Because it Is most delicious, nourishing drink for the "Whole Fsmily." Other drinks -warm and stimulate only. .Coco has Seal food value. Drink . ryiooTOW'S Lai cocoa because it tastes better and lasts . ' longer. Get a can from your Grocer and try for yourself Do it today say VHOOTOIt'S COCOA, Ntwark. ILL" bands of the man office of President." Several Conferences. . Colonel Roosevelt devoted a large part of the day' to conferring with the menjwho-.are forming- the1 Roosevelt organization in Massachusetts. He told them that he would not Identify' himself actively, for the present at least, with the organization. He also talked for, some time with Governor Robert P : Bass of New Hampshire, whom he is to meet again tomorrow. After taking lunch with Mrs. Rqgr Wolcott, widow of a Governor of Massachusetts and Margaret Deland, the novelist, he went to" the State house and thence to the. home of Speaker Grafton Gushing with whom he spent the night. . Addresses the Assembly. Standing in the Assembly chamber of the Massachusetts capital today,; Theodore . Roosevelt explained and j emphasized his .ew -project for the , limited recall of Judicial decisions. Col. Roosevelt came -out boldly at those who have criticised his plan Our system of government confessed failure," he said the people are to be trusted to gov ern themselves." Col. Roosevelt's visit to . the State House was unexpected. After appearing, in the. house he -vent to the Senate chamber and spoke briefly. In both Instances he was received cor- Taft had thrown the Republican party Into political bankruptcy and Mr. Roosevelt is being called back in an effort to make good the mistakes of the man . he selected e.s his successor. There ie." he continued.- "much honor in the situation for Democrats. The Republicans have Jong watched with pleas'ure ovsr the internal controversies, and now we are watching with considerable interest the troubles within their own ranks." In Times of Need Remember Us-The Rough On-s BUFFALO'S FASTEST GROWING STORE Great Clean-Up Sale in Our Women's Suit - . - - and Cloak Dept. Another Chance to Save Wednesday Notions oc Pearl Buttons, dozen on card ... 25c Dressmaker's Skirt Markers 5c Hooks and Eyes, all sizes, 2 dozen on card 10c Ocean Pearl Buttons, card 25c Pad Hose Supporters, all sizes and 1Q all colors. v.. mm. 5c large size Hair Nets, with elastic band, four 4 Hr nets for.".,. 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Decision has been reserved. BUTFALONIANS IN NEW YORK. These Buffalo folk sire registered at the principal New York hotels! W. E. Houpt, Mr. and Mrs. Bruso, Ci. E. Thomas. Mrs. G. E.' Thomas, H. Sarr. J. Friedlander. C Germain, Jr.. E. P. Rog-ers, R. c. Townsend, J. S. Braen. Mrs. J. S. Eraen, E. P. Snider, A Xeiderbrten, G. F. Hens, E. H. Beals. A, P. Ronah, ' J. E. Breese, Jj. Ptein. J Smith. Mrs. J. Smith, H. A. J Harris, Mrs. H. A Harris, J. p. napaije, J. Hasseniran,' r... j. Kintner, A. H. Kintner. J. K. Seigle, R. U. Lewis, R. "K. Lewis. CI. A. Mang, M. Hutlein, Mrs. M. Hutlrtn, J. B. He-Oreary, M. W. Davis. N. C. Peter. C. Holcombe, Mrs. H. A. Bull, Miss K. Bull, Dr D. H. Sherman. Miss Aaron. Mrs. F. C. Pen fold. Mrs. J. Green. W. H. Faxon. T. B. Lock wood. Mrs. T. B. Lock-woor, E. K. Weppner, E. A. Weppner, E. Quackenbuehl, .1. H. George, Miso . H. Fenton, C. McCul-lourh, M. Ashton, Mrs. M. Aihton, C. C. Erock FORMER BUFFALO MAN BECOMES STREET CAR MAGNATE IN BOSTON Matthew C. Brush, formerly gener al manager of the Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Company, the James town, Chautauqua & Lake Erie Kail-road Company, and the Jamestown & Chautauqua Steamship Company, has been appointed to the second vice-presidency of the Boston Elevated Railroad Company. Mr. Brush has been associated with the Boston Elevated as assistant to the vice-president for some time. He is a graduate of the Armour Institute and the Massachusetts Institue of Technology. He is 37 years old. CONFESSES TO KILLING HIS YOUNG WIFE AND MAN WHO TOOK HER TO THEATER By Associated Press. TACOMA, Wash., Feb. 27. Willis Brown, 54 years old, confessed last night that he killed his young wife and Joi n Alden, a young man with whom she went to a theater. Brown beat them to death with a club. The elderly husband was allowed to plead guilty to murder in the second degree because the State .could produce no witnesses to the crime. 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You can make a free trial of them by writing for samples to Depart-ment113, Resinol Chemical Co., Baltl-; more, Md, BINGHA-MTON, Feb. 27. James Elliott, a negro, who. settled in Bing-hamton in 1860 and amassed a fortune by dealing in real estate during the reconstruction -neriod. Is dead at GAINING WEALTH I bls home here aged 101 yeari- William H. Pope, 19 years of age, who says his home is in Rochester, several days ago placed an advertisement in several local papers, offering 50 cents for each dime thai was minted before 1904. It is claimed that when he received the dimes he would write and tell the sender that he would send the 50 cents, at the rate of one cent each week. The Federal authorities were notified and arrested the youth. He was arraigned before United States Commissioner Roblson, -pleaded guilty and was held for the Federal grand jury. COUNTY COURT: ERIE COUNTY Jeannie ' Cain, Plaintiff, against John Cain. John Preston and Gene Preston, his wife (whose first name. is unknown, the name Gene being fictitious), Gertrude Kerr, Myrtle Preston, Florence Preston. Louis Preston, Frances Preston, . Clara Preston ' and James Preston, . Defendants. To the above named defendants: You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action and to serve a copy of your answer on the plaintiff's attorney within. twenty days after the service of this summons exclusive of the date of service; and, in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint. Trial desired in Erie County. EDWARD J. CLARK, Attorney for Plaintiff. Office and Post Office address, Akron; Erie County. N. Y. Dated Buffalo, N. Y.. January 26. 1912. To John Cain, John Preston, Gene Preston, his wife (whose first name is unknown, the name Gene being fictitious; Gertrude Kerr, Myrtle Preston. Florence preston, Louis Preston, Frances Preston, Clara Preston and James Preston. The foregoing summons Is served upon vou by publication, pursuant to an order of Hon. Harry L. Taylor. County Judge of Erie County, State of New York, dated the 5th day of February. 1912, and filed with the complaint in the office of the Clerk of Erie County in the City of Buffalo. Xew York. Dated February 5. 1912- EDWARD J. CLARK, Attorney for Plaintiff, Akron. Erie County, N- Y. . , . . . febl3-20-27mch5-12-19 - BUFFALO STORAGE & CARTINQ CO. - , A . . . . 350 SENECA STREET ' A THE LAKEUCCD WZTiV The Hotel That Maia Lakewood Fimoas -LAXE17CC3, R. J. Vow open under tfc."'7" -t direction of ,',J 2 Mri Louis EVonkeV -l of the Hotel KMtorgkQX, ' Kaatersldll, N. Y. - lMb.wd is na, hourvar.4 "f thirty minute from'iJewToac City, and for ltacltma. It pine trees and, its wendorrful'dry air It has no equal. . Prospective ?rMrohs;t Lakewood: will find tfie HfrUl Lake weed one f ths9t maa-aed hotels la the werta. Special Inducement. -wHIjb made for parties wfeewtehrt spend the eeaaen at'lhis : derful . resort. - There is also la nmeetlo with ' the' hotel ene ef the finest . 18-hole coif oonrses laAa&erlc. ' The hete'l will be conducted on the most excluslTe'ltnes on tns American plan. - F. H. NUNNS, Mgr. : ft CltatiOB. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF New York, - to Elizabeth Fraaer, Catherine Cunningham, Ellen Colby, John Allen, Joseph Allen. Elizabeth Kelly and Harry O'Brien. Whereas Henry Allen, late of the City of Buffalo, in the County of Erie, and State of Xew York, deceased, left a last - W1U and testament, bearing date the 4th day of December, X81t. purporting to relate to real ana personal property, and the same having been propounded for probate by Elizabeth Fraser, Executor therein named. vn on each or vou. being the heirs and next of kin of said decedent, are therefore cited to appear before the J Surrogate of oar said County of Erie. at the Surrogate' ri . the city and County Hall, in the .City of Buffalo, in said County ot Erie, on the 8th day of April, 1912, at ten o'clock In the forenoon of that day, and attend the probate of said "Will. And If that anv of the above-named persons are infants, that they then and there show cause why, a speciat guaruian should not be appointed to appear, represent and act . for them in the proceeding for the probate of said Will.,, In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of said Surrogate's Court to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon. Lonis B. ' Hart, Surrogate of our said County of Erie, at Bufalo. X. Y- this 16th day of February. 1912. wajAM R rctOLET. Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. , feb20-2Tmch5-12-19-g v Mr. Chorlds NcCreciy formerly of. the Tifft .House, Ire- -a iui n.inf oawftra ex - ew rkfc is now st the Hotel Brsto i U-U Wtct 4tli Street. NEW YORK " :, .- - - - '- where he will be pleased t welcome aU of bis friends and jt la a position to take xceptionajly food care f tbem. . Slngls rooms, $1.00 per day up. . Single rooms with bath, 3.00 per day w. - . - Suite with bath, fl.CO per day up. American plan, Ji.00 per day up. ATfiASTTIC CITY HOTELS. 1ST. . CHARLES , Atlsatle Cttr. 3f. i. - ;'Mot select location, fronting the ocean. Thoroughly modern; courteous service. Batbrooms with hot end ooid fresh and Bea water attachment, howers. etc Orchestrsr Mag-nlflcent Sun Parlor overlooking the Beardwaik and Ocean. Goif privileges. AlwtyS open. Illustrated booklet.

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