The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 31, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLE (AKKJ COURIER ma nv» Tax Dodger Gets Prison Sentence $2,000 Fine Added To Term by Federal Judge in Alabama ATLANTA, Ga., July 31. (UP) — Hoke L Vandigriff,' Montgomery. Ala., buslnc', was fined $2,000 anti sentenced to a year ami a day In prison lor income tax evasion In Federal District Court here today. Upon Vandipriff's request the sentence was deferred for GO days Land he was freed on $5,000 bail. ™ Vandjgriff, w ho has widely Varied business Interests In Montgomery, had been indicted on four counts for alleged income tax evasion in 1940, 1041, 1942 and 1943. Charges on evasions in the first, second nnd fourth years were withdrawn, however, and he was sentenced when he entered n plea of nolo contenriere on the 1942 charges. Vandigriff has 90 days in which to appeal the case, but no motion for the appeal has yet been entered. The state had charged that Van- dlgriff, who operates a road-building contracting business, failed to report incomes derived from certain private road-construction jobs done in conjunction with some state road construction. Vandigrifl's tar: return for 1912 I showed a net income of $45,5[18 and tax due of $18,312. The court ruled, however, that his actual income tint year was $109,639 and that S61.1U9 was due In taxes. Similar charges were made on returns filed for 1840, 1911 and 1912, but these charges were withdrawn. Named in tV;c suit along with Vandigriff was his bookkeeper,. H. W. Robertson. No action lias' yet been taken against Robertson. Besides his construction firm. Vandigriff has interests in automobile agencies nnd several other businesses in Montgomery. Handy Little Thing Next time you're wrestling willi a (ire iron, think of Sgl. Milton II. Clatkson. of Toledo. Ohio, pictured above on the job with Army's Task Force Furnace in Hie Arizona dcserl near Yuma. That king-sized wrench he wields in the 110 to ISO-degree heat is for "minor" repairs on his M2C Pcrshins lank. Colonel Drops Suit to Force His Promotion WASHINGTON. July 31. (UP) — , Col. James A Killan tcday withdrew his suit (6 compel 1'resldent. Truman to rostore his name to the Army promotion list, but Insisted that he was not responsible for any brutality ut (he wn\lme Uchflelcl Prison Ciunp. Kilian was found guilty by an Army court, martial of pcriuiutng "cruel and unusual" punishment of American prisoners at the En- Khsh camp. He said the «ction of Congress in setting up a new promotion system htut ruled out the basis for his mitt. The officer's name was left, off an army promotion list sent to Congress by Mr. Truman after Indignant protests lhat his conviction should deprive him of promotion rights. He promptly filed suit to compel the President to restore his name to the list. He was up for promotion to permanent colonel. Congress set up a promotion system in which merit and not ser- viec is a prime factor in promotions. Kilinn's lawyers said this removed any basis for legal action. But they said he felt 11 was time ''to lay bare" the facts of his case. A formal'statement, by the attorneys defended his conduct as commander of the prison camp. I They snid the court martial, in cf- 1 feet, has found him guilty of brutalities of which he was not. cfa aware. Another Temple of Old Egypt Found in Nile Delta Excavation Georgia Woman Accused Of Poisoning Her Parents RCME, Oa., July 31. (UP)—Mrs. Bertha Gcssett Hill, former Uin:e store manager already under life sentence for poisoning her husband rfor insurance, was rcinclieteu today on charges of poisoning her parents. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hardin, the parents, \vere exhumed after their sudden dca'.hs and they were found to have died of arsenic poisoning. Two hills previously returned were declared hi error and the grand Jury prepared a new indictment on the basis of evidence furnished at the time of her indictment for the murrier of Lsroy Hill, her husband. Twice convicted of murrierii\g,her husband Mrs. Hill has appealed for a view trial. A hearing will be held Aug. 16. Read Courier News Want Ads Base Hit Diet BY S,M\I SOUKI United Press Staff Correspondent CAIRO (UPl The rcimins 1 of yet another ancient temple have been lound by Prof. Charles Mo:i- let of the University of Strasbourg and chief of the archcolc-gical mission at Tanis in the Egyptian Delta. The unearthing of the remains was completely unexpected, according to the- report issued by the producing pew , where in the Ni'.e Delta near lake Menz.ilch there should be the remains of a great ancient- Egyptian civilization. It \vns only in 1929 that he finally discovered the fii'st signs that were to prove him right. With the Negro Ordered Held On Charge of Assault Al Murphy, Nesro, who Is charged with assault with inlenl to kill for the alleged shooting cf another Negro, Waller Divh, mar the Flat Lake community Monday, was ordered held to awah action by the Circuit COU;T nt his ore 1 :mil 1:1 j he.i.'ing this mo'.nlir,;. Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury set the Nr era's baud at S1000. Mnr;iliy is alleged to hav; shot Dnvls thio\i-ri the lc:t .-moulder with a .22 calib.'r rlllc ,-.i he -.tasked With the war further mvcslica- """•" u "" u ' r '""•'•> nc • va!K1 - a lion had to stop, .but, bo was back 'ionic from wr>'-:-. Moirl iv evening, again in 1044 and to the present I Th ° •.'•ooMns: the njuls of an moment he has not censed yearly [ nr C |im ent between the two me:i E'^.'ptian government department of antiquities under whose auspices Prof. Montet is working the Tanis excavations. The temple is believed to have been tuilt. in honor of the. gtxl Hcrus. It is 137 feet long and Ml wide, but vandals during the cen- •tnrics have ransacked and destroyed what might have been priceless objects. Rcofs. walls and columns have disappeared. . Under the ccrner-stone. small plates -Afi.golci, silver, ^bronze, and semi-precious • stones were found. Two of these hoards were found completely intaot us t.hey had beeu left 8.C03 or more years ago, while there was evidence of three more hoards. Montet and his staff scrutinized every object, ever; .scrap in *>he remains in the hope ol finding clue leading to tlie discovery of the of the temple and l« whom it was built. They- searched in vain, and unless the land yields further secrets, the mystery remain. Montet has been working on the priceless coverics from the extensive he is digging. dh-: Friday, area •• Dam Builders Arouse Ire of Labor Bosses MOUNTAIN Baptists Buy Building For State Headquarters 31. (UP) — Ozark Dam - Construe- tors, builders of the miirhly Bull Shoals dam near here, have come under the fire of the American Federation of labor. f The federation. In hniulbills and newspaper advertisements, yesterday charged that the firm Is discriminating by not hiring men un- LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. July 31. (UP) — A two-story firepronf building in down-town Little Rock has been pnrchnsed l>y Baptists of Arkansas to house departments of the Arkansas Ijnullst Convention. The purchase was announced hy ; , , Dr B. b.'Bridges, executive secre- , Ark., July , lary of the executive board. Cincinnati lend-ofT mnn Frank BnumliplU sweetens his base hit diet witli sauerkraut, which 'he helped his folks incikc as a kid. Marvell Farmer Dies Of Injuries in Accident HELENA. Ark., July 31. (UP) — - „ -., .,,..„ Funeral services were held today dcr 21 years of age; that (he wage ' tor L " th °r Null. 40-year-old Mar- scale is too lo\y and that out-of vc " f <>rincr, who died In a Helena -stale labor is being used on the ' llc «r>ital Tuesday after being struck project. ,' by on automobile near his home. „ Simultaneously H. H. Bliss. AF of I Jolln D - Harper, Negro driver of the car. was arrested and faces a ™TorM? n ve?r- Tfr sKr d L «P™«ntatlv e . announ plan area loi 15 yearo. ire started to attcln ' in 1923 -,vith a theory that sonic- to attempt to organize labor on the charge or n^liwnl homicide. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS. July 3:. (UP) — (USDA—Livestock: Hogs 6,500; all salable. Market fairly active. General market' unevenly 25 to 75c lo,ier than preceding day's average. Bulk good and choice 160 to WO Ibs. 27.75-28.23; scattering best light hogs, 28 50. early. 250 to 270 Ibs. 2S.15-27.60; 280 to 300 Ibs. 2525-26.15; few 130 to 150 Ibs. 26.00-27.50; 100 to 121 Ibs., 23.75-25.25; sows under 40D-ibs. 21.25-22.25; some light sows up lo S3.25; heavies around 450 Ibs. largely. 18.25-20.50. Cattle: 3.100; salable ?,.500; CF/'RS I.5CO, all salable; opening trade slow, about steady on ycarlinjp grading common and medium from 14.00-20.00. Nothing done on steers. Cows alxnit sleady, bul still under pressure. Canncrs nnd cultirs, largely. 9.75-12.50; common and medium beef cows 1200-15.50; bull:; steady: good beef bulls, largely, 17.00-1750; medium to good sausage bulls, 14.50-17.00; choice veai- crs 50c lower; top 24.50; good and choice largely 20.00-24.50. project. FranK Bybe?, construction coin- Deputy Sheriff Mack Peel said Harper explained thai sparks from burning cignrctte got Inside his pany personnel manager, answered n burning cignrctte got Inside his the charges by saying that men' shirt and caused htm momentarily under 21 were not being hired because or the red tape in obtaining "minor's releases nnd parents' consent." He indicated that the policy might be changed if a labor shortage developed. Bybec also quoted the U. S. Engineers as saying thai 50 per cent of the labor employed on (he project is local. 33 per cenl is from other sections of Arkansas and 17 pei- cenl comes from out-of-state. Bybec also nsserter Miat me wage scale was established by the secretary of libor and Is in line with that on similar project?. And he added that the project will be "run as an open shop as far as I kno\v." to lose control of his car. Null is survived by his wife. Civilization Ilnil for Them Signs of tooth decay are begin- ninfi to show on Fiji Islands nnd American Indians who have 'been living 0:1 soft foods of the white man. A pipe was cnlled "lobago" by the Italians. Columbus mistook trr word for the nnmc of the wi>'i and called il tobacco. The 71 runnings of the Kentu'c- ky Derby between 1875 and 1045 were won by (i.1 colts, seven geldings, and one filly. ATHLETES FOOT GERM KOW TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, IF NOT PLEASED, your 35c back. Ask any dritfigist for this STRONG fungicide. TE-OL. M.ido with oo per- tcnt alconol. It PENETRATES. Boicli- « nnd kills MORE K ctm» faster. Tod.y riinne 176 Kirby Druj Store NOTICE We have installed a New Meat Counter and Will Feature a i Complete Line of Fresh Meats. FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Anywhere in Blythevillc Curve-In Grocery & Market Air Bose Road J. C. Cherry, Owner Immediate Delivery A Gould's Automatic Water System Gives you the most for your dollar Farmers Terms Part this Fall-Part Next Fall HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BffAMOS J26 yt.MAIN ST. • PHONE 915 FOR BIGGEST SAVINGS IN YEARS! August Furniture Sale! 2-PC. MODERN SOFA BED SUITE .; . REDUCED! Two Irint pieces spell style with economy! Tlieir clcnn crisp lines «ml collon tiipnslry covers will duller your living room for ninny years. Anil al niyhl you cun open tlic sofa lo n big double bed. HciluccU fur Augnsl at Wards! > lines and rs. Anil al I at WardaJ | 09 88 On Tvmi: $8 a Month, offer Down Payment ' • AUGUST SPECIAL! o _ Qo INNERSPRING MATTRESS ^D.OO 231 coil mnllrcss l»r^iiin priced! •WardsFamousVig-O-KcstSprmg.17.88 'Pi Reg. 3.54 Rayon Pairs $2.97 •Sheer bcajily for any T 1 ,--.: window! "I'lcatcr". stilclicd at lops assures cvcnh-spnccd folds! <f2'VJO" f:\ ' IV.' PORTABLE ELECTRIC RECORD PLAYER 27 88 Of r«m»: IO% Down, J5 „ Month Powerful amplifier! I'lays ]() or 12' records. Fine tone! 5(X)0 jilay needle! METAL SLAT BLINDS C 10 " 2(">", -27", 2!!" widihs, ^ ready lo inslalE! Ivnry enamel finis}! is tniii'illi, easier lo clean, rc.«isls chipping, 'lliio inecliatiisti). AH 61* long. 89c PAPER COTTAGE SETS-4 PR, NOW i Bought to sell at 89tl Buy now for liitclicn and bathroom windows—savel- MOMRN WAINUT ~-, 0 o WATERFALL DESK 37 88 7 roomy drawers! Hardwood construction wilh Walnut veneers and finish. TILE-LIKE WALL COVERINGI I Ac GLEAMING ENAMO-WAU '^,. Cleans briglil nnd lasls for years! Apply il you; =clf! Gay colors! 4W wide. 4.79 LOOfED PILE RUGS Save on fluffy cotton . rugs! Choosa blue, rose, whitf, green, • and B ray! Washfast! I'rcshrunk! 2-x3'. '

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