Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1895
Page 3
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There's No Use Talking The Crowds that visit our stcre daily convinces us that *8 Sample Shoes! Is what the people want. Why not? They are the Best and Cheapest SHOES ON EARTH! It's folly to buy anything else. Glance at these prices, thkn glance at your purse and see if they don't fit better than those old war prices you've been paying for shoes. MUNYON'S WITNESSES. 73c Ladies' Dongola Oxford slippers. Guaranteed solid leather. Regular price SI-50 Men's lace or congress solid leather throughout. Worth fully twice as much A f\ Infant's button shoes, I I \f\ soft or flexible soles. I I 71 ;Either Patent Leather or •*• ^^ Dongola kid Ladies' fine Dongola kid. New style Itoes, You've got to pay 1 2, 50 for them in other stores. UUIJ£ $1.23: 75c 48c ; 75c ; $1.89. Ladies' Dongola button shoes, patent tip, stylish and good, others ask $1.50 for 'em Children's Dongola kid,, spring heel, patent tip,, The/ are considered, cheap at 75c elsewhere, rjr Boy's Veal Calf Shoes. Solid as a rock and worth fully double the money Men's Tan Lace Shoes, Picadilly 'tpes, genuine Russia Calf. Made to sell at $4.50. They're nobby Everything in the way of footwear sold the same way. Everything guaranteed as represented or-money refunded. ttMPLE, '•HOE 1 i- Ike Oppenheimer, Manager. WELL KNOWN CITIZENS TESTIFY THAT THEY HAVE BEEN CURED BY HIS RE VIE DIES. More Than :1OO,»OO People Have Given Their .IJnMOltctied 1'udorwe- meot of MunyoQ'i. Little Snffar felled. Simuel A. Heath; 218 Columbus avenue, Boston, says: "Itia now sixteen months since I was cured of rheumatism bv uning Munyon'* Fibeu* matlsm Care. I took It several times dally, and in four days was completely cured. At that time I could cot put OD my coat wlihout assistance. My knees and ankles were so swollen that walking was difficult. I bad suffered wlih rheumatism every spring 1 and fall, but since taking Munyon'e Remedies I have cot bad the slightest symptoms os the disease." Wallace Blckford, of Bamis, Mass., says: "I had nasal catarrh for several years' standing, with all its disgusting symptoms, when I Degan using Munjon's Catarrh Remedies. Their action was marvelously quiok. The disease yielded rapidly, and now I am perfectly cured," Mies lora Forrest, 35 Monad street, Boston, sayf: "My pntire system was broken down from nervous prostration, caused by dyspepsia. What I suffered Is impossible to tell, and I was unable to (jet relief. Finally I began using Muoyon'a Dyspepsia and Nerve Cures, and it was not long before I was thoroughly cured-" Munyon's Homeopathic Rsmody Co. put up a cure for nearly every disease. No matter what..your disease or how many doctors have failed 10 cure you step Into the nearest drug store and get a 25 cent vial of Munyon's Remedies. It will benefit you. Those who are ID doubt as to ibe nature of their disease should address Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch, etreet, Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolutely free of all charge. The Romedles will be sent to sont to any address on receipt of retail price. AMONG THE ARMENIANS. A Lecture on a Timely 'Snbjecl to te Delivered br • Vmlve of A«la Xcxt Sunday. The Rev. John Serkin, a native of AsU and a missionary of the Armenian church, will lecture Sunday March 17ih, »t 10:30 a. m. at the Evangelical cburch. His talk will been the customs and manners of his people, the products and the animals ofthecour. try and the story of the wrongs and persecutions practised by the Moham- medans on the Armenians. He will also tell of tbe work of Christian mis. slonarles arcoog his suffering people To those Interested in mission work the lecture cannot fall to be most instructive. A collection will be taken for the promotion of Chrlstiatlty among tbe Armenians. The eminence of the strange speaker should be enough to crowd ;he church Sunday night. In the fall of 1893, a son of Mr. T. A MoFarland.a prominent merchant ol Live Oik, Sutler Co., Cal., was taker with a very heavy cold. Toe pains in his chest wore so severe tnat he had spasms and was threateuedVith pneu-, monla. His father gave him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which broke up the cough and cured him. Mr. McFar.and sa\s whenever his children hiive croup ht- invariably gives them CbamberlalnV Cougb Remedy and It alwavs cure tbem. Ht> uoi siders it the best cough remedy in the market. For sale by B F. K-jeslinir, Dru'^i^t. USB ONLY It is pure and healthful and always ready! Makes delicious Pancakes, Muffins and (reins. Crystal Wheat Flakes Are superior to all others. Crystal Rice Milling Company. Ask your grocer. MARLON, INO. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING, : ;MARCH 16 FRBSfi FISH! If you want a fine fresh FISH leave your order with F. W, KINNEY, -TELEPHONE, 172.- A fmo variety of fresh lake fish received daily. No cold storage goods. We dress and deliver without extra charge. Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings, Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. THE TAILOR. 310 BltOAl>AV.\Y. IROBGBR & STRAIN, ndertakers and Embalmers, 613 Broadway. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wnnted, Cheap Cottages For Sale. Wanted Lots and Acres Vor Sale, Wanted Small Farm* For Sale. Wanted Busla^n Blocks For Sale. Wanted to Eiehanw farms for City Property. Wanted Hwchandlsa to Trj<Je for Fjvrms. ADDRESS M. M., GORDON. Spry Block Lo2ansport,JInalana. Sleepless Who, but those who have had tbe unhappy experience, can tell the horrors or appreciate the unhappy experience of persons troubled with sleeplessness? The damnable hatred of all tbe demons in hell for mankind must j surely be appeased by the consciousness of such human Euffering. The long, dreary, unnappy hours, who can descrioe them nnd why is itneceasarj? If you have ever been troubled you know what ttey are, and if you have been spared you have co interest in ihe knowledge of such suffering. Mrs. A. Batoman, Romulus, Mich., after deac-ribicg her suffering from sleeplessness extending over a period of eight years, receiving at times only about twelve hours' sleep in a week, writes of Dr, Wheeler'j Nerve Vital, izer as follows: "I began taking it In common doses and the first night I slept eight hours and a nap the next day. Every night since I have slept eight or ten hours. Oh, how thankful I am lor having had Dr, Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer brought to my notice and for the benefit received from it. Stop nnd think, eight years of eleep • leesness and cured in a day, does it not seem like a miracle?" This medicine is equally as effective in curing nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleeplessness, mental depressions exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. What IN the work of the Kiilueysf To remove from the blood its impurities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system is poisoned. Therefore, ' San Jak" is the indicated blood remedy. Iforvous Debility. Every person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have extended medical aid such as is found in ••San Jak." Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist. The AV no on Sinters. The ever popular Watson Sisters' extravaganza and vaudeville company of carefully selected artists comprising farce comedy, operettas, travesty, etc., a meteoric avalanche of luminary stars, startling, dtzzling and bewildering to the gazs, and the most extravagant fancy cannot conceive the dashing splendor of this talismanlc production, pure and wholesome with nothing-to offend and a great deal of commend. Tha performance commences with the sido splitting farce, entitled • Reception Royal" in which the entire company of twenty artists participates. It abounds with fucny situations, new, bright nnd sparkling music, dainty gavottes with dialogue, gorgeous costumes, pretty and win. some faces, and is guaranteed to please the most jaded of amusement seekers. Monday night at the opera house. Attention, (Jnil'Ofiu Kauk Ivnijjlitw ol nt. Jitlin, Vou are hereby ordured to report at St. Vincent'!* Hall Sunday March 17, at 9 ol) H. m fb'n'[), It, full drees uniform, whbuut swiH-iJ.-, i" iLi.itnd service:. JnHN R Fox. Oapt. "CEU.UWID" COLLARS AND CUFFS arc made bv covering a. linen collar or.. cnff with "celluloid," thus mating them strong, durable and waterproof. ' When soiled they cau be denned by simply wiping off with a wet cloth. No other waterproof goods arc made with this interlining, consequently no other goods can possibly give satisfaction. Do not forget that eve- y niccs of the genuine is stamped oi follows: ELLUUDIQ ** MARK- ** Insist upon goods so marked and refuse anything else if offered. If your d-jalcr does not keep them you can procure a sample from us direct, by enclosing amount a:id stating si;:e and whether stand-up or lurr.cd-down collar is minted. Collars 230. each. Culls joe. pair. The Celluloid Company, 42r-429 Broadway, Now York. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. ftlr. U. !•'. K. •.!.•», nm ueMres ue 10 ID» lollu-viuj; CM race from a letmr of (Juarles Al Uuileld. o( Used- ley, Fri-Huu CD , Oitl., ttb he handles too remedy rufcrreu 10 and waois his customs b to too*- wDai a splendid medicine it ie: "Ii ia with pleasure I tell you that by Oflb ony'b u»a of Chamberlain's Cough remedy I wiw relieved of a very severe cold'. My head was completely stopped up and I coald noi sleep at night. I can recomnend this reme dy." A cold nearly always starts in ibu head and afterwards extends 10 ihe ibroat and lungs. By using this remedy freely as soon as the cold has been contracted It will cure the cold at once und prevent it from extending to the lungs. Cured for ui tlie Jail. • Tim Hurley is beicg attended at tbe jail by the county physician, Dr. B^rnfield, for a severe sprain of the right leg. Mr. Eurloy was hurt, in a fall on tbe street and wp.s taken to the county jail _as tbo most cocvenienv place. Hoir lo Cure iilicumiillKni. AIUGO, Coos Co., Oreiion, Nov. 10, IS .03 I wish to inform you of the great good Chamberlains Pain Balm has done my wife. She has been troubled with rheumatism ol the arms and hands for six months, and has tried many remedies prescribed for that complaint, but found no relief until she used this Pain Balm; one bottle of which has completely cured her. 1 take pleasure in recommending it for that trouble. Yours truly, C. A. Bullord, Fifty ciint and [?l bottles for sale by B F. K "oiling 1 , Drug-gist. Sievenson & Kiinsick have the only and most complete stock of shoes ever carried in New clean stock of May garden. seeds at I N Crawford'?. Capes, capes, at prices to please everybody—Trade Palace. A surprise to everyone, our 95 cent dress fboeg—-Steveosoo & Kiioeick. For Sale—-Very cheap, Victor pneu* matfc tired bicycle. Inquire 724 Race street. Price Harry Frank's removal eal« on overcoats and suits, and eave 60 per cent. Opeo for inspection, our stylish stock of spring shoos—Stevenson & Kllosick. Not a. dollar's worth of goods will be removed If low prices will do it— Harry Frank. No alum or ammonia In Beo Fisher's baking powder. It Is absolutely pure, and the beet in the world. Her Majesty corset at lets than manufacturers' cost to close out at the Trade Palace. Veilings at 5 cents a yard. Sbeet and pillow case sale at the Bee Hive today. All prices, all kinds, at 1 lees than the raw material—The Bee Hive. The Trade Palace is still selling Uockwood sheets 81x90 inch ready beimc-d; at 43 cents each or 85 cents a pair. See the pillow casings. I give three ources of the extract of vanilla j ou hive over used, while you only get two ounces of other make. If mine is cot better I will make you u present, of It—Ben Fisher, the Druggist Tbe best dressed men on our street! are seen in our bats. That is our best advertisement, but- we occasionally like to uall jour attention to our stylish bats at a very moderate cost. New spring style stiff bats as low as $1, •• better ones at %l 50, and choice quail ties at $2 and $2.50—Dcwenter, the HaUer and Furnisher. OVER A MILLION NO WIN USE Real F,«tate nnd Loan Office. I have opene't a real estate and loan offico at No. 400 Broadway, up stairs, Jogansport, Ind., and would respect ully solicit all persons desirous of purchasing 1 or selling real estate, or >orrowing or loaning money, to give me a call. Will also attend to any business en. rusted with me before city council, jounty commissioners, city or county fficers. Will also attend to the adjustment r accounts, settlements, etc. D. W. TOMLDfSON. Home-SecKer*' Excnrxlons gonih anil Southeast via Penunylvanltt Linen. Special low rate excursion tickets with twenty day limit will be sold March 5th, April 2d and 30th, from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania Lines to points in Alabamla, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missis- nippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address F. Van Du- Eien, Chief Assistant General Pa-sen ger Agent, Pittabuag. Pa. Insurance and Loans—A feV hun» red dollars of local funds; also Eastern money in any amount, to loan on mortgage security—S. M. Closson, No. 319 Pearl street. Beware ofOtnlmentw lY>r CaiarrfoTtin -, Contain Mercury. As mercaor will sarelj destroy the sense ol smell aad completely derango the whole system when entering Ittliroush the mucous surfaces. Such articles should, navar be us-d except oa prescriptions from reputable physlctiuis, as the damage tliey will drt is ten fold to the good jon can possibly derl^Irora them. Hall's Catarrh Cure min- nilacturedbyK J. Cheaer <t Co.. Toledo, 0., con- Kilns no mercury, and Is taken Internal]?, acting (tlrdetlr upon ttia Blood and mua>as surfaces ol the system. In boring Hall's Catarrh Core be sure you get the genuine. It Is taten internally and made la Tolede, Ohio, br F. J. Cheney &• Co Ie*tlm»nt»ls free. Bf"ojld *T *rugjlits, pflca Tax pjr bottle.

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