The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1947
Page 12
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TWELVE BLTTHEVILLB (ARKJ COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY. JULY 30, 1P47 Liquor Ads face Wording Control ' Senate Group Makes Recommendation on Sen. Copper's Bill B-29 Atrndda to Celebrate Air Forces 7 40th Birthday (WASHINGTON, Julj' 30. (UP) — A Senate subcommittee proposed yesterday that published or broadcast advertisements for liquors be *o**dden to use any word, dc•Tice or sound to imply that use of liquor I', beneficial to health. will 1 Increase social or Business prestige, or is traditional In Amer- k»n family life. The '.subcommittee consisted -"of Sens. Clyde -M. Reed, R., Kans., and Edwin O. •Johnson, D., Colo. It was-delegated by the full Commerce "committee to Joolc into n bill*by. Sen. 'Arthur Capper, R, Kans. Capper's bill would forbid all liquor advertising in Interstate Commerce. The subcommittee said it doubted ."whether it is practicable to enact that bill into law in its present form." It;added, however, that the question had been taken up with the federal ^racie CDmmiss.ion anci the Trcasmr's • Alcohol Tax Unll and, proposed substitute legislation. •had'been drawn up by the Jeeisla- j British Find Little Red live counsel of Congress. Liquor manufacturers had conceived "some very enticing advertising implying that people—particularly young ifolks, have got to absorb much booze if they're going to amount to anything." Reed said a college girl . who testified at hearings on the Cupper bill made it apparent that girls In - MrlortrMt*<, «• th* lott!«« ol a 7000-niU fli^ir. The S«ptrf«rtl will mall* MM rttutliM stop at AJKkorag*, Aloiko, mid H«o4 fix 'Washington, D. C. It will be tin \tsngiit matt flight c««r at- timpttd by tV giant bo«b«r». in the United States, more than 100 'i will sweep over Chicago, Detroit and St. Louil on Air Force Day. The Sup«rL>itr«si« will take off before dawn M Aug. 1 from Air Co* mand fields at Tucson, Aiir, Fwt Worth, Ten., Tampa, Flo., Roswell, N, M., Solinii, Kan., and Rapid City, S. D. They will icndeivous and then fly in formation over the midwcilcrn cities. flight of 30 (-» . tresies, to coinda* with Ike Air Force Doy celebrations of Aug. 1. The 30 ptoMt arc returning from a IraiitlM Might, which tooV tt.em to Germany tarty in July, , Riding Hood Frightening LONDON. July 30. <UP) The Nursery Schools Association of cruel, deceptive and likely to create feur complexes among children. Miss Joyce Cornish - Bowdcn, education secretary of the Association, demanded that the story be Britain yesterday condemned tlici kept, from lUrilish youngsters bc- itnle of Little Red Riding Hood as cause 'of its liarmlul Influence. iA lew weeks ago the Middlesex they County Council banned Punch and college "hnd •(<> drink" if wanted lo bo socially successful. 'rJE&YHofaDOlt i-sC5- r h'T s f2 1 ._ T$jt? fiy 3Wda AuaAenai «*• ••^H^ ©'by Hilda Lawrence; Dislribulcd by NEASERVICE, INC. THE) .STOKYl l.llllnn UftrriH •MeetH with an Ad-Idem «hlu- tuk- l«t n nkawrr. Skr In xtlll u,i< ,.n• clunn. Tkrro IH 11 nC l«r- ror at llc.i.r H»u«e. .Mi.. I'lum- jmer wurrlci* hfi-nuHC whe lost «hi; rcconl <>( Itiilh Jllll,r'« < bloiKU jphonc call, . * * * XXI I* A GNES was mending a s . } "^ with care; there was ad< sweater [Iditional mending on the table beside her i chair, stockings, underwear, find \ something, made of unbleached i muslin, crumpled and not very ! clean. Miss Plummer thought i Vaguely that it had a familiar look. ' "Kitty jusl took over the board ' and I'm at loose ends for a little ', while," she told Agnes. "Can't I seem to settle down to anything, I so I told myself I couldn' bct- iter than have a little talk ---'"[ you, Agnes." ;' Agnes darned steadily. "Glad to have you," she said. She didn't look up. Her needle wove in and \out and she frowned with concen- . tration. "Take (he cliair Uy the j radiator, Miss Plummer, it's i .warmer there." < \ Miss Piummer ignored this. She i sat beside Agues. "What are you ; doing with the muslin, Agnes?" i - Agnes raised her head. "The ' muslin?" She looked as if she j were biting something back. "I • doh't ]know< what I'm doing with ' it," sh'e said-slowly. "I don't Know, i I didn't want you to sec that, Miss j Plummer, I'm still thinking about I it myself, but now that you have, i*-'l „ '-*• -•-• u Agnes— ' "That's one of the doll dresses, Wiss Plummer." | "Why so it is! For a minute you : frightened me, you looked odd/ : Miss Plummer fingered the mater rial. "There's a lot of wear • this stuff. What do you want it ; Jor?" I' "Want it! I don't want it! I : wish it was at the bottom of the ; sea! ... I found it, Miss Plum- '.tter." f. "Found? I don't see how yoi can say that. Every last one of those dresses was locked away, out of sight. My sister did that herself, she was very particular about it." "I know she was. That's it, that's the trouble, 1 know she locked them away." "Maybe,' Miss Plummer said, 'maybe you'd better tell me wluH's on your mind." Agnes put the sweater aside. "I meant to keep this to myself until could figure it out, but I'm not naking any headway. Not in the •ight direction. At first I thought t was pure accident that the dress Sot overlooked, accident or care- icssness. I thought some girl had spilled something on it and got worried and hid H." Agnes look the dress into her lap and smoothed out the hem. "You sec this? Miss Plutnmer, what would you say this stain was? LooSv close. Reddish brown, not properly washed out, done iii a hurry, like." "Coffee?" "Did we have coftce that night?" "No. ( . . . Is it fruit punch?" "That was orange nnd pineapple. ... In a corner of the packroom on this. Moor," Agnes said tonelessly. "Hidden. You could tell t was meant to be hidden on pur- )ose. . . ." tli w uriv shows on grounds -that each children :to become eaters. Miss Cornish-Bowden, a noted uUiority on child education, said jittle Red Riding Hood would be .uitable if it ^verc not for the IJK bad wolf. When the little girl Inils her grandmother isn't there, 'nny tSillcl will feel quivers of !car," she said. Cattle sprayed with watcr-dis-untroatcd slock during pcrsi«Ke DDT gained an average tncr last year when files were most of 59 pounds per animul over prevalent. Club 61 Blythevllle, Arkansas Highway 61 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly ~~' Owned By KUGENE POWELL, Mgr. For Reservations Telephone 944 »••••••••«••••••••*•••*••••••••••••*•**••***' "jljTRS. FISTER was checking nc- ^^- counts in hov room, frowning as she worked. Miss PLuniincr knew it was the wrong time to talk but she couldn't wait. She said, "Ella, can you spare me n minute?" "Not now Ethel, if yon please. I've got the butcher here." Miss Plummer studied the massive figure. Ella was strong and sure of herself, she was never even sick She always made the family decisions, and she was always right "I've got to talk," she said. "I can't wait. Something's bothering me," Mrs. Fistcr pul down her pencil. "Now whnt?" * "I think Ruth Miller was killed." "Do you know what you're saying?" "Yes, T do. I think she was killed. 1 think I felt it from the first. Others did, too. Kilty, Jewel, some 1 of the boarders, I could feel it in the way they Icfoked and acted. I want you to think about it. You've got to tell me if I'm right or wrong." "You're wrong, IJ Mrs. Fisler said qniclly. "What about Lillian Harris, Ella'i" "Well, what about her? Likely drunk." "Did anybody say she wns? Did Jr. Kloppel say so? II he did, .'d have heard, and I didn't. I'm iskirg you to think about Lillian [itirris lot). . . . Ella'?" "What?" "Ella, you" packed the costumes a\vny, <lidn'l you? The next day?" "You know 1 did. 1 "Arc they under lock and key?" "They are. Linen press. T.thel, I'm losing patience." "What happened lo the one lUilh Miller wore?" "That? What do you think? It was examined by the police nnd given back. It was burned up." ''Who said lo burn it up? Who gave that order?" "I don't remember. Very likely T decided myself. It was in no condition for anything. You saw her, so you know whax I mean. The mask—" Miss Plummer tried to look into her sister's eyes, hut they were csolutcly turned away. "I saw tic mask when they cut it off," he said slowly. "It was bagged ut, like it was fdlcd with—•" She wallowed anrl went on. "You couldn't tell it had ever been vhite. You couldn't tell the color of the mouth or hair or anything." Mrs. Fistcr got up and walked icavily across the room lo Miss ?lummer's chair. "Ethel, this foolishness has got !o slop. Now go to your room nnd lie down, and don't sj)cak o£ it again." "Won't you come over to see 115 soin? Monday or Friday evening?-. George has no important radio programs on / those nights 1" ^ FRECKLES •& HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER No, and We Don't Want To Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickusawbm I THOUGHT TOO ; THIS 71MB ,£ SORE/ PHOMY LIOM AGAIW . L KEEP RIM&IMG UNTIL THEY ANSWER. OPERATOR- ! --I'LL TEACH THAT KID A ; LESSON.' THOUGHT YOU MUZZLED THAT GATEWOOD GROCERY i. Phone 975| Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch Pt. 7 Crown 1.35 ; Culvert 1.35 I Schenley 1.35 1 Cream of Kentucky.- . . . 1.35 • Three Feathers 1.35 > Hill & Hill 1.40 J Old Taylor J Four Roses J 5% Beer per Cose $3.35 • I GAS, reg. 17.9c; Etnyl 19i9e • JAM Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35j PL 2.65. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 690 4.SO Miss Plummet' went to her room and closed the Hoov. Her whole body felt numb. I'm getting Ihc influenza, she lold herself. That's the root of my trouble. They say the influcnzn is weakening fill over. (To Bft Continued) INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrlcs O. Blttncr-W. M. (Bill) WlUo --•BUT I TELL You.OFncte NO OKIE'S J3EATIM& A DRUM HERB/ C.ERTAIMLY NOT--- FKgCKLES IS IN BED' LAED SMITM IMITATIM& A LION AT ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING? ARE VOLJ TRYING To 6H '" Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Sales Studebaker Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern time-saving tools are provided for our train- ad mechanics. They use.' their skill and the correct tools to give you better service. We repair all makea of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars 1946 Ford Super 2-door 1941 Plymouth 2-door 1941 Plymouth 4-door 1940 Tontiac 1948 Chevrolet ',5 «on Pickup 1916 CMC Vi ton Pickup 1945 Oodge'/i Ton Pickup 1941 Chevrolet }i ton Pickup Lots of Others lo Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studebaker Dealer "First by Far With a. Postwar Car" Phone 2195— Bill Chamblin —RR & Ash St., Lex WASH TUBES M;irmaduke's Surprise BY LESLIK TURNE* AND FOLKS, 10U'[=£ SOING TO UkEET TW&SOKGEOlJSp 5TIWULMIN3 CREP.TURE'. fVND HEftE. THE THRIIUN& NSTSLMAOROI.'S STOM OF THE WORIDS MOST ^ FAMOUS B&BV! VESIR...ON OUR. fWVNi & Nl&HT FROSRWAi OUER AN liKWENTIONRBlE NETWORK! SEE SOUK LOC&L. PRPJRS !_ " "wf WM'T TOLE Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams HAVEM'T SOU GOT THAT LITTLE THIMG DOWrO VET? 1 TH1MK VCXJ'D BETTTER TAKE THOSE COWBOY/ OUTFITS OFF IF YOU WANT TO GET AMY COWBOYIMG DOME. 1 MEET MN 6PARR1V) , MA30R. PELICANS PLOTZ. Af4D LOOPY WORD, HAPPY TO MEET SHM-LVJETM-CE A SUOR.T STROLL A^D BATTLE TACTICS AGAlriST OLD PALS 6LEPT THREE 1NTHB A\E OUT OMCE l-CANi TELL UEV'LL 6UARPEM Mt OP FOfS (v\V WALTZ. EVERY PUNCH HE'S GOT. 1 CELL. MBMV A. TIME/ Meeting Jlrs. Mogul BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH NOW YOU'RE BtlNS S.VW.RT, MR. MOGUL CRIW, TAKE MR. FLINT'S CAR AROUHO TO THE GARAGE AND WMlie TOU'ftE 4T IT, GIVE IT THE ONCE OVER FLINT, I'M TftKINS YOUR ADVICE. I'M GOING TO CONFESS EVERV BIT OF MY PAS1 TO MY FAMILY ANDTO THE POLICE. CRIBB Will CHECK IT OVER COMPLETELY. HE CM DO ANYTHING WITH CARS. NOW WE'U. WSCUSS A LUTLE BUS! NESS BEFORE LUXCrt. YOU LEAD THE WAY, MR. MOSUl I'M AFRAID OF GETTING LO5T IN THERE. SES«tt. INC. I'M. REC. U.S. TAT. CfF LANE ... LfSPIES AMD SENTLENlcU WE INTEREST THIS PPOSEM.\ TO BRING MOJ THE KRINGLE BftKV KEEN FOUND! THES'RE LI5TEMINS TO THS KEINGL6 f OR. MEWS Of- Tff 5EMLCH '.' T«05E SOAP PEDDLERS WOT EXP10IT BLJSTEe PEOPERLS IF I PON'T GO TO STAND UP FOP. WB RIGHTS, MRS. KM.UKAK! HftSBEEN FOUND!! BY EDGAR MARTIN soMEBotiif TSiEo t3 "CRACK " OPtHUf ITS T» SHERIFF WrU AVL Tri£ .ICROS FRTOER.SHOW f, ACT 5 ASiD Lt IX) tri£ WORK. AT trtE 5Crt KS S^AR.1 EhlO'JCSrt By V. T. HAMLIN E'MGETTIN' ABG KICK OUTA BO91N5ON CRUSOE. EJUT DANGED IF I LIKE THIS CAN JAMMED DCHsN FRED IT ARM AN BOOT'S AN" HER BUDDIES

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