The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1948
Page 3
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' yRlDAY, JANUARY 3, 19-1R Congress Splits Over Social Bills Republicans Willing To Go At Least Part Way With Truman By Raymond Lahr (United Press Staff Corrntpondrnt) ^WASHINGTON. Jan. 9. (UP) — ]Bt^ fiepuullcaji-controlled Con- »«ss Wa5 rearty today to go part or the way with President Truman on fils requests lor social legislation bu the Republicans themselves were divided over .some of them. There was a fairly high degree or unanimity among Republicans on one of Mr Truman's proposals— his request for a national health insurance program. They saw no cliance /or its approval. In his annual message to Con- grejs. the president recommended: 1. That benefits be Increased and coverage be -broadened under social security la»- provisions dealing . with unemployment compensation and old age and survivors Insurance. 2. That a program of national health Insurance be enacted. 3. That the federal government provide [in.incial aid for education. 4. That the wage-hour Ian Ije amended to increase the present minimum of. 40 cents an hour to 15 cents. Firm decisions on all or (he proposals awaited agreement between House and Senate Republican leaders on their legislative program for this year. The recommendation with the chance of approval was that for an Increased minimum wage but not on so liberal a basis as Mr. Truman proposed. Sen. Joseph H. Ball. R.. Minn., chairman of a Senate Labor Subcommittee considering clianges in the wage-hour law. said he was thinking in terms of a 50-cent minimum Many Republicans favor an i.^mjtase to fifl to 65 cents. " Tart Has No Comment Chairman Robert A. Tuft. R., O., of the Senate Republican Policy Committee withheld comment on Mr. Truman's specific recommendations, but he favors Increasing the minimum wage and federal aid to states for education and health. Taft and most other Republicans nre bitterly opposed to the administration's health insurance plan on grounds that It would "socialize" the medical profession. A bill authorizing federal aid lor education has been approved by Taft's labor committee and a Taft- sponsored health bill is expected to win approval. Ball said he believed the Senate would approve the health and education bills but that he did not- know whether the House would go along. It appeared likely tliat Senate leaders might try to sell those two measures to House leaders, who have seemed cool toward them thus far. House Labor Committee members indicated that the education bill would not be approved without leadership pressure. Sen. James E Murray, D.. Mont., sponsor of health insurance tegisla- 4jpn, said Mr. Truman's health pro- K'Sal showed that the president had accepted Taft's "challenge" to make health insurance a political issue. H e criticized Tail's o«'n bill as a plan ror "charity medical care." Under the administration plan, medical care would be financed rrom payroll taxes. Taft's program would be rinanced from state and federal treasuries. The Senate Finance Committee has an advisory council studying social security benefits and coverage, but Senate and House spokesmen were uncertain whether legislation on those questions would be considered this year. To Display 1948 Model Trucks COURIER NKWS The rim illips Motor Company *•' . uN.t.11 n i i in (({I'll I OP today. "We hope to receive enough trucks this year o meet ||i» 195-inch whcelbase and offer a wider range 01 modMs n,,d capr.cili, powered with three sizes of motors-96. 100 and us .lorscpower. * isclosed "'" '™ Cl " ""' * '"" lruel " "" Governor Finds It Fun to Keep Newsmen in Dork yr 1 ' 1 '* ROC ' K - Ark., J»n. 9. U-'I'i inr commen. 'Hie guvcuinr said that If |],,. lirra 01 Aikan.Mis would set behln I H I'ominicth-c prourn,,. iT(iii]',|!n« >if who propo.M'il it, UK, ,i it ie vouM Pi-niirctis much In-sler. r.xrntl for o mo, u """ ''" U " is assl «"« 10 meet (he S mtl fur seal ml e r H lion convoy each spring f.r »t «. escort it to the Pribllot breedln. grounds, ,nd stand by to ju.rd it Voice of America' Head s WASHINGTON. Jim. 9 (UP) J'olsom yeslordiiy excluded nil ,' « "'WltvOTON. Jnn. 9. < UP) _ poneis exivpt those' O i w j rc „,.." I V, 1 '!'!',' , ' V , ol . S "" e i>ea W- C. Mar- vices and weekly m'wsmVm ,. , mu-inuy Imlructed his ncw nius,. ol whin i,,. S|>L(1 w ' „ ; ,"''.'",', ?.' ""' " Vol '-i' T Ain,-rU-,i" <>l»>osiii.m 10 in., Kolf-Martiii,. n ,. ,.,„ , , *"' wllh " >l! "'iilli" )<•>•. *• '"' *•"»'»* f»»-li'l uum-ks on the <ll-i- ..n.......... lOl-llOII 1)1 Allll'l-ll-MII rn,,,l '. '•OuslliiR loportcrs woiilil ink,. ,, ' Uln- In » ln,f..||ly ,,,-cw „,„[,,,.. I>K',>. i hi! Kovoinm ll(;i ,m liinibusti.d •son,,. cleilH.ut* ,,r ,|,r- Ark.u.s;," im-.«. sinxliMK ,,,,( „„• lwo I.llil,. Kcvl, cJuily ne\\.spnjic ls Ho accused thorn ,,Y pH-kinc ,„„ tricky and - rmvlK,, poll- clDsMl tliiouHh his pr,..w nllln'r shortly nficr th,. Whit,. u, msi > „„. K nl ^ die"* ^r;;; >,' Assistant Sivi-lM!li:.v ,,f Sl) , ( ublu- Altai,-.,, A s surl, Alien, mm'.,'. *!' Aml .' USI - : » l "i to Iran, v SKinmv Laney Says Newsmen Should Know His Plans Concerning Third Term By Bob Uruwn United Press Staff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. a. (UPI —Reporters reeled away from the longest governor's press conference in recent months and were more confused than ever over Gov. Hen Laney's political plans. More positive statements came out of the lengthy give-and-take The governor said he will announce his plans Jan. 19. even though the statchouse will be closer! for the anniversary of Robert E Lee's birth. Further along he commented: "I think I'll enjoy this political campaign." But he refused to be bailed in'a saying if he planned lo enjoy it us a participant or from the sidelines. He added (hat persons who had observed him iu his three years in office would know exactly what he planned lo do. Finally he added that his only reason for considering a third term M/ss America is Feted In Kentucky Birthplace MEMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 9 mn, "Law" Gets Man Despite Constable's Broken Arm ,m" A 'i'i I>ANOOC!A ' ' IVmi - •""»• 9 |<UI> ( -Thc "law" had us „„,„ , 0 . day, even ihouuh Constable Carl n !','s " ™'' li<liUo 'or sheriff, musing a broken arm I 24 *'- ASH ST. was a guestion of ivhcther he could a M ss A,ncric'a v I™"* heln the state nf Ark-«,,^« as MISS America, which oucc help the state of Arkansas. Laney mentioned three future speeches he will make in Eastern Arkansas next week. "They may be political." he said. "You can draw your own conclusions when you hear them." Tim governor said ir he were to run he could again defeat former Ixmoke County Judge Jim Malon? who reiterated yesterday that he was considering making the race. "Malone failed all during till' 1940 campaign lo offer a single progressive idea." Laney declared, -and to dale I have heard no constructive proposals from him." - ..— -— ..^., U1I kiimiicc at Murray, Ky. Barbara Jo's visit was the firs' to her Kentucky hometown since she won the Miss America honor She and her family were honored «t a dinner «'i,i c i, followed th c ;"'c incld Memphis Slale College - Murniv i M «''tln Imil State Teachers College basketball ffnllcn Bnrb " ra ls " Mcn 'Phl-s State Kentucky Gov. Enrle C. Clements messaged Barbara Jo: '™>c<»s "As governor of Kentucky I wel come you home to your nalive slate and rejoice In the national recognition that has been accorded yo,, a push. Martin fell from the nni- nlnji board. liouncKi n|! iiliisi a parked aiiiomobile. nnrl broke his However, a deputy sheriff saw and succeeded where . . - foiled In turning off the Ignition and making (he arrest. First to File for Office LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. 9. (UP) —Thomas J. Silvcy. 35-year-old war veteran Iron) Bodcaiv in Nevada County, became the (list man to file Veteran Newsman, Demo Publicity Writer, Dies WASHINGTON. Jan. 9. (UP) — ! Charle.s Michelson, veteran news- ' paperman and for n years dire,;- : tor of publicity for the Democratic. National Committee, died at his ' home here early today. He was 79. j Michelson. who began his news- i paper career in San Francisco be- ( fore the turn of the century, Iiarl lived quietly here since he retired as Democratic Publicity Director in : 1840. I He took that post in 1929, and m • -••%..., ",ii uin_-(_' tiiorc substantiates Kentucky's fame ™ beautiful and gracious women. Congratulations and best wishes" Slate Sen. George Ed Overbv represented (he governor. Mayor George Hart; of Murray, boyhood . end of R. H. Walker. Barl wrl ,v lather, attended. When excited, or In pain the hippopotamus actually sweats blood., Tanicue-tVurii The mosque ot Ann-. Carlo. Euypt has a spot In a comer of its wall which is worn cnncavc liy Ihe touch of many tongues, nellevhij; it („ ue « cure for indigestion, unlives the stone until their (OIIKIICS bleed. his weekly clip-sheet column, "DH- ! polling the Fog." carried on a vlt- i rolic allack on the Republican ad- miiiisiraiioji of former President Herbert Hoover. the secretary of state as a candidate for a district or state office He filed yesterday for state senator from . the 17th District compared co'innf „ . .• ~ L-- co.itipt practices pledge with OPPORTUNITY ln Blytheville, Arkansas of- Electrical: The Electric Aulo-I,ile Co. The leece-Nevfllc Company The American Bosrh Corp. Mallory Electric Company Magnetos: American Bosch Corporation •'• I. Case Company Thomas A. Edison Company Msemann Corporation Palrbanks-iMorse & Company Vmdii, ;>,„,„,.,„ ,,,,.,,.1 Wico Elcclrlc Companv Carburetor: Zenilh Carburrlor Division rh rV T : n C " Cl " Cr Cor '">"'i™ II"- Tillolson Manufactiirinii Co. The Holly Carburetor Cor- pornlion Gas Engines: riRBs ft Straflon M.,n,,fac- turmjc Co. Merchandising Lines h The tl Co: — Shock Ab- SpYirS Th " m «'»". Coil rurolalor Corp: Oil Fi|i ers Auto-Pulw: _ Ki eclr | c F , — Pumps fl ^ms-Sccley <; orp : GnvcrnDrs f<orma-HofIman: Ball Bcar- Thc Pierce Guvcrnor Co.: Automatic Chokes The Wtidcnhoff Corp: Test Equipment Tung-Soil Lamp tVnrks: l.islit Bull« Savings at wofrk here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. ^ BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL PHONE 3546 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FARM (J| LOANS lluim OUtre, Newark, N. J, J TERM PROMPT CIOCINO LOW HATS CIAI.I., WHIVK OR SKIl RAY WORTHINGTON IIS R. Thlrrt SI.. Blylhcvllle. A,k. Brrvlnu Till, R-,||,,n ..i Vr>r» Auiharl,,,! Mnt,,,,,,. /.„„„ Xa ,, c i,^ ,„ TIIF, millKNTIAI. INSIIKASUt COMIMNY OC AMERICA Are You A Fanatic About Perfect Fit? STTJDEBAKERS 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. 5 £) Sale. • STUDEBAKER * f*, hivpcrliiin. B * l'u( in (,'otitl Hiiniiing Order • New ruin! .]„], • Cltfck Klet'triciil Sy.stom fl • Ut'iihc Lining ninl Sloorinp * food Kl,olion of B.W and u«ed truck.. Aluo ^ J<^ Of I.M m<M (»| u, fd cmr , „„ g U( | rl , nt<H |, T^ ^ E A K E ;,, chtlnbta Mr. Martin Robertson K A H Tsiloring Company will be in our store Monday and Tuesday, January 12, 13, with new Spring woolens in MADE-TO-MEASURE SUITS For Men and Women MHI1IllfC1 , Automotive Service Co., Inc Memphis, Ter-n. 978 Mr. Robertson Will Be at Ou r Steele Store Wed., Jan. 14 At the Location Where You Get Better Cleaning V HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR Blytheville, Ark. CLOTHIER Steelc, Mo. STUDEBAKE RS "No thanks, I'll ride wilh Red . . . He has his repair «ork done ;il T. f. .SJi.AY MOTOR COMI'ANV!" First National Insurance Agency l'"OK COMPL KTK PrxOTECTION Phone L'311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER

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